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Friday, May 23, 2014


"Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government?
Are there any tips you can give me?"

"Well," said the Queen,
"The most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people."

Obama frowned, and then asked,
"But how do I know if the people around me are really intelligent?"

 The Queen took a sip of champagne.

It's A Mow Rider, Not A Low Rider

Teen’s Viral Michael Jackson Routine Is So Amazing That the Late Singer’s Estate Has Invited Him to Las Vegas

Michael Jackson’s estate has invited 17-year-old Brett Nichols to Las Vegas for a show after video of his impressive high school talent show performance went viral, TMZ reports.

Video of Nichols’ amazing MJ routine at a school talent show — complete with the moonwalk and more of the late star’s signature moves — exploded across the Internet this week, making him an overnight viral sensation.

A representative with the Jackson estate told TMZ that they were so impressed with the performance that they sent him a package that included two CDs and invitation for him and his family to see a performance of Michael Jackson ONE in Vegas.

Sign the Maryland Bathroom Bill Referendum

As you probably know, the Maryland legislature recently passed SB 212 – the "Bathroom Bill." Under the guise of "fairness," this bill forces businesses to allow men to use women's restrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms, etc. and vise versa if they do no more than claim that they are the opposite sex. Of course, this creates a serious safety hazard, especially for our young girls.

The new bill defines "gender identity" as "the gender–related identity, appearance, expression, or behavior of a person, regardless of the person's assigned sex at birth, which may be demonstrated by: (1) consistent and uniform assertion of the person’s gender identity; or (2) any other evidence that the gender identity is sincerely held as part of the person’s core identity."

There it is – gender identity must simply be held as part of one's "core identity." No test or requirement. No way to call out someone who is simply a predator and has just found an easy way to get in the bathroom with your daughter – until it's too late.

Currently, Maryland law allows for the separation of men's and women's facilities in businesses that are open to the public. There is a reason – protection of privacy and safety. This bill does not exempt bathrooms – unless the affected business creates an "equivalent space' for those who claim to be the gender that they are not, a provision that could likely be struck down in court.

This bill does outrage Marylanders. Most agree the "Bathroom Bill" is absurd and wrong and are eager to sign the petition to send SB 212 to the ballot this year. You can find the petition here if you haven't signed it already.

Unfortunately, most people don't know about the shocking part of this bill. In order to get the bill on the ballot, we need to collect a minimum of 55,736 valid signatures by June 30th - 18,579 of those by the end of this month.
Help your friends sign the petition
Only your efforts will stop this bill from becoming Maryland law. 

Here are a few things you can do to help meet the deadline:
1. Sign the petition
2. Share with your family, friends, and neighbors:

Post on Facebook
Tweet @MDPetitions (#bathroombill #notfair #sb212)
Oh, and of course, the old telephone and word of mouth.

3. Get a volunteer packet and collect signatures from people you know. The packet comes with petition sheets, a copy of the actual bill, instructions, and an envelope – all in a downloadable PDF.
Our time is limited – if we do not collect 25,000 signatures (at least 18, 579 valid) by May 31, this bill will be Maryland law.

Workers Protest 'Horrific Conditions' At Baltimore Courthouses

BALTIMORE - Around a hundred Baltimore City Circuit Court employees protested what they called horrific conditions they endure daily, working at the Clarence Mitchell and Old Court House buildings.

The protesters, including Clerk of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City Frank Conaway Sr., expressed their frustration over conditions of these buildings.

In conjunction with the AFSCME Local 3674 union that represents the Maryland State Court employees, the Clerk's Office offered a long list of the “intolerable conditions” at the courthouses, along with concerns that judges who sentence defendants must ride the elevators alongside of them without any protective measures put in place.

"Oilfield Dodge" Promotional Film 1920s Dodge Brothers Wild Ride

OC Police To Issue Higher Fines For Public Urination

The Ocean City Police Department is prepared for this Memorial Day weekend with new recruits and stiffer fines for that most heinous of party-fouls – public urination.

Councilman and Police Commission Chair Doug Cymek told council this week and that the department had agreed to hike the penalty for public urination, a matter pushed by Councilman Brent Ashley after Dewey Beach did the same last year.

“I think it’s a strong move and it sends a positive message that we’re concerned about quality of life in our town,” Ashley said.

Fines for public urination have typically been $25, according to OCPD Chief Ross Buzzuro, but would be raised to $100 per incident.


