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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Salisbury News Surpasses 86,000 Articles

Today Salisbury News surpassed our 86,000th article/post. Wait til we tell you how many hits we've had this year. Nah, I'll wait for another day but I will at least say it's literally in the millions. 

Road Washed Out

Kingston Landing Rd. Off Rt. 328 or Easton to Denton.

Law and justice and George Zimmerman

In the next few hours and days you'll likely be inundated with analysis and commentary and solemn expressions of outrage or joy about what the acquittal of George Zimmerman means -- to the nation, to its rule of law, to its politics, to its racial divide, to its deadly obsession with guns, to Florida's ALEC-infused justice system, and to probably 100 other things I can't list off the top of my head. This is what happens when a verdict comes down in a high-profile criminal trial -- when life or liberty are on the line and the country is split, and angrily so, upon the wisdom and the justice of the outcome.

To me, on its most basic level, the startling Zimmerman verdict -- and the case and trial that preceded it -- is above all a blunt reminder of the limitations of our justice system. Criminal trials are not searches for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They never have been. Our rules of evidence and the Bill of Rights preclude it. Our trials are instead tests of only that limited evidence a judge declares fit to be shared with jurors, who in turn are then admonished daily, hourly even, not to look beyond the corners of what they've seen or heard in court.

Today's Feature - Daily Times Opinion On Local Job

Joe -
The DT is one of the most worthless piece of journalisms I have ever witnessed.  What a pathetic piece of propaganda - all it does is provide lip service or solace to what everyone knows is occurring here in Wicomico/Salisbury.  Why don't they show the numbers to reflect what has really occurred in our local economy.
It is most unfortunate that The Daily Times cannot do better.

Sunday editorial: A slow recovery: Statistics don't tell the whole story of pain and loss when jobs evaporate

Statistics don't tell the whole story of pain and loss when jobs evaporate

Troopers Investigate Millsboro Freight Train Derailment

DSP News Release: Troopers Investigate Millsboro Freight Train Derailment
  • Railroad tracks between West State Street and Patriots Way, Millsboro, DE
Date of Occurrence:  
  • Sunday, July 14, 2013 at 4:00 a.m.
Millsboro-Troopers are investigating the derailment of a Norfolk Southern freight train that occurred north of Millsboro earlier this morning.
Preliminary investigation has determined that at approximately 4:00 a.m. this morning, the Norfolk Southern freight train, consisting approximately seventy train cars hauling stone, being pulled by two locomotives, was traveling southbound on the railroad tracks in a wooded area north of Millsboro. The train derailment occurred on a section of the tracks east of US 113. The tracks run parallel with the highway between West State Street and Patriots Way.
As a result of the derailment, fifteen of the cars were forced off of the tracks and overturned spilling their contents of stone, while the rest remained upright. The two locomotives also derailed but remained upright. The train conductor and engineer onboard during the incident were not injured. An approximately ¾ mile length of railroad track was destroyed and or heavily damaged due to the incident.
An assessment of the scene indicated that there are no hazardous conditions and no hazards or threats to the environment or surrounding communities. There are no detours or road closures in the area of the derailment.
Troopers along with Norfolk Southern officials remain on the scene continuing to investigate the circumstance surrounding the incident. Inquiries regarding the involved train, transported contents, and clean up at the derailment site should be directed to Norfolk Southern.
Sergeant Paul G. Shavack  
Director of Public Information Delaware State Police   P.O. Box 430| Dover, DE 19903

Brooke at Boston Harbor

Brooke at Boston Harbor. Looks like she's feeling good enough to kick cancer's butt! Share if you agree!

O’Malley And The Democrats: Giving Maryland The Business

On the planet currently inhabited by Gov. Martin O’Malley – a fantasy world also populated by the state’s elected majority-party ruling class – Maryland’s business climate is not only robust and rejuvenated, but apparently the envy of the civilized, capitalism-loving world.

As noted in a column posted to the Maryland Watchdog Wire website, the Guv’nuh delivered alate-May speech to the Center for American Progress (CAP) wherein he championed “Fee State” policies that have led to a top-ranked education system (achieved via smoke, mirrors and silos full of cash); a wealthier populace (courtesy of the ever-growing, taxpayer-clutching tentacles ofgovernment jobs, pensions and public-sector unions); and “investment pipelines” (see: taxpayer-clutching tentacles) and the state’s leverage to “raise and attract more venture capital for job creation.”

