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Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I was just on my way to work and I had to stop for gas so I allowed myself some extra time to get to work. When I pulled up to the pump I shut my car off and saw this middle aged man crying looking at the gas pump. I began to wonder what happened with this man and as I got out of my car and looked at him my heart felt like it stopped.

In Apple Valley, Minnesota it is 10 degrees and freezing cold with the wind. This man was wearing flip flops with socks covered in holes. I look I his car and see his wife in the front seat covering her face in her hands and the 2 teenage girls both of cuddling under a blanket in the back seat.

I didn't even think and I went up to the man and said sir is something the matter? He looked at me and I could tell he was on the verge of giving up because he didn't even try to conceal his tears when he said I can't even provide for my family.

Without even thinking I put my card in his machine and tell him Jesus Christ the Son of God died to provide for you. Fill up. Something, something came alive in him. He was in shock and it was like he forgot how to pump gas.

In that same moment his wife got out of her car, she asked her husband what was going on and he told her I just payed for their gas she started to cry and came around the corner to shake my hand when I saw her pants dirty and torn. I asked her to come to my car.

The airport lost some of my luggage on my way to MInnesota from California and I had to clean out my closet to find stuff to wear and get rid of a lot of stuff all of that stuff that I had yet to give away was siting in the back seat of the car and in the trunk. I opened up my car and told the lady to take what she wanted.

This lady RAN back to her car. I was so afraid I had just embraced her but a moment later her and her two girls were digging through those clothes layering my sweatshirts and shirts and sweat pants over the worn out clothes they had been wearing.

Soon the father had finished pumping the gas and came over. This attracted a little crowd at the gas station. An some older man gave the family a cub gift card and another middle aged man gave away his jacket to the father. Never in my life did I think I would see this kind of thing happen at a gas station with a handful of complete strangers.

But it gives me hope. That the love of God can be so contagious. That we are not alone in being the change we want to see in the world. That God's love is greater than anything and we get to be a part of that love changing lives. And HE always provides!


WHO: Safe Kids Lower Shore Maryland, Fruitland Police Department


Safety Seat Inspections: Safe Kids Lower Shore will hold a child safety seat inspection station at the Fruitland Police Department. Not sure if your car seat is in properly? Come have a trained certified child passenger safety technician check it for you!

No appointments needed. For more information call (410) 334-3480.

WHEN: April 19, 2013 from 1:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.

WHERE: Fruitland Police Department, 208 South Division St.

WHY: Making sure young passengers are buckled into appropriate safety seats is critical. The safest place for children of any age to ride is properly restrained in the back seat. Data show that child safety seats reduce the risk of death in car crashes by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers ages one to four.




  • On Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Wednesday night, terror expert Steve Emerson cited sources saying Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi national who was briefly named a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombings, is being deported on Tuesday.
  • Thursday morning, Glenn Beck revealed on radio that TheBlaze was informed by sources that the Saudi national’s visa had been revoked and he was, in fact, going to be deported on “security and related grounds.”
  • Among other things, sources told TheBlaze that the Saudi national had ties to a well-connected Saudi family and that his deportation was set to be framed as a “voluntary” departure to be with his family.
  • A file, called an “event,” was started on him three days ago.
  • While discussing the issue on radio, TheBlaze’s Chief Content Officer Joel Cheatwood revealed that the government is now considering not deporting Ali Alharbi.

Bipartisan Members Of Maryland Congressional Delegation Meet With Army Corps Of Engineers For Annual Update

WASHINGTON, DC – Bipartisan Members of Maryland’s House Delegation met today with Army Corps of Engineers Colonel J. Richard Jordan, III, Commander of the Baltimore District, for an update on the Corps’ projects in Maryland, including Baltimore Harbor and Channel dredging; restoration of the Chesapeake Bay, the Anacostia Watershed, and Poplar Island; and Chesapeake Bay oyster recovery efforts.

Participating in today’s meeting were Representatives Steny H. Hoyer, Elijah E. Cummings, Chris Van Hollen, C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, John P. Sarbanes, Andy Harris, and John Delaney.

“From dredging the Port of Baltimore so that we can ensure its continued viability to restoring the Chesapeake Bay, local watersheds, and the oyster population, the Army Corps of Engineers plays a significant role in preserving our environment, maintaining our state’s economic competitiveness, and ensuring the livelihood of thousands of Marylanders,” stated Congressman Hoyer. “I thank Colonel Jordan for joining us today to discuss these projects, and I will continue working with the Maryland delegation to secure the needed funding to continue the Corps’ work in the Fifth District and throughout Maryland.”

“Treasures like the Chesapeake Bay and the Baltimore Harbor are not just the pride of Maryland, they are shared by us all,” Congressman Cummings said. “Together we are responsible for protecting them for future generations. I thank the Army Corps of Engineers for all they do to preserve our essential natural resources, and I look forward to working with them as we continue efforts to clean up the Bay and our state’s waterways.”

“It was great to meet today with Colonel Jordan and the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss their plans for the upcoming year and needs for FY14. I look forward to continuing to work with the Corps to restore the Chesapeake Bay and maintain the Port of Baltimore, both of which are vital economic resources in our state,” said Congressman Van Hollen.

