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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day Tells Blacks To "GET OUT"!

In a scathing video release Mayor Jake Day very clearly states that the racists that wrote graffiti at Salisbury University need to GET OUT! Little did the Idiot know that while the rest of the local media is clueless, it was a BLACK man who is being charged with what they are now calling a crime. 
It was a BLACK woman who created the last form of graffiti and interestingly enough it wasn't considered a CRIME, nor was the entire University shut down for a day either. 

Something isn't passing the smell test and inquiring minds want to know, just what did it cost to close down the entire University?

I'll add, will the Mayor and Police Chief's stand tall and call the BLACK community RACISTS? Will they start removing BLACKS from Salisbury? I'm telling you, this reminds me of Obama and his jumping the gun passing judgment on people before the police could do their due diligence, Travon Martin ad others. 

I wonder if the Mayor will now come after me for this exact post calling ME a racist? Yet it was his words and his demands to GET OUT. Well, you know how these Idiot and radical Libtards work.

Watch the video.

Maryland Town Threatening 60 Days Jail Time For Revving Engines

The “Cruisin’ Weekend” event that takes place in Ocean City, Maryland every year has turned into one of the biggest gearhead car gatherings on the East Coast. However, the city never intended for it to be such a huge ordeal.

Over the years, laws have been passed to control the situation. Essentially, they seem aimed at drivers who act out or cause a scene, which makes sense. However, the newest proposed law, Senate Bill 878, seems like it might be a bit much.

State Senator Mary Beth Carozza introduced the bill which includes under exhibition driving operating a vehicle in a manner that produces abrupt acceleration or deceleration, skidding, swerving, raucous engine noise, gear grinding or wheels losing contact with the ground. Violations could result in 60 days jail time, a fine of $1,000 or both. Essentially, town authorities could send drivers to jail for quickly accelerating or deceleration among other offenses.


Suspect identified in racist vandalism at SU

The Salisbury University Police Department, in conjunction with the FBI, has identified a suspect in the string of racist vandalism that occurred in Henson Hall, Fulton Hall and the Academic Commons last Wednesday, according to a press release from President Wight's office.

The suspect does not appear to be a part of the campus community and does not have an immediate connection to campus.

The case has been referred to the Wicomico County State's Attorney's office to determine charges and prosecution.

The suspect has not been identified by name and there have been no arrests for any charges.


A Message From Mayor Jake Day

Hi, this is Mayor Jake Day, and this is an open message to the good, innocent, and diverse students, faculty and staff of Salisbury University. You are our neighbors just south of our city, and we love you, we embrace you, and we want you here. The formal process that the University and the federal authorities have to go through to investigate this latest incident of domestic terrorism, and hold accountable the reprehensible racists who attempt to stoke fear and spread hatred, is their responsibility, but we will support it in any way we can. I have faith that those in charge will handle the process professionally. What I’m concerned with is this…

Racists: You have no home here in our community. Get out. Hate: You have no home here. Get out. Misogyny, bigotry… Get out.

When you’re on the correct side of humanity, you don’t need to slink around in stairwells, too afraid of being accountable for opinions that you can’t own publicly. So, to those of you without hate in your heart – whatever your race, gender, religion, or identity; wherever you’re from, and whomever you love… This is your town, and I’ve got your back. These streets are your streets. Come see for yourself at the Pride festival or Haitian Flag Day, Carnivale, Mizzlefest or the National Folk Festival. This City, and the students who call us home, whether temporarily or for a lifetime, is united in celebration of the increasing diversity and inclusivity we see here.

So I proclaim this: In every stairwell, in every corner, in every forum, and at every opportunity, ALL are welcome here.

Remember This???

Meet the dedicated members of The City of Salisbury's Lynching Memorial Task Force!

City of Salisbury, Maryland

Meet the dedicated members of The City of Salisbury's Lynching Memorial Task Force!

Back row L to R- Gretchen Nichols, Brante Dashiell, Bonni Miller, Phillip LeBel, Ajene Turnbull, Jahnae Wallace, James Yamakawa, Joseph Venosa, Neil White, Thomas Long (Intern and Support Role), Creston Long (Nabb Center Support Role)

Front row L to R- Stephon Mason, Michaela Moses, Amber Green, Jake Day

Co-chairs Michaela Moses and Amber Green will lead this amazing group! We are so proud to have found such dedicated members of our community to help us create a permanent monument in honor and solemn remembrance of the three American citizens who lost their lives at the hands of lynch mobs in Wicomico County.

