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Sunday, March 15, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Robert Durst arrested in New Orleans

Real estate heir Robert Durst was taken into custody in New Orleans Saturday night on a warrant out of Los Angeles County, Fox News confirms.


The Wind Farm Scam

The specter of global warming and the political panic surrounding it has triggered a gold rush for renewable energy sources without an open discussion of the merits and drawbacks of each. In The Wind Farm Scam Dr Etherington argues that in the case of wind power the latter far outweigh the former. Wind turbines cannot generate enough energy to reduce global CO2 levels to a meaningful degree; what’s more wind power is by nature intermittent and cannot generate a steady output, necessitating back-up coal and gas power plants that significantly negate the saving of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the inefficacy of wind power there are ecological drawbacks, including damage to habitats, wildlife and the far-from-insignificant aesthetic drawback of the assault upon natural beauty and the pristine landscape, which wind turbines entail. Dr Etherington argues that wind power has been, and is being, excessively financed at the cost of consumers who have not been consulted, nor informed that this effective subsidy is being paid from their bills to support an industry that cannot be cost efficient or, ultimately, favor the cause it purports to support."

Dr John Etherington, The Wind Farm Scam

The Daily Times Has Declared War On Bob Culver!

After weeks of sniping by making snide remarks and biased reporting of Mr. Culver's actions as the new Wicomico County Executive, including his decision to reconsider the replacement of the West Salisbury Elementary School, the Daily Times has moved to full-fledged effort to embarrass and belittle him. On January 10, Mr. Culver and members of the County Council met with representatives of the Board of Education and consultants to inspect and discuss the present school facility. The consultants, who have received no compensation, subsequently submitted a report and recommendations for potential revitalization of the facility.

Apparently because it was not invited to attend that meeting, the Daily Times has filed a complaint that the meeting violated Maryland's "Open Meetings Law," under which the Counsel is required to conduct its formal business – i.e., decision-making such as legislation - in public meetings.

Jim Ireton Is An Immature Child

If I was a taxpaying citizen of Salisbury, honest to God I'd file a lawsuit against the Mayor for wasting taxpayers money on propaganda like this.

Last night Jim Ireton held up a sign, (because he's so tired of citizen complaints) at his state of the city address and suggested that these signs would be placed around the City in areas where road conditions are so bad.

Now mind you Folks, Governor Hogan only took Office a couple of months ago. Martin O'Malley is the one who TOOK AWAY the Highway User Funds and now this Liberal piece of crap Ireton wants to point the finger at the new REPUBLICAN Governor? As if he had ANYTHING to do with this?


Attorney Ed Baker started working for Wicomico County in 1989 and this morning announced his retirement. We wish Ed well and hope he enjoys the greener pastures of retirement.

Possible replacement candidates may include:

Bob Eaton
Ted Hooper
Andy Mitchell 
Roscoe Lesley
Mark Tilghman
Paul Wilbur

Any other ideas?

Major Problem At Wicomico County Detention Center: HEROIN


FOUR out of THIRTY ONE, (or so) Work Release Prisoners from the Wicomico County Detention Center recently tested POSITIVE for heroin. ONE other prisoner had been taken to PRMC for an overdose, making it a total of FIVE prisoners who were positive for heroin.

Good Lord, even when we POLICE them in JAIL, they can't keep them off drugs. 

Thank God they're no longer ringing the bells for the Salvation Army. 

Yeah, Wicomico County has a problem!

Please remember, the WCSO has NOTHING to do with the Detention Center. The Warden needs to answer to this. 


A sigh of relief took place three weeks ago when the Wicomico County Board of Ed pulled the redistricting plan, however it has now suddenly resurfaced. 

Last Tuesday the Wicomico County Council held a public hearing on the capitol improvement budget, many there decried the effort of Mr Bob Culver to save the Bennett Middle School to use for offices for the Board Of Ed. Some of the County Council made it very clear they were not at all in favor of supporting even exploring the option. It seems as if some council members a have their mind set on not trying to save the taxpayers of Wicomico any money. 

While much was said during the public hearing it is what was revealed much later that night during a work session that should be most alarming to the parents of Pittsville, Willards and Delmar. 



This is EXACTLY what I had tried warning these Idiots about, FALSE INFORMATION! There was NO drive by shooting!

When you have no life and you sit around a scanner all day and night, this is what you get. They should rename that Site, FALSE ALERT.

