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Monday, April 27, 2020

Pelosi Spreads Dangerous Misinformation Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: “The President is Asking People to Inject Lysol Into Their Lungs” (VIDEO)

The liberal Trump-hating media, including the Drudge Report, is pushing the nonsense that President Trump proposed injecting Americans with disinfectant.

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday continued to spread the lie about President Trump amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The president is asking people to inject Lysol into their lungs and Mitch was saying that states should go bankrupt. It’s a clear, visible within 24 hours of how the Republicans reject science and reject governance,” Pelosi said spreading dangerous misinformation.

President Trump on Thursday during his presser was referring to discussions of testing ultraviolet light on patients and possibly using the light inside the body. “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it [the virus] out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside, or almost a cleaning, cause you see it gets in the lungs.”


How The Southern Poverty Law Center Started Inventing ‘Hate Groups’

Journalist Tyler O'Neil's new book, 'Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center,' is a long-overdue exposé of the corruption of at the undeservedly influential civil rights organization.

On March 14, 2019 the Southern Poverty Law Center publicly fired its founder and long-time leader Morris Dees on accusations of racial and sexual discrimination, and announced it would bring in outside assistance to investigate the climate of the organization Dees had built and ruled over for almost half a century.

Since its founding, the SPLC had been treated — at least in the mainstream media — as an unquestioned arbiter of what qualifies as racism and hatred. Being added to the SPLC’s “Hate List” was the death-knell for any number of organizations that ran afoul of Dees.

In the earliest days of the SPLC, the Alabama-based civil rights law firm did target truly racist and hateful groups, most famously the United Klans of America, which the SPLC devastated in a successful lawsuit it launched in 1984. The result was financial largesse. Money flowed into the SPLC, driven by Dees’s brilliance for direct-mail campaigning and the hope of white liberals that a strong SPLC would mean the end to racism and hatred in America.

But to keep the money flowing, the SPLC kept insisting hate groups and white supremacy were expanding. To do this, an ever-widening definition of hatred was required. The SPLC expanded its list of “hate groups” to include not just the shrinking numbers of vile KKK and neo-Nazi groups, but groups that were merely controversial and even harmless.


Soros-Linked Groups, Koch-Funded FreedomWorks Apply for Small Business Coronavirus Loans

Groups linked to billionaires George Soros and the Koch brothers are now seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded small business loans in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

While Congress has replenished a fund with $250 billion to help small businesses stay afloat while being forced to close to abide by social distancing guidelines, liberal and libertarian nonprofits linked to billionaire donors have said they are applying to obtain some of that funding.

Soros-linked Media Matters and individual state American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) groups are looking to secure thousands in taxpayer-funded small business loans, according to the New York Times.

Likewise, the libertarian FreedomWorks organization is applying for a small business loan despite their billionaire backing by the Koch brothers.

The Times reported:

The Congressional Progressive Caucus Center’s application for a $160,000 loan is awaiting resolution, as is FreedomWorks Foundation’s request for $300,000, according to officials at the groups. [Emphasis added]

The American Civil Liberties Union’s national office has not applied but 14 of its state affiliates have, and at least one received a loan — of $154,000 — so far, said Anthony D. Romero, the executive director of the A.C.L.U. [Emphasis added]

A “small” loan request by Liberty Counsel, a conservative legal group supporting Mr. Trump’s plan to reopen the country, is still pending, said the organization’s chairman. An application from Media Matters has been hampered by a technical problem, said a person familiar with the process, who was not aware if the group had reapplied. [Emphasis added]


Nolte: Someone Else Found CNN’s Evidence Supporting Tara Reade’s Assault Allegation Against Biden

Far-left CNN was sitting on video that supports Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden, and someone else found it.

Yep, CNNLOL had the goods for what will surely be one of the biggest stories of the 2020 presidential campaign, a crucial piece of evidence that backs up Reade’s sexual assault allegation against the presumptive Democrat nominee, and to its everlasting shame, CNNLOL was not the outlet that broke the bombshell.

Just when you thought CNN could not become an even bigger national laughingstock…

In her futile attempt to have her story told by a corrupt establishment media determined to protect Biden’s presidential bid at all costs, Reade has invited the scrutiny of investigative reporters like Rich McHugh (who worked with Ronan Farrow on the Harvey Weinstein story) to dig into her claim Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.

Thus far, despite the corporate media’s determination to smear her as a crank (just like they did to every one of Bill Clinton’s victims), Reade’s story of Biden penetrating her genitals with his fingers and without her consent has only gained credibility under scrutiny.


COVID-19 survivor State Rep. Karen Whitsett decries Michigan's censure attempt: 'I'm not going to be silenced'

As long as there are residents in the state of Michigan who need help and who need a voice, Democratic State Representative Karen Whitsett promised Saturday that she will not be silenced.

In an interview on "Fox & Friends Weekend" with host Pete Hegseth, Whitsett explained that she would also continue to work with President Trump and any president who extended a hand her way to ensure what's done in her state needs to be done.

On Saturday, a group called the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization will consider censuring Whitsett for foregoing the status quo and meeting with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to discuss her experience recovering from coronavirus, The Detroit News reported.

The admonition means she will not get the group’s endorsement for this year nor will she be able to engage in the group’s activities for the next two election cycles.

“At the end of the day, we have political systems,” said Jonathan Kinloch, chairman of the organization. “We have political parties, and political parties exist for a reason."

"There is so much more to this story and it's shameful, actually, of the Democratic Party," Whitsett stated. 13 congressional leaders -- Jonathan Kinloch who also works forGovernor Gretchen Whitmer...and I believe this is the governor -- [have] decided that [they are] going to slap me on the wrist by silencing me. And, it's a shame that she's doing this. It's politics at its [worst]."


