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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Motorcyclist Succumbs to Injuries in Delmar Crash

Delmar - John H. English-60 of Delmar, DE, has died from injuries sustained in the crash that occurred last Thursday evening in Delmar. English, who had been admitted to the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, MD was pronounced dead this morning.

The crash remains under investigation.

MSP Berlin Barrack DUI-Collision 6/29/14

9758 Ocean Gateway Berlin, Maryland 21811
(410) 641-3101 Fax (410) 641-3259
Case #:      14-MSP-019840 

Date:         6/29/2014

Time:         0247 hrs
Location:   3323 Snow Hill Road, Girdletree, Worcester County Maryland     

Incident:     Motor Vehicle Collision; DUI   
Narrative:   Michael Anthony Cieslak (W/M, 27 yrs of age of Washington DC) was traveling on Snow Hill Road near C Road operating a 2006 Mercedes Passenger Car. Cieslak failed to maintain control of the vehicle and caused it to travel off-road, struck and took down a utility pole and destroyed the Mercedes. Cieslak was treated at the scene for minor injuries by EMS and released at the scene. During the investigation, the trooper believed the driver to be impaired. Cieslak performed standardized field sobriety testing unsatisfactorily and was subsequently arrested for Driving Under the Influence and was transported to the MSP Berlin Barrack. He submitted to a breath test resulting in a .17 BrAC.
 He was subsequently charged with the collision event and the DUI.  

Investigating Trooper(s): TFC Miller  
Duty Officer:  Cpl. Lenz
Barrack Commander: Lt. E.W. Starner
Assistant Commander:  F/Sgt. Davala
Criminal Investigation Commander:  D/Sgt. Sharp

It Really Was Your Election To Lose To This Idiot!

Why is it the City's (Tax payer) responsibility to tear down the old Daily Times building?
By the way, these new plans are going against the idea of Historic Downtown.

City Council Approves Grant Application for Demolition of Former Daily Times Building for Revitalization Efforts in Downtown Salisbury

The Salisbury City Council approved the Ireton administration’s intent to apply for funding under the Strategic Demolition and Smart Growth Impact Fund (SD-SGIF) for the demolition and redevelopment of the former Daily Times Building located in Downtown Salisbury. Funding for this project (if awarded) is available to municipalities and non-profit community development organizations within designated Sustainable Communities and Priority Funding Areas (PFA) in the state of Maryland. Terence Arrington, Assistant City Administrator announced, “If this grant application is funded by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), this site will become home to the Eastern Shore Medical Center in Downtown Salisbury.” This Allied Health mixed use facility is envisioned to offer space for Salisbury University Nursing Program, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Pharmacy Program and include street level retail and commercial space for businesses in Downtown Salisbury. This proposal is the result of Mayor James Ireton, Jr and Council President Jake Day’s efforts to increase Public Private Partnerships (PPP) centered on revitalization in Downtown Salisbury.

Question Of The Day 6-24-14

Re: “Wicomico County Council displays political courage,” by Councilman Joe Holloway

In Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt’s recent commentary, he stated incorrectly that I voted against his latest county budget proposal without suggesting “a single cut” in spending and “just said no.” Had Pollitt attended the County Council’s work sessions, he would have heard my concerns and those of the other council member who voted against the budget, and the support voiced by both of us for some aspects of the proposal. I have been vocal for the past eight years about spending and budget issues, and why a tax increase should be our last resort to balance the budget. I have tried to keep spending down so taxpayers, already dealing with recession-related issues, would not have an additional burden. This is our fifth consecutive year of property tax increases.

Most citizens have had to drastically readjust their own personal budgets and can’t bear an additional tax burden. Too many Wicomico County residents have lost jobs, their homes or their businesses. All of us are noticing incomes have not increased and money goes less far than it did a few years ago.

Officials should trim the fat, question spending and tighten funding, not just answer all our problems with “raise taxes.” Officials should follow every path to decrease unnecessary spending before increasing tax rates.

But that is not being done.

