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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World

The word “collusion” has come to be associated with Russia, Trump and the U.S. election.

But my new book, Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World,is about something entirely different and much more global:

The collusion (or coordination) that the U.S. central bank (the Federal Reserve) forged with other major central banks to fabricate money in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

That money went to support the U.S. financial system at first, and it later spread to markets worldwide.

Collusion is about these powerful institutions’ relationships with each other.

The book dives into how central banks rigged markets and ultimately created more inequality and instability as a result.

They did all of this in order to subsidize private banks at the expense of everyday people everywhere.


Hillary and Comey Are the Same Person

The "public servants" who put themselves first.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.

Hillary Clinton is 5’4. Former FBI boss James Comey is 6’8. But they have one important thing in common.

Both Clinton and Comey put themselves first.

Hillary launched her spiteful book tour without any regard for what it would do to her party. No amount of frustration from her fellow Democrats would dissuade her from cashing in and lashing out at her enemies. And no amount of frustration from fellow FBI agents, including Comey’s own Bureau confidants, could dissuade him from cashing in and lashing out at Trump across a thousand talk shows.

Hillary Clinton’s book tour damaged Dem prospects. Comey’s book tour harms the investigation. Its entire existenceviolates FBI rules. Much as Clinton’s book hurt her likely Dem successors.

But both bitter book tours are the work of selfish, spiteful and egotistical people who don’t care how much damage they do to the allies who trusted them as long as they make money and settle scores.


Taking the Pulse of a Weakening Economy

Corporate buybacks provide the key analogy for the economy as a whole.
Central banks have been running a grand experiment for 9 years, and now we’re about to find out if it succeeds or fails. For 9 unprecedented years, central banks have pushed the pedal of monetary stimulus to the metal: near-zero interest rates, monumental purchases of bonds, mortgage-backed securities, stocks and corporate bonds, injecting trillions of dollars, yuan, yen and euros into the global financial system, all in the name of promoting a “synchronized global recovery” that in many nations remains the weakest post-World War II recovery on record.
The two goals of this unprecedented stimulus were 1) bringing consumption forward and 2) generating a “wealth effect” as the owners of assets rising in value would translate their perception of feeling wealthier into more borrowing and consumption that would then feed a self-sustaining virtuous cycle of expansion.
The Federal Reserve has finally begun reducing its stimulus programs of near-zero interest rates and bond purchases, the idea being that the “recovery” is now robust enough to continue without the extraordinary monetary stimulus of the past 9 years since the Global Financial Meltdown of 2008-09.

Subject: WATCH: Keith Ellison Wears Shirt Calling For End Of America's National Sovereignty

Last week, Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair Keith Ellison attended a May Day parade in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he wore a T-shirt that advocated for the end of America's borders.

Ellison's shirt, which was written in Spanish, said “Yo No Creo En Fronteras,” which translates to “I don’t believe in borders.”


'Parenting Done Right!': Boy Shows How To Operate Rifle At NRA Convention

This video will trigger leftists to no end

The National Rifle Association held its annual convention in Dallas last weekend, and a youngster named Maverick has captured the hearts of Second Amendment lovers everywhere.

The video, which has garnered almost 2 million views, show the 4-year-old pretend to shoot a rifle, even detaching and reattaching the magazine.


Arrest Kerry for Collusion With Islamic Terror States

Restore the rule of law, treat Kerry like Manafort and Flynn.

On January 19, 2017,
John Forbes Kerry left his job at the State Department. Addressing Foggy Bottomers in the C Street lobby, he ended his speech by declaring, "This is not an end. This is a beginning. It’s a new beginning." That’s just what departing politicos usually say, but he meant it.

Next January, a report appeared that Kerry had met with a top negotiator for the PLO in London.

The secret back-channel negotiator, Hussein Agha, was a close confidant of terrorist dictator Mahmoud Abbas, the racist PLO boss who around this same time had delivered a speech in which he cursed President Trump, shouting, “May your house be destroyed.” Agha was a frequent collaborator with Robert Malley, who allegedly ran Soros and Obama’s back channel to Hamas. Obama fired Malley during the campaign, but once in office brought him back in a variety of roles including as a lead negotiator on the Iran Deal scam and the National Security Council’s point man for the Middle East. Malley now heads Soros’ International Crisis Group and continues undermining America and defending the Iran Deal.


Chicago sees its most violent week of the year: 9 killed, 76 wounded

The last seven days in Chicago have been the most violent week of the year, with just three police districts on the West Side bearing the brunt of the recent violence, according to data kept by the Tribune.

At least 85 people were shot between Monday, April 30, and this past Sunday, including a 4-year-old girl, a 12-year-old boy, a 15-year-old on a CTA bus, a young mother, several other young teens, a federal agent and two relatives of a gunshot victim waiting outside a hospital.