Lt. Gov. Brown Touts Sen. Currie As ‘Leader’ On Minimum Wage Hike

Just 33 days from the primary election and 20 days from early voting, the campaign mailers are beginning to hit the mailboxes of regular primary voters.

Some contain the usual puffery and exaggeration of records.

One on behalf of Sen. Ulysses Currie by Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown seems to stretch the legislative record like a rubber band. Currie, 76, is facing a serious challenge for reelection to a sixth term in the Democratic primary from Del. Melony Griffith. Brown, now running for governor. had represented the same District 25 of Prince George’s County in the House of Delegates before he was elected lieutenant governor.


If a Republican said what this Democrat did about black people the media would have FREAKED OUT

The media would have freaked out if a conservative would have said this (rightfully so). The Al Sharpton’s of the world drum up racism when it doesn’t exist, and when it actually does, they remain silent, because this person is a Democrat.

From Downtrend:

Another Democratic lawmaker is under fire for racist remarks.

Ellen Birnbaum, a legislator from Nassau County, New York, is resisting calls to resign from an outraged public after she allegedly said. “This is a bad neighborhood because African-Americans live there. Very few people would want to go there.” The comment was apparently in reference to the area surrounding a community center in New Cassel.

She has apologized and said her comments were “insensitive,” but refused to resign and said she wants to rebuild the trust of the community. “I will every day to build bridges with the African-American community,” she said.

“You cannot say these things about a particular community and expect that an apology will simply wash it away,” said Abrahams, who last week stripped Birnbaum of committee assignments and removed her from the Democrats’ caucus.

At the rally, former Nassau Legis. Robert Troiano, a North Hempstead official, read an account of Birnbaum’s remarks, which he said came from a “collective recollection” of people who heard them directly. She was speaking to staff attorneys and was overheard by an aide to Legis. Siela Bynoe (D-Westbury).

“She said, ‘Why would anyone want to go there?’ Then . . . she added, ‘It’s a bad neighborhood,’ and ‘It’s a ghetto’ and . . . ‘It’s full of those black people,’ ” Troiano said.

“She then . . . whispered, ‘Come on, who from the rest of the town is going to go there? After all, mostly black people live there,’ ” Troiano continued. “She later added, ‘All they want to do is play basketball.’”

I look forward to not hearing anything about this on the mainstream media. Can you imagine what would have happened if Mitt Romney or George Bush would have said something like this?


Forecasters Predict Slow Atlantic Hurricane Season

NEW YORK (WJZAP) –Slower than normal. That’s the word from federal forecasters about this year’s hurricane season.

Meteorologist Tim Williams has more on this report.

That’s right, forecasters are predicting fewer hurricanes in the Atlantic this season, but they stress it only takes one major storm to do a lot of damage.

Experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predict the six-month hurricane season beginning June 1 will be near or below normal.

Obama, 2007: Time to End 'Deplorable Conditions at Some VA Hospitals

Then-senator Barack Obama, November 12, 2007:

After seven years of an Administration that has stretched our military to the breaking point, ignored deplorable conditions at some VA hospitals, and neglected the planning and preparation necessary to care for our returning heroes, America’s veterans deserve a President who will fight for them not just when it’s easy or convenient, but every hour of every day for the next four years.

By 2012, Obama continued to compare the performance of the VA during his administration favorably to his predecessor, declaring,

For the first time ever, we’ve made military families and veterans a top priority not just at DOD, not just at the VA, but across the government.

Now we know the report of at least 40 U.S. veterans dying while waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system is only the tip of the iceberg.


Salisbury To Host Memorial Day Ceremony, Run

SALISBURY — Area residents are invited to honor those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the country at the 12th Annual Memorial Day Ceremony to be held on Monday, May 26 at 10 a.m. in Salisbury. The ceremony will take place at

The Wicomico War Veterans’ Memorial will host the ceremony in front of the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. All are welcome and encouraged to attend this free event, which is organized by members of the Wicomico War Veterans’ Memorial Committee. In the event of inclement weather, the ceremony will be moved inside to the Civic Center’s Midway Room.

As part of the ceremony, there will be a lowering of the colors by the Wicomico County JROTC, ringing of the Red Knights Memorial Bell, branch prayers and a volley of arms by the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Department.

Justice Is Dead In Amerika

Cecily McMillan is an Occupy protester who was seized from behind by a goon thug cop–a goon thug with a long record of abuse of authority–by her boobs. One was badly bruised. Cecily McMillan’s elbow reflexively and instinctively came up, and Cecily was arrested for assaulting a goon thug. The goon thug was not arrested for sexually assaulting a young woman.