Every Landlord Needs To See This Shocking Chart Before May 1st

Last week we identified a potential rent strike brewing among the working poor in New York City. Many of these folks are planning to skip out on May 01's rent payment to their landlords:

"With so many New Yorkers unable to pay rent for the foreseeable future, the current crisis is unsustainable and demands action," Housing Justice for All and New York Communities for Change said in a recent statement. "Many tenants have no ability to pay rent, and landlords can't collect rent from tenants who are broke."

Lena Melendez, a rent strike activist, said landlords "have gotten taken care of" by the government, suggesting that poor people who are quarantined in their apartments or homes do not need to pay rent because they have no money.

And of course, the virus pandemic, triggering mass quarantines and economic depression, has exposed America's second housing crisis. We recently noted that as many as 30% of Americans with home loans – about 15 million households – could stop paying if lockdowns continued through summer.

What's more important at the moment is that landlords expecting May's rent next week could be for a rude awakening. Mostly because "rent strike" searches across the internet have exploded in April.


THE LIST: Dr. Fauci’s 12 Deadly Mistakes and Contradictions — Including His Worst Mistake of Delaying Herd Immunity While Destroying US Economy

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been wrong on the coronavirus pandemic — Every step of the way!

Here is a list of several errors, contradictory statements and dangerous gaffes by NIAID Director Dr. Tony Fauci:

1.) Dr. Fauci says he warned Trump in January that the US was in real trouble but that is not what he said publicly.

In January Dr. Anthony Fauci told Newsmax TV that the United States “did not have to worry” about the coronavirus and that it was “not a major threat.”


HUGE! W.H.O. Pushed Draconian Lockdown Rules that were Followed by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx to Ruin US Economy

It is clear now that the so-called experts at the IHME and CDC utterly failed in their ever-changing models and predictions on the coronavirus.

In fact, they were off by a month on the first COVID-19 deaths in the US and OFF BY MILLIONS in their models that explain the breadth of the disease in the US.
This impacted their decisions on how to confront the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

The current draconian measures to battle this flu-like virus were pushed by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx when they marched into the Oval Office and warned President Trump that he must lockdown the economy for weeks to confront this invisible monster… And they did this based on wildly inaccurate models and predictions!

Fauci and Birx told President Trump 1.5 to 2.2 million Americans would die if he did not shut down the economy.
They were off by MILLIONS!

And now we know where Fauci and Birx got their plans to lockdown and destroy the US economy.

From the WHO.

EXCLUSIVE: Was Obama’s Former AG Eric Holder Directing Attorneys at His Law Firm to Obtain Dirt on President Trump and Withhold Info from Their Client General Flynn?

President Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder, left a corrupt life in public office and returned to the law firm Covington. While at Covington, lawyers from his firm represented General Mike Flynn and requested dirt on President Trump while withholding important information from General Flynn. It needs to be asked. Was Eric Holder involved?

After working for President Obama for six years, Attorney General Eric Holder returned to the law firm where he had previously worked, Covington, where he became a partner in 2015.

Covington notes that “In 2014, Time magazine named Mr. Holder to its list of 100 Most Influential People, noting that he had “worked tirelessly to ensure equal justice.” But this tells only a small part of Holder’s story as AG.

Federal judge says Mississippi church can hold drive-in services

A federal judge in Mississippi ruled Friday that the First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs can stay open for drive-in services after police issued the pastor a citation for holding Easter services amid the coronavirus outbreak.

U.S. District Judge Michael P. Mills issued the order after the Thomas More Society, a conservative law firm, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the church, according to a press release.

The Thomas More Society claimed police had also disrupted a Bible study group 10 days after issuing the citation to Pastor Jerry Waldrop.

“These were outrageous violations of these parishioners’ rights,” Thomas More Society Senior Counsel Stephen Crampton said in a statement. “On both occasions, Holly Springs law enforcement personnel ignored the fact that all church members present were practicing social distancing and complying with all applicable health requirements. Bible study attendees were threatened with criminal citations for violation of Holly Springs’ Stay Home Order.”

He added: “Due to the threats and the citation of Pastor Waldrop, the church members were fearful of holding services on Sunday and exercising their constitutionally protected rights.”


Navarro: ‘This Is a War — It’s a War That China Started by Spawning the Virus’

Saturday, during an interview with Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto, White House trade advisor Peter Navarro emphasized the threat of China poses to the United States, adding that the death and economic destruction caused by the Asian communist superpower made U.S.-China relations like “war.”

“The more subtle problem, which is a serious problem that comes into the calculus, Neil, is the fact that economic disruptions kill as well,” he said. “We learned that when China wiped out a lot of their factories in the Midwest, we saw a dramatic rise in suicide rates, death to opioids, death to alcoholism, death to co-morbidity increases in things like diabetes. We also saw a sharp blow from the China shock then to the family structure. We saw more divorces. We saw more children in poverty. So, when the president has been grappling with this whole issue of when to get the economy back. It’s a decision that no president should have to make.”


Michigan lawmakers plan to STRIP Gov Whitmer of some of her powers

Michigan's Republican lawmakers are planning to strip Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer of her powers as armed anti-lockdown protesters gathered outside of her home and demanded she reopen the state's economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Whitmer is expected to speak on Friday about plans to extend Michigan's stay-at-home order and lockdown measures, which are due to expire April 30, until at least May 15.

The governor has already said that despite extending the stay-at-home measures, she is hoping to relax some restrictions to start reopening sectors of the economy.


Democrats try to force S.C. into offering universal absentee ballots

Democrats launched the party's first attempt to force a state into offering universal absentee ballots, suing South Carolina in advance of an upcoming primary and before November's general election.

On Wednesday, the Democratic National Campaign Committee, which helps elect Democratic House members, and the South Carolina Democratic Party, filed a lawsuit with the South Carolina Supreme Court seeking to expand absentee ballot access across the state.

Current South Carolina law allows voters to secure absentee ballots only if they have a legitimate excuse to skip in-person voting.