BREAKING NEWS: Wicomico County States Attorneys Office Expected To Produce Major News Tomorrow On SPD Theft

Put your seat belts on Folks because the story SBYNews broke about the theft from the evidence room at the Salisbury Police Department is, (as I'm told) about to go national. 

We've been told by multiple sources Officers are involved and it's even been mentioned this could go as far as the States Attorneys Office as well. 

Officers have already been suspended, according to sources and there's allegedly more to come. We are expecting to see some sort of press release tomorrow and or a press conference. 

It's a shame other news sources continue to hide and or attempt to cover up these major stories but I've been saying it for years, they're bought and paid for by advertisers and municipalities. Jake Day and Chief Barbara Duncan need to be removed. Just look at how pampered all parties involved in the Mayors Wife's case have treated that situation and that too goes all the way up to the States Attorneys Office. 

Salisbury Maryland is crooked AND corrupt, period. Time to drain the swamp!

A Comment Worthy Of A Post: Wicomico County for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Joe, This is not a comment for this thread just wanted to see if you knew about this or could shine a light on it on your page. but this is located on Facebook as a group called "Wicomico County for 2A Sanctuary". Its building with membership pretty fast. There is another one called Eastern shore for 2A Sanctuary as well. it has grown by 1.5k members in less than 48 hours. They need help putting out their message.

PUBLISHERS NOTES: It should be known that I have in fact contacted the County Executive months ago referencing this matter asking that he consider such a proposal. I'm glad to see and even help in any way with this goal.

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 2-19-20



BREAKING NEWS: Drag Queen Story Time At Pittsville Library Now Canceled, BUT THERE'S MORE!

Thanks to so many negative calls and by unpopular demand the Pittsville Library, (ON SCHOOL PROPERTY) has been cancelled. 

HOWEVER, here's the kicker. The Downtown Salisbury Wicomico County Library Director is adamant about hosting a Drag Queen Story Telling during Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day's Gay Pride Parade in June of 2020. Sources tell me she is aggressively freaking out about concerned people totally against such an event.

If I were the County Executive I'd tell that Director to not only pound sand, I'd cut off ALL funding above and beyond what the state requires. Enough is enough of this crap and it needs to be stopped immediately. These are OUR tax dollars funding YOUR Library. Funny how Muir Boda is on the board at the Library and it closely tied with Jake Day. Sources are also telling me that some board members haven't even been made aware of this happening in June. 

On a final note, don't you people find it interesting how ALL of your local media aside from me refuse to expose ANY of this. The Pittsville event was REAL. You heard nothing from your local media and all of you know damn well they all follow Salisbury News like a hawk and have said NOTHING about it. In my opinion I know they called the Library Director about the Pittsville reading and either they didn't ask about the Salisbury event OR the Library Director never said anything about the Salisbury event. I have CONFIRMED both!

Salisbury News Supports And Endorses Alexander Scott For This District 2 Seat

I've always stated I truly do not care what party you are with as long as you are the right person for the position and have the best interest for your community. Alex can and will represent his district with honor and dignity and I highly recommend you support him. 

'Disgrace to my country': Neil Young pens scathing letter to Trump and endorses Bernie Sanders

Musician Neil Young attacked President Trump and endorsed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for president in an open letter on Thursday.

"You are a disgrace to my country," Young, who was born in Canada but received his U.S. citizenship this year after living in the United States for 54 years, wrote on his website. "Your mindless destruction of our shared natural resources, our environment and our relationships with friends around the world is unforgivable."

Young mentioned former President Barack Obama, who, he told Trump, "was a better man than you are."

The rock star said alluded to Sanders, saying he gives "answers I like" on the country's various issues.


Request to rename 'Negro Mountain' in Western MD to be heard in Annapolis

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - State Del. Nick Mosby, who represents Baltimore, has introduced a resolution to rename a mountain in western Maryland.

Negro Mountain is a long ridge of the Allegheny mountains that runs through Garrett County.

After concerns were raised about the racially-based name, the State Highway Administration removed signs for Negro Mountain last year.

