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Sunday, February 01, 2015


Two Rotten Peas in One Very Rotten Pod

“There will be hell to pay for Obama’s critics in the second term.”
– the words of puppet master Valerie Jarrett to all who oppose Obama’s socialist and islamic agenda

OK…let’s get something straight right up front…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is indeed a muslim. He surrounds himself with muslims…his actions and words confirm he is a muslim…and NO church in America has any record of him ever having converted to Christianity.

Now with that said it must be understood how this man has allowed our American government to be infiltrated by the enemy…and YES…muslims at this point in time are indeed America’s enemy. And I do NOT want to hear ‘it’s NOT all muslims’ because guess what…it is…for where are the so-called moderate muslim voices condemning the actions of the extremists…save for a mere handful they remain silent…and if you do NOT condemn you condone…period.

Now let’s remember that Obama is the very man…who through the fiasco known as the Arab Spring…actually aided in and allowed the rise to power of islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East, most notable at this point in time being ISIS. And he is also the man who allowed federal government positions of importance to be filled by members of the Muslim Brotherhood…a designated terrorist group in its own right. And with them now holding positions of power, it’s in-your-face-obvious how U.S. policy has undergone a drastic 180 degree turn to outright supporting those who shall we say, behave very badly, while at the same time throwing our allies aside…especially Israel.

Cases in point and these are but a few…remember just as relations with Libya were somewhat normalizing Obama threw his support to the al-Qaida backed militias opposing Gaddafi’s secular government (Gaddafi had renounced terrorism and was aiding the West with intelligence)…remember Benghazi and the could only have come from him ‘stand down order’…remember his support for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood puppet President Mohammed Morsi and how it took a populist uprising and a military coup to remedy that ‘so-called’ unfortunate situation…remember his still on-going support and sending of our taxpayer dollars to al-Qaida, ISIS, and Muslim Brotherhood linked ‘so-called’ rebels in Syria…and remember too his announcing our dates of withdrawal from the Iraqi and Afghan war theaters which gave America’s enemies…his blood brethren…the time they needed to lay low, regroup, and move forward.


Michael Moore Claims ‘American Sniper’ Director Clint Eastwood Threatened to Kill Him

Michael Moore, left-wing crybaby known for nonstop hit pieces on conservatives, is now claiming 10 years later that Clint Eastwood threatened to kill him if he showed up at his house with a camera. Moore admits the threat was made in public in front of a crowd, and everyone laughed, including himself. If it was a real threat, why didn’t the police get involved, and why did he wait until Eastwood’s record-breaking movie American Sniper came out? Because it wasn’t a real threat, Moore knows it, he’s just trying to gain publicity and tarnish Eastwood and the movie.

The Daily Mail reports,

Speaking from the stage, Eastwood Said: ‘Michael Moore and I actually have a lot in common.

‘We both appreciate living in a country where there’s free expression. But, Michael, if you ever show up at my front door with a camera, I’ll kill you.’

Moore said he laughed nervously along with the rest of the audience. He assumed, Eastwood was joking.

‘I mean it,’ he barked, and the audience grew more quiet. ‘I’ll shoot you.’

Moore said there was a ‘smattering of approving applause’, but most people simply turned around to check his reaction.


Can We Put an End to Government Theft?

Two recent events suggest that the tide is slowly beginning to turn on government theft. And by theft, I’m not talking about taxes. I’m talking about the basic idea that what’s mine is mine to have and to use, and that the government doesn’t get to take from me simply because some bureaucrat thinks they can use my property better, or because police think a crime was committed but don’t want to be bothered to prove it.

You would think the idea that government shouldn’t steal would be as uncontroversial as the notion that citizens shouldn’t steal. Alas, it is not. Not only has government frequently engaged in blatant theft, but its actions have been legally protected by bad laws and even worse judicial oversight. But there are indications that change is on the horizon.

Though don’t get too excited yet, because at best we’re talking about small first steps in the right direction.

First, the good news. The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that could have significant impact on property rights. It’s brought by California raisin farmers who were fined massive amounts by the government simply for selling their crop. You see, in America – the land of the free and the home of the brave – it’s rarely ever true that you can juts make a product and sell it. You must jump through hopes to produce your goods, then jump through more to sell them.

In this case the hoops were much more onerous and burdensome than simply registering or acquiring a license. A Depression-era regulation grants a board of bureaucrats the power to decide, in Soviet-style fashion, the proper product yield for a given year. They then force all producers to sell through government middlemen, who enforce the yield limit by siphoning off a percent from each farmer into a “reserve pool” that can eventually be either sold overseas for highly discounted prices or given away to schools for almost nothing.

This protectionist scheme hurts both consumers and, despite its intentions, producers.

It’s also unconstitutional, as the Fifth Amendment requires “just compensation” for government takings.


Community Rallies Behind Walmart Greeter Who Offended Customer By Telling Him To ‘Have A Blessed Day’

Today's Survey Question 2-1-15

Who is going to win
What will be the final score?

Michelle Obama Praises Movie-TV Industry for Promoting Same-Sex Marriage

I would say the percentage of Gays in positions of authority in the TV and Film industries are disproportionally much higher than the general population. So it’s no accident the nation is being flooded with a proliferation of Gay themes and images that does not reflect reality. Michelle Obama was preaching to the choir!

Speaking to a group of television and screenwriters in Washington, D.C., on Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama praised the movie and television industry in the United States for promoting same-sex marriage according to CNS News.

“Every day, through the movies and TV shows and ads you all create, you have the power to shape our understanding of the world around us,” said Mrs. Obama. “You challenge our most strongly held beliefs. You influence our opinions on current events.”

“So the fact is, in many ways, you all are in a unique position to help us address some of the most challenging issues that we face as a nation,” she said. “Just take an issue like gay rights. It wasn’t all that long ago that this was a third-rail kind of issue, not just in politics, but in entertainment as well. It was considered sensitive, even controversial.

“But in the early ‘90s, that started to change,” said Mrs. Obama. “Tom Hanks won an Oscar for his portrayal of a gay character in ‘Philadelphia.’ ‘The Real World’ included an openly gay cast member. And over the years, there was ‘Ellen’ and ‘Will and Grace,’ ‘Milk’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain.’

