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Sunday, October 07, 2018

A limousine was involved in a crash in upstate New York that left 20 people dead. Local reports said it was carrying a wedding party.

A two-vehicle collision involving a limousine has left 20 dead in upstate New York, the New York State Police said on Sunday. Federal investigators were heading to the scene.

Local reports said the limousine was carrying a wedding party when it collided with another vehicle outside the Apple Barrel Country Store in Schoharie, N.Y., on Saturday afternoon.


Salisbury’s Democratic Mayor Jake Day Endorses Governor Larry Hogan

Hogan for Governor today announced that Salisbury’s Democratic Mayor Jake Day is proud to endorse Governor Larry Hogan’s re-election. Mayor Day’s endorsement underscores the historic level of support for Governor Hogan from a coalition of current and former Democratic leaders, public sector and private sector unions, and business groups. Salisbury is the eight largest city in Maryland. Governor Hogan has also received the support of the sitting Democratic mayors of Bowie and Gaithersburg.

JUST IN: Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed

By a vote of 50-48 Brett Kavanugh will be our new Supreme Court Judge

BREAKING: Hogan Hides as Republicans Attack Dr. Blasey Ford & Move Forward with Kavanaugh Nomination

Annapolis, MD — During an interview with the Baltimore Sun editorial board, Larry Hogan ducked, dodged and refused to say if he supports Brett Kavanaugh. Hogan also failed to take the opportunity to stand with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford amid an unprecedented and callous barrage of attacks from the Republican Party, Hogan said, that he did not “feel educated enough to make a decision” and that he’s “not qualified to make those decisions.” Hogan’s artful dodge comes on the heels of his refusal to disavow Maryland Republican Congressman Andy Harris’ “vile”comments referring to Dr. Blasey Ford as a “troubled woman” with “psychological problems,” and Donald Trump’s callous remarks mocking Dr. Blasey Ford.

In the more than 120 hours since Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony, Larry Hogan has ignored multiple calls for him to state clearly and unequivocally whether he believes her earnest, convincing and credible allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway refused to say if President Trump believes Dr. Blasey Ford and questioned the veracity of Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony.

While Hogan appears to have doubts about Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony, Republican Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker made his position clear, tellingreporters, “I believe Professor Ford.”

Maryland Democratic Party spokesperson Fabion Seaton issued the following statement renewing the party’s call for Larry Hogan to let Maryland voters know if he supports Dr. Blasey Ford:

“Larry Hogan has taken many cowardly positions during his time in office, but his refusal to stand by Dr. Blasey Ford as she is being relentlessly attacked by the Republican Party is by far the most cowardly. While Donald Trump and the Republican Party are attacking Dr. Blasey Ford, Governor Hogan cannot find the courage to stand up for her and all survivors. It’s shameful. Governor Hogan’s cowardly dodge is just another example that he is not the leader Maryland needs. Maryland needs a governor like Ben Jealous who has the courage and the vision to stand up for Maryland values and move Maryland forward.”

The Time Is Now?

A Viewer Writes: Jack Heath increasing the City of Salisbury's annual budget

Joe FYI. Look at Jack Heath proudly increasing the City of Salisbury's annual budget. This is what we have to look forward to if he gets elected to the County Executive's position. Not only that he is going to negotiate a much larger Fire Service Agreement.

I guess Jack Heath has forgotten his "Volunteer Fire Department" service. A true volunteer would try to recruit and retain volunteers instead of spending Other Peoples Money(OPM).

Contact: Mayor’s Office

City Council Votes to Accept SAFER Grant Money

Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that the City Council has voted unanimously in favor of accepting the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant in the amount of $1,527,738. The grant comes from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) / Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and is earmarked for the hiring of additional firefighters to the Salisbury Fire Department.

The grant, awarded over a period of three years, will pay for 75 percent of the salary and benefits for each of the additional firefighters for the first two years of the grant. The third year of the grant funds 35 percent of salary and benefits.

“On behalf of the Department, I am extremely grateful for the continued support that the City Administration and City Council has shown by accepting this grant,” said Salisbury Fire Chief John Tull. “This tremendous opportunity will greatly enhance the Department’s operational capabilities. By adding twelve (12) new firefighter positions, the Department will be able to provide effective and efficient services, enhance firefighter safety and increase our emergency response capabilities.”

Council President Jack Heath said, “Having a staffed piece of fire apparatus at every station means that our response times will see marked improvement. The SAFER grant is going to have a very positive impact on the safety of our citizens.”

“With a fast-growing city, you’re constantly having to factor for more traffic, more people, more fire and emergency calls,” said Mayor Day. “Every year we see a higher demand for service than the year before. SAFER will allow us to not only continue to meet our high standards for response, but it will help us provide the manpower to meet the needs of an ever-growing city.

“In an atmosphere that, at times, has seen politicians willing to shortchange public safety for political gain, it’s refreshing to see Senators Van Hollen and Cardin set the example of leaders placing citizens’ needs first. I thank them for their stalwart leadership and for their assistance in securing this grant. “

Lawsuit seeks to stop FEMA's "Presidential Alert" system to cellphones citing First Amendment violation

A new lawsuit filed in New York is seeking to stop the implementation of FEMA's new "Presidential Alert" messaging system, an alert used for national emergencies that can be deployed by President Trump. Plaintiffs in Manhattan are suing Mr. Trump and FEMA Administrator Brock Long, claiming the alert system is a "violation of Americans' First and Fourth Amendment rights to be free from Government-compelled listening, as well as warrantless, non-consensual trespass into and seizure of their cellular devices."

