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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

YouTube Shooter ID’d as Iranian Azeri Vegan Activist

The shooter who took her own life after wounding four YouTube employees at the video hosting website’s San Bruno, California, offices on Tuesday has been identified as Nasim Aghdam in multiple reports, after being described as a “white woman in a headscarf” earlier in the day.

Aghdam, said to reside in Southern California, had a long history of animal rights activism, and was quoted by the Los Angeles Times at a protest of the U.S. Marine Corps’ use of pigs to demonstrate battlefield wounds in 2009.

Aghdam also appears to have maintained at least two Instagram accounts, frequently captioning her posts in her — presumably native — Persian language. She makes frequent reference to Iran and the Azeri ethnic group that resides primarily in Iran and neighboring Azerbaijan.


Wife beats man with gun until stock breaks off; promises deputy God’s wrath for arrest, report says

Chandra Gray charged with domestic violence for fourth time

 A woman with three prior domestic violence convictions is accused of beating her husband with a pink BB gun until the stock broke off, and then promising the deputy who arrested her that God would punish him, according to a Spartanburg County incident report.

A deputy was called to a home on Jackson Street by a man who told them he was sleeping when his wife of five years, Chandra Gray, 39, woke him up by pointing her Daisy BB gun at his head, the report said.

Gray’s husband said she had been drinking at a friend’s home all evening, and she was angry because she had been stuck there longer than she wanted to be.

The man said after he went back to sleep, he was awakened by Gray standing over him with the BB gun aimed at his head. He said when he told her to stop and tried to grab the gun, she turned and fired the gun into the yard through the open front door. He said she then turned and aimed the gun at him again before she began beating him with it. He said she bludgeoned him until the stock broke off the gun. He then grabbed the gun and wrestled her to the ground and took it away from her.


Sacramento nurse said Stephon Clark deserved it on Facebook

A Sacramento hospital fired a nurse after she wrote on Facebook that Stephon Clark, the unarmed black man who was shot dead by police in Sacramento 'deserved it'.

Faith Linthicum, who works in labor and delivery at Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center, took to Facebook to post: 'Yeah but he was running from the police jumping over fences and breaking in peoples houses…why run??!!! He deserved it for being stupid.'

Linthicum's comments were widely circulated when she was placed on administrative leave before the hospital ultimately issued a statement stating she was 'no longer with the organization'.


Coming Soon, April 28th

Delingpole: #Winning Scott Pruitt Bans Junk Science from Environmental Protection Agency

Junk science is no longer welcome at the Environmental Protection Agency. Administrator Scott Pruitt has declared war on what he calls “secret science” – the process whereby EPA regulators have been able to craft rules using non-publicly-available science data.

Pruitt told Daily Caller:

“We need to make sure their data and methodology are published as part of the record. Otherwise, it’s not transparent. It’s not objectively measured, and that’s important.”

This decision will correct a longstanding injustice at the EPA, perpetrated against the U.S. taxpayer. For years the EPA has been able to behave as a law unto itself, cavalierly passing regulations which restrict freedoms, hamper business and hold back the U.S. economy for reasons which have much more to do with left-leaning environmentalist politics than with objective science.

The problem dates back to the early 1990s when the EPA decided it wanted to regulate fine particulate matter known as PM2.5 but couldn’t find any hard scientific evidence proving it was harmful.


Cop Charged for Shooting 9yo Girl in the Head As He Tried to Kill Her Tiny Dog in Room Full of Kids

Wichita, KS — Earlier this year, a cop was fired after he shot a little girl inside her own home. Showing that they are willing to hold their own accountable, the officer was charged with felony aggravated battery this week.

In January, a Witchita cop was placed on administrative leave after discharging his firearm inside a family’s home—in a cowardly attempt to kill a dog—and hitting a little girl instead.

Then, in an actual moment of accountability, Officer Dexter Betts was fired and he’s now been charged.

The officer was hired last January and barely made it a year before being fired.

According to, Betts becomes the first cop in decades to be charged in an on-duty shooting that resulted in an injury or death.


Serious Economic Troubles Ahead

The Federal Reserve recently increased interest rates to 1.75 percent. This is the highest interest rates have been since 2008, but it still leaves rates at historic lows. While the Fed says economic growth justifies future rate increases, an honest examination of the economy suggests that future rate increases are unlikely.

The Fed’s claim that the economy is strong is based on misleading government statistics. For example, the official unemployment rate understates true unemployment by not counting those who have given up looking for work. According to John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics, the real unemployment rate is above 20 percent. Government figures also understate the rate of inflation by pretending that you are not negatively impacted by inflation if you can still buy hamburger when you cannot afford steak. Shadow Stats estimates that the real rate of inflation is as much as four times higher than the official rate.