“And today, ‘The Imitation Game’ is up for Best Picture at the Oscars, and Cam and Mitchell–two of my favorites–are raising their daughter on ‘Modern Family,’ one of the top-rated shows on TV,” said Mrs. Obama.

“And at the same time, we’ve seen gay rights advance in real life as well,” she said. “As my husband said, we’ve seen gay marriage go from a wedge issue into a civil right in states all across this country. And that’s just one issue.”


Mother, 56, awakens just HOURS before her life support machine was due to be shut off

Evidently, Teri Roberts is not done with life yet and God has another plan for her. Suffering from a bacteria than can be gotten through Step Throat and other ways and is known for flesh eating infections, Group A Streptococcus then led to toxic shock syndrome for Teri. She thought she had the flu, but it was something much, much worse. She then slipped into a coma in the hospital for 12 days. She woke up four hours before her machines were to be turned off. They took her hands and feet, but she wants to live. She is determined to walk and drive again. If anyone can do it, I believe Teri can. This is turning the most severe form of tragedy into hope and life.

Teri Roberts (pictured in hospital), from Nebraska, fell into a coma after developing streptococcal toxic shock syndrome. Just four hours before her life support machine was due to be turned off, she awoke.

5 Ways the Middle Class Is Getting Screwed

When Democrats talk about middle class Americans, they almost inevitably use them as a cudgel to attack the rich. On the other hand, bizarrely, Republicans seem to spend much more time defending the rich from attacks by the Left than talking about what they’re going to do to help the middle class.

That’s unfortunate because middle class Americans are the backbone of the country; yet their interests always seem to take a backseat to those of the wealthy, the poor and the naked self-interest of BOTH political parties. There’s nothing wrong with giving the poor a hand-up or making sure that the rich are treated fairly, but looking after the interests of America’s middle class should be priority #1 for both parties.

Instead of treating the interests of the middle class as a star for both parties to follow to take this country into the future, they’ve been getting screwed over.


1) Obamacare: The Affordable Care Act was portrayed as a panacea that benefits everyone, but what it actually does is punch middle class Americans in the teeth in order to help people with pre-existing conditions who didn’t already have insurance. At this point, everyone knows Barack Obama lied when he said you could keep your doctor. People also know he lied when he said you could keep your insurance. Millions of middle class small business owners have already lost their insurance and tens of millions of Americans will lose their insurance because of the employer mandate. However, the most devastating lie to the middle class was Obama’s false claim that the ACA would save the average family of four $2,500 a year in premiums. Instead, premiums skyrocketed by as much as 78% for some groups and “$643 billion in new taxes, penalties and fees” to cover the $50,000 a head it’s costing Americans to pay for each person who gets on Obamacare. If you are a middle class American whose salary stayed the same, chances are health care costs alone have made you feel as if you’re being dragged backward.

Once again, you can read it all here.

Comcast Is Also Changing Customers’ Names To “Whore” And “Dummy”

This is not how Comcast wanted to end a week that saw it having to explain how a supposedly rogue employee could change a customer’s name to “A**hole Brown.” Other customers have since come forward claiming they also had their names tweaked for the worst by Comcast staffers. 

Super Bowl Weekend Is The Big Show For Pizza Box Manufacturers

Did you know that there’s a pizza season? Pizzerias say that their business picks up in October, and the bump lasts through the NCAA tournament in March. 12.5 million pizzas are ordered on Super Bowl Sunday alone. Supporting all of that delivery business in a very literal sense is a crucial American industry: the factories that make pizza boxes. 

The Home Refinance Plan Banks Don't Want You Knowing

When homeowners visit The Easy Loan Site™ official website, they may be surprised to find out they qualify for a plan that offers them shockingly low interest rates.

Unknown to many, this brilliant government program called the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP) could benefit millions of Americans. By refinancing their homes at lower interest rates, homeowners could easily reduce their payments by as much as $4,264 each year.

Time is running out for homeowners and the government is making one final push to reach out to homeowners who can still benefit. The program is set to expire in 2015, but the good news though is that once you’re in, you’re in. If lowering your payments, paying off your mortgage faster, and even taking some cash out would help you, it's vital that you act now.


Google is using human skin to develop a cancer-detecting wristband

Google is making a wristband that detects cancer cells, and using human skin to do it.

Scientists in the life sciences division of Google X laboratories are working on a proactive, preventative approach to one of the world's deadliest diseases, according to The Independent.

The wristband would work in tandem with a pill that would send nanoparticles through the body to latch on to markers of different conditions and diseases including cancer, Andrew Conrad, head of Google Life Sciences, told The Atlantic.

'We have (the nanoparticles) circulate around your whole body looking for those cells and we collect them using a magnet and basically ask them what they saw,' Conrad said.


Troopers Investigate Two Vehicle Crash – Millsboro

Millsboro - The Delaware State Police have arrested a 31 year old Lewes, DE man for DUI and assorted other charges following a two vehicle personal injury crash that occurred yesterday evening.

The incident began at approximately 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 31, 2015, as Jeffrey Dorsey, 31, of Lewes, DE, was operating a 2008 BMW 330i and was traveling in a westbound direction on DE Rt. 24 (John J. Williams Highway) in the area of Holly Lake Campground, Millsboro, DE. For an unknown reason, Dorsey crossed the double yellow line and entered into the eastbound lanes of Rt. 24 where his vehicle nearly struck a second vehicle. Dorsey then re-entered the westbound lanes of Rt. 24 where he then struck the rear of a 2004 Jeep Liberty which was being operated by Brandon Munoz-Cedillo, 21, of Georgetown, causing the Jeep to overturn.

Jeffrey Dorsey was not injured in the crash. He was arrested by troopers and charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, two counts of Vehicular Assault 3rd Degree, and assorted other offenses. He was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 3 and committed to the Sussex Correctional Institution for lack of $2262.00 bail.