“Here in Maryland, the Army Corps of Engineers supports jobs by keeping our harbor clear for ships and our Bay clean for fish,” Congressman Ruppersberger said. “The Corps has also built cutting-edge facilities on Maryland bases that will enable our service members to help protect our nation for years to come. Team Maryland remains committed to providing them with the resources they need to continue contributing to the region’s economic stability when we need it most.”

“The Baltimore Army Corps of Engineers is a tremendous asset. From keeping commerce flowing at the Port to restoring sensitive wetland ecosystems, the experts at the Corps have made tremendous contributions to our state,” said Congressman John Sarbanes. “We must provide them with the resources they need to perform their work.”

“The Chesapeake Bay represents thousands of jobs for those on the Eastern Shore, so ensuring its vitality is a top concern of mine in Washington,” said Congressman Harris. “I was glad to meet with the Army Corps of Engineers today to be updated on the progress being made to continue ensuring that the Bay will support the livelihoods of so many on the Eastern Shore.”

“I was pleased to meet with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and learn more about the important work they are doing across Maryland,” said Congressman Delaney. “The work done by Corps of Engineers is essential to maintaining our infrastructure and helping our economy grow. I thank Colonel Jordan for meeting with us and will continue to work with my colleagues in the Maryland delegation to support their efforts.”

Obamacare Co-Author: This Puppy's Looking Like a "Huge Train Wreck" So Far

"Train wreck." Say, where have I seen that phrase recently? A top Obamacare administrator warned last month that many Americans may encounter a "third world experience" upon the law's implementation, and now one of its principal authors is speaking out, too. Remember, these rave reviews are coming from Obamacare supporters:

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus warned this morning that he sees a "huge train wreck coming down" as the Obama administration implements the health reform law. He sharply criticized the administration’s outreach efforts, telling HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a budget hearing that people and businesses “"have no idea what to do, what to expect...I am concerned that not every state, including Montana, will have an insurance marketplace established in time."

Very Interesting Indeed

A recent "Investor's Business Daily" article provided very interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International Health Organization.
Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:

Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:

Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:

Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:

Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:

Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are in "excellent health":

And now for the last statistic:
National Health Insurance?

Check this last set of statistics!!
The percentage of each past president's cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. (You know what the private business sector is, a real-life business, not a government job.)
Here are the percentages:
T. Roosevelt:
F. Roosevelt:
G.H. Bush
G.W. Bush:

This helps to explain the incompetence of this administration; only 8% of them have ever worked in private business!
That's right! Only 8% ¯ the least, by far, of the last 19 presidents! And these people are trying to tell our big corporations how to run their business?
How can the president of a major nation and society, the one with the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk about business when he's never worked for one? Or about jobs when he has never really had one? And when it's the same for 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers? They've spent most of their time in academia, government, and/or non-profit jobs or as "community organizers." They should have been in an employment line. 

Storms, Heat To Blame For Decreased Chespeake Bay Grasses

BALTIMORE - An annual aerial survey of Chesapeake Bay grasses has found they continued to decline last year, and researchers are again blaming a pair of 2011 storms.

Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee dumped mud and debris into the bay, and surveyors said Thursday that is the mostly likely cause for the 24 percent drop.

"Literally millions and millions of tons of mud came in [to the bay] with Tropical Storm Lee, particularly. And that clouded the water. These plants need sufficient light to grow," says from Lee Karrh, biologist with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and chair of the the Chesapeake Bay Program's work group on grasses.


Congressman Jeff Duncan Questions Sec. Napolitano On Possible Deportation

OCPD Urges Citizens To Turn In Unused And Expired Medications

The Ocean City Police Narcotics Unit is inviting citizens to participate in the upcoming Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) National Prescription Drug Take-Back Initiative which will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the … 

Maryland Gun Rights Activists Drop Referendum Effort

JESSUP, Md. — Maryland gun activists on Wednesday made the surprising announcement that they would not pursue a referendum to block sweeping gun laws passed by the General Assembly earlier this month, choosing instead to lend their support to a planned lawsuit by the National Rifle Association challenging the new measures.

Standing before about 100 supporters at a Jessup beer hall, Delegate Neil C. Parrot defended the decision and reiterated his opposition to the new gun laws.

“Certainly after discussions with the gun groups, it’s clear this is a constitutional right that should not go to the citizens to vote on,” Mr. Parrott said. “We do not tax a right, we do not license a right, and that’s what this bill does.”


Suspects Charged In Recent Counterfeit Money Crime Spree

On April 2, 2013, Ocean City Police began receiving numerous complaints regarding counterfeit money. OCPD officers took a total of five reports of counterfeit money being passed or attempted to be passed at local businesses over the next 36 hours. … 


A visibly irritated Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to answer a Republican congressman’s questions about the possible deportation of the Saudi Arabian national questioned as a witness in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Napolitano called South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan’s question “so full of misstatements and misapprehension that it’s just not worthy of an answer.”