False arrests of this sort are common in the US. Indeed, they are more common than justified arrests. The police and the courts are completely corrupted institutions that reek of injustice and evil.

Cecily was locked up in Rikers Island without bail by the judge who sees his role as protecting the abuse of police and prosecutorial power. The judge would not allow evidence in behalf of Cecily to be presented to the jury.


Md. Courts To Recruit Lawyers For Bail Hearings

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Maryland's district courts are hoping to find attorneys willing to represent poor defendants at bail review hearings.

The court system announced Thursday that a new program will pay $50 an hour to attorneys who offer their time and legal expertise to represent defendants who can't afford them. They'll also be reimbursed for mileage and tolls. It's expected to launch on July 1.

The program is the first of its kind in the nation and is meant to comply with a Court of Appeals ruling that Marylanders have a right to legal counsel at all bail hearings.

John Morrissey, the incoming chief judge of the District Court, says the program will appeal to veteran attorneys who want to work an occasional shift or young attorneys who are launching a criminal practice.


James Rickards: 'Ugly' Financial Crisis to Jolt US Within 5 Years

A financial catastrophe worse than that of 2008 will hit us within five years, says James Rickards, best-selling author and senior managing director at Tangent Capital Partners.

"The meltdown in 2008 was not a meltdown. It was sort of a half-meltdown," he told Dennis Kneale of Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview.

While Lehman Brothers was the only major financial institution to completely collapse, others were close to it, said Rickards, author of "The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System."


Salisbury Council Plans To Offer Pre-Meeting Prayer

SALISBURY — With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that prayer before government meetings is Constitutional earlier this month, the Salisbury City Council has agreed to return to a prayer policy of inviting various denominations to give a blessing at the beginning of meetings.

The council has tried the policy before without much success after dropping the Lord’s Prayer as the sole benediction back in 2011. Meetings have opened with a moment of silence since that time.

Council President Jake Day brought the matter up Monday, directly referencing the Supreme Court decision. The court ruled 5-4 that prayer before government meetings was Constitutional as long as members of the audience were not coerced to participate and an attempt was made to include diverse faiths.

Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL): Communism Works (Seriously!)

Md. Police To Get Training About Disabled People

SYKESVILLE, Md. (AP) -- Maryland will be the first state to teach all law enforcement officers about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in training sessions led partly by disabled people, the chairman of a commission developing the program said.

Timothy Shriver, who also chairs the national Special Olympics, said lessons taught by those whom the program aims to serve will have more impact "because they don't just teach it with words, they don't just teach it with exercises, they teach it with relationships."

Panel members met Thursday in Sykesville to begin shaping the training regimen. They plan to produce a curriculum for use in police academies and in-service training for all 17,000 veteran officers starting in 2015.

This Army Colonel's Epic Takedown of 'White Privilege' Leaves Tucker Carlson Speechless

Smoking Bans Increase On Rehoboth, Bethany Beaches

WASHINGTON - A beach that's popular with families just expanded its smoking ban, and a beach nearby has tweaked its rules as well.

In the City of Rehoboth Beach, an existing ban on smoking tobacco products in parks has now been expanded to include the boardwalk, the bandstand area, and much of the beach.

"We do have designated areas where people are allowed to light up on the farthest reaches from the water," says City Commissioner Stan Mills.

Signs and ashtrays make these spots highly visible, Mills says.

Lynne and Dick Cheney Confronted on Torture Program

The Feds Are Lawless

What if the federal government is shameless? What if it personifies the adage of do as I say and not as I do? What if it does the very things it prosecutes others for doing? What if it has written laws and enacted procedures so that it can spy and kill, while it charges others with doing just that?

What if the feds recently indicted five low-level Chinese military officers for spying on American corporations? What if the feds accused these officers of using their computers in Beijing to hack into computers in Denver that are not owned by the federal government but by well-known and wealthy American corporations? What if these corporations are rich enough to install digital protections and procedures to insulate themselves from hackers? What if when Google and Apple and Facebook were hacked, they protected themselves from their hackers at no expense to the taxpayers?


'Vets Want Much More': CNN Reporter Shocked by Obama’s Disconnect on VA Scandal

Wednesday after President Barack Obama made his statement on the VA scandal, CNN reporter Drew Griffin, who first broke the waiting list cover-up in the Phoenix faculty said he was "caught of guard" with the president's "disconnect."