Munoz-Cedillo, as well as a 22 year old male passenger in his vehicle from Millsboro, were both removed from the scene by Emergency Medical Services and transported to Beebe Healthcare where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk

SFD Calls For Service 1-31-15

  • Saturday January, 31 2015 @ 22:08Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday January, 31 2015 @ 19:56Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday January, 31 2015 @ 19:47Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday January, 31 2015 @ 18:06Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday January, 31 2015 @ 17:42Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Mayor Ireton Treats Yet Another Taxpayer With Total Disrespect

"I admire your intestinal fortitude! As you know we are asking the council to have a discussion about the definition of "weekday" in the near future. One legal opinion that has been filed is that of the Supreme Court, so I don't know if any independent decision from my office changes things. A re-examination of the law is necessary, and Ms. Mitchell has worked diligently on your behalf. Have no fear, Laura is on it. Additionally, love reading your stuff on sbynews! Have a great day". Mayor Jim Ireton

Mr Mayor,

Now that takes some intestinal fortitude!!! How dare you say that I am ranting? These are facts and this is not a rant. 

The City Council President, Mr Jacob R Day, asked me to fill him in on what was happening and to include him in any future emails, as the email address he has listed on the City website is incorrect. I took you for your word this morning in your email that you were working to resolve the matter. I simply have included Mr Day in our correspondence, and brought him up to speed AT HIS REQUEST.

Seriously? Why are you treating me like a second class citizen? 

Does this community not matter? Do you not like being challenged to live up to the law? 

I can see where your true allegiance is, and it is NOT WITH YOUR COMMUNITY.

I will forward you Mr Day request to be brought up to speed.

Ireton Responds: 

"With this last rant, I will let you know that staff and myself will no longer have contact with you via email. We have asked the city attorney to speak with you regarding the law and have assured you that we are taking this up at a future work session. I, as a public servant, do not have to be written to like this -and neither does my staff, which has tried to help you at every turn. Good day". Mayor Ireton

Salisbury University Acquires M-16's?

There have been many articles in the news lately regarding the use of surplus military equipment by law enforcement. SBYNews has taken the position that sometimes this may constitute a prudent use of an item which saves the taxpayers money. We have also pointed out those instances when we see it as being over the top and not cost effective.

Recently overheard on the campus of Salisbury University was a conversation concerning the acquisition of several M-16 rifles by the campus police department. Folks these guns are reportedly fully automatic, military grade firearms. It certainly raised more than one eyebrow at SBYNews.

If this is true it begs the question: are machine guns really necessary for a university police force? 

Today's Survey Question 1-25-15

With all the problems at night at the Mall in Salisbury,
how many of you will continue to shop there at night?

Fredericksen Wants To Punish YOU And Your Kids Over Governor Hogan's New Proposal

This snake never gives up. He, (like most Liberals) will do just about ANYTHING to get his way but this time he's met his match. 

Calendar B would begin school on Tuesday, Sept. 8, and end the year on Monday, June 20.

The above is what Fredericksen is proposing. Now, let's look at last year. Last year we had TEN snow days that had to be made up. Do the math from above. IF that were the case again this year, (under Fredericksen's proposal) your kids would be getting out of school right around the 4th of July!

I strongly suggest you click on more and study what we have already provided and YES, YOU should contacts your elected officials about this matter. 



This is a large file and may take extra time to fully load.

A Letter To The Editor 1-27-15

Mr Albero, 

I have Huge issues with our chief of Salisbury police Chief Duncan. I feel that her hands may be tied by Mayor Ireton when it comes to crime and crime prevention we are having escalated crime in known areas like the mall, Wawa, so called homeless walking into the roads begging for money, crime in the college area and so forth and so on. I myself have had it and have my home up for sale because I feel I cannot raise a child in this town. If she cannot do her job as Police Chief she should resign for the good of the Salisbury Citizens. If she doesn't then I guess it's about the $ and pension and not the People. Good luck Salisbury your going to need it. 

Concerned X Citizen.

Senator Jim Mathias & Matt Odachowski, Worcester Counties Newest Cheech & Chong?

Royal Plus purchased a building in Snow Hill a few years ago. A very special deal was made on a 125,000, (+ or -) square foot building the County owned for pennies on the dollar. The deal was that they were to guarantee they'd hire a certain amount of people over the upcoming years but the economy flopped. The property is now used to park their emergency vehicles.

Royal Plus (disaster division) has been trying to rent the building since without any takers. With no renter in sight, they've come up with the plan to grow medicinal marijuana inside. They allegedly approached the county with hopes of getting permission and it's now my understanding that they are going to try and orchestrate some legislation in Annapolis via Jim Mathias, who is on the Royal Plus payroll, to change the laws. Naturally Jim will not put his name on anything but will play a part in providing direction in regards to which legislators may be willing to consider sponsoring such a bill.

The story becomes more believable when contrasted with past indiscretions by Mathias. Who can soon forget the $1.25 million that was channeled to Royal Plus on the Casino deal just a few years back? That incident came to the attention of a Washington Post investigative reporter while reviewing Ethics Reports. Seems the senator “forgot” to list his association with Royal Plus on his ethics filings while sponsoring legislation that would give his employer a big payday. This was further complicated by the fact that he had been previously warned to disclose this relationship by the Ethics Committee, and yet failed to do so. Mark Odachowski, (Royal Plus Electric) was not awarded the final contract on this job.

Using your position in State government for self aggrandizement is a big “no no”. Apparently, using that same position to say, gain access into a hurricane ravaged area under the guise of “coming to help” is alright from the senator’s perspective. What else would be the need to have a senator in your pocket if not to open a few doors, eh? I mean, if you are in the business of cleaning up from disasters, being the first trucks and company into a restricted flood zone definitely has financial advantages. When the government is the gatekeeper, you apparently need a government key shaped like a certain senator to open the door.

Previous ethics challenges and actions lend instant credibility to this story; and, unless your smoking dope, you make the connections easily enough.

Love us or hate us, we break the news well before anyone else. Heck, I can pretty much guarantee you that your Liberal Media will never even touch this story. 

Remember My Survey Question Yesterday Referencing The Definition Of "Week Day"?

What you are about to read, (below) is why I decided to ask all of you that question in advance of this article. I think you'll find it absolutely amazing how your government works and what they think of YOU as a taxpayer.

Mr Albero,

I am contacting you because I feel like you may be interested in my story. You see, I live on XRXRXR Drive and there is a construction project going on behind my home. This project is in very close proximity, less than 30', to my house, and all of my neighbors homes. We have been subjected to a constant barrage of noise from this site since they began. They have worked 7 days per week, weather permitting.