That is my argument against the budget and yet another tax increase, plus spending millions of the county’s reserve funds to balance Pollitt’s latest budget.

The budget deals not only with future spending — it also has to pay for past decisions. For example: Last year county employees received a 2 percent raise. However, several employees (whose job description did not change) received much greater raises — $10,000 each. Mid-year, some council members voted one elected official a $10,000 raise and nearly doubled the salaries of three Orphan Court judges.

Pollitt spoke of the millions of dollars needed for our roads, but neglected to state he had recently asked the council to OK the transfer of $2.4 million out of the Roads Department into the General Fund due to a shortfall in estimated income tax revenue. When I questioned why this money had not been spent, I was told that there “weren’t enough employees to spend it. However, we were now using subcontractors for the work.” Why this money wasn’t used to fix our roads is beyond me.

After a hard fight with the county, The Daily Times obtained information about spending at local high-end restaurants, purchasing local morning coffees and county credit cards being used for personal spending. When questioned, Pollitt said, (and I quote The Daily Times’ article) “He will continue to drill down on staff, encouraging a frugal mindset.”

That should have occurred long before the situation was disclosed for public scrutiny and comment.

My grandfather said, “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” Wicomico County must watch every penny because we’re running out of dollars. If Pollitt had been present when the budget was voted on, he would have heard why I do not have the trust and confidence to vote for a budget that includes yet another tax increase. If that triggered the outburst, so be it.

I take seriously how Wicomico County taxes its residents and spends public funds. If or when I see more responsible spending, I may feel more comfortable accepting future budget proposals.

Melvin Caldwell - Modern Day Visionary - Similar in Comparison to Thomas Jefferson

Melvin Caldwell and Thomas Jefferson are very similar when comparing their styles and personalities.  Both men embrace the principles and the rights of the individual.  Caldwell volunteered and oversaw key revisions to the Wicomico County charter that resulted in the current County Executive form of government.  And like American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson - Caldwell is also a very skilled writer and possesses a unique ability to articulate concepts and attitudes that can positively mold and cement key relationships.  He is well respected in our community not only as it relates to his law profession, but as a father, husband, and is well regarded among his many colleagues - (rated the highest of all potential judgeship candidates).

Having known Mr. Caldwell for almost 31 years - we can tell you first hand that he has the community's interests at heart.  There is no doubt he is a pillar among our community.

'We believe Melvin Caldwell represents a true reflection of eastern shore ideals that are unique to our area and people.'

And so our Editorial staff gives Mr. Caldwell its unanimous endorsement and wishes him the best in his endeavor to become the 'PEOPLE's CHOICE'.  If there were ever anyone that truly deserves this position - its Melvin Caldwell.  We encourage the public to get out and support him.

Article Published by SBYnews Editorial Staff      

Barrie Tilghman Shills for Sarbanes -- Unbelievable

Today's Daily Times has an article by Barry Tilghman urging voters to support Spyros Sarbanes over M. J. Caldwell. In several hundred words she argues without offering any specific details that Sarbanes is qualified and “has the unique judgment and temperament to navigate the fine points of the law.” This by someone who says (in the last paragraph) that it was not until she was Salisbury's (worst ever) Mayor that she learned that judges "rule" in both civil and criminal cases, in which "their decisions make a difference in our quality of life."

Stripped of its empty rhetoric, Tilghman's letter argues that Sarbanes should be the judge because he was appointed by O'Malley. No mention of Caldwell's much greater experience as a lawyer or the County bar vote in favor of him. And, of course, no mention of the criminal and civil cases against Sarbanes.

The height of absurdity is her claim that "governors ultimately choose the best-qualified candidate for appointment." Why, then, do we have judicial elections for circuit court judges? This one certainly presents the answer that question: to protect the public.

Does anyone really think that without his family’s political connections he would have been appointed by O’Malley?

Sarbanes Trespasses On Albero Property: READ THE COMMENTS

Joe happened to go by his building in Pittsville today and had all Sarbanes signs and Volunteers removed from the property as they were illegally trespassing.

