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Monday, June 10, 2013

A Viewer Writes 6-10-13

A Salisbury Ambulance Crew Lunch Spot Today

Asian Restaurant at the corner of Eastern Shore Drive and Collage Avenue at 11:45am today.

Salary Dump Has Feds In The Dumps

Do your friends know how much you make as a government worker? Would it embarrass you if your over-achiever brother-in-law knew how little Uncle Sam chooses to pay you? Would your ex-spouse be surprised and maybe a little angry to know what you've really been pulling down?

For most of us in the private sector, salaries are more or less private. Odds are many of us give the impression that we make more than we do, either because we are embarrassed by the reality of our direct deposits or are trying to impress someone.

(For the record and in the interest of full disclosure — up to a point — here are my numbers: Although the media is notoriously a cheap-payer except for select superstars and talking heads, my salary is in the neighborhood of $1 million. It is a rather large neighborhood. My bonus last year was less than $600,000. A lot less. Now that we've got that out of the way, back to you).


Time For pastors, Priests And Rabbis To Speak Out Against Muslim Edicts

15 events that highlight the growing hostility towards Christians in the military

The aggressive anti-Christian actions of the Obama administration are real, documented and escalating.

1. January 2010 -- Department of Defense orders removal of tiny Bible references on military scopes and gun sights.
2. June 2011 -- The Department of Veterans Affairs forbids references to God and Jesus during burials at National Cemetery.
3. August 2011 -- The Air Force stops teaching the Just War theory because it is based on a philosophy of St. Augustine.
4. September 2011 -- Air Force Chief of Staff prohibits commanders from notifying airmen of religious programs.
5. September 2011 -- The Army issues Walter Reed Medical Center guidelines stipulating that no religious items (i.e. Bibles, reading materials and/or tracts) are to be given to the wounded.
6. November 2011 -- The Air Force Academy rescinds support for Operation Christmas Child because it is run by Christians.
7. November 2011 -- The Air Force Academy pays $80,000 for a Stonehenge-type worship center for pagans, druids, and witches.
8. February 2012 -- The U.S. Military Academy at West Point disinvites three-star Army general, decorated war hero, and FRC* Executive Vice President, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William "Jerry" Boykin, because he is an outspoken Christian.
9. February 2012 -- The Army orders Catholic chaplains not to read archbishop's letter to soldiers.
10. May 2012 -- The Obama administration opposes legislation to protect the rights of conscience for military chaplains who do not wish to perform same-sex "marriages."
11. June 2012 -- Obama administration revokes the long-standing U.S. policy of allowing military service emblems to be placed on military Bibles.
12. August 2012 -- Lt. Col. Jack Rich of the U.S. Army emails subordinates saying they should be on the lookout for people who share FRC's values because they are not "Army values."
13. January 2013 -- Obama announces the opposition to a provision in the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act protecting the rights of conscience for military chaplains.
14. April 2013 -- Officials briefing U.S. Army soldiers include "Evangelical Christianity" and "Catholicism" along with the terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas as examples of "religious extremism."
15. May 2013 -- The Pentagon meets with Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) to establish new rules which would restrict the religious freedom of Christian and Jewish military personnel.

*FRC: Family Research Council - advances faith, family and freedom in public policy and the culture from a Christian worldview.
Subtly and relentlessly the socialist process of the past 40 years marches on. "Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall - - -" The debt on top and no foundations underneath --- the crunch will be felt by all!

Documents Reveal Details Of Road Rage Shooting

GAMBRILLS, Md. (AP) -- Court documents reveal a witness' account of a road rage incident that Maryland police say led to the fatal shooting of a motorist by an off-duty detective from New Jersey.

According to court documents, a witness told investigators that the confrontation started when Joseph Walker's minivan cut off Joseph Harvey's car on Saturday night. Harvey's passenger, Adam Pidel, told police that Walker pointed a gun at them as the vehicles swerved at each other.

