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Friday, November 24, 2017

Dogs really, really want us to be happy: study

Of all the animals mankind interacts with on a regular basis, dogs have always seemed to be the most in tune with our emotional states. New research has attempted to examine why that might be, and scientists now believe they have evidence to show that dogs are incredibly adept at learning human facial cues. As it turns out, dogs really, really want their human companions to be happy, and may even share the reliance on the hormone oxytocin to promote social bonding with their two-legged caretakers.

Using eye tracking hardware to monitor the reactions of 43 individual canines, the scientists presented the dogs with images of human faces. The faces, which were either smiling or frowning, produced different reactions in the dogs, with pupil size suggesting the emotions the dogs were feeling when shown the faces. As you might expect, frowning or angry faces resulted in a sharp reaction from the dogs, with increased pupil size and attentiveness, while smiling faces put them more at ease, but that’s not the entire story.


Pressure mounts to unmask Hill harassers

Lawmakers in both parties say members of Congress shouldn't be allowed to use taxpayer money to settle harassment claims without being named.

Pressure is mounting on congressional leaders to release the names of lawmakers who have secretly settled sexual harassment claims at taxpayer expense — a move that some members of Congress are loath to make.

President Donald Trump told reporters this week that he believes Congress should disclose the settlements. A handful of House members from both parties are calling on Republican leadership to do the same.


Conyers’ Attorney Hints At ‘Allegations’ Against ‘Many Members’ Of The House And Senate

The attorney for Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers, who is accused of continuously sexually harassing his female staffers, defended Conyers by indicating that there are allegations against “many members” of the House and Senate.

Conyers’ attorney, Arnold E. Reed, released a statement defending the Michigan Democrat and pushing back against the “disturbing allegations.” The bizarre statement was written in all-CAPS and referred to both Reed and Conyers in the third person.


"Out Of Control Genocide" In Baltimore, Residents Support Martial Law

While in Baltimore City, Maryland, death and despair are a few things that are plentiful as the region descends into chaos. Deindustrialization coupled with depopulation started in the 1960s stripping the city of economic wealth. Many don’t want to admit, the city is shrinking as their looking glass is clouded with Kevin Plank’s gentrification narrative.

Wealth inequality in the area is some of the widest in the United States with more than 100,000 African Americans with zero dollars to their name, according to JPM. Baltimore is a skeleton of what it once was many decades ago when it had its industries.

Now, 46,800 homes are vacant– almost 16% of the housing stock as citizens are either leaving the area or being pushed into multi-family complexes by the city. Neighborhoods are rotting away as the local economy crumbles giving way to a surge in homicides. Baltimore is on track for the worse year ever with a homicide rate the highest in the United States.


Libyan Slave Markets Create Diplomatic Storm In Africa, UN Security Council To Meet

Anti-slavery protests continued across various world capitals this week, especially in countries across Africa, after earlier protests in France got violent when police used tear gas and other riot control tactics on a crowed of more than one thousand outside of the Libyan embassy in Paris. The protests are in response to last week's widespread reports of slave markets operating in various cities across Libya, and look to continue as according to Reuters a major rally is set to take place in London later this week.

Meanwhile France on Wednesday called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council over the revelations, with President Macron referencing recent footage proving the existence of a slave trade network in Libya as "scandalous" and "unacceptable".

According to a CNN investigation, which included video footage of one slave auction in progress, migrant African workers are being sold for as little as $400 in at least nine different Libyan cities, though it's believed the network of slave auctions extends more broadly, including to locations under the UN-backed Government of National Accord based in Tripoli.


Unsealed Fusion GPS Bank Records Reveal $523K Payment From Russian Money Launderer

Unsealed court documents reveal that the firm behind the salacious 34-page Trump-Russia Dossier, Fusion GPS, was paid $523,000 by a Russian businessman convicted of tax fraud and money laundering, whose lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was a key figure in the infamous June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower arranged by Fusion GPS associate Rob Goldstone.

In short, D.C. opposition research firm Fusion GPS is the common denominator linked to two schemes used to damage the Trump campaign.

Founded in 2011 by former Wall St. Journal journalist Glenn Simpson and two other WSJ alumni, Fusion was responsible for the Clinton/DNC - funded dossier (which two Kremlin officials participated in), and was also involved in the infamous Trump Tower meeting with the Russian attorney of another Fusion client - an encounter some suspect may have been used to obtain a FISA wiretapping warrant on the Trump campaign.

He [Simpson] worked closely with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who also showed up at the infamous Trump Tower meeting held on June 9, 2016.

Simpson’s research ended up in the Trump Tower meeting in the form of a four-page memo carried by Veselnitskaya. She also shared Simpson’s work with Yuri Chaika, the prosecutor general of Russia.