Here's When Coronavirus Checks Will Arrive if You Get Social Security, SSI

Coronavirus relief checks started arriving in bank accounts in mid-April.

But if you receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and you didn't file a 2018 or 2019 tax return, you were probably among the many who received the mysterious "payment status not available" message if you tried to track your stimulus check via the IRS Get My Payment site.

If that scenario applies to you, no action is needed on your part. The IRS is still processing your payment automatically. It's getting the information it needs from the relevant agency, though you won't be able to track your check via the Get My Payment site.

Fortunately, an April 16 memo by the U.S. House and Ways Committee provides a timeline for when you can expect your payment.


Democrats to Replace Biden at Convention Over Tara Reade Sexual Assault Allegations?

While the mainstream media has mostly kept a lid on this story, the sexual assault allegations by Tara Reade against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden aren't going away soon. As PJM's Rick Moran reported earlier this week, the D.C. police are treating the allegations as an "active and ongoing" investigation. Many liberals are turning a blind eye to the story, but there are some who have a vested interest in keeping this story alive and front and center: Bernie Bros.

In fact, Briahna Joy Gray, Bernie Sanders' former campaign press secretary, who has been a vocal critic of Biden, suggested in an interview with The Atlantic that the allegations might just thwart Biden's nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

Gray told Emma Green that the Democratic primary is far from over. "The Democratic Party would like us to believe [we're now in the general election season], and they behaved that way even before Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. But we are, in fact, still in a Democratic-primary season. Biden is only the presumptive nominee," she said, before adding, "And there’s all kinds of whispers and rumors about whether or not something might happen at the convention, which might mean Joe Biden isn’t even the nominee."

"Are you talking about the Tara Reade allegations?" Green asked.


Flagsticks, handshakes and masks: Infectious disease experts clarify coronavirus risks, say golf ranks as one of the 'safest sports'

One thing about a pandemic in the digital age is there’s no shortage of information. It’s the good information that has been more elusive, and that extends to our understanding of the coronavirus in a golf setting. Can you get the virus from even walking past another golfer? Is there danger in reaching into the hole for your ball? Should we be playing while wearing masks?

In consulting a series of infectious disease specialists, all of whom are still learning more about the virus themselves, several consistent themes emerge. The good news? Golf is relatively safe, especially during a time when so much else seems rife with hazard. “Golf has got to be one of the safest sports under the current circumstances,” said Dr. Charles G. Prober, a professor of pediatrics (infectious diseases) and of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University.

But since nothing is without risk these days, we put a series of common golf-specific questions to three experts, Dr. Prober of Stanford, Dr. Amesh Adalja, a Senior Scholar at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security, and Dr. J. Trees Ritter, DO, Fellow of the Infectious Disease Society of America. Their responses should help you understand what should and shouldn’t be off limits, and where uncertainty remains. Above all, they might provide assurance that a golf course, navigated properly, can still be a refuge.

Can I contract the virus just walking by other golfers at the course?

This you shouldn’t sweat. Though the virus’ main form of transmission is through person-to-person contact, all three experts emphasized just walking by other players on the course or in the parking lot was not a significant risk. “The virus doesn’t teleport from one person to another. It has to have some mechanism to get there,” Adalja said. Yes, an infected golfer could emit respiratory droplets by sneezing or coughing in your direction, but that’s why the doctors all cited the now-standard practice of maintaining a six-foot gap as a precaution. “More is better, but these respiratory droplets really don’t spread much more than spitting distance,” Dr. Ritter said. “When you’re outside, the risk is even lower.” Of course, the most important advice in this context is to tell anyone who is sick or symptomatic to stay home.

What if I’m sharing a golf cart with someone?


Soros-Funded Group to Dems: Advertise Mail-In Balloting in Non-English Languages

The Brennan Center for Justice, which is heavily financed by George Soros, is calling for Democrats to spend $250 million to educate voters about any changes that will allow vote-by-mail in the upcoming presidential election, advocating an advertising campaign about those changes in non-English languages.

The recommendations are part of the Brennan Center’s updated $4 billion nationwide funding blueprint for voting reform during the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrat lawmakers have cited the Brennan Center’s coronavirus voting plan as influencing their legislative proposals while the news media has routinely spotlighted the radical proposal.

With other Soros-financed groups, the Brennan Center has been leading a campaign advocating a “vote-by-mail” system in the upcoming presidential election, citing fears that coronavirus makes it too dangerous to vote in person. Some of the groups are using the coronavirus crisis to push permanent changes to the way Americans vote.


REVEALED: Dave Rubin Meets Donald Trump PLUS First Interview With Husband!

New York boots Bernie from ballot, cancels Dem presidential primary

ALBANY — New York election officials decided Monday to strip Bernie Sanders from the ballot and cancel the state’s Democratic primary.

Sen. Sanders (I-Vt.) withdrew from the race and endorsed front-runner Joe Biden earlier this month, but had hoped to stay on the ballot in remaining primary states to accumulate delegates and influence the Dem party platform and rules.

A lawyer for Sanders’ campaign sent a letter to the New York State Board of Elections on Sunday calling on officials not to cancel the contest.

But BOE co-chairman Doug Kellner and commissioner Andrew Spano, both Democrats, voted to remove Sanders on Monday, arguing he has stopped campaigning. They also said it was a matter of voter safety given the coronavirus pamdemic.

Gov. Cuomo already moved the primary from April to June 23 as New York became the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S.

State and Congressional primaries will still be held the same day, but about a third of New York counties had no other races schedules for that day.


Pandemic Exposes Liberalism's Free Trade, Open Borders Road To National Suicide

Open Borders and Free Trade induce national suicide slowly and gradually, without the victims waking up to what is going on until it is too late. But the coronavirus has brought home with global clarity that human societies need governments and regulated borders for their own survival.

The bottom line is clear, societies that have had open borders to previous major centers of infection and transmission, like Iran and Italy which kept open strong flows of people to and from China in the early stages of pandemic, suffered exceptionally badly.