Of those shot, at least nine died.

The city had been averaging about 42 shootings each week this year, according to Tribune data. With last week’s shootings, the average rises to almost 45 people a week. The least violent period was the week of Feb. 5, when 16 people were shot in Chicago.


Trump Likely To Scrap Iran Deal, Reimpose Sanctions: NYT

With Trump's long anticipated announcement on the fate of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, i.e., the Iran Nuclear Deal, now set at 2pm on Tuesday, the world is scrambling to handicap the odds that Trump i) lets the deal live, and ii) permits Iran to continue exporting as much as 1mmbpd.
I will be announcing my decision on the Iran Deal tomorrow from the White House at 2:00pm.
That said, barring some last minute miracle, if the late afternoon conjecture by the NYT is accurate, and following news over the weekend that Obama's Secretary of State had secretly been engaging in shadow diplomacy to preserve the JCPOA, in less than 24 hours the US will no longer be a signatory to the Iran deal, just as Trump had promised during his presidential campaign.

According to NYT sources, "diplomats who were familiar with the negotiations said Mr. Trump appeared inclined to scrap the deal and reimpose sanctions on Iran that were suspended in an accord reached in Vienna in July 2015."

As Bloomberg adds, quoting an unnamed European diplomat, there may be a chance President Trump’s will decide to keep the U.S. in the existing Iran nuclear deal, but it’s only a very small chance. The diplomat also said that "unless something changes, it’s pretty obvious Trump probably won’t waive sanctions" as the Trump administration seems to seek entirely new agreement, in contrast to European allies who’ve sought to build on existing deal.

Even Iran, despite warning the US will suffer from "historic regret" if it withdraws from the Nuclear Deal, has reportedly made back up plans for just that contingency.


Trump Lashes Out At John Kerry's "Possibly Illegal Shadow Diplomacy" With Iran

Following reports over the weekend that Obama's Secretary of State, John Kerry and a group of his former State Department officials, had been busy being unofficial diplomats in recent weeks, sneaking around the world trying to salvage the Iran nuclear deal he presided over, ahead of its May 12 renewal deadline, it appears President Trump has a few things to say about these actions.

As we previously noted,

John Kerry’s bid to save one of his most significant accomplishments as secretary of state took him to New York on a Sunday afternoon two weeks ago, where, more than a year after he left office, he engaged in some unusual shadow diplomacy with a top-ranking Iranian official.

He sat down at the United Nations with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to discuss ways of preserving the pact limiting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It was the second time in about two months that the two had met to strategize over salvaging a deal they spent years negotiating during the Obama administration, according to a person briefed on the meetings. -Boston Globe


New Dog Breeds

New dog cross breeds The following new cross breeds are now recognized by the Kennel Club - allegedly

Collie + Lhasa Apso
Collapso, a dog that folds up for easy transport.

Pointer + Setter
Poinsetter, the traditional Christmas pet.

Pekingese + Lhasa Apso
Peekasso, an abstract dog.

Irish Water Spaniel + English Springer Spaniel
Irish Springer, a dog fresh and clean as mountain air.

Terrier + Bulldog
Terribull, not a good dog.

Bloodhound + Labrador
Blabador, a dog that barks incessantly.

Malamute + Pointer
Moot Point, owned by...oh, well, it doesn't matter anyway.

Collie + Malamute
Commute, a dog that travels to work.

Deerhound + Terrier
Derriere, a dog that's true to the end.

Bull Terrier + Shitzu
You figure this one out

Trump Hits John Kerry ‘Shadow Diplomacy’ on Iran Deal

President Donald Trump criticized former Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday in response to a report detailing his lobbying efforts to save the Iran deal

“The United States does not need John Kerry’s possibly illegal Shadow Diplomacy on the very badly negotiated Iran Deal,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “He was the one that created this MESS in the first place!”

Trump commented Monday after the Boston Globe revealed that the former Secretary of State was secretly speaking with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif about ways to preserve the deal.

Kerry also discussed the deal with top political officials from Germany, the European Union, and France.


Why All the Secrecy?

It’s time to level with the public about the basis for Mueller’s investigation.

How do you know Trump’s not a suspect?”

I’ve been hearing that question a lot these days. News reports indicate that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may try to coerce President Trump’s testimony by issuing a grand-jury subpoena if the president does not agree to a “voluntary” interview. That has sparked a public debate over the question of whether Mueller, an inferior executive officer, has such authority to strong-arm the chief executive — the official in whom the Constitution reposes all executive power, including the power that Mueller exercises only as long as the president permits it.

I don’t think he does.

To be clear, there is no question that Mueller, as a special counsel, is a federal prosecutor who has the authority to issue grand-jury subpoenas. But everyone who works in the Justice Department has a boss, including the attorney general (who answers to the president). As special counsel, Mueller answers to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the so-called Russia investigation). That means Mueller has the authority to issue a subpoena to the president unless Rosenstein — or the president — tells him not to.