Touting the business-friendly nature of the state is certainly one of the things this governor does best – even if statistics continually prove there is nothing welcoming, affordable or regulatory pleasant when it comes to Maryland’s current business climate.
In the days following the CAP canard there came a number of reports that show – in spite of whatever talking points were being dispatched from Planet O’Malley and its brownnosing masses – Maryland is as friendly to business as, well, as Maryland is to Republicans.

Study: Maryland Has Some of the Worst Roads in the Country

A national think tank recently ranked Maryland the tenth worst state for well-conditioned and and cost-effective state-owned roadways, but the Maryland State Highway Administration wants to set the record straight.

The Reason Foundation’s annual highway report is based on data from 2009, the most recent year with full spending statistics available.

In the report, Maryland was ranked 40th among all states in overall highway performance and efficiency, which is an improvement from 43rd in 2008. 


I Know My Master Is There And That Is Enough

A sick man turned to his doctor as he was preparing to leave the examination room and said,

“Doctor, I am afraid to die. Tell me what lies on the other side.”

Very quietly, the doctor said, “I don't know.”

“You don't know? You're, a Christian man, and don't know what's on the other side?”

The doctor was holding the handle of the door; on the other side came a sound of scratching and whining,

And as he opened the door, a dog sprang into the room and leaped on him with an eager show of gladness.

Turning to the patient, the doctor said,

“Did you notice my dog? He's never been in this room before. He didn't know what was inside. He knew nothing except that his master was here, and when the door opened, he sprang in without fear. I know little of what is on the other side of death, but I do know one thing...

I know my Master is there and that is enough.”


Sent On A Penny Postcard

1914 Model T Ford Station Wagon.
May 31, 1927, the last Ford Model T rolled off the assembly
line. It was the first affordable automobile, due in part to 
the assembly line process developed by Henry Ford. It 
had 2.9-liter, 20-horsepower engine and could travel at

speeds up to 45 miles per hour. It had a 10-gallon fuel 
tank and could run on  kerosene, petrol, or ethanol, but 
it couldn't drive uphill if the tank was low, because there 
was no fuel pump; people got around this design flaw by 
driving up hills in reverse.

Ford believed that "the man who will use his skill and 
constructive imagination to see how much he can give for
a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is 
bound to succeed." The Model T cost $850 in 1909, and as

efficiency in production increased, the price dropped. 
By 1927, you could get a Model T for $290. "I will build 
a car for the great multitude," said Ford.  "It will be large 
enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to

run and care for. It will be constructed of the best materials, 
by the best men to be hired, after the simplest designs that 
modern engineering can devise. But it will be low in price 
that no man making a good salary will be unable to own
one - and enjoy with his family the blessing of hours 
of pleasure in God's great open spaces."

The Food Must Be Awesome, Salisbury Fire Department Returns For Lunch AGAIN Today!

It is absolutely AMAZING that the Salisbury Fire Department continues to abuse taxpayer equipment, gas and resources, (paying Firefighters to go out to lunch) on a daily basis.

Because so many are fed up and outraged, we continue to receive images of this abuse sometimes two times a day. 

I think it's time some of the taxpayers show up at the next Council Meeting and express their disgust in person and NOT accept any more of their BS excuses. 

Salisbury Fire Department Numbers

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of what Salisbury is all about you come to learn that it is the leadership that is flat out destroying Salisbury as a whole. 

Allow me to explain. We all know crime has been way up in Salisbury for many years now. Mind you, Chief Duncan and Mike Lewis have done a fantastic job and we should also thank the MSP for their role in reducing crime more recently.

However, look at the numbers. We took the time to look at the stats from the Sheriff's Department and quite frankly the majority of their calls are in Salisbury. Last year the SPD responded to almost 60,000 calls. I'll repeat, 60,000 calls! So just how many Police Officers do we have. It's somewhere around 70 Officers, many of which are not patrolling the streets. 

The Sheriff's Department has somewhere near the same number of Officers and if you've never looked at just how big Wicomico County is, it would amaze you the territory they have to cover.

The Salisbury Fire Department has around SEVENTY+ Paid Firefighters on staff. While many of you are under the impression these men and women work 36 hour shifts straight, your mistaken. Are you ready???? At Station 16 the paid Firefighters work 24 hours ON and 72 hours OFF. Station 1 & 2 have paid Firefighters that work from 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. 

And you wonder why I, (and many of you) have a problem with them taking equipment to go get lunch or dinner. 

