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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Universities Panic As Dorms Sit Empty: Recruiting, Tuition, & Faculty Contracts In Limbo

Colleges and universities across the nation are stuck in financial limbo at a moment that key staffing, faculty contracts, student recruiting, and donor revenue-related decisions are typically made for next year, also as controversy erupts over refusal to refund student housing and campus activity fees. The $600 billion-plus higher education industry is expected to suffer effects of this Spring's campus shutdowns at least through next Fall, given everything down to campus tours for potential recruits have been canceled, leaving open the crucial question of incoming levels of freshmen and tuition revenue for next year.

A case in point is as follows: "The financial meltdown prompted by the novel coronavirus puts record-high endowment values in jeopardy, along with the ability for donors to give. Princeton University canceled its reunion, which draws 25,000 to the Ivy League school," according to Bloomberg.

It's likely that a number of academic institutions will delay sending out contracts, usually done in April, for the following year — and some like Baylor University in Texas are already informing teachers and staff their contracts will reflect a freeze on raises through next year, meaning even the 2-3% annual raise to account for inflation will be cut.


Concealed Permit Holder Kills Alleged Attacker and Thwarts Mass Shooting

A concealed carry permit holder shot and killed an alleged attacker in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Friday night, thwarting a mass shooting in the process.

Tulsa World reports a woman allegedly opened fire on customers, “outside a North Tulsa shopping center” about 6:30 p.m., only to be shot dead by an armed citizen.

Surveillance video appears to show the woman getting into an altercation in the shopping center parking lot, only to leave and allegedly return “about three minutes later.” Upon returning she allegedly, “pulled a gun and opened fire.”


Democrats Demand..

House Democrats on the Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr on Monday demanding that he try to “release as many prisoners as possible” due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus across the U.S.

Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and subcommittee chairwoman Karen Bass (D-CA) did not stop there with their demands as they told Barr to consider releasing prisoners regardless of the severity of the crimes for which they were convicted and regardless of the type of facility they were housed in.

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Mainstream Media Gave Kavanaugh’s Accuser Substantial Coverage, Ignore Biden's Accuser

Mainstream media publications that gave wall-to-wall coverage of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 have not given any coverage on the woman who came forward last week and accused Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden of sexual in the early 90s.

On March 24, The Intercept reported on the sexual allegations from former Biden staffer Tara Reade against then-Senator Biden in 1993.

The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC have not reported the allegation in the six days following The Intercept’s story.

By contrast, when Ford accused Kavanaugh in a report in The Washington Post on September 16, 2018, those same four news organizations gave wall-to-wall coverage on the allegation in the six days following The Washington Post’s report.


Biden camp denies sexual assault claim: 'These accusations are false'

Joseph R. Biden’s presidential campaign on Friday denied a graphic sexual assault allegation made by former Senate staffer Tara Reade.

“Women have the right to tell their story, and reporters have an obligation to rigorously vet those claims,” Kate Bedingfield, the deputy campaign manager and communications director, said in a statement. “We encourage them to do so, because these accusations are false.”

Last year, Ms. Reade was one of several women who accused Mr. Biden of unwanted touching, saying he used to “put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck” when she worked in his Senate office in the early ‘90s.

During a podcast interview with Katie Halper Wednesday, Ms. Reade revealed there’s much more to her story. She accused Mr. Biden of pinning her against a wall and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent in his Senate office in 1993.


Trump Declares Second Amendment Essential

Among the many illogical things that liberals have tried to include in bills and policies dealing with the Chinese Wuhan Virus pandemic is to try to repeal our gun rights under the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Various jurisdictions have decided that places like gun shops and firing ranges are “non-essential” businesses even as make our communities more dangerous by releasing criminals early and ordering police to ignore certain crimes in the name of fighting the pandemic. Self-defense in a time of social unrest and economic uncertainty is considered unnecessary, as if criminals are going to “social distance” themselves from their victims.

Liberals, however, prattle on about abortion being a constitutional right even though it is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution. The right to keep and bear arms is mentioned in the Constitution, but those who say abortion is essential say gun ownership is not. We must be able to end the life of the unborn even as some jurisdictions are saying having a gun to protect the lives of our families in these uncertain times is nonessential. Close the gun shops but keep the abortion clinics open is the logic of the liberal mind.

President Trump has given us yet another reason to be grateful we elected him as his administration declares that fighting a pandemic does not justify shredding the Constitution, and that gun ownership and training are in fact essential businesses:

President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security released updated guidelines naming gun manufacturers and retailers as essential on Saturday, which means they are to stay open and operational nationwide during a Chinese coronavirus shutdown.

The DHS guidelines list as essential:

Workers supporting the manufacturing of safety equipment and uniforms for law enforcement, public safety personnel, and first responders.

Workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges.