Griffin argued more investigations are not needed and said, "This problem is real. It exists and it really doesn’t have to be studied as to what’s going on. The government has done it’s job studying these issues. and to say you are now going to wait for more studies" he added "We are five years into his presidency and the problem seems to be certainly not better, perhaps even worst."


Take on Being a Circuit Court Judge

Below are links, by excellent Circuit Court Judges, the Honorable Brett W. Wilson and Daniel M. Long, servings the good people of Dorchester and Somerset Counties, with overviews of the responsibilities handled by Maryland's Circuit Courts.

I think these may be instructive as to what types of cases a Circuit Court Judge should have experience with. Jury trials, serious criminal, complex/major civil, and family law matters are concerns for every citizen.

The Cloud in the Machine

Or, you can never have the same traffic-jam twice.

Politics is not always about somebody getting his way and somebody else failing to get his way. Consider the case of the Veterans Affairs hospitals: Nobody wanted this outcome. That outcome, recall, is a great many dead veterans, the result of medical and managerial malpractice. Democrats did not want the hospitals that care for our veterans to be catastrophically mismanaged while administrators set about systematically destroying the evidence of their incompetence, and Republicans did not want that, either. Independents are firmly opposed to negligently killing veterans. It doesn’t poll well. Everybody is so opposed to that outcome that we created a cabinet-level secretariat to prevent it and installed as its boss Eric Shinseki, a highly regarded former Army general. We spent very large sums of money, billions of dollars, to prevent this outcome, almost trebling VA spending from 2000 to 2013 even as the total number of veterans declined by several million.

Nobody wanted these veterans dead, but dead they are. How is it possible that the government of the United States of America — arguably the most powerful organization of any sort in the history of the human race, in possession of a navy, a nuclear arsenal, and a vast police apparatus — cannot ensure that its own employees and contractors do not negligently kill its other employees and former employees? Never mind providing veterans with world-class medical care — the federal government cannot even prevent bureaucratic homicide. All of the political will is behind having a decent VA, and there is nothing to be gained politically from having a horrific one. How can it be that, with everybody free to vote as he pleases and to propose such policies as please him, we end up with what nobody wants?


Underestimate the Internet at Your Peril

$1 Million Bounty to Be Offered for 'Smoking Gun' in IRS Targeting Scandal ... A nonprofit group hopes to award a $1 million bounty to anyone who can provide "smoking gun" evidence to implicate IRS leadership or members of the Obama administration who purposefully targeted conservative and tea party-affiliated groups, TheBlaze has learned. Gregg Phillips, the managing director for The Voters Trust, a political nonprofit 501 (c)(4) which was established to identify and mobilize Americans, told TheBlaze on Wednesday "that this is the people's bounty to seek the truth." Catherine Engelbrecht, president of the nonprofit group True the Vote, will be officially announcing the bounty Wednesday night on Megyn Kelly's Fox News show, "The Kelly File" at 9 p.m. ET. To qualify for the bounty, the person needs to provide "relevant evidence including emails, eye-witness accounts, or testimony of political targeting of Americans by the IRS or the Obama administration that has not previously been reported," according to an official press release from the group obtained by TheBlaze. – TheBlaze 

Dominant Social Theme: The Tea Party is a flash in the pan and the current system is strong enough, honorable enough and decent enough to withstand the attacks now being leveled at it. 

Free-Market Analysis: Despite regular efforts to downplay the political change taking place around the US, events like this one – in the excerpt above – show that the sociopolitical fabric itself is being attacked by citizens who for one reason or another have had enough. 

Troopers Step Up Patrols for Memorial Day Weekend Travel Safety

Dover - The Delaware State Police will be out in full force patrolling the roadways this weekend to ensure that everyone is driving with due care and offering assistance to motorists in need. The Delaware State Police Mounted Patrol Unit will also be assisting the Dewey Beach Police Department with proactive patrols, and the Delaware State Police Maritime Unit’s “Marine One” will be operating on Delaware’s waterways to ensure boater safety and security.

“As we take time this Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, we must not forget the dangers that can arise from traveling on our roadways,” said Sergeant Paul G. Shavack, Director of Public Information for the Delaware State Police. “The Delaware State Police would like to wish everyone an enjoyable but SAFE Memorial Day weekend!”

Troopers intend to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries on our highways during this “official” start of the summer season. Troopers will be focusing on distracted driving, motorists not wearing seat belts, unrestrained children in vehicles, and any aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding, following too close, and especially, driving under the influence.

