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Friday, October 14, 2016

Close the schools

Exclusive: Art Robinson, Ph.D., has way to give 'a great gift' to 50 million students

At dinner recently, a friend told me that he had called Peter DeFazio’s office (15-term “progressive” congressman whom I oppose) and asked about his claims that Art Robinson is anti-education. “Oh yes,” he was told, “Robinson is definitely against education,” followed by remarks embellishing this.

“How can this be?” my friend asked. “Robinson’s six children all have college degrees in science and engineering. Five of the six have doctorates.”

“Click.” DeFazio’s man hung up on him.

I have been an educator of K-12, college, graduate and postgraduate students for most of my life. At the University of California at San Diego and Stanford, I taught undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. After my wife’s death, when they were ages 1 and a half to 12, I taught my own children, and our family business has provided our award-winning curricula and books to more than 100,000 homeschooled and public-schooled K-12 students. We know a lot about education. I am, however, opposed to “education” as it has been transformed.

Fifty million American young people are attending schools designed by unionized political bureaucratic apparatchiks – such an inferior design that our nation has fallen from first in the world 50 years ago to an average of essentially last in the developed world in educational performance.


Homeowner shoots two people trying to steal his car, kills one, sheriff says

WELLFORD, S.C. — A car owner shot at two teenagers, killing one, after they tried to steal his vehicle Tuesday night, Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said.

Wright said the shooting happened just before 11 p.m. on James Raymond Court in Wellford, near Martin Lane and John Dodd Road.

Wright said the homeowner called 911 to report the shooting.

The sheriff said one suspect was hit and killed, and deputies searched into early Wednesday morning for the other young man who ran from the scene.

By Wednesday afternoon, they had the second suspect, a 13-year-old boy, in custody.

"I just really want you to really commit yourself to praying for both sides," Wright said. "Both of them are going through a hard time. This is awful."


Intel Report Confirms More “Transferred” Gitmo Captives Return to Terrorism

As President Obama scrambles to release captives from the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba his own intelligence advisers reveal that a growing number of inmates freed from the compound reengage in terrorism. This is nothing new and in fact, has been documented over the years in various government assessments but this latest information comes in the midst of a frenzy to clear out the maximum security facility in order to realize the president’s longtime dream of closing it.

A new report released this month by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) shows that of the 161 Gitmo detainees released by the Obama administration, nine are confirmed to be “directly involved in terrorist or insurgent activities.” The ODNI, the broad agency that serve as an umbrella for the intelligence community and advises the president, also writes that 113 of the 532 Gitmo captives released during the George W. Bush administration have engaged in terrorist activities. This demonstrates that recidivism among this demographic is hardly earth-shattering news yet the administration keeps releasing more and more captives from the facility at the U.S. Naval base in southeast Cuba.

The ODNI further reveals that at least two prisoners released from Gitmo by Obama and two others released by Bush have returned to “terrorist activities” during the first half of this year alone. “Based on trends identified during the past eleven years, we assess that some detainees currently at GTMO will seek to reengage in terrorist or insurgent activities after they are transferred,” according to the ODNI, which is composed of more than a dozen spy agencies, including Air Force, Army, Navy, Treasury and Coast Guard intelligence as well as the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The agency also stated in its report that “former GTMO detainees routinely communicate with each other, families of other former detainees, and previous associates who are members of terrorist organizations. The reasons for communication span from the mundane (reminiscing about shared experiences) to the nefarious (planning terrorist operations). We assess that some GTMO detainees transferred in the future also will communicate with other former GTMO detainees and persons in terrorist organizations.”



CNN boss Jeff Zucker has directly ordered network staff not to cover shocking allegations made my Arkansas resident Danney Williams, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Williams, who is set to give his first TV interview today on INFOWARS.COM, claims to be Bill Clinton's biological son.

"Jeff thinks it is a ridiculous hoax," a top CNN source reveals.

"I always felt bad about Bill Clinton not wanting to be in my life," Williams explains in a video released Monday. "Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? It made me think sometimes even of suicide. It's not fair and it has been hurtful."

"Hillary, please do not deny I exist. I am your stepson."


White Marlin Open Angler Denies ‘Deceptive’ Charge In Filing, Explains Altered Catch Report ‘A Scrivener’s Error’

OCEAN CITY — In the latest move of what will likely be months of legal wrangling, the winning angler in this year’s White Marlin Open is seeking to toss the case out of federal court and have the tourney pay him his $2.8 million prize.

In late August, White Marlin Open (WMO) officials announced a potential rules violation could disqualify the winner in the white marlin division, a 76.5-pounder caught by angler Phillip Heasley on the Kallianassa out of Naples, Fla. Heasley’s 76.5-pound white marlin turned out to be the only qualifier in the division during the tournament and was to receive a record $2.8 million in prize money because the Kallianassa was entered across the board in all added entry levels.

However, about two weeks after the 2016 tournament, WMO officials announced there appeared to be rules violations involved regarding the timing of the catch and that Heasley and three other individuals on the Kallianassa including the captain and two mates were deceptive on their answers to some of the questions during the requisite post-tournament polygraph examinations for the winners in major categories.


