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Friday, July 24, 2020

NFL = Not For Long

Why Some Folks Have Come to Despise the NFL

NFL "Refresher" NFL History...history not often reported or leaked to the ticket holders. I hope this helps you; it opened my eyes, to better understand when and why the public’s respect for the NFL organization started to crumble....
* In 2012 the NFL had an issue with Tim Tebow kneeling before each game to pray, they also had an issue with Tebow wearing John 3:16 as part of his eye-black to avoid glare, and made him take it off.
* In 2013 the NFL fined Brandon Marshall for wearing green cleats to raise awareness for people with mental health disorders.
* In 2014 Robert Griffin III (RG3) entered a post-game press conference wearing a shirt that said "Know Jesus Know Peace" but was forced to turn it inside out by an NFL uniform inspector before speaking at the podium.
* In 2015 DeAngelo Williams was fined for wearing "Find the Cure "eye black for breast cancer awareness.
* In 2015 William Gay was fined for wearing purple cleats to raise awareness for domestic violence. (Not that the NFL has a domestic violence problem..).
*In 2016 the NFL prevented the Dallas Cowboys from wearing a decal on their helmet in honor of 5 Dallas Police officers killed in the line of duty.
* 2016 the NFL threatened to fine players who wanted to wear cleats to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11.
So tell me again how the NFL supports free speech and expression. It seems quite clear based on these facts that the NFL has taken a position against any action by NFL players demonstrating RESPECT for any issue:
For God, social causes such as mental health, cancer, domestic violence, for cops killed arbitrarily, for being cops, or for the Memory of 9/11...
BUT they will allow demonstrations of DISRESPECT for our National Flag, our National Anthem, for America , and for the American People, if it will help mollify a particular Group and its supporters. That is who and what the NFL now has shown itself to be.

Hope Floats – A Night of Light and Hope along the Wicomico River Benefiting the American Cancer Society August 1

A Socially Distant, Safe, Cool Way to Fight Cancer – Boats Welcome!
WHAT:  An evening featuring a boat parade, dock party, tikis and riverwatch parties. 
              Light up your boat in the Hope Floats Boat Parade.  All boats welcome.
First prize for “Best Lighted Boat” will win a $50 Brew River gift card! The community can vote for the Best Lighted Boat! Just snap a pic & post on  Facebook@HopeFloatsOnTheWicomico.   

The community is invited to light bonfires along the riverfront, decorate their properties with tikis and dock lights and host a riverfront social to watch the parade to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Mask & social distancing requested please.

*Donate to spread hope in our community and to help keep lifesaving American Cancer Society programs alive: cancer research, patient services, 24/7/365 support and education for those living in our community by scanning the QR code or at

COVID has hit the non-profit world hard, and cancer patients have been deeply affected. Please keep HOPE afloat!

WHEN/               August 1, 2020, 7 pm:  Boats gather at Brew River’s Deck Party; 502 W. Main
WHERE:              St., Salisbury; 7:45 pm: Boat parade begins and parades to Wicomico Yacht Club arriving by 9:15p; 7 – 9 pm:  Green Hill Country Club’s lawn party, 5471 Whitehaven Rd, Quantico, MD . 

WHO:   Ashley Clevenger, American Cancer Society volunteer; Jeremy Middleton, American Cancer Society volunteer
REGISTER:         All boats welcome.  Register with Ryan McClenahan; 410-651-2110 ext. 313 by July 29.
                  , Facebook:  HopeFloatsOnTheWicomico
About the American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society is a global grassroots force of nearly 1.5 million volunteers dedicated to saving lives, celebrating lives, and leading the fight for a world without cancer. From breakthrough research, to free lodging near treatment, a 24/7/365 live helpline, free rides to treatment, and convening powerful activists to create awareness and impact, the Society is the only organization attacking cancer from every angle. For more information go to  

Joni Ernst Urges Trump to Ban Federal Funds for Cities Allowing Anarchy

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) urged President Donald Trump on Wednesday to ensure states and cities do not use federal funds to promote anarchy or anarchist jurisdictions across American cities.

Ernst, along with 29 of her colleagues in the House and the Senate, called on Office of Management and Budget Director Russ Vought to use his authority to prevent federal funding for states and cities that allow for the creation of autonomous zones.
Ernst and her colleagues wrote:


Nolte: It’s Monstrous How Democrats Exploit Illegal Aliens for More Seats in Congress

Democrats like California Gov. Gavin Newsom are no longer hiding their sinister and un-American goal to use illegal aliens as a means to steal seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and, by extension, ensure Democrats hold control of the House.