Bottom Feeders with a LOOK AT MEEEE lifestyle can't resist scaring the crap out of our communities. With all the shootings lately, you'd think this group of Police Officers and Firefighters who run this site would CONFIRM this information first before they put everyone in a panic.


Pack your bags and get the hell out of Salisbury, there's been yet another shooting near a Playground next to Salisbury Middle School.

Yeah, crime is down in Salisbury. There will be armed guards at the Mayor's State of the City Address. Bring your body armor. 

Are Police Officers & Firefighters Retaliating Against Their Leaders?

It has become overwhelmingly clear that the people running the new False Alert site are fed up with law enforcement not exposing CRIME like they should.

As we've mentioned in the past, all we get any more in press releases are Most Wanted and Shoplifters. 

While these men and women are out there busting their rear ends to fight crime and fires, leaders are not exposing what's actually going on so these men and women have banded together and did it on their own.

It's a real smack in the face for Chief Barbara Duncan, Sheriff Mike Lewis and Fire Chief Rick Hoppes. You now have to ask yourself, are these men and women doing the right thing? Should officers, firefighters and dispatchers be posting things as soon as they are called in?

All that is debatable but one thing is absolutely for sure here, there's NO other reason these people would have started that Website, especially being in the line of business they are in.

One last thing. Many leaders in this community keep telling me, the more you expose crime the worse it looks for Salisbury and Wicomico County whenever you Google these areas. They have also gone on to say how it hurts their Bond Rating too. Well, now they have their own people working for the City and County doing exactly that, WITHOUT ANY confirmation. How crazy is that!

City/County, Who Cares! Salisbury Isn't Safe, PERIOD!

Blue arrow is from the shooting last week, red arrow is from the shooting last night, the school of course is the red A above.
OK, there seems to be a bit of controversy on whether it was in the county or city. Morris Street and Price Street ARE in the  county and not the city. However some are saying the shooting took place at the Lake Street Park......which is in the city. I guess we will have to wait for a press release.

Military Plane Flying low

Military airplane flying low over my neighborhood. It has been circling for a while now. It's much lower than it looks on the video. Have you heard anything? I'm on the West side. We see fighter jets a lot, but this is a huge plane & very low...

How Can Jake Day Be The Coordinator - State Government & Community Affairs For Perdue and Be An Elected Official?

Jacob Day

Executive Director Linda Lugo Of The Worcester County Humane Society Resigns

Linda Lugo had been just days away from celebrating one year with the Humane Society when the pressure of dealing with the Humane Society Board reached a point where they could no longer work together.

Linda put in her resignation last Friday and respectfully offered a two week notice, the Board asked her to leave the following day. You might say it was all about ego's. 


Wicomico schools have been closed nine days in 2014-2015 due to weather and road conditions. The Board of Education approved the following calendar revisions last month and at the March 10 Board meeting:

Tuesday, March 31: Early dismissal day for students, with schools dismissing two hours early for students to give teachers time for professional development work. (This had previously been scheduled as a full school day, but is now an early dismissal day.)

Tuesday, April 7: Regular school day (Professional day on that date moved to June, after the end of the school year). Wicomico students and schools will now have a regular school day on Tuesday, April 7 to make up one missed day. April 7 had been scheduled as a professional day, with part of the day for SLOs (Student Learning Objectives). Now, teachers will have time on March 31 to work on their SLOs. Parents and guardians of students who will be absent on April 7 due to prior family plans must provide the school with written notice before April 7 for the student to have an excused absence for that school day.

When Someone Called This Photo ‘Disgusting,’ the Photographer Decided to Fight Back. She Never Expected the Debate to Explode the Way It Did.

The Internet has erupted in a debate over the American flag, the U.S. military and respect.

At the center of the dispute: a photo shoot of a U.S. Navy serviceman holding his child in an American flag.

The photos were taken by Virginia photographer Vanessa Hicks, who posted them on Facebook on Sunday.

The next day, the Facebook page “You Call Yourself A Photographer” picked up the photos — and tore them apart.


Mayor James Ireton, Hypocrisy At Its Best!

The above images are on Mayor Jim Ireton's own street, Philadelphia Ave.

Maryland needs to pass a law to stop obese people from wearing down our sidewalks too. 
Governor Larry Hogan is simply taking far too long to pass these bills while tax paying citizens are extremely inconvenienced, tripping and falling all throughout the City. Scooter repair companies are raking it in, says JT. 