“We have someone who’s being deported due to national security concerns,” Duncan had said during a Capitol Hill hearing Thursday. “We’ve got this guy who was there, we know he was there…and yet we’re going to deport him? We’re going to remove him from the scene?”


Foreclosure Settlement Checks Bounce

Checks sent to victims of faulty foreclosure procedures as part of a $3.6 billion settlement with banks weren't huge. But at least they offered homeowners who'd been wronged a small amount of redemption.

Not so fast. As Huffington Post reports, some of the checks apparently could not be cashed.

According to a news release from the Federal Reserve, consumers called into the fed's hotline to report the problem.




Mish is such a downer. Philadelphia isn’t bankrupt, it’s just fiscally challenged. Mish better watch out. His diatribe of factual information is racist from Nutter’s point of view. Maybe Nutter can sell that nice new Zoo parking lot to a Wall Street hedge fund. Maybe Nutter can sell Mantua Square to Blackstone and they can rent it out to people who would actually pay the rent. Maybe Nutter can raise the city wage tax from 4% to 5%. Maybe Nutter can payout more Housing Authority sexual predators millions of dollars to go away. Maybe Nutter can let go of his third Superintendent of Schools with another golden parachute, after they fail to improve education in this urban killzone despite spending $12,000 per child.

Philadelphia is run and has been run by corrupt liberal Democratic, welfare loving, union loving, tax loving douchebags for the last 50 years. Nutter is reaping what he has sowed. Philadelphia is a decaying dirty rotting shithole and nothing Nutter does or says will change its course. It’s too late and too far gone.


Breaking News: FBI Releases Photos Of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

BREAKING NEWS: The FBI has identified two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, releasing photos and video showing them and asking the public to help locate them.

The suspects, one of whom wore a backwards white ballcap and the other who wore a dark cap,appear to be in their twenties and were captured on footage near where one of two explosions killed three and injured 176.

"We consider them to be extremely dangerous and armed," said FBI Special Agent Rick Deslauriers. "With the Media's help, we know the public will create a critical role in locating these suspects.

Read more:

O'Malley Names DNR Secretary As His Next Chief Of Staff

Gov. Martin O’Malley has named John R. Griffin, the state’s secretary of theDepartment of Natural Resources, as his next chief of staff.

Griffin replaces Matthew D. Gallagher, who will become CEO of Baltimore’s Goldseker Foundation in June.

Griffin has more than 25 years of experience in Maryland state government. The bulk of his tenure has been with the Department of Natural Resources, where he has held the top role since 2010. He also spent five years as a senior policy advisor to Gov. Harry Hughes.



ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Martin O’Malley, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr, House Speaker Michael E. Busch, joined by First Lady Michelle Obama and Lieutenant Governor Anthony G. Brown, signed the Veterans Full Employment Act of 2013 into law.

“There is no progress without jobs,” said Governor O’Malley. 

“Throughout our country, there is a dichotomy between the fact that too many of our fellow citizens are still without work, while at the same time too many of our businesses cannot find workers who possess the requisite skills. Together with our leaders in the General Assembly, we passed the Veterans Full Employment Act because all too often, veterans face barriers by their state’s own bureaucracy, for themselves or for their spouses. With the support of First Lady Obama and Dr. Biden, we are making sure our veterans receive the jobs they need and the full credit they deserve for their military training, education, and experience from licensing boards, and from our colleges and universities.”

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden have set a goal that by the end of 2015, all 50 states will have taken legislative or executive action to help the nation’s troops get the credentials they need to successfully transition to the civilian labor market.

“Since last year, when I first spoke to our nation’s governors about the issues facing military spouses, the number of states that have passed laws to help these spouses has more than tripled – from 11 to 36,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. “Since we spoke with the governors again at the end of February, 13 states, including Maryland, have acted to help our veterans earn credentials…I want to say a huge thank you to Governor O’Malley for his leadership on this effort and to all of the legislators who made our military families a priority.”

“Streamlining our bureaucratic licensure and certification process to recognize the experience and talent of our veterans and their families is the very least we can do for these incredible men and women,” said Senate President Miller. “It is a win-win that honors their service and brings tremendous economic benefit to our State.”

“Our veterans are some of Maryland's greatest leaders,” said House Speaker Busch. “They have received the finest training and life experiences anywhere and, with this legislation, we can better harness their skills and energy to work for our State. I am proud to stand with Governor O'Malley, President Miller and First Lady Obama today to sign this legislation in support of our veterans.”

The O’Malley-Brown Administration recently set a new goal to reach full employment for Maryland veterans by the end of 2015. The Veterans Full Employment Act removes certain barriers to employment that service members often face when making the transition from military service to the civilian workforce. The bill also expedites the occupational and professional licensing process for military spouses when a military family moves to Maryland.

“When our veterans return from combat and other deployments to enter the job market, they should be able to fully utilize the skills they've acquired to find a good paying job,” said Lt. Governor Brown, the nation’s highest-ranking elected official to have served a tour of duty in Iraq. “Our veterans and military families have earned our respect and our full support, that's why I was privileged to lead the O'Malley-Brown Administration's effort to pass the Veterans Full Employment Act. We still have a lot of work to do to help veterans transition back into the community, but this legislation is a major step forward.”