Before we come to whether the deputy AG should clip the special counsel’s wings, let’s address one point of confusion...

Study: How Chocolate May Actually Help Combat Diabetes

A key to fending off diabetes may be found in your favorite chocolate bar, a new study finds, but that doesn’t mean you should go running to the candy store to stock up.

Chocolate seems like an unlikely ally in the fight against diabetes, yet researchers at Brigham Young University found that some compounds in chocolate may actually help the body release more insulin and respond to blood sugar better.

Diabetes is characterized by a lack of natural-forming insulin in the body and/or an improper response to sugar in the bloodstream. When the body doesn’t process sugar the way it’s supposed to, diabetes is the result. Beta cells in the body produce insulin to help process sugar. When these cells don’t produce enough or malfunction, problems arise. But the researchers found that when higher amounts of epicatechin monomers — compounds found most commonly in cocoa — are present, these beta cells work better.

More here

On 'Russian Collusion,' Trump Will Win...Big Time

The winds of the special counsel are blowing hard. A big tempest is brewing, and it's not clear what is happening. Nobody really knows, other than perhaps Mueller and a few other insiders, one probably being Donald Trump and his counsel. One thing seems certain: there will be a lot of surprises in the end.

The two general theories:

1. Mueller is a tool of the Deep State, allied with Comey and the left, a black hat appointed by powerful people who won't stop this investigation until the removal or neutering of Trump. A lot of smart people are invested in this narrative. You can cite a lot of facts and informative stories that demonstrate the reality of this theory. Most, but not all, on the right believe some version of this Deep State plot.

2. This investigation is a well planned, quietly effective smokescreen to ferret out major groups of people in the swamp and the Deep State. It targets people doing illegal and unethical things. This would include the Clintons and many of the leading players in the Obama-Clinton regime. There are a lot of known facts and indicators that point to this being the true narrative as well.

The tipping point is close now. We will know soon. My bet is on the latter – mainly because there is zero evidence, not a scintilla of proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia or did anything wrong.


Police Department Changes Name To ‘PoPo’ In Controversial Prank

BATH TOWNSHIP, MI (CBS Local) – Police in Michigan have a tongue-in-cheek message for the community: “Watch out for the popo.”

The Bath Township Police Department, near Lansing, posted a photo of its brand new SUV on April 28 that features the words “POPO” – slang for police – on its doors.

“So as some of you may have noticed, our page has been pretty helpful in connecting us with our community. We’ve found though, that we are still struggling to really reach the younger folk out there. So in an effort to bridge that gap, we’ve decided to update our patrol car graphics in an attempt to be more relatable to the local youths,” says the post caption.


Tebow Getting Second Wind in Double-A Baseball

Suddenly Tim Tebow is “tearing it up” in Double-A baseball and enjoying a second wind for the season. The former NFL player made a splash when he jumped into baseball, however, this season he only earned one hit in the next 14 at-bats after homering in his first plate appearance.

But now, Tebow hit a homer on May 4 then another one the next day bringing his batting average from .133 to.241, NBC Sports reported.

“For the season, he now has 19 hits in 79 at bats. With five doubles, a triple, and three home runs, that gives Tebow a slugging percentage of .443,” Mike Florio reported.

The numbers here could make the difference between his languishing in Double-A and making the cut to advance to Triple-A in his quest to jump into the big leagues. And, according to Florio, “Tebow is now doing well enough to justify an eventual push to Triple-A ball.”

More here

Maryland Fugitive Wanted for Homicide Apprehended by CBP Officers at the Laredo Port of Entry

LAREDO, Texas - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Laredo Port of Entry working in collaboration with Mexican authorities took custody at mid-bridge of a male subject at the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge who was discovered to have an outstanding state arrest warrant for homicide issued in Gaithersburg, Md.

“CBP has an outstanding working relationship with our Mexican counterparts and we continue to remain in constant communication and coordination when dangerous fugitives from the United States flee the country and are apprehended by Mexican authorities,” said Port Director Albert Flores, Laredo Port of Entry.

The fugitive apprehension occurred on Monday, May 7 at the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge when Mexican authorities escorted Ruel Francis Dempster II, a male 30-year-old Liberian citizen, to CBP officers at mid-bridge. After escorting the subject to secondary, subsequent biometric verification through law enforcement databases confirmed that the subject had an outstanding warrant for homicide out of Montgomery County Police Department in Gaithersburg, Md. and a probation violation warrant from U.S. Marshals Service Headquarters in Arlington, Va.