Hillary: Deceit, Debt, & Delusions (Part 2)

In Part One of this article I addressed the deceit of Hillary Clinton and politicians of all stripes as they promise goodies they can never pay for, in order to buy votes and expand their power and control over our lives.

I created the chart below for an article I wrote in 2011 when the national debt stood at $14.8 trillion, with my projection of its growth over the next eight years. I predicted the national debt would reach $20 trillion in 2016 and was ridiculed by arrogant Keynesians who guaranteed their “stimulus” (aka pork) would supercharge the economy and result in huge tax inflows and drastically reduced deficits. As of today, the national debt stands at $19.7 trillion and is poised to reach $20 trillion by the time “The Hope & Change Savior” leaves office on January 20, 2017. I guess I wasn’t really a crazed pessimist after all. I guarantee the debt will reach $25 trillion by the end of the next presidential term, unless the Ponzi scheme collapses into financial depression and World War 3 (a strong probability).


Redmen's Lodge Chicken BBQ Tomorrow!

Redmen's in Fruitland... last chicken bbq of the year. Saturday October 15. Be here by noon or it may be gone until April 2017!

103 Clyde Ave
Fruitland, MD

Donald Trump Is Going Through Living Hell To Save America

Worcester Warriors to launch treatment program

Six months ago, two mothers who had watched their children struggle with heroin addiction stood in a conference room in the Ocean Pines Library with about 50 strangers during what was the first meeting of their new group, the Worcester County Warriors Against Opiate Addiction.

Information was exchanged, tearful stories were told and a larger discussion was started by founders Jackie Ball and Heidi McNeeley about what can people do to help friends and family members struggling with addiction.

A month later, during the group’s second meeting, attendance had swelled to nearly 300, partially because a series of fatal overdoses in the area drove even more people to ask that same question.

By this time, delegates and senators had gotten involved, along with local law enforcement, officials from local schools, and several workers from the Worcester County Health Department.


FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey/Lynch decision to let Clinton slide

The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved in the year-long probe telling that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

The source, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, said FBI Director James Comey’s dramatic July 5 announcement that he would not recommend to the Attorney General’s office that the former secretary of state be charged left members of the investigative team dismayed and disgusted. More than 100 FBI agents and analysts worked around the clock with six attorneys from the DOJ’s National Security Division, Counter Espionage Section, to investigate the case.

“No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute -- it was a top-down decision,” said the source, whose identity and role in the case has been verified by

A high-ranking FBI official told Fox News that while it might not have been a unanimous decision, “It was unanimous that we all wanted her [Clinton’s] security clearance yanked.”

“It is safe to say the vast majority felt she should be prosecuted,” the senior FBI official told Fox News. “We were floored while listening to the FBI briefing because Comey laid it all out, and then said ‘but we are doing nothing,’ which made no sense to us.”

More here

Storm Moves Wallops Rocket Launch Back To Sunday

OCEAN CITY — With another major hurricane pounding Bermuda on Thursday, a major rocket launch from NASA’s nearby Wallops Island Flight Facility originally set for Friday night has been pushed back to Sunday night.

NASA and its private sector partner Orbital ATK were originally scheduled to launch an upgraded Antares 230 rocket from the Wallops Island Flight Facility on Thursday, but that launch date was moved back to Friday earlier this week because of technical issues. However, with the powerful Hurricane Nicole swirling out in the Atlantic, the launch date was moved again to Sunday. If all goes as planned, the massive Antares is expected to launch shortly after 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Wallops officials announced on Thursday that NASA was closely monitoring Hurricane Nicole as it bore down on Bermuda because of the launch’s support systems on the island. The Antares rocket’s trajectory takes it from Wallops on Virginia’s Atlantic coast just south of Assateague and Ocean City across Bermuda on its flight into orbit. In addition, NASA and Orbital ATK maintain a tracking station on Bermuda that provides downrange tracking, telemetry and flight termination support if needed.


Report: Trump Told 6 Weeks Ago About GOP Plot to Sabotage His Campaign

"It really tells me it was some sort of conspiracy"

Donald Trump was reportedly told six weeks ago about a GOP establishment plot to sabotage his campaign, one that came to fruition with the release of the infamous Billy Bush tape last week.

Expanding on his earlier comments, Jerry Falwell, Jr. told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs last night that 6-8 weeks ago he received a phone call from, “Someone who is very close to the top establishment candidates and the Republican Party, people who wanted to be president over the last four or five years.”

“He told me, he said, ‘Jerry something strange is going on. They’re meeting regularly. And they tell me it is a certainty that Donald Trump will not be the nominee on November 8th.’ And I called one of Trump’s attorneys and I told him about it. There were no more details than that. So there’s nothing anybody could do,” said Falwell.


Maryland Patients Still Waiting On Medical Marijuana

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — While Maryland is on pace to have one of the slowest rollouts of medical marijuana in the country, patients across the state must skirt the law if they want to treat themselves.

It has been more than 900 days since former Gov. Martin O’Malley signed the bill legalizing medical marijuana in the state.

