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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Turley: Despite the guilty plea, Democrats still denounce this 'investigation of investigators'

“Gosh almighty.” Those words from former Vice President Joe Biden sum up plenty about the announced criminal plea by former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. Of course, Biden was not referring to the implications of the FBI lawyer who lied to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court for the efforts to continue the surveillance of an adviser to the campaign of Donald Trump. Nor was he referring to growing evidence that the Russia investigation was launched based on false and flawed evidence.

Biden was referring to the federal investigation by United States Attorney John Durham that led to the criminal plea by Clinesmith. Like most other Democrats, Biden previously denounced the investigation and the effort to look into criminality. Now that criminality has been found, Democrats and commentators still insist there are no reasons to continue it.

From the start, Democrats overwhelmingly condemned the investigation despite admitting Durham is a respected prosecutor. Leaders like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff deemed the investigation “tainted” and “political.” Biden mocked the very idea of an “investigation of the investigators” and added, “Give me a break. Gosh almighty.”


What mail-in voting crisis? Nobody has to vote by mail

With their characteristic sick Alinskyite tactic of targeting political opponents at their homes, a very socially undistanced mob of hysterics targeted the postmaster general, claiming that President Trump was conspiring to destroy the election through the dysfunction of the postal service.

Here's John Solomon's Just the News:

Crowds of protesters blowing horns and banging pots and pans showed up outside the Washington, D.C. home of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Saturday morning, accusing the agency head of attempting to sabotage the 2020 election in favor of Donald Trump.

The activist group ShutDownDC took credit for organizing the protest, writing on Saturday morning that they had "deliver[ed] democracy" to the postmaster.

"Louis DeJoy, one of Donald Trump’s big donors, is dismantling the U.S. Postal Service ahead of mass mail-in voting in the 2020 presidential election," the group stated.
Lately, they claimed, DeJoy "has fired or reassigned much of the existing USPS leadership and ordered the removal of mail sorting machines that are fundamental to the functioning of the postal service."


Philadelphia Police, City Council Organize a “Home Gun-Check Campaign” Urging Residents to Turn in Firearms to ‘Combat Gun Violence’

Philadelphia is seeing an increase in shootings so the far-left City Council and police organized a ‘home gun-check campaign’ urging residents to turn in their firearms.

Makes sense.

Voluntary gun buyback programs and other programs aimed at urging residents to voluntarily turn in their firearms would only increase violence because it keeps criminals armed and disarms law abiding citizens.

Far left “community groups” with backing from city officials and police are distributing flyers which reads “save a life, turn in a gun.”


Breaking Audio Reveals Obama Spy Stefan Halper Was Trying to Infiltrate High Level Positions in Trump Administration (VIDEO)

Steven Schrage joined Maria Bartiromo again for his second appearance on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

Schrage worked with FBI spy Stefan Halper for years.
Steven introduced Stefan Halper to Carter Page back in 2016 while Halper was spying on the Trump campaign.'

On Sunday he spoke with Maria Bartiromo again in his second interview.

On Sunday Shrage told Maria Bartiromo that Christopher Steele‘s old boss at MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove was at the conference in London with Stefan Halper and Carter Page back in 2016.

Shrage then released audio of FBI spy Stefan Halper, who spied on the Trump campaign, discussing his desire of being the Secretary of State in the Trump Campaign. In the audio Halper also said he would take the Deputy Secretary of State job.


HUGE: Former and Fired FBI Director Comey Is In Big Trouble – He Knew Carter Page Worked for the CIA But Signed Bogus FISA Warrants Anyway

Former FBI Director James Comey knew Carter Page was a CIA asset when he signed multiple FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page and candidate and President Trump. He knew this because Carter Page told him.

Republican Representative Devin Nunes was on FOX Business with attorney Gregg Jarrett. In the interview Nunes noted a couple of important items related to the Durham investigation of the Deep State gang behind Obamagate, but at the 3:15 mark below, Jarrett said the following:


Peter Navarro: Dems Want USPS to Be ‘Ballot-Harvesting Service’

On a deal for a new coronavirus relief package, Navarro said, “You can’t have either side cross the other’s red lines. What are the red lines here? The red lines are bailing out massive blue states that basically did not do a good job in terms of taking care of the public. A lot of those are sanctuary cities and states which basically got in to the hole they’re in by giving a bunch of money away to illegal aliens. So that’s clearly a red line there.”