SPLC Complains Cinco de Mayo Festivities Are ‘Textbook Cultural Appropriation’

The Southern Poverty Law Center sent out a tweet on Cinco de Mayo warning revelers not to participate in "cultural appropriation."

"Most of the festivities surrounding #CincodeMayo in the US are textbook examples of cultural appropriation," wrote the official account for the anti-racism and anti-extremism organization.

The annual May 5 celebration has historically been observed to commemorate the Mexican Army's unlikely 1862 victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, and it is often celebrated in United States today with tequila and Mexican food.

The SPLC tweet linked to an article from the nonprofit Teaching Tolerance, which complained "Mexican culture cannot be reduced to tacos, oversized sombreros and piñatas."


Tax Cuts in Hand, Americans Reduce Credit Card Debt

Consumer credit grew less than expected in March, as Americans reduced the amount of credit card debt they carry.

The Federal Reserve said consumer credit in March grew at a seasonally adjusted annualized rate of 3.6 percent, or $11.6 billion. Economists had expected $15.2 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Credit card debt declined three percent, the second monthly decline in a row. This could be an unexpected result of the tax cuts.


Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Finally Gets Her Own Ethics Scandal

New York magazine’s Margaret Hartmann delves deeper into a growing ethics scandal involving President Trump’s Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Elaine Chao and her shipping mogul father, James Chao, whose business relies heavily on partnerships with China’s communist regime.

Hartmann draws from a report in Politico that Chao, who is the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), appeared in joint interviews with her father in numerous “Chinese and Chinese-American media outlets since her nomination,” including at least one that appears to have been conducted at the DOT and prominently features the DOT flag in the background.

Hartmann writes:

Federal employees are prohibited from using their office for their “own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity.” But Chao makes no apparent effort to show she’s promoting her family’s business only as a daughter, not as U.S. Transportation secretary, and in fact, it appears several of the videos were filmed in her government office. DOT flags are shown in several of the spots, like the New China Press interview below, and one video features the state flag of Kentucky, highlighting her tie to the majority leader.


Melania Bullied After Be Best Campaign Speech

First Lady Melania Trump revealed her signature campaign to combat bullying and drug use Monday afternoon at the White House, and the internet reacted by making fun of her accent.

The campaign, called “BE BEST,” is aimed at creating a healthy lifestyle for students on social media and in the classroom as well as preventing opioid abuse among students. In her speech at the White House, Melania said:

“There are too many critical issues facing children today so the three main pillars of BE BEST will include well-being, social media use, and opioid abuse. We can and should teach children the important of social and self-awareness, positive relationship skills, and responsible decision making.”


Subject: "We Could Rarely Have Sex Without Him Beating Me." NY AG Schneiderman Accused Of Assaulting 4 Women

Update: New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced his resignation Monday night, hours after The New Yorker magazine published allegations of physical abuse and controlling behavior by four women who had romantic relationships or encounters with him.

"It’s been my great honor and privilege to serve as Attorney General for the people of the State of New York," Schneiderman said in a statement.

"In the last several hours, serious allegations, which I strongly contest, have been made against me.

While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time. I therefore resign my office, effective at the close of business on [Tuesday]."

One has to wonder what odds the bookies would have given for Schneiderman to resign his office before Trump. Now we all wait anxiously for President Trump's tweet on the matter.

In 2016, Schneiderman joked that he would leave the United States for the Dominican Republic if Donald Trump is elected president. Perhaps now is the time Eric?

“[Trump is] the kind of person who goes to the Super Bowl and thinks the people in the huddle are talking about him.” ―Eric Schneiderman

No Eric, they're talking about you.

* * *

Sometimes in bed, she recalls, he would be “shaking me and grabbing my face” while demanding that she repeat such things as “I’m a little whore.” She says that he also told her, “If you ever left me, I’d kill you.” -The New Yorker


The Kanye West Threat: Why Liberals Are So Freaked About Him

When Kanye West put out a tweet praising Candace Owens a couple of weeks ago and followed it up by noting he supported Donald Trump, he immediately became the center of the media universe. Suddenly EVERYONE was talking about Kanye and liberals seemed both stunned and outraged that the same man who once said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” was now saying things like,
in school we need to learn how magic Johnson built his business not always about the past. Matter fact I’ve never even heard of a high school class that presents future ideas

we are programmed to always talk and fight race issues. We need to update our conversation.

I had one of the most unexpectedly positive conversations about politics today. No battle lines drawn, no polarization — just talked about possibility, optimism, and love. The Kanye Effect? – John Durant (Retweet)

we’re being starved and anyone who starts asking unpopular questions gets demonized. Only free thinkers can change the world
I’ve got a new challenge for everyone today. Pick somebody that you had an argument with that you think you hate maybe even someone you haven’t spoken to in years and contact that person and tell them I love you.

I haven’t done enough research on conservatives to call myself or be called one. I’m just refusing to be enslaved by monolithic thought.

