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Friday, July 10, 2020

SCOTUS rules NY prosecutors can access Trump's financial records

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled a New York grand jury can subpoena President Trump’s tax returns and financial records, but blocked a similar request from congressional investigators, sending both decisions back to lower courts and keeping the records under wraps for the foreseeable future.

In two 7-2 verdicts, the justices said the president was not immune from subpoenas and criminal investigations but ruled an investigation from Democrat-led House committees was too broad, and that it claimed limitless powers to pry into Trump’s financial dealings that the committees do not have.

“The President is neither absolutely immune from state criminal subpoenas seeking his private papers nor entitled to a heightened standard of need,” the first verdict from Chief Justice John Roberts read.

The historic ruling will allow Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to have a grand jury subpoena eight years of the president’s tax returns that he has fought to keep private since he entered public office.

However, such a subpoena will have to be ruled on by the US District Court in DC and, even if it is issued, the records likely would not be made public before the November presidential election, providing something of a victory to Trump even in defeat.

Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito were the dissenting votes in each 7-2 ruling.

The Supreme Court also dismissed subpoenas from Congress seeking the financial records and tax returns of the president and his family, arguing it was an overreach and threatened the separation of powers. That case has also been sent back to the US District Court.


Thunderbirds Commit To Next Month’s OC Air Show

OCEAN CITY — The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds will join an already-loaded lineup during the rescheduled O.C. Air Show in mid-August, event officials announced this week.

Last week, O.C. Air Show officials announced the event originally scheduled for June 13-14 but postponed because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation had been rescheduled for August 15-16. Last week, air show officials announced the U.S. Air Force had scheduled the F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II, and A-10 Thunderbolt II demonstration teams to perform at the OC Air Show in August, which would be an impressive show in and of itself.

Left uncertain, however, was if the USAF Thunderbirds demonstration team would still highlight the event. The Thunderbirds were originally scheduled for the air show in June, but much has changed since and it was uncertain if the jet demonstration team could work Ocean City into its schedule.

That question was answered on Wednesday when O.C. Air Show officials announced the Thunderbirds were indeed coming to Ocean City to headline what should be a memorable show in August. The new air show dates announced on Thursday come one week after the annual White Marlin Open, giving Ocean City a significant one-two punch in August at a time when the resort is still pull out of what has been a decidedly different summer.


Commissioners, Law Enforcement Leaders Talk Current Events, Use Of Force Standards

SNOW HILL – County leaders discussed use of force and police training with local law enforcement officials this week.

On Tuesday, the Worcester County Commissioners met with Sheriff Matt Crisafulli, Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy Director John Moses and representatives of various other law enforcement agencies to talk about current practices following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. Officials assured the commissioners that practices were in place in Maryland to ensure officers acted appropriately.

“The death of Mr. Floyd is deeply disturbing and should be of concern to all Americans,” Crisafulli said. “The officers’ actions are inconsistent with the training and protocols of our profession. When we look at incidents in other states, we must understand that each state has different standards for hiring, training and certifying police officers. In Maryland, we have some of the highest standards for training and selection.”

Moses said that in Maryland, law enforcement agencies constantly evolved in response to incidents across the country. He said in the mid-1990s the state stopped endorsing the “knee on the neck” restraint and instead instructed officers to put a knee across a suspect’s back where it doesn’t go across the spine.


Walmart creates new Health Insurance Business, looks to hire agents

Walmart is making its latest move into the health care space with its own insurance business, the company said on its website.

The world’s largest retailer has created an insurance agency under the name “Walmart Insurance Services LLC” and is looking to hire agents in the Dallas area to sell Medicare insurance, starting in August, according to a post on its careers page.

Walmart currently operates four health centers in the US, which give low-priced medical services such as dental care and counseling for customers.

Shares of Walmart were trading down 1 percent, at $125.72, in the early afternoon.


2 Million Residents waiting for Unemployment Checks

Approximately two million Californians are still waiting for their unemployment checks from the first three months of the government-mandated COVID-19 lockdowns, according to the San Jose Mercury News which cites government data.

Unemployed residents are complaining of clogged phone lines and outdated technology at the Employment Development Department (EDD) despite Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) promising to increase staffing among other reforms.

"I have done just about everything I know how to do as a public official to make things work, but my colleagues, my staff, my constituents and I are at our wits’ end," said state Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco) in a tweet.

It's difficult to say this as someone who generally believes in govt’s ability to help, but @CA_EDD is failing CA.