As of 4pm Republican are up 2-1 in Pittsville, according to the numbers.

Originally published on 6-24-14 at 4:25 PM. 

John Kerry Makes Transgender Ambassadors a Top Priority in Burning America

Do you know what "ROFLMAO" stands for?

Well, if you're not of the tech generation you may not know it stands for "Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off."

And just that is our reaction to Secretary of State John Kerry's new mission in the dying social construct known as America. Kerry gave a speech before the GLIFFA, which is the Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies, he remarked that it was mandatory for his state department to fill the ranks with homosexuals and "transgendered" people (don't worry, we're still trying to figure that one out ourselves).

Before we get to his comments, why is it that homosexualists feel the need to acronomyze themselves? LTGBT(WXYZ) and now GLIFFA? What role in "diplomacy" does sexuality or mental illness in the case of transvestites have?


"So I am very proud of the progress that we are now making even in appointing LGBT ambassadors. I worked with the committee here at the State Department – with the D Committee, and I worked with the White House. And as a result, Ted Osius, sitting here, whom I’ve known a long time, and his family I know, will be the first openly LGBT officer nominated to serve as an ambassador in Asia. And on confirmation, he’s going to join five openly gay ambassadors who are now serving their country. I’m working hard to ensure that by the end of my tenure, we will have lesbian, bisexual, and transgender ambassadors in our ranks as well.

News Report: Mexican Military Chopper Crosses Into US, Shoots At Border Agents

TUCSON, Ariz. (CBS Las Vegas) — Border Patrol agents in Arizona were reportedly fired upon by a Mexican military helicopter that traveled across the border.

KVOA-TV reports that Mexican authorities were conducting a drug interdiction operation when the incident happened early Thursday morning on the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation. The Mexican chopper fired at the agents and then flew back into Mexico.

Art del Cueto, Border Patrol Tucson Sector union president, tells KVOA that they called and apologized for the incident.


Report exposes Perdue as a top U.S. dumper of toxic chemicals: By Ray Wallace

Research from Environment America shows that 2012 was a bigger year for toxic chemical dumping than most of us could have imagined.

Industrial facilities across the U.S. dumped more than 206 million pounds of toxic chemicals into waterways in 2012, according to the “Wasting Our Waterways” report....

Of the top 10 parent-companies releasing the largest amount of toxins, four are corporate agribusiness companies: Tyson, Cargill Inc., Perdue Farms Inc. and Pilgrims Pride Corp.

-- From “Report Exposes Companies That Dumped 206 Million Pounds of Toxic Chemicals Into U.S. Waterways,” by Brandon Baker, at this June 23, 2014 EcoWatchsite:

Salisbury Airport

Joe -

Just came from picking my wife up at the airport. You really need to go out there and see this. The fan motor on the HVAC has a bad bearing and it is so loud that I am amazed that no one has called the fire department. The automated entry door located on the west side of the main terminal is also frozen and malfunctioning.
Weeds also growing up in the rental car area and along the building again.

I swear - the management of this facility is atrocious. You really ought to go out there and roll your window down. For that matter you can leave your window up as the bearing chatter is so loud that you'll still hear it. The lady inside said its been that way for days - and is publically annoying.

Rick Pollitt And Jim Ireton Want You To Know...


While most citizens are wondering how they will be paying the grocery bill next week the Tri County Council is living high on your taxpayers dollars. 

The Tri County Council which is funded by the State, Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset Counties dined Wednesday night at Watermans Seafood in Ocean City. 

The Tri County Council has a multi-million dollar building with plenty of meeting rooms, enough to hold their meetings on site if they chose to due so. 

They also bought a block of tickets to the Tawes Crab and Clam Bake that they are handing out to elected officials. These tickets are $40.00 each. 

Who is buying your ticket this year?

Biden admits to having ‘no savings account,’ plans to live off taxpayers

Vice President Joe Biden plans on relying solely on taxpayers to fund his retirement.