As you’ll notice, Kanye doesn’t exactly sound like Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin here. If anything, he sounds like someone who likes a few conservative ideas and is just saying people should keep an open mind and not hate the other side.

Why does that freak liberals out to the point where you have endless articles and tweets, a rapper publicly calling for the Crips to murder Kanye, and members of Congress, like Maxine Waters, stepping up to say:


MAXINE MELTDOWN: Waters shouts 'Damn this president!'

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters had another meltdown this weekend as she bloviated about what she thinks President Trump is doing to the country.

“We’re in a difficult time in this country,” Waters said during an appearance before the Teamsters union Local 630 in Los Angeles.

“We’re almost at a constitutional crisis in the United States of America,” she said, before changing her declaration and saying, “We’re at a constitutional crisis because we’ve got a president, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

“You know, some people think his antics sometimes are funny, sometimes cute, sometimes unusual. And to say, ‘Well, you know, he’s going to learn to become presidential,'” Waters said.


What Stops Political Campaigns From Forging Signatures? Not Much.

Theresa Greenfield’s campaign for Congress ended in March — not because she lost the Democratic primary in Iowa’s 3rd District, but because her campaign manager forged many voters’ signatures on the petition that put her on the ballot.

“I had dreamed of winning,” said Greenfield, who says she was unaware of the forgeries. “I never thought my own teammate would knock me off the field.”

Greenfield, a businesswoman from Des Moines, was one of the leading Democratic contenders to challenge the Republican incumbent, Rep. David Young. But instead of becoming her party’s nominee in the June primary, she joined a long list of candidates across the country who have been disqualified because some of the signatures they collected were illegitimate. In some cases, candidates and campaign workers have faced criminal charges.

Thirty-eight states require candidates to collect a certain number of signatures to get on the primary ballot, a mandate designed to weed out unserious candidates. In other states, candidates can reach the ballot by collecting signatures, paying a fee, or qualifying through a party convention. States also differ on whether candidates must collect a defined number of adult signatures, or whether they must get a certain percentage of registered voters.


Homeschoolers: ‘We Will Not Be Scapegoats’ for the Failure of Government Agencies

Homeschooling families on both coasts of the United States say they are being blamed by state bureaucrats attempting to burden them with intrusive regulations following the failure of government agencies and public schools to protect children from serious child abuse.

In California, nearly a thousand homeschooling parents traveled to attend a legislative committee hearing in Sacramento to defeat a bill that sought first to mandate fire inspections of their homes and then to demand private information about the names and addresses of homeschooling families.

The bill was proposed following the horrific case of the Turpin parents who said they were homeschooling their children when all the while they were torturing and starving them.

In Connecticut, as in California, government bureaucrats are attempting to regulate homeschooling families following a tragedy that was not about homeschooling, at the same time they claim they are not attacking parents who choose to educate their children at home.

More here

Pulse nightclub survivor says he is no longer gay

A man who survived the Pulse nightclub terror attack has claimed 'he is no longer gay' after joining a controversial Christian group promoting 'freedom from homosexuality'.

Luis Javier Ruiz was at the LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016, when 49 people were shot dead and 53 others wounded by 29-year-old Omar Mateen.

Ruiz now claims to have 'changed' and is promoting events 'celebrating freedom from homosexual/transgender lifestyles'.

In a Facebook post showing images of himself with some of the victims of the Pulse shooting, and a photo of himself in hospital, Ruiz writes:


Manhunt after 'multiple' people shot dead inside Maryland home

A manhunt is underway in Maryland after "multiple" people were discovered fatally shot inside a Brookville home on Monday afternoon.

Montgomery County Police, who did not initially name the suspect, tweeted that the department responded to a domestic disturbance call following a "report of multiple people shot inside."

MCP responding to call for domestic disturbance with initial report of multiple people shot inside a home in 22000 block of Brown Farm Way east of Sunshine. PD activity affecting traffic on Rt 650 south & east of Sunshine. PIO enroute to scene.

There were "multiple fatalities" inside the home roughly 16 miles west of Gaithersburg, police said. It was not immediately clear how many people were found dead.

The suspect — who's believed to be known by police — is not in custody. Police said they "do not believe this was random."


A Viewer Writes: Maryland Schools


For the last 2 weeks my child has been wasting, yes wasting classroom instruction time on this bs. Time for Hogan to address the heavily union controlled school boards in maryland to stop wasting my/our tax dollars on this bs! And meanwhile the county boe claims they need more funding? So who’s making out on this deal? Definitely not my daughter or you/me the taxpayer!

Interesting article addressing this attached!