I have done just about everything I know how to do as a public official to make things work, but my colleagues, my staff, my constituents & I are at our wits' end.— David Chiu (@DavidChiu) June 23, 2020

"I know people who are on hold every day and can’t get a response," said San Francisco resident Armand Domalewski, a workforce development expert who co-created a Facebook group for unemployed residents.

The mounting claims arrive as some county and state government agencies are again moving to shut down an array of business activities as fears escalate that the coronavirus outbreak might intensify — a collective decision that could cause additional workers to lose their jobs.

“I’m terribly disappointed. The EDD has let us down terribly,” said Rhonda Dias, a San Jose resident and daycare teacher. Dias was temporarily laid off and later returned to her job, but at reduced hours. “The website doesn’t work and you can’t get through on the phone. People have to pay their taxes. Then they can’t help us.”

Over the three months of March, April and May, 5.01 million California workers filed initial claims for unemployment benefits and the EDD completed first-time payments to just 3.13 million workers, statistics compiled by the U.S. Labor Department show. That points to a grim gap between the initial claims and the first-time payments, leaving 1.88 million claims unfilled and suggests a mammoth backlog of workerswho have yet to receive any benefits despite being out of work for weeks or months. -San Jose Mercury News


US Jobless Claims fall to 4-month Low of 1.31M in early July

Nearly 33 million people reported getting benefits in mid-June

The numbers: The number of initial jobless claims fell by almost 100,000 in early July to a four-month low 1.31 million, but the pace of layoffs is still quite high and appears to be bogging down an economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Initial jobless claims, a rough gauge of layoffs, dropped to 1.31 million in the seven days ended July 4 from a revised 1.41 million in the prior week, the Labor Department said Thursday. The figures are seasonally adjusted.

Economists polled by MarketWatch had forecast 1.40 million new claims. These figures reflect applications filed the normal way through state unemployment offices.


The Great Race Bait: Don't Fall For It Conservative America

Isn't it odd that the political left claims to be so adamantly opposed to racism, yet they are the first people in the room to make generalizations based on race? Maybe it's not so odd, at least when you consider the history of social justice movements and the people who fund them. There is power to be had in creating a “race war” narrative, and the chaos surrounding such a conflict could be easily exploited. By making everything about race, the political left is perhaps unwittingly serving the interests of the very wealthy elites they claim to despise.

As I predicted in my article 'Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost' back in 2016:

“When I mentioned in my last article the crippling of social justice, I did not mention that this could have some negative reverberations. With Trump and conservatives taking near-total power after the Left had assumed they would never lose again, their reaction has been to transform. They are stepping away from the normal activities and mindset of cultural Marxism and evolving into full blown communists. Instead of admitting that their ideology is a failure in every respect, they are doubling down.

When this evolution is complete, the Left WILL resort to direct violent action on a larger scale, and they will do so with a clear conscience because, in their minds, they are fighting fascism. Ironically, it will be this behavior by leftists that may actually push conservatives towards a fascist model. Conservatives might decide to fight crazy with more crazy.”

This evolution of the political left is not natural or “grassroots”; it is completely engineered. This past week a group of well armed BLM protesters called the “NFAC” (Not F#&*ing Around Coalition) marched near Atlanta on July 4th demanding the destruction of a confederate monument and trying to goad “white militias” into facing off with them. I don't view this group as a legitimate threat, only a sign of things to come. They do appear to be organized well enough and seem to have come out of nowhere, so much so that I'm rather suspicious.

First, I would point that the media is perfectly on board with the NFAC and similar groups, calling them “peaceful protesters”. Yet, when conservative militias hold armed demonstrations, the media viciously attacks and accuses the right-wing of inciting violence. When BLM protested the death of George Floyd, the media called it stunning and brave. When conservatives protested the Covid lockdowns in Michigan that were destroying the economy, the media attacked them for “spreading the virus”.


Is Strzok Memo The Rosetta Stone Of Obamagate?

So much happens so fast in a world with a 15-minute news cycle that it’s difficult for a journalist to stop and breathe, let alone ponder the meaning of the latest breathless reporting.

As an example, it seems like it was months ago when the D.C. Court of Appeals ordered Judge Emmet Sullivan to dismiss the case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, but it was actually less than two weeks ago. June 24 to be exact, but to Flynn it probably seems like forever. No word from Sullivan about whether he intends to follow the order of the senior court, or continue to stall in an effort to punish Lt. Gen. Flynn for his political crime of supporting President Trump. But based on his record so far, Sullivan can probably be counted on to drag his feet while thumbing his nose at justice.