Dispensaries are anticipated to open by next summer, but legal fights with the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission over licenses to grow the plant has many concerned that access will keep patients waiting longer.


Paul, Trump and Sanders Show Elite Control of Society Has Fractured

Republican Politicians Have Only Their Fears to Blame … In calls this morning, many Rs privately want to defect from Trump. But they say the debate gave them pause since he roused their base. … Remember, there were already an unusual number of high-profile Republicans who had broken with their own nominee, with many saying they would support Hillary Clinton and others just refusing to vote for Trump. Why did it take so long for the rejection to build? -Bloomberg

Bloomberg thinks rejecting Trump is an obvious choice for Republicans but this article doesn’t recognize the larger trend is to reject modern Republicanism itself.

This really started with the GOP’s removal of conservative libertarian candidate Ron Paul from political contention by intimidating his supporters and unilaterally changing and suspending rules. This sort of approach to non GOP-approved candidates has continued with Trump.

Ron Paul, who wanted to educate more than he wanted to win, was nonetheless squashed by a variety of evil and panicked GOP attacks. Donald Trump recast many of Ron Paul’s views but basically moved down Ron Paul’s political track and due to his celebrity and wealth succeeded where Ron Paul had failed.

Ron Paul was anti-tax, anti-central bank and anti-war. So is Trump, though Trump is closer to the elite mainstream than Paul. But the GOP leadership is pro-tax (though it pretends not to be) … also pro-central bank and pro-war.


Cops And Courts – October 14, 2016

Theft Arrest For Going Through Cars

OCEAN CITY — A Millsboro man was arrested on theft and drug possession charges last weekend after allegedly swiping credit cards and cash from a vehicle.

Around 2:24 p.m. last Sunday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer responded to the area of 8th Street and Baltimore Avenue for a report of a suspicious individual looking into vehicles. The suspect, later identified as Jaquan Adkins, 26, of Millsboro, approached the officer and pulled several credit cards and a driver’s license from his pocket and reportedly said, “Hey officer, I just found these credit cards lying on the road over there.”

After Adkins consented to a search, the officer found two small folded wax paper Baggies stamped with the phrase “new arrival” on them. According to police reports, Adkins told the officer, “That’s just heroin.” A further search revealed $118 in cash on Adkins’ person.

According to police reports, when told he was being taken into custody, Adkins asked the officer, “What, I’m being arrested for having two bags of heroin?” Adkins reportedly told police he had taken the credit cards and driver’s license from a car. The officer observed the credit cards had the victim’s name on them and one of the cards also included the name of a nearby business.

Continue/More Cases

LEAK: Clinton Spokesperson Colluded With DOJ

There is evidence that Brian Fallon, press secretary for Hillary Clinton, colluded with the Department of Justice (DOJ) during the Clinton email investigation.

Brian Fallon wrote an email to Clinton 2016 staff where he warns that the: “DOJ just filed a briefing saying the gov’t proposes releasing HRC’s cache of work-related emails in January 2016.”

Cheryl Mills immediately freaks out, responding: “get out!???”

While the staff schedules an emergency damage control meeting, Fallon sends an email that shows he, a chief member of Hillary’s campaign, is colluding with the DOJ during the email investigation.


Statewide Efforts In Place To Combat Heroin Overdoses

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Despite a statewide effort to fight against the epidemic, heroin overdoses and deaths continue to rise in Maryland.

Killing almost 100 Americans every day, heroin is now considered a public health emergency.

President Obama took note of the epidemic earlier this year.

“The only way that we reduce demand is if we’re providing treatment,” the president said.


D'Souza: 'Hillary's America' DVD Release 'Spilling Out the Hillary Picture'

The political documentary, "Hillary’s America The Movie," has been "spilling out the Hillary picture" and chronicling how the Clintons and Democrats "see broken down societies and failed states as a business opportunity. " These truths now can be seen on DVD, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza told host Joe Pagliarulo on Newsmax TV’s "The Joe Pags Show."

"What the Democrats do is they collect money from other people and then claim the favor for themselves," Indian American political commentator and author D’Souza said, announcing the film’s DVD release. "So for example, Hillary Clinton claims that she is giving free education or wants to give free education to millions of people.

"Now, she could in fact do that by tapping into the resources of the Clinton Foundation, which has collected $3 billion over the past several years, but she doesn't intend to put a single penny of her own money into this. Her idea is to use the taxpayer money to give free education, for which she gets all the credit."


Armed Robber Sentenced To 13 Years

SNOW HILL — A Delaware man who held up a downtown convenience store clerk at knifepoint was found guilty on Thursday and was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Around 11:40 a.m. on June 6, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to a reported armed robbery at the 9thStreet Market. Officers arrived and met with the victim, the store’s clerk, who was standing outside the store. The clerk told police he was behind the counter when a suspect, later identified as Aubrey Stone, 33, of New Castle, Del., entered the store and demanded money.

According to police reports, Stone produced a silver, box-cutter-style knife, came behind the counter and said to the victim, “I’m not going to hurt you,” and “give me all of the money.” The victim opened the cash register and Stone took all of the money, totaling around $340, along with a pack of Newport cigarettes.