White House Counters China’s ‘Orwellian’ Disinformation Aimed at Americans

The White House for the first time has pushed back against Chinese information warfare and propaganda in denouncing attempts by Beijing to impose political correctness on Americans and U.S. companies.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement issued Saturday that President Trump ran against political correctness during the presidential campaign and is opposing "efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to impose Chinese political correctness on American companies and citizens."

"The United States strongly objects to China’s attempts to compel private firms to use specific language of a political nature in their publicly available content," Sanders said.

"We call on China to stop threatening and coercing American carriers and citizens," she added.

The unprecedented White House comments against Chinese government pressure related to an April 25 statement sent to 36 American and foreign air carriers by the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration demanding changes in describing three geographical areas.


Breaking News: President Trump will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, he told the French president, fulfilling a campaign vow but alienating European allies

President Trump told President Emmanuel Macron of France on Tuesday morning that he plans to announce the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal, according to a person briefed on the conversation.

Mr. Trump’s decision unravels the signature foreign policy achievement of his predecessor, Barack Obama, isolating the United States among its allies and leaving it at even greater odds with its adversaries in dealing with the Iranians.

Three signs fear is running your life and how to overcome it

I am well acquainted with fear.

As a girl, I watched my dad battle cancer and will never forget the fear that word – cancer – struck in my family. So when I heard it again years later, but in regards to my own health, the suffocating effect of fear struck again.

I also see fear in the eyes of every girl who’s a victim of human trafficking, fear that often lasts long after their rescue due to the immense, unspeakable trauma they’ve experienced. Part of the work we do at A21 is to care for these girls and equip them for lives after trafficking, including the emotional and spiritual healing that is necessary to overcome that level of fear.

Throughout my years in ministry, I’ve seen friends, family and complete strangers paralyzed by fear, as they are faced with the unexpected, plans went awfully awry or received news they never wanted to hear.

And if we’re not careful, it’s easy to succumb to fear and let it run our lives.

Here are three signs that fear might be running yours:

Oklahoma Senate Concurs with House: 2nd Amendment Is Your Carry Permit

The Oklahoma Senate concurred with the House and voted to abolish the requirement that a law-abiding Oklahoma resident acquire a concealed permit in order to carry a gun for self-defense.

On April 26, Breitbart News reported that the Oklahoma House overcame Democratic opposition to pass permitless carry and now the Senate has followed suit.

The Hill reports that the Senate passed the measure by a vote of 33 to nine. If signed into law, it means legal gun owners 21 years and older will be able to carry their guns without first acquiring a permit from the state.

State Sen. Kevin Matthews (D-11) opposed the legislation, arguing that people ought to be required to get a permit for a gun just as they are required to get a license to drive a car. But state Sen. Nathan (R-33), the sponsor of the permitless carry legislation, refuted Matthews by pointing out that the Second Amendment protects a constitutional right to bear arms, not a constitutional right to drive cars.


Washington nurse arrested for infecting patients with hepatitis C, police say

A Washington nurse accused of infecting at least two patients with hepatitis C was arrested last week.

Cora Weberg, 31, could face second-degree assault charges as prosecutors claim she stole injectable drugs from Puyallup's Good Samaritan Hospital, where she worked, and knowingly infected patients with hepatitis C, The News Tribune reported.

“Good Samaritan and local and state health department officials have conducted a thorough investigation and determined that one of our nurses was removing higher-than-normal amounts of narcotics from our dispensing system and admitted to diverting medications intended for patients,” the MultiCare Health System said in a safety alert last week.


"Death Spiral": Obamacare Premiums May Soar As Much As 91% Next Year

Residents of Maryland and Virginia face double-digit percentage increases in premiums for individual Obamacare plans in 2019, according to rate requests made by insurers.

The largest hikes are being sought by CareFirst, which is seeking a 64% increase in Virginia, and a whopping 91% increase in Maryland for its PPO. Other insurers are following suit in the two states, with Kaiser requesting hikes of 32% and 37% respectively, followed by CareFirst's HMO offering.

In Maryland, CareFirst wants to raise rates by 91 percent on a plan covering 15,000 people, Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer Jr. said. If approved, premiums for a 40-year-old could reach $1,334 a month. -Bloomberg

That's over $16,000 per year for an individual plan in a state with an average personal income of $59,524.


BOMBSHELL: Parkland Shooter Was Assigned To Obama-Era Program, Superintendent Lied, Report Suggests

Late on Sunday night, local Florida media reported that the gunman who shot up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February was assigned to a controversial Obama-era disciplinary program which the Broward County Public Schools superintendent previously denied existed on multiple occasions.

WLRN reports:

Two sources with knowledge of [the shooter]’s discipline records told WLRN he was referred to the so-called PROMISE Program for a three-day stint after committing vandalism at Westglades Middle School in 2013.