Simpson told the House Intelligence Committee earlier this week that he did not know that Veselnitskaya provided the Browder information to Chaika or to Donald Trump Jr., the Trump campaign’s point-man in the Trump Tower meeting. -Daily Caller


Teen Vogue Writer: I'm 'Not At All Concerned' About 'Innocent Men' Losing Jobs Over False Rape Claim

“Here’s an unpopular opinion: I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations”

Teen Vogue columnist Emily Lindin, the founder of the “UnSlut Project,” said Tuesday that she’s “not at all concerned” about explicitly “innocent men” losing their jobs over false sexual assault so long as it helps in “undoing the patriarchy.”

“Here’s an unpopular opinion: I’m actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations,” Lindin said on Twitter.

“Sorry. If some innocent men’s reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay,” Lindin said in a follow-up tweet.


"They Went After The Women Who Came Forward" - Former Obama HHS Secretary Exposes The Clintons

In the “post Weinstein” world we now find ourselves in we have seen dozens and dozens of prominent figures in Hollywood, politics, and the media be accused of a wide range of sexual attacks on women.

From groping all the way to rape, powerful establishment figures are being outed as sexual predators across the country, with the mainstream media declaring that all accusers must, at least initially, be believed.

Amazingly, at the same time, mainstream media talking heads have either specifically ignored the numerous allegations against Bill Clinton or actually claimed that his accusers are discredited and cannot be believed. (Keep in mind all other accusers are automatically assumed to be telling the truth.)

With that being said, it was only a matter of time before that dam broke as well and now, with a series of explosive comments by an Obama and Clinton ally, one can hope that Bill Clinton may finally be brought to justice with Hillary forever shamed for her role in attacking the women who came forward.


Lot in a great neighborhood: How Does This Happen When Fire Department Is 2 Minutes Away?

Salisbury, MD

Unfortunately for us our house burnt down, luckily for you, it is now available in the market for whoever wanting to build. Selling AS IS for $60,000. The address is 1117 New Bedford Way, Salisbury MD, 21804. If you are interested, you can contact me. Purchase will be through Caldwell Banker. 

Man plans to launch himself in his homemade rocket to prove the Earth is flat

Seeking to prove that a conspiracy of astronauts fabricated the shape of the Earth, a California man intends to launch himself 1,800 feet high on Saturday in a rocket he built from scrap metal.

Assuming the 500-mph, mile-long flight through the Mojave Desert does not kill him, Mike Hughes told the Associated Press, his journey into the atmosflat will mark the first phase of his ambitious flat-Earth space program.

Hughes’s ultimate goal is a subsequent launch that puts him miles above the Earth, where the 61-year-old limousine driver hopes to photograph proof of the disc we all live on.

“It’ll shut the door on this ball earth,” Hughes said in a fundraising interview with a flat-Earth group for Saturday’s flight. Theories discussed during the interview included NASA being controlled by round-Earth Freemasons and Elon Musk making fake rockets from blimps.


Weekly Fishing Report: Nov. 22, 2017

Extremely strong winds last weekend made for a tough time on the open waters of the Chesapeake Bay, and kept most boats at the dock.

Weather conditions have been more favorable so far this week. Anglers that can chisel out a little time might be thankful they did, enjoying good fishing for striped bass and white perch. 

A Viewer Writes: Black Friday @ Best Buy


She said she's been there for 5 hours. It's 5pm. Store opens in 24 hours for BF. It's going down to 30 tonight. 

To save what, a hundred bucks?

VA Study Shows Parasite From Vietnam May Be Killing Vets

A half a century after serving in Vietnam, hundreds of veterans have a new reason to believe they may be dying from a silent bullet — test results show some men may have been infected by a slow-killing parasite while fighting in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

The Department of Veterans Affairs this spring commissioned a small pilot study to look into the link between liver flukes ingested through raw or undercooked fish and a rare bile duct cancer. It can take decades for symptoms to appear. By then, patients are often in tremendous pain, with just a few months to live.

Of the 50 blood samples submitted, more than 20 percent came back positive or bordering positive for liver fluke antibodies, said Sung-Tae Hong, the tropical medicine specialist who carried out the tests at Seoul National University in South Korea.


Priest: Muslims Are Leaving Islam, Converting to Christianity

A Catholic priest is claiming Muslims across the world, particularly in Africa but also in Middle Eastern nations, are converting to Christianity in huge numbers every year.

Father Mitch Pacwa told National Catholic Register he has confirmed with sources on the ground that followers of Islam are becoming Christians — in part because of radical Islamic terror and the mark it leaves on people.

"We are in a time of the first ever mass conversions of Muslims," Pacwa said. "God is doing a mighty work among them."