Whether it is the Flynn case, or the persecution of one-time Trump adviser Roger Stone for a procedural crime of lying before a malevolent Congress, the implicit reason behind all the over-the-top harassment almost seems to be to goad Trump into pardoning his much-maligned associates in order to create another fake news cycle as we head into the 2020 election.Nobody asks, “Did you see what that corrupt judge did? Or what the Democrat-worshiping DOJ did?” It’s always “Did you hear what that crazy bastard Trump did?”)

It doesn’t seem to matter to the mainstream media that evidence has mounted into the stratosphere that Trump has been right all along about his campaign being illegally surveilled by the Obama administration. It doesn’t matter that Trump survived a two-plus year investigation by a special counsel and was cleared of any kind of collusion with the Russians. The Democrats and their agents in the Deep State know that whatever they do to harass Trump will be treated as noble and patriotic by the corrupt media, and that whenever evidence surfaces of their criminal behavior it will be promptly buried again.


One-third of American families missed their July rent and housing payments and 10% fear they could lose their homes in the next six months as the pandemic continues

Nearly one-third of American families have been unable to make full housing payments for July, a new survey has revealed as the US economy struggles to bounce back from crushing coronavirus losses.

The survey by Apartment List, an online rental platform, found that 32 percent of US households did not make their full July payments on time.

It marked the fourth month in a row with a 'historically high' number of households that were unable to make the payments on time and in full - up from 30 percent in June and 24 percent in April.


Jeffrey Epstein's brother says pedophile financier was murdered

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother is insisting that the pedophile financier was murdered and is demanding an investigation into his death after a coroner ruled he died by suicide in jail while awaiting child trafficking charges.

Mark Epstein says he does not believe his brother committed suicide in his Metropolitan Correctional Center jail cell on August 10, citing how three bones in his neck were broken in an unusual fashion.

'I believe my brother was murdered. I want to know what kind of investigation they did. I have no indication that there was one,' Mark Epstein said to The Sun.


I Built That

President Trump Has Good Reason Not to Trust the COVID-19 “Experts” – America was Lied to About the China Coronavirus and We Still Are

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

President rebuked Dr. Anthony Fauci’s assessment on the national response to the coronavirus in an interview this week.

The Epoch Times reported yesterday on recent discussions on the virus by medical experts and President Trump:

President Donald Trump on July 7 rebuked Dr. Anthony Fauci‘s assessment of the national response to the CCP virus pandemic, saying the United States is in a “good place” in its fight against COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.

The president said he disagrees with remarks from Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), who said Monday that the status of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic in the country is “really not good” as cases continue to surge nationwide.

“We are still knee deep in the first wave of COVID-19 infections,” Fauci said in a Facebook and Twitter livestream interview with National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins on Monday.


As Region and Nation Experience Dramatic Spikes, Maryland’s COVID-19 Health Metrics Continue Positive Trends