President Trump’s tariffs will further weaken the economy. While export-driven industries, including manufacturers that rely on imported materials, will be particularly hard-hit, the tariffs combined with the inevitable retaliation from other counties will impact all sectors of the economy. A global trade war could also lead other countries to stop buying US debt instruments, increasing pressure on the Fed to keep rates low.


Self-Defense Is A Basic Human Right: A Website That ENDS The Gun Control Debate For Good

A website is putting the final nails in the coffin of the gun control debate for good. If you’ve ever been on the fence about whether or not you think guns should or should not be regulated, look no further.

A Human Right, the website, breaks it down so far that even the most emotionally sensitive and over the top “ban all guns” Nazis can understand what they are actually marching for and demanding.

Once on the website, you’ll be directed to choose whether you feel guns are a “liability” or a “useful tool.” If you select liability, you’ll be walked through a questionnaire designed to actually get your brain to function the way it was meant to without the ingrained bias shoved in there by the mainstream media. Should you already know that a gun is a useful tool and click on that section, you’ll be taken to a page that will link to several varying articles about topics affecting your rights and ways you can get active to prevent others from stripping you of your fundamental human right to defend yourself with the most effective tool available.

From the Gun Control section of A Human Right’s website:

Imagine a pack of hyenas stalking a human. As they close in for the kill, their intended prey repulses them with a rifle. As the surviving predators retreat, they think: “If only we could separate that human from her gun!”

People who think as those hyenas are less naive than the idealists who wish to ban guns outright. “Gun control” is a misnomer for what they have in mind. They are evil: they wish to control others. One of the easiest way to control other people is by making them defenseless.

Communists, fascists and other totalitarians world over have rendered their subject defenseless as the first step towards total control. Then they could imprison or murder millions with complete impunity.

Convicted Felon Breaks Into Home Of Armed Citizen. It Ends Poorly For The Convicted Felon.

Tennessee homeowner Brent Bishop was prepared on the terrifying night two men broke into his home, stole his belongings, and attacked his wife. Bishop, 43, thwarted the attack with the use of his firearm, rendering one of the intruders, a convicted felon, dead.

According to WSTV, two strange men broke into Bishop's home on Wednesday night through a back door and struck the man's wife. Finding the back door open, Mr. Bishop walked into the kitchen and was struck by a "blunt object" in the head, causing a fracture to his skull.

The armed intruders then forced Bishop to unlock his gun safe. They stole three long guns and a pistol and left the property. Or so he thought.

Looking for his wife, who had fled to a neighbor's house, Bishop, with his pistol in hand, met his intruders again face to face. According to Metro Police, the homeowner fatally shot intruder Terry Adams, Jr., a 27-year-old convicted felon.


Black Students Demand Police Disarm

Howard University students entered their fourth day of a protest Monday in which they occupied an administrative building and demanded campus police disarm.

The Washington, D.C., students initiated the protest March 29 after the school fired employee Tyrone Hankerson, Jr., who allegedly stole $429,000 in financial aid money. But not all of the demands directly align with resource allocation transparency.

“We demand the immediate disarming of campus police officers and the formation of a Police Oversight Committee controlled by students, faculty, staff, and off-campus community representatives,” The Concerned Students of HU Resist wrote in a letter that has been shared over 2,500 times on Twitter.


NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Calls Parkland Student Activists Liars: ‘They Have No Soul’

“I really feel sorry for them because it’s not only ignorant and dangerously stupid, but it’s soulless,” rocker says

Ted Nugent, the sometime classic rocker and current NRA board member, is speaking out about the new generation of gun reform advocates: the “pathetic” teenage “liars” who survived the deadly massacre last month at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

“These poor children, I’m afraid to say this and it hurts me to say this, but the evidence is irrefutable, they have no soul,” he said Friday on Newsmax’s “The Joe Pags Show.”

“The dumbing down of America is manifested in the culture deprivation of our academia that have taught these kids the lies, media that have prodded and encouraged and provided these kids lies,” he said after watching clips of Parkland mass-shooting survivors such as David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez who have become leading advocates of legislation to curb gun violence in the U.S.


Victims in Clemson armed robbery are ‘too traumatized to leave the house’, victim advocate says

CLEMSON, S.C. — The victims of a robbery that two former Clemson players are accused of committing did not attend a bond hearing Thursday morning.

The victim’s advocate said in court that the victims were “both too traumatized to actually leave the house.”

Clemson police said 22-year-old Charlie "CJ" Bernard Fuller, 22-year-old Jadar Kentrell Johnson and 22-year-old Quaven Maurice Ferguson are accused of robbing the victims at about 4 p.m. Wednesday inside an apartment on Sloan Street.