The Veterans Full Employment Act of 2013, which the Administration developed in consultation with DOD, addresses these key issues:
ensuring that veterans who apply for occupational and professional licenses in Maryland get credit for their military training, education, and experience;
requiring Maryland’s public institutions of higher education to develop and implement policies for awarding academic credit for relevant military training and education; and
establishing expedited licensing procedures for military spouses, service members, and recently-discharged veterans who relocate to Maryland.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) established its USA4 Military Families initiative to engage state policymakers on issues concerning the quality of life of military members and their families. Through this initiative, DOD has identified 10 “key issues” most important to the welfare of veterans, servicemembers, and military families, including the development and adoption of state policies that facilitate the process by which servicemembers and veterans receive licensure credit and academic credit for relevant military education, training, and experience and to lessen the financial burden on military families that relocate to another state by removing state licensure impediments facing military spouses.

New Boardwalk Restrooms Will Not Be Ready By Summer’s Start

OCEAN CITY – A decision was made this week to install temporary restrooms at Caroline Street on the Boardwalk as the new comfort station’s completion date has been delayed due to weather.

A last minute agenda item was added to Monday evening’s Mayor and City Council legislative session regarding a delay in the completion date of Caroline Street’s comfort station project.

Council President Lloyd martin presented the item that came before the council that afternoon as bids came in to place temporary restrooms off the Boardwalk on Caroline Street. Due to weather delays, the new Caroline Street Comfort Station and Stage will not be completed until the end of June.


“Innocent” Saudi Spotted With Two Other Saudis At Marathon?

First, a few things that are undisputed. We know that federal, state, and local authorities took interest in a Saudi national named Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi after the Boston marathon bombings. We also know that he was injured and that those authorities searched his apartment and hauled away bags of stuff.

Add to that the fact that not long after Secretary of State John Kerry secretly met with the Saudi Foreign Minister after an open meeting with a photo spray was abruptly changed to a closed-door meeting. Not long after this meeting, Alharbi was no longer a person of interest.


Massive Devastation In Texas Plant Explosion

explosion at the end of the video

Police say there between 5 and 15 people dead after a Texas plant exploded Wednesday night. More than 160 people are being treated at hospitals.

Rescue workers searched rubble that witnesses compared to a warzone for survivors in that small Texas town that injured dozens of people and killed an unknown number of others. The blast left the factory a smoldering ruin and leveled buildings for blocks in every direction.

The explosion in downtown West, about 20 miles north of Waco, shook the ground with the strength of a small earthquake and could be heard dozens of miles away. It sent flames shooting into the night sky and rained burning embers, shrapnel and debris down on shocked and frightened residents.



Mission to strengthen trade, investment ties with Israel; explore new opportunities between Maryland/Jordan

– Governor Martin O’Malley will be joined by more than 30 business, civic and higher education leaders on an eight-day trade mission to Israel and Jordan, departing on Saturday, April 20. The mission marks the Governor’s third to Israel, having traveled there as Baltimore’s Mayor and also in 2008, but his first visit to Jordan, where he will address Jordanian businesses and government leaders at a dinner reception. The delegation will arrive in Jerusalem on Sunday, April 21, and will travel first to Amman, Jordan, then return back to Israel for the remainder of the mission. While in Israel, the Governor will meet with Israeli President Shimon Peres and other government officials, as well as a number of Israeli businesses in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. For the Governor’s public itinerary, click here.

“As our economy strengthens, we know we must look beyond our borders for new avenues for trade and investment, particularly those countries – like Israel – that have invested heavily in supporting entrepreneurs and growing an Innovation Economy,” said Governor O’Malley. “I look forward to traveling with this impressive group of educators, business and civic leaders as we work together to grow and expand our already-strong trade and investment ties with Israel and open new doors with Jordan’s business community.”

Among the local business, civic and higher education leaders on the mission will be Dr. Wallace Loh, President of the University of Maryland, College Park; Dr. Jay Perman, President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore; Dr. Arthur Abramson, Executive Director of the Baltimore Jewish Council; Delegate Sandy Rosenberg; and Rob Rosenbaum, President of the Maryland Technology Development Corp. (TEDCO). In addition, the delegation will include Maryland’s Secretary of State John McDonough, Secretary of Business and Economic Development Dominick Murray, Maryland Port Administration Executive Director James White and Director of Governor’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs Izzy Patoka. The mission is being coordinated by Barry Bogage, Executive Director of the Maryland/Israel Development Center.

“As Maryland’s flagship, research university, we are poised to extend our existing ties with Israel’s premier academic institutions, which are innovative-entrepreneurial powerhouses,” said University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh. “Also, we anticipate building new bridges in Jordan. I am honored to join Governor O’Malley, and we intend to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.”

“I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to be part of Maryland’s trade mission to Israel and Jordan,” said Devinder Poonian, CEO of DP Clinical in Rockville. “Over the years, we have managed clinical trials in the U.S. for Israeli companies and have developed strong partnerships. Israel has many pharmaceutical, biotech and device companies and my goal for this mission is to further strengthen our existing relationships and develop new business partnerships.”