Police say when the drivers got out, Walker announced he was a police officer. Pidel says he heard several shots as he ran for cover.


Found Dog 6-10-13: UPDATE

Earlier this evening, I found a very friendly dog. He is obviously someone's pet! Golden Retriever I believe? Found on corner of St. George Rd. and Line Road in Delmar, DE. 
I can be contacted through email or phone 302-245-8578

‘Warrior Princess’: Transgender Navy SEAL Chronicles Change To A Woman In Book

A former member of the Navy’s elite SEAL unit who served 20 years on the same team that took out Osama bin Laden has written a book detailing his progression from Chris the warrior to Kristin the warrior princess — a story of a stifled transgendered commando who found the road to inner peace.

Chris Beck served for 20 years on SEAL Team 6 — the same unit that ultimately raided bin Laden’s compound. He retired six months before the bin Laden raid, but nonetheless still went on 13 different deployments during his military career — seven of which sent him to combat areas — ultimately earning a Bronze Star and Purple Heart, the Daily Mail reported.

But something was amiss.


OCPD Press Release 6-10-13

Driver Attempted To Run Over Police Officer

Trevin Quashau Allen
On June 8, 2013, at approximately 3:45 a.m., Ocean City Police responded to McDonald’s restaurant located at 32nd Street and Coastal Highway, in reference to a disturbance.  Officers arrived at the scene and began to break up a fight between a male suspect and the McDonald’s manager. Another male believed to be part of the fight jumped in the rear seat of a white colored Mitsubishi 4-door and attempted to flee the scene.

In an attempt to identify the suspects involved in the fight, officers on foot approached the MitsubishiWhile standing in front of the car, one officer placedhis hand on the hood of the vehicle and told the driver to stop the car and exit the vehicle. The driver, who looked directly at the officer,revved the engine and drove forward toward the officer, who was able to get out of the way.

A short time later police located the suspect vehicle in the parking lot of 501 Penguin Drive.  The driver, who was identified as Trevin Quashau Allen, 20, of Salisbury, was arrested and charged with first and second degree assault,attempt by driver to elude uniformed police by failing to stop vehicle, reckless driving and negligent driving

Allen was seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner and was released on $25,000 unsecured bond.

Motor Cycle Flees From Police and Crashes Into Turning Tow Truck

On June 8, 2013, at approximately 8:40 p.m., Ocean City Police observed a motorcycle travelling south on Coastal Highway at an extremely high rate of speed in the area of 32nd Street.  Officers attempted to stop the motorcycle, which was being operated by Robert George Roth 2nd, 21, of Frederica, DE, in the area of 30th Street.

Roth initially stopped for officers, however, just as officers were exiting theirpolice vehicle and approaching the motorcycle, the motorcycle turned and went north on Coastal Highway at a high rate of speed in the bus lane.  Roth went two blocks when he collided with a commercial tow truck which was attempting to turn east on 32nd Street from the bus lane.

Roth suffered several injuries and was treated by Ocean City EMS and flown by Maryland State Police helicopter to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for further treatment.  Roth has been charged with:

·         Speed greater than reasonable. Once for southbound and again for northbound.
·         Unsafe lane change.
·         Driving while privilege suspended.
·         Driving unregistered vehicle.
·         Failure to control speed to avoid collision.
·         Reckless driving.
·         Fleeing and eluding.

At this time, the medical status of Roth is unknown.