Rising Rates Sounding Alarm Bells for Debt-Laden U.S. Consumers

A healthy economy can be a dangerous thing.

Americans have a history of loading up on debt in good times, then paying dearly when the bills come due. Adding to the pain: A booming economy is often accompanied by rising interest rates, which make mortgages, credit cards and other debt much more expensive.

As the U.S. Federal Reserve raises rates, there are signs that consumers could be putting themselves in peril.

“When consumers are confident, or over-confident, is when they get into credit-card trouble,” said Todd Christensen, education manager at Debt Reduction Services Inc. in Boise, Idaho. The nonprofit credit counseling service has seen a noticeable uptick in people looking for help with their debt, he said.


Josh Hawley Launches Privacy Probe Into Facebook

Josh Hawley, Missouri’s attorney general, launched a probe into Facebook’s handling of their user’s private information.

“As the chief law enforcement officer in the state, I will pursue those who mishandle the private information of Missourians,” Hawley, who hopes to challenge Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) in the 2018 Senate midterm election, declared in a statement on Monday.

Hawley launched a civil investigative demand on Monday, asking Facebook to disclose the number of times the social media giant shared private user data with a political campaign, or political action committee (PAC). The probe also hopes to find out how many times those political organizations paid Facebook for private data, and Facebook notified users about their potential disclosure of personal data.

Facebook’s reputation plummeted after reports revealed that the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica used the social media platform to gain access to the personal data of more than 50 million users. A recent Reuters poll suggests that only 41 percent of consumers trust Facebook to comply with American privacy laws.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress in the coming weeks; parliaments across Europe have also asked Zuckerberg to testify as well.

Zuckerberg argued in a podcast with Vox on Monday that it will take a “few years” to solve the privacy issues facing Facebook.


More Bangladesh Nationals Arrive at Texas Border

Border Patrol agents arrested eight Bangladesh nationals in the Laredo Sector during a two-day period last week. During the month of March, Laredo Sector agents arrested at least 24 after they illegally crossed from Mexico. The Laredo Sector leads the nation in arrests of Bangladeshis who enter the U.S. illegally in South Texas.

The illegal aliens from Bangladesh crossed the border from Nuevo Laredo into south Laredo in two separate events on March 28 and 29. Agents arrested a total of eight illegal immigrants during the two-day period, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“It goes to show that our agents are arresting people from all over the world on a daily basis. Their intentions for entering the country illegally can only be determined after they have been arrested,” Laredo Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Gabriel Acosta said in a written statement.

One week earlier, agents from the sector arrested nine Bangladesh nationals after they illegally crossed the border from Nuevo Laredo, Breitbart Texas reported.


Supplement that mimics fasting reduces heart attack risk up to 25%

A new pill mimics the effects of a crash diet and slashes the risk of a heart attack by up to 25 per cent, a study claims.

The tablet contains nicotinomide riboside, a form of vitamin B3, that is advertised as promoting endurance, energy and healthy ageing.

And a new study, involving 24 lean and healthy volunteers, found taking it twice a day can reverse cardiovascular ageing.

It works in the same way as a calorie restricted diet, which boosts the health of blood vessels and reduces blood pressure in middle aged patients.


Hillary Clinton's Value Plunges As She Suffers 90% Cut In Speech Fee

Paid $7,000 less than Snooki for speech

When last we saw Hillary Clinton, she was blaming women across America for being subservient to their husbands and voting for Donald Trump.

Oh, and falling down some stairs in India — twice. And breaking her wrist (she's now wearing a cast on her right arm after "slipping in the bathtub").

But Hillary's back in the states now and, as it turns out, her value has plummeted.

The 2016 loser used to charge $250,000 for speaking engagements, back when people thought the former Secretary of State might be sweeping into the White House. That fee dropped 90% this week when she spoke at Rutgers University for just $25,000 (and we know "just" is a relative term).


Vatican Refuses to Disavow Pope’s Alleged Denial of Hell

In reaction to reports that Pope Francis has denied the existence of hell, the Vatican has released a carefully worded statement that does not refute the substance of the claims.

“The Holy Father Francis recently received the founder of the newspaper La Repubblica in a private meeting for the occasion of Easter, without giving him an interview,” the unsigned March 29 Vatican statement begins.

“What is reported by the author in today’s article is the result of his reconstruction, in which the pope’s exact words are not cited. No quotation of the aforementioned article must therefore be considered as a faithful transcription of the Holy Father’s words,” the statement concludes.

In other words, the Vatican denies that the article contains a faithful transcription of the pope’s “exact words” without taking issue with the basic content of the conversation. What is interesting is what is not said. The statement does not say that the author’s reconstruction of the conversation is erroneous, and nor does it deny that the pope said that hell does not exist.