Mosby's bill would create a commission to research the mountain's history "and assign a more appropriate name which will correctly address the history of the land."


Editor's note: Nick Mosby is the husband of Marilyn Mosby  State's Attorney for Baltimore

The Delmar School District

Md. bill would ban plastic carryout bags from stores

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Plastic carryout bags would essentially be a thing of the past in Maryland if a bill in the General Assembly gathers enough lawmakers’ votes.

The bill would ban plastic carryout bags at the “point of sale” next year in July, require stores to charge customers a 10 cent fee per “durable” carryout bag — like paper bags — money that retailers would keep, and create a “Single-Use Products Workgroup,” according to a state legislative analysis.

At a bill hearing Feb. 11 in the House Environment and Transportation Committee, Delegate Jerry Clark, R-Calvert and St. Mary’s, asked the bill’s sponsor, Delegate Brooke Lierman, D-Baltimore, whether paper bags are better for the environment than plastic bags.

Lierman said paper bags are better, though the goal of her bill is to encourage bringing reusable bags to stores, limiting overall waste.

“You don’t go to the store without forgetting your wallet, and if we move this forward we won’t go to the stores without remembering our bags because people don’t want to pay (a bag fee),” Lierman said.


New racist graffiti found in Henson Hall

Salisbury University Police Department is investigating another case of racist graffiti on campus. This time, it was found in Henson Hall.

Reports from students say the graffiti was found in the stairway closest to Devilbiss Hall toward the third floor, but this has not been confirmed by police.

Police have determined that there is no immediate threat to campus or surrounding community, according to a statement by SUPD.


Comey urges Barr to put DOJ reputation above 'angry, vindictive president'

Former FBI Director James Comey called on Attorney General William Barr to place the reputation of the Justice Department above the wishes of President Trump.

"I have heard Barr say he doesn’t care about his legacy. Maybe not, but he should care about the reservoir," Comey wrote in an opinion piece published by the Washington Post on Tuesday. "The people of [the Justice Department] depend upon it. He should care enough about them — and the rest of us — to protect this vital American asset. The reputation of the Justice Department is more important than any of us, even an angry, vindictive president."

Barr has come under intense criticism since he intervened in the case of longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone, reversing course on a heavy sentencing recommendation.


Wicomico County Sheriff's Office is attempted to locate missing individual

Wicomico County Sheriff's Office is attempted to locate this missing individual. Iram Sarfraz was last seem leaving home, 35000 block of Rayne Rd, Willards at approx 3am this morning. Iram was last seen wearing green pants, black sweatshirt, a back head wrap and gray/orange sneakers. Iram took no personal belongings with her, she left her cell phone and purse at home. Anyone with information is asked to contact us, 410-548-4891. Thank you!

Boy Scouts Of America Files For Bankruptcy

The Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy, a sign of the century-old organization's financial instability as it faces some 300 lawsuits from men who say they were sexually abused as scouts.

The Boy Scouts have been exploring the possibility of bankruptcy since at least December 2018, when they hired a law firm for a possible Chapter 11 filing.

Amid high-profile sexual abuse scandals in organizations from the Catholic Church to USA Gymnastics, some states have changed their laws to allow more time for victims of sexual abuse to sue their perpetrators. That has brought a wave of new lawsuits from victims whose cases were prevented previously by statutes of limitations.


More than 1,100 ex-DOJ officials demand Barr resign for doing Trump's 'personal bidding'

Hundreds of former Department of Justice employees have signed an open letter calling for Attorney General William Barr to resign.

Over 1,100 former DOJ prosecutors and officials signed a letter posted on Medium on Sunday condemning Barr and President Trump over the department’s decision to intervene in the case of longtime GOP operative Roger Stone.

"Each of us strongly condemns President Trump’s and Attorney General Barr’s interference in the fair administration of justice," the letter reads.

The DOJ announced on Tuesday that it would seek a lower sentence than the one recommended by the prosecutors working Stone’s case who sought a prison sentence of up to nine years. The letter accuses Barr of doing Trump’s "personal bidding" in intervening in the case.


Stacey Abrams 'absolutely' sees herself running for president one day

Failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has eyes for the White House.

Abrams appeared on The View on Monday and spoke about her future career plans in politics. Abrams has risen within the Democratic Party since she lost the Georgia governor’s race to Republican Brian Kemp in 2018. Abrams did not concede the election for months afterward, alleging election interference cost her the governor’s seat.