Only The IRS

"Only the IRS can attach 100% of a tax debtor's wages and/or property.
Only the IRS can invade the privacy of a citizen without court process of any kind.
Only the IRS can seize property without a court order.
Only the IRS can force a citizen to try his case in a special court governed by the IRS.
Only the IRS can compel the production of documents, records, and other materials without a court case being in existence.
Only the IRS can with impunity publish the details of a citizens debt.
Only the IRS can legally, without a court order, subject citizens to electronic surveillance.
Only the IRS can force waiver of statute of limitations and other citizen's rights through the threat of Arbitrary assesment.
Only the IRS uses extralegal coercion. Threats to witnesses to examine their taxes regularly produces whatever evidence the IRS dictates.
Only the IRS is free to violate a written agreement with a citizen.
Only the IRS uses reprisals against citizen and public officials alike.
Only the IRS can take property on the basis of conjecture.
Only the IRS is free to maintain lists of citizen guilty of no crime for the purpose of harassing and monitoring them.
Only the IRS envelops all citizens.
Only the IRS publicly admits that its purpose is to instill fear in the citizenry as a technique of performing its function."
-- George V. Hansen
(1930-) US Congressman (R-ID)
Source: To Harass Our People, by George Hansen, (August 1993)

One Way To Occupy The Kids This Summer

Want to spend 5 minutes making something to occupy the kiddos for hours.....make some Flubber!

Kids love Flubber -- it's slimy without being sticky, it's silly without being disgusting, and it holds its shape without drying out. Best of all, you and and your kids can make it with simple household materials

Before anyone asks, this recipe came from a preschool YEARS ago and it calls for Borax - this is completely safe and VERY different from Boric Acid - don't freak out!

What you need:
3/4 cup cold water
1 cup Elmer’s glue
liquid food coloring
1/2 cup hot water
1 teaspoon borax (you can find this in a box in the laundry aisle)

step 1: in bowl 1 – mix together the cold water, glue, and food coloring. set aside.
step 2: in bowl 2 – mix together the hot water and borax, until the borax is completely dissolved.
step 3: slowly add glue mixture to borax mixture. mix well. pour off excess water.
Store in an airtight container and have some fun! Great rainy day project

Verizon phone records story off-limits to airmen

President Obama has said the outrage over the federal government’s decision to monitor citizens’ phone activity is all “hype.”
He might want to share his opinion with the U.S. Air Force, which is ordering members of the service not to look at news stories about it.

WND has received an unclassified NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) that warns airmen not to look at news stories related to the data-mining scandal.

The notice applies to users of the Air Force NIPRNET (Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network), which is the only way that many troops stationed overseas and on bases in the U.S. are able to access the Internet.

Be Inspired by The Power of Love and Prayer

Minutes before a bride and groom got married, a mother-in-law suddenly appeared in the back of a church, asking for the bride. Her groom called for her, wanting to meet before they said, “I do.”

Not wanting to see each other before the wedding, the two met and held hands around a corner. They bowed their heads together and prayed; even with all of the hustle and bustle, they wanted to thank God for bringing them together and letting them fall so deeply in love.

The soon-to-be husband prayed that God would bless the marriage, help them overcome all problems and alwasys support them. It might be hard to believe that people so grounded and thankful exist, but there is something special about this couple that is even more difficult to believe: this man not only protected our country, but he protected his fiancee’s purity.



'The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets'

On his visit to a new Turkish-funded mosque in Lanham, Md., Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erodogan said his government chose the site because of its location in “free territory.”

He said when he attended the groundbreaking of the 15-acre, $100 million mega-mosque that the Turkish-American Cultural Center likely will become “the largest and most striking examples of Islamic architecture in the Western hemisphere when finished in 2014.”

Boy Scouts’ Decision On Gays Tests Loyalty Of Members

For Dennis Ebersole, the fallout from the Boy Scouts of America's decision to change a century of policy and allow openly gay Scouts to participate wasn’t long in coming.

“Within 12 hours of the announcement that the membership standards resolution had passed, I was contacted by five other members in my pack leadership committee, questioning whether they were going to continue Scouting,” said Mr. Ebersole, a den leader with Cub Scout Pack 282 in South Riding, Va.

The reaction was equally quick for Gary Hiden, an assistant scoutmaster of Troop 268 in New Market, Md., who has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America his whole life. He was a Boy Scout, and his mother served as a den mother and his father as a scoutmaster. Now, both his sons are Scouts. But the family plans to quit the Boy Scouts once the new policy takes effect Jan. 1.