Bill de Blasio: NYC churches caught holding services during coronavirus may be 'permanently' closed

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told the Big Apple’s religious community that fines and permanent closures may come their way if they refuse to stop worship services during the coronavrius pandemic.

Mr. de Blasio set himself up for some legal battles last week while addressing the health crisis.

“The NYPD, fire department, buildings department — everyone has been instructed that if they see worship services going on, they will go to the officials of that congregation, they’ll inform them they need to stop the services and disperse,” he said. “If that does not happen, they will take additional action up to the point of fines and potentially closing the building permanently.”


Ben Carson: Build Homeless Tent Cities Outside, Solve Problem Now

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Ben Carson, MD said Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic presented a unique opportunity to address homelessness — and that the ideal solution involved tent cities on public land outside.

Dr. Carson noted that there had not, thus far, been many cases of coronavirus among the homeless, largely because the early cases involved people who had traveled to another country, as the illness spread from China.

Now, however, with “community spread” raging in the U.S. and around the world, there was a risk to the homeless.

Carson was optimistic, saying we should “use this as an impetus to get rid of homelessness in the country altogether.”

But unlike the indoor approach currently being used in Los Angeles — where Mayor Eric Garcetti is converting recreation centers in residential neighborhoods to emergency homeless shelters — Carson said the best solution was to build tent cities on public lands, where the spread of coronavirus would be less likely:

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Most Americans Say Coronavirus Outbreak Has Impacted Their Lives

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to rise and schools, workplaces and public gathering spaces across the United States remain closed, a new Pew Research Center survey finds that the coronavirus outbreak is having profound impacts on the personal lives of Americans in a variety of ways. Nearly nine-in-ten U.S. adults say their life has changed at least a little as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, including 44% who say their life has changed in a major way.

Amid widespread calls from experts for Americans to socially distance from one another to avoid spreading the virus, what recently seemed like mundane daily activities now elicit concerns from large swaths of the population.

How are people adapting their behavior in light of the outbreak? Four-in-ten working-age adults ages 18 to 64 report having worked from home because of coronavirus concerns – a figure that rises to a majority among working-age adults with college degrees and upper-income earners.

The virus also has impacted Americans’ religious behaviors. More than half of all U.S. adults (55%) say they have prayed for an end to the spread of coronavirus. Large majorities of Americans who pray daily (86%) and of U.S. Christians (73%) have taken to prayer during the outbreak – but so have some who say they seldom or never pray and people who say they do not belong to any religion.


Federal Judges: Elective Abortions a ‘Constitutional Right’ During Coronavirus Pandemic

Federal judges in three states have blocked orders suspending elective abortions in order to preserve medical essentials such as personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals who are treating victims of the infection caused by the coronavirus.


Patients who need abortion cannot wait.

To the politicians trying to exploit a crisis to ban essential care: we’ll see you in court.

— Planned Parenthood (@PPFA) March 30, 2020

The orders that elective abortions must continue in Texas, Alabama, and Ohio come after Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers filed lawsuits challenging the suspensions of the procedure. While Planned Parenthood continues to refer to abortion as a “choice,” during this time when all medical equipment has been needed for healthcare workers treating patients with the coronavirus infection, the group is claiming elective abortion is “essential.”


Poll: 5-in-6 Americans Want to End Immigration from Mexico

In the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, about five-in-six American adults said they want to see the United States end all immigration from Mexico.

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll asks Americans whether they would support or oppose an immigration moratorium on Mexico during the coronavirus crisis. Overall, 83 percent — or five-in-six — said they favor ending all immigration from Mexico at the moment.

This sweeping support for ending immigration from Mexico includes 75 percent of Hispanic Americans and 77 percent of black Americans. Another 73 percent of Democrat voters said they support ending immigration from Mexico, while 84 percent of swing voters and 93 percent of Republican voters support such a measure.

Even among the most liberal voters, nearly 70 percent said they support ending immigration from Mexico, as well as 74 percent of voters who supported failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The poll comes as Mexico’s coronavirus cases continue to climb, now reaching nearly 1,000 confirmed infections with 20 deaths and 938 active cases.


Things We Should Value After the Pandemic Shutdown

If you want to find a silver lining about the Wuhan coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, one can look at what we have learned. Not just about dealing with the next outbreak and how to reduce our vulnerability but also about what we ought to value — both now and after the war against this virus is won.

It often takes an event like 9/11 or COVID-19 to make us realize what is truly valuable to us, rather than chasing things. In a world that will be changed — even after COVID-19 is defeated — there are things that we should hold on to.

Family and Faith

The enforced separations we see of medical providers, first responders, senators and congressmen, and even the prime minister of the United Kingdom from family as a result of testing positive should make us aware of the value of family. The inability to travel to be with family also plays a huge part. Not every family dynamic is the same, but we should remember those who are family and make sure to cherish the time we have with them.