By following these easy steps, a driver can enjoy a safe holiday weekend travel without jeopardizing their life or the lives of others who may be on the road:

Ensure all occupants of are properly restrained

Plan a safe way home before the festivities begin

Before drinking, please designate a sober driver and give that person your keys

If you’re impaired, use a taxi, call a sober friend or family member, or use public transportation so you are sure to get home safely
If you see a drunk or aggressive driver on the road, immediately contact 911 as soon as safely possible.

If you know someone who is about to drive while impaired, take their keys and help them make other arrangements to get to where they are going safely.

Virginia city official defends boosting worker’s pension by $400,000

Richmond’s top city official defended a decision to transfer one employee’s 800 hours of unused sick leave from her previous city job so she could receive $400,0000 more in pension compensation.

It’s “not a unique transaction,” Chief Administrative Officer Byron Marshall said, according to a recent city audit.

That only raises more unanswered questions about what other transactions happen in Richmond’s senior-level offices as the state drowns in nearly $2 billion of debt, according to the city’s most recent comprehensive annual financial report.


Budget Bill Signed By O’Malley Contained Unconstitutional Provisions, Gansler Says

The key budget-balancing bill signed by Gov. Martin O’Malley last Thursday contained several unconstitutional provisions, including language exempting Carroll and Frederick counties from aspects of the rain tax.

That’s what Attorney General Doug Gansler told O’Malley in a letter the day before he signed the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2014, SB172. But the AG still said O’Malley could sign the bill.

The letter was first reported on Wednesday by the Conduit Street blog of the Maryland Association of Counties.

Other unconstitutional provisions in the catch-all BRFA (BUR-fa as it’s called) included a $50 reduction in the title fees for rental cars, a funding mandate for the Maryland Park Service, a mandate that speed camera fees be used to buy State Police vehicles and a hotel tax in Harford County. 



Troy Connors was found guilty of Possession of Heroin. Assistant State’s Attorney and Safe Streets Prosecutor Rich Brueckner, prosecuted the case resulting in the Guilty verdict and five years of incarceration for the Defendant.

On February 7, 2013 the Maryland State Police responded to a Wicomico County residence for a reported heroin overdose. The defendant was first observed in the residence wearing a blue coat. A short time later Troy Connors took off his jacket and hung it on a coat rack moving away from the jacket. The trooper’s investigation led to the blue jacket Connors was observed wearing and inside the coat pocket were three syringes, cotton balls, and heroin.

Connors told the jury the coat was his but was unable to explain the presence of the drugs and needles in his jacket pocket.

The jury returned after 3 minutes in deliberation and found Mr. Connors guilty of possessing the heroin found in his coat. He was determined to be a subsequent offender under Maryland Law and was sentenced to five years in the Division of Corrections.

Wicomico County State’s Attorney Matthew A. Maciarello commended the Maryland State Police for their work in the investigation and prosecution of this case. Mr. Maciarello also thanked the citizens of Wicomico County who sat on the jury and Safe Streets Prosecutor, Richard J. Brueckner Jr., who prosecuted this case.

TSA to Purchase 24 Million Rounds of “Duty” Ammunition

Feds preparing to arm TSA workers?

The TSA has issued a solicitation requesting 24 million rounds of .357 SIG “duty ammunition” over a five year period, prompting fresh questions as to whether the federal agency is planning to arm its workers.

“Estimated quantity is approximately 4,800,000 rounds of .357 Sig duty ammunition per year, totaling 24,000,000 over the life of the contract,” states the solicitation, posted on FedBizOpps, which adds that the ammo is for use at “DHS component locations nationwide.”

The ammo purchase is likely to spark new questions about whether the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to arm TSA agents, an idea that has been pushed by the TSA’s union, the American Federation of Government Employees, but has received scant support elsewhere.

Although Federal Air Marshals acting under the jurisdiction of the TSA are currently armed, other indications, such as the hiring of shooting ranges near airports, suggests the federal government could be preparing to arm some TSA workers. There are only 4,000 Federal Air Marshals currently operating in the United States, a figure that doesn’t appear to match with the 4.8 million rounds a year the TSA is set to purchase under this solicitation alone.

The solicitation is filed under the auspices of the TSA and not another DHS agency such as Customs and Border Patrol.


O'Malley Headed Back To NH For Democratic Dinner

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is scheduled to attend a Democratic dinner in New Hampshire next month.

The Manchester Democrats announced Thursday that the term-limited Democrat who is considering a White House run in 2016 is scheduled to speak at the group's Flag Day Dinner on June 13.