Superintendent Robert W. Runcie implemented the PROMISE Program in Broward County Public Schools in 2013 at the behest of the Obama administration's efforts to reduce the number of minority students who ended up in prison from crimes that they committed on campus.


NASCAR owners in talks to sell series, report says

Now this could really be the big one.

NASCAR’s majority owners are reportedly in talks to sell their stake in the stock car racing sanctioning body, Reuters reports.

The news organization says three sources have confirmed to it that the owners have been working with Goldman Sachs to identify potential buyers as attendance and television ratings for its races continues a years-long decline.

The privately held company was founded by Bill France, Sr., in 1948 and remains controlled by his descendants.

The Reuters report did not say what the potential price tag for the deal is, but Forbes magazine has previously estimated the combined net worth of the France family alone at over $5 billion.

NASCAR and Goldman Sachs declined to comment.


Trump Rips Mueller's "13 Angry Democrats", Hints At Coming Revelation About DOJ "Conflicts Of Interest"

Update: President Trump is stepping up his attacks on individual members of the "13 Angry Democrats", singling out former FBI lawyer Lisa Page and special agent Peter Strzok for their involvement in the "total mess" that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe has begun.

After joking that Page "may hold the record for the most Emails in the shortest period of time (to her Lover, Peter S)" Trump questioned why Strzok is still employed at the bureau, unlike Page, who was fired for leaking.

The president then questioned whether the Mueller probe would drag on until the midterms, adding that Republicans "better get tough and smart before it is too late."
Lisa Page, who may hold the record for the most Emails in the shortest period of time (to her Lover, Peter S), and attorney Baker, are out at the FBI as part of the Probers getting caught? Why is Peter S still there? What a total mess. Our Country has to get back to Business!
The United States does not need John Kerry’s possibly illegal Shadow Diplomacy on the very badly negotiated Iran Deal. He was the one that created this MESS in the first place!

Of course, we're still waiting for the revelation about new DOJ "conflicts of interest" that Trump promised earlier.


Maryland Health Insurers Seek Sky-High Premiums

Maryland insurers are asking for large rate increases on healthcare sold on the individual health plan market in 2019, The Washington Post reports.

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, the largest insurer in the Mid-Atlantic, has requested an average 26.4 percent increase, including an 18.5 percent increase for its HMO plans and a 91.4 percent for its PPO plans. Kaiser Permanente requested a 37.4 increase on HMO plans. CareFirst and Kaiser are the only insurers still operating on the state's individual market.

"We are at a place in the individual market where any increase at all creates stress in the marketplace," Maryland health insurance commissioner Alfred W. Redmer said. "We have folks in Maryland that are struggling, that are trying to do the right thing — and they're paying more for their health insurance than they are for their mortgage. While an 18 percent increase is better than last year, it's still in some cases, catastrophic, if you're the young family that has got to pay that 18 percent increase."

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Hillary Clinton: I Gave 'Some Thought' To Leaving Country After Trump Won

Still won’t go away despite Dem calls to do so

Hillary Clinton said she considered leaving the United States after Donald Trump won the presidency.

Speaking in New Zealand on her worldwide tour to promote her book “What Happened,” Clinton reflected before a crowd of 3,000 people how she dealt with her loss.

“I’m still proud of the campaign we ran and the 65.8 million Americans who supported it,” she said during a speech on Monday. “So when people ask me ‘how are you doing?’ I say, well as a person I’m okay. But as an American, I’m concerned.”

She then joked that she received invitations to move to New Zealand.

“I must say I really did appreciate the offers,” she said. “Gave them some thought.”

“But I’m going to stay put because we have work to do in my country as well.”


Trump winning over Democrats with his handling of key issues, CNN poll finds

President Trump’s popularity isn’t all about the base.

In a new CNN poll released Monday, his approval ratings are being buoyed by great optimism about the state of the nation, by his handling of issues, and by improving numbers among Democrats.

The survey showed Mr. Trump at 41 percent approval and 53 percent disapproval, about equal to the numbers at CNN’s last poll in late March.

According to the poll, 52 percent of Americans approve of Mr. Trump’s handling of the economy, 43 percent approve of his foreign trade, 40 percent like how he’s handling immigration, and 42 percent back his conduct of foreign policy. All those numbers are up significantly over the past year and some broach barriers he’d not surpassed since the honeymoon start of his presidency (majority approval on the economy, for example).

He is benefitting, as all presidents do, from the sense that the country is on the right track. The CNN poll had 57 percent saying things are going well, up eight percentage points since February and the highest mark since 2007 — before the Great Recession.

And much of that optimism is from an unexpected source — Democrats.



MAJOR WILLIAM J. DOYLE graduated from Parkside High School in 2003. He attended the Virginia Military Institute and commissioned into the Army in 2007. He served multiple deployments overseas and is currently a Major with the Army 10th Special Forces Group, (Airborne), Fort Carson, Colorado.