In a similar vein, another one of the hardest things has to be the inability to go to one’s place of worship. The free exercise of religion is the first right enumerated in the First Amendment — something that should tell us how valuable faith and the freedom to practice it is. We as a country should look to renew faith, if only for the hope that it provides in the darkest of times.

Local Businesses

While some CEOs of big business have stepped up to absorb the pain, small businesses are taking a big hit. But these small businesses, often run in smaller towns, are also valuable and very vulnerable. The local restaurants, supermarkets, and shops should get some part of that $1,200 stimulus check. They are the people who provide the glue for a local community, and supporting them is a chance to get to know people in your town.

More here

In effort to tackle coronavirus, Northwestern Medicine launches antiviral drug trial

The first participants have been enrolled by Illinois-based Northwestern Medicine in a new clinical drug trial that aims to tackle coronavirus.

“The drug being tested is remdesivir, a novel antiviral drug developed to treat Ebola and which has subsequently been found, in animal models, to have antiviral activity against coronaviruses including MERS and now SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes [the] COVID-19 disease,” Northwestern Medicine told Fox News. “The randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of the drug in hospitalized adult patients diagnosed with COVID-19.”

The medical system explained that the first Chicago-area patient to receive the drug at Northwestern Memorial Hospital is an 89-year-old man in intensive care.


The New Rules of Grocery Shopping Under Quarantine

The New Shopping Rules

Don’t Go

Seriously. This is the most important rule you can heed. Do you really need baking powder for those biscuits? Consult our list of substitutions. (Spoiler: Baking soda and cream of tartar will work instead.) Ask yourself: Is this just a quick run for supplies? Or a mega-run to prevent you from having to go again for two weeks (or more)? There should be no more quick runs. Every time you come to a central gathering place you are at risk of contracting or spreading the virus, no matter how careful you might be.

Go When It’s Slow

Same rule for movie theaters and traffic applies here: The fewer people around you, the less risk of transmission. I’m not talking the early mornings, which have been reserved for seniors. I’m talking a half hour after the senior hour has closed and the second wave of early birds have cleared out; super late-night or a half hour before closing; weekdays other than Friday; and anytime other than peak “we need dinner” hours.

Go Where It’s Slow

If you can, within reason and recommendations, find a less busy store. Last week during peak panic shopping a Costco in South Torrance was virtually empty, compared with the lines out the door at a Trader Joe’s nearby. The more cramped the store, the less you should think about shopping there.

Plan Your Route

Write your shopping list by department: fresh vegetables, dairy, dry and canned goods, condiments. Check off each item in that category before moving on to the next department.  Now is not the time to be doubling back and forth across the store. More time inside is more time exposed. 

Buy in Bulk

Your area might not be hit hard yet—but according to health experts, it will be. You might not want to come back in a week for more rice, or butter, or milk. 

Know What You Can Freeze

Milk and bread can be frozen, dumplings will last you months. Consult this handy guide for more info on what you can and can’t freeze.


You Gotta Love M*A*S*H

Country singer Kalie Shorr announces coronavirus diagnosis

"Despite being quarantined (except for a handful of trips for groceries) for three weeks, I managed to contract COVID 19," stated Shorr. "I'm feeling significantly better, but it's proof how dangerous and contagious this is. It's endlessly frustrating to see people not taking this seriously."

In a separate tweet, the "Lullaby" singer explained what she was facing in the early stages of the virus.

"The first few days were absolutely miserable. I've never felt like that before," Shorr explained. "My entire body was in pain, and my fever was like riding a wave. I completely lost my sense of taste and smell."


Salisbury Police Chase Down Customer With 2 Packages Of Toilet Paper

1,400 members of NYPD have tested positive for coronavirus; Wimbledon canceled

Coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 4,000 in the U.S.

A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 45,000 people around the world, including at least 4,476 people in the United States.

Globally, more than 911,000 people have been diagnosed with the new respiratory virus, which causes an illness known officially as COVID-19. Over 191,000 of those patients have recovered, according to datacompiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.


Navy medical ship arrives in New York City ahead of schedule despite media skepticism

The USNS Comfort arrived in New York City Monday to help relieve hospital crowding in the nation's largest city, despite assertions from some in the media that the ship's quick deployment was not realistic.

President Trump announced on March 18 he was ordering the deployment of two Navy hospital ships, the USNS Comfort and the USNS Mercy, to New York and Los Angeles to assist efforts in combating the coronavirus. Trump said they would be deployed " in the next week or so."

During a White House task force briefing two days later, NBC reporter Peter Alexander pressed Trump on his predicted timetable for the ship deployments, asking if he was worried about giving Americans "a false sense of hope."


Here;s What YOU Need To Think About Referencing Today's Message From Governor Hogan's Press Release

Earlier today, Maryland reported 1,985 confirmed cases of COVID-19—an increase of 325 new cases, which is the largest one-day increase to date. The Maryland Department of Health announced 13 additional deaths as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the state’s total to 31 deaths.