So now you have a serious crime problem and the SFD has more coverage than the SPD. OK, now let's look even deeper. The image and stats we provided this morning cover all the calls coming into the SFD. MOST of those calls are EMS related. Only a very small percentage of those calls are fire related and that's how we came to an average of 3 fire related calls per day. Now, remove the FALSE ALARM calls and your probably down to ONE fire call a MONTH, not DAY. It's probably even far less than that, yet you have all this money going out to paid Firefighters it makes no sense. 

The Leadership in the SFD and the Mayor's Office, (going back to Barrie Tilghman) have done everything in their powers to take just about anything and everything away from the VOLUNTEERS. That INCLUDES the old Fire Station 16 recently sold for $85,000.00. It was paid for and OWNED by the Volunteers, as well as other Stations in Salisbury. The leadership simply took them away from the Volunteers.

You and I were told when they were building the new Fire Palace that they were creating DORMS, (very expensive) to encourage new recruits, (volunteers) and even college students. They spent a small fortune building a palace kitchen so the Firefighter could comfortably cook meals there and gave us the impression they were stuck there for days on end. It was the Mayor and Fire Chief that SOLD the taxpayers as to why they were spending so much money.

Instead, the SFD Leadership have actually pushed the Volunteers out of the Department because their long term goal is to SECURE high paying jobs as well as sell us on why they are so important. Now they're even charging insurance companies for their services and even the local businesses all this money for false alarm calls, all of which are covered in the taxes we pay. 

Yeah, the SFD is pissed at Joe Albero for EXPOSING this kind of information. They want to fly under the radar, so when we publish factual information they threaten to let my building burn down or my home. They threaten me by saying I better not even need a ride to the Hospital. Quite frankly it's a serious problem. What IF I do need their help. Am I to believe I'll be well cared for or protected, even after I arrive at PRMC? The clear answer to that question is, NO. Most tell me if I even get there I'll never leave alive. 

So these guys want to talk about how they risk their lives as Hero's, what am I then Ladies & Gentlemen of the SFD? You may not agree with me or like me but WHAT IF something does happen to me. Am I to live my life in fear, God Forbid something were to happen. I am simply doing my JOB. I am exposing what has clearly been proven in comments to be a very a hot topic. 

I firmly believe the taxpayers of Salisbury are wasting a ton of tax dollars by paying for this service. I firmly believe when you look at surrounding towns that DEPEND on their Fire Departments, the VOLUNTEERS do an incredible job. Buildings and homes are far better protected these days. We created better codes to assure massive fires like the one many years ago in Downtown Salisbury don't happen again. Could it happen, absolutely. But don't you think for a single second that those other towns surround the City wouldn't be there in a New York second to back up our Volunteers. 

The City created a Code & Compliance Department to make sure more of the run down homes and buildings were brought up to code, making for better and safer living and use. 

When we as a community see Fire Equipment going out to pick up food, do you really think every single person at the Fire Department ALL want one kind of food. The answer is NO. In most cases they are picking up BBQ at one place, subs at another, Chinese food and Penara Bread etc. Considering some are on a 12 hour shift, (we feel) you can bring your food in for the day just like most Americans do. The same goes for those who are being paid to sleep on a 24 hour shift. If that is not acceptable, we simply ask that you take one of the more than 14 chase vehicles, (Crown Vic's and Suburbans) to make your food runs. 

I know there are some decent rebuttals referencing training but you and I both know this running around has been abused to no end. I do not believe the idea of using chase vehicles is unreasonable. The reason we are publishing so many images of equipment all over the city is because so many citizens have had enough of it. WE are being forced to cut back while the Fire Department continues to grow, and for what reason. Homes and buildings are much safer. Structure fires, (in the City) are few and far between and quite frankly you should be downsizing. Instead, you belong to an organization, (accreditation) that demands you hire more people, buy new equipment on a regular basis and the irresponsible leadership sells off extremely expensive used equipment to surrounding Volunteer Departments for a penny on the dollar. 

Taxpayers of Salisbury are, (pardon the pun) tired of getting hosed. Bring back the Volunteers for crying out loud and perhaps divide the EMS from the Fire Department. The old Fire Station should have been used for just that, rather than also selling that for pennies on the dollar. Between salaries, overhead expenses, retirement packages, disability, health insurance, fuel and the list goes on and on, (as a businessman) I'd say it's time you shut that business down, (paid Firefighters) and let the honorable Volunteers protect this City. It simply makes good business sense, especially when you look at the stats from the MSP, SPD and WCSO. These other organizations deserve much better, respectfully. 