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OC Air Show

Texas High School Silences Valedictorian's Microphone During Speech On Constitution, Report Says

A Texas high school silenced its Valedictorian’s microphone during his speech when he diverted from his pre-approved remarks and instead spoke about the Constitution.

Joshua High School graduate Remington Reimer, who was accepted into the Naval Academy, had his microphone silenced during his speech right after he told fellow graduates that school officials apparently threatened him with the move the day before, reported.

Colin Radford, a fellow graduate told that Reimer was "talking about getting constitutional rights taken away from him, and then he said "just yesterday they threatened to turn my microphone off," and then his microphone went off."

"Student speakers were told that if their speeches deviated from the prior-reviewed material, the microphone would be turned off, regardless of content," Joshua Independent School District said in a statement.

A Year After Bankruptcy, Lives Unsettled Still

The closing of the steel mill at Sparrows Point overwhelmed Bob Jennings. Too young to retire at 59, he faced a gloomy job market for local manufacturing workers and a bureaucracy that couldn't get him timely training help. He felt like a failure.

No, no, his wife said, "the system is the failure," but she couldn't convince him. On a cold Saturday morning, he wrote her a short note of apology, walked to their shed and shot himself.

Troy Pritt, 44, also worked at the Baltimore County mill. When he was laid off, he saw it as a rare opportunity to hit the restart button on his life and earn a bachelor's degree with federal retraining aid. He loves his business courses and is hopeful about the future.

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Justice Department Fights Release Of Secret Court Opinion Finding Unconstitutional Surveillance

Government lawyers are trying to keep buried a classified court finding that a domestic spying program went too far.
In the midst of revelations that the government has conducted extensive top-secret surveillance operations to collect domestic phone records and internet communications, the Justice Department was due to file a court motion Friday in its effort to keep secret an 86-page court opinion that determined that the government had violated the spirit of federal surveillance laws and engaged in unconstitutional spying.

This important case—all the more relevant in the wake of this week's disclosures—was triggered after Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), a member of the Senate intelligence committee, started crying foul in 2011 about US government snooping. As a member of the intelligence committee, he had learned about domestic surveillance activity affecting American citizens that he believed was improper. He and Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), another intelligence committee member, raised only vague warnings about this data collection, because they could not reveal the details of the classified program that concerned them. But in July 2012, Wyden was able to get the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to declassify two statements that he wanted to issue publicly. They were:
* On at least one occasion the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court held that some collection carried out pursuant to the Section 702 minimization procedures used by the government was unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment.

* I believe that the government's implementation of Section 702 of FISA [the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] has sometimes circumvented the spirit of the law, and on at least one occasion the FISA Court has reached this same conclusion.


State Grant Will Train More Health Care Workers

Maryland officials recently committed $309,000 to train 250 to 300 workers for new health care jobs that are anticipated to come online as the Affordable Care Act is implemented throughout the state.

The Maryland/DC 1199SEIU Training and Upgrading Fund is an existing partnership between 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, the labor union that represents Maryland workers, and participating employers.

Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation worked with the union to identify the greatest expected workforce needs for the training program to address.


Tornado Watch for Wicomico County, MD


94% Of April Consumer Credit Goes To Student And Car Loans

Remember when, many years ago, the inflection thesis was that once a pick up in consumer lending is seen for discretionary purchases (i.e., revolving credit) that would be the sign that normality is coming back. Explaining why some may have forgotten this is that for the past 4 years it never actually happened for two simple reasons: i) consumers are still very unsure about the centrally-planned economy and thus still deleveraging (and defaulting) on their existing debt obligations, and what little savings they have are the preferred source of purchasing power, and ii) banks still have to open up the lending spigots which they won't as they have better returns investing in the stock market rather than taking on NPL risk in exchange for a record low NIM. However, while revolving credit is still dead, non-revolving credit - funded by a very generous Uncle Sam - and whose proceeds go to car purchases and to pay tuition (and all associated other goods and services) has never been stronger.