O'Malley spoke at a Democratic Party dinner in New Hampshire in November. He also addressed a 2012 Democratic convention in New Hampshire, which is the first-in-the-nation presidential primary state.

Initial Jobless Claims Jump Most In Over 5 Months

Having dropped to 297k last week (the first time below 300k since April 2006) as 'full' employment appears to have been reached but the 326k print this week (against expectations of 310k) was the biggest jump week-over-week since December 5th 2013. This level of initial claims is exactly in line with the average for 2014 so far at around 325k. Of course the market is not worried - as opposed to the manic buying panic last week when claims plunged, stocks shrugged off this big rise...


Democratic Party has ‘disintegrated’ under Obama

And about Congress: 'I wonder how many of them know much about' Constitution

The Washington Post called him an “expert on the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court, student rights and education,” and he was a longtime Village Voice writer and icon for progressives.

But he no longer looks to Democrats to represent his view because of what has happened to the Democratic Party under President Obama.

Nat Hentoff told WND Wednesday he’s been a longtime supporter of Democrats, but occasionally has endorsed a Republican, as he did in his column at WND on Tuesday. He said America needs a president like Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Hentoff said that when he reviews candidates, he looks for an affinity for the Constitution.

“I used to be a Democrat. But under Mr. Obama that party has rather disintegrated,” he told WND. “I’m more likely to vote for who I believe supports the Constitution.”


56% Of Recent Black College Graduates Get A Job That Does Not Require A College Degree, CEPR Finds

With everyone focused on what is undisputedly the next mega credit bubble in the form of student loans, which in the most recent quarter hit a record high of over $1.1 trillion, the topic of college education, and specifically its utility, has gotten much press coverage over the past month. As we summarized most recently two days ago, the key variables involved when calculating the costs and benefits revolve around whether one uses (generous amounts) of student loans and what area of specialization one picks. But according to a recent report published by the Center for Economic and Policy Research titled "A College Degree is No Guarantee", there is another, perhaps more important variable when it comes to getting the most out of one's college education: race.

As the WSJ reports, "among those with a job in 2013, more than half of black recent college graduates—56%–were in an occupation that typically doesn’t require a college degree, according to a report Tuesday by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a left-leaning Washington think tank."


Obama, the unaccountable president

Has there ever been a president in the history of America who knew less than President Obama?

With each new crisis and scandal, Mr. Obama tells Americans that he just didn’t know.

He didn’t know the Veterans Administration was letting America’s veterans languish and die unattended — he learned about it in the newspaper.

He didn’t know the Justice Department was trolling phone records of members of the U.S. media. He didn’t know the ATF was running guns into Mexico; didn’t know the NSA was spying on the German chancellor; didn’t know the Obamacare website was a disaster; didn’t know the IRS was targeting conservative groups.


O'Malley To Grads: Fight Climate Change

Gov. Martin O'Malley urged graduating students from the state's flagship university Thursday to work against climate change, which he called "the transformation that transforms everything."

O'Malley, a term-limited Democrat who is considering a run for the White House in 2016, said climate change is transforming education, language, mobility, farming, forestry, buildings, energy and cities. He said the problem requires "a transformation of our imagination."

"We are adept, aren't we, at imagining the end of the world, but not yet so good at imagining a new beginning," O'Malley told thousands of graduates at the University of Maryland, College Park.


’1984' vision of police state becoming reality

Profiled: Citizens jailed for criticizing government, buying water

Across the United States, high-school students read George Orwell’s seminal work “1984.”

In it, protagonist Winston Smith is given a horrifying picture of life under a tyrannical regime.

“But always – do not forget this, Winston – always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

Written by Orwell in the late 1940s, the dystopian date of “1984″ is now 30 years passed. But that doesn’t mean the nightmarish world of complete state control is gone.

Now, on May 27, a new voice will appear to warn Americans the Orwellian image of a boot stamping forever on the human face is inching closer.


Walmart Celebrates More than 40,000 Hires in First Year of Veterans Commitment

The Walmart Foundation pledges another $20 million to expand veteran employment and transition support programs

– During the first year of Walmart’s Veterans Welcome Home Commitment it hired more than 42,000 veterans. The commitment, launched last Memorial Day, guarantees a job offer to any honorably discharged veteran within his or her first 12 months off active duty. Walmart projects it will hire more than 100,000 veterans in five years.