He added, “Clearly, this president does not want to support ballot harvesting. Nancy and Chuck want a big amount for that. You know, there’s other things. You can’t make the Republicans pay for things like Planned Parenthood, and certainly, the Democrats have their red lines.”


FRIGHTENING: Vote For Sleepy Joe Biden and Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye – Biden Proposes 100,000 Federal Contact Tracers to Spy on Your Every Move

In May we reported on our concerns with contact tracing and our loss of freedom as a result of this practice. We reported that contact tracers will track you and tell you what you can and cannot do. You will be a puppet of the state. You must do what they say for the greater good. Freedom will be lost forever.

We reported that Democrat states were promoting the idea of “contact tracing” and when you realize what it is, you will think you are living in Orwell’s 1984.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot cheered the news that Chicago was hiring 600 tracers to track its citizens using the coronavirus as the excuse. We then shared an excellent video (which has now been taken down by YouTube) that explained the madness behind contact tracing. In the video the following points were made:

Of course John Hopkins offers contact tracer training (connected to the scary overboard coronavirus chart)
Based on you coming in contact with a person who has COVID-19 you will be placed in total isolation for 10 days
If you have no way of not sharing a bathroom you will need to be isolated
If you are quarantined you will be isolated for 14 days
A contact tracer will take care of your kids but you cannot leave your house
If you eat at a restaurant and someone was found with COVID you will be quarantined
Big government will video conference you and review your place to make sure you are isolated
If you contract it your family will have to be quarantined for 14 days and completely isolated
If you were on a train, at work or in a restaurant then everyone near you will have to be quarantined

Thomas Gallatin: Biden Is No Bastion of Virtue or Integrity

The veteran politico is infamous for slimy tactics, including lying about Michael Brown.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign message in a nutshell is “vote for me, because I’m not Donald Trump.” Ever since Trump’s surprise defeat of Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media, political pundits, and Beltway intellectuals have moaned ad nauseam over how awful he is. “He’s lowered the dignity of the office,” they say. “He’s the worst president the nation has ever had,” they scream. And on and on the negative sentiments go.

In fact, no president in modern history has experienced even remotely the amount of negative coverage by the MSM as has Trump. So despised is Trump by the Leftmedia that reporters no longer even attempt to feign any semblance of objective journalism, all their phony “fact-checks” notwithstanding. They have essentially (and in some cases literally) declared that resisting Trump is the only morally acceptable position one can take.

The irony in all this is the old white man the Democrat Party propped up as the man to defeat Trump and bring back “normalcy” to Washington is one of the Swamp’s slimiest politicians over the last 50 years. Biden is more than a creepy, hair-sniffing gaffe machine. He’s a documented serial liar. And his habit of uttering falsehoods hasn’t stopped.


Mark Alexander: Dear Victims — in the Wake of Leftists' Defunding of Police

A memo to the citizens of every city where leftists are cutting police protection.

There is a dramatic crime surge in Democrat-controlled cities nationwide, particularly those where leftist mayors have prevented police from defending the public and are actively defunding police operations. That surge includes a 30% increase in homicides in New York, where six people were murdered over the weekend. The surge has prompted 80% of black residents in New York and across the nation to affirm they want cops protecting their neighborhoods.

No surprise that New York City’s police union, for the first time in decades, endorsed a presidential candidate: Donald Trump. Announcing the endorsement, NYCPBA President Patrick Lynch told Trump: “In the New York City PBA, sir, you earn the endorsement and you’ve earned this endorsement. I’m proud to give it.” In response, President Trump noted succinctly, “No one will be safe in Biden’s America.”

In Portland, Oregon, where the mayor and city council are defunding police and refusing to prosecute rioters, the Oregon State Police, who were called in by the governor and mayor to relieve federal law enforcement officials, fired a strong shot over the bow of that state’s politicians. In an official statement announcing they were pulling out of Portland, the OSP declared: “The Oregon State Police is continually reassessing our resources and the needs of our partner agencies and at this time we are inclined to move those resources back to counties where prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority.”