Here's what no one is thinking about. 325 new people tested positive in the last 24 hours. I just finished a meeting in which even I hadn't considered. Of those 325 people, how many people did EACH one of the 325 people who tested positive surround themselves with? Husband, wife, children, mom, dad, CO WORKERS? Think about this for a minute. Each one of those 325 people that exposed others now have to be quarantined for TWO WEEKS! 

So let's say John Doe, (one of the 325) has a wife and 2 children. John has to be quarantined on his own and the wife and kids need to be quarantined separately until it is confirmed they do or don't have the virus. 

The snowball affect will be incredible. Hospitals don't want to place the wife and kids in the hospital. They want to make sure they have available beds and as Governor Hogan admitted, in two weeks we could be looking like New York City, or worse. 

Oh, let me say this as well. To the people who want to come on here in comments and claim this is a complete hoax, please volunteer at any local hospital without a mask, gown or sanitizer. Until you do, shut up and find another place to expose your theories. I've let you have your fun in comments today but I will be rejecting them from here on out. 

Mainstream Media Sucks

Governor Hogan Enacts Emergency Orders to Expand Telehealth, Upgrade Designation of Disabilities Services Personnel

Will Lead Another Teleconference With America’s Governors This Afternoon

Governor Larry Hogan today issued two emergency orders to further support Marylanders during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the expansion of telehealth services and the designation of disabilities services personnel as health care providers.

“As our state faces new and unprecedented challenges, we need to be adaptive, innovative, and inclusive in our response,” said Governor Hogan. “The orders I have issued today help ensure that Marylanders of all ages and abilities can continue receiving essential services throughout this public health crisis.”

Earlier today, Maryland reported 1,985 confirmed cases of COVID-19—an increase of 325 new cases, which is the largest one-day increase to date. The Maryland Department of Health announced 13 additional deaths as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the state’s total to 31 deaths. There are now more than 4,000 COVID-19 cases in the National Capital Region.

Later today, as chairman of the National Governors Association, Governor Hogan will lead a teleconference with the nation’s governors to discuss the states’ response to COVID-19.

EXPANDING TELEHEALTH SERVICES IN MARYLAND. Governor Hogan issued an executive order that amends the previous May 20 order regarding telehealth by expanding these services beyond audio-only methods. With this order, healthcare providers may engage in asynchronous telehealth services, such as email, provided that any and all telehealth practices are clinically appropriate, properly documented, and otherwise comply with proper standards of care. These telehealth services are also eligible for reimbursement by Medicaid. Read the amended executive order.

HEALTH CARE DESIGNATION FOR DISABILITIES SERVICE PERSONNEL. Governor Hogan issued an executive order ensuring that workers who provide important support services to the disabled will be treated as health care providers under the recently-enacted Families First Coronavirus Response Act. This order officially recognizes the essential function of services for the disabled—including in-home care, interpreting services, social services, and support systems for substance abuse and mental illness—and designates those who provide these services as essential health care providers. Read the executive order.

All of Governor Hogan’s emergency orders and proclamations are available here. For health resources, including case counts and clinician guidance, visit


The Wicomico County Solid Waste office is closed to the public until further notice. Anyone with questions may call 410-548-4935.

All County Convenience Center permits will be extended past the expiration date until the expiration of the Governor's Executive Order to stay at home.

The brush area and convenience center at the Newland Park Landfill will be closing daily at 6:00 PM effective April 01, 2020.

NYC Health Commissioner Told De Blasio to Get Serious on Efforts to Stop Wuhan Coronavirus Spread. He Refused.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio criticizes President Trump over his response toward fighting the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., but he should probably look in the mirror. For starters, the American people approve of how the Trump White House has handled this crisis. Second, it appears as if New York City’s council members were more concerned about being politically correctthan preparing for how to handle the outbreak. Chinese New Year was celebrated, which exposed countless people to the disease. We have well over 180,000 cases and approaching 4,000 deaths, most of which come from the Tri-State area. Over half of all Wuhan virus cases in the country come from New York City. Still, comrade Bill has to bash the president (via HuffPo):
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) on Sunday lashed out against President Donald Trump over his inadequate response to the coronavirus pandemic, stating more people will die if the president doesn’t take more action.
As of Sunday, about one-third of the United States’ nearly 27,000 confirmed coronavirus cases were in New York City, de Blasio said during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Hospitals across the state and country that are in short supply of ventilators and other medical equipment need to treat patients with the virus and Trump isn’t doing nearly enough to help them, the mayor added.
“The truth is, and New Yorkers and all Americans deserve the blunt truth, it’s only getting worse,” de Blasio said. “And in fact, April and May are going to be a lot worse.”
He continued: “The president of the United States is from New York City and he will not lift a finger to help his hometown. ... I can’t be blunt enough: If the president doesn’t act, people will die who could have lived otherwise.”
Well, first, those numbers have exploded since then and second, that's not true, Bill. Even CNN had to admit what Trump has done has saved millions of lives. 