Abrams reiterated her interest in being someone’s pick for vice president, though no Democratic primary candidate has asked her yet.


Salisbury University: Messsages From the President

EDITOR'S NOTE: Below you will find 3 different message from the President of Salisbury University.  Click 'READ MORE' to view them all

Tonight, our campus is under attack by a coward. Not one but multiple racist threats are being directed at Black and Brown members of OUR community. An attack on some members of our campus community is an attack on all of us, and we all need to respond.

I know these crimes have frightened members of our campus community, particularly Black and Brown students, faculty and staff. I am appalled by these vile acts which are not welcome on OUR campus and do not represent our values.

I made the decision to cancel classes to give us all the opportunity to come together to process what we are experiencing, support each other and figure out how we can move forward together as a community.

The SUPD continues to work with the FBI and allied law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of all members of our campus community. Since the first discovery of racist graffiti, we have taken every measure toward bringing the cowardly criminal or criminals to justice. We will not allow this to define us.

“I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Let Up”: Governor Hogan Discusses Violent Crime Crisis on WBAL

“I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Let Up”Governor Hogan Discusses Violent Crime Crisis on WBAL
“If you want to talk about a life and death matter, it’s doing something about the people that are actually getting shot and killed on the streets of Baltimore.”
ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Hogan appeared live on WBAL’s “The C4 Show” to discuss the need to pass his legislation to address the violent crime crisis in Baltimore City. Here are excerpts from his interview: 
“I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to let up...I’m as frustrated as anyone else because I have been trying to do something for five years but I’m not getting a whole lot of support and not getting a lot of folks that are actually focused on the real problem.”
“A headline in today's Sun says it's a matter of life and death if we don't pass this $33 billion increase in spending on schools. Well, you know, we can talk about what we're going to do with schools over the next 10 years. We have some of the best and the most highly funded schools in America. We obviously all want to see improvements in our schools, but if you want to talk about a life and death matter, it’s doing something about the people that are actually getting shot and killed on the streets of Baltimore. We have a tough crime package that we submitted to the legislature that nearly everyone in the city supports, everyone in the state supports, which we can talk about. Instead, for 42 days, the legislature has ignored that legislation. Just since they've been in session, 38 more people have been killed and 59 more people have been shot while they've done nothing about crime.”
“I'm going to keep hammering this, not because I want to disagree or have a fight with them, but because I want to stop people from being killed in the city. We have more people murdered in Baltimore City, we have 600,000 people, than in New York City with 8,600,000 people. We’re the murder capital of America. I mean, it's crazy.”
“We have a bill to toughen penalties for those who intimidate witnesses, because one of the problems is people will see a shooting in broad daylight but they're afraid, understandably so...they're afraid of retribution. And people are being intimidated. So we have a bill that toughens penalties for those who intimidate witnesses, 91% support statewide...There's not a soul in Baltimore City who is against this witness intimidation bill. And yet, not a single city leader has come out in favor of it, not a single city legislator has signed onto our bill, and the legislature has done nothing for 42 days.”

Is Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day Purposely Driving Attention Away From Missing Evidence At Police Department?

While young college students do very stupid things at times, Salisbury has seen some pretty horrific things that we have published over the years but as the link above will show, NOTHING gets done about such racist crimes. Remember this?
Point being, there's a major issue going on right now that I believe Jake Day and Barbara Duncan are skirting away from. It was Salisbury News who broke the news about all the evidence missing from storage at the SPD. Within 2 days of our exposure a press release came out but YOU do not know the extent of this investigation.

A very reliable source informed me there may in fact be Officers involved. The Police Chief and Mayor want you to believe this is all civilian employee driven. What you also do not know is the massive expense of this investigation. It has to be handled by outside sources such as investigators, attorneys and auditors. The City, (meaning you taxpayers) will have to foot the bill. What you also don't know is that they will have to go back possibly decades and interview every person in every case to find out what evidence was involved in each case and compare that to what is left in the police departments inventory. Do you have ANY idea what that will involve? This investigation could take years. 