Countries obsessed with maintaining liberal values and open borders like France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the U.S. also suffered disproportionately.

Countries that have allowed their domestic industry to decay have found they cannot now produce the crucial equipment they need, from respirators to gas masks. Countries with strong manufacturing bases like China, or with a prudent nationalist sense of preparing ahead for emergencies like Russia, have done far better. The shortage of respirators in Britain has become more than a national scandal: It is a national shame. That is another inexorable consequence of the pernicious doctrine of Free Trade.

I documented this history in some detail in my 2012 book “That Should Still Be Us“.

There, I showed how even the French Revolution of 1789 was in fact triggered by the catastrophic Free Trade Treaty that hapless King Louis XVI approved with England only three years before. It led immediately to the worst economic depression in French history which triggered revolution. In three years, liberal Free Trade succeeded in destroying a society that had flourished for a thousand years and the most powerful state Europe had known since the fall of the Roman Empire.

In his classic television series and accompanying book “How the Universe Changed”, the great British broadcaster and historian James Burke showed how the discipline of statistics was responsible for discovering the way the cholera bacteria spread through contaminated water in 19th Century London, then the largest urban area ever experienced.

Today, we see a similar pattern in the spread of the coronavirus: While half the counties in the United States remain so far virtually free of the virus, infections have soared in most major metropolitan areas, especially in so-called Sanctuary cities. Invariably these centers are ruled by liberal Democrats where illegal immigrants congregate. They are the places where the values and consequences of Free Trade and Open Borders most clearly flourish. And they ar ealso the places where the terrifying costs of those policies are most evident as well. The chickens have come home to roost.


COVID-19 Update - U.S. Records Largest One-Day Increase in Cases

U.S. Sees Largest Daily Spike in Cases
On 25 April, the U.S. tallied 39,000 new cases over the previous 24-hours, the largest one-day increase in new cases on record for the country. Total cases will surpass one million before the end of today. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania are the hardest hit states by total cases.
Multiple states began reopening parts of their economy over the weekend or announced reopening plans. Some will allow restaurants and movie theaters to open while others are permitting elective surgeries to resume. These states include:
The U.S. CDC has added six possible symptoms of COVID-19 for diagnosing purposes. The original three were fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The six additional symptoms are:
Repeated shaking with chills
Muscle pain
Sore Throat
Loss of taste or smell

27 apr daily cases us graph
27 apr daily deaths us graph
GG_CoronaVirus US map apr 27
GG_CoronaVirus US LIST apr 27

Latest global updates:
In Lebanon, anti-government activists declared a "Day of Rage" on 27 April to protest the government's handling of the COVID-19 crisis following several days of riots in major cities over deteriorating economic conditions.

· Several European countries have started or announced relaxing of restrictions of movement of people and business closures. These include France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark.

· Germany is requiring face masks in public across all states starting today, 27 April.

What we know:
Over 3,000,000 confirmed cases worldwide
208,000 deaths
889,000 recovered
GG_CoronaVirus LIST apr 27

Travel Advice

The U.S. State Dept. has issued Level 4: DO NOT TRAVEL guidance for the entire world amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, Global Guardian recommends the following:
Return to the U.S. if currently abroad while commercial means are still available. Otherwise, prepare to remain abroad for an indefinite period.
Avoid all international travel.
Practice advanced careful hygiene measures, including frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
Practice "social distancing" while in public spaces.

The outlook remains optimistic as several European countries are starting to see a significant decline in new cases 20-30 days after instituting aggressive lockdown measures. Many are now starting to re-open limited parts of their economies and the success of those restarts will be key for how other nations handle lifting of restrictions.
27 apr spain daily
27 apr ger daily

Democrats Do Not Need to Be in Power. Otherwise, America is Finished.

We face a pandemic that has not been seen at this level in a century, causing all levels of government to react. Health departments have issued specific guidelines in an attempt to slow down the infection rate, but how much will it help? Only time will tell. However, you can count on one thing when there is an opportunity to gain more power: the Democratic Party will find a way to obtain more authority. After the last six to eight weeks, one thing is evident. We can never allow the Democratic Party to own Washington, D.C. ever again. Otherwise, the experiment known as America will no longer exist as intended.

Our Founding Fathers wanted something different. They came from a government that was centralized and had complete rule over the citizens. Freedom did not exist. Individuals were not allowed to worship as they wanted. One could not speak out against the Crown for fear of imprisonment. There were no protections from impromptu government searches and seizures. And forget about firearms. Washington, Madison, Jefferson, and Franklin understood that to be free as an individual, the government could not be significant and must be bound to restrictions. The COVID-19 outbreak has exposed the Democratic Party. They are a group of overreaching, power-hungry politicians. The idea that businesses are shut down because of their edicts sends a chill down their legs. The Democrats have been given the power to stop capitalism. The "evil" system that allows citizens to not rely on the government to have a house or food.


Senate Democrats Refuse To Acknowledge Sexual Assault Accusations Against Joe Biden

Every Democrat in the Senate has refused to acknowledge the sexual assault allegations against 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden that were brought forward by a former staffer, even after new evidence lends credibility to the alleged assault.

The Daily Caller contacted every Democrat in the Senate, asking them if they would even consider the allegations by Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade, who has accused the then-senator of kissing her, touching her and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent in 1993. Each Senate office was given 24 hours to respond but not one did.


Man Charged in Drive-By Shooting at Estate of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star

A man was arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting at the Louisiana estate of “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson.

Daniel King Jr. was booked into a correctional center after two homes in West Monroe were struck by gunfire on Friday afternoon, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post Saturday. No one was injured in the shooting, authorities said.

“It looks like they were just spraying bullets across my property.” Robertson told The News-Star. Both homes are part of the estate belonging to Robertson, one of the stars of the reality show about duck hunting that ran from 2012 to 2017.