It's No Wonder Trump & Hogan Want This Virus To Go Away Soon!

Walmart to deploy temperature checks, masks and gloves to all employees nationwide

As the coronavirus continues to shut down businesses across the U.S., Walmart has made the decision to keep its stores open. However, the nation's largest private employer is now taking additional steps to prevent its nearly 1.5 million employees from getting sick — and telling them to stay home if they are.

Walmart announced Tuesday updated health and safety guidelines for all associates. From now on, the temperature of every employee will be taken as they report to work in stores, clubs and facilities, the company said.

Walmart is now in the process of sending infrared thermometers to all locations, which could take as long as three weeks. As employees' temperatures are taken, they will also be asked some basic health screening questions.


True That!

DOJ IG Checked 29 More FBI Spy Warrants, And Found Problems With All Of Them

The Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General has a “lack of confidence” in the FBI’s procedures to validate information used to obtain spy warrants on American citizens, the watchdog said in a report released Tuesday.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found errors in all 29 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant applications that were subject to the review.

The audit is a follow-up to an investigation of the FBI’s surveillance of Carter Page, the former Trump campaign aide.

A report of that investigation blasted the FBI for making dozens of errors and omissions in four applications the bureau submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). The findings prompted the Justice Department to retract two of the warrants because they were based on faulty information.

The OIG review released Tuesday suggests that the FBI’s problems are widespread.


Trish Regan was fired for telling the truth

Lawmakers Move To Rescind Stimulus For Kennedy Center After Musician Layoffs

Rep. Bryan Steil on Tuesday introduced a bill to rescind $25 million in emergency stimulus funding for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts that after the organization anyway laid off nearly 350 musicians and administrative staffers.

“Some in Washington felt it was important to spend $25 million of taxpayer dollars on the Kennedy Center when there are obviously bigger needs right now. This is frivolous spending in the midst of a national emergency. Coronavirus requires a serious and targeted response,” said Steil, a Wisconsin Republican, according to The Daily Wire.

The legislation is cosponsored by 13 other Republicans, including House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who said it would take back the Kennedy Center spending and give it “back to the American people.”


One way to hold down coronavirus toll: Pretend it isn't happening

As the official U.S. death toll from the coronavirus climbed past 3,000 in the last several days, surpassing casualties from the 9/11 attacks, some conservative news personalities have reacted by questioning the accuracy of the numbers.

Diamond & Silk, who are hosts on the Fox Nation streaming site and allies of President Trump whom he has praised online, said Monday that the number of coronavirus deaths being reported by the media had been inflated to make the president look bad.

“In a matter of two weeks, over 1,000 people supposedly died from the coronavirus,” Silk said. “In a two-week time period, over 1,000 people, after being tested positive, have died from the coronavirus. But it took 39 days, from January all the way up to February the 29th, I believe, for the first person to die. My president said, on March the 24th — Tuesday, this past week — my president said that he would love for America to be back up and running.”

“I knew this was going to happen,” Diamond added. “I knew after he said this, this was going to happen.”

“At the time he said it, there was 25,489 cases with 307 deaths,” continued Silk. “Instantaneously, you had the media calling President Trump out, he wanted open by Easter, he wants this open by Easter — me and you was talking, I said now watch the number of deaths go up. Watch everything increase, because they wanted to make it look bad in front of our eyes.”

The number of cases and deaths in the U.S. matched the trends in other countries that failed to take timely measures, such as testing and stay-at-home orders, to stop the spread. Experts, including some on the White House coronavirus task force, said Trump’s April 12 goal for returning the country to normal was far too aggressive. On Monday, Trump extended the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that recommended no gatherings of more than 10 people and limiting any unnecessary travel until April 30.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were over 181,000 confirmed cases in the U.S. and more than 3,600 deaths.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin said Monday that he was skeptical of the numbers of reported dead from the coronavirus, saying, “I cannot find anywhere the definition of what it means to die from this virus.”

The cause of death of anyone who dies while under medical care — the vast majority of COVID-19 casualties — is certified by the attending physician. Patients who test positive for the coronavirus and who develop the telltale symptoms of acute respiratory distress to the point of death are presumptively counted as having died of it.


Mainstream media mocks White House appearance of 'My Pillow Guy' Mike Lindell despite contribution to virus fight

Several members of the media were quick to dismiss the presence of "My Pillow" founder Mike Lindell at the White House coronavirus press briefing despite his company's ongoing contribution to combating the outbreak.

Lindell, who was among several business leaders who spoke at Monday's presser, announced that his company is aiming to increase its production of cotton face masks from 10,000 to 50,000 per day.

He also said a prayer and encouraged the country to dedicate time to their families and religion.