So all of a sudden there's some graffiti at the University and Jake Day runs with it like it's domestic terrorism. He cries about how we can't keep college students here after they graduate but then goes on to imply these students are just as important as all of you as taxpayers. When I watched that video all I could think is, this guy is calling me all kinds of names because I disagree with his LGBT agenda. Well not for nothing Jake but I did GET OUT. I'm not a racist, homophobe or any of the other names you called out. What does it say when a Mayor invites freaks, (grown adult men in dresses) to a public library to read to innocent children! Believe me if I could get Eric the Barber and Sam's Club to come to Worcester County I'd never come to Salisbury again. 

In the mean time, Salisbury News will not drop the investigation with the Salisbury Police Department and it will stay at the top of our radar screen while you try to deflect such attention towards the University instead. It's a load of crap as proven in the above link.

Missing Teen In Salisbury

My daughter has been missing from school since 12:00pm Salisbury Middle (west side) allowed her to walk out of class and leave school without being detained or taken into custody the last place she was seen was around Keen Avenue area if anyone has seen her please inbox me I also have wicomico county sheriff's office looking for her as well. Her name is Samaria Turner an she's 14

Concerns Raised Over Wicomico’s Proposed Marijuana Law Changes

SALISBURY – Questions and concerns continue to surround proposed legislation on public marijuana consumption.

On Tuesday, Wicomico County NAACP President Mary Ashanti came before the Wicomico County Council opposing legislation that would prohibit smoking marijuana in public areas and in vehicles.

“Passing this ordinance will create more problems between law enforcement agencies and people of color,” she said. “I’ve talked to different segments of the community and they all feel the same way. We urge you to not pass this proposed ordinance.”

In January, Wicomico County State’s Attorney Jamie Dykes, Deputy State’s Attorney Bill McDermott and Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis presented the council with proposed legislation that mirrored a recently adopted ordinance in Fruitland.


Trump fires back after Obama claims credit for economic boom: 'Con job'

President Trump fired back Monday after former President Barack Obama, in a subtle swipe at the commander in chief, claimed credit for the economic gains in both their terms.

Obama tweeted Monday morning to note the anniversary of his signing the 2009 economic stimulus package.

“Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history,” Obama tweeted, alongside a photo of his signature on the bill.

Public credits Trump more than Obama for booming economy

In the new fight between President Trump and former President Barack Obama over who did most for the economy, Gallup has an answer: Trump.

A solid majority said that Trump “deserves" the credit for the "improvement in the state of the economy in the past few years.”

The survey found that 61% give Trump credit. Some 51% said Obama deserves credit.


California homeless flocking to Malibu beaches, dumping sewage

Officials in Malibu, California, are considering relocating dozens of homeless residents who are staying in RVs along Malibu’s coastline.

Officials say more people are moving to public beaches, using public parking spots and staying for days and weeks at a time. This movement has caused many problems, beyond just denying other residents beach access and parking spots.

“Motorhomes have 30- to 40-, 50-gallon capacities in the septic systems,” Malibu councilmember Jefferson Wagner told FOX Business on Wednesday. “They're dumping [sewage] right onto the rocks or onto the beach, into the public right of way.”

Wagner said this is “a health violation, and it's a humanitarian violation.”

George Soros calls for Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg to be removed from Facebook because they are 'helping Trump get re-elected' by not banning political ads

George Soros has called for Mark Zuckerberg to be removed from Facebook because he thinks he is 'helping Trump get re-elected' by not censoring or banning political ads.

Soros, a prolific billionaire Democrat donor, wrote a letter to The Financial Times on Monday calling on both Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg to step down.

He has accused them of having a 'mutual assistance arrangement' with Trump that will 'help him get re-elected'.

Soros was responding to an article Zuckerberg wrote himself last week which appeared in the Financial Times.


'I’m not going to cut myself up anymore': Jane Fonda swears off plastic surgery at age 82

Actress Jane Fonda won't be going under the knife again after a decision many are lauding as brave.

“I can’t pretend that I’m not vain, but there isn’t going to be any more plastic surgery — I’m not going to cut myself up anymore,” Fonda, 82, told Elle Canada on Tuesday.

Fonda has been open about her previous plastic surgeries but said in the interview, she wants to “make it very clear that it has been a long and continuing struggle for me. I post pictures of me looking haggard — and once with my tooth out!”


Roger Stone does not deserve a presidential pardon

Roger Stone lied to Congress, threatened a witness to cover his tracks, and will now serve 40 months in prison. President Trump has hinted he might pardon his longtime associate, but doing so would be a mistake.