Will Cracker Barrel Come To Salisbury?


Not sure if this is true... Cracker Barrel is supposed to be coming to the “old Zias” location and the hold up is the city is not approving their signage. The city code says it’s too high and cracker barrel always uses a tall sign to be visible from the by-pass; hence the hold up.

President Of Chamber Of Commerce To Get Salisbury Fire Station 16 For $85,000.00

OK Taxpayers, You Make The Call

Above are just some of the articles I have written over the years about the old Fire Station 16. I encourage each one of you to click on them and see how this building has evolved. 

What bothers me the most is just how slimey Mayor Jim Ireton has been most recently as well as the City Council. When I offered $250,000.00 cash with no contingencies on this property years ago, the former Council decided to place restrictions on the property to assure that Joe Albero could NOT purchase that property. 

Last night they announced the Mayor LIFTED those restrictions, YET IS WAS NOT IN THE RFP, making the deal, (in my opinion) illegal.

What humored me the most was what I received in the mail today. The Chamber of Commerce wrote a big article on how well the Chamber is now working with the Mayor and Council. I guess so. The President, (Brad Gillis) just landed the deal of a lifetime. A $750,000.00 building for $85,000.00 with no restrictions.

Mind you, I'm confident this group will do a fine job with the building and I don't begrudge ANYONE who lands a great deal. I simply have a problem with how the Mayor and Council mislead others. As far as we knew, the building could only be purchased IF the Mayor and Council agreed to what was being put in that building. 

Here's an idea for you Brad, open a convenience store that offers free coffee to Firefighters and they can come home several times a day to get coffee and Twinkies using taxpayers gas and vehicles. At least it will be slightly closer to their home base. Bend over once again taxpayers. It was your election to lose. 

I love the note Ireton sent back to Councilwoman Cohen. Let the Gillis' do what they do best and get out of their way. Next year John Cannon will be President of the Chamber. I wonder what's in store for him?

Station 16 Assessed At $513,400.00, Sold For $85,000.00

Heck, I paid $475,000.00 cash for my building Downtown and now it's only assessed at around $300,000.00. 

Gillis paid $5,000.00 for Feldman's and $85,000.00 for the old Fire Station. Am I missing something here? The old Fire Station is worth, (AT LEAST) $513,400.00, as is.

Some have come on here saying that Gillis will turn these properties into GOLD. From experience I can tell you first hand, they have created a Great Depression in Downtown Salisbury and the ONLY people making out are the Gillis'. 

The assessment above clearly shows the old Fire Station is worth a hell of a lot more money than it was sold for, AS IT SITS! 

Perhaps it's time the Downtown property owners find a lawyer that would be interested in a class action lawsuit against the City of Salisbury for depreciating our investments so much. 

The hilarious part is, Ireton wants YOU taxpayers to revitalize Downtown. He wants to give away EDU's and impact fees to build subsidized housing units which will again lower property values Downtown even further.

The big question now is, you taxpayers are seeing first hand what the assessed value is on this property. Are you going to accept the sale of $85,000.00? Are you seeing ANY of this in the Main Stream Media?

Somerset County School's New CFO


I am a concerned resident of Somerset County Maryland. The Somerset County School system just hired Wendy Harrison as their new CFO. This is a picture of Mrs. Harrison that was posted on Face Book just last week . I hope she represents the school system better than she represents herself. Wendy has lived on the shore her whole life she is the daughter of Julia Foxwell. Please feel free to investigate.

Thank you for your dedication to reporting the real news.

Lore' Chambers Fired By Mayor Jim Ireton Today?

A Salisbury News Associate was in WaWa this afternoon and overheard two City Employees talking about how Mayor Jim Ireton had terminated Lore' Chambers today.

We attempted to contact the Mayor's Office but every one had left for the day. Can someone confirm or deny this information?

Jewel St In Delmar.

Salisbury Project Timetable Released; Proposed Artist Community Eyed

SALISBURY -- Developers for the River’s Edge apartment project updated the Salisbury City Council last week on the progress they have made since last appearing over the winter.

A very tentative construction date of September 2014 was floated. Additionally, developers asked if the city might want to explore further partnerships involving River’s Edge, such as a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) plan as well as assisting in making the development more accessible for the permanently disabled.

“We’re making progress with our investors, lenders and the state as well,” Andrew Hanson, a developer with Osprey Property Company, told the council. “In fact, we just received conceptual approval from the planning commission last month just based on still trying to work on some housekeeping issues as it relates to some critical areas as well.”