Pacwa noted that Africa seems to be the home of millions of converts who have abandoned the Muslim faith for Christianity.

In 2005, Pacwa said, Al Jazeera Television was "reporting on the mass conversions of Muslims — as many as 6-8 million — in sub-Saharan, Africa, and they have repeated the warning every year. I've confirmed it with Africans I know who have told me again and again about conversions in places like Nigeria, Uganda, Mali.

"That's why Boko Haram has become so active. They are actually quite scared and trying to terrorize. But the very act of terrorizing people has ended up with people becoming more disgusted with Islam."

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Leaving the House Every Day Helps Seniors Live Longer

Simply leaving the house every day helps seniors live longer, suggests a study of people aged 70 to 90 years. Leaving the house was linked to a longer life independent of other factors, including social and medical.

"What is interesting is that the improved survival associated with getting out of the house frequently was also observed among people with low levels of physical activity, and even those with impaired mobility," said lead author Dr. Jeremy Jacobs, of the Hadassah Hebrew-University Medical Center, in Jerusalem.

"Resilient individuals remain engaged, irrespective of their physical limitations," he said.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Numerous studies have found that small lifestyle changes, such as exercise, can help seniors live longer, healthier lives.


Ann Coulter: The History of Sex in America, Part 1

Spotlight on sexual harassment moves victims to break silence”

“Women Drawing the Line”

“The Evolving Concept of Sexual Harassment”

Thousands and thousands of headlines like these appeared in newspapers across the country — back in 1991. Spare us the self-righteousness, millennials.

Just as every new generation thinks it discovered sex, refusing to wonder how they came kicking and screaming into the world, apparently the new thing is for every generation to think it discovered sexual harassment.

Historical note for my younger readers: George Washington didn’t grab women’s breasts or force them to watch him masturbate.

There have been tectonic shifts in Americans’ attitudes about sex, but the idea of thanking someone by sending him a prostitute with a note in her vagina is of relatively recent vintage. (Hat tip: Hollywood’s Robert Evans!) (For Larry David fans, Evans’ birth name was Robert Shapera.)

These are the major epochs in American sexual history:

1607-1968: Women in America were treated better than any place else on Earth, at any time in history.

1968-1991: Manson Family values swept the nation, with the rise of the Worst Generation. Left-wing men, from senators to hippies, treated women as subjugated beings and sexual playthings.

The Weathermen forced girls into group sex. The Supreme Court granted constitutional protection to the most vile forms of pornography. Hollywood dumped the Hays Code, and promptly went pedal-to-the-metal on movies showing the bright side of the sexual exploitation of women.

Sen. Teddy Kennedy let a girl drown at Chappaquiddick..

Lots more here

Owner to Erect 8-Foot Ten Commandments Monument Inside Texas Mall

The new owner of the Music City Mall in Lewisville, Texas, says he will erect an 8-foot tall Ten Commandments monument inside to help shoppers find “peace and love.” The mall’s new owner has installed similar monuments in his other hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Odessa businessman John Bushman recently purchased the Vista Ridge Mall. Along with the Ten Commandments monuments, Bushman is renaming the mall as Music City at Vista Ridge, the Dallas Morning News reported. He purchased the mall for $17.3 million in cash and will spend at least another $3 million in renovations.

Bushman intends to create an atmosphere that will draw shoppers by featuring local musicians, displaying a giant 30-by-60-foot American flag, and installing the Ten Commandment 800-pound tablets.

“We’re not trying to overwhelm anyone or make a statement. We just believe in the Lord’s love,” Bushman told the Dallas newspaper. “That’s the sole reason. We hope when someone sees it, it will touch their heart and give them new hope that day.”

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Ex-Alabama Cop: Roy Moore Harassment Claim Based on ‘Rumors’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” former Gadsden, AL police officer Lt. Faye Gary, quoted by The New York Times last week claiming it was a “known fact” that U.S. Senate hopeful Roy Moore “liked young girls,” revealed those claims were based on “rumors.”

She said to host Andrea Mitchell the view of Moore at the time of his alleged inappropriate behavior was based on the “rumor mill” and “just rumors.”

“You know, the rumor mill was that he liked young girls,” she said. “You know, we were advised that he was being suspended from the mall because he would hang around the young girls that worked in the stores and had really gotten to a place where they say he was harassing them. And we were also told to watch him at the ball games and make sure that he didn’t hang around the cheerleaders.”

Mitchell followed up by asking for specifics about Moore, to which Gary reiterated it was “just rumors.”

“It was just rumors,” she replied “It was — the rumor mill that Roy Moore likes young girls. It was not only in our department but, you know, at the courthouse, too.”