The media saga began on Wednesday, when La Repubblica printed an article saying that the pope had expressly denied the existence of hell and the immortality of the human soul in a recent conversation with his longtime friend, Eugenio Scalfari, founder of the newspaper.

The informal interview between the pope and Scalfari carried the headline: “The Pope: ‘It is an honor to be called a revolutionary.’”




Date of Incident: 4 April 2018

Location: Wicomico County

Narrative: The Sheriff’s Office would like to make our residents aware of recent incidents where individuals have been scammed here in Wicomico County.

In one of these, a subject receives a telephone call from an individual who identifies themselves as a member of the Internal Revenue Service. This individual then goes on to inform the potential victim that they are not only behind on their taxes, but that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The victim is then given an opportunity to rectify the situation by purchasing a gift card to satisfy the back tax and providing that information to this individual who is pretending to be from the IRS

The other scam involves a subject calling someone and pretending to be a relative, usually a grandchild, who is in trouble in another state and needs bail money. A second individual then gets on the phone and identifies themselves as either a law enforcement officer or a public defender and instructs the would be victim to purchase a gift card, usually for a substantial amount and then call back and provide the number for that gift card.

We would like to remind everyone to be alert for these types of scams. Please refrain from making any payments over the telephone to anyone who you are unfamiliar with.

Releasing Authority: Lt. Tim Robinson

Hawaii Lawmakers Approve Medical Aid in Dying for Terminally Ill

Bill allows individuals to obtain doctor’s prescription for medication to hasten their death…

Hawaii would become the seventh U.S. state to legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients under legislation passed by the state Senate on Thursday and sent to the governor.

The bill would allow terminally ill individuals to obtain a doctor’s prescription for medication to hasten their death so long as two physicians agree the patient has no more than six months to live and is mentally competent.

The measure also would require a patient seeking life-ending medical aid to undergo a mental health evaluation, to present two separate requests to an attending physician and for two witnesses to attest to the patient’s wish to die.

While a doctor could dispense the medication, patients would be required to take it on their own.

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Single people reveal what it’s like to end up without a life partner

Many people worry about finding the right person to settle down with, or having a failed marriage - but now people who have ended up alone have revealed it's nothing to be afraid of.

Singletons from around the world who haven't found a life partner took to the Q&A site Quora to reveal what it's really like, with most of them giving a very positive account of solo living.

In response to the question, 'What happens when you end up alone without a partner? Is it really that terrible of a life?'

Others said it had taken a bad relationship to make them realise it's so much better to be alone, with one saying: 'I felt so lonely with my husband. I feel fulfilled now. It was a total liberation.'

Another added: 'You get to eat onions, do what you want, make mistakes without impacting somebody else's process. There are so many benefits I do not know how to list them all.'

A divorced woman whose children have moved out, said she finally had the freedom she's craved all her life.

'It's like pure oxygen,' she said. 'At last I have my own space and my own time and it's all mine.'


I've decided to reclaim my life – by using an old Nokia phone

Can a low-tech phone replace a smartphone for less-essential tasks and times – and peace of mind?

My wife and I have two young children. On a good night, we’re lucky to get a couple of hours together. More often than not, you’ll find us on the couch, in silence, each staring into a phone.

And yet, one night not so long ago, a handful of my enslaved brain cells sparked unexpectedly to life. I looked up from Twitter.

“Is this how it all ends?” I wondered out loud. “Is this what we’ll do for the rest of our lives?”

I’ve always been an internet junkie. When they made it really fast and put it on a phone, it was pretty much game over. My usage is heavy, best described as a zigzag, across apps. Baseball stats, flight status, email check, text, random article, who knows what. All it takes is a slim distraction and my thumb turns turbo.

Of course it should have been obvious long ago, but on that revelatory night, I realised I had lost control. The reach for the phone had become involuntary. A bulbous chunk of my brain, sucked up by phonethink. Where’s the phone? Is it charged? Should I charge it now, or later? At work or at home, notifications buzz me like low-flying planes. I’m crossing the street, I’ll stop and look at the phone and have no idea what’s going on. I’m with my kids and I’m still touching the phone.

It is, in short, pathetic.


Accident In Pittsville

Units have been dispatched to Gumboro Road and Tingle road for a motor vehicle accident. Car vs Tractor Trailer.  Please avoid this area if possible.

More than 13K Unaccompanied Minor Border-Crossers Resettled Across America in Fiscal Year 2018

Since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2018, there have been more than 13,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) released and resettled across the United States.

A new report by the Administration for Children and Families reveals that in February 2018, nearly 3,000 UACs have been resettled in the U.S., while more than 2,600 unaccompanied minors were resettled the month before.