With all the new Downtown Bars, business owners fear for their livelihoods as the threats of lawsuits pile up. 

On the flip side, Downtown Lawyers have seen a spike in business while Mayor Ireton pleas his case to the Governor, FIX OUR ROADS AND SIDEWALKS NOW!
Perhaps Mayor Ireton will run for Governor and paint the Town. In the mean time, this is special eastern shore bureau chief reporter Antoine Merriweather saying, till tomorrow, tootles. 

Your Federal Tax Dollars Hard At Work

Why is this federal employee at the Salvation Army thrift store with a company car at 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday?

A Letter To The Editor: Royal Farms

Good morning Joe, 

Just a short note about my visit to the Royal Farms Store on Rt.12 near Johnson Rd.. Last night about 3am I stopped to get a cup of coffee and a couple of donuts.

I went to the coffee machine and no coffee. A worker came and told me there would be no coffee until later in the morning as they didn’t sell enough late night to make it worthwhile. I gave her back the donuts and told her that I didn’t know that Royal Farms was in such bad shape that they had to ration their coffee. Went to WAWA and purchased my coffee and donuts, no problem. Joe I believe that if in fact what the person told me is true that it is a mistake on Royal Farms part. Joe I work overnight and there are many who do. Most people would not realize just how many of us do work at night. This is the first time I wasn’t able to get any coffee there that time of night and as I said there are more of us than people know who do work then. People are creatures of habit! I went to Wawa and got my coffee and donuts. I will continue to do so as it is just a little further. Maybe Royal Farms doesn’t want late night customers but they may lose customers to their competition!

UPDATE: Joe, Royal Farms Corporate says that this coffee thing is Not their policy! Looks like just a lazy employee.

This Is My Last Warning

If I get one more Restricted call from False Alert I'm not only going to file charges, I'm going to have some people arrested.

Last night the harassment calls started, one after the other and they wouldn't stop, even after being told I'd file charges. 

Today they have started up again. These are Police Officers and Firefighters who know better. Anyhow, I was told to make this formal final warning and if they do it again law enforcement will press charges. 

You've been warned.

Dr. Alveda King: Abortion Has Killed 55 Million Potential Voters

( – The niece of slain civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., told Fox News on Saturday that when President Barack Obama spoke about the right to vote in his speech in Selma, Ala., earlier that day, he failed to mention that because of abortion, some 55 million people have been denied that right.

“What the president did not say, there is a whole group of people – over 55 million – who have been denied the right to vote, because they’ve been denied the right to live,” Dr. Alveda King said.

Calling Obama’s speech “eloquent,” Fox host Gregg Jarrett asked King if she agreed with the president’s assessment that the prejudice and discrimination against blacks experienced 50 years ago when the iconic march to Selma took place is not the same today.

A Letter To The Editor: Recent article on redistricting

Mr. Albero,

Upon reading a recent article on your website on redistricting plans and the BOE, I was disgusted at the perpetuation of racial stereotypes brought about with the publication of your article. As you can see from my email, I am a BOE employee, and not in central office. I have taught both middle school (at BMS) and high school (Parkside) for a number of years, and I have taught all levels of students. Your comments on Thugs and Drugs coming to Delmar, etc because of redistricting of African American students from Wicomico Middle was off-base and unneeded. However you feel about redistricting and county fiscal spending, I am asking you kindly not to insult the countless numbers of children that walk through the doors of our schools every day. There are plenty of "thug" (not my word choice) students at all of our schools walking around with various colors of skin. Every student who is African American or in attendance at Wi Middle is not a thug, just as every middle-aged white male is not a bigot. Your article's mentality, thankfully not shared by the majority of educators and other Americans, does nothing but cause further strife in our system. How do you expect students who are living in poverty (since this so called "thug" lifestyle has been statistically proven to be an socioeconomic problem and not a racial problem) to rise above this stereotype if leaders in the community have already labeled them as such. In a final effort, I am again, asking you kindly to retract your statements and stick to the issues at hand.

Publishers Notes: I let this person know in a reply that "THUG" has NO COLOR

Letter to the Editor - March 3rd County County Council Meeting - Capital Improvements Budget

I would be the first to admit that I've been a little remiss in writing some personal opinions about the political events occurring in our county lately.  At the last County Council meeting, Mrs. Elmore's presentation reawakened my drive to search for facts that I'd like to present to the taxpayers in my own opinions. In this manner I hope to encourage people to do some research on their own to find the facts and not just listen to the  misinformation and outright lies  put out by local media.  So Mrs Elmore, thank You.