A description of the suspect was broadcasted via police radio and Stone was located a short time later on the Boardwalk just north of the pier. The victim was brought over and positively identified Stone as the armed robber. About $350 in cash and an unopened pack of Newport cigarettes were found on Stone’s person at the time he was taken into custody. During a later interview, Stone admitted to committing the robbery. He was arrested and charged with armed robbery, first-degree assault and theft.


The back story on the Clinton Foundation and Haiti

In a series of candid email exchanges with top Clinton Foundation officials during the hours after the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake, a senior aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly gave special attention to those identified by the abbreviations “FOB” (friends of Bill Clinton) or “WJC VIPs” (William Jefferson Clinton VIPs).

“Need you to flag when people are friends of WJC,” wrote Caitlin Klevorick, then a senior State Department official who was juggling incoming offers of assistance being funneled to the State Department by the Clinton Foundation. “Most I can probably ID but not all.”

Hillary campaign staffer: Ripping up GOP voter forms ‘fine’

Undercover video catches dismissive attitude on registrations from Republicans

An undercover video campaign aimed at exposing voter fraud has caught a campaign staffer for Hillary Clinton confessing that ripping up voter registration forms – if they are for Republicans – is “fine.”

The video also reveals a sexist atmosphere inside the Clinton campaign in which another staffer boasts he would probably have to “grab a–” twice before he’d even reprimanded. It underscores the double standard by Democrats who have been critical of the 11-year-old recording of Donald Trump making lewd remarks about women.

In a new video from James O’Keefe at Project Veritas both Wylie Mao, a field organizer for the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party of Florida in West Palm Beach, and Trevor Lafauci, a Clinton campaign staffer, agree that ripping up registration forms from Republicans should be “fine.”

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton's election would mean 'almost total destruction' of U.S.

Donald Trump intensified attacks Wednesday on Hillary Clinton, saying her election would threaten to destroy the United States.

“The election of Hillary Clinton would lead, in my opinion, to the almost total destruction of our country as we know it,” the Republican presidential nominee told a massive crowd at a rally in Ocala, Florida.

The Trump campaign estimated the crowed size was 15,000 people.

The New York billionaire has shifted his attacks into overdrive as Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic nominee, has surged in the polls following a series of embarrassing revelations about Mr. Trump, including a 2005 video in which he makes lewd comments about women.


WikiLeaks Dump: Top Clinton Aides Slam Catholicism, Evangelical Christianity

Halpin characterizes Catholicism an "amazing bastardization of the faith."

New revelations from the latest WikiLeaks dump has key Hillary Clinton aides taking heat after they are caught attacking two major faith groups in email correspondence.

The 2011 email chains between Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, Campaign Chairman John Podesta and John Halpin from the Center for American Progress are involved in the messages, Trace Gallagher reported.

Halpin characterizes Catholicism an “amazing bastardization of the faith.”


Three more jailed for involvement in Boardwalk melee

Three people who were charged for their roles in the Boardwalk melee in July were sentenced to 30 days in jail last Thursday in Ocean City District Court.

Steven Gowen Williams, 20, Jiare Darden, 21, both of Baltimore, and Nickolet Serrano, 19, of Beltsville, Maryland pleaded not guilty to charges related to confrontations with police at night on July 23 and shortly after midnight on July 24.

The July 23 incident was sparked by Kevin Rustin of Silver Spring, who kicked and threw a trashcan near 1st Street and Atlantic Avenue and then punched an officer and attempted to head-butt another while resisting arrest.

Rustin pleaded guilty in August and was given 10 days in jail, a $557 fine, and was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.


FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insider

The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved in the year-long probe telling that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

The source, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, said FBI Director James Comey’s dramatic July 5 announcement that he would not recommend to the Attorney General’s office that the former secretary of state be charged left members of the investigative team dismayed and disgusted. More than 100 FBI agents and analysts worked around the clock with six attorneys from the DOJ’s National Security Division, Counter Espionage Section, to investigate the case.

“No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute -- it was a top-down decision,” said the source, whose identity and role in the case has been verified by

A high-ranking FBI official told Fox News that while it might not have been a unanimous decision, “It was unanimous that we all wanted her [Clinton’s] security clearance yanked.”

“It is safe to say the vast majority felt she should be prosecuted,” the senior FBI official told Fox News. “We were floored while listening to the FBI briefing because Comey laid it all out, and then said ‘but we are doing nothing,’ which made no sense to us.”

The FBI declined to comment directly, but instead referred Fox News to multiple public statements Comey has made in which he has thrown water on the idea that politics played a role in the agency’s decision not to recommend charges.

No amnesty for 2 ‘treasonous’ open-borders Republicans

Immigration watchdog makes 1st-ever Dem endorsement against those 'undermining Trump'

Citing their support for illegal immigration and the rising influx of Muslim refugees, one of the nation’s most hawkish immigration lobbying groups has launched a new strategy to remove John McCain, R-Ariz., and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., from office.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, also called ALIPAC, is endorsing their Democrat opponents in the Nov. 8 general election.