Likewise, since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2018, about 13,186 unaccompanied minors have been resettled across the country. California, Florida, New York, and Texas have taken the most unaccompanied minors – about 45 percent this Fiscal Year.

In a statement to the media, President Trump’s administration explained how unaccompanied minors are resettled in the U.S. after they cross the border:


'We're Not Consumers, We're the Products': Free Our Internet's Christie-Lee McNally on Google, Facebook

Christie-Lee McNally, the executive director of Free Our Internet, joined SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily, Friday, to discuss with Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow how much data Facebook and Google are collecting on users.

“It is ironic because it’s been going on for such a long time, and after the Cambridge Analytica stuff came out, the media person for the Obama campaign came out and said, ‘Well we did this, with Facebook’s approval,’ and that’s kind of been swept up under the rug a little bit,” declared McNally. “What I also find ironic is we’re all talking about Facebook, and everyone’s angry with Facebook and they feel violated and all this stuff, and I’m going, ‘Woah woah, time out.’ Google is sitting back here going, ‘Everybody look at Facebook, everybody look at Facebook,’ but Google is so much worse than Facebook. So if people are upset with Facebook, let’s say ‘time out’ and start looking at what Google collects on you, because Facebook gets your Facebook stuff, but Google, they get everything.”


Illinois County Board unanimously votes to ban some semi-automatic weapons

DEERFEILD, Ill. (WLS) -- The Deerfield Village Board voted unanimously to ban some semi-automatic firearms.

The amendment to the village's gun ordinance restricts firearms village leaders define as assault weapons, such as AR-15s.

AR-15 rifles have been used in various mass shootings, including the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

"This is our fight. This is our generation's fight, and we're going to keep fighting," said Deerfield High School student Ariella Kharasch. "Thank you for being part of that."


Family demand ban of common paint strippers after son's death

The parents and siblings of a 31-year-old South Carolina businessman who died last year after handling a commonly available paint stripper are now demanding a ban on the toxic chemical methylene chloride.

Drew Wynne was refinishing the floor of a commercial refrigerator at his new cold-brew coffee manufacturing business, Riptide Coffee, on October 13, 2017, when he was overcome by fumes from a paint stripper called Goof Off, which he had purchased at a Lowe’s home improvement store.

Wynne was discovered dead by his business partner the following day.


Salisbury Maryland Police Department Weekly Briefing

Lawyers Cite Race In Defense Of Black FBI Agent Who Leaked Classified Info

A former FBI agent in Minnesota was motivated to leak classified information to The Intercept website, in part, because he is black. That’s according to lawyers for Terry James Albury, a former special agent who was charged in the leak case on Wednesday.

“Terry Albury served the U.S. with distinction both here at home and abroad in Iraq,” Albury attorneys JaneAnne Murray and Joshua Dratel said in a statement provided to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.

“He accepts full responsibility for the conduct set forth in the Information. We would like to add that as the only African-American FBI field agent in Minnesota, Mr. Albury’s actions were driven by a conscientious commitment to long-term national security and addressing the well-documented systemic biases within the FBI.”

Between February 2016 and January 2017, Albury accessed classified documents regarding the FBI’s handling of confidential sources as well as to documents “relating to threats posed by certain individuals from a particular Middle Eastern country,” the Justice Department alleges.


Trump Administration Urged to End Obama-Era ‘Misstep’ of School Leniency Rules for Minority Students

Civil rights and education experts continue to urge the Trump administration to scrap an Obama-era school leniency policy that coerced school districts into limiting reports of minority students’ assaultive and threatening behavior.

Under the Obama policy, in place now in more than 50 school districts throughout the country, students whose behavior would have previously drawn an arrest or a suspension are instead referred to “teen courts” or “restorative justice talking circles.” Students who receive such referrals could still be able to purchase a firearm even though they may have a history of violent behavior or threats.

This “disparate impact” policy is based on the assertion that minority students are disciplined at higher rates because of systemic racism by teachers and school administrators.

Attorney Peter Kirsanow, a Republican member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, tells Breitbart News the Obama policy is “horribly flawed” and should be ended “without delay.”

“The Obama school discipline policy is based on a number of false assumptions, including the premise that racial disparities in disciplinary rates are due to racial discrimination as opposed to disparities in rates of offense,” asserts Kirsanow, who also chairs the board of directors of the Center for New Black Leadership.

“The consequences of keeping the policy in place are staggering,” he continues. “A number of schools have experienced serious spikes in violence. Classrooms are being disrupted by students who know they’ll suffer no real consequences.”


Trump calls for reviving mental institutions

President Donald Trump on Monday advocated for more institutions to deal with mental health, adding that there is “no halfway” between jail and those who need help on the streets.