"God gave us grace on November 8, 2016, to change the course we were on," the pro-Trump businessman said. "God had been taken out of our schools and lives, a nation had turned its back on God. I encourage you to use this time at home to get back in the word. Read our Bible and spend time with our families."

However, critics from various news outlets mocked Lindell's appearance at the Rose Garden.



We all know how fast the germs can spread. When we’re in the supermarket we give other shoppers a wide berth. When we’re on a plane or train we remind ourselves not to touch our face. When walking down the street we hold our breath as a jogger passes. After paying for takeaway wesanitize our hands.

Then we go for dinner at our parents’ house, or friends’ and let our guard down. While this kind of gathering should now be curtailed (with the new recommendations in place), as little as two weeks ago Australians were still having large scale weddings. Even now, weddings are still allowed (though there are new, significant restrictions on their size).

In this atmosphere, we let our guard down. But as the following Mythbusters video shows, these kind of scenarios are one of the worst when it comes to contamination. And before The Glib retort: “If you’re living with your friends or family (or spending time with them) you’re screwed anyway,” – we’d highly encourage you to watch the video.


Chik-fil-A cows go to war against Green New Deal

The beloved semi-literate cows of Chik-fil-A marketing have already come out against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s Green New Deal, which aims at a reduction of bovine flatulence through a special Cow-Fart Police Task Force.

Now they have ratcheted up the rhetoric and gone to war with an ad campaign targeting the crazy ideas in the plan.


Under Armour to manufacture 500,000 face masks to address coronavirus

Maryland-based athletic apparel manufacturer Under Armour announced Monday that it will manufacture half a million surgical masks for medical personnel in the state dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the company said in a statement that it will produce at least 500,000 face masks and produce thousands of hospital gowns and face shields, critical pieces of protective equipment for hospitals that have been in short supply. The donation will be made to the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS).

“This will give UMMS in particular the rare ability to put masks on anyone entering their hospital system, possibly one of the few medical systems in the country that will have this ability,” a company spokesperson told the Sun.


Clueless New Yorkers Gather To Watch USNS Comfort Arrive, Completely Missing The Point

While some New Yorkers have been isolating themselves and following social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic, others in the city are being reckless regarding others’ welfare.

On Monday morning, the USNS Comfort arrived in New York City’s harbor. The hospital ship with approximately 1,000 patient beds is expected to take the non-COVID-19 patients at city’s hospitals across all five boroughs in an effort to free up space. New York City has over 36,000 reported cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, as of Monday morning. Seven hundred and ninety people have died of the disease.


Governor Hogan Announces Bay Bridge Westbound Right Lane Reopened Today More Than A Year Ahead of Schedule

Responding to Governor’s Challenge, Crews Complete Critical Deck Rehabilitation in Record Time

ANNAPOLIS, MD–Governor Larry Hogan today announced the Bay Bridge westbound right lane deck rehabilitation is 100% complete and open to all motorists. The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) delivered on the governor’s directive to expedite the project—once slated to last up to two years—and reopen the right lane of the westbound Bay Bridge as soon as possible. All new concrete has been poured and cured, work zone barriers have been removed, restriping is finished, and the lane reopened to all traffic this morning.
The completion comes more than a full year ahead of schedule. It also has been accomplished amid the state’s response to COVID-19. During Maryland’s state of emergency, MDTA and its contractors have worked hard to deliver this critical project, leveraging the lower than normal traffic volumes while adhering to state and federal health and safety guidelines.

“Maryland is facing significant challenges these days, and of course our primary focus is on the health and safety of our citizens amid the ongoing COVID-19 threat,” said Governor Hogan. “But it’s important to celebrate the reopening of the westbound right lane of the Bay Bridge, because for me it represents the spirit, dedication and work ethic that will see our state through any crisis.” 

“This project was envisioned as taking two construction seasons to complete. But our dedicated employees and contractors, working to serve their neighbors and all those who use this bridge, have completed it in just over seven months – record time by any measure,” Governor Hogan added. “The men and women who have accomplished this task inspire me, and will forever have my appreciation. They give all of us confidence that Maryland can and will emerge from any challenge faster and stronger than anyone can imagine.”

In September 2019, the westbound right lane of the Bay Bridge was closed. The bridge deck in this lane had reached the end of its service life and was severely deteriorated, presenting a safety risk. In one section, 75% of the lane was patched and deteriorated. Delaying this critical work would have resulted in a lengthier, costlier and more extensive project. 

“We thank our motorists, communities and local and state elected officials for their support and cooperation throughout this project,” said Maryland Transportation Secretary and MDTA Chairman Gregory Slater. “I’d like to thank the men and women of MDOT and our contractors for rising to the challenge on a complex effort and in a challenging time. This will be one less thing for Marylanders to be concerned about as we rise out of our health crisis.”