The first remarks that I would like to comment on is Mrs. Elmore's presentation itself. It appeared that she was trying to present some information that she felt would stop the people's new County Executive from investigating a way to save the taxpayers money by re-purposing all or a portion of the old Bennett  Middle School . While it appears that the information was not pertinent to the facts she was trying to convince us about, as pointed out later by the County Attorney, her effort did encourage me to look into other areas. Since everyone was trying to convince Bob Culver he couldn't do what he wanted to investigate because this money is bond money we are talking about, I decided to look into the bond Language itself. Now if  you've never read the language of one of these bond bills I suggest you get a cup of coffee, some writing paper and find a quiet spot. 

On page 15 I found something interesting and I would like to know how others would interpret what's written. It's really not hard to get to on the computer. Go to Wicomico County Government, hit Transparency Portal, then Bond Sale Official Statements, finally hit 2013 Bond Sale OS and you will get the $12,500,000 Wicomico County General Obligation Bond. 

Utah Lawmakers Vote to Become Only State to Allow Firing Squad to Carry Out Death Penalty

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah has passed a bill that would make it the only state to allow firing squads for carrying out a death penalty if there is a shortage of execution drugs.

The 18-10 vote by the state Senate on Tuesday comes as states struggle to obtain lethal injection drugs amid a nationwide shortage.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Paul Ray of Clearfield, touted the measure as being a more humane form of execution. Ray argued that a team of trained marksmen is faster and more humane than the drawn-out deaths that have occurred in botched lethal injections.


BREAKING NEWS: 2 police officers reported shot outside Ferguson police department

BREAKING: Two police officers reportedly were shot early Thursday outside the police department in Ferguson, Mo. amid protests that followed the resignation of the town's police chief.

The shooting was first reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Ferguson Police Lt. Col. Al Eickhoff told the paper that he did not believe the officers were from his department and had no information on the extend of their injuries. The Post-Dispatch reported, citing a police source, that one of the officers was from St. Louis County, while the other was from Webster Groves, another St. Louis suburb located south of Ferguson.

KTVI reported that as many as 200 protesters had gathered outside the police station to demand more changes in the city's government after the resignation of Police Chief Tom Jackson Wednesday afternoon. The station reported that at least one person had been arrested and that protesters were blocking traffic on nearby Florissant Road.


Suspect Killed After Brief Pursuit In Elkton

ELKTON, Md. (WJZ) — A deadly police involved shooting.

Derek Valcourt has more on the chaotic scene on a rural road.

Maryland State Police are not releasing many details right now. They are investigating in Elkton.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 was over the scene near Rt. 213 and Frenchtown Road.

A Cecil County sheriff’s deputy attempted to make a traffic stop. For reasons unknown, the driver refused to stop. A brief pursuit followed.


Maryland State Police Having Major Issues With Dash Cams

While the Maryland State Police are phasing out the Ford Crown Victoria and moving to the new Caprice, 50% of the dash cams in the Crown Vic's are broken. That's problem number one.

As the new vehicles hit the road, guess what, NONE of them are fitted with dash cams. WHY, because when they placed their orders for the new vehicles, their plan was to simply reinstall the old cameras into the new vehicles and they quickly learned that the brackets won't fit in the new Caprice. 

Easy fix, right, just order new brackets. Well, that's where the next problem comes in. There's no money! That's right, they spent everything they had budgeted for new vehicles and equipment and there's nothing left over for a bracket. 

So as I see it, this problem is two fold. One would be, what evidence does a suspect have if an Officer pulls them over and an Officer gets out of line. That goes both ways though. Let's say an Officer pulls you over for a DUI. Now the Officer doesn't have the evidence they use to show the suspect was in fact drunk. How about when someone pulls a gun on an Officer. 

Maryland State Police, (while in this dilemma) are now debating, should they come up with the funds to retrofit these cameras or should they go to body cams instead. Either way, at this point they don't have body cams and for the most part they don't have dash cams either.

All I can say is, they better come up with a solution soon because this is not good for anyone. 

JUST IN: Police Say Man Jumps From Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Post by WRDE.

BREAKING NEWS: NASCAR reinstates Kurt Busch

NASCAR reinstates driver Kurt Busch, six days after officials declined to press charges against him in a domestic abuse case.