See What That Glass Of Wine Could Do To Your Face In 10 Years

We were just daydreaming about tonight's happy hour...when this drinking mirror app gave us second thoughts.

As part of the Scottish government's "Drop A Glass Size" campaign, Drinking Mirror is an app that depicts the serious aging effects that boozing has on our skin and faces.

Upload a photo of yourself and enter your weekly beverage intake, and then Drinking Mirror recreates the image to show just how great you could look in ten years.


Ex-Police Chief Claims He Was Pressured And Then Fired For Not Arresting George Zimmerman

Former Sanford, Fla., police chief Bill Lee on CNN Wednesday claimed he was fired last year because he refused to arrest George Zimmerman just to appease an outraged public. Hey says there wasn’t enough evidence to warrant an arrest in the killing of Trayvon Martin, a fact that didn’t matter to some city officials.

When he refused to make the arrest, Lee claims he was fired from his position after just 10 months on the job. Officials argued they let Lee go because the public and elected officials had lost trust in him.

“I had one of the city commissioners come to me on two different occasions and say, ‘All we want is an arrest.’ And I explained to them, ‘Well, you just can’t do that, you have to have probable cause to arrest somebody.’ And it was related to me that they just wanted an arrest, they didn’t care if it got dismissed later. And you don’t do that,” Lee told CNN’s George Howell.

When asked how Zimmerman was able to remain free for 40 days after shooting Martin, Lee said the evidence just wasn’t there.


D.C. Lawmakers Pass Minimum Wage Mandate Despite Walmart’s Threats To Pull Stores

Walmart’s efforts Tuesday to deter Washington D.C’s city council from passing a bill that would require certain large retailers to pay their employees at least $12.50 — a significant bump above the city’s minimum wage of $8.25 — didn’t work. Despite the big box company telling lawmakers it’d scrap plans for three stores in the area and take a close look at the three already underway, council members passed the bill by a vote of 8 to 5 yesterday.

“The question here is a living wage; it’s not whether Walmart comes or stays,” council member Vincent B. Orange, a proponent of the bill, told the Washington Post. “We’re at a point where we don’t need retailers. Retailers need us.”

Obama Signs Executive Order To Allow Shut Down Of All US Communication

RT has reported that in a secretly unannounced move, President Barack Obama signed an executive order giving the Department of Homeland Security the ability to shut down all of the United States’ communications systems upon his request. Barack Obama laid out a statement he titled “Assignment of National Security Emergency Preparedness Communications Function”. No doubt a very confusing title. The reasoning behind his issuing of this executive order, is that he feels the government may one day need to access all of our telephones, computers, cable communications, etc., in the name of national security.

SFD Stats

Using these numbers SFD averages about 3 calls per day per station.  Just how many paid firefighters does Salisbury need?

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 7-12-13

Once again what's the big deal about the firemen eating lunch? As you may or may not be able to tell, the place where they are eating is very close to the firehouse. In case of a fire, they will be able to respond quickly. I'm a firm believer in "what goes around comes around". Lets hope that you people who have nothing better to do than harass the firefighters, won't need them. When we see them out eating lunch, we should actually offer to pay for their lunch. They put their lives on the line every time they help one of you a**holes that are harassing them.


Jury can consider lesser charge of manslaughter in the trial of George Zimmerman.

From FoxNews

Judge in George Zimmerman trial rules jurors will not consider possible 3rd-degree felony murder charge

Jury in George Zimmerman trial will be instructed on murder in the 2nd degree, manslaughter in the 1st degree charges

Prosecutors start closing arguments in George Zimmerman's 2nd-degree murder trial 

Prosecutor in closing argument: George Zimmerman pursued [Trayvon Martin], didn't wait 'for the police to come and do their job' 

Prosecutor in George Zimmerman trial: 'The law talks about accountability and responsibility for one's actions; Hold him accountable for what he did' 

State prosecutor says George Zimmerman never identified himself as neighborhood watch because he already 'assumed [Martin] was a criminal' 

A Letter To The Editor: "GOOD WILL DISCOUNTS"