Gary explained that the Gadsden Police Department never actually received a complaint about Moore, despite those “rumors” and said being a juvenile detective, if a complaint had come in it would have gone to her and her division at the police department. She also said she had never thought Moore was seeking out teenage women, but women “maybe in their 20s.”


Ned Ryun: ‘How Many Journalists Were Paid by Fusion GPS to Spread Their Disinformation?’

Ned Ryun, founder of American Majority, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam regarding sexual assault allegations against people of power and his op-ed on the Russia scandal published at the Hill.

Ryun said he is convinced journalists were paid to spread the disinformation in the Fusion GPS dossier, and that is why House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) is going after Fusion GPS’s bank records to see which journalists were paid.

Listen to the interview here

Foreign Nationals Outnumber Americans in High-Paying, White-Collar Silicon Valley Jobs

Foreign nationals now outnumber Americans in high-paying, high-skilled, white-collar jobs in Silicon Valley, California – the hub of the United States tech industry.

Silicon Valley Leadership Group President Carl Guardino touted the statistic in a report, revealing that 57 out of every 100 jobs in Silicon Valley that require at least a bachelor’s degree are taken by a foreign-born resident.

The revelation comes as President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, has led an initiative to increase educational funding of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields while ignoring the issue of mass immigration and multiple visa programs that have led to Americans being replaced by foreign nationals.

For instance, Ivanka helped secure $200 million of the Department of Education’s grant funds towards STEM fields, Breitbart News reported.

At the same time, Ivanka endorsed a plan to give amnesty to illegal aliens who have been shielded under a President Obama-created temporary amnesty program. Such an amnesty would have the potential to lead to a chain migration whereby between 9.9 million and 19 million foreign nationals enter the U.S. over the next few decades, further crowding out Americans from the workforce.

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President Trump calls ICE union chief after complaints of betrayal

President Trump has reached out to the country’s deportation officers and asked for a meeting after their union president, Chris Crane, wrote a letter expressing disappointment in the slow pace of change at Homeland Security.

In the Nov. 13 letter, first reported by The Washington Times, Mr. Crane, president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council, said what was happening at the government’s chief interior immigration enforcement agency was “an embarrassment.”

Mr. Crane told the president of officers ordered to remove bullet proof vests for fear of angering illegal immigrants, and of dysfunction within agency leadership.

The ICE Council endorsed Mr. Trump during the presidential campaign and had anticipated having an open line of communication but Mr. Crane said that hasn’t happened, blaming the president’s aides for stifling the relationship.

“Attempts to communicate concerns to you and requests for meetings with you are simply ignored,” Mr. Crane wrote, saying the union felt “betrayed.”

After the letter the president reached out and asked for a call, Mr. Crane says on, a new website the ICE Council set up to tell its story.

“I’m not going to discuss the content of our call publicly without the president’s consent,” Mr. Cranesaid on the site. “But as always the president treated me with the utmost respect, was polite and sincere, and asked a lot of questions to which I gave him straight answers. In the end, President Trump suggested a meeting which I of course accepted.”

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Report: H-2B Outsourcing Program Chops Americans’ Forest Jobs

The federal H-2B guest-worker program has hollowed out small towns in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and other states by sidelining the many young Americans who want to work in the forests and timber industry, says a detailed report in High Country News.

Federal forestry contracts go to the companies which hire low-wage migrant workers, ensuring the wages go to Mexican communities, not into local communities, says the High Country News report.

“With the H-2B crews, it is true that gas, food, lodging, is the only money that is coming into the community — it is like Wal-Mart in that way, there are people working there, but the profits are going elsewhere,” said Jeff Pennick, a former forester who became a federal contracting officer once the forest-maintenance contracts were grabbed by the outsourcing contractors.

The report continues:

Washington Post reporter caught plotting liberal agenda with billionaire George Soros

Allegedly unbiased Washington Post reporter Janell Ross spoke at a top-secret meeting of liberal movers and shakers last week, where Democratic donors including billionaire George Soros outlined the future of their progressive agenda.

A Post spokesperson told the Washington Free Beacon that Ross took part of the California event “without notifying her superiors that she would be attending.”

The Democracy Alliance, which hosted the event, bills itself as “the largest network of donors dedicated to building the progressive movement in the United States” on the group’s official website. The liberal group also claims to “play a leading role in fostering the infrastructure necessary to advance a progressive agenda” in the United States.

The group intended to keep “the identities of its members and guests confidential,” according to the Beacon, but the paper obtained a “detailed conference agenda that lists both events and featured guests.” Once the Beacon revealed the attendees, the group reportedly beefed up security and asked participants to keep details off social media.