From Fox News

Why Don’t Amish Children Get Autism?

Scientists claim that Autism has been around for over 1000 years and has remained consistently as prevalent as it is today – with 1 in every 166 in the U.S. being born with autism.

However, within the Amish community autism does not exist. Why is this? It looks like the answer to this question lead to a bigger revelation about the cause of autism itself.

Since they have been cut off for hundreds of years from American culture and scientific progress, the Amish may have had less exposure to some new factor triggering autism in the rest of population. The likely culprit: vaccines.

Traveling to the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country in search of autistic Amish children, the reporter, based on national statistics, should have found as many as 200 children with autism in the community — instead, he found only three, the oldest age 9 or 10: -


The State Of Texas Accepts Sharia Law, And Will Have The First Sharia Court In The United States

This Is What Wicomico County Thinks Of The New Local Newspaper

Last week we did an article about this paper and comments suggested since it was free, some are taking as many as they want. While the paper states they publish 10,000 papers a week, that falls way short of having any real credibility since MOST, (90%) never see it anyway.

That being said, this is just ONE location and look how many papers were delivered there. The funny part is, someone loaded them up into a shopping cart and took ALL of them away. 

Perhaps Mr. Bassett will learn by seeing these images, residents are REJECTING his one sided liberal crap and putting it where it belongs, in the trash. 

His advertisers should take note as well. Don't shoot the messenger.

Wicomico County Democratic Central Committee

Does ANYONE Know Where 60 Foot Road Is In Salisbury? WBOC Does!

Hey Idiots, it's in Pittsville, not Salisbury.

A Viewer Writes: Gary Pusey

I'm hearing Gary Pusey passed yesterday. 
Sad day for Salisbury area.

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton claims use of personal email while secretary of state was a 'matter of convenience'

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claims that she used a personal email account to conduct official business as a 'matter of convenience,' and says doing so was a mistake.

From Fox News

Jay Leno fights Washington over what gas he's allowed in his 130 cars

Comedian and former "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno appears to be opposing a federal mandate for blending ethanol in the nation's gasoline supply.

But proponents of the corn-based gasoline additive are not laughing at Leno's proposal.

Leno, one of California's best-known auto enthusiasts, keeps about 130 classic and other collectible cars in his Burbank garage. He slammed the controversial additive Wednesday in Autoweek magazine, in an article titled "Can't We Just Get Rid of Ethanol?" Lenojoins a growing bipartisan coalition — including Democrat Dianne Feinstein, the Golden State's senior senator — calling for the ethanol program to be abolished.

The article was published just weeks after Feinstein and her GOP co-signer from Pennsylvania Pat Toomey introduced a bill Feb. 26 that would abolish the corn ethanol "mandate" under EPA's flagship green fuels program known as the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).


Farah: Who Would Oppose Obama 3rd Term?

On Thursday, I raised a question that Americans had only been whispering about among trusted friends: Will Barack Obama leave office in 2017?”

People for the American Way’s “Right Wing Watch” didn’t like it.

I trust that means the group will use all of its influence and legal firepower to oppose any attempt by Obama to subvert the law – though there was no hint of that in its response.

Rush Limbaugh responded to the question Friday when a caller raised the possibility Obama might ignore the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution as he has ignored so many other laws since taking office.

More here

Two Women Harrassed then Yanked out of Car and Arrested for Filming in Nevada

Dear Planet Fitness, Why Don’t You Care About The Safety And Privacy of Women?

Dear Planet Fitness,

I went to your website today looking to cancel my membership, but it says I have to do it in writing. I hope this letter will satisfy that requirement.

Now, because you need this written down like it’s a divorce filing, I thought I should tell you why our relationship isn’t working out (pun very intended). You might call it “irreconcilable differences.” Or you might just say I was utterly disgusted and perplexed when I read this story about a woman named Yvette Cormier, who quite reasonably felt intimidated and uncomfortable when she encountered a man in a Planet Fitness women’s locker room. She expressed her concerns to your staff, and then to your corporate office, but she was informed that because the man “identifies as a woman,” he is free to use the bathrooms and changing facilities of actual women.

And as if so profoundly violating the privacy of your female customers wasn’t enough, you then proceeded to ban Ms. Cormier as punishment for complaining. If that lady has the audacity to feel threatened by a man who waltzes into the locker room while she’s potentially exposed, she isn’t welcome in your place of business, you announced.