Stone represents the corruption Trump promised to root out of Washington, D.C. He openly bragged about speaking with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to spread smears about Hillary Clinton, then lied about the Trump campaign’s knowledge of these encounters. Stone then tried to prevent a witness from accurately testifying.

There’s an argument to be made that Stone’s crimes did not warrant a massively armed FBI raid, nor did they deserve the nine-year prison sentence prosecutors had recommended. But allowing them to go unpunished entirely — which is essentially what a presidential pardon would do — would send the wrong message.


Bloomberg ‘taking all of Biden's support’ with women, moderates, older voters

Backed by $400 million in spending to build up his name recognition, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has surged into second place in the 2020 Democratic presidential race and is robbing onetime front-runner Joe Biden of his base of support, according to a new survey.

“Biden is hurting,” said pollster Jonathan Zogby.

In his latest national survey, Sen. Bernie Sanders has a hold on the lead, with support from 24% of likely Democratic primary voters.


Rep. James Clyburn: 'We were fully employed during slavery'

House Majority Whip James Clyburn dismissed President Trump’s record unemployment lows for black Americans on Tuesday by arguing that slaves were “fully employed,” too.

The South Carolina Democrat weighed in on Mr. Trump’s economy during an appearance on Fox News after host Neil Cavuto said the president had “delivered the goods for a lot of African-Americans” with record-low unemployment.

“Come on, Neil,” Mr. Clyburn responded. “It’s not true.”

“I’m saying that the African-American unemployment is not the lowest it’s ever been unless you count slavery,” the congressman said. “We were fully employed during slavery. So it all depends how you measure this up.”

More here

Steven Spielberg's daughter launches adult entertainment career, says dad supports her sex worker ambitions

Steven Spielberg's daughter says she has self-produced adult entertainment videos and is an aspiring sex worker in a new tell-all interview.

Mikaela Spielberg, one of the famed director's seven children, has begun self-producing solo adult film videos at the age of 23, she told The Sun.

Spielberg's daughter, who lives in Nashville, Tenn., has already submitted an application to become a sex worker — and the self-proclaimed "sexual creature" shared in the revealing interview that her famous father is supportive of her endeavors.

Questions raised after slide with Pres. Trump shown at Maryland High School

TOWSON, Md. (WBFF) - Upset parents are contacting Baltimore County Schools about a slide that was shown in their child's history class this week at Loch Raven High School.

The slide featured a picture of President Trump above pictures of a swastika and hammer-and-sickle.

Over the picture of the president are the words "Wants to round up a group of people and build a giant wall." The words "been there" and "done that" appear under the pictures of the swastika and hammer and sickle. A banner on the side reads "Oh that's why it sounds so familiar!"


Baltimore County Public School Statement to Media:

“The slide was used as part of a lesson in an AP History course. The topics being discussed included World Wars and the attempts by some leaders to limit, or prevent migration, into certain countries. In isolation and out of context with the lesson, the image could be misunderstood. In our Advanced Placement (AP) classes, which are college level courses, we expect and encourage analysis and discussion around historical and current events even if they are considered controversial. This lesson was not intended to make a political statement. If a student has concerns when discussing a controversial issue, schools have the tools to address the concern and support the student.” -Baltimore County Public Schools

Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother and said she would 'do what she had to do to get him "papers"

'Squad' congresswoman Ilhan Omar told friends years ago that the man who went on to become her second husband was in fact her brother, can confirm.

And now for the first time one of those friends has come forward to reveal exactly how Omar and Ahmed Elmi scandalized the Somali community in Minneapolis.

Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers so he could stay in the United States, at a time when she was married to her first husband Ahmed Hirsi.

But hardly anyone realized that meant marrying him.

'No one knew there had been a wedding until the media turned up the marriage certificate years later,' Osman, 40, exclusively told


California prisoner confesses to killing two incarcerated child molesters

CORCORAN, Calif. — A California prison inmate confessed in a letter that he beat two child molesters to death with a cane while behind bars just hours after his urgent warning to a counselor that he might become violent was ignored, a newspaper chain reported Thursday.

Jonathan Watson, 41, confessed in the letter to the Bay Area News Group in Northern California that he clubbed both men in the head on Jan. 16 at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran.