My problem is that the city ordinance has specific wording that says, to me, that work will take place on weekdays only. Since they operating on weekends it seems they are in violation, so, I contacted just about everyone I could including the city council, the mayor, the city administrator, the police department, and an attorney. I started at the bottom and worked my way up with emails and phone calls. Finally, I was given some RIDICULOUS answers, and quite frankly, it looks like someone is doing something shady or has done something shady to ensure that these big contractors get what they need with little to no regard for the community. I have included my correspondence with these folks and would like you to review the responses I was given and see what conclusion you draw from this.

Below you will find the ordinance as it is currently written. It is ordinance number 1913 Chapter 8.20. It reads-

"Construction or Repairing of Buildings. The erection (including excavation), demolition, alteration or repair of any building other than between the hours of seven a.m. and six p.m. on weekdays, except in case of urgent necessity in the interest of public health and safety, and then only with a permit from the department of neighborhood services and code compliance which permit may be granted for a period not to exceed three days or less while the emergency continues and which permit may be renewed for periods of three days or less while the emergency continues. If the department of neighborhood services and code compliance should determine that the public health and safety will not be impaired by the erection, excavation, demolition, alteration or repair of any building within the hours of six p.m. and seven a.m., and if he shall further determine that loss or inconvenience would result to any party in interest, he may grant permission for such work to be done within the hours of six p.m. and seven a.m., upon application being made at the time that the permit for work is awarded or during the progress of the work."

The emails shown below include the responses. Maybe you could help me get to the bottom of this whole thing, because it sure stinks like some possible corruption here !!

Mr. Mayor,

I am reaching out to your office for help understanding one of the city ordinances. It is regarding Chapter 8.2 section J. It CLEARLY states that no construction of buildings shall take place only on weekdays. My house borders the project thats going on in the 1400 block of South Division Street. Its called "The Gathering at Salisbury." The construction crews have worked 7 days per week (weather permitting, up until yesterday) since they began the project. On the morning of the 10th I was awakened by an awful noise. It was the dilapidated front end loader that was parked a mere 30' from bedroom window. After listening to the thing for weeks prior to this day I had had enough. I went out and asked the man if he had a permit to work on Saturdays. He said He did not need a permit. I pulled up the ordinance and called SPD to respond, after I was threatened with violence if I did not leave the site. SPD and MSP arrived in short order. No permits could be produced so the men were told to leave the site. The very next day (Sunday) there was a different crew out there working. During the following week I had made contact with Housing Authority who told me that Neighborhood Services issues weekend work permits. I called them. They told me SPD issues the permits because its enforcement of city codes. So I called SPD and the LT I spoke to told me that an email had been sent stating that Saturdays were now included.

I sent an email to several council members to find out why Saturdays were included, when the ordinance is worded the way it is. Laura Mitchell contacted me and told me that Saturdays were NOT included and that she would get back to me upon further review. She called me back and said that several years ago the city attorney decided to include Saturdays as a "weekday" and that it would take legislation to change it.

When do the residents already living in This community come first? We have to put up with 20 different machines running back there from 6:45am until dark every single day. There are a couple machines that are unbelievably loud and not at safe decibel levels. I have called to report that to OSHA and waiting to see what happens there. Their deadlines and missed opportunities to work because of this reason or that reason are not OUR deadlines OR OUR PROBLEM, yet they make it our problem by forcing us to endure the constant noise and shaking of our homes from the large equipment.

Basically, I'm stating that the ordinance says that work can be performed on WEEKDAYS only. If you look up the definition of the word weekday in any dictionary it will clearly state that it means any day EXCLUDING Saturday and Sunday. It seems that their ability to work these days ONLY benefits the contractors and developers NOT the community. If the ordinance was to include any days other than Monday-Friday itshould be CLEARLY marked that way, and since it is not, the community and I are respectfully demanding that work NOT be allowed to proceed on Saturdays and Sundays. If the city officials deem either of those days suitable for working then legislation needs to be passed to amend the ordinance to say just that.

I am also requesting that if the ordinance was changed "several" years ago by the city attorney to please show me the new updated ordinance, and the legislation that took place to change it.
I know you're a busy man, but I would appreciate your assistance.

Dear Mr. XRXRXR,

At the request of the mayor, I am writing in response to your below email. Two attorneys have opined that Saturday’s should, in this case, be considered a weekday.

I will direct the appropriate departments to make sure that adequate enforcement is being provided.

If you would like to discuss this with me, I can be reached at (410) 548-3100.

Tom Stevenson

Hello. Thanks for the reply.

I want to say a few things about your email to me.

First, if Saturdays are considered to be weekdays, why is your office closed? Why is the Mayors office closed? Do the two attorneys you say reviewed this open their offices on Saturday? I bet they do not. So, why is it that "this case", as you put it, deserves any special or different treatment from any other noise violation in the ordinance?

Second, I have spoken to my own attorney. She has told me that unless it is specified somewhere else in the ordinance, the word "weekdays" means the normal and standard Monday thru Friday. Please show me the documentation specifying Saturday as a weekday. Please show me an ordinance that SPECIFICALLY includes this. If you can not, then one can only interpret the wording in the ordinance the way I have, the way Council woman Mitchell has, and the way EVERYONE (except you and the two attorneys) I have spoken to about this has.

Third, the opinions of all three attorneys are just that...opinions. None of them, nor you live in this area and has to be subjected to the constant barrage of equipment and men working just 30' from your home and family, and if you did your "opinions" would be quite different Im sure. The residents of this community should not have to endure this any more than what the law states. The ordinance CLEARLY states the word "weekdays", and the definition of "weekday" is "any day excluding Saturday and Sunday." That information can be located in any dictionary. There is nothing in the ordinance to specifically designate Saturday as a weekday, so therefore, it should NOT be included as an acceptable day to work without the proper permit, which is only good for three days, and, for emergency purposes only.

Like I stated in my email to the Mayor, this benefits ONLY the developer, NOT the residents which, quite frankly, makes this whole thing look shady and seem as if the network of "good ol boys" has gotten their claws into those folks that make these types of decisions.

The letter of the law should be followed "in this case" and every other case, and the law states no weekend work shall be permitted. I didnt write the ordinance, but I will do what it takes to see that it is followed. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

A Comment Worthy Of A Post: Salisbury Police VS Salisbury University Students

While this is a long Post, I believe it makes for an extremely interesting read as well as an incredible debate. Chime in through comments if you like. 