“Israel and Maryland share common strengths in science and technology,” said Barry Bogage, Executive Director of the Maryland/Israel Development Center. “We look forward to leveraging these strengths into more successes like ELTA’s recent decision to set up their North American headquarters in the Maryland, bringing 100 high-tech jobs to the state.”

During the mission, Governor O’Malley will promote Maryland as an ideal location for Israeli businesses looking to have a U.S. presence, particularly those in life sciences, cyber security, information technology, aerospace and defense – industries that are strong for both Maryland and Israel. The Governor will address Israeli businesses during a dinner reception at U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro’s residence and is scheduled to meet with executives of ELTA Systems, the Israeli aerospace company that recently opened a U.S office in Howard County with plans to create 100 new high-tech jobs. The Governor is also scheduled to visit the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

In addition, Governor O’Malley will meet with high-ranking Israeli government leaders, including members of the new Bayit Hayehudi and Yesh Atid parties. Delegation members will accompany the Governor at many of the official receptions, but will spend the majority of their time meeting one-one-one with potential business and educational partners.

Maryland has long maintained ties with Israel, building on shared strengths in biotechnology, IT, aerospace and defense. Currently about 20 Israeli companies maintain offices in Maryland, including Teva BioPharmaceuticals, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and IMI Services (a subsidiary of Israel Military Industries). In 2012, Israel was Maryland’s 43rd largest trading partner with $51.1 million in product exports, mostly chemicals, transportation equipment, and computer and electronic products.

The O’Malley-Brown Administration has taken significant steps to ramp up the State’s international outreach. In 2011, the Governor led two historic economic development missions – one to China, South Korea and Vietnam and one to India – that netted a combined $145 million in trade and investment deals for the State and the companies that were part of the delegation. As a result, several delegations from those countries have visited Maryland in recent months, which have resulted in additional partnerships and deals for Maryland companies.

The State has also opened a number of foreign trade offices in targeted countries, including Maryland’s first Africa trade office, which opened in August 2012. In addition to Israel and Africa, the State has foreign offices in China (Shanghai), Colombia, France (Paris), India, Russia, South Korea (Seoul), Taiwan (Taipei), Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) and the Western Balkans (Montenegro). With the exception of the offices in China and Israel, all the State’s foreign offices operate on a contingency basis with no up-front cost to taxpayers.

Maryland’s Office of International Investment and Trade works to stimulate foreign direct investment in the State, offers export assistance for small and mid-sized Maryland companies and coordinates international trade and investment missions and trade show opportunities for Maryland companies. For more information on resources available to business that want to market their products or services globally, visit

O'Malley's Chief Of Staff Leaves For Foundation

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Gov. Martin O'Malley's chief of staff is leaving the post to work for a philanthropic organization.

The Goldseker Foundation announced early Thursday that Matthew Gallagher has been named president and chief executive officer.

Gallagher has been O'Malley's chief of staff for nearly four years. Before that, he was O'Malley's deputy chief of staff. He also worked for O'Malley when he was Baltimore's mayor. In Baltimore, Gallagher was director of CitiStat, a government performance mechanism program.


Michael Coren & Walid Shoebat Discuss Barack Obama's Connections To Islam

Deal Approved In Muslims’ Suit Against McDonald’s

DETROIT — A judge on Wednesday finalized a $700,000 settlement between McDonald’s Corp. and members of Michigan’s Muslim community over claims a suburban Detroit restaurant falsely advertised its food as prepared according to Islamic law.

Ahmed Ahmed, the Dearborn Heights man who represents plaintiffs in the class-action suit, claims he bought a chicken sandwich in September 2011 at the restaurant but found it wasn’t halal. Islam forbids consumption of pork, and God’s name must be invoked before an animal providing meat for consumption is slaughtered.

The McDonald’s restaurant chain and one of its franchise owners agreed in January to the tentative settlement that would be shared by Ahmed, as well as a Detroit health clinic, the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn and lawyers.
Read more

Poodle Club Of America Announces 5-Year Contract Renewal For Its National Specialty Dog Show

Salisbury, MD – Hundreds of Poodles and Poodle owners from all over the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan will soon descend upon Salisbury for the 81st Annual Poodle Club of America National Specialty Dog Show. The Wicomico Youth & Civic Center (WY&CC) serves as the main venue for the show with events scheduled Monday, April 22nd through Friday, April 26th. The five day show is free of charge for spectators and open to the public.

Prior to their arrival, the Poodle Club of America Board of Directors announced it would renew its contract with the WY&CC for an additional five years (through 2018). The show annually brings about 1,200 poodles along with spectators to Wicomico County for five day period. Its presence generates an estimated $2.2 million economic impact to the County.