One of the surprising guests was Ross, who used to pass as a somewhat impartial reporter for the prestigious Post. While the paper’s slogan is, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” she apparently wanted to keep her bosses in the dark about attending the liberal planning session and hanging out with prominent Democratic donors such as Soros.


Sanctuary cities cooperate after Sessions threatens to withhold grant funding

The Justice Department is battling in the courts to preserve President Trump’s anti-sanctuary city agenda, but it’s already notched some successes just by raising the issue.

Several major jurisdictions have said they’ll work with federal deportation officers, forgoing previous uncooperative policies, after Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to withhold federal grant money.

“Just telling people they are getting serious about it has already helped,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. “In some ways it gives any politicians who were lukewarm on the sanctuary policies some leverage with the city council or whoever it was who imposed the policies.”

Miami-Dade County in Florida changed its policies to be more cooperative in the early days of the Trump administration, and this month New Orleans officials met with Mr. Sessions to smooth out disagreements over the city’s cooperation.

But the successes have been matched by renewed resistance from other jurisdictions ranging from San Francisco to Chicago and Philadelphia, each of which is battling in court to try to stop the administration’s funding threats.


Florida governor: 2,000 leaving Puerto Rico every day — 84,000 in 42 days

Puerto Ricans have been fleeing the island at a rate of 2,000 a day, a huge hit to the hurricane-ravaged island, according to Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

The impact of the human outflow could be damaging to the island’s manufacturing base, which tops tourism as its income base.

“Puerto Rico's main source of income is not tourism, it's manufacturing -- pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, computers. That means when you have zero revenue because of no power on the island, the already weakened economy is going to get worse,” saidJenniffer Gonzalez-Colon,who represents Puerto Rico in the House.

“I just spoke with the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, and he told me that more than 84,000 Puerto Ricans left Puerto Rico over the past 42 days. Those are people who are workers -- people who are part of the tax base,” she added in a Ripon Society discussion earlier this month and just released.


UC Berkeley conservative student sues Antifa member over threats, harassment

The former president of the Berkeley College Republicans at the University of California, Berkeley said Wednesday he is suing a prominent member of an Antifa group for allegedly threatening and harassing him and others on campus.

Mark Meuser, one of the lawyers representing Troy Worden, announced the lawsuit seeking more than $100,000 of damages against Yvette Felarca in a press release, The Washington Examiner reported.

Felarca is the leader of By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), an Antifa, or anti-fascist, group.

“Felarca filed a frivolous restraining order that restricted Worden's First and Second Amendment rights and made it difficult for him to move around the campus to attend classes. The restraining order was dismissed on Oct. 27, 2017," Meuser said.

In a previous interview with Fox News, Worden he's had to face months of "talking, harassment and even violence," along with other UC Berkeley College Republicans (BCR).

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Second Judge Halts Trump's Ban on Transgender Troops

A second federal judge on Tuesday blocked President Donald Trump from banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. military, ruling that the prohibition likely amounts to unconstitutional discrimination.

U.S. District Judge Marvin Garbis in Baltimore ruled that the ban lacked justification and "cannot possibly constitute a legitimate governmental interest." His ruling follows a similar one by a federal judge in Washington on Oct. 30.

The plaintiffs, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, alleged that Trump's ban violated their right under the U.S. Constitution to equal protection under the law.


Obama Holdovers at State Department Are Trump’s Biggest Foreign Policy Problem

Rebeccah Heinrichs, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Wednesday regarding the Trump administration’s putting more sanctions on North Korea and whether they will work.

Speaking of the State Department in general, Heinrichs said, “If there’s any department that still needs its house cleaned from the Obama administration, it’s the State Department.”

She continued, “There’s still a lot of holdovers there, and I always thought that was going to be the biggest problem for the Trump administration, and that’s proving to be true.”

More here with audio

Auntie Maxine praised John Conyers’ ‘impeccable integrity’ — 3 weeks ago!

Less than a month ago, Congresswoman Maxine Waters told a women’s convention in Detroit that her Democratic colleague, Rep. John Conyers, as a man with “impeccable integrity.”

Women from across the country gathered for the Women’s Convention Sojourner Truth Luncheon on Oct. 28, when Waters took shots at President Trump while praising the 88-year-old representative from Detroit.

“You know, there is a member of Congress who has been supportive of women for many, many, many years,” Waters said. “He is quiet, he is confident, he is powerful, but he has impeccable integrity on all of our issues. Give John Conyers a big round of applause.”

She alleged the convention is important in light of several recent allegations against powerful men sexually assaulting or harassing women they oversee.

“I just want to take time to focus on something I think we need to focus on right now,” Waters said. “It is very fortuitous that we have gathered here this afternoon in Detroit as we continue to recognize a record number of women who are boldly coming forward to reveal disturbing and grotesque acts of sexual harassment, assault and rape, often times at the hands of men who believed they were too rich and too powerful to ever be confronted or held accountable.”