Statewide Positivity Rate Remains Stable at 4.53%Half of Maryland’s Jurisdictions Reach 10% Testing Goal, More Than 220 Testing Sites Available StatewideTotal Current Hospitalizations at 406, Including 139 ICU Beds In Use
ANNAPOLIS, MD—While states in the region and across America are experiencing spikes, Maryland’s key COVID-19 health metricscontinue to trend in a positive direction. The statewide positivity rate remains stable at 4.53%, total current hospitalizations are at 406, and half of the state’s 24 jurisdictions have now met the goal of testing 10% of their population.
“While we are seeing dramatic spikes in states across our region and across the nation, here in Maryland, the key health metrics continue to trend in a very positive direction, and we continue to be better positioned for an economic comeback than nearly every other state in America,” said Governor Hogan. “But this does not mean the crisis is behind us, or that we can afford to stop being vigilant and cautious. In order to keep outperforming the nation and continue on our road to recovery, all Marylanders, regardless of age, must continue practicing physical distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding crowds and close gatherings.”
More than 761,000 COVID-19 Tests, 4.53% Positivity Rate. Maryland has now conducted 761,395 COVID-19 tests, including 15,119 tests over the last 24 hours. 612,581 Marylanders have now been tested for COVID-19. The state’s seven-day average positivity rate is now 4.53%—down more than 83% from its peak level on April 17—and the daily positivity rate is 4.07%.
Hospitalizations at 406. Current total COVID-19 hospitalizations are at 406, with 139 ICU beds in use.
Half of Maryland’s 24 Jurisdictions Hit 10% Testing Goal. Montgomery County became the 12th jurisdiction to meet the statewide goal of testing 10% of the population in all 24 jurisdictions. Here is how the state’s most populous jurisdictions rank:
  • Baltimore City: 12.1% of population tested
  • Prince George’s: 10.6%
  • Baltimore Co.: 10.4%
  • Montgomery: 10.1%
  • Howard: 9.6%
  • Anne Arundel: 8.3%
Positivity Rate Higher For Marylanders Under 35. In keeping with trends states are seeing across the country, the positivity rate among Marylanders under 35 (6.13%) is 60.9% higher than the positivity rate for Marylanders age 35 and older (3.81%).
220+ COVID Testing Sites Statewide. Maryland now has more than 220 testing sites available statewide. To further increase convenience and accessibility at COVID-19 testing sites, the Maryland Department of Health and local partners are now providing patients with the ability to schedule their own appointments online at more sites.
  • Patients can schedule their own appointments at the Columbia VEIP, Pimlico Race Course, and Baltimore Convention Center testing sites by visiting and clicking on the “Testing” tab.
  • Although an appointment is strongly encouraged, the Pimlico Race Course and Baltimore Convention Center testing sites continue to accommodate walk-up patients. No doctor’s order is required at these sites. 
  • Both the Glen Burnie VEIP and Six Flags America theme park offer no-appointment, drive-thru testing. Both sites operate on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
For more information about testing sites in Maryland, visit and click on the “Testing” tab.

Supreme Court: Donald Trump MUST turn over his tax returns

Donald Trump rage tweeted 'NOT FAIR!' Thursday as the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that he cannot claim immunity to stop his tax returns being obtained by prosecutors - while his lawyer vowed to fight to keep them secret from New York's district attorney Cy Vance.

The justices dealt a stunning blow Trump by ruling that he cannot claim immunity from all investigation to stop his bank and his accountants from handing over the tax returns that Vance had demanded as part of his probe into possible hush money to Stormy Daniels.

The court ruled 7-2 that Trump is not immune as president from subpoenas, in an opinion that tested both the power of local prosecutors and Congress to obtain information.


Mainstream media 'crossed the Rubicon' with flagrant lies about Trump's Mount Rushmore speech, WSJ columnist says

The mainstream media "crossed the Rubicon" with flagrant lies about President Trump'sMount Rushmore Independence Day address, Wall Street Journal (WSJ) columnist Holman W. Jenkins Jr. wrote Tuesday.

In his op-ed, Jenkins argued that liberal members of the press distorted the president's July 3 speech, inserting their own narrative about an "unyielding push to preserveConfederate symbols and the legacy of White domination."

However, The New York Times – although labeling the address "dark and divisive" – broke with the herd, noting Trump made no reference to the Confederacy and that his only reference to the Civil War was regarding President Abraham Lincoln and the abolition of slavery.

Jenkins also pointed out that as the president "unleashed his uninformed Twitter rantabout NASCAR's misconstrued noose incident" and its ban on Confederate symbols just a day later, the Times again highlighted that Trump "avoided specifically mentioning anything related to Confederate monuments.”


Kansas man, 55, sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for strangling his 50-year-old girlfriend and then pushing her over the balcony of a cruise ship

A Kansas man was sentenced Wednesday to 12 years in federal prison for killing his girlfriend by strangling her and pushing her over a balcony on a cruise ship off the coast of Florida.

Eric Newman, 55, of Topeka, also was sentenced to five years of supervised release during a hearing in federal court in Kansas, The Kansas City Star reported.

He pleaded guilty in December to second-degree murder in the January 2018 death of 50-year-old Tamara Tucker of Lawson, Missouri.

The couple was on a Carnival cruise from Jacksonville, Florida, to the Bahamas and was staying in a cabin on the 13th deck. Newman admitted during his plea hearing that the couple argued in their cabin. He said he strangled Tucker then pushed her over the cabin room balcony railing to the 11th deck, killing her.


California security guard charged with murder after shooting customer who didn’t wear a mask

The guard shot the customer as he was walking away

A California security guard was charged with murder Wednesday after prosecutors say he shot a 50-year-old man at a supermarket because he was not wearing a mask.