In hearing the news, County Executive Richard M. Pollitt, Jr. shared, “I’m delighted that the Poodle Club of America is returning to Wicomico County for one of the finest shows our community will ever see. The hard work of the owners and trainers is matched only by their love for these magnificent dogs. It’s truly a joy to watch, and I understand we are to have them for another five years as our contract has just been renewed. I encourage all our residents from around the region to attend the show for some truly spectacular entertainment.”

For the show, the WY&CC is magically transformed for the week. The interior of the arena is laid with sod to provide the best footing possible for the Poodles and their handlers. The exhibition rings are decorated with elaborate flower arrangements. The Midway Room in the Civic Center becomes a dog-loving shoppers’ paradise, and the rear parking lot becomes an RV campground complete with electric hookups, barbeque grills, tents and lawn chairs. 

Highlights of the 2013 show include the introduction of a 4-6 months puppy class for all three varieties on Wednesday, April 24th. There will also be a Junior Showmanship Competition affording young people, ages 8 to 18 the opportunity to demonstrate their handling skills, followed by the morning dog classes. On Thursday, April 26th, girl poodles step onto the turf to compete against one another for the title of “Winners Bitch.” Veterans’ Sweepstakes, classes for dogs and bitches ages seven and up will follow. On Friday, the “Best of the Best,” the so-called “Special” Poodles of all three varieties come out to compete for Best of Variety and ultimately, Best Poodle in Show.

There are other aspects to the week beyond the dog show competition. For additional information about the Annual Poodle Club of America National Specialty Dog show and click on PCA Events; at the dropdown menu, select “National Specialty.”

The Poodle Club of America is very grateful to Purina, Oster Professional Products and Wicomico County Recreation, Parks and Tourism for their generous support of the show.


Towson University President Found Guilty In Absentia

Towson University President Maravene Loeschke was found guilty in absentia at an Annapolis show trial Wednesday, with Comptroller Peter Franchot as chief prosecutor and hanging judge.

“She should resign,” Franchot said after 90 minutes of testimony for which neither Loeschke or the university provided any defense.

The charges warranting dismissal were that Loeschke unfairly shut down the baseball and soccer teams through a closed process and lied about why she did it. Then she announced the decision at a hastily called closed meeting accompanied by campus police.

Read more:


The National Veteran’s Art Museum

When visitors first enter the museum, they will hear a sound like wind chimes coming from above them and their attention will be drawn upward 24 feet to the ceiling of the two-story high atrium.

Dog tags of the more than 58,000 service men and women who died in the Vietnam War hang from the ceiling of the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago on Veterans Day, November 11, 2010. The 10-by-40-foot sculpture, entitled Above & Beyond, was designed by Ned Broderick and Richard Stein.
The tens of thousands of metal dog tags are suspended 24 feet in the air, 1 inch apart, from fine lines that allow them to move and chime with shifting air currents. Museum employees using a kiosk and laser pointer help visitors locate the exact dog tag with the imprinted name of their lost friend or relative.

Leopold: 'A View From The County Jail'

"From my window, I could see the rooftops of four or five houses through brown, leafless trees off in the distance. I wondered if I had ever met the occupants of these homes or knocked on their doors in some past election campaign."

In "A View from the County Jail," a two-page essay sent Wednesday to The Capital and the Maryland Gazette, former county executive John R. Leopold reflected for the first time on his time behind bars.

Leopold was released from the Jennifer Road Detention Center last week, after serving 30 days in jail for misconduct in office.

Lobster Night Tonight At SoBo's

Make reservations NOW for our Lobster Night. TONIGHT enjoy, Whole Lobster served with baby red bliss potatoes, warm drawn butter and corn on the cobb for $19.99. Grab a bottle of wine or a few pints and join us for this amazing dinner!
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3rd Friday Is Tomorrow

RAUCOUS BROTHERSThe Raucous Brothers is an electric reggae and R&B band led by Paul Brion, with Kenn Luck and David Gladding. For over 15 years, Raucous Bros has played every kind of place and event imaginable from Philadelphia to Hawaii. Perfect feel good music to ring in Spring on the Plaza!


The old Parker Place Building at the end of the Plaza will hold a very special fine art exhibition, showcasing the finer side of graphic arts, illustration and drawing. These super talented artists will show you just how far this amazing art form can go!
Be sure to stop by the Art Institute & Gallery, for their very first "Art & History of the Tattoo" Exhibition, from 5-7pm. The exhibition is open to all tattoo artists! Photographs, paintings and pen & ink designs will be judged for Best in Show, Form, Integrity & Expressive Power and Best Use of Medium. There will also be live judging on "Best Sleeve or Leg" so bring your tattooed selves, and win accolades for yourself and your tattoo artist! Awards will begin at 6:00 PM with the live judging at 6:30. The event is sponsored in part by Irish Buddha Tattoo and Crucial Tattoo, and will definitely be something you have never seen before on the Shore!


CCART Presents two window exhibitions in their "Gallery Under Glass" at the Powell Building. The west window will feature paintings by former CCART scholarship recipient, and great friend of 3F, Diana Mosteller. The east window will feature pieces from The Clay Guild of the Eastern Shore.
ENZA'S will have 10% off all in stock hair and skin products as well as handmade jewelry and holistic items by Nicole.