“We have to confront the issue and we have to discuss mental health and we have to do something about it,” the president said. “You know, in the old days we had mental institutions. We had a lot of them. And you could nab somebody like this, because they … knew something was off. You had to know that. People were calling all over the place.”


Students at Florida high school stage walkout in support of Second Amendment

A group of students at a Central Florida high school walked out of class Friday as part of a protest in support of the Second Amendment.

Some of the students who participated in the walkout at Rockledge High School told WFTVthat when the movement to honor the victims and survivors of the shooting in Parkland became political, they felt silenced.

“I’m pro-Second Amendment,” Rockledge junior and protest organizer Anna Delaney told the station. "I wouldn’t mind deeper background checks, of course, but the Second Amendment will not be infringed upon.”

Many Rockledge students walked out of class March 14 as part of the National School Walkout that was held in support of the Parkland school shooting victims and to protest gun violence and call for new gun control measures. They stood on the football field and formed a huge heart.

About 75 students participated in Friday’s walkout at Rockledge, Florida Today reported. The protest lasted 20 minutes.


Nearly 100 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested in Sting Were Resettled Across U.S. as 'Unaccompanied Minors'

Nearly 100 recently arrested MS-13 gang members arrived in the United States by crossing through the U.S.-Mexico border as “unaccompanied minors” and then getting resettled throughout the country by the federal government.

About 475 gang members have been arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency’s “Operation Matador” sting, with 99 of those gang members arrested having arrived in the U.S. as “unaccompanied minors.”


YouTube shooter's father warned police

The father of the woman who shot three people and then took her own life at YouTube's headquarters on Tuesday warned police that his daughter hated the company.

Nasim Aghdam, 39, had told her family a few weeks ago that YouTube had 'stopped everything,' and 'she was angry,' Ismail Aghdam told The Mercury News.

Ismail Aghdam said the family called police on Monday to report his daughter missing after she failed to answer her cellphone for two days.

He added that he even warned police that she might be heading to YouTube's headquarters because she 'hated' the company.

On Tuesday around 2am, Mountain View Police called the family to report that they had found Nasim sleeping in her car and that everything was 'under control'.


Congressman speculates YouTube shooter was illegal immigrant

A California congressman speculated on Tuesday that the shooter at YouTube headquarters could be an “illegal immigrant.”

Conservative stalwart Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) drew a link between gunfire at YouTube headquarters near San Francisco and sanctuary cities — communities that do not fully cooperate with feds to enforce immigration law.

“You were going to discuss with me about sanctuary cities and the sanctuary state movement, and it fits right into what you’re talking about right now,” Rohrabacher told Fox Business Network at about 5 p.m.

“Would anyone be surprised? We have a state government in California that’s trying to prevent our law enforcement people from working with the federal law enforcement people to get together the criminal illegal aliens, to deal with criminal illegal aliens.”

The shooter was later identified as a white adult woman. Her immigration status was not immediately disclosed.


Teen disabled on a dare after swallowing slug leans on family, friends

Sam Ballard, who has been profoundly disabled since swallowing a garden slug at a party as a dare at 19, has an amazing support group of family and friends in Australia.

Sam became a quadriplegic and has to be tube-fed after contracting rat lungworm from the backyard slug in 2010.

On Sunday evening, his friends Jimmy Galvin and Michael Sheasby appeared on Sunday Project alongside Sam's mom, Katie, to discuss how the 28-year-old’s life changed after that night.

“We were sitting over here, having a bit of a red wine appreciation night, trying to act as grown-ups, and a slug came crawling across here.

“The conversation came up, 'Should I eat it?' Off Sam went. Bang. That’s how it happened,” Galvin said.


Report: China’s Underground Christians Feel Betrayed by Vatican Deal with Beijing

Members of China’s Christian community feel betrayed by the Vatican’s negotiations with Beijing over Chinese bishop appointments. In fact, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) writes of Catholics feeling as “betrayed and abandoned” as Jesus on Good Friday.

Christian faith occupies a curious position in Chinese society—frowned upon and distrusted by the Communist elite, but not currently oppressed as savagely as in neighboring North Korea. Some Chinese Catholics belong to churches authorized by the state, but others say those churches are controlled by the state and prefer to worship at “underground” churches free of political influence.


Background Checks for Gun Sales Shatter March Record

Background checks for gun sales shattered a record in March while celebrities and Parkland gun control activists pushed for more restrictions on Second Amendment rights.

The previous record for March was 2,523,265 background checks in 2016, but FBI numbers show there were 2,767,699 background checks in March 2018.

There were 19 consecutive months wherein background check records were broken during the Obama administration. That string of record months began with May 2015 and ended with November 2016. Every month a record was set regarding background checks for that particular month.