Some Overnight/Off-Peak Work Remains; Minimal Traffic Impact
While the right lane is now reopened, some remaining work will occur on the westbound span center and left lanes during overnight/off-peak hours, including deck sealing, steel railing replacement and deck/joint repairs and replacements. Minimal traffic delays are expected. Motorists should expect some periods when steel plates will be placed in the center and left lanes. 

Remaining work also includes replacing overhead signal gantries on the westbound span. Outages of individual signal gantries will be required during replacements. Drivers should continue to obey all signing and active signal gantries.

The MDTA also is leveraging the currently reduced traffic volumes to expedite installation of an automated gate system along westbound US 50 on the Eastern Shore that will allow maintenance crews to implement and discontinue two-way traffic operations at the bridge more safely and quickly. Drivers should expect single-lane closures on or approaching the Bay Bridge during daytime, off-peak hours as needed for this work, other ongoing projects, regular maintenance and facility inspections.

Bay Bridge All Electronic Tolling on Schedule 
“In addition to answering Governor Hogan’s call to reopen the westbound right lane, the MDTA remains on schedule to begin all-electronic tolling at the Bay Bridge by summer 2020,” said MDTA Executive Director James F. Ports, Jr. “We are nearly 70% complete in reaching this goal.” 

Crews have installed a new overhead tolling gantry across eastbound US 50 on the Eastern Shore between the bridge and MD 8. Work is underway to install and test the tolling system components.

Once all-electronic tolling is in place, cash will not be accepted as payment at the time of travel. Drivers won’t have to stop to pay tolls, as the overhead gantry will collect tolls electronically by E-ZPass® or Video Tolling. 

Motorists should prepare for all-electronic tolling now by enrolling in E-ZPass® Maryland. With E-ZPass®, Marylanders can get free standard transponders with no monthly fee and can benefit from major savings, paying as little as $1.40 daily to cross the Bay Bridge compared to $6 for Video Tolling. For the latest on Bay Bridge traffic, call 1-877-BAYSPAN (229-7726) or visit

State extends deadlines for businesses filing annual reports and personal property tax returns

State officials have extended deadlines for Maryland businesses submitting annual reports and personal property tax returns.

Deadlines have been extended to July 15 as part of Gov. Larry Hogan’s response to the new coronavirus pandemic, the state Department of Assessments and Taxation said Monday.

Expiration dates for trade names and name reservations, as well as entity forfeiture dates, will be extended to 30 days after the state of emergency is rescinded.


Pocomoke City Police Department Thanks Royal Plus For Donations

Thank you to Royal Plus for generously providing Pocomoke City Police Officers with face shields, hand sanitizers, and mask! Thanks for all you do!! #weareallinthistogether#staysafe

Democratic lawmaker says she has tested positive for coronavirus three days after posing with Nancy Pelosi and other senior House members

New York Rep. Nydia Velazquez, who attended a bill ceremony with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Friday, has announced she has as 'presumed' coronavirus infection.

Velazquez, 67, chairs the House Small Business Committee at a time when the administration and Congress are trying to get billions into the hands of workers and their employers amid the coronavirus epidemic.

The Democrat was in Washington to vote on a $2.2 trillion bailout measure after GOPRep. Thomas Massie objected to it passing on a voice vote, infuriating colleagues andPresident Trump.


Russian Covid-19 aid plane to US: Putin asked Trump if he needed help & he accepted, Kremlin spokesman says

A cargo plane loaded with medical supplies and protection equipment may depart for the US by the end of Tuesday, the Kremlin said, after a phone call between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The issue of protective gear was raised during the Monday phone talks, with Putin asking if the US needed help and Trump accepting, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday.

Moscow suggested the aid in anticipation that the US will be able to return the favor if necessary, once its manufacturers of medical and protective equipment catch up with demand, Peskov said.

The current situation “affects everyone without exception and is of a global nature,” he added.

There is no alternative to acting together in the spirit of partnership and mutual assistance.

On Monday, Trump told reporters at the White House press briefing that “Russia sent us a very, very large planeload of things, medical equipment, which was very nice.”


Police In Nepal Use Special Device To Keep Safe Distances During Coronavirus Lockdown

Alarming article on how Italy became communist, sold out to the Chinese and a warning to America

Told by Giacomino Nicolazzo:

Published March 24, 2020 Montecalv o, Lombardy, Italy.

As I sit here in my involuntary isolation, it was just reported that overnight 743 more people died and 5.249 new cases have been reported. This brings the total cases of infection to 69,176 and the body count to 6,820. We take relief in knowing that 8,326 people have recovered so far. (Numbers as of 3/24, 8:30pm in Italy.)

Most towns here in Italy, from the upper reaches of the Alps to the ancient shores of Sicilia and Sardenia, while not deserted, are closer to being ghost towns than the bustling centers of tourism, business and daily life they were just a few weeks ago.