KUHN'S JEWELERS will be celebrating their 160th Anniversary with 30% off all instock jewelry, refreshments and even door prizes!

SEASON'S BEST will be having a Downtown Abbey English Tea (the antique version of a comic party), and will be dressing in their 1920's best clothes, with finger foods and lots of sales!

ROADIE JOE'S will have the patio open with Wes Davis perfoming outside for Happy Hour from 4-7, with drink specials: $2.00 Miller Lite Drafts, $3.00 Angry Orchard Drafts, $4 All Craft Beers, $3.50 Rails and $1.50 off glasses of wine and Martinis. Starting at 9, Test Kitchen will be perfoming inside, with $4.00 Bacardi Mixed Drinks $5 Patron shots and Bombs and $2.75 Domestic Bottles.

SUSHI DE KANPAI will have $3 Cherry and Grape Bombs and $3 EVO Beers for 3F, $1 off large carafes of premium sake, and daily food specials!

MARKET STREET INN will have happy hour specials in the bar and outside on the Barge from 2-7PM! $1 off all drinks, bottled and draught beer, and $1.50 off glasses of wine and martinis. DJ Seth will be in the bar from 930-130AM. Check their website for the food specials of the day!

MOJO's will have happy hour specials in the bar, and The Elwood Band at 9PM! Be sure to check their website for the specials of the day!


President Obama will speak at an interfaith service in Boston honoring the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Watch live at 11 a.m. ET on Fox News and

O'Malley To Head For Middle East

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is scheduled to make a trade mission to Israel and Jordan.

O'Malley's office announced the trip on Wednesday. The governor is set to leave Saturday.

It's O'Malley's third trip to Israel. He went once when he was mayor of Baltimore and in 2008 as governor. It's the governor's first trip to Jordan, where he will speak to business and government leaders at a dinner reception.


Californians: Prepare For A 50% Hike In Pension Costs

It is no surprise that pension funds in the US are significantly underfunded (median 72% funded). California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CALPERS), specifically, is about 26% short of meeting its long-term commitments. Like most major pension funds, it uses smoke-and-mirrors to avoid this yawning gap by smoothing over a long enough timeframe where 'hope' for growth in assets triumphs over the reality of liabilities(through a 'rolling' 15- or 30-year window - that therefore never comes due). However, under a new plan proposed by CALPERS' chief actuary, they will shorten the horizon from 15 to 5 years and aim for a specific date 30 years from now to be 100% funded (instead of a rolling hope-driven horizon). The impact of this, as Bloomberg reports [5], may mean California taxpayers municipal pension contributions will rise as much as 50%. "This is clearly the right thing to do," notes the fund's CEO, "as it will reduce the risk of the system," though we suspect the 'system' may just get a little upset at having to face this 50% 'tax-hike'.


Obama Meets With Saudi Foreign Minister, Discusses Syria

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House on Wednesday and discussed the conflict in Syria, a spokeswoman said.

The meeting was not on Obama's public schedule.


WCSO Press Release 4-18-13

Display Your Numbers

A safety reminder from your Wicomico County Fire Chiefs Association:
Display your house/building numbers by the front door or by the
driveway so they can be visible especially at night by fire, ambulance,
and police personnel.  Replace faded or missing numbers.
Every second counts trying to locate you in an emergency.
For details contact Wicomico County at 410-548-4860.

Don't let tax-identity theft happen to you

Tax-related identity theft can turn your life upside down and take years to resolve. I know, because it happened to me in 2007, after someone submitted an electronic tax return—days before I filed—containing personal information about me and my family, and a bogus return address. The mess took piles of paperwork, a tax advocate, and more than two years to resolve. To this day I still have nightmares that it could happen again.

Fortunately, consumers are more aware of the problem, and the IRS has made strides to educate the public, help victims, and prevent a reoccurrence. Here's some advice to flag potential problems:

I.D. protection tips
Protecting sensitive information in the first place and following up quickly to minimize the damage are paramount. Healthy skepticism can go a long way. For instance:


Pork In The Park BBQ Festival Returns To Salisbury This Weekend

Festival Will Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

(Salisbury, MD)
Follow your nose to the Pork in the Park BBQ Festival, presented by Gateway Subaru, this Friday, April 19 – Sunday, April 21 at WinterPlace Park in Salisbury, MD. The festival offers three days of family-friendly entertainment including live music, food, beer and wine, amusement park rides and games and unique craft vendors. Admission is $5 daily for adults, and children under 12 are admitted free.

Featured events at this year’s festival will include a headlining performance from The Marshall Tucker Band on Saturday night beginning at 8:00pm. On Sunday, the festival will introduce Mountaire Farms’ Eastern Shore Wing War. This three-part event will kick off with the People’s Choice Wing Competition, where area restaurants compete in a bracket-style wing competition in which festival-goers will determine who has the best wing. (Brackets will be available at the festival for $10, which include 20 wing tasting tickets.) The event will also include Amateur & Professional Wing Eating Competitions featuring world champion eater Joey Chestnut.