Robertson said the family was “pretty shook up” after one of the eight to 10 bullets he said were fired at the residence went through the bedroom window of a home where his son John Luke Robertson lives with his wife and infant child.


Photos released of Andrew Gillum hotel room: report

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Photos released by Miami Beach police show what a luxury hotel room looked like when officers found former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum drunk and with two other men.

The photos released Wednesday show vomit-stained and rumpled bed sheets, a box for a party light disco ball, spilled white pills on the carpet and a vial of a drug often used for erectile dysfunction. But the newly released photos and officer body-cam video shed no further light on what Gillum was doing or why he was there last month.


Two Weeks Ago Was Easter, Do You Think There's Any Connection???

"Bill Gates My Father Headed Planned Parenthood"

Delaware State Fair concerts canceled for 2020

HARRINGTON – All concerts connected with this year’s Delaware State Fair have been canceled, fair officials announced Monday. The demolition derby has also been canceled. The fate of horse racing night, which is operated by Harrington Raceway and Casino, has not been decided.

The fair itself is still on, according to Delaware State Fair assistant general manager Danny Aguilar, however officials are working the governor’s office on social distancing guidelines and any changes that may have to take place by the time the fair takes place July 23-Aug. 1.

“While no one knows for sure where we will be in late July in terms of Governor Carney’s plans to re-pen Delaware’s economy, one thing for sure is that the M&T Bank Grandstand and Quillen Arena Q-Series concert and show environment are not currently flexible enough to support the concept of social distancing as we understand it” said Delaware State Fair General Manager Bill DiMondi in a prepared statement Monday.


Larry Hogan bats aside Trump's claim he 'didn't understand testing'

Larry Hogan didn't entertain Donald Trump's criticisms after the Maryland governor obtained 500,000 testing kits from South Korea Monday with the help of his Korean-born wife.

'The president said that the governors are on their own and they should really focus to getting their own tests. And that is exactly what we did,' Hogan told MSNBC's Morning Joe Tuesday morning.

'Message changed yesterday, I'm not sure why,' Hogan, a Republican, said of the president.

During his press conference Monday evening, Trump accused Hogan of not understanding the White House's handling of the coronavirus situation.

'Some of the governors, as an example, the governor of Maryland, did not really understand the list,' Trump said while describing a call Vice President Mike Pence had with governors earlier Monday. 'He did not understand too much about what was going on, so now I think he'll be able to do that.'



This Japanese island lifted its coronavirus lockdown too soon and became a warning to the world

Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido offers a grim lesson in the next phase of the battle against COVID-19. It acted quickly and contained an early outbreak of the coronavirus with a 3-week lockdown. But, when the governor lifted restrictions, a second wave of infections hit even harder. Twenty-six days later, the island was forced back into lockdown.

A doctor who helped coordinate the government response says he wishes they’d done things differently. “Now I regret it, we should not have lifted the first state of emergency,” Dr. Kiyoshi Nagase, chairman of the Hokkaido Medical Association, tells TIME.

Hokkaido’s story is a sobering reality check for leaders across the world as they consider easing coronavirus lockdowns: Experts say restrictions were lifted too quickly and too soon because of pressure from local businesses, coupled with a false sense of security in its declining infection rate.

“Hokkaido shows, for example, that what’s happening in the U.S. with individual governors opening up is very dangerous; of course you can’t close interstate traffic but you need to put controls in place,” says Kazuto Suzuki, Vice Dean of International Politics at Hokkaido University. “That’s what we now know: Even if you control the first wave, you can’t relax.”



In a week’s time the COVID-19 case rate in Accomack County has gone from 33 cases last Saturday to 187 cases as of Sunday. This gives Accomack County the third highest case rate in Virginia behind Harrisonburg and Richmond.

Meanwhile Tyson Foods in Temperanceville is scheduled to reopen Monday. The plant was closed from Friday through Sunday for a thorough deep cleaning. Neither the local health department or Tysons has released any information about any cases of COVID-19 at the facility.

The Eastern Shore Health District did announce that the increase is the result of five outbreaks in the county but did not identify any of them.


Name Another Country Around The World That Is Blaming Their President/Leader For The Coronavirus!

I'll just sit here and wait, Libtards.


Governor Hogan Announces Additional COVID-19 Testing Sites at Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program Stations

New Appointment-Only Sites in Baltimore and Calvert Counties Will Open This Week

As Maryland continues to expand its COVID-19 testing capacity, Governor Larry Hogan today announced that the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) will open additional drive-through testing sites at converted Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP) stations this week. The new testing sites will be located at VEIP stations in Owings Mills and Prince Frederick.

With these additions, there will be a total of seven VEIP testing sites open statewide. The full list of drive-through testing sites will include VEIP stations in Bel Air (Harford County), Columbia (Howard County), Glen Burnie (Anne Arundel County), Owings Mills (Baltimore County), Prince Frederick (Calvert County), Waldorf (Charles County), and White Oak (Montgomery County). In the weeks ahead, COVID-19 test sites and hours will continue to be determined based on demand and the availability of supplies.

“The acquisition of test kits from South Korea is already helping to expand our testing capacity across the state,” said Governor Hogan. “Continuing to expand our testing capabilities even further in high-priority areas, including these drive-thru sites, is an essential part of our recovery plan."

Tests will be offered on an appointment-only basis to Maryland residents who are symptomatic and at high risk for complications from COVID-19. Patients must have a health care provider order and an appointment to be tested at a VEIP site.

In order to schedule a COVID-19 testing appointment at a VEIP site, individuals must first call a physician. Physicians will assist patients in ordering and scheduling a test online using CRISP, the state’s health information exchange, with the exception of the site in Bel Air, which requires physicians to schedule appointments via telephone hotline. Patients cannot order or schedule tests by themselves.

At each test site, individuals will remain in their vehicles with the windows rolled up until it is time to receive their test. Testing requires a clinician to insert a swab into the back of the person’s nostril for several seconds. Most individuals experience minor discomfort at most.