Douglas Andrews: Is the Collegiate Death Spiral Coming Soon?

Our nation's colleges and universities are long overdue for a fiscal reckoning.

For those of us on the Right, it’s about time. Our colleges and universities have for years grown unchecked by free-market principles, fully enabled by a corrupt deal between spiraling tuition costs and endless government subsidies. And all this while serving as leftist indoctrination camps for our children.

It’s a noxious bubble that can’t burst soon enough.

“Colleges and universities were already facing mounting financial pressure,” writescolumnist, scholar, and university professor Steven Hayward, “because enrollment is steadily declining and certain to get much worse in the coming decade (the result of falling birthrates back at the time of the housing crash in 2008-09). Add to this the financial hit they are taking right now because of the virus, on top of the huge loss this year of foreign students who typically pay full tuition rates and subsidize other students, and a large number of colleges and universities face a serious risk of insolvency.”

Add to these pressures the reduction in enrollment of foreign students (they pay top dollar for an American college education), the cancellation of this year’s fall sports season (football, with its ticket sales, lucrative TV contracts, and licensing deals, is the meal ticket for nearly every other university sport), and the decision by many students to put off college at least temporarily, but perhaps permanently, and we can see why even Stanford has found it necessary to cut 11 of its sports programs altogether.


Spikes in emergency room visits found for respiratory problems in the days before a thunderstorm

A team of researchers from the University of Oregon, Harvard Medical School, and the University of Illinois has found evidence of an increase in the number of people going to the emergency room for respiratory problems in the days before a thunderstorm. In their paper published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, the group describes their study of Medicare data and thunderstorms and what they learned from it.

Over the past several decades, there has been anecdotal evidence of spikes in emergency room visits for patients with respiratory complaints in the days leading up to major thunderstorms. It was first described in 1983 in England and then twice again in Australia in 1987 and 2016. At that time, scientists had no explanation for the spikes, though they suspected that it was linked to an increase in pollen in the air. In this new effort, the researchers looked at Medicare data describing emergency room visits for people over 65 with respiratory problems over the years 1999 to 2012, and compared it with atmospheric conditions for those involved.

The researchers found that there were, indeed, spikes inemergency room visits by people with respiratory problemssuch as COPD or asthma prior to thunderstorms. They also extrapolated the data to make estimates for the U.S. as a whole, suggesting that there were approximately 52,000 extra ER visits due to approaching thunderstorms for people over 65 with respiratory ailments over the time period they studied.


A Mass Exodus Away From Big Cities On Both Coasts

In all of U.S. history, we have never seen anything like “the mass exodus of 2020”. Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the major cities on both coasts in search of a better life. Homelessness, crime and drug use were already on the rise in many of our large cities prior to 2020, but many big city residents were willing to put up with a certain amount of chaos in order to maintain their lifestyles. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and months of civil unrest have finally pushed a lot of people over the edge. Moving companies on both coasts are doing a booming business as wealthy and middle class families flee at a blistering pace, and most of those families do not plan to ever return.

Los Angeles is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Once upon a time it attracted wealthy and famous people from all over the globe, but in 2020 it is “a city on the brink“…

Today, Los Angeles is a city on the brink. ‘For Sale’ signs are seemingly dotted on every suburban street as the middle classes, particularly those with families, flee for the safer suburbs, with many choosing to leave LA altogether.

British-born Danny O’Brien runs Watford Moving & Storage. ‘There is a mass exodus from Hollywood,’ he says.

Almost half of the entire homeless population of the entire country now lives in the state of California, and a large proportion of them are addicted to drugs. Needless to say, this has created a nightmarish environment

Junkies and the homeless, many of whom are clearly mentally ill, walk the palm-lined streets like zombies – all just three blocks from multi-million-dollar homes overlooking the Pacific.

Stolen bicycles are piled high on pavements littered with broken syringes.

Could you imagine trying to raise a family in such a community?

I certainly couldn’t.