The Walmart Foundation also announced it is doubling down on its commitment to veterans by pledging an additional $20 million through 2019 to support veteran employment and transition programs. In 2011, the Walmart Foundation pledged $20 million through 2015 to help veterans and their families get through those challenges with assistance from programs that provide job training, transition support and education. It met that goal one year early.

“We have a generation of veterans who have built a legacy of incredible service and sacrifice to our nation,” said Bill Simon, Walmart U.S. president and CEO and U.S. Navy veteran. “We have hired veterans at every career stage and in every part of our company, from stores and distribution centers to the home office and Veterans bring invaluable skills including leadership, commitment and hard work, which make our workforce even stronger.”

“In addition to the good jobs we offer, our Foundation’s commitment is helping even more veterans build the skills they need to succeed in their careers,” Simon added.

“Walmart provides a great opportunity for veterans to transition from military to civilian life,” said Casey Mormen, an Army veteran who was hired in January 2014, in the Warren, Michigan store. “People don’t realize how hard it is for veterans to find employment, and I received a call almost immediately after applying. I started as a fitting room associate and have already been promoted to a department manager. I truly believe that you can go as far as your hard work will take you at Walmart, and the leadership team supports you along the way.”

Rickles at 84

Oh my God, look at you. Anyone else hurt in the accident?

Seriously, Senator Reid has a face of a Saint... a Saint Bernard. Now I know why they call you the arithmetic man. You add partisanship, subtract pleasure, divide attention, and multiply ignorance. Reid is so physically unimposing, he makes Pee Wee Herman look like Mr. T.

And Reid's so dumb, he makes ex-Speaker Pelosi look like an intellectual. Nevada is soooo screwed! If I were less polite, I'd say Reid makes Kevin Federline look successful.

Speaking of the ex-Speaker... Nancy Pelosi, hubba, hubba! Hey baby, you must've been something before electricity. Seriously, the ex- Speaker may look like an idiot and talks like an idiot but don't let that fool you. She really is an idiot.

Charlie Rangel.... Still alive and still robbing the taxpayers blind. What does that make, six decades of theft? Rangel's the only man with a rent-controlled mansion. He's the guy who writes our tax laws but forgot to pay taxes on $75 grand in rental income! So why isn't he the Treasury Secretary? Rangel runs more scams than a Nigerian Banker.

Barney retired they say. He's a better actor than Fred Flintstone. Consider that he and Chris Dodd caused the whole financial meltdown, and they're not only notserving time with Bubba and Rodney, they're still having their cronies head up the financial system!

Let's all admit it... Barney Frank slobbers more than a sheepdog on novocain. How did this guy get elected in the first place? Oh, that's right... he came out of the closet in Massachusetts .. That's the state that elects Mr. Charisma, John Kerry... man of the Viet Cong people.

You know, if Chris Dodd were any more crooked, you could open wine bottles with him. Here's a news flash, Dodd: When your local newspaper calls you a "lying weasel," it may be time to retire. Dodd's involved in more shady deals than the Clintons . Even Rangel looks up to him!

And you Presidental Press Secretaries, I really respect you all.. Especially given your upbringing ~ All you've overcome. I heard your birth certificates are an apology from the condom factory. I don't know what makes you so dumb, but it really works for you all. Personally, I don't think you're a bunch of fools, but what's my opinion compared to that of thousands of others?

As for President Hussein Obama, what can I say? They say Hussein is arrogant and aloof, but I don't agree. Now it's true when you enter the room, you have to kiss his ring. I don't mind, but he has it in his back pocket. His mind is open to new ideas... so open that ideas simply pass through it. Obama lies so much, I was actually surprised to find out his first name really is Barry or Barack or something?

Just don't ask about his middle name! But Obama was able to set a record... He actually lied more in one day than Bill Clinton did in four years

President Obama just completed the UNHOLY and ANTI-AMERICAN TRIFECTA:

1st president in 110 years to miss the annual Army-Navy Football Game.

1st president to not attend any Christmas religious observance.

1st president to stay on vacation after a terrorist attack.