All tested individuals will receive information with further instructions at the test site and should continue to self-isolate at home while waiting for results, which should be available within approximately two to five days.

MDH operates VEIP testing sites in conjunction with the Maryland Department of Transportation, the Maryland National Guard, Maryland State Police, local health departments, and private partners. Several additional, non-MDH testing sites are being operated throughout the state by local governments and private organizations. For more information or to schedule a testing appointment at a non-MDH testing site, contact the site directly.

Bill Clinton signed a bill that forbid intentionally killing Bin Laden

CIA agents reveal Bill Clinton stopped them killing Osama Bin Laden and 'preventing 9/11' by signing a bill making it illegal to take deadly action - even when they had him cornered

Former CIA agents have said they were prevented from killing Osama Bin Laden in the build-up to 9/11 because of a bill signed by President Bill Clinton.

New documentary The Longest War details how the agency could have assassinated the head of Al Qaeda before September 11 when they had him cornered.

The terrorist was constantly moving around to avoid detection, but at points he would surface and the U.S. would confirm his location so they could launch a strike.

Local tribal leaders in Afghanistan told them to bury explosives underneath crossroads that would blow up his convoy when it passed.


United States Coronavirus: 964,075 Cases and 54,375 Deaths

Last updated: April 26, 2020, 15:50 GMT

 United States

Coronavirus Cases:






Wicomico Co Council Request - SBY Airport Water Main Ext

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 4-27-20

Wicomico County: 270 to 336 in one day. An increase of 66, 24% INCREASE in one day. 5% death rate in the USA 960,000 cases, 55,000 deaths. 50x more deadly than the flu, and at least 10x more contagious. Please: Stay home, stay out of Walmart...etc. Curbside!

Maryland Covid 19 Data 4-27-3030 (updated)

COVID-19 Statistics in Maryland
Number of confirmed cases: 19,487
Number of negative test results: 85,489  
Number of confirmed deaths: 858
Number of probable deaths: 87
Currently hospitalized: 1513
Acute care: 978
Intensive care: 535
Ever hospitalized: 4,101
Released from isolation: 1,263
Cases and Deaths Data Breakdown:
Parenthesis = Confirmed death, laboratory-confirmed positive COVID-19 test result
Asterisk = Probable death, death certificate lists COVID-19 as the cause of death but not yet confirmed by a laboratory test
NH = Non-Hispanic

By County

County    Cases   Deaths  
Allegany    114    (4)  
Anne Arundel    1,544    (66)    8*
Baltimore City    1,933 (82)    6*
Baltimore County    2,548    (87)    11*
Calvert    138 (7)  
Caroline    68      
Carroll    403    (37)  
Cecil    163   (5)  
Charles    529  (36)    1*
Dorchester    51    (2)  
Frederick    865    (42)    6*
Garrett    4
Harford    352    (4)    7*
Howard    778  (16)    1*
Kent    70    (4)  
Montgomery    3,843    (190)    20*
Prince George's    5,263    (187)    11*
Queen Anne's    54    (3)      
St. Mary's    144    (6)  
Somerset    19          
Talbot    34   (1)  
Washington    181   (3)
Wicomico    336    (5)  
Worcester    53  
Data Not Available  (71)    16*

By Age Range and Gender

Age/Gender    Cases Deaths  
0-9    228
10-19    490      
20-29    2,217 (5)  
30-39    3,264 (13)    1*
40-49    3,436    (18)    2*
50-59    3,556    (60)    5*
60-69    2,758    (134)    11*
70-79    1,916 (210)    12*
80+    1,622    (345)    41*
Age Data Not Available  (73)    15*

Female:    10,460    (412)    51*
Male:    9,027
(446)    36*
Gender Data Not Available:      

By Race and Ethnicity
Race/Ethnicity    Cases
African-American (NH)    7,085    (353)    25*
Asian (NH)    384    (33)    2*
White (NH) 4498    (328)    44*
Hispanic 3,077    (56)    1*
Other (NH)    752    (16)  
Data Not Available    3,691    (72)    15*

Tyson Foods chairman warns that 'the food supply chain is breaking'

In recent weeks, the poultry producer has temporarily suspended operations at plants across the country.

The board chairman of Tyson Foods is warning that "millions of pounds of meat will disappear" from the national food supply chain as the coronavirus outbreak forces food processing plants to shutter.

"The food supply chain is breaking," John Tyson wrote in a full-page advertisement published Sunday in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

"There will be limited supply of our products available in grocery stores until we are able to reopen our facilities that are currently closed," he wrote in the advertisement, which was also published as a blog post on the company's website.

In recent weeks, the major poultry producer has temporarily suspended operations at plants across the country. The company halted operations Wednesday at an Iowa plant that is crucial to the nation's pork supply.

“The food supply chain is breaking,” Tyson Foods warns in a full page ad in NYT today— Ana Swanson (@AnaSwanson) April 26, 2020

"In addition to meat shortages, this is a serious food waste issue. Farmers across the nation simply will not have anywhere to sell their livestock to be processed, when they could have fed the nation," John Tyson wrote.

White House officials are considering replacing health secretary Alex Azar over his botched coronavirus response, reports suggest

President Donald Trump's administration is considering replacing its secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, 52, because of early missteps in the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the Wall Street Journal and Politico reported on Saturday.

The Journal, which cited six people familiar with the discussions, said frustration with Azar was growing but the administration was reluctant to make big changes while the country was seeking to stop the virus, which causes the respiratory disease COVID-19 and has killed more than 53,000 people in the United States.

A White House spokesman, Judd Deere, denied it and said the HHS under Azar continues to lead on a number of the president's priorities.