Sure enough in the latest month of data, April, the Fed just disclosed that of the $11.1 billion in crease in total consumer credit, only 6% was in revolving credit. The balance, or $10.4 billion, was non-revolving, and thus was used to pay for that new Chevy Impala and/or "Keynesian Shamanomics 101 for Dummies." And of course, all was funded by the US government.


Consumer Borrowing Up $11.1 Billion In April

Americans borrowed more in April to attend college and buy cars and were a little less cautious with their credit cards than the previous month.

The Federal Reserve said Friday that consumer borrowing rose $11.1 billion in April from March to a seasonally adjusted $2.82 trillion. That’s the 20th straight monthly gain and another record level.

Nearly all of the gain came from a category that includes auto and student loans, which increased $10.4 billion to $1.97 trillion.

A measure of credit card debt rose $682 million to $850 billion. While that’s only a modest gain, it follows a decline of $906 million for the category in March.

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You Should Probably Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings Right Now

If you’re like most Consumerist readers, you’re probably Internet-savvy enough to carefully screen what you say on Facebook, and to use filters when you have something more colorful and interesting to post. Now that everyone from your grandmother to your niece’s cat are on using Facebook, though, everyone could use a reminder of how to set up your privacy settings, how to change who sees a given post, and how to make sure those settings are still arranged how you want them.
Last year, a study by our data-crunching cousins down the hall at Consumer Reportsestimated that 12 million Americans are happily Facebooking away without ever looking at their privacy settings. Sorry to be rude, but if you’re one of them: what is wrong with you?

If you haven’t checked your privacy settings and don’t know what all of the little globe and pencil icons mean, it’s okay. To help the non-checkers on the Internet, Consumer Reports made this handy video showing you how to check and modify your privacy settings.

GOP: Losing The Youth?

Talk different.

That’s the essential message of the College Republican National Committee’s new report on how young adults view the GOP, a document that offers a serious look at how Republicans talk about policy and why they’ve been so unsuccessful in reaching Millennial voters.

“What the GOP needs to understand is that young adults are open to voting for them, but want to know concretely how Republicans plan to solve the problems that they’re facing in their day-to-day lives,” says Kristen Soltis Anderson, a GOP pollster who conducted focus groups for the report and was its principal writer.


Wells Fargo To Pay $38.5 Million In Response To Claims It Neglected Bank-Owned Homes In Minority Neighborhoods

Add another stack of zeros to the running total of mortgage-meltdown-related cash laid out by banks, as Wells Fargo has agreed to pay a total of $38.5 million to advocacy groups and regulators to resolve complaints that the bank neglected foreclosure properties in predominantly non-white areas.
The discrimination complaint, filed by the National Fair Housing Alliance with the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, came on the heels of a 2012 NFHA study that claimed Wells Fargo and other large mortgage servicers were giving preferential treatment to bank-owned properties in areas with a higher concentration of white residents, while allowing homes in non-white neighborhoods to fall into disrepair.

Remarkable (?) Week in Maryland Politics

We are 13 months away from Maryland’s primary and already we’ve been hit by a tsunami of election news. What’s remarkable about the Week That Was is how unremarkable these developments turned out to be:

• Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown announced his running mate — Howard County Executive Ken Ulman — a fact we have known for weeks.

• That same day, Harford County Executive David Craig announced for governor on the Republican ticket. He’s only been campaigning for the past year.

• Not to be upstaged by Craig, Annapolis Del. Ron George announced for guv, too. He made his intentions clear weeks ago.