And the worse economic conditions become, the worse the problem gets. Crime is skyrocketing in L.A., and some residents have been shocked to discover strangers actually “defecating in their front gardens”


Prosecutors Working For Kamala-Mentored DA Committed "Substantial Abuses" During Smollett Investigation

Before the pandemic, we had Jussie Smollett - the former "Empire" star whose racist 2019 hate-crime hoax destroyed his career, stoked racial tensions nationwide, and cost Chicago taxpayers a reported $130,000 in police overtime thanks the MSM and prominent liberals who breathlessly reported Smollett's lies as fact.

And according to findings by a special prosecutor tasked with investigating what looked like a massive cover-up by the Cook County DA's office, State's Attorney Kim Foxx and her assistant prosecutors committed 'substantial abuses of discretion,' but did not break the law.

To review, Smollett claimed that two white Trump supporters in MAGA hats assaulted him on a freezing cold January night at 2 a.m., calling him racist and homophobic slurs before beating him up and leaving a noose around his neck (which he was wearing when police arrived). The actor said he chased the two white men off after the alleged 'hate crime.'

Kamala Harris - who mentored Cook County DA Kim Foxx and was coincidentally working on an anti-lynching bill at the time with Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), called it a 'modern day lynching.'



Joe Holloway just withdrew his name as a candidate for Wicomico county Executive. The council cannot vote to advance him to a higher position. This according to attorneys Taylor and Wilber.

More to come.

Hard Hitting Interview: Cardi B Gets Joe Biden to Back Tax Hike to Pay for Free Health Insurance, College Tuition

Joe Biden has thrown his support behind free health insurance and college, saying in an Elle magazine interview with rap star Cardi B that “there’s no reason why we can’t have all of that.” And who will foot the bill? Taxpayers, of course, with the presidential candidate saying that “no corporation should pay less than 15 percent tax.”

Biden made his remarks in response to Cardi B’s wish list for what she wants from the winner of November’s presidential election. “I have a whole list of things that I want our next president to do for us,” the 27-year-old, anti-Trump rapper said. “What I want is free Medicare. It’s important to have free [healthcare] because look what is happening right now. Of course, I think we need free college.”


Horowitz: Teen accused of killing man in horrific knockout at Frederick Fair gets anger management and ZERO prison time


John Weed was enjoying the Frederick County, Maryland, Fair last September when a group of teens surrounded him and beat him to death. One of the two brothers involved who later spat on Weed's lifeless body has now been sentenced by the judge. Did he get the death penalty, which is what Weed suffered in front of his own family in broad daylight at a rural county fair? Nope, he was told to report to anger management class. Welcome to justice in America?

It's a trend all over the country where groups of predominantly black teens, often numbering 20 or more, surround a victim – black or white– and beat the individual, sometimes to death, in the ultimate act of group cowardice. There is simply no deterrent against these attacks. These kids usually have long rap sheets and never get prison time. Now, we see that is the case even after they kill.


Fired for Calling Transgender Student ‘She,’ Teacher Goes to Court

Peter Vlaming has two great passions—teaching and French.

But a Virginia school district stripped the French teacher of the ability to impart these passions in high school classrooms when it fired him for not using pronouns preferred by a transgender student.

“I explained to my principal that I couldn’t in good conscience pronounce masculine pronouns to refer to a girl,” Vlaming told The Daily Signal in an interview for this special video report. “He gave me an official written reprimand that said it was the first step in a process that would lead to my termination.”


BREAKING NEWS: Sunfest Canceled, Town Moving Forward with Planning for SunLITE

The Ocean City Council voted to officially cancel Sunfest on Monday night, after weeks of discussion about the future of the event. Vendors that already made deposits will be refunded, and their spots will be saved for 2021. The town planned to host the 46th Annual Sunfest from October 1-4 in the hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic would no longer be a threat. However, as the event draws closer and the virus continues to spread, officials simply do not believe that holding a major festival is possible.

The 2020 Sunfest has been a hot topic of conversation for the council since the beginning of August. Earlier this month, Special Events Director Frank Miller revealed that statewide Covid-19 restrictions apply to Sunfest, preventing large music events or food tents from being a part of the coveted festival.

Miller said that the loss of ticket sales from musical entertainment alone amounts to $142,000. While he said that the event could still generate revenue, he was skeptical of the willingness of businesses and vendors to participate. A survey of 157 vendors revealed that 38% were questioning whether they would participate, and 54% said that they were comfortable attending. However, 13% of the people willing to attend were motivated by concerns of losing their spot at a future festival rather than actually coming to the 2020 event.