The incident occurred at the Gardena market in South California on Sunday, when the customer, Jerry Lewis, reportedly entered the store without a mask and got into an argument with the guard, Umeir Hawkins.

Masks are mandated in the state of California, a rule put into effect by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in mid-June as the state saw a resurgence in coronavirus cases amid phased reopenings of businesses.

Lewis apparently left the store, returned and continued fighting with Hawkins, who then fatally shot Lewis as he walked away, prosecutors said.


Caribbean Joe's Open Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Come listen to the sounds of Trailer Park Romeo every Saturday from 4 to 8 PM. Enjoy the refreshing cool water of our public pool and all sorts of refreshing frozen drinks at the Pool Bar. We open at 3 PM on Fridays and 12 PM on Saturday and Sunday. 

Washington Post Claims America Post-1776 Remains Part Of An Extended Global System Of White Supremacy

A Washington Post opinion piece published July 3 argues that American independence helped further colonialism and white supremacy. The op-ed contends, “As the country prepares to celebrate the anniversary of its formal declaration of independence from Britain on July 4, 1776, we must, once again, reckon with two dark historical truths.”

Perspective: It is time to reconsider the global legacy of July 4, 1776

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) July 4, 2020

The first is the central paradox in U.S. history: The nation’s democracy was founded as a slave society. The second is that after cutting political ties with Great Britain, Americans doubled down on the British Empire’s project of colonial domination. The American Revolution inspired freedom movements in other parts the world (sic). But it also contributed to the worldwide spread of white supremacy.

The article analyzes US expansion, concluding that since 1776, the US did not spread liberty, but oppression. “When President Thomas Jefferson set the country on a path of westward expansion, he imagined an “empire of liberty” that would spread freedom across the continent and protect the nation from the “dangerous extension” of British power. But the growth of slavery and the “removal” of native peoples on the mainland were achieved by force, not consent.


Catholic Schools, Cut The ‘White Privilege’ Lectures And Teach About Marxism’s Evils

We cannot allow another generation to emerge from our schools so ignorant of communism's horrors that they see no problem in courting, dabbling with, or even passively accepting one of history’s most noxious ideologies.

My child’s Catholic school sent home a letter to parents this week recommending “conversations about white privilege” to encourage “compassionate hearts and confident minds.” Regurgitating the radical-left bile that fuels the fires of resentment and division will not enrich students emotionally or intellectually. Instead, Catholic schools should teach students about the evils of Marxism.

Marxist apostles are orchestrating the chaos and violence plaguing our streets and undermining our self-government. Pope John Paul II once said, “If you want to understand the enemy, you have to know what he has written.” To start, you must know what the enemy has done.


Petition Starts Up To Prevent Lincoln Statue Removal In Boston

A statue of the first Republican President of the United States is expected to be removed from Park Square in Boston after a vote from the city’s Art Commission — but some are trying to rally support for keeping it.

Late last month, the Boston Art Commission voted 8-0 to remove what is known as the “Lincoln Statue.”

It’s a replica of the Emancipation Group memorial that is in Washington D.C.. Designed by Thomas Ball of Massachusetts, it depicts Lincoln and a freed slave with broken shackles. The statue shows the former slave below Lincoln, who is holding the Emancipation Proclamation and has an outstretched hand. The statue’s inscription reads, “A race set free/ and the country at peace / Lincoln / Rests from his labors.”

The city’s Art Commission turned its sights on the statue after a petition to take it down started by a man named Tory Bullock garnered 12,000 signatures in less than a month.

Now, a brother and sister from Westwood have started promoting a petition going in the other direction: to keep the statue up.


Tensions among Vox employees erupt on Twitter after journalist signs 'cancel culture' letter

Matthew Yglesias joined J.K. Rowling, Bari Weiss and Gloria Steinem in signing the letter.

Several staffers at Vox have taken to Twitter after journalist Matthew Yglesias signedthe open letter decrying "cancel culture."

Yglesias was one of 150 signatories including other liberal writers, professors and activists who came together to defend civil debate in the face of social media callouts that have become ubiquitous in recent years.

However, Vox critic at large Emily VanDerWerff released a letter of her own that she had written to Vox editors voicing her concerns of Yglesias' inclusion in the anti-cancel culture letter.