“Counting every person in our country through the Census is a principle so foundational that it is written into our Constitution,” Newsom said in a statement Tuesday. “This latest action by the administration to exclude undocumented immigrants when determining representation in Congress, rooted in racism and xenophobia, is a blatant attack on our institutions and our neighbors.”


La La Land Congress Wants To Give Billions To Public Schools To Stay Closed

It’s an indictment of Republican leadership that President Trump, who like most businessmen knows nearly nothing about education, still has better political instincts on this.

When schools shut down this spring, Congress sent them $31 billion — nearly half its annual schools outlay — for sanitation and online learning, even though students weren’t in schools to theoretically contaminate them and online learning barely happened for millions of children. The vast majority of this money has not even reached schools yet.

Nevertheless, the Wall Street Journal reports that education special interests are demanding, through their Democrat representatives, nearly half a trillion in additional deficit spending for the fall without requiring schools to operate. Yes, you read that right: Democrats want nearly $430 billion extra to put kids in the equivalent of Khan Academy online math lessons. Did I mention that Khan Academy is free? And that the ask to duplicate it is 600 percent more than annual federal spending on K-12?


Donald Trump orders 'immediate surge' of hundreds of feds into Chicago calling it a violence-scarred 'disaster' - then threatens to order them into other Democratic-controlled cities including Detroit and Philadelphia over mayors' objections

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he was sending 'hundreds' of federal agents into Chicago and other cities to combat street violence – including an influx of a controversial Homeland Security unit that has been deployed in Portland.

The president also said he was holding back on dispatching what he termed 'large numbers' of federal agents, pending requests from city mayors – then added: 'At some point we may have no other choice but to go in.'

Following a spate of gun violence in Chicago, plus clashes between federal agents and protesters that have stretched on for weeks in Portland, Trump said he ordered an 'immediate surge' of agents into the nation's third largest city.


Antibodies taken from Covid-19 survivors are the 'most potent' ever found and protect against infection, scientists claim

Scientists claim they have discovered the most potent antibodies yet in the blood of Covid-19 patients, raising hopes that people will develop immunity to the virus.

The antibodies were taken from the blood of several Covid-19 survivors and can neutralise the coronavirus, stopping it from entering cells.

These antibodies are cloned and scaled up in large quantities in the laboratory before being injected as a treatment.


DOJ Bombshell: Chinese Consulate In San Francisco Harboring 'Active Duty' PLA Researcher Wanted By FBI

Amid a crazy day of ordered consulate closures, alleged death and bomb threats made against the Chinese Embassy in Washington and diplomatic wrangling, and on threats out of Beijing to "respond" in a devastating way to Trump's growing pressure campaign and China-related sanctions, Axios is just out with a bombshell late in the day Wednesday that ensures the tit-for-tat will only grow much more intense.

"A researcher who lied about her affiliation with a Chinese military university entered the Chinese consulate in San Francisco after being interviewed by the FBI on June 20 about alleged visa fraud and has remained there, according to an FBI assessment in court filings dated July 20," Axios writes.

If accurate, this would give some level of evidence to support Senator Marco Rubio's earlier charged allegation that "China’s Houston consulate is a massive spy center, forcing it to close is long overdue," as he tweeted, riling Chinese diplomats and pundits. He called it and others a "spy shop" which is part of the "Communist Party’s vast network of spies & influence operations in the United States."


Trump threatens 'automatic 10 years in prison' for anyone harming statues: 'If they even try'

Historic monuments and statues have become the targets of anger and vandalism during protests

President Trump issued a warning Sunday morning to anyone who even attempts to harm federal monuments, including the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorials, saying that they will automatically face a substantial prison term.

Historic monuments and statues have become the targets of anger and vandalism during protests in the wake of George Floyd's death while in police custody at the end of May. The initial statues under fire were those of Confederate soldiers and generals largely in the South, but the anger has spread to monuments well beyond that historical period.

Trump volunteers to take coronavirus vaccine 'first' or 'last,' defends Birx in interview with Dr. Marc Siegel

Trump said he would 'absolutely' take the vaccine first or last

President Trump told Fox News medical contributor Marc Siegel on Wednesday that he's in an impossible situation regarding whether he should be the first to take a coronavirusvaccine.

“Well, you know the way it works. If I’m the first one they’ll say ‘he’s so selfish. He wanted to get the vaccine first,” Trump told Siegel in the interview, which ared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" and "Fox News @ Night." “Then other people would say ‘hey, that’s a very brave thing to do’.”