On May 2, 2018 Green Beret Major Doyle was awarded the United States Armed Forces's third-highest personal decoration for valor in combat- the SILVER STAR.

Major Doyle's actions are described as follows:

For gallantry in action: Captain Doyle’s bravery in the face of the enemy, skill at arms, and aggressive defense during an advise, offense and accompany operation, saved lives and enabled his Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha to defeat a prepared, determined and numerically superior enemy. Captain Doyle’s valorous performance is in keeping with the finest tradition of military service and reflects great credit upon himself, the Special Operations Command-Africa and the United States Army.

Major Doyle grew up in Parsonsburg and attended St. Francis De Sales elementary school.

White House endorses bill to fund veterans’ ‘choice’ health care

The White House voiced its support Monday night for a House bill that would overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs and provide $5.2 billion for a veterans’ “choice” health-care program that is due to run out of funding in June.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the legislation, called the VA MISSION Act of 2018, “will transform the Department of Veterans Affairs into a modern, high-performing, and integrated healthcare system that will ensure our veterans receive the best healthcare possible from the VA, whether delivered in the VA’s own facilities or in the community.”

Congressional Democrats had blocked an earlier version of the measure in March, saying it would pave the way for privatizing veterans’ health care programs.

President Trump said earlier he would sign the bill. The Choice program allows veterans who don’t live near a VA facility or can’t get an appointment in a timely manner to seek medical care from private health-care providers.

Mrs. Sanders said the bill, to be voted on Tuesday by the House Veterans Affairs Committee, will “ensure veterans continue to receive care through the Choice program until the new, consolidated “community care” program for veterans takes effect. It would also mandate an inventory review of the VA’s facilities.


BREAKING: House Oversight Committee Calls For Special Counsel To Investigate Crimes At Obama's DOJ

On Tuesday, House Oversight Committee members called for a new special counsel to be appointed to investigate crimes involving bias and FISA abuse at the Obama Department of Justice.

Making the official request to the DOJ were Republican Reps. Trey Gowdy (SC) and Bob Goodlatte (VA), the chairmen of the oversight and judiciary committees respectively.


Oliver North to be next president of NRA

Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, a central figure of the Iran-Contra scandal, will become the president of the National Rifle Association, the group announced Monday.

“This is the most exciting news for our members since Charlton Heston became President of our Association,” NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre said in a statement.

“Oliver North is a legendary warrior for American freedom, a gifted communicator and skilled leader. In these times, I can think of no one better suited to serve as our President,” he added.

North — a member of the NRA board, author and conservative political commentator — is retiring “effective immediately” from Fox News to replace the NRA’s current president, Pete Brownell, who is not seeking a second term.

North, 74, will assume his new position “within a few weeks,” LaPierre said.


New York's attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, has resigned, hours after multiple women accused him of being physically abusive

Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York attorney general who has risen to prominence as an antagonist of the Trump administration, abruptly resigned on Monday night, hours after four women accused him of physically assaulting them in an article published by The New Yorker.

“It’s been my great honor and privilege to serve as attorney general for the people of the State of New York,” Mr. Schneiderman said in a statement. “In the last several hours, serious allegations, which I strongly contest, have been made against me.”

The $39.95 Bloody Mary

Would You?

SCHAEFFER: The Battle Of Midway: Part Three

The Hypo “Dungeon”

U.S. cryptographers at Hawaii’s station Hypo (the British military designation for “H” for the Heeia radio post) had managed to decipher much of the Japanese Navy’s most important code, dubbed JN-25. Working in a windowless basement they called “the dungeon,” the codebreakers under the direction of the brilliant Commander Joseph Rochefort, noticed increased Japanese radio traffic referencing a point called “AF.” It was becoming clear that “AF” was the focal point of a major upcoming operation featuring a carrier group and at least one surface fleet, and it would be executed either on June 4 or 5.

But what exactly was “AF”? In one of many instances of Dame Fortune smiling on the Americans, it so happened that in March a Japanese aircraft reported its position as being near “AF”. Plotting the plane’s location, the only significant land mass in the area was Midway. Hypo had no doubts what this meant. But Washington was not so sure, fearing moves toward Australia or even Hawaii itself. To confirm that the all-important “AF” was, in fact, Midway, Rochefort’s men devised a clever ruse. They submarine-cabled instructions that Midway should radio, un-coded and in the clear, a bogus message that the base was suffering a fresh water shortage due to a malfunctioning desalinization system. The Japanese fell for it, and two days laterstation Hypo was deciphering enemy radio traffic deeming contingencies be made for extra water purification systems to accompany the landings as “AF” was suffering a fresh water shortage. “AF” had to be Midway. Now Nimitz knew where, as well as when and with what, Yamamoto would make his next move. But how to prepare for it?