Anonymous Said...

Well Joe.....this was a travesty. You know I love what you do but with the freedom you exercise with this blog comes great responsibility. We talked about this some until we got sidetracked. (Imagine that). This is something you really need to think about. By your own admission your blog reaches many. Even those whom it doesn't reach directly are reached by word of mouth. I would proffer that no one on that jury hadn't heard about that case prior to trial. Then we add the fact that blogs are more popular because people can comment with anonymity without responsibility. Many of these comments are made by people who write as if they are authorities on legal matters yet have nothing more than an opinion. 99% of the time these opinions are rendered with no legal knowledge yet are viewed by most (who are likely followers rather than leaders) as if they were gospel. Rommel played a scumbag lawyer trick and used you as a way to get his side of the story out to the public knowing that it would be tried in the court of public opinion way before the jury ever heard the case. I would bet that his plan the entire time was to play the media - in this case your blog - and then pray jury trial knowing that any jury pool would be tainted. In my opinion he manipulated the entire system and Sbynews to bring about a very calculated result. He intentionally released video to you knowing you would post it. He also knew he was going to use these videos as evidence when he released them to you. To me, this shows the underbelly of an individual who is not a good attorney, but rather an attorney with no moral compass. all these roadside attorneys speaking of lawsuits who are obviously members of the group who know nothing of that which they speak but writes as if they are completely misunderstand the implications that the different burden of proof thresholds required to make specific cases. For the purposes of this discussion the burden of proof for probable cause (that which is needed to file charges) was met as indicated by the impartial judicial officer for the district court. That means enough evidence exists to charge the defendants and bring the case to trial. If we had to assign a percentage amount to this level of proof we could attach a number of about 51%. The number needed to convict using the same scale is about 99%. Now....the number needed to win a civil case would be commonly called a preponderance of the evidence.....about 51% if using the same type of number assignment scale. In a nutshell this means that it has been already established that the officer in this case had enough evidence to arrest and bring charges....but according to a jury...not enough to convict. (Arguably) however if the defendants in this case argue that the officer didn't have enough evidence to arrest and that the arrest was false......the contrary has already been established. 

Joe....the anti-police sentiment in the U.S. Is increasing at an astounding rate. I would argue that much of this is due to what is tantamount to a hue and cry. In medieval times it would be the masses would be gathered on the front steps with pitchforks and torches demanding a hanging. We live in a nation of laws. When lynch mobs form due to misinformation it seriously undermines the rule of law....and it makes the job of police officers even more dangerous than it needs to be. These college students will now be emboldened and the citizens living in the areas surrounding the university will pay for it. When we look at your blog we see this post and then we see posts about the increase in violence in Salisbury. You can't condemn the police for doing their jobs and then expect them to put their necks on the line thinking they will be ridiculed in the court of public opinion by those who have no idea of what their job entails of the laws that govern their actions.

Here are some mistakes: 

"That means enough evidence exists to charge the defendants and bring the case to trial. If we had to assign a percentage amount to this level of proof we could attach a number of about 51%." 

"The number needed to convict using the scale is about 99%." (If this had been said, this at trial it would result in a mistrial; courts have made very clear the reasonable doubt standard is not a percentage or number). 

In a nutshell this means that it has already been established that the officer in this case had enough evidence to arrest and bring charges. 

These statements are absolutely not true. Any determination made by a district court commissioner is simply based upon the written allegations contained in the statement of probable cause. Evidence is not considered. Testimony is not considered. No factual findings are made. It is just based upon the allegations of the officer-there is never another side to the story. To say, therefore, that "it has already been established" that there was enough evidence to arrest and bring charges is simply incorrect. 

If the writer of the comment is going to criticize others for unformed statements, he should stick to what he knows and stay out of the area of legal burdens of proof. 

Rebuttal: Most people who are charged with a crime have their names and pictures (often a mug shot) released to the community long before their trials. The news media (including Salisbury News) publishes this information, which is based on charges, not evidence. There has been no trial, no hearing and no conviction, and no "other side to the story." Despite the fact people are presumed to be innocent the public sees them (for the first time, for a lot of people) standing and pictured in front a concrete wall at a police station because they have been accused of committing a crime. Being accused of a crime is different than being guilty or being convicted of a crime. Yet for most the these people, the first and only public attention or coverage they get is based on a charge made by a police officer, a charge that can be right, wrong or somewhere in between. Unfortunately for a lot of people, they do not have the means or opportunity to ever respond publically when they are acquitted of a crime. In many cases, the damage is done. (Ask Sheriff Lewis, and to a lesser extent Davis Ruark) 

If police agencies are going to use the news media to publish and broadcast arrest (based on their side of the story), I see no problem with some of the concerns expressed in the post above. Why should a person have to simply wait for trial and hope and pray for the best? What if they cannot afford a private lawyer, and their only option is to use a public defender they meet for the first time on their trial date? What if no one wants to hear their side of the story, because court is busy that day? What if a person charged is actually innocent? 

It is easy to say that the police are always right. Most of the time they are. Most people are in fact guilty of what they are charged with. But consider this: assume for a minute you have been falsely accused of a crime, and you have video evidence that you believe proves your innocence. You are going to want that video played on Salisbury News.

EXCLUSIVE: SBYNews Updated Factory Closing List

This is our latest Local Area Factory Closing List. The list has been updated to reflect the recent 'rash' of business closures.

On the last page - you will see a Maryland/Local income tax worksheet that reflects the economic impact on lost State & County income tax revenues. This is by far - a very conservative estimate - as many of the businesses that are listed the actual number of displaced workers are 'unknown'. But one can easily tell by the information - that severe damage has been done to our economy. This information is also reflected by US Bureau of Labor Statistics data that SBYnews has been publishing monthly.
As far as we are aware - there is no Federal, State, or Local Agency that have been tracking the actual number of business closures.

I Have A Question For ALL Of You...

What does "Week Days" mean to you?

This is by no means a trick question. Let's see how many of you are willing to respond throughout the evening.

More Businesses Closing Their Doors At The Mall In Salisbury

This is Deb's Dress Shop in the Centre of Salisbury Mall going out of business. Wet Seal is already gone out if business. Radio Shack in the Mall is almost liquidated and should be closed by the first week of February, leaving only the Radio Shack on College Avenue. That is 3 popular stores since J. C. Penny's went out of business. I heard McDonald's also closed their doors there. 