Plaintiffs compare the alert system to "hijacking private property for the purpose of planting a Government-controlled loudspeaker in the home and on the person of every American."


Pimp My Ride, Salisbury Maryland

Troopers Arrest Millsboro Woman for 7th Offense DUI After Crash

Millsboro– The Delaware State Police have arrested a Millsboro woman for her 7th Offense DUI after she was involved in a single motor vehicle hit and run crash.
The incident occurred on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at approximately 3:21 p.m., when Troopers were dispatched to the 26000 block of  Starboard Road in reference to a hit and run crash.  Upon arrival, Troopers met with the resident who advised that his mailbox was struck by a maroon Ford work van.
Through investigative measures, Troopers were able to identify the van and the driver, 56 year-old Kim M. Toohey.  Troopers made contact with Toohey on Sassafras Road who was driving a different vehicle at the time.  An odor of alcohol was detected and a DUI investigation ensued.   A computer check revealed that Toohey had six previous DUI convictions, making this her seventh offense. A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of drug paraphernalia.  Toohey was transported back to Troop 7 where she was charged with the following:
  • 7th Offense DUI after 6 prior offenses
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Leaving the Scene of Property Collision Accident
  • Failure to Provide Information At Collision Scene
  • Failure to Have Insurance Identification
  • Failure to Report a Collision Involving Alcohol
  • Failure to Have Registration Card in Possession
Toohey was arraigned before the Justice of the Peace Court 3 and committed to the Delores J. Baylor Womens Correctional Institution $20,602.00 cash only bond.

H2O Unplugged II

Cardin, Van Hollen Said FBI Investigation On Kavanaugh Incomplete

Maryland's U.S. senators, after reviewing the FBI's added background findings on Brett Kavanaugh, say the probe was lacking.

"Clearly there were many people who were not interviewed," Sen. Ben Cardin told Stacy Lyn and Robert Lang on WBAL News Now.

Cardin, a Democrat, was already against Kavanaugh before the allegations came up, citing his worries that he would side too much with President Donald Trump on presidential power, and would be a vote against consumer rights, abortion rights and organized labor. However, Cardin said, Kavanaugh's behavior at a hearing held on the sexual assault allegation made by Christine Blasey Ford only solidified Cardin's opposition.

"I don't mind his passion, but what I thought was unacceptable is the way he just went into a partisan tirade of conspiracy theories," Cardin said. "He showed to me that he was partisan and that he did not have the judicial temperament in my view to serve on the court."

The FBI only interviewed nine witnesses. Investigators didn't speak to Kavanaugh, Ford or accuser Julie Swetnick.


2:19pm Check on a liberal

Should we check on the liberals at 2:19. Getting an alert from President Trump may make their heads explode.

REMINDER: You're getting an alert from Trump tomorrow on your phones at 2:18 p.m.

Women’s March Leader Criticizes “White Wives with Their White Husbands” — Calls for Attacks on Trump Supporters

Women’s March Leaders held a rally on Thursday outside the Supreme Court.

One of the speakers lashed out at “white women with their white husbands” and called on Democrats and far left activists to attack Trump supporters at their tables when they are out eating.

Via Benny Johnson:



A Viewer Writes: Verizon Wireless

I am hoping you can bring this to the public, and if nothing else maybe I can get the results that I deserve.

In April, we realized that Verizon had been billing us for two phones that had been upgraded and returned, one in 2016 and one the end of 2017. 

We finally got that cleared up and received a 297.00 credit. At that point we went to the Verizon store and paid the two Iphones we had off at 100 buyout. 

It is now October and Verizon is still billing us for the two phones from 2016 and 2017. 

I have sent email after email, I have had 2, 2 hour chat sessions proving that we do not owe anything for these phones. We are always promised it will be taken care of and we wont receive another bill.

Well guess what, opened my email this morning and there is yet another bill for the same two phones. 

On top of that the financial office is calling on a regular basis. When I have called them, I have been on the phone for over 20 mins and passed back and forth between two departments because one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. I'm wondering if I have a harassment case against them. I have all documents needed if you would like to see them.

U.S. Is Top Target as ISIS Terror Plots Soar

The United States has emerged as the terror group ISIS's top target, with 30 percent of the group's recent plots centering on America, including 33 terror attempts in just the first part of 2018, according to a new congressional report.

ISIS-backed terrorists have attempted to launch at least 73 attacks on the American homeland since 2017, according to a comprehensive report released Friday by the House Homeland Security Committee.

ISIS continues to be the preeminent terror faction across the globe and is linked to 142 plots, including arrest and attacks targeting Westerners over the past two years, according to the report. ISIS has been tied to a total of 243 terror plots since 2014, or about "five terrorist incidents per month" according to the report.

There is no sign ISIS terror plots are on the decline, according to the report, which found a 63 percent increase in ISIS terrorism during the past two years.

The plots include those organized by at least 22 teenagers, as well as refugees and asylum seekers, a statistic that could provide the Trump administration further ammunition as it seeks to limit the number of refugees permitted into America from Middle East hotspots.