“I would absolutely, if they wanted me to and thought it was right, I’d take it first or I’d take it last.”


Maryland Fishing Report

Small bluefish are moving into the region; they are running about 1 pound, which is fun for the kids and a perfect eating size.

Recreational crabbing should improve as we get into late July and early August, with more crabs growing to legal size.

A mix of blue and channel catfish should continue to provide steady action anglers fishing in most of the tidal rivers. 

Biden ratchets up racism allegations against president, Trump campaign calls claim 'outrageous'

Biden charges Trump is 'the first' racist elected president

Joe Biden on Wednesday launched what appeared to be one of his sharpest attacks to date, charging that President Trump is a racist.

Speaking during a roundtable discussion with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said Trump is engaged in the “spreading of racism, the way he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where they’re from, is absolutely sickening.”

Biden went on to stress that “no sitting president has ever done this. Never, never, never. No Republican president has done this. No Democratic president. We’ve had racists and they’ve existed and they’ve tried to get elected president. He’s the first one that has.”


Ben Shapiro: Democrats and the media are 'rooting for chaos' as 'villains' destroy the country

'It really is difficult to escape the conclusion that a lot of people in the Democratic Party and the media are invested in chaos'

The outrage from Democrats and much of the mainstream media over President Trump's deployment of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in Portland, Ore., is further proof that they are "rooting for chaos," Ben Shapiro asserted Wednesday.

"It really is difficult to escape the conclusion that a lot of people in the Democratic Party and the media are invested in chaos," the "Ben Shapiro Show" host told "Outnumbered"host Harris Faulkner.


Dozens of Retired Military Officers Express Support for Trump’s Action Against Riots

Forty-six retired flag-rank officers in the United States military have signed an open letter that was published on Wednesday in the Washington Times expressing support for “President Trump’s authority to stop the ongoing rioting and lawlessness in America’s cities.”

The signatories include 42 Army officers, four Air Force officers, and one retired Navy officer, according the Family Research Council. Family Research Council Executive Vice President Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. Boykin (pictured, left) is one of the signatories.


WATCH: Portland Mayor Joins Violent ‘Protest’; Booed by Protesters, Tear Gassed by Feds

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler joined a violent demonstration in his city Wednesday night at which “protesters” threw flaming bags of garbage at a federal courthouse — and where he was jeered by the crowd before being tear gassed by federal officers.

The Oregonian reported that the mayor’s appearance on the 56th night of violent “protest” in downtown Portland “attracted attention and jeers from the crowd of more than 2,000 people” at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse.


Watch: Barack Obama Bows to Joe Biden Before Blasting Trump

Barack Obama is already treating Joe Biden like a world leader, as he was seen bowing to the presumptive Democrat nominee in a teaser video.

The Biden campaign released an excerpt of a “streaming special” featuring Biden and Obama:

The video shows the two exiting separate motorcades and entering a building, before departing in separate elevators, just moments apart.

In the elevator lobby of the office, Obama bowed to Biden before the two were seen tag-teaming attacks on Donald Trump in an apparent taste of what’s to come on Thursday.

Obama made waves early in his presidency when he bowed to world leaders, which many saw as a sign of submission.

In 2009, Obama visited the Japanese Emperor and bowed to nearly a 45-degree angle:


North Carolina man who hit $10M lottery jackpot charged with murder

Body of 23-year-old victim found in hotel room by maid

A North Carolina man who won a $10 million lottery in 2017 has been charged with murder in the death of a woman who was found lifeless in a hotel room.

Michael Todd Hill, 52, of Leland, was arrested Tuesday after the body of 23-year-old Keonna Graham was discovered the day before.

Hill, who won his fortune from an Ultimate Millions scratch-off ticket in August 2017, checked into the hotel alone on Sunday, according to a local NBC affiliate. No one on staff saw Graham during his stay, he said.


Laura Ingraham: Biden 'a doddering fool who can't control the mob on the streets or the mob in his own party'

He's become little more than a puppet of the radical left, she says
Laura Ingraham took on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe BidenWednesday, saying the former vice president's plan for handling the coronavirus pandemic would only make matters worse.

"Yesterday, [Biden] tried to show us that he'd be more hands on regarding the pandemic, offering never-before-heard solutions like 'appoint a commanding COVID officer' or he'd 'help small businesses.' Oh, wait, didn't Trump already do that?" Ingraham said. 
"Try again, Joe. Well, of course, we know, regardless of what he says, the only big thing that poor old Joe would do differently are the lockdowns."