That’s a first for the organization. In its 12-year history ALIPAC has never endorsed a single Democrat.

But it makes sense, said ALIPAC President William Gheen, given the two lawmakers’ persistent support for amnesty for illegals, their support for President Obama’s bulging numbers of Muslim refugees being secretly funneled into hundreds of U.S. cities and towns, and their efforts to elect Hillary Clinton by “undermining the campaign of Donald Trump.”


Hillary campaign chief fomenting ‘revolution’ in Catholic Church

Boasts in hacked email of infiltrating to create 'bottom-up' movement

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, discussed fomenting “revolution” in the Catholic Church with a progressive activist in an email released by WikiLeaks.

“There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church,” Sandy Newman, president and founder of the nonprofit Voices for Progress, wrote Podesta in February 2012.

Trump Campaign Calls on Hillary Clinton to 'Apologize and Fire' Staff over 'Anti-Catholic Bigotry'

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway called for Hillary Clinton to apologize for her senior staff’s criticism of Catholics, seen in a new email release from WikiLeaks, and to fire those involved during a conference call with reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

“The hostility to religious liberty and the beliefs that we hold as Catholics should not go unnoticed or unpunished,” Conway stated. “We call on Hillary Clinton to apologize and to fire the staff who have engaged in this vicious anti-Catholic bigotry. All of this shows who these people are at the core.”

Conway’s statements come after WikiLeaks revealed emails from Clinton’s director of communications Jennifer Palmieri and the Center for American Progress’s John Halpin, who mocked conservative Christians and Catholics over email.

“It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith,” Halpin wrote in the thread’s initial email, in reference to conservative figures’ Catholicism. Palmieri suggested that many prominent right-wing Catholics join the church out of social cosiderations. “I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion,” she wrote. “Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.”


WikiLeaks - The Podesta Emails

Clinton sexually abused his 3rd cousin.


Berlin vandal back in district court for probation violation

Jordan Denton, the eldest of three young people convicted for their involvement in the January 2015 overnight spray painting spree that caused thousands of dollars in damage to Berlin residents’ cars and town facilities, is scheduled to return to district court in December for allegedly violating her probation.

According to court documents, Denton failed to submit to drug and alcohol screenings and pay the associated costs. This condition of her probation was added back in June, when a new deal was struck between the state and Denton, after a previous probationary hearing.

Court records show Denton tested positive for alcohol and marijuana use on Aug. 9, the second time she’s failed this particular screening while on probation.

She then failed to show for treatment twice in August and six times in September.


Medicare Improperly Paid $34 Million in Benefits to Incarcerated Individuals

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services paid $34.6 million in benefits to incarcerated individuals in 2013 and 2014, according to an audit from the agency’s inspector general.

“Medicare generally does not pay for services rendered to incarcerated beneficiaries,” the audit states. These include individuals who are “under arrest, incarcerated, imprisoned, escaped from confinement, under supervised release, on medical furlough, required to reside in mental health facilities, required to reside in halfway houses, or required to live under home detention, or confined completely or partially in any way under a penal statute or rule.”

Laws governing the agency require it to ensure that payments for Medicare services are not made to incarcerated beneficiaries. The agency is required to take steps to prevent improper payments from occurring and recoup improper payments if they are made.
“Both [Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services] policies and procedures to ensure that payments are not made for Medicare services rendered to incarcerated beneficiaries and its planned revisions to those policies and procedures, did not comply with Medicare requirements,” the audit said.


Consumer Bureau’s Power ‘Unconstitutional’

In a setback for President Obama, a federal appeals court curtailed the power of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, ruling Tuesday that the agency championed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts violated the Constitution with a structure that gives too much unelected authority to its sole director.

The highly anticipated ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said the consumer watchdog agency, forged by Democrats five years ago, violates the Constitution’s separation of powers and was an example of a “gross departure from settled historical practice.”

The court said the CFPB director had “massive” power, with more unilateral authority than any single officer in the three branches of the federal government, aside from the president.

“The Director unilaterally enforces 19 federal consumer protection statutes, covering everything from home finance to student loans to credit cards to banking practices,” the court said. “The Director alone decides what rules to issue; how to enforce, when to enforce, and against whom to enforce the law; and what sanctions and penalties to impose on violators of the law.”

Given the historical precedent of independent agencies being headed by multiple commissioners or board members, and in light of the threat to individual liberty posed by a single-director independent agency, the court said, “We therefore hold that the CFPB is unconstitutionally structured.”


Conservative Coalition to Congress: Stop Obamacare 'Bailouts'

A conservative coalition of more than 50 groups has approached Congress to stop the Obama administration from granting "bailouts" to insurers for their Obamacare losses, the Washington Examiner reported.

According to a letter by Freedom Partners, along with many other groups, sent Wednesday, the coalition requested that Congress should take strong measures against the move.

Among the changes, the groups want members to pass a bill urging the Department of Health and Human Services to recover the $5 billion it has remitted to insurance companies through Obamacare’s reinsurance program.