The number of background checks declined from record numbers by 500,000 in December 2016. But Breitbart News pointed out that even with the 500,000 decrease, December 2016 remained one of the top three Decembers of all time. Only December 2015 and 2012 surpassed it.


Community rallies around ailing volunteer firefighter

NEW YORK (FOX5NY.COM) - Loved ones of Willy McCue, 19, have always thought of him as a hero. A fierce high school varsity athlete. A volunteer firefighter.

"He joined the fire department just to give back to everybody," New City Fire Assistant Chief Richard Willows said. "That's the type of heart he has."

Willy's strength and bravery are being tested to the limit. He has been in critical condition in the hospital for over a month. He caught a severe case of the flu, which led to pneumonia and sepsis.

"Both hands were amputated and both feet," Willows said. "And they are working on his leg right now which is hopeful."

Congress, DWS Violated Cyber Protocol

A publication for IT security professionals says House leaders of both parties were negligent and in violation of basic IT protocol by allowing Imran Awan and his family to continue in their roles as server administrators for four months despite knowing they were suspected of serious misconduct by the House Inspector General.

“The lack of concern and perspective on the potential risks posed by Imran Awan is alarming,” an article in SearchSecurity says. “This case is an example of negligence trumping security and, worse yet, common sense. Awan’s alleged activities and the way many handled themselves, from the hiring to the response in the wake of the investigation, should concern us all.”

Forty-four House Democrats employed the Pakistani-born Imran Awan and his family in a position where they could read all the emails and files of one in five Democratic congressmen.


Howard students take over building, demand university president's ouster over financial aid scandal

Howard University students continued a sit-in for a third day Saturday after the historically black school's leaders acknowledged a student financial aid controversy for which six employees were fired.

Photos circulated on social media show a large group of students in the university’s administration building, with a list of demands above the building's door. Students redecorated a wall of leadership portraits with protest posters.

Sit-in organizers circulated a list of demands using the Twitter account@HUResist, including the resignations of University President Wayne A.I. Frederick and the executive committee of the school’s board of trustees.

Two trustees met with students Friday, WTOP reports. Additional meetings were planned Saturday, but a meeting with Frederick was not reported by the students as of Saturday afternoon.

The scandal began Tuesday with an anonymously authored post accusing the school of covering up misuse of student financial aid.


Principal charged after student comes forward with sex tape

An Ohio principal faces charges after a student reportedly came forward with a sex tape starring him and the school official, authorities said.

Courtney Alfred, a principal at Education Alternatives, was charged Thursday with sexual battery for her alleged relationship with a 17-year-old student enrolled at the Bedford school, news station WOIO reported.

Her arrest came last week after the teen notified police and claimed he was sexually involved with the 39-year-old principal.

Police said he provided a video of himself having intercourse with a person who had the same tattoo as the married administrator.


Prosecutor 'had an affair' with one of the NYPD cops charged with rape

While searching the cell phone belonging to an ex-NYPD cop accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old girl in the fall, investigators discovered illicit text messages and calls between the officer and a local prosecutor.

Kings County Assistant District Attorney, Nicole Manini, 34, allegedly had an extramarital affair with former detective Richard Hall, 33, according to the New York Post.

'During our investigation of this case, we learned that a junior assistant district attorney in our office was engaged in an intimate relationship with defendant Hall and knew [second] defendant [Eddie] Martins socially,' a spokesperson for the District Attorney's office told the Post.

'This ADA had no involvement in or access to the investigation or prosecution,' the rep said. 'Out of an abundance of caution, we have disclosed this information to all relevant parties.'


Judge dismisses suit filed by businesses after 2015 Baltimore riot

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - A federal judge has issued a ruling in a lawsuit filed by businesses damaged during the Baltimore riot nearly three years ago.

Judge George Russell dismissed the more than 250 counts against the city and state of Maryland.

He has also ordered the city to respond to the remaining claims within 14 days.

The businesses filed suit claiming the city had warnings of the possibility of civil unrest and didn't do enough to protect them.


A Teacher In Texas

Synthetic pot cases spike in Illinois, officials warn users may experience 'bleeding from eyes and ears'

Emergency rooms in Illinois are noticing a spike in synthetic pot users suffering from "severe bleeding," and state health officials are warning the public to remain vigilant.

The Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) issued a statement on Wednesday announcing that at least six people in northeastern Illinois had been hospitalized after using the man-made substance -- also known as "fake weed," "K2" or "spice." On Saturday, the number of cases climbed to 38, including one death, the health department reported.


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DSP S.O.A.R. Searching For Wanted Sex Offenders

Dover, DE- The Delaware State Police Sex Offender Apprehension and Registration Unit (S.O.A.R) is currently looking for the following wanted sex offenders after they either failed to register or re-register their current address. If anyone knows the location of these subjects, they are asked to call 302-672-5306. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the

Tennessee store clerk charged in death of teen believed to be shoplifting beer, report says

Police in Tennessee said Sunday that a convenience store clerk has been charged in the fatal shooting of a suspected shoplifter whose body was found near the store.