The Mall was recently been bought out by new owners. Is history repeating itself?


Legislators in Annapolis are diligently working on drafting a Bill TODAY in Annapolis for an elected school board for Wicomico County as I write this. 

Once presented, a public meeting will take place in the County for public consideration.

For once we not only have the proper legislators in place, there's actually a strong possibility this will pass. 

For far too long John Fredericksen has been steamrolling citizens of the County with false information and it's high time he become accountable.

Originally posted at 11:30 am on 1-27-15 

Carolyn Reinke Named Chief Operating Officer of the Peninsula Regional Medical Group

Thomas DeMarco, MD, Vice President of the Peninsula Regional Medical Group of Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) today announced that Carolyn Reinke, MBA, CMPE recently joined PRMC as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Peninsula Regional Medical Group.

Reinke, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and a Master’s in Business Administration in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix, was most recently the Executive Director of the Carroll Health Group, the physician network of Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, Maryland. She has a nearly 30-year career in healthcare holding leadership positons at both hospitals and in the private practice setting.

Reinke, a native of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, will be responsible for implementing standard operating processes and procedures in all offices as well as setting and executing a strategic direction for the Peninsula Regional Medical Group. She has relocated here with her husband, Damion, and daughters Samantha, Alexandra and Amanda.


BREAKING NEWS: Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Found Unresponsive in a Bathtub

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late Whitney Houston, was found unresponsive in a bathtub this morning.

via CBS 46:

On Saturday morning, Roswell police responded to a 911 call for Bobbi Kristina Brown.

She was found unresponsive in a tub in a home in a Roswell subdivision.

Police say her husband and a friend found her and started CPR.

When officers got on the scene, they started life-saving measures until EMS arrived.

She was taken to North Fulton Hospital.

Police are on the scene investigating.

We pray that everything is okay.

Story developing…check back for updates.


Interesting, Someone Just Happened To Have A Camera On Hand...

#1, While this is a wonderful gesture, it leaves me wondering. Was the person physically disabled or was the vehicle disabled? 

#2, Was it just the men who stood there watching Chief Barbara Duncan struggle with the heavy tire in the trunk or was it the Chief who had to prove she's a bigger bad a$$ then the men? I should add, or, were the men stepping aside for the Ireton/Duncan style photo op?

#3, How many Salisbury Police Officers does it take to change a tire?

No matter what, it's a great gesture by the SPD. The camera, not so much.

New 'No Parking Zone' in Salisbury

Cancel Your Subscription to The Daily Times

When looking back at Stephen Decatur High School, three words come to mind: pride, camaraderie, and unity. The school truly embodies its motto: The Decatur Way: Pride, Achievement, Respect, Responsibility. Whether it is sports, academics, volunteering, or just the school pride that unites us as one student body, our school was the best, is the best, and will always be the best. It does not matter if we are black or white or rich or poor, we are ALL Seahawks.

It is malicious, irresponsible, and disgusting that The Daily Times has capitalized on the actions of the few and concocted a race issue at Stephen Decatur. The situation has been blown largely out of proportion. Students are stressed. Alumni are enraged. Teachers and administrators are being attacked. They find it difficult to go to work every morning because they are afraid of what criticism they will face that day.

The Daily Times' most recent post of a video of a fight including names and personal information is mind boggling to say the least. You do not have to be a lawyer to know that this video is illegal and if The Daily Times wants to evade the law, they should at least consider the emotional effects this video will have on those involved. If The Daily Times wants to cover something interesting, how about covering the truth? Show the true Stephen Decatur High School: a thriving school in which students of all races, ethnicities, and religions are constantly working together to make a difference in their community.

Cancel your subscription to The Daily Times in support of the best school in the country, Stephen Decatur High School.

GO HERE to fill out the petition.

BREAKING NEWS: Romney not running for president in 2016

Mitt Romney, Republican nominee for president in 2012, says he will not run for president in 2016.


It Seems To Me Mayor Jim Ireton Clearly, (in his own words) Knows What WEEKEND Means

Have a great Friday, everyone! Sandy and I are playing ball to get this weekend started!

Somerset Needs White Women

Mayor Jim Ireton, You're Full Of Sh!t

"One legal opinion that has been filed is that of the Supreme Court, so I don't know if any independent decision from my office changes things", said Jim Ireton

Let's see the legal opinion cited by the Mayor that sets the precedent, not only for the City of Salisbury but apparently the rest of the Country.

SBYNews will donate $500 to the charity of choice to the first person, including the Mayor, who can provide the citation of a Supreme Court decision that stands for the specific proposition that Saturday is a weekday.

SBYNews will DOUBLE the amount IF the citation comes directly from Mayor Jim Ireton.

I look forward to your reply, since you love following SBYNews so much.

Theft, Marijuana, Over-Occupancy; Mayor Says Neighborhoods Need City Council to Pass Stronger Laws

Salisbury - Mayor James Ireton, Jr. today reiterated his commitment to solving the issue of over-occupancy in Salisbury neighborhoods after it was discovered that EIGHT (8) non-related tenants were living in a rental home at 429 Druid Hill Avenue.

On Thursday morning, January 29th, Salisbury Police, in response to information which indicated a possible CDS marijuana sales situation, served a search warrant at 429 Druid Hill Avenue. Upon entering the residence, officers determined that there were EIGHT (8)tenants living in the structure. Further investigation led to the location and recovery of twelve (12) stolen road signs, and a small quantity of marijuana. Charges are being pursued against seven (7) of the eight tenants.

The residence, which is a rental owned by Wilson E. Davis, has drawn repeated complaints from neighbors for noise, suspicious activity, and evidence of over-occupancy.

Since November, 2012 Salisbury Police Department data shows calls for service for:

CDS - 5

Prowler - 2

Loud Party - 6

Suspicious Vehicle - 1

The property is a designated legal non-conforming use, which means it was granted an exemption in 2006 to allow up to four (4) non-related occupants. Under current law, that exemption will now be forfeited. A $500 citation has been issued for violation of the occupancy provisions of the Salisbury Municipal Code, and an order to reduce occupancy has been served.