The groups also want Congress to continue maintaining that the “healthcare law's risk corridor program remain budget neutral,” so the administration does not have to pay out extra.

It also wants a passage of a bill that would disable the administration from using the Judgment Fund or taxpayers money.

"American households deserve better than to have their tax dollars go toward bailouts for insurance companies," the letter says.


Jail For Belt Attack On Cop

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean View man was sentenced to 18 months in jail for attacking a police officer this week.

Around 11:40 p.m. on Sept. 3, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer on foot patrol in the downtown area observed a man, later identified as Jacob Harden, 45, of Ocean View, Del., standing in the middle of Dorchester Street yelling expletives including alleged threats directed at police officers. According to police reports, Harden also had a leather belt wrapped around his right hand with about six inches of the leather portion and a metal belt buckle dangling and fashioned as a weapon.

As the officer approached, Harden allegedly told police, “let’s go,” and took a fighting stance with the belt still fashioned as a weapon in his right hand and his left hand clenched in a fist. According to police reports, Harden said “[expletive deleted] cops,” and “I will [expletive deleted] you up.”

Harden allegedly approached one of the officers with the hand holding the belt raised as if he was going to strike the officer. Harden then lunged at the officer, who was able to avoid a strike by the belt and position himself behind Harden. The officer was able to tackle Harden to the ground, but the suspect continued to scrap with police and resist arrest.


WikiLeaks: Podesta and Left-Wing Activist Plot ‘Catholic Spring’

A newly leaked email shows Hillary Clinton’s current campaign chairman John Podesta and a Left-wing activist casually discussing fomenting “revolution” in the Catholic Church.

“There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church,” Sandy Newman, president and founder of the progressive nonprofit Voices for Progress, writes to Podesta in an email titled “opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing.”

Newman, who is Jewish, admits he does not know much about the Catholic Church and isn’t volunteering personally to subvert Catholic teachings. “Even if the idea isn’t crazy, I don’t qualify to be involved and I have not thought at all about how one would ‘plant the seeds of the revolution,’ or who would plant them.”

In response, Podesta assures Newman to rest easy for he and his progressive pals have already created organizations explicitly designed to infiltrate the Catholic Church with progressive ideology, though he cautions that the time may not be right for full revolution — just yet.

“We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this. But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now.."


"We Just Got A Tip" - Email Leak Reveals More Collusion Between State Department And Hillary Campaign

A new Podesta email released by WikiLeaks today reveals further direct coordination between the State Department and the Clinton campaign during what should have been a confidential investigation. The following email chain starts with a note from Clinton Deputy Communications Director, Kristina Schake, on April 9th, 2015 informing Mook, Palmieri, Mills, Podesta and Samuelson that "Someone here just got a tip that the State Department may be planning to release her Benghazi emails tomorrow or Monday."

The emails further reveal a continued coordination between the State Department and the Clinton campaign with Heather Samuelson providing frequent status updates over the course of the following week.

As legal experts pointed out previously, ultimately another month passed before the State Department finally released the first Clinton emails on May 22, 2015. It is unclear what accounted for the delay. It is also extremely unclear why Samuelson would have received frequent updates from the State Department on the status of ongoing FOIA requests as she was no longer employed by the State Department in 2015.
WikiLeaks - DOS Tip

As protesters accuse her husband of rape, Clinton blasts Trump’s ‘scorched earth’ tactics

PUEBLO, Colo. — Hillary Clinton denounced “scorched earth” tactics by Republicans on Wednesday, saying Democrats must not allow themselves to turn away from the election in disgust.

Those tactics have recently included protesters accusing former president Bill Clinton of rape. Clinton’s campaign appearances were interrupted two days in a row this week by people shouting while holding or wearing T-shirts that brand her husband a rapist.

Her rally here was briefly interrupted by two demonstrators, but it was not clear they were accusing Clinton’s husband.

“Americans want to turn out in as large numbers as possible,” Clinton said to applause. “Reject the dark and divisive and hateful campaign that is being run.”


Donald Trump vows to put Hillary Clinton, her lawyers, FBI, DOJ on trial

Donald Trump turned his supporters’ chants of “lock her up!” into a campaign theme Wednesday, vowing that as president he would order a special prosecutor to investigate his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and everyone connected to her email scandal.

“This is crime at the highest level. She shouldn’t be allowed to run for president. You know that,” the Republican presidential nominee said to a roaring crowd at a rally in Ocala, Florida.

“Other people’s lives have been ruined, destroyed for doing a tiny fraction of what she did,” said Mr. Trump, referring to other cases where people who broke rules for handling classified information went to jail or paid huge fines.

At a presidential debate Sunday, Mr. Trump first proposed a special prosecutor to investigate Mrs. Clinton, who used a secret email setup for official business as secretary of state and thereby mishandled at least 113 classified documents — but managed to dodge federal charges.

Mr. Trump in Florida fully incorporated the threat into his stump speech.


Obama's Response to Hecklers at a Rally Is So Weak, How Can Anyone Take Him Seriously? (Like, Say, Putin?)

At a rally for Hillary in North Carolina this week, even President Obama was heckled.