"As a trans woman who very much values her position at Vox and the support the publication has given her through the emotional and physical turmoil of transition, I was deeply saddened to see Matt Yglesias's signature on the Harper's Weekly letter," VanDerWerff began her letter to the editors. "Matt is, of course, entitled to his own opinion, and I know he is a more nuanced thinker than signing the letter would suggest. He has never been anything but kind to me and has often supported my work publicly, all of which I am extremely grateful for."

"But the letter, signed as it is by several prominent anti-trans voices and containing as many dog whistles towards anti-trans positions as it does, ideally would not have been signed by anybody at Vox, much less one of the most prominent people at our publication."


Scrabble Association Bans Racial, Ethnic Slurs From Its Official Word List

The word "slur" has a number of meanings in English, but the one that has concerned Scrabble aficionados and Hasbro, which owns the U.S. and Canadian trademark for the popular board game, means "a derogatory or insulting term applied to particular group of people."

On Wednesday, the North American Scrabble Players Association announced that derogatory language would be removed from the game's official word list.

The decision follows an online poll conducted by NASPA that elicited impassioned responses, the organization's CEO, John Chew, said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Some members threatened to leave the association if a single word were removed; others threatened to leave the association if any offensive words remained," he said. "There were a lot of good and bad arguments on both sides."


WATCH: Joe Biden Vows ‘End to the Era of Shareholder Capitalism’

Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered an economic speech in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, on Thursday in which he unveiled his economic vision, declaring an “end to the era of shareholder capitalism.”

“It’s way past time to put the end to the era of shareholder capitalism. The idea the only responsibility a corporation has is its shareholders — that is simply not true, it’s an absolute farce. They have a responsibility to their workers, their community, to their country.”


Virus Spikes While Local and State Officials Bicker Over Face Mask Mandates

It’s unfair for businesses to have to police customers for wearing masks when Dallas County isn’t holding individuals accountable, said Khai Nguyen, a barista at Sip Stir Coffee House. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has not made masks a statewide mandate and has limited the scope of orders local officials can make.

DALLAS — Every day, Texas continues to break records in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, rivaling hotspots such as Florida and Arizona as the new center of the U.S. pandemic.

As the situation escalates — spiking to a record 6,584 new cases Wednesday and adding more than 5,000 new infections almost every day last week — Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has consistently touted the ways in which Texans can stay safe: Wear a mask, sanitize often, social distance. Last week, he encouraged Texans to just stay indoors, then said he’d put a pause on reopening businesses. By the end of the week, he ordered bars to close and restaurants to cut their occupancy from 75% to 50%.


As Seen On Facebook

Necessary Changes Have Been Made To Caribbean Joe's And The Alamo Motel

Considering there was a loss of J1's this year at the Alamo Motel, changes were made to reopen the complex under new management to turn the Alamo back into a striving Motel. In order to do so a new Main Office needed to be recreated in order to divide our two businesses. That being said, the front room has been renovated back into the Main Office for the Motel and Caribbean Joe's customers will enter from the two side entrances.

One thing is for certain, the Motel portion has gone through renovations in the millions of dollars. The rooms are absolutely incredible, modern, affordable and immaculate. 

As for Caribbean Joe's, heck, we seem to be one of the only bars left in all of Ocean City still open till 2 AM as most are now closing at 9 or 10 PM. Don't forget, Trailer Park Romeo plays from 4 to 8 PM Saturday. 

Three More States Say Yes to Hands-Free Laws for Drivers

Greg LaVallee, right, testifies at a legislative hearing in Minnesota last year, holding a photo of his son, who was killed by a driver who was using a cellphone. Minnesota passed a hands-free law, which went into effect last August, and three more states will be enacting similar laws this week.Jim Mone/The Associated Press

Starting July 1, three more states will be banning drivers from using cellphones behind the wheel, unless they’re hands-free.

Idaho, Indiana and South Dakota will join 22 states and the District of Columbia, which already have hands-free laws for all drivers.

Virginia also has passed a similar law, which will go into effect Jan. 1, 2021.

More states may be joining them. Hands-free bills are pending in state legislatures in Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, said Russ Rader, spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a nonprofit research group funded by auto insurance companies.

Talking or texting on a cellphone is a form of distracted driving and it’s dangerous, highway safety officials warn. Distracted driving, which also includes eating and drinking or fiddling with the entertainment or navigation system, takes the driver’s attention away from the task of safe driving.

Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia already have texting bans for all drivers. Only Montana and Missouri don’t.