I would like to let all seniors in the Salisbury area know, that the sign in the Salisbury Goodwill on Wednesdays states "55 and older senior citizens/ and college students 20% discount on Wednesdays" but if you go to pay for your purchases on Wednesdays you are told" if the merchandise is NEW merchandise you do not get a discount'!! Now I have spoken to the manager before reference this miss leading info and was told " you can't expect us to sell merchandise that was just purchased, for the same price we bought in for" !! Well guess what I nor anyone else is stupid enough to believe that !!!! And you NEED TO CHANGE YOUR SIGNS. The same thing applies to the books they have a price for paper back books, when you go to purchase a paper back book it depends on the thickness of that book and the catagory of that book! Why have signs and prices at all , and as for the book thing I always purchase the same type of book, which is always very close to the same size and thickness maybe a 1/16th of an inch difference and every Wednesday the price is different depending on who rings it up , explain that one. For people who are on fixed incomes prices and discounts and advertising is big in our world, TRUTH MATTERS.

Acquitting Zimmerman

The question is no longer whether or not George Zimmerman will be convicted of murdering Trayvon Martin, the question is what will happen after he is acquitted.

Prosecutors in Florida brought a feeble case to court, filing a charge they knew — or should have known — would not withstand the challenge of even a modestly capable defense. There has been much testimony that supports Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense and precious little that undercuts it. The prosecution invested hope in the testimony of Martin’s parents that it was his screams for help and not Zimmerman’s that were captured on the 9-1-1 call, but on Monday the defense presented witnesses who effectively rebutted this claim. And on Tuesday, a forensic pathologist testified that the physical evidence was consistent with Zimmerman’s account of his confrontation with Martin.


4 Who Clung To Capsized Boat For Hours Rescued

DEAL ISLAND, Md. -Maryland Natural Resources Police say four were rescued after clinging for hours onto a capsized boat off Deal Island.

Sgt. Brian Albert tells The Daily Times of Salisbury says the boat's owner, 70-year-old John Riggs of Salisbury, swam to shore wearing a life jacket and alerted authorities about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Albert says five people on a fishing trip were aboard when the boat capsized during a storm. He says the four boaters clung to the 16-foot Carolina Skiff motorboat about five hours before help arrived.


Salisbury News Was Hacked Today

If your wondering WHY so many comments hadn't gone up for a few hours today, someone hacked my account. Actually, several of them. 

It seems obvious that we've struck some nerves in Salisbury and there have been multiple threats saying Salisbury News will be going "black" in the near future.

That being said, it's doubtful these people are going to stop any time soon. Know that IF we're hacked again and we go off line, save on your computer. You can always access this Blog by just typing in instead of If anything happens again we will have a redirect from to whatever new Site we create in the mean time. 

We must be some pretty important people to get hacked that bad. Sorry about the delays Folks. 

Eric Holder Used Taxpayer Money to Help Anti-Zimmerman Protests

A division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) was deployed to Sanford, Florida in 2012 to provide assistance for anti-George Zimmerman protests, including a rally headlined by activist Al Sharpton, according to newly released documents.

The Community Relations Service (CRS), a unit of DOJ, reported expenses related to its deployment in Sanford to help manage protests between March and April 2012, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

CRS spent $674.14 between March 25-27 related to having been “deployed to Sanford, FL, to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain.” CRS spent another $1,142.84 for the same purpose between March 25-28.


Why Does The Media Cover Up These Stories?

Read the story HERE

This Just in From A Viewer, Salisbury Firefighters Using Taxpayer Gas & Equip. To Get Lunch Again Today

Ladder truck at College ave getting lunch today.


Quit trashing Obama's accomplishments ! He has done more than any other President before him. Here is a list of his impressive accomplishments: First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States

First President to violate the War Powers Act. .

First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .

First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

First President to spend a trillion dollars on "shovel-ready" jobs when there was no such thing as "shovel-ready" jobs.

First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including those with criminal convictions.

First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

First President to terminate America˜s ability to put a man in space.

First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.

First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, 102 to date.

First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.

First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

First President to go on multiple "global apology tours" and concurrent "insult our friends" tours.

First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers.

First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.

First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense.

First President to repeat the Holy Quran & tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.

First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they "volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences."

Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.

First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states ( Mexico vs Arizona ).

How is this hope and change working out for you?

Follow The Money

In recent years we have seen the Gillis Family with their hands in almost every single major project in Downtown Salisbury. 

Let's go in order according to the photos above because I think you'll find what I share with you very interesting.