Several weeks ago, Miller and members of the council warned against the backlash the town would face in the media if they were to sponsor the event. They also discussed the negative impact on the event’s reputation as one of the top festivals in the nation.

The responses from vendors, the potential for bad optics, and limitations due to Covid-19 led the council to unanimously vote in favor of the cancellation of Sunfest.


EPIC! President Trump Gives Minnesota Man Whose Business Was Burnt Down by Rioters a Super Surprise at Rally Today (Video)

President Trump gave a man whose life was turned upside down by rioters earlier this year a wonderful gift today at a rally in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s KB who spent his life savings building a sports bar had his life turned upside down on May 27th. On that day rioters viciously destroyed his bar and dreams.

The black man and his wife were in Mankato today to see President Trump. KB and his wife have four kids and they immigrated from West Africa 25 years ago. Now he and his wife have to start over. He did say that through donations he has received a lot of support.


The shocking origins of Black Lives Matter

Exclusive excerpt from forthcoming 'Unmasking Obama' reveals hoax that lit the fuse

During the Soviet era, “samizdat” referred to the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state. Since official news sources were little more than communist government propaganda, samizdat was often the only source of truthful reporting. In “Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of Failed Presidency,” Jack Cashill tells the story of how an American samizdat of bloggers, online journals, and citizen journalists challenged the left – and, occasionally, the more “respectable” right – for control of the Obama narrative. In this excerpt Cashill tells the story of how the samizdat smoked out the origins of Black Lives Matter.

On the morning of March 23, 2012, Barack Obama said of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin four weeks earlier, “My main message is to the parents of Trayvon – If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Four weeks after the shooting, Obama had no excuse for not knowing the facts of the case. This would prove to be the most destructive moment of his presidency.


Another Democrat Success Story - New York City is 'Dead Forever' ?

Will the city that never sleeps ever wake up?

Not according to James Altucher, a best-selling author and former hedge-fund manager (and a former MarketWatch columnist), who says that New York City is “dead forever” as its residents come to grips with the reality of the coronavirus pandemic and what it means for the fate of the Big Apple.

“I love NYC. When I first moved to NYC, it was a dream come true. Every corner was like a theater production happening right in front of me. So much personality, so many stories,” he wrote in a blog post explaining why his temporary relocation might become more permanent.


Portland Rioters Drag Man from Car and Beat Him senseless

A motorist was dragged from his car, forced to the ground, and beaten unconscious by Portland rioters on Sunday night, as lawlessness continues to reign with no law enforcement in sight.

The incident was reported and shared by Andy Ngo, editor at-large of the Post Millennial. The scenes are graphic.


Universities ask students to play 'Coronavirus police' Report peers

As colleges across America reopen for in-person learning this fall, some are asking students to report peers who might not be following guidelines that universities have set up to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For example, the University of Miami has set up a system where “students are encouraged to report concerns about unsafe behaviors” of their peers, and administrators will review the concern.

Texas A&M University has a similar system where faculty members and administrators can file a report if they are concerned someone else on campus has COVID-19 or has come into contact with the virus.

Tulane University also has a system where university members can report “problematic behavior” related to COVID-19, and depending on the circumstance, are asked to call the university police.


Janice Dean Finally Gets Her Chance to Testify

For months Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean has been trying to tell her tragic story. Her in-laws, Mickey and Dee Newman, died in separate New York elder care facilities during the coronavirus pandemic. She has made no secret of the fact that she blames Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his nursing home mandate, which forced facilities to accept recovering COVID patients. Over 6,000 COVID patients were reportedly sent to elder care homes over the course of 46 days. When New York lawmakers began hearings on the subject, Dean was ready to testify. But the New York State Senate didn't want to hear it. A few days before the first meeting was set to begin, her name was taken off of the witness list. She later found out that was because the Democratic majority would have been too "uncomfortable" with her testimony.

New York Republicans gave her the chance to speak on Monday, and through a painful amount of tears she managed to get through it.