Prisoner David Bobb, 48, died that day. Graham De Luis-Conti, 62, died three days later at a hospital. Both were serving life sentences for aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14.

“We can’t comment on an active investigation,” Dana Simas, spokesman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, wrote in an email.


Expanding Sales Tax Not Right Call In Maryland

How to fund the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations to improve Maryland public school question continues to be the biggest issue in Annapolis for the General Assembly.

A proposal to create new revenue by expanding the state’s sales tax was unveiled this week to raise the new revenue needed. We don’t believe the foolish plan deserves any attention at all, but over the coming weeks it will get a thorough review because it’s supported by many Democratic leaders.

Maryland has an expense problem. Many people believe it’s too expensive to live and do business in Maryland currently, while many lawmakers maintain that’s perception and not reality. There are a bevy of financial comparisons proving the case living and doing business in Maryland is more expensive than neighboring states. There are numerous examples of people opting to move to nearby states a short drive away to save on property and income taxes, and businesses deciding to relocate due to expenses being too high in this state. We believe there is merit to these concerns.


Mark Zuckerberg's aides blow-dry his ARMPITS to stop him stress-sweating before speeches

Mark Zuckerberg is so consumed by his public image that his aides have to blow-dry his armpits ahead of speeches in order to combat anxiety sweat, according to a new book.

Technology journalist, Steven Levy, has revealed the bizarre habit in his new book, Facebook: The Inside Story, according to Bloomberg News' Austin Carr who was able to get a sneak peek inside the publication.

According to Carr, Levy portrayed the Facebook CEO as a mix between 'naive genius and robotic robber baron'.

'He, too, is consumed by his public image. A communications exec is shown blow-drying the CEO’s armpits before speaking appearances to eliminate anxiety sweat,' Carr wrote.


Hogan says he won't hike taxes, put state in deficit for Kirwan plan

BALTIMORE —Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is describing the Kirwan Commissioner education proposals as "good and worthwhile," but he said he will not pay for the plan on the backs of taxpayers or at the risk of the state going broke.

Hogan said he's open to sitting down with lawmakers to work out a plan that meets the goals of Kirwan without the big price tag. The Kirwan proposals are designed to improve public education across the state. Even as lawmakers debate how to pay for the plan, Hogan said he's not sitting on the sidelines.

"There are a lot of good and worthwhile proposals in Kirwan. In fact, most of it are things that we like and aspire to. I fully funded Kirwan this year $350 million because we had the revenue to support this," Hogan said.

But the governor is convinced that won't happen based on what he's seen so far in the Kirwan bills.


Crisfiled Police: Subjects Wanted for Questioning

Hey Democrats! Where's The Diversity?

Caption This Photo 2-19-20

Comment from a Reader

Joe-- I was riding around the other day and happened to see a sticker like this on the back of an SUV in front of me. We sat at a light, and I had time to look at it for a moment and think. It was actually the first time I had seen this, and I was all in-- things have gotten so far out of hand, and some people have become downright mean for seemingly no reason.

Later at home, I thought, 'I'd like to have one of those-- that's a good thing to encourage.'

So I researched it, and I discovered that this has been out there since 2016.. since Mr. Trump was elected. And that it was all over liberal vehicles, t-shirts and websites.

But as we look back.. who exactly are the ones who have not been very kind since then? Who are the ones beating on children wearing red hats, and crashing vehicles into displays of conservative literature, and disrupting rallies and events that they disagree with? Running people out of restaurants and screaming and fussing outside their houses in the middle of the night?

I still want one of these, because we need it now more than ever. But I want a red and white one. And I hope the people who are acting out their rage and disappointment over unreasonable expectations that weren't met will read it, and just take a deep breath, and settle down some.

I remember when the police used to hand out little stuffed animals to traumatized children.. maybe we need some of those, too.

I hope some of the folks who comment on this blog will also take a moment to take a deep breath before posting. People are frustrated.. EVERYBODY is frustrated. But hopefully we can use this space to discuss things without having to get evil about it-- without getting vicious and personal, calling people morons and idiots and talking to them like they're stupid. We don't need to do that, do we? Does it help in any way?

We can be the ones that begin to "Make America Kind Again." One person at a time.

I'll start with me. Will you start with you?

God bless you real good today!