Watch his response:

“Is somebody hollering again? You know what? Here’s the deal. Try to get your own rally. You gotta get your own rally. See, if you can’t get your own rally, don’t come mess up somebody else’s rally.”


I see what he tried to do there. He tried to be cool. But boil it down.

“This is my rally! Mine! Don’t spoil MY rally! It’s MINE! Get your own rally!”


Federal Judge To Decide Whether Officers' Claims Against Mosby May Proceed

A federal judge on Thursday dismissed three claims alleged in a lawsuit against Baltimore's prosecutor filed by five of the six police officers initially charged in the in-custody death of Freddie Gray.

During a motions hearing Thursday, federal Judge Marvin Garbis dismissed three of the claims: conspiracy, false arrest and false imprisonment.

The judge will issue a written opinion on whether the case will go forward on charges that Mosby made false statements to bring charges against the six officers to further her own personal interests, to quell a riot and for political gain. He didn't say when he'd rule.

Mosby's attorneys argued that she acted within the scope of her job and is protected against civil lawsuits by absolute immunity.


Leak: Hillary's 'Personal' Tweets Drafted By Committee

Leaked emails indicate at least some of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s personal tweets are actually created partially or entirely by members of her staff.

Clinton’s Twitter account has long acknowledged that much of its content comes from Clinton’s staff. Therefore, to distinguish which tweets came straight from Clinton herself, the account states that personal tweets will be signed “-H.”

But an email leaked by WikiLeaks Wednesday afternoon suggest that isn’t the case, and that Clinton’s “personal” tweets are instead crafted by her staffers just like all the rest.

In the email, Clinton campaign staffer Milia Fisher asks for campaign chairman John Podesta to sign off on the text of three tweets regarding Clinton’s fundraising that will be attributed to Clinton herself. Notably, Fisher’s plan includes crafting a tweet to make on Podesta’s behalf so that Clinton could then retweet it immediately.


Will Eliminating Cash Save The Economy? (Spoiler Alert: Don't Be Stupid!)

Given the still-subdued economic growth many experts are of the view that the presence of cash has constrained central banks from setting negative rates to stimulate the subdued economic activity. In a future economic or financial crisis, current low rates would restrict the effectiveness of monetary policy, so it is held.

The presence of cash, it is argued, prevents the central banks from lowering policy rates to a level, which is going to meaningfully revive economic activity. What prevents the dramatic lowering of rates is that this is going to severely hurt savers who keep their cash in various bank accounts and so this is seen as politically unacceptable.

The abolition of cash, it is held, is going to enhance the ability of the central banks to use negative rates (perhaps as low as minus 5 percent per year) and this would provide central banks with additional flexibility and tools to deal with a slowdown.
Will We Get More Economic Growth Without Cash?

By advocating the abolition of cash, many experts are implying that cash can be replaced by electronic money. Electronic money can function, however, only as long as individuals know that they can convert it into fiat money, i.e., cash on demand.

Without a frame of reference or a yardstick, the introduction of new forms of settling transactions is not possible.

Money emerged out of barter conditions to permit more complex forms of trade and economic calculation. The distinguishing characteristic of money is that it is the general medium of exchange, evolved from private enterprise from the most marketable commodity. On this Mises wrote,

There would be an inevitable tendency for the less marketable of the series of goods used as media of exchange to be one by one rejected until at last only a single commodity remained, which was universally employed as a medium of exchange; in a word, money.


Hundreds of Asylum Seekers from Africa, Russia Arriving at U.S. Border

Hundreds of migrants from Haiti, Africa, Asia, Armenia, and Russia have been arriving at ports of entry in Arizona. It remains unclear how some of the individuals have been able to move without interference from Mexican authorities; however the case appears to be the latest development in an ongoing trend.

For several days, groups of individuals have been walking to the port of entry in San Luis, Arizona, where they approach an officer with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and make a request for asylum. In San Luis Colorado, Sonora, Mexico’s Radio Formula has reportedthat more than 400 individuals from Haiti and Africa have been staying in the city at local hotels near the border, awaiting their turn to surrender to U.S. authorities.

The dramatic spike appears to follow a trend that has seen hundreds of asylum seekers appearing at various other ports of entry demanding refugee status or asylum. Breitbart Texas recently reported on hundreds of Africans immigrants who had been leveraging Mexico’s immigration system in order to get to the ports of entry in Calexico and San Ysidro, California, and El Paso, Texas.


Obama on Pace to Bring 20,000 Syrian Refugees into U.S. in FY 2017

The Obama administration is on pace to bring 20,000 Syrian refugees into the United States in FY 2017.

The final number of Syrian refugees arriving in the United States this fiscal year will be determined by which candidate–Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump–is inaugurated as president in January 2017.

If Hillary Clinton wins, she will be well positioned to accelerate Syrian refugee resettlement in FY 2017 to the 65,000 she has said she wants to come into the country annually.

If Donald Trump wins, he has committed to suspending Syrian refugee resettlement.

A recent Breitbart/Gravis poll shows that 59 percent of voters oppose Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase Syrian refugee resettlement in the United States.


Is It Coming?