Maryland’s Business Leaders Respond with Cautious Optimism to Latest US Jobs Report

Maryland’s business leaders said they are cautiously optimistic about the numbers in the federal government’s latest jobs report-which comes about three-and-half months after Maryland and many other states began implementing restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

The report was released by the U.S. Department of Labor on Thursday morning. It said that in June 4.8 million jobs were added to the economy and that the unemployment rate dropped from 13.3 percent to 11.1 percent. Analysts had predicted that the report would show that about 3 million jobs were added. The economy grew by 2.5 million jobs in May, according to the department.

Maryland added 29,800 jobs in May and the state’s unemployment rate dropped from 10.1 percent to 9.9 percent, according to the Maryland Department of Labor. The state’s June jobs numbers will not be released until later this month.

“We are pleased to see these national indicators that suggest that the economy is moving in a positive direction,” Maryland Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Christine Ross told in an email on Thursday.


Ocean City To Use Fourth Fireworks For Grand New Year’s Eve Celebration

OCEAN CITY — The two fireworks shows that would have been held at both ends of town last weekend on the Fourth of July will now be condensed to a single show on New Year’s Eve after a compromise was reached this week between the town and the vendor.

Last month, the Mayor and Council agreed to postpone the traditional Fourth of July fireworks shows downtown at the Boardwalk and uptown at Northside Park over ongoing concerns about COVID-19 and the thousands of spectators that cram into both venues. Instead, the town continued to work with the vendor, Celebration Fireworks, Inc., on alternative dates, including possibly in conjunction with the O.C. Air Show in mid-August or even Labor Day weekend.


Atlanta Mayor Announces Positive COVID Test Hours After Governor Declares State Of Emergency

Hours after Kemp declared a state of emergency, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced over Twitter that she has COVID-19.

COVID-19 has literally hit home. I have had NO symptoms and have tested positive.— Keisha Lance Bottoms (@KeishaBottoms) July 6, 2020

Georgia governor Brian Kemp (R) has declared a state of emergency and authorized the deployment of 1,000 National Guard troops due to a sharp increase in violent crime and property destruction in the city of Atlanta.

Five people were killed in shootings over the Fourth of July weekend, including an 8-year-old girl who was shot dead inside a car during a BLM protest. 30 more were wounded over the holiday weekend.

The National Guard troops will be dispatched to three locations in the city: The state Capitol, which has been the focus of protests over statues of segregationists and Civil War leaders; the Governor’s Mansion in Buckhead; and the recently-vandalized Department of Public Safety building in southeast Atlanta.

The governor’s aides earlier Monday said his emergency powers grant him the authority to deploy Georgia National Guard troops to Atlanta’s streets. He took that step in late May, after widespread looting and violence, at Bottoms' request. -AJC


De Blasio: Trump Denouncing NYC’s Black Lives Matter Mural ‘Pure Racism’

Thursday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said President Donald Trump’s criticism of the city’s Black Lives Matter mural outside of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan was “pure racism.”

Trump said the mural would “will further antagonize New York’s Finest,” and called the phrase a “symbol of hate.”


Committee Recommends No Boardwalk Tram This Summer

OCEAN CITY — Evoking a “health before wealth” mantra, the Ocean City Transportation Committee this week opted to forward a recommendation to the full council not to run the Boardwalk trams this summer.

Over the last couple of months, resort officials have been debating if and when to resume running the Boardwalk tram. Back in May, with COVID-19 still rampant and Gov. Larry Hogan’s stay-at-home and other directives still in place, the transportation committee debated the merits of running the Boardwalk tram at all this summer, regardless of what stage of the state’s recovery plan had been reached. It was quite literally a million-dollar question as the committee had to weigh the balance of social distancing and public safety against significant revenue losses for shutting down the quaint feature on the Boardwalk for generations.

The debate continued in June as Maryland moved from stage one to stage two of the recovery plan and more and more of the restrictions were relaxed. The thinking at that time was training could begin in mid-June and the tram service could resume around the beginning of July and still salvage the peak months of the summer season.


Elizabeth Warren: Joe Biden to Impose Green, Union Requirements for Gov’t Contracts

Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) revealed some of what a Biden administration may offer Americans if it becomes a reality after the November presidential election.

According to Warren, there could be added requirements for those to do business with the federal government to meet so-called green standards or be unionized.