More from this 'Champion of the Left' here

Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem

Stink El A Pewie The Cat

Did Hillary channel cash to journalists for Trump-dossier news stories?

House GOP suspects 3 paid reporters used Clinton-funded 'research' in reports on Russia

Were Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paying U.S. journalists who wrote Russia-related stories before and after President Trump’s election?

Fusion GPS – the firm behind the Hillary Clinton- and Democratic National Committee-funded “Trump dossier” – paid at least three unidentified journalists who reported on Russia-related issues, according to newly filed documents to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Who were the journalists who received Fusion GPS cash between June 2016 and February 2017? And exactly why were they being paid?

It’s unclear, as that information is redacted or not revealed in court documents filed Tuesday, according to the Washington Examiner.

The paper said the discovery “could be a breakthrough for House Republicans, who are exploring whether Fusion GPS used the dossier, which was later criticized for having inaccurate information on Trump, to feed anti-Trump stories to the press during and after the presidential campaign.”

In a court filing, the House Intelligence Committee said the three journalists reported stories on “Russia issues relevant to [the committee’s] investigation.”


For those who don't Tweet...

At yesterday's feast, one of my relatives complained about the Media and it's affront against Americans by not reporting accurate stories or progress since Trump's presidency began. He's right on many accounts but I countered with the fact the President does Tweet directly to the people instead of going through the bias filter. To this, he stated many older people don't tweet.

Yes, this is true. Many grannies and grandpas don't know their way around the Internet/Facebook/Twitterverse and this can be seen as a severe disadvantage for the President because of Media hostility towards him. It seems this would be a violation with the FCC given some of the information reported is just plain out false, but no one seems to be held accountable in the Media for their misdeeds.

An example of these misdeeds is many on Facebook were under the impression the President didn't visit with or help serve dinner to the troops as tradition on Thanksgiving Day. Images floated all through social media of Trump playing golf contrasted with pictures of former presidents visiting with the troops! This is patently false and deceptive any way you look at it, but many on Facebook believe it as gospel.

In truth, the below was reality!

Yesterday, the President shooed the Press out of the room, stating he wanted to talk to the troops overseas via video satellite, in private. He didn't use his whole exchange with them like other presidents, as a photo op.

Be careful where you get your news and form your opinions, especially when it comes to the President. You should know by now, like Reagan, he is besmirched at every turn by the liberal bias Left. 

One shot outside mall, brawls shut down another on Black Friday

One person was shot outside a Missouri mall as swarms of shoppers looking for Black Friday deals saw chaos pop up throughout the country.

An unidentified 19-year-old received life-threatening injuries after being shot in the parking lot of a center in the college town of Columbia late Thursday night, according to KMIZ.

It was not immediately clear what caused the shooting at the mall, which was open until midnight on Thanksgiving as would-be savers began looking for deals before the unofficial commercial holiday began.

Another shopping center in Alabama saw an outbreak of violence Thursday, with brawls shutting down a late-night session early.


Let's See Who Can Figure This One Out?

Trump built a wall. Her name is Sarah.

When White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked the press corps Monday to preface their daily briefing questions with a statement of thankfulness, reporters obliged.

Or, should we say, obeyed.

For this, no doubt, Sanders was grateful.

Yet again, she controlled the crowd, though this time by candy-coating her usual condescension with faux fellowship.

I’m thankful I wasn’t in the room.

My first impulse when someone asks me to share is to not-share. This isn’t because I’m not a sharing person — you can have my cake and eat it, too —...

Coming To Salisbury Maryland

'Non-white' student linked to racist graffiti inside school

School officials in a Missouri community were making plans Tuesday to discipline a “non-white” student whom they said had confessed to writing a racial slur and the phrase “White Lives Matter” on a mirror inside a girls’ restroom at a high school.

Parkway schools Superintendent Keith Marty said in a statement Tuesday that the revelation that a non-white student was involved was surprising, but it did not “diminish the hurt” caused by the incident at Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield.

"The behavior was wrong and the student will be held accountable for this serious act according to our student discipline policy," said Marty, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The racial slur was found in a girls’ restroom on campus last week, prompting the local community to organize and stand against racism.


FBI Investigating House Democrat For Paying His Opponent To Drop Out Of The Race

The FBI is investigating Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Bob Brady for conspiracy, false statements and campaign fraud in relation to payments his campaign allegedly made to 2012 primary opponent Jimmie Moore in order to persuade him to drop out of the race, court documents reviewed by The Daily Caller show.