Stores and shops have been shuttered. Restaurants and coffee shops no longer serve customers. Schools, universities, sporting arenas…even our museums and theaters…all closed. Even the Vatican City has closed its gates and armed patrols monitor the 20 foot tall walls that protect it! Streets and roads are now empty for as far as the eye can see. Normally they would be filled with crazed Italian drivers in tiny cars and scooters (the ones that sound like demonic insects) darting here and there, reaching the limits of centrifugal force on our roundabouts. In the piazze of our towns and cities, there are now officially more pigeons than people.

Many of us know someone who has been infected and recovered. Some of us know someone who did not recover…now they are dead. But everyone knows someone who has been affected by this microscopic monster in one way or another.

Sixty million of us are in lockdown…it is like a war zone here. We are being held prisoner in our own homes by an unseen enemy that sneaked in unnoticed…by most of us. As you will read in just a few more minutes, there were those who knew something like this was coming…or at least they should have.

So who is to blame? With all this craziness swirling like a whirlpool at our feet, I just had to find the blame answer. And so I have spent my free time (of which I have a lot in these days) digging and researching. I was literally shocked to discover how this has come to be.

I am not going to bore you with talk of Patient ‘0’ who spread it to Patient ‘1’ and how mathematics efficiently explains the rapid expansion of infection. No…I am going to tell you how (as I see it) the virus came to Italy.

It has everything to do with communists. Allow me to explain. Beginning in about 2014, Matteo Renzi, the imbecile ex-mayor of Firenze (Florence) acting as the leader of the Partito Democratico (synonymous with the Italian Communist party), somehow managed to gethimself elected as Italy’s Prime Minister. To give you a proper frame of reference, Matteo Renzi was so far left, he would make Barack Obamalook like Barry Goldwater!

Uh Oh!

VA Governor Orders Citizens Stay At Home Till June 10th

The BS Needs To End

April 1, 2020


Real numbers of coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Maryland cases
Updated Apr 1 at 5:02 AM local

'That's just not true': Republican governor of Maryland slams Trump's denial that there is a shortage of coronavirus tests and calls the president's claim 'aspirational'

The governor of Maryland has slammed President Donald Trump's denial that there is any shortage of coronavirus test kits.

In a leaked recording of a conference call with several governors, Trump claimed that he hasn't had a complaint about testing shortages in 'weeks'.

Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican who chairs the National Governors Association, responded to Trump's remarks in an interview with NPR on Tuesday, saying: 'Yeah, that's just not true.'

'I know that they've taken some steps to create new tests, but they're not actually produced and distributed out to the states. So it's an aspirational thing,' Hogan continued.


Man Charged With Violating Governor’s Order By Hosting Teen Party At Carroll Co. Hotel

(WESTMINSTER, MD) — Maryland State Police have charged a man with violating the Governor’s Executive Order and providing alcohol to teens during a party he hosted yesterday at a Carroll County hotel.

The suspect is identified as Ryan M. Serra, 26, of Lutherville, Md. He is charged with violation of the Governor’s Executive Order and ten counts of allowing a minor to possess alcohol. Serra was charged on a criminal summons, which was served on him by State Police at his home just before 2:00 p.m. today.

Shortly after 7:00 p.m. yesterday, the Maryland State Police Westminster Barracks received a call reporting a party being held in a room at the Boston Inn, located in the 500-block of Baltimore Blvd. The caller indicated the party involved individuals under the legal drinking age.

Troopers responded to the room and, after knocking and announcing their presence multiple times, made contact with the suspect. The suspect said other people were in the room and multiple males and females, later determined to be ages 15-17, came out of the bathroom area of the hotel room where they had apparently been attempting to hide. An empty liquor bottle was observed in the room. Further investigation developed evidence indicating Serra was hosting the party, had purchased alcohol for the juveniles, and was aware those attending were underage. In addition to Serra, there were six males and four females in the room. No one in the room appeared to be intoxicated.

CDC: Japanese Data Show Indoor Coronavirus Transmission 18.7 Times Likelier, as Garcetti Moves L.A. Homeless to Rec Centers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published a paper reporting that Japanese data showed that coronavirus transmission was nearly 20 times more likely indoors than outdoors.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti is moving hundreds of homeless people into recreation centers in residential areas — a policy that is receiving increasing scrutiny and criticism from residents and the media.

The Los Angeles Times reported this weekend that there is growing discord in California about Garcetti’s plan to help the homeless:

There has been pushback to using the recreation centers, though, and a fear that they could be incubators for spreading the novel coronavirus among an already high-risk population. While most health experts, advocates and some politicians agree that quick action will require using multiple types of shelter, they say single-occupancy spaces such as motel or hotel rooms are safer.

The CDC paper, dated Mar. 18, 2020, has surfaced amidst debates about whether to move homeless people indoors to protect them from the coronavirus pandemic — or whether doing so would actually expose them to more risk.

The paper, by Thomas R. Frieden — a former CDC director — and Christopher T. Lee, notes (footnotes included):