“He’s doing another thing,” she explained. “He seized one of the powerful tools of government, the fact that it’s called procurement. It is the fact that the government buys a lot of stuff. Think about it. Our federal government buys steel to build battleships, and it buys toilet paper to put in federal office buildings. It is a huge buyer, one of the biggest in the world. And he’s using that leverage in his plan to say, we’re going to buy green. Think of what that will mean, to create more market more green manufacturing, green jobs through the economy.”

“And he says, and we’re going to buy American,” Warren continued. “And, this time, we’re really going to win it. We’re going to stop this business of all these waivers that these companies say, oh, yes, we’re supposedly buying American, but they’re not doing it. And we’re going to buy union. We’re going to encourage union jobs. So, he’s going to use this powerful tool and make it work for America. The second thing that he’s doing in this that’s really terrific, he’s being very intentional about who has been left out of this economy.”


Students Demand Pitt Eliminate Free Speech Protections

Student group coalition calls for firing of professors it deems "racist"

Activists are demanding that the University of Pittsburgh fire any employee deemed racist or discriminatory by students, a move that First Amendment advocates say amounts to the elimination of academic freedom.

Black Pitt, a coalition of black student groups, is demanding that the university fire any employee dubbed "racist" by a black-only student council and end employee speech immunity, a core principle of academic freedom and First Amendment protections for academics at public universities.

"Faculty and staff with one incident or complaint of racial bias, excessive force, or unlawful arrest/detainment should be terminated and banned from the University campus immediately if found at fault," the letter reads. "During the time of the investigation, the faculty/staff should be disclosed by name and banned from the University campus until its completion."

Discrimination and racial bias policies already exist on Pitt's campus, but as a public university, there are few restrictions the school can place on a professor's right to free speech. Katlyn Patton, spokeswoman for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, told the Washington Free Beacon that Pitt is bound by the First Amendment when disciplining professors for their commentary.

"As a public institution, the University of Pittsburgh is bound by the First Amendment in its decisions concerning when to discipline a professor," Patton said. "While these students are free to express their concerns and propose ideas, Pitt, like any public college or university, must consider the protections afforded to professors by the First Amendment and the principles of academic freedom in evaluating allegations of racial bias based on speech."


Ben Shapiro sounds alarm over media's 'gaslighting' of Trump's July 4th remarks: 'You're not crazy, all this stuff is happening'

Trump on Saturday vowed to 'safeguard our values' from enemies within, singling out leftists, looters and agitators

The mainstream media's attempt to gaslight the public was on full display over the weekend, Ben Shapiro said Monday, defending President Trump against withering criticism from liberals who found his July Fourth remarks "dark and divisive."

"The generalized theme of the speech was exactly right," Shapiro told listeners on "The Ben Shapiro Show." "It was probably the best speech he's ever given."

However, Shapiro warned, "The media are totally gaslighting this thing."

Trump on Saturday vowed to "safeguard our values" from enemies within — leftists, looters, agitators, he said — in a Fourth of July speech packed with all the combativeness of his political rallies.

"We are now in the process of defeating the radical left, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters and the people who, in many instances, have absolutely no clue what they are doing," he said. "We will never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our children."


Thank God It's Friday 7-10-20

What will you be doing this weekend?

Nancy Pelosi’s husband among lawmaker-linked PPP loan recipients

A firm partially owned by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was among the lawmaker-linked businesses that got Paycheck Protection Program loans, according to data released Monday.

Companies owned by or associated with Reps. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), Kevin Hern (R-Okla.), Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) and Rick Allen (R-Ga.) also received the coronavirus loans. Businesses linked to Reps. Roger Williams (R-Texas), Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.), Susie Lee (D-Nev.) and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-Fla.) previously reported they got loans.

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said her husband, Paul Pelosi, is “a minor, passive investor in this company. He was not involved in or even aware of this PPP loan.”

Hammill told The Post that Paul Pelosi owns 8.1 percent of EDI Associates, which got a loan of between $350,000 and $1 million. The company invests in the El Dorado Hotel in Sonoma, Calif. Pelosi’s stake is worth between a quarter-million and half-million dollars, according to official disclosure forms.

PPP loans can be converted into grants if companies with up to 500 employees, and in some cases more, spend 60 percent on payroll. In two deals brokered in part by Nancy Pelosi, Congress overwhelmingly approved $670 billion for the program.

Spokespeople for Kelly, whose car dealerships got between $450,000 and $1.05 million, and for Allen, whose construction firm got between $350,000 and $1 million, also said they were uninvolved in seeking loans.