The new States Attorney Office. The building was bought for a song and a dance. Wicomico County has $6,000,000.00 in a reserve account that was designed to be used to purchase a property for the States Attorneys Office. The Judges in Wicomico County provided letters for years that was backed by the Governor to remove the State Attorneys Office out of its current location to make room for the expanded volume of Judges. Former States Attorney Davis Ruark ignored the request and just as soon as Matt Maciarello was elected they forced his hand and a move had to be made.

So fiscally responsible County Council Members reminded the public the $6,000,000.00 was in place but rather than purchasing their own property they elected to RENT space instead. I know, it makes no sense for the following reason. They could have purchased and remodeled exactly what they wanted for around $4,000,000.00. 

Nevertheless, Gillis won the bid to remodel the above building to fit their wants and needs but you should know, it's at a heavy price to the taxpayers. The lease is for 15 or 20 years at a total of around $30,000.00 A MONTH. That's $360,000.00 a year.If the lease is 15 years it will cost the taxpayers $5,700,000.00. If it's 20 years it will cost the taxpayers $7,200,000.00.

So how do we as taxpayers swallow this without throwing up. Well, you might consider this building as part of the Downtown Revitalization Plan. However, as I have stated over the years, it will be at taxpayers expense. 

Then there's the Feldman's property purchased for only $5,000.00. Again, Gillis will revitalize the property, (like he has to several others Downtown) and perhaps land yet another government agency to foot the bill like Mikulski, Harris, States Attorney and the IRS.

Are we to begrudge a successful businessman for continued success, I don't think so. However, follow the money. Who has made donations to who's campaigns? I saw a comment on yesterday's Post that has me curious as well, should Jake Day have recused himself in the Station 16 vote? Should Mayor Ireton have been allowed to hold behind closed door negotiations with Gillis?

Then there's the new Station 16 Headquarters where Gillis was, (I believe) the general contractor on an overall $16,000,000.00 project. You've got the Gateway Building and the Gallery Building Gillis has had his hands in, (ownership) as well as 300 W. Main Street. There may be more, I don't know.

So you have to look at all of this and accept it one of two ways, (as I see it). One, Gillis has played a roll over the years revitalizing Downtown Salisbury OR Gillis has been a favorite, (for some reason) as a favored developer/contractor to local government.  

I will add, it is also questionable that the President of the Chamber of Commerce is the purchaser of a real estate transaction that could have easily been handled much better for the taxpayers of Salisbury. Again, I'm all about getting a great deal on any piece of property. However, I told ALL of you when I was running for Mayor that you needed a businessman leading your City as I would have encouraged that property go up for AUCTION with a beginning bid of $100,000.00. The assessment alone would have brought in much higher figures than what it was sold for and in the end fair would have been fair, a legitimate highest bidder. 

So there you have it. You now know what the rest of the Main Stream Media failed to tell you. Wicomico County and City of Salisbury taxpayers are now fully aware of the money being spent on the States Attorneys Office and why some Council Members are outraged. I should mention that the rent for that building is actually around $25,000.00 a month but that doesn't include taxes and upkeep, which was estimated at around $5,000.00 a month additional. I mention this just in case the Daily Rag tries to technically challenge me on my figures. 

Fire away in comments. 

This Just In From A Viewer

Salisbury's finest out to lunch at giant 
11:15 today

Wicomico Landfill Charges

We are in the landscape business and often need to take a load of grass clippings or other lawn/landscape debris to the landfill for dumping at the end of the day.  We hold a commercial permit to dump at the landfill.  In the past, they have charged by the ton, per dump.  Now the county is still charging by the ton, but there is a minimum dump fee of $10.00.  They sent out a notice with the price per ton as of 7-1-13 but neglected to tell business owners about the minimum charge.  When we questioned the employees at the dump, we were told that he would have to take the issue up with Rick Pollitt. 

I'm attaching a copy of the notice that was sent out, with only prices per ton, a copy of a previous month statement showing all the dumps based on price per ton and a new ticket (that we do not have a statement for yet), showing a dump that normally would have been charged $1.50 and is now $10.00.  We were told this move was made to eliminate the little guys just showing up with small loads, but what about the business owner that is there every day and paying large sums per month? 