Mickey and Dee's health had been declining for some time before they went into elder care facilities, Dean explained. It was "the first time in their lives they had been apart like this." Mickey's facility went into quarantine in March and she was notified that he'd be moved to a different floor to make way for a new crop of patients. Dean says that she now believes that some of those new patients were ones recovering from COVID. Some days later the staff called her husband to notify him that his dad was sick. He had a fever, and three hours later he was dead. They were told it was likely a result of coronavirus.

"We only got confirmation when we saw it on the death certificate," she said.


Giuliani calls on Trump to declare Black Lives Matter a domestic terror organization

'This is an illegal organization and their intent is to overthrow our government.'

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani urged President Trump to declare Black Lives Matter (BLM) a domestic terror organization Monday on "The Story."

"I can't understand why major American corporations are giving money to Black Lives Matter, which is run by three Communists who are avowed terrorists," said Giuliani, appearing to reference a 2015 video in which BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors stated "we are trained Marxists."

"The money that they get comes from a terrorist named Susan Rosenberg, who was convicted and sent to prison for 58 years for being involved in this conspiracy to kill cops," Giuliani added. "She's funneling the money to them. If you spend 10 minutes, Martha, and read [about BLM], it's the end of our government.

"The president should consider, very carefully, declaring Black Lives Matter a domestic terrorist organization," the former mayor went on. "Today they had four or five beatings they took part in, they've been recorded saying that police officers should be murdered and killed. And one of their members this weekend defended looting as [something] people are entitled to do ... because they have no bread.


EXCLUSIVE: 'Joe Biden stole Jill from me': Her first husband tells how she CHEATED with Democrat candidate he once considered a friend and that they have LIED about how they started dating for years

And the whole story the Bidens tell about how the presidential candidate fell in love with Jill after a blind date is completely made up, Bill Stevenson told in an exclusive interview.

Now Stevenson is about to publish a book that he says will blow the lid off the sham story.

'I don't want to hurt anyone,' Stevenson, 72, said at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, the town Biden has called home for half a century. 'But facts are facts and what happened, happened.'


Missing ‘Young Democrats of Maryland’ Leader Found Dead in Washington DC

The president of the Young Democrats of Maryland was found dead in Washington DC on Sunday, a week after he went missing.

Joseph Kitchen, 34, was found dead one day after the Prince George County Police Department asked the public’s help in finding him.

Young Democrats of America


We are saddened to learn of the tragic and untimely passing of Joseph Kitchen. Joseph always pushed YDA to live up to its values and was someone who was not satisfied with accepting the status quo. His passion will be deeply missed. We express our deepest condolences.

Robin Smith: High Rollers Protected, Holy Rollers Punished

A Nevada church meets in a casino that's open, but it's slapped with a fine anyway.

Apparently, COVID-19 is brilliant in its targeting and selectively knows when individuals are gathered for worship or whether they’re together to gamble or to commit vandalism and looting. Who knew?

For nearly 30 days, people shoulder to shoulder in the streets of Seattle were allowed freedom of speech and protected under the First Amendment because the coronavirus apparently isn’t targeting these individuals.

Looting and rioting causing more than $500 million in damage along with two deaths in Minneapolis are just people expressing themselves, and their acts are ostensibly protected under the First Amendment. Ergo, COVID is not going to infect these individuals.

Almost three months of marches and destruction of federal property in Portland, where Oregon State Police had to abandon protest patrol to protect the government-owned properties from vandalism, is, as Americans are being told, protected under the First Amendment, and the coronavirus is not looking to attack the health of these individuals.

In Las Vegas, casinos are open at 50% capacity as gamblers enjoy alcoholic beverages and handling currency, chips, cards, and machinery. Their commercial exchanges are absolutely protected by state laws and even a non-ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court because, apparently, COVID is not transmitted among people engaged in these activities.


Macy's LEAVING Chicago After Democrat Leadership FAILED To Stop Looting TWICE! Dem Cities Are DONE.

VA. Senator Louise Lucas charged w destruction of Confederate Monument

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – A Virginia state senator has been charged with two felonies for actions at a Confederate monument that was destroyed on June 10 in the city of Portsmouth.

State Sen. Louise Lucas, among others, faces charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000. Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene announced the charges during a Monday afternoon press conference.