Democrat Mayors Are Betraying Law-Abiding Citizens By Siding With Rioters And The Mob

In multiple cities across the United States, a peculiar thing is happening.

Liberal mayors are allowing lawless rioters to do whatever they want, while law abiding citizens are stuck in their homes.

In Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and other cities, the mayors actually seem to be siding with the rioters and telling police to stand down.

This is unfair to their peaceful, tax-paying citizens.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Democratic mayors align with rioters and looters against police


Philadelphia's Top Prosecutor Is Prepared to Arrest Federal Agents

After Trump said he would send agents to more cities, Philly’s district attorney lays out how he might criminally charge federal officers.

After numerous reports and lawsuits in Portland regarding un-badged and un-uniformed federal officers arresting, beating, and detaining people in unmarked vehicles, the Trump administration’s response is that they’re going to do it even more, and in more cities. Saying that his federal agents are doing a “fantastic job,” Trump has suggested that he will also deploy agents in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore and Milwaukee to do the same.

In one of those cities, the city prosecutor has already preemptively warned Trump’s police forces what he will do if they bring the same tactics to Philadelphia:

“My dad volunteered and served in World War II to fight fascism, like most of my uncles, so we would not have an American president brutalizing and kidnapping Americans for exercising their constitutional rights and trying to make America a better place, which is what patriots do,” saidPhiladelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner in a statement. “Anyone, including federal law enforcement, who unlawfully assaults and kidnaps.


WOW! Joe Biden Says It’s Wrong to Hold China Accountable Because Americans Can’t Distinguish Between “a South Korean and Someone From Beijing”

If Trump said this you’d never hear the end of it.

On the same day Joe Biden accuses President Trump of being a racist — he dropped this line:

Joe Biden: Look what he’s doing now. He’s blaming everything on China. He’s blaming everything on the Chinese. And people don’t make a distinction. As you well know from a South Korean and someone from Beijing. They make no distinction. It’s Asia. And that’s the way and he’s just using it as a wedge.


BRUTAL! President Trump Joins Rand Paul and Matt Gaetz – Takes Swipe at Liz Cheney for Undermining His Agenda

President Donald Trump took a swipe at Rep. Liz Cheney on Thursday morning for working against his foreign agenda.

Trump recently announced he would bring home most US troops from Afghanistan after 19 years and thousands of troops from Germany that have been there for decades.

Liz Cheney has allegedly been working behind the scene to thwart President Trump’s agenda.

President Trump tweeted this out on Thursday.

Liz Cheney is only upset because I have been actively getting our great and beautiful Country out of the ridiculous and costly Endless Wars. I am also making our so-called allies pay tens of billions of dollars in delinquent military costs. They must, at least, treat us fairly!!!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 23, 2020


Biden Actually Said This: “I Had Nurses at Walter Reed Hospital Who Would Bend Down and Whisper in my Ear…Breathe in My Nostrils to Get Me Moving” (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden on Thursday participated in a livestream event with SEIU member and nursing home worker, Shanrika.

The livestream was a total disaster.

Biden uttered gibberish, got confused and forgot what he was saying so he had to be prompted by staffers.

Then he said this:

“I had nurses at Walter Reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear, go home and get me pillows. They would … actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move, to get me moving,” said Biden.


Gun-Toting Kids As Young As 10 Car-Jack Over A Dozen Vehicles In Chicago

The Trump administration is expecting that trillions of dollars in fiscal injections with trillions more of monetary crack from the Federal Reserve can boost the economy and revert economic activity to the "good ol' days." However, decades of Democratically-controlled big government in inner cities is learning that the promise of progressive policies and printing/borrowing their way out of economic collapse has yet to prevent social decay, let alone, socio-economic turmoil within American cities.

It's why President Trump is sending hundreds of federal agents to inner cities as record-high stock market prices have yet to translate into economic revival for "lawless" communities where high unemployment plagues low-income households.

The administration can blame the other political party for the socio-economic decay, or we can simply point the finger at decades of failed monetary policy, resulting in the widest wealth inequality in history. So when a virus-induced recession comes along, inner-city households with no savings, insurmountable debts, and non-asset holders, are instantly wiped out when businesses close, and layoffs surge.

The chaos unfolding in Chicago is a perfect example of social disintegration. After years of worsening murder rates - earning the city the nickname 'Chiraq', there's now an armed gang of children carjacking folks at gunpoint.