Maryland’s highest Court has denied the request for an appeal by Construction Dynamics Group, Inc. (CDG) related to the construction management of the Salisbury Wastewater Treatment Plant project.
As construction managers, CDG provided the City with the supervision of the Wastewater Treatment Plant construction from 2005 to 2009.  The failure of the Wastewater Treatment Plant to operate properly and achieve State mandated performance for the removal of nitrogen had caused the City to file a lawsuit seeking recovery of monies paid to CDG for improper billings and failure to perform under the terms of its contract with the City.
After a jury trial in the Wicomico County Circuit Court, the City was awarded $1,968,417.43.
CDG subsequently appealed the case to Maryland’s intermediate appellate court, the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis.  This Appellate Court affirmed the verdict in favor of the City.
CDG then requested the Court of Appeals hear an appeal of the case.  The Court of Appeals denied the CDG request for an appeal.  CDG has paid the amount of the verdict to the City of Salisbury.
The City has recovered over $13,000,000.00 as a result of litigation about the Wastewater Treatment Plant construction project.

Wicomico County, MD

Maryland March new home construction report.  Wicomico--not good...

Pines Yacht Club Expected To Open Today For Public Use

Entertainment is booked for this weekend at the new Ocean Pines Yacht Club, so its doors are expected to open Friday for the first time to the general public.

“We are about to open the doors to a facility the entire community can be proud to show off not only today but for many years go come,” according to the press release about the anticipated opening.

The OPA had obtained a special temporary occupancy permit for a wedding at the Yacht Club on Saturday, May 17, but a few small issues needed to be accomplished before opening for business. Those small items included permanent striping for the parking lot.



Officials in Kent County, Delaware say that two people were injured and several homes were destroyed as severe weather moved through the area.

Authorities say a possible tornado hit the Camden Wyoming area late Thursday afternoon.

There were numerous reports of a funnel cloud.

"You could see the path of the actual tornado or whatever from our house. The trailer that's laying in our driveway is one of our neighbor's," said Amber Kopp.


USSSA FL Pride Announces Line-Up for Salisbury MD Games

Salisbury, MD – National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) is bringing the best softball players in the nation to Salisbury, Md. from May 29-31. The USSSA FL Pride will take on the PA Rebellion in a two-game series at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium. The USSSA FL Pride released their expected line-up this morning, and it includes*:

Gionna DiSalvatore

Andrea Duran

Kelly Kretschman

Blaire Luna

Cat Osterman

Kristyn Sandberg

Jordan Taylor

Chelsea Thomas

Megan Willis

Brigette DelPonte

Olivia Galati

Sharonda McDonald

Danielle Lawrie

Brejae Washington

Amanda Kamekona

Cassie Tysarcek

To kick the series off, the NPF will host a banquet at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center on Thursday, May 29. The banquet offers the public a chance to meet and dine with players before the weekend’s games get underway. The banquet is open to the public, and tickets are available for $25 (adults) and $15 (children under 12) through Friday, May 23 (additional fees may apply). Proceeds raised by the banquet and auction will be donated to Wicomico County’s Jr. Girls Softball League.

Games for the NPF series will get underway at 7:05 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday. Tickets are available in advance, and begin at $8 (additional fees may apply). For more information or to purchase tickets for the NPF games and banquet please visit

Headquartered in Nashville, TN., the NPF league offers elite female fastpitch players the opportunity to pursue a professional career. It is the Official Development Partner of Major League Baseball for women’s fastpitch softball.

*Line-up is subject to change.

Boating Season in Ocean City begins

Ocean City MD – The 2014 National Safe Boating Week campaign kicked off Saturday, May 17 with Coast Guard Auxiliary units promoting recreational boating safety around the nation. The campaign – which runs through May 23 -- is dedicated to helping boaters understand the need for boating education and Vessel Safety Checks, as well as the importance of wearing life jackets while boating.

This year the USCG Auxiliary is celibrating its 75th anniversary.

In Ocean City, the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s National Safe Boating week kickoff event was held at West Ocean City Boat Ramp on May 17 to reinforce the safe boating message. The kickoff event included free vessel safety inspections and handout information that include Tide Charts and information on the Coast Guards’ American Waterway Watch program. Vessel Safe Inspections are conducted during the summer months every Saturday and Sunday from 0800-1200 at the Ocean City Boat ramp in West Ocean City.

Trailered boats undergoing annual free safety inspection at the Ocean City Boat ramp in West Ocean City.

Is this how YOU would change a light bulb?


Gun Control Has Started

It has already started at Bass Pro Stores. There was a bit of confusion at their store this weekend.

When I was ready to pay for my purchase of some bullets, the cashier said, "Strip down, facing me."

Making a mental note to complain to the NRA about these gun control whackos running amok, I did just as she had instructed.

When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally subsided, I found out that she was referring to how I should place my credit card in the card-reader.

I have been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

They need to make their instructions to us seniors a little clearer!