Proposed legislation currently under consideration by the Salisbury City Council would allow for the suspension of the landlord’s unit registration and/or rental license for a period of 3 months for the first offense, 6 months for the second offense, and a full year for the third offense.

Mayor Ireton urged City Council members to act decisively to pass the legislation, and to consider further measures aimed at fixing Salisbury’s housing codes.

“I encourage our citizens to voice their support of legislation that will penalize these properties to the fullest,” said Mayor Ireton. “This on-going battle is now 35 years old, and the remaining homeowners that we have must be given relief from the continued onslaught of properties that do not lend to increasing values in our neighborhoods. With this blatant case and the 44 others that preceded it this year, Salisbury is in a position to truly change the face our neighborhoods with the right tools. There are tools in front of the city council for consideration, yet I believe they are not enough.

“Additionally, I will ask the Council President to place a discussion on the table regarding making the University zoned areas of our city the only place that college rentals like this would be legal. We have the capacity to place all our student rentals in an area where they can more easily be provided services from SU and from City agencies.

“429 Druid Hill Avenue is a classic example of the fact that Salisbury has still not gotten its housing codes right, and that single-family neighborhoods continue to be degraded by those who make millions of dollars a year off of rental properties.”

The City Council will discuss the legislation at its February 17th work session, at 1:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, third floor of the Government Office Building, downtown.

Following the discussion on the 17th, a second reading of the legislation will occur on Monday, February 23rd, at 6 p.m., in Council chambers. The Mayor encourages citizens to attend.


This was the lawsuit Daily Times filed against the Town for the name of the underage drowning victim.

Just heard from the City Solicitor. Great news! The Judge DENIED Gannet’s Motion for Summary Judgment in all respects. The Town of Ocean City prevailed! Guy has not received the written opinion but expects to receive it shortly.

Hope the Mayor and Council share a sense of accomplishment given the significance of this ruling. Fantastic work, Guy!


Bill Would Grant Obama War Powers to Fight ISIS

The top Democrat on the House intelligence panel is introducing a bill Wednesday to authorize President Barack Obama's war against Islamic State militants, saying Congress should not wait to see if the White House sends over its blueprint of what the legislation should say.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said he wants to spark the debate in the Republican-controlled Congress over a new authorization to fight IS, which has been fighting for territory in Iraq and Syria.

"We're in what it seems is a never-ending game of who goes first in terms of putting a draft out there — the White House or Congress?" Schiff said. "It's time we moved past this. ... I think the administration is reluctant to put something out there that's going to be shut down by House and Senate leadership."


More Troubles At 6:30 This Morning

Public Works: Schools, Take Care Of What You Have

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A message to Maryland school districts from the Board of Public Works: take better care of what you have.

Political reporter Pat Warren reports Governor Larry Hogan’s first meeting of the board included requests from counties for additional school construction funding.

A good housekeeping message from the Board of Public Works.

“I’ve been to a ton of schools that are appalling because of their lack of maintenance and I’m told, we’ll, we’re just going to build new ones,” said Comptroller Peter Franchot.

While budgeting millions of dollars to build new schools, the Board of Public Works is taking a closer look at how well school systems maintain their existing structures, calling for more physical inspections of the condition of the buildings.

“We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars here and if you need a couple of employees to do the report, to figure out how to better spend our maintenance dollars, we ought to get that done right away,” said Governor Hogan.


I have a fiancé, a girlfriend and 2 boyfriends

Miju Han lives in the Bay Area, works as a product manager and shares a charming apartment with her fiancé.

Here's what makes her love story a bit different: She's also in three other relationships. In addition to her fiancé, Han has been seeing a woman for two years (they recently said, "I love you"). She also dates two other men.

Han, 27, says she never quite colored inside the lines. She grew up in the South, was attracted to women and fascinated by programming. In 2010, she moved to the Bay Area and has since worked at several major tech companies. Han declined to name her current employer.

She met her fiancé when he was 21 and she was 23. They fell in love but weren't ready to cut off other options.

"He hadn't dated many other women in the past, and I wanted to explore too," she explained.


Jesse Ventura Reveals the Reason He Refuses to See ‘American Sniper’ — It’s Going to Spark Some Anger

MINNEAPOLIS (TheBlaze/AP) — “American Sniper” is tops at the box office but don’t expect to see former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura lining up at a theater for it.

Ventura, a former Navy SEAL, won $1.8 million in a defamation lawsuit last year against the estate of the late Chris Kyle, the SEAL protagonist of the movie, which has sparked debate over whether snipers should be considered heroes. Ventura said Wednesday he won’t see the film partly because Kyle is no hero to him.

“A hero must be honorable, must have honor. And you can’t have honor if you’re a liar. There is no honor in lying,” Ventura told The Associated Press from his winter home in Baja California, Mexico. He also noted that the movie isn’t playing there.


Man charged w/ sexually abusing, killing 19-day-old daughter

LOS ANGELES -- Matthew Brendan Warner, 30, of Newhall, Calif., is accused of sexually abusing and killing his 19-day-old daughter, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced on Tuesday.

Warner faces one count each of murder, assault on a child causing death, torture, oral copulation or sexual penetration with a child 10 years old or younger and aggravated sexual assault of a child, Deputy District Attorney Julie Kramer said in a news release.

Arraignment was scheduled for Tuesday but was continued to Feb. 18. Bail was set at $2.25 million. If convicted of all charges, Warner faces a maximum penalty of life in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, the murder and sexual assault happened on Friday.


Why We Line Up for American Sniper

It’s honest, the opposite of a simple-minded war movie.
What made the ending of America’s top-grossing movie of the past two weeks so extraordinary was what happened not during the movie but after it. Anyone who’s seen it will tell you. It was the silence, the silence as American Sniper came to an end. There was no soundtrack blaring at us as the credits rolled, a bold decision by the movie’s 84-year-old director, Clint Eastwood. That choice had its intended effect; not one person in the theater spoke while they rolled.

In a world where silence is difficult to find anywhere human beings gather — and even where we don’t — Clint Eastwood created a space for the audience to just shut up for a moment and share some silent time together, without comment, without opinion or text or tweet.

But it wasn’t just the silence. It was the stillness. Not one person in a very full theater moved as the credits rolled. Not one person got up and tried to beat the crowd or got on the phone.