Free parking and shuttle service will be available from the Tri-County Council Building Parking Lot located at 31901 Tri-County Way, opposite of Wor-Wic Community College on Route 50. The shuttle will run all hours of the event and for one hour after the close of the festival.

Pets and outside food and drinks are not permitted on festival grounds.

The festival is a rain or shine event. For up-to-the-minute information throughout the weekend, follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter (@PorkinthePark).

Pork in the Park BBQ Festival / 1.800.332.TOUR

Admission $5 Daily / Children Under 12 Free

Friday, April 19th 4pm – 10pm
Saturday, April 20th 10am – 10pm

Sunday, April 21st 11am – 6pm


Thursday, April 25, 2013 7 pm (Doors/Kitchen open 5:30 pm)
Game 1 2012 Mother’s Day Basket Set with Woodcrafts Lid
Game 2 2006 Scalloped Boutique Basket (light green)
Game 3 Small Oval Casserole with Lid (sage)
Game 4 1996 Shoulder Purse Basket Set
Game 5 2006 Collector’s Club Sunflower Door Stop
Special 1 Wrought Iron Small Two Pie Rack w/2 Small Pie Plates (sage & paprika)
Game 6 1993 Mother’s Basket Set
Game 7 1993 May Series “Daisy” Basket Set w/tie-on
Game 8 2 Quart Baking Dish (eggplant)
Game 9 NEW 2013 Artisan Bread Basket
Game 10 Passion Pink Stay Cool Lunch Bag, Horizon of Hope Scarf & Travel Mug
Special 2 Wrought Iron Large Two Pie Rack w/2 Pie Plates (butternut and eggplant)
Game 11 2012 “Summer Lovin” Small Ware Basket Set
Game 12 2008 Mother’s Day Basket w/Liner and Woodcrafts Lid
Game 13 Woven Traditions 2 Quart Pitcher
Game 14 Small Serving Basket (light green) w/Lidded Protector
Game 15 NEW 2013 Cracker Basket & Woven Traditions Cracker Dish
Special 3 Wrought Iron Table Top Beverage Rack
Game 16 1996 May Series “Sweet Pea” Basket Set
Game 17 NEW 2013 Artisan Spring Basket
Game 18 8” x 8” Baking Dish (butternut)
Game 19 Medium Market Basket
Game 20 1997 Mother’s Day Basket w/tie-on
Loser’s Grandma Bonnie’s Pie Plate
***All of the above are filled with goodies***
Raffle 1 Wrought Iron 3 Level Organizer & Med. Serving Basket w/Lidded Protector
Value: $276
Raffle 2 Wrought Iron Etagere & Farmer’s Market Double Berry Basket w/2 Woven Traditions Square Berry Bowls Value: $199
For information contact Iva Mae Gravenor at 410-742-5174 MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE TO PLAY ALL RAFFLES WILL BE DRAWN THE NIGHT OF THE EVENT
The Longaberger Company does not have any sponsorship affiliation with this event.

Helpful Idea Part 1

A Letter To The Editor: "STOP FUNDS For Inhumane Society Of Wicomico County"

WICOMICO COUNTY ANIMAL LOVERS...ACT NOW if you want the Humane Society of Wicomico County to be changed. YOU have to make it happen!!! Rick Pollitt has proposed giving them $54,000 more revenue ($294,436) than last year's ($240,000) on a 32-year-old contract dated August 4th, 1981 which allows the Board of Directors to set policies & procedures with NO ACCOUNTABILITY to Wicomico County Government or citizens. Their 2011 Income tax form showed $771,908 ASSETS --- a Non-Profit organization??? They need to be audited since they do their accounting in-house. This private family run club needs to answer monthly to the County about expenses & animal statistics. HSWC only pay $1 a YEAR to rent the facilities on Citation Drive. That 32-year-old contract requires Wicomico County to pay 3/5ths of operating expenses & NO ACCOUNTABILITY on taxpayer money. No ACCOUNTABILITY for pet care --- life or death. They got over $60,000 from the City of Salisbury, $20,000 from the Town of Delmar, & money from Dorchester County. We need an OUTPOURING of compassionate people to CUT ALL FUNDS til they answer to the County Government & Citizens. Easy SOLUTION for the animal's new contract---no money. To get this changed write & call Mr. Pollitt's & Mr. Strausburg's office (410) 548-4801, ALL the County Council members & Mr. Baker, County Attorney (410) 548-3792.

Cost Of Living Change

A proposal to alter cost-of-living adjustments in the president's 2014 budget request is causing heartburn with federal employees. President Barack Obama is proposing switching to the chained consumer price index or "chained CPI" to calculate COLAs to federal civilian and military retirement annuities, as well as Social Security, veterans' and disability insurance benefits. These benefits are currently determined by the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers or CPI-W. The National Association of Active and Retired Federal Employees says by using the chained CPI instead of the CPI-W, COLAs would be reduced by about 0.3 percent per year. Over time, that would mean benefits would be 3 percent lower after 10 years. NARFE offers a calculator to estimate how the proposal would reduce an earned federal annuity. The House Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security takes up the issue Thursday.