Senators Continue Push To Ultimately Replace Dollar Bill With $1 Coin

In spite of decades of studies showing the long-term cost benefits of dollar coins over Federal Reserve Notes, and the fact that most of the world’s leading economies have already switched to coins for similar denominations, the U.S. has remained steadfast in its use of printed dollar bills. So once again, lawmakers in the Senate are making the push to gradually make the transition from print to mint.
Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, along with John McCain of Arizona, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn, and Mark Udall of Colorado, have introduced a second stab at the Currency Optimization, Innovation, and National Savings Act (yes, it spells COINS), which would promote and ease in the distribution of dollar coins. It also sets a timetable for dollar coins to replace Federal Reserve Notes of the same denomination.

Is Obama Lying About Big Brother?

As of this moment, Obama is making the case that the US government is not eavesdropping on phone calls. Specifically, he said "nobody is listening to your phone calls - they are just looking at phone numbers and duration of calls" and concluded that the NSA was only engaged in "modest encroachments." It was unclear if that clarification was meant to put to rest fears that Big Brother has made personal privacy a thing of the past. He further went on to add that the telephone surveillance program is fully vetted by Congress and supervised by the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court [7](FISA). In other words: Obama is making the case that the NSA's Big Brother supervision is perfectly legal and not only that, there are checks and balances and neither the telephonic snooping nor the internet supervision is anything to be concerned about. There is one problem: Obama is lying.

Back in April 2009, three months into the Obama regime, none other than the NSA admitted it has overstepped its legal boundaries. As the NYT reported: "The National Security Agency intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year, government officials said in recent interviews. "

NYT goes on:

Renting Out Your Home To Strangers? Prepare For The Worst & Hope For The Best

You’ve opened up your home to perfect strangers, not out of the mere goodness of your heart, surely, but because it’s a way to make some cash through Airbnb, Home Away From Home or other rental sites while you’re not using your dwelling. But what if those guests turn out to be worse than the monsters in the closet — what if they bash holes in your walls or turn your domicile into a brothel?. points out a few of the most nightmarish scenarios that have been reported, as sort of a list of things you could possibly face in your darkest nightmares. To be sure, these are extreme examples, but serve as a caveat to prepare yourself before handing over the keys:

Ron Paul Reacts To Gov’t Spying News: What Did You Expect?

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a longtime proponent of civil liberties, said Thursday that government surveillance programs are the inevitable result of a people who have let their guard down.

“I guess I wish I could be shocked,” Paul said during a Thursday interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “but I’m not surprised.”

“It’s a horrible, horrible situation,” he added. “You got to watch the power of government. Power in government is almost always abused and this is abuse. ”

“Our economy doesn’t work, foreign policy is in shambles, and now we have no privacy because people say they want to be safe. Governments cannot make us safe,” he added:


Thousands Of Area Homeowners To Receive Mortgage Settlement

Thousands of people across the Washington area and across the country who lost their homes to foreclosure are about to get checks in the mail.

Checks for about $1,480 each will be sent starting Monday to people who lost their homes while the nation's largest lenders were "robo-signing" documents.

It's part of a government settlement reached last year with Ally Financial, Bank of America, Citigroup, J.P Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

The Maryland Attorney General's Office says the checks will be sent out between June 10 and June 17 to 10,470 people in the state who met the deadline to submit a valid claim form.



Senators Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) in a letter addressed to Secretary of Veteran Affairs Eric Shinseki claim that from January 1, 2012 through February 2013, 188 VA employees were paid full-time to do union-related work instead of assisting the nation’s veterans.

“Recently, it has come to our attention that a number of VA employees are paid government salaries, funded entirely by taxpayers, to perform work totally unrelated to their formal governmental duties,” the letter reads.

“In a practice known as ‘official time’ taxpayers pay for federal employees to perform union duties instead of their formal jobs they were initially hired to do,” it adds. “Federal employees not serving veterans during official time could lead to the failure of VA’s top goals and the well-being of those who have sacrificed in the service our nation, could be compromised. “


Graff Said, “I have my doubts he ever went here.”