The Commercial Appeal reports Memphis police charged 28-year-old Anwar Ghazali with first-degree murder.

The shooting occurred on Thursday, but police said Ghazali never reported the incident. The 17-year-old's body was found beside a home near the store Saturday. Fox 13 Memphis identified the victim as Dorian Harris.

Police spokesman Louis Brownlee said the teen was suspected of leaving the store without paying for a beer, and Ghazali followed him and allegedly shot him.

"The victim/suspect stole a beer and goes out of the store,'' Brownlee told the paper. "The suspect tries to stop him. Shoots at him. Hits him once. He doesn't officially know that he hit him. Yesterday, a female comes home, sees a person lying next to the home. Calls police.”


YouTube Shooting Witness: "I Didn't Have a Gun on Me, But Wish I Did"

A man who witnessed the shooting at YouTube's San Bruno headquarters on Tuesday said he wished he had been carrying a gun when the shooting occurred.

"I didn't have a gun on me, but wish I did," said the man, who was ordering food across from the company's headquarters when the shooting began.

“I knew I had to be smart. You've got to be fast. You've got to think fast."

Police confirmed that the female shooter, who has not been named, was not a YouTube employee and didn't know anyone at the company. Witnesses say the shooting broke out at an employee party, which is thought to be how the woman may have gained access to the building.


Economic Storm Clouds Gather, but Ending the Fed Provides Hope

Eventually the combination of a spendthrift Congress and a print-happy central bank will cause a major economic crisis

The Federal Reserve recently increased interest rates to 1.75 percent. This is the highest interest rates have been since 2008, but it still leaves rates at historic lows. While the Fed says economic growth justifies future rate increases, an honest examination of the economy suggests that future rate increases are unlikely.

The Fed’s claim that the economy is strong is based on misleading government statistics. For example, the official unemployment rate understates true unemployment by not counting those who have given up looking for work. According to John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics, the real unemployment rate is above 20 percent. Government figures also understate the rate of inflation by pretending that you are not negatively impacted by inflation if you can still buy hamburger when you cannot afford steak. Shadow Stats estimates that the real rate of inflation is as much as four times higher than the official rate.

President Trump’s tariffs will further weaken the economy. While export-driven industries, including manufacturers that rely on imported materials, will be particularly hard-hit, the tariffs combined with the inevitable retaliation from other counties will impact all sectors of the economy. A global trade war could also lead other countries to stop buying US debt instruments, increasing pressure on the Fed to keep rates low.


Creating A Democrat

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State Trooper Again Named ‘Fittest Cop’ In MD During CrossFit Open – How Many ‘Double-Under’ Reps Could You Do?

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – A Maryland State Police trooper committed to physical fitness has again been ranked the ‘fittest cop’ in the state after competing in a series of CrossFit® workouts.

Sergeant Brian Schweers, of the Special Operations Division, has been ranked CrossFit’s fittest cop in Maryland, after completing a competition series of five workouts over five weeks. This is his second consecutive year winning this title. He is also ranked as the fifth fittest cop in the Mid-Atlantic region and the 60th fittest police officer in the world, according to CrossFit rankings.

CrossFit describes its program as ‘varied functional movements performed at high intensity.’ Exercises in this year’s competition included dumbbell front squats, bar-facing burpees, and workouts described as ring muscle-ups and bar muscle-ups. The ‘muscle-up’ regimens involved multiple rounds of 100 repetitions of ‘double-under,’ which is jumping rope, but the rope must past under you not once, but twice, before your feet hit the ground. That was followed by overhead squats, muscle-ups on the overhead rings, another set of 100 ‘double-unders,’ dumbbell snatches, more double-unders, and then bar muscle-ups. These varied and intense exercises use weights, aerobics and a limited amount of time to challenge the strength, flexibility, intensity and endurance of the athlete.

Sgt. Schweers understands the benefits of being physically fit, especially in a career as a police officer. His fitness level enables him to endure the rigors of his assignment in the Special Operations Division as a member of the Special Tactical Assault Team Element, the Maryland State Police SWAT Team.

Physical training is a major emphasis in the Maryland State Police Academy for incoming trooper candidates. Programs are in place to encourage continued physical fitness throughout a trooper’s career.

Sgt. Schweers works out at Prodigy Fitness in Essex, MD. Further information about the CrossFit workouts and competition is available at

It is not too late to sign up for the Maryland State Police Fitness Challenge, being held this Saturday at Assateague State Park. Details are available at