FBI special agent Jonathan R. Szeliga filed a search warrant request on November 1 in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for all emails associated with Brady’s campaign email,

Szeliga asserted he had “probable cause to believe that Kenneth Smukler, Robert Brady, Donald ‘D.A.’ Jones, Jimmie Moore, and Carolyn Cavaness and others known and unknown have committed violations” including charges of conspiracy, false statements, producing false records, causing false campaign contribution reports and violating limits on campaign contributions and expenditures.

Here is more..

Numbers You Need to Know...

The question is, will they get anything accomplished in this time period or will they fail America once again?

Shocking Video Of Joe Biden Groping Children Emerges

‘Creepy Uncle Joe’s’ inappropriate behavior will hand Trump presidency in 2020

Alex Jones discusses a video compilation showing former Vice President Joe Biden groping and inappropriately touching various children.

Give thanks for America's energy resources and let Native Americans benefit from them

At the first Thanksgiving, the Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrims celebrated the gifts of their creator – the natural bounty of the Earth and of cultivated crops – together.

Today, many Native Americans are left out of an incredible economic renaissance that is coming from the land’s natural resources.

Because of oppressive federal regulations, Indian reservations have been called “the hole of a donut” in parts of our country where oil and natural gas extraction is creating an economic-and-opportunity revolution – for everyone except Native Americans.

A few weeks ago, President Trump – the man the left likes to call “racist” – raised eyebrows when Axios reported that he told Native American leaders that they should not be left out any longer. The website said the president told tribal leaders to go ahead and extract energy resources from their lands – federal regulations be damned.

As reported by Axios, when tribal leaders explained the regulatory barriers to energy extraction on a reservation, President Trump said: “Chief, chief. What are they going to do? Once you get it out of the ground are they going to make you put it back in there? I mean, once it’s out of the ground it can't go back in there. You’ve just got to do it. I'm telling you, chief, you’ve just got to do it.”

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Liberals throw Bill Clinton under the bus to cover for 25 years of taking the wrong stand on sexual abuse

Editor's note: The following column originally appeared in The Washington Times.

Charlie Rose, formerly of PBS and CBS. Glenn Thrush of The New York Times. The collapse of the liberal establishment Masters of the Universe continues. Yet for some reason, the Democratic and liberal establishment think now is the time to condemn … Bill Clinton.

During this 25th anniversary of the year Mr. Clinton was elected to the presidency, various Democratic women leaders and pundits have declared him a very bad man and say he should have resigned after the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator from New York, told The New York Times exactly that, noting, “Things have changed today, and I think under those circumstances there should be a very different reaction.”


3 high school football players charged with raping teen girl

WEST YORK, Pa. – Three high school football players have been charged with raping a 14-year-old girl at gunpoint after she left a Pennsylvania town fair.

The York Daily Record reports the 16-year-old boys from the Central York High School football team are charged as adults.

The girl says she was with friends at the York Fair on Sept. 16 and the boys followed them. She says when she left the fair she was "taken to unknown locations" and was "forced" to have sex with the boys.


NFL stadiums cost taxpayers billions of dollars

Take-a-knee protests spark conversation on whether public investment in teams pays off for communities

The Cincinnati Bengals threatened the unthinkable in 1995. Team owner Mike Brown vowed the team would move to Baltimore unless a new stadium was built.

Taxpayers in Hamilton County, Ohio, where Cincinnati is located, feared something greater than wounded civic pride if their football team left. They worried that the Bengals’ departure would spur an economic crisis throughout the region. A University of Cincinnati study released at the time estimated that the Bengals added $77 million to the local economy.

Hamilton County residents could avert disaster, however. All they needed to do was vote for a modest half-percent sales tax increase. The tax increase and municipal bonds would cover the estimated $287 million needed to build the Bengals’ new home.

Residents overwhelmingly approved the tax, and the Paul Brown Stadium for the Bengals opened in 2000 after cost overruns pushed the construction tab to nearly $450 million.

The Bengals’ worth has leapt from $423 million before the stadium to nearly $1.8 billion today, according to data from Forbes. The team is raking in cash from luxury boxes and other revenue streams the stadium has provided. The Bengals pay no rent, but they keep the income generated from advertising, tickets, luxury suites, concessions and most of the parking.


Liberal Millionaires Group Seeks to ‘Fundamentally Reset’ America’s Ideology and Economy

A group of deep-pocketed progressive millionaires seeks to "fundamentally reset" America's ideology and economy and "expose the dogma of free enterprise, limited government, and traditional family values," according to a brochure obtained by the Washington Free Beacon at a secretive progressive dark money donor conference.

The group, called Patriotic Millionaires, is a Washington, D.C.-based organization that consists of wealthy liberals with an income of at least $1 million. The organization initially formed in 2010 to "demand an end to Bush tax cuts for millionaires" and has launched a recent campaign against the Republican tax cut plan.