Catholic adviser: Hillary must apologize for ‘bigoted’ emails

'We should all be grateful that we're getting a preview of this before Election Day'

Top Clinton campaign officials are under fire after the latest batch of emails from Wikileaks referred to the Catholic Church as a “Middle Ages dictatorship,” suggested some conservatives convert to Catholicism out of political expedience and that Clinton’s campaign chairman considered the creation of nominally Catholic organizations to erode support for the church itself.

Two exchanges among the latest batch of 1,200 emails released by Wikileaks are drawing the most scrutiny on this issue. The first came in 2011 in an email from John Halpin of the Center for American Progress to John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri. Podesta is now Clinton’s campaign chairman, and Palmieri is a top spokeswoman.

After mocking News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch for having his Catholic children baptized in the Jordan River, Halpin broadens the discussion.

“Many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all Catholic (many converts) from the SC and think tanks to the media and social groups,” wrote Halpin.

“It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy,” he continued.

“I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals,” replied Palmieri.


"Make America Rich Again", Make America Safe Again", Make America Great Again"

Rise of the Trumpocrats! Ex-Dems swarm to GOP nominee

'Donald has said he's going to do something to bring the jobs back'

Much attention is given to the Republican figures publicly turning their backs on Donald Trump, but there is also an active movement of Democrats enthusiastically backing the GOP nominee because they are convinced nothing will change if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

It’s called the Trumpocrats PAC. Executive Director Christian Rickers was a strong Bernie Sanders supporter during the Democratic Party primaries and determined that he would abandon the Democrats this year if his candidate did not prevail.

“Early on, I decided if he was not going to win the primary that I was not going to support Hillary Clinton,” Rickers told WND and Radio America. “She is a career politician.”

Rickers said just seeing the economic decline in his own community convinced him that Hillary Clinton was the wrong choice to lead the country for the next four years.

“I came from a town with 25 manufacturing facilities 20 years ago, and now it has one. Nobody is more responsible for that than the Clintons and the trade policies they’ve advocated over the years. We’ve just learned that Ford is leaving town and going to Mexico and taking all the jobs there, Carrier air conditioning and Maytag. When is this going to stop?” Rickers asked.


Gwen Ifill: Absent the Trump Audio, We'd Be 'Paying A Lot More Attention' To Hillary Speech Revelations

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” host Gwen Ifill stated that without the audio of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s lewd comments, “we would have been paying attention a lot more tonight to some revelations from WikiLeaks about Hillary Clinton’s email — her latest email tranche from the State Department.”

Ifill said, “Now, absent this bombshell…we would have been paying attention a lot more tonight to some revelations from WikiLeaks about Hillary Clinton’s email — her latest email tranche from the State Department. And in this case, it’s answering the question that [Sen.] Bernie Sanders (I-VT) raised during the primaries, which is what did you say in those speeches when nobody was listening, the speeches you were paid for? He never could get an answer, but it looks like we have a partial answer tonight.”


New Liberal Law

Listening to the news at 4 AM this morning, the President and his Wife are all over the news attacking Donald trump for the ALLEGATIONS women came forward saying Trump groped them. 

Isn't it amazing how our highest figure in the world and his Wife  are so scared that they will publicly attack and innocent man, 100% defaming him without a single drop of evidence, staging the destruction of a presidential election. That's how desperate the liberal party is. They do not care about facts, truth or honesty. 

After you liberals read this article, you have no argument or defense. There is NO EVIDENCE and you people will drop lower then sewer scum, (especially the media) to win a race you can not win with honor. 

If this is how you want to win, I believe I speak for millions of Americans, many of us will be considering options as to where we believe we'd like to live because this is not the America we choose to live in any longer. 

Our President and his Wife are publicly stating this is not the kind of behavior we should accept as President of the United States. Well let me set the record straight Mr. lawyer President. Mr. Trump is innocent until proven guilty and you have no right slandering this man without one shred of evidence. YOUR behavior is NOT Presidential. 

It's Your Election To Lose


Liberals Say, PROVE IT, So We Did


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Jimmy Kimmel Children's Book for Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump Parody

Very True

Chelsea Clinton was more focused on news story than suicidal staffer

A New York Post story detailing the relationship between disgraced former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine’s company MF Global and consulting firm Teneo — which was paying Bill Clinton at the time — became an issue in a 2011 battle between Chelsea Clinton and Teneo’s co-founder.

Chelsea’s focus on the story — and not on the health of two staffers at the Clinton Foundation — led to an outburst from Teneo’s Doug Band, according to leaked emails.

The Post story on Dec. 6, 2011, reported: “Even as Jon Corzine’s MF Global was collapsing, a firm that includes former President Bill Clinton in a senior post was raking in huge fees for public-relations and financial advice from the ill-fated brokerage, The Post has learned.
“Clinton’s office insists the former president did not profit from the relationship between MF Global and Teneo Holdings, where he is chairman of the advisory board. But Teneo, on whose advisory board former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also sits, was paid $125,000 a month for at least five months in one of MF’s biggest consulting arrangements, according to sources at the brokerage house.”