Chicago police say the children, ages 10-17, have been on a carjacking spree across Chicago's South Side, which started in late June.

The group of kids, in two incidents, have discharged weapons in broad daylight as they approached their victims.


The Sierra Club speaks out against its 'racist' founder, environmental icon John Muir

America's oldest conservation organization is reckoning with its history of racism and the troubling views of its founder, environmental icon John Muir.

"The Sierra Club is a 128-year-old organization with a complex history, some of which has caused significant and immeasurable harm," read a statement posted on the organization's website Wednesday morning.

The post went on to examine the club's own role in "perpetuating white supremacy" and spoke out against its revered founder and "Father of National Parks" on his racism and ties with figures involved in eugenics.

The Sierra Club — historically considered a progressive and liberal organization — made the statement at a time when institutions across the country are being forced to reckon with their problematic pasts.



Salisbury, MD ...Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver is pleased to announce that County residents
    will have an opportunity to dispose of hazardous household waste at no charge on Saturday, October 24,
    2020, at the Newland Park Landfill.  The hours for "Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day" are
    8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The event is open to residents of Wicomico County and participants should bring
    a valid proof of residence such as a driver's license. The Landfill will be accepting the following:

  Gasoline                                                                                              Gas/Oil mixes
                    Fuel                                                                                                      Acid Cleaners
                    Solvents                                                                                              Automotive Fluids
    Bleach                                                                                                  Ammonia
    Batteries (all types)                                                                        Household Smoke Detectors
    Fluorescent Bulbs                                                                          Pool Chemicals
    Dark Room Chemicals                                                                  Household & Lawn & Garden Pesticides
    Insecticides & Herbicides                                                          Painting Products
    Compressed Gas Propane cylinders (30 gallons)                Oil Based Paint
    Paint Thinner                                                                                  Thermometer (mercury)
    Turpentine                                                                                        Wood Preservatives
    Wood Stripping Chemicals

    The Landfill will not be accepting the following:

    Business Industrial or Commercial Farm Waste                Explosives
    Ammunition (handled by Fire Marshall)                              Medical Waste
    Radioactive Material                                                                    Tires

    Landfill officials suggest that participants pre-arrange large loads.
    Empty fuel containers may be returned upon request and the staff will assist to unload vehicles.
    For more information, please contact the Newland Park Landfill at 410-548-4935.

Aunt Jemima

The world knew her as "Aunt Jemima," but her given name was Nancy Green and she was a true American success story. Born a slave in 1834 Montgomery County, KY, she became a wealthy superstar in the advertising world, as its first living trademark.

While in Kentucky, Green was employed by Charles Walker, then an attorney and later a distinguished Circuit Judge. She moved with the family to Chicago just after the Great Fire in 1872.

Walker heard that a friend was looking for a model for the Aunt Jemima character, and he suggested Green who, by that time, had served the family for many years. She was instantly recognized with the characteristics the guy was looking for... charisma, humor, and a fantastic cook.

Green was 56-yrs old when she was selected as spokesperson for the new ready-mixed, self-rising pancake flour and made her public debut in 1893 at the World’s Fair in Chicago. She demonstrated the pancake mix while serving up thousands of pancakes... and became an immediate star. She was a wonderful storyteller, her personality was warm and appealing, and her showmanship was exceptional. Her exhibition booth drew so many people that special security personnel were assigned to keep the crowds moving.

Nancy Green was signed to a lifetime contract, traveled on promotional tours all over the country, and was extremely well paid. Her financial freedom and stature as a national spokesperson enabled her to become a philanthropist, a leading advocate against poverty, and a fighter for equal rights.

She maintained her job until her death in 1923, at age 89, after becoming one of America’s first black millionaires.

This was a remarkable woman... and she has just been ERASED by politically correct liberal bedwetters.

Thank God It's Friday 7-24-20

What will you be doing this weekend?

Is there a link between coronavirus and Guillain-Barre syndrome?

Guillain-Barre syndrome attacks the nerves, causing an abnormal sensation, weakness and possible paralysis

Several reports are looking at a possible link between the novel coronavirus and the rare neurological syndrome Guillain-Barre.
The New England Journal of Medicine discussed how five patients in Northern Italy were diagnosed with the neurological condition 5 to 10 days after the onset of symptoms of COVID-19. The report said patients demonstrated weakness and paresthesias starting in their legs that developed over a period of 4 days, causing some patients to require ventilation and experience paralysis. The authors of the report said the onset is similar to Guillain-Barre syndrome that occurs after illnesses such as Epstein-Barr and Zika virus.