Maryland Adds 11,000 Jobs in December

Unemployment rate down from 5.6 percent to 5.5 percent

BALTIMORE, MD– The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released state jobs and unemployment data earlier today. According to the preliminary survey data, Maryland added 11,000 total jobs over-the-month with 96.4 percent (10,600 jobs) coming from the private sector. Since January 2014, Maryland’s private sector has added 27,900 jobs. The December preliminary unemployment rate was driven down from 5.6 percent to 5.5 percent.

Maryland’s preliminary jobs estimate for November was revised by BLS from an increase of 3,800 jobs to a gain of 5,000 jobs. Maryland’s November unemployment rate was unchanged with revision, at 5.6 percent.

Dear Mayor Ireton, Tom Stevenson & Laura Mitchell, Part 1

Now perhaps many of you can understand why these property owners are upset. Now let's see if the rest of the media tries to do something with yet another Salisbury News Exclusive!

Dear Mayor Ireton, Tom Stevenson & Laura Mitchell, Part 2

Warning: Foul Language.

Editor Michael Kilian Is Leaving The Daily Times

Michael Kilian, Executive Editor of the Daily Times is leaving. The ship just keeps sinking and while they keep bringing in their alleged very best to save the Salisbury newspaper, nothing is working.

It was only two years ago when they terminated Greg Bassett and Kilian arrived to save the day. While Salisbury News skyrockets in growth and popularity, the Daily Times continues to take on water. The paper gets smaller and smaller and their promise of adding an additional 75 pages each day never saw the light of day. 

Kilian will relocate to Cincinnati and from what we hear someone from within the paper will step in as interim Editor. It won't be long Folks. 


Senator secures commitments from Labinal parent company to help workers of Salisbury facility impacted by company’s plan to shift operations

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.) today continued her fight to protect Eastern Shore jobs by convening a meeting withLieutenant Governor Boyd K. Rutherford, Safran North America President and CEO Peter Lengyel, CEO of Labinal Global Alain Saurent,President of Labinal North America Jorge Ortega and General Manager of Labinal Salisbury Tony Rodriguez to strategize on how to save jobs and protect Maryland workers in the wake of Labinal’s surprise announcement that they are moving operations to Denton, Texas.
 “Today I convened a meeting with Labinal’s executive team to get to the bottom of what can be done to protect Salisbury workers and families that will be impacted by Labinal’s decision to move,” Senator Mikulski said. “The dedicated men and women who work day-in and day-out on the factory floor in Salisbury need answers about how their lives will be affected by Labinal’s decision. I will continue to work Labinal leaders as they implement their plan. I want the workers in Salisbury and their families to know I’m on their side. I’ll never stop fighting for them and their economic security.”  
At today’s meeting convened by Senator Mikulski, leaders of Labinal’s parent company Safran North America promised to take the following steps to assist their workers in Salisbury:
  1. To work with local government and business and development leaders to help identify a possible new employer for the Salisbury facility
  2. Assign a dedicated Labinal employee at the Salisbury facility to explore potential employment opportunities at other regional employers like Wallops Island Flight Facility and Dover Air Force Base for workers facing job loss
  3. Develop an inventory of the skills of current Labinal Salisbury employees to determine how they could be matched with other employers in the area  
  4. Collaborate with local workforce partners to develop and offer retraining for affected workers
“I appreciate the participation of Lieutenant Governor Rutherford and the Hogan Administration and their willingness to use the resources of the State of Maryland to achieve these goals,” Senator Mikulski said. “I look forward to working with them to save and protect jobs on the Eastern Shore.”
On Tuesday, January 27, U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.) convenes a meeting in her office in the U.S. Capitol with Lieutenant Governor Boyd K. Rutherford, Safran North American President and CEO Peter Lengyel, CEO of Labinal Global Alain Saurent, President of Labinal North America Jorge Ortega and General Manager of Labinal Salisbury Tony Rodriguez to strategize on how to save Maryland jobs in the wake of Labinal’s surprise announcement that they are moving operations to Texas.

Police Ask Waze To Remove Speed Trap Alerts To Protect Cops

The navigation and traffic app Waze is sometimes very helpful to help motorists avoid snarled traffic, construction, and road hazards. One of its features has some police officers worried, though. They worry that the feature that allows Waze users to alert each other to speed traps could endanger the lives of police officers. 

Moe’s Southwest Grill Coming to Salisbury

Brent Miller, CCIM, CPM, Senior Advisor and Managing Director of Sperry Van Ness – Miller Commercial Real Estate and Tonney Insley, Advisor, are pleased to announce that the restaurant franchise Moe’s Southwest Grill has signed a 10 year lease for a space on Rt. 13 North. The 3,000 square foot space at 2640 North Salisbury Blvd shares a building with Dunkin’ Donuts, and is anchored by Sam’s Club and Walmart. “Brent and his team attracted interest from a variety of national tenants for this location,” stated landlord Nick Nistazos. “We are excited to have Moe’s join us in this center and are looking forward to their grand opening in late February.”

Moe’s Southwest Grill was founded in December 2000 in Atlanta, GA, and is a fun and engaging fast-casual restaurant franchise that serves a wide variety of fresh, made-to-order Southwest fare. “Salisbury is a great location for us and we are excited to open our newest Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant here in late February,” commented Larry Wilson, franchisee of Moe’s Southwest Grill. “We are in the process of planning some great grand opening activities and fundraisers and we look forward to giving back and getting involved in the community.” Wilson owns twenty-five Moe’s and Hoopla! Restaurants throughout New York and Pennsylvania.


Dew Tour skates out of Ocean City

Action sports event won't be back for summer 2015

The Dew Tour Beach Championships, an action sports competition that brought Ocean City's beach and Boardwalk to millions of global television viewers, has decided not to return to the resort for a fifth consecutive summer tour stop.

Ocean City spokeswoman Jessica Waters said Dew Tour officials reached out to the town with the news, saying a format change for 2015 means they would not be taking Dew Tour to an East Coast beach destination for summer 2015.

"It's nothing against Ocean City," she said. "We had record breaking attendance every year, and we're certainly one of their favorite tour stops. Historically, they never did stay in any one place too long. I hate to speculate, but I think it was time for them to switch it up. They have programming they need to keep fresh. This is an example of going out on the very top."