Portsmouth officials held the briefing Monday afternoon to announce that warrants have been secured against several individuals more than two months after an incident at the city’s monument.

Greene issued a statement but did not take any questions as the investigation is ongoing, city officials said.


Autopsies show microplastics in all major human organs

(HealthDay)—Microscopic bits of plastic have most likely taken up residence in all of the major filtering organs in your body, a new lab study suggests.

Researchers found evidence of plastic contamination intissue samples taken from the lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys of donated human cadavers.

"We have detected these chemicals of plastics in every single organ that we have investigated," said senior researcher Rolf Halden, director of the Arizona State University (ASU) Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering.

There's long been concern that the chemicals in plastics could have a wide range of health effects ranging from diabetes and obesity to sexual dysfunction and infertility.


Kim Jong Un orders pet dogs to be confiscated in North Korean capital

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered pet dogs to be confiscated in the country’s capital, saying the pooches represent Western “decadence’’ — but their owners fear Fido is really headed for someone’s dinner table.

Kim issued the directive in July to round up the pets, claiming they were part of “a ‘tainted’ trend by bourgeouis ideology,’’ a source told the English edition of Chosun Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper.

“Ordinary people raise pigs and livestock on their porches, but high-ranking officials and the wealthy own pet dogs, which stoked some resentment’’ among the lower classes, the source said.

“Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are forcing them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down.’’

But while the oppressive regime says the move is to clamp down on capitalist extravagance in Pyongyang, the dog owners are fearful that given North Korea’s food shortage — and propensity for eating dog meat — the directive has only come about to feed the masses.


Fox's Chris Wallace Asks, What If Trump "Really Has A Point Here" Over Mail-In Voter Fraud?

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace - no fan of Donald Trump, asked a panel of guests about the possibility that the president "may have a point" about widespread fraud due to mail-in voting.

"I know the Democrats say that President Trump is trying to block mail-in voting and trying to block billions of dollars more for the postal service in order to suppress voting in this election, but hear me out for a minute, isn’t it possible that the president really has a point here?" Wallace asked former DNC communications director Mo Elleithee during "Fox News Sunday," per theDaily Caller.

"As I mentioned earlier, there were 33 million either absentee or mail-in ballots in 2016. If we have to double that or triple that, isn’t there a pretty good chance that we will have a mess at the least, and yes, possibly fraud?" Wallace added.

After appearing stunned for a split second, Elleithee responded: "Look, I think it is certainly likely that there would be challenges if the president continues to kneecap the Postal Service," adding that states "have robust mail-in voting operations."


Special prosecutor in Jussie Smollett investigation finds Kim Foxx's office mishandled case

He ruled office abused its discretion in case against the actor, but did nothing criminal

The special prosecutor tasked with probing the state attorney’s handling of the Jussie Smollett investigation in Chicago has ruled the office abused its discretion in the caseagainst the actor, but did nothing criminal.

In a statement on the conclusions of his investigation, special prosecutor Dan Webb sharply criticized the handling of the Smollett case by Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and her assistant prosecutors, saying their handling was marked by disarray and misleading statements.

In March last year, Foxx’s office surprised and angered many in Chicago by dropping charges that accused the former “Empire” actor of staging an alleged racist and homophobic attack against himself. Smollett is still adamant that the attack was real and wasn’t a publicity hoax.


The shocking origins of Black Lives Matter

Exclusive excerpt from forthcoming 'Unmasking Obama' reveals hoax that lit the fuse

During the Soviet era, “samizdat” referred to the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state. Since official news sources were little more than communist government propaganda, samizdat was often the only source of truthful reporting. In “Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of Failed Presidency,” Jack Cashill tells the story of how an American samizdat of bloggers, online journals, and citizen journalists challenged the left – and, occasionally, the more “respectable” right – for control of the Obama narrative. In this excerpt Cashill tells the story of how the samizdat smoked out the origins of Black Lives Matter.

On the morning of March 23, 2012, Barack Obama said of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin four weeks earlier, “My main message is to the parents of Trayvon – If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” Four weeks after the shooting, Obama had no excuse for not knowing the facts of the case. This would prove to be the most destructive moment of his presidency.