Patriotic Millionaires' newest organizational overview, which is not the same brochure that is currently available on its website, was obtained by the Free Beacon at the Democracy Alliance's fall investment conference held last week at the swanky La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, Calif. Each Democracy Alliance member vows to steer hundreds of thousands in funding to approved left-wing organizations the group supports.

The group is led by Morris Pearl, a former managing director at BlackRock, one of the world's largest investment firms, and identifies its core values as pushing for "equal political representation," a "livable minimum wage," and a "fair tax system" that rejects free enterprise, limited government, and traditional family values.

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Breaking News: Islamist militants killed at least 85 people in an attack on a mosque in Egypt, where Christian churches have been more common targets

Islamist militants sprayed gunfire and exploded bombs at a crowded Sufi mosque near Egypt’s Sinai coast on Friday, killing at least 85 people and wounding dozens more, Egyptian state news media said.
Attacks on mosques are rare in Egypt, where Islamic State has mostly targeted Christian churches and security officials in recent years. So the attack on the mosque in Bir al-Abed, 125 miles northeast of Cairo, sent shock waves across the country.
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Sebelius slams Clintons for attacking women who alleged sexual misconduct

Former Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius slammed the Clinton administration for attacking the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment and assault.

"Not only did people look the other way, but they went after the women who came forward and accused him," Sebelius told "The Axe Files" in a podcast aired Wednesday, referring to Clinton's team. "And so it doubled down on not only bad behavior but abusive behavior, and then people attacked the victims."

Sebelius added that criticism of Hillary Clinton for her role in discrediting the women alleging sexual misconduct was "absolutely" fair.

"You can watch that same pattern repeat," she said. "It needs to end. It needs to be over."


Trump's Justice League

One of the reasons (for some, the only reason) that millions of people voted for Donald Trump just over a year ago was because he promised to choose people to fill judicial seats who were conservative originalists and would thus “support and defend” our Constitution. So far, he has delivered on that promise — and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Trump recently announced a list of five more candidates that he will consider for the next Supreme Court vacancy, and that list is very much in keeping with his promise. This is very troubling for leftists because Trump has already filled twice as many federal judiciary seats on the lower courts as his predecessor did by this point in his term.

“The new list of candidates for the high court includes Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a conservative stalwart on the high-profile U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit who clerked for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, and Judge Amy Barrett of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, an outspoken opponent of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion,” reports The Washington Times. “Rounding out the list are Judge Britt Grant of the Georgia Supreme Court, Judge Kevin Newsom of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Patrick Wyrick. Judge Grant previously clerked for Judge Kavanaugh on the appeals court.”


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The NFL ratings slump is getting worse

The TV audience for NFL games steepened its slide in Week 11, losing 1 million viewers versus last year’s season-to-date average.

The 6.3 percent slump — worsening from comparable declines of 5.6 to 5.7 percent during the previous three weeks — plagued a week whose off-the-field drama made gridiron tackling seem almost tame by comparison.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones remained the major distraction by continuing to battle with fellow team owners and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Jones brought even more tension to Week 11 when video footage surfaced late last week of the football tycoon making a racially charged remark at a 2013 wedding party.


FLASHBACK: Studio Light Falls and Almost KILLS the Clintons

How Shitty was Barack Obama as President? Ben Shapiro EXPLODES!

Breaking News: Oscar Pistorius's 6-year prison sentence was more than doubled by a South African court

South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal on Friday more than doubled the sentence imposed by a lower court on Oscar Pistorius, a double-amputee Olympic sprinter convicted of shooting and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in February 2013.
Mr. Pistorius, sometimes nicknamed Blade Runner for the prosthetics on which he runs, was sentenced for manslaughter, but that was later changed on appeal to murder. He was jailed for six years and has served slightly more than a year of that sentence.
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Guam will Capsize and Tip Over into the ocean Hank Johnson

Welcome To The Federal Government

Starting Right Now

Delmar Maryland

Senator Eckardt November Update

Thankful for District 37

This month has been full of reasons to be thankful: for community service, for our leaders and colleagues, and most importantly, for constituents who make District 37 a wonderful place to call home. 

This November, Senator Eckardt is thankful to serve you!
This month kicked off with the Across the Bay 10k; thank you to everyone who made this event successful!
Operation We Care took place in Mardela Springs where volunteers came together to pack almost 1,000 boxes for our service men and women; thank you to all our Veterans and those serving today!
Governor Hogan and MDOT announced the new dualized 404, delivered way ahead of schedule! 
This month was full of Legislative Previews; great to share what the Delgation has been working on as well as hear input from local Chambers and Councils.