The Wicomico County Airport Commission will hold a virtual public forum to answer questions about the Salisbury Regional Airport Water Project on April 30, 2020 from 6 pm until all questions have been answered. The forum will be live streamed on PAC 14. Your voice can be heard by either emailing> at any time or call 410-548-4696 or 443-235-0671 at the beginning of the Question and Answer period of the agenda.


This forum will address only questions and comments related to the Salisbury Regional Airport Water Extension Project. Any questions or comments outside of this scope will not be considered.


1. Emails will be accepted at the start of the meeting but not read and answered until the Question and Answer portion of the agenda.

2. Phone calls will be accepted at the start of the Question and Answer portion.

3. Emails and phone calls will be responded to on an alternating first-come; first- serve basis.

4. Questions/comments will only be taken via email, phone calls, and texts.


Navarro: ‘This Is a War — It’s a War That China Started

Saturday, during an interview with Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto, White House trade advisor Peter Navarro emphasized the threat of China poses to the United States, adding that the death and economic destruction caused by the Asian communist superpower made U.S.-China relations like “war.”

“The more subtle problem, which is a serious problem that comes into the calculus, Neil, is the fact that economic disruptions kill as well,” he said. “We learned that when China wiped out a lot of their factories in the Midwest, we saw a dramatic rise in suicide rates, death to opioids, death to alcoholism, death to co-morbidity increases in things like diabetes. We also saw a sharp blow from the China shock then to the family structure. We saw more divorces. We saw more children in poverty. So, when the president has been grappling with this whole issue of when to get the economy back. It’s a decision that no president should have to make.”

“It’s probably the toughest decision any president has to make,” Navarro continued. “But the people, themselves, boots on the ground now are understanding this tension between the death and destruction that the China virus can cause directly, and the death and destruction the China virus can cause indirectly by shutting down our economy. So, that’s — that’s — that’s the big picture here, Neil. And we’re struggling with that. But we’re learning as a people how to fight this virus. This is a war. It’s a war that China started by spawning the virus, by hiding the virus, by hoarding personal protective equipment during the time it hid the virus. And now it’s ironic, in my view, disgusting that they’re profiteering from that. So, this is — that’s the big picture as I see it, Neil.”


'Not worth the time and effort'

President Donald Trump did not hold a daily press conference Saturday, expressing his frustration with the process.

The White House has held at least 50 press conferences with the Coronavirus Task Force in the past two months, according to the White House Youtube channel.

“What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

“They get record ratings, and the American people get nothing but Fake News,” Trump wrote. “Not worth the time and effort!”


Maryland Covid-19 Data 4-26-2020

COVID-19 Statistics in Maryland
Number of confirmed cases: 18,581
Number of negative test results: 78,084   
Number of confirmed deaths: 827
Number of probable deaths: 83
Currently hospitalized: 1463
Acute care: 933
Intensive care: 530
Ever hospitalized: 3,962
Released from isolation: 1,177
Cases and Deaths Data Breakdown:
Parenthesis = Confirmed death, laboratory-confirmed positive COVID-19 test result
Asterisk = Probable death, death certificate lists COVID-19 as the cause of death but not yet confirmed by a laboratory test
NH = Non-Hispanic

By County

County    Cases  Deaths   
Allegany    113    (3)   
Anne Arundel    1,510    (63)    8*
Baltimore City    1,866 (73)    6*
Baltimore County    2,509    (71)    10*
Calvert    134 (7)   
Caroline    63       
Carroll    391    (36)   
Cecil    154 (5)   
Charles    504 (34)    1*
Dorchester    46 (2)   
Frederick    834    (39)    6*
Garrett    4
Harford    319    (4)    7*
Howard    707 (15)    1*
Kent    68    (3)   
Montgomery    3,645    (160)    20*
Prince George's    4,987    (163)    11*
Queen Anne's    53    (3)       
St. Mary's    133    (6)   
Somerset    16           
Talbot    34 (1)   
Washington    173 (3)
Wicomico    270    (4)   
Worcester    48   
Data Not Available (132)    13*

By Age Range and Gender

Age/Gender    Cases Deaths   
0-9    212
10-19    463       
20-29    2,097 (4)   
30-39    3,109 (12)    1*
40-49    3,270    (18)    2*
50-59    3,414    (54)    5*
60-69    2,651    (117)    9*
70-79    1,837 (185)    12*
80+    1,528    (305)    41*
Age Data Not Available (132)    13*

Female:    9,963    (400)    48*
Male:    8,618 (427)    35*
Gender Data Not Available: 
By Race and Ethnicity

Race/Ethnicity    Cases Deaths   
African-American (NH)    6,742    (305)    24*
Asian (NH)    363    (30)    2*
White (NH)
4276    (301)    44*
Hispanic 2,841    (46)   
Other (NH)    707    (11)   
Data Not Available    3,652    (134)    13*

Editor's note:  This was apparently yesterday's data.  The website usually updates daily at 10am.  Today they were late. 

Politico Edits False Story Claiming Trump Owes Millions to China

Politico edited on Saturday morning a story claiming Donald Trump owes millions to the Bank of China for a loan on a New York City office building, hours after Breitbart News exposed the story as false.

The story now begins with a note that it has been “updated to include comment from the Bank of China and additional reporting.” Despite the initial story being substantively incorrect and getting several details wrong, Politico did not issue a formal correction, as standard journalistic good practice would indicate they should. What’s more, the story continues to be wrong in several places.

The original story’s headline was “Trump owes tens of millions to Bank of China.” Now it is “Trump owed tens of millions to Bank of China.” But that claim is still wrong. Trump never owed tens of millions to Bank of China, as Breitbart News reported Friday. The subhead is” The president’s financial dealings with the state-owned bank complicate his attacks on Biden,” another false claim that remains in the story.

More here

Governor Carney Requires Delawareans to Wear Face Coverings in Public Settings

WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor John Carney on Saturday issued the thirteenth modification to his State of Emergency declaration, requiring Delawareans to wear face coverings in public settings, including in grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and on public transportation.