Salisbury Immediate Care & Injury Center

[Salisbury, MD] – Salisbury Immediate Care & Injury Center Receives Certified Urgent Care Designation from the Urgent Care Association of AmericaSalisbury Immediate Care & Injury Center, located in Salisbury, MD, hasreceivedthe Certified Urgent Care designationwhich distinguishes it as a true urgent care center. The clinic provides patients with walk-in, extended-hour medical attention with licensed providers for a large scope of medical conditions and has met all of the Urgent Care Association of America’s established criteria. This is Salisbury Immediate Care & Injury Center’s second consequent time and fourth year being recognized by Urgent Care Associationof America as a nationally certified urgent care center.
The health care environment is changing and it is becoming more and more important for patients to understand their treatment options.
Urgent care is a convenient and viable option for medical conditions that cannot wait for a scheduled appointment with a primary care physician. Salisbury Immediate Care & Injury Center accepts unscheduled, walk-in patients during all hours of operation.
When a medical condition cannot be handled by a patient’s regular doctor – such as unexpected cuts, burns, sprains or fractures that do not require a visit to the emergency department, Salisbury Immediate Care & Injury Center is equipped with x-ray, laboratory services and licensed providers are always available to perform minor procedures like laceration repair and treatment of sprained injuries and broken bones.
Urgent care fills the gap between primary care and hospital emergency rooms, offering increased convenience and cost savings. 
With its certification, Salisbury Immediate Care & Injury Center and the Urgent Care Association of America demonstrate their commitment toward providing patients with access to appropriate levels of care.

Kroger Buys Harris Teeter

Kroger, the largest traditional grocery store chain in the U.S., announced plans Tuesday to buy Harris Teeter’s 212 supermarkets.

Cincinnati-based Kroger will pay $2.44 billion for the stores spread throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic, according to the Associated Press. Harris Teeter has a heavy presence in the Washington area, including stores in Manassas, Woodbridge, Bristow and Gainesville.

"This is a financially and strategically compelling transaction and a unique opportunity for our shareholders and associates," Kroger chairman and CEO David Dillon said in a news release.



On Monday, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office released a video calling on the public not to riot in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, expected this week or next in Florida. The Sheriff’s Office released a statement explaining that it was “working closely with the Sanford Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies” to coordinate “a response plan in anticipation of the verdict.”

The video, titled “Raise Your Voice, Not Your Hands,” focuses on attempting to channel reaction into non-violent response. It depicts two youngsters, one black teenage boy, one Hispanic teenage girl. “Raise your voice!” says the girl. “And not your hands!” says the boy. “We need to stand together as one, no cuffs, no guns,” says the girl. “Let’s give violence a rest, because we can easily end up arrested,” says the boy. “I know your patience will be tested,” says the girl, and then both conclude, “but law enforcement has your back!”



For years now Salisbury News has been delivering FACTUAL and DOCUMENTED Employment information and the so called Main Stream Media has been IGNORING it. 

Yesterday we delivered: 

May Jobs Numbers Just In - Wicomico County Labor Force Continues Downward Spiral - Another 926 Jobs Lost in May - April Job Numbers Revised Downward - Unemployment Rate Spikes from 8.1% to 8.4%

What's it going to take to get the citizens of the Eastern Shore to DEMAND these local media sources deliver you TRUTHFUL information about just how BAD our situation is here on the Shore. 

The Daily Times is so desperate right now they're offering their Wednesday and Sunday paper along with internet access for only $10.00 a month. You can believe Gannett follows Salisbury News traffic on a regular basis and they know we're killing them. In fact, in the past two weeks Salisbury News has almost doubled in size each and every day.

WBOC is covering more Kardashian fluff and Delaware news and ignoring ALL of the key important local information. WMDT, well, their simply hiring a rainbow crew where everyone has a lisp and no one watches them any more anyway. It's the Mayor's #1 play channel. Long gone are the Kenny Beck and Stacy Sakai's. 

The commercials are forever long now and quite frankly, (if your anything like me) I can't stand the car commercials any more. We mute every commercial now and don't even listen to them. 

The point is, THERE ARE NO JOBS! Who can afford the cars anyway. Yes, your local main stream media doesn't want to INFORM you that property values flat out SUCK any more. They don't want you to know your job search will SUCK and your better off looking for work at WalMart part time.

Heck, my own Mother in Law sold her home recently on Camden Ave and South Blvd and walked away with $130,000.00 and she had NO mortgage. Only a few years ago this home was worth easily $250,000.00, if not a LOT more. 

I'll bet your not hearing THAT on WBOC, WMDT or the Daily Times. Yeah, Salisbury News and Joe Albero are simply hateful and horrible because we tell the TRUTH. I have been warning you people for years. They will take until there's nothing left. Then they'll get you to borrow until you can't afford to pay back the loan. Then they'll foreclose on you knowing you lost absolutely everything and become depended on your government. 



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