Graff is an esteemed Columbia Professor of American and Diplomatic History with a 46 YEAR tenure.He never saw Obama, never heard of Obama, never met Obama.

Today's Survey Question 6-10-13

How often do you clean out the dryer lint 
in the line exiting your home?

Even The Mainstream Liberal Press Slams Obama On Spying

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me, RIGHT?

Salisbury Mayor James Ireton, Jr., is pleased to announce that Salisbury has been named as one of four cities to consider when purchasing a vacation home, in an article by ERA Real Estate, a leading global real estate franchisor. As the market shows, more people are looking to buy vacation homes and in turn, make those 
vacation homes their primary homes in the future. 

ERA looked for areas that were “under the radar” and “off the beaten path but
packed with promise and excellent value.” Salisbury is just that. Being centrally located to the beaches, bay and any of the larger cities, within a 2-3 hour drive, 

Salisbury has something to offer for everyone.

The article can be found here:

Flexible Garden Hoses Get Mixed Reviews

Sexually Assaulted Vets

A bill to make it easier for vets who were sexually assaulted in the military to claim disability benefits is moving through the House. The Veterans Affairs committee approved the measure last week. It's named after Navy vet Ruth Moore, who says she was repeatedly raped by her supervisor. The Veterans Affairs Department denied her benefits for more than two decades. The bill would impose new reporting and transparency requirements on the VA. It would not require victims to show proof of an assault. They could just give testimony. That would align it with VA requirements for combat veterans applying for disability payments.

Obama Repeats Lies On Obamacare 'Lower Rates

Speaking in San Jose, CA on Friday morning, President Barack Obama repeated the false claim, circulated by the mainstream media and the left, that insurance rates in California had fallen as a result of Obamacare with the state's implementation of the Affordable Care Act's new health insurance exchanges. In fact, insurance rates have skyrocketed relative to alternative insurance plans available in the private market post-Obamacare.

A Labor Department Whistleblower Is Getting $820 Million

In exchange, Bob Whitmore has agreed not to apply for any department position for 15 years. His attorney with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility announced the deal. 

The 66-year-old Whitmore was a career official with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In 2007, he spoke out against the agency's handling of workplace illnesses and injuries. OSHA put Whitmore on paid administrative leave for two years before firing him. The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals found OSHA managers schemed to get Whitmore removed.

FBI: Knew About Saudi 9/11 Hijacker Ties—But Lied to Protect “National Security”

The FBI apparently has known for a decade about links between powerful Saudi interests and the alleged 9/11 hijackers, and has been forced to tacitly admit that it lied about it for all of these years.

In case the import is not clear, let us state emphatically: this is a huge development.

In court filings seeking to stave off a media Freedom of Information request, the FBI has stated that releasing documents relating to this issue will harm “national security.” As proof of the sensitivity of the matter, the FBI gave the judge a document dated April 4, 2002, in which the FBI states that its own inquiries “revealed many connections” between a well-connected Saudi family with a house in South Florida and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.”


1 Dead In Md. After Alleged Road Rage Shooting

MILLERSVILLE, Md. (AP) -- Maryland authorities say they've charged a New Jersey police officer after an alleged road rage incident in which one person was fatally shot.

Maryland State Police responded Saturday evening to a shooting on the shoulder of the ramp from northbound Route 3 to Interstate 97 near Millersville.

Troopers say they were told that a road rage incident had happened between the two vehicles before they pulled over and the shooting occurred.


Caption This Photo 6-10-13

A Leter To The Editor, Chris Nunzio


I'm wondering why everyone has been mum about Chris Nunzio's (Prince St School Principal's) trial outcome. I'm sure you are aware he was exonerated,but there doesn't seem to be any public outrage over that decision. Typically a refusal to take a breathalyzer test during a traffic stop precipitated by erratic driving does not go well in court. Apparently there is a double standard involved here.