Governor Carney’s order does not require children aged 12 or younger to wear a face covering. Any child 2-years-old or younger MUST NOT wear a face covering, due to the risk of suffocation.

Read Governor Carney’s modified order, which is effective 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 28.

Click here for resources about face coverings.

“Now is not the time for Delawareans to get complacent,” said Governor Carney. “We face a very serious situation, with additional cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations statewide. All of our actions are guided by science, and intended to save lives. Wearing a face covering in public settings is important to prevent transmission of this disease. But wearing a face covering is not permission to go out in public more often. Delawareans should stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to go out for essential work or essential items. Don’t go out in public unnecessarily. You will only increase your risk – and the risk to your family, friends, and neighbors.”

Under Governor Carney’s modified order, businesses must also take certain steps to keep their employees and customers safe.

By 8:00 a.m. on Friday, May 1, businesses must:
Require employees to wear a face covering while working in areas open to the public and in areas where coming within 6 feet of other staff is likely.

Provide, at the business’ expense, face coverings and hand sanitizer for their employees.

Deny entry to individuals who do not have a face covering – or if one is not available for them.

If any business denying entry is providing medication, medical supplies, or food, the business must provide alternate methods of pickup or delivery.

Smoking Gun FBI Emails on Anti-Trump Plots

Emails Suggest Obama FBI Knew McCain Leaked Trump Dossier

We are getting more insight into the thinking of the corrupt FBI officials involved in the plot against Donald Trump – in particular what they knew and when they knew about the smear/leak operation using the shady “dossier.” Our new understanding comes from 138 pages of emails between former FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page.

These include an email dated January 10, 2017, in which Strzok said that the version of the dossier published by BuzzFeed was “identical” to the version given to the FBI by McCain and had “differences” from the dossier provided to the FBI by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and Mother Jones reporter David Corn. January 10, 2017, is the same day BuzzFeed published the anti-Trump dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele.

The emails also show Strzok and other FBI agents mocking President Trump a few weeks before he was inaugurated. In addition, the emails reveal that Strzok communicated with then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe about the “leak investigation” tied to the Clinton Foundation (the very leak in which McCabe was later implicated).

We received the records in our January 2018 FOIA lawsuit filed after the DOJ failed to respond to a December 2017 request for all communications between Strzok and Page (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-00154)).

The FBI has only processed the records at a rate of 500 pages per month and has refused to process text messages. At this rate, the production of these communications will not be completed until at least late 2021. The FBI is now using the coronavirus as an excuse to shut down the production of any further records.


Waldorf Car Wash Owner charged for operating against non-essential business orders

(La Plata, Maryland) – On 4-24-2020 at approximately 1907 hrs, the Maryland State Police La Plata Barrack received a citizen complaint by phone stating that the Sparkle Car Wash located at 3380 Leonardtown Road was still open for business contrary to Governor Hogan’s Executive Order.

Troopers have responded to the same business days prior for the same complaint and notified the business owner, Muhammad Usman Arsad of Alexandria VA, in person; that operating the car wash was a direct violation of Governor Hogan’s Executive Order and that he needed to close the car wash immediately.

Shortly after receiving the citizen complaint, troopers responded to the Sparkle Car Wash again and observed the car wash open for business and being patronized by citizens. Contact was made with Arsad by the responding troopers who again; told Arsad that he must close the car wash portion of his business. Subsequently, Arsad was charged criminally for willfully violating the Governor’s Executive Order; a misdemeanor offense that carries a maximum fine of $5,000.00 and up to 1 year in jail.

Under Governor Hogan’s Executive Order, all car washes are considered non-essential businesses and must remain closed until the order to remain closed is rescinded. This Executive Order to close car washes includes automatic drive-through, touchless, and manual self-service car washes. Anyone violating this Executive Order is subject to criminal prosecution.


Chincoteague wild ponies face own lethal disease

More than three years ago, members of the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company noticed unusual lesions on the legs of one of the shaggy, stocky wild ponies that have made this barrier island a year-round tourist destination.

The bright coral wound was treated and it seemed to be healing, but in a little over a week the mare became too weak to stand and had to be euthanized. Seven more ponies followed in the coming years - the majority during the very wet 2018 - all succumbing to a deadly disease called swamp cancer.

Spread by a fungus-like microorganism that lives in stagnant water such as swamps, ponds and lakes, swamp cancer has been found worldwide. It frequently infects horses and dogs and thrives in tropical and subtropical regions.

Pythium insidiosum was first documented in the United States in Texas and Florida about 60 years ago (under a different name). Scientists are still learning about how it spreads and infects. But one thing scientists do know is that with a warming climate, it is moving north - including to the island of Assateague, where the wild ponies live.

"Preliminary results show it's fairly ubiquitous across the refuge," said Nancy Finley, refuge manager.


Senior Chinese military officer calls for attacks on US ships in the South China Sea

The South China Sea is a powder keg, and one Chinese military officer and expert seems interested in lighting the fuse.

Dai Xu, a People's Liberation Army Air Force senior colonel and the president of China's Institute of Marine Safety and Cooperation, suggested at a conference in Beijing on Saturday that the Chinese navy should use force to counter US freedom-of-navigation operations in the South China Sea, Taiwan News reported.

Taiwan News, citing a report from the Global Times, the nationalist, state-backed Chinese tabloid that hosted the conference, quoted him as saying: "If the US warships break into Chinese waters again, I suggest that two warships should be sent: one to stop it, and another one to ram it ... In our territorial waters, we won't allow US warships to create disturbance."

Dai, known for his hawkish rhetoric, argued that the US Navy's operations are provocations aimed at undermining China's sovereignty rather than an attempt to ensure freedom of navigation in international waters. The US Navy regularly sails destroyers and cruisers past Chinese-occupied territories in the South China Sea, while US Air Force bombers fly past on routine overflights that often ruffle Beijing's feathers.