Biden declared on Monday that he had neither a savings account, nor any stocks to pay off his golden years.

“I have no savings account, but I have a great pension and a great salary,” Biden told the crowd at the White House Summit on Working Families.

Biden proudly admitted that he was “the poorest member of Congress” over his four-decade career in Washington. The line garnered laughs and applause at the plush Omni Hotel in Georgetown. However, Biden’s poor financial planning means that taxpayers will have to foot the bill for his retirement.


An Open Letter to Comcast / Xfinity


My name is Stacie Huckeba I have been a customer of Comcast for over eight years.

I realize that it’s a dirty little secret and you don’t like to talk about it, but c’mon, between just you and me, you can admit it. Basically you have a monopoly on internet service, at least in terms of speed. It’s ok, I like money too. Nobody is happier than me when I deposit big fat checks. Sadly, I’m not quite as “connected” as you guys.

I’m a photographer and I think I’m really good, unfortunately, I live in a town with a plethora of talented photographers so I can’t just sit back and be lazy. I’ve sent emails to the Mayor, and Governor and even my Senators and Congressmen asking that they put in regulations to make sure I am the only photographer who can use professional and top of the line equipment in town. Weird, they don’t get back to me. One of you guys will have to tell me how you got them to do that for you. It would be so awesome to deposit those big fat checks knowing that I had no competition and could just be lazy, put out half-assed work and charge whatever I wanted because I was the only one in town who could deliver print ready work. God, I bet those feel so good going in the bank!


Letter to the Editor from Senator Richard F. Colburn

I would like by thank my District office and Annapolis office staff for their years of dedicated service to the citizens of the 37th District. I always worked to make constituent service my top priority and I would not have been successful in this without the hard work of my staff. I would also like to thank the countless supporters and volunteers who year after year have stood by me and worked tirelessly to promote me as your Shore Senator. I am also overwhelmed by the support I have received from friends and colleagues from across the State. I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore and it has been an honor and a privilege to represent the residents of the Shore in the Senate of Maryland.

Richard F. Colburn

We've Finally Figured How Weed Use And Schizophrenia Are Linked

People with schizophrenia and some who use cannabis may have certain genes in common, according to new research.

The findings may partly explain the following, long-established link between cannabis use and psychotic disorders: The rate of people who smoke pot is higher among those who are diagnosed with schizophrenia than it is in the general population.

In addition, studies have shown that using cannabis can lead to psychotic episodes or worsen a person's existing symptoms, which suggests that the substance could trigger the psychotic disorder.


Maryland Without Old Bay? It's Possible

There may be no product that says Maryland like Old Bay seasoning. The rust-colored blend of herbs and spices has been included in recipes for everything from baked pumpkin seeds to chicken wings and of course, steamed blue crabs.

The question is how big of an ingredient the product will remain in Maryland's economy as its owner, McCormick, considers relocating.

Founded in 1889 as a maker of root beer, flavoring extracts and fruit syrups, McCormick is now a $9.3 billion company with spices and seasonings — Old Bay being the most famous — that sell in more than 110 countries. It is the sixth largest company in the state of Maryland, according to Forbes, and in its last fiscal year the company reported $389 million in profits.


Hmmmm, Career Builders Offers The Following Position

Public Information Officer
City of Salisbury 

Office of the Mayor 

Salisbury, MD 6/24/2014


Public Information Officer
Full Time Salary: $51,844.00         

Full Range of Benefits

Essential Functions: Perform comprehensive coordination of all social, print, and digital media for the Mayor’s Office to include: Production of press releases, public relations media releases, special brochures and similar material; Arranges press conferences, meetings with other City departments, businesses and the public. Performs research, analysis, and prepares a variety of documents; Screens, directs, and responds to all media requests and coordinates all formal Public Information Act inquiries on behalf of the Mayor’s Office. Composes detailed letters and reports independently from brief notes or instructions; serves as the point of contact for the development and distribution of information regarding City programs. Must be willing to work some weekend and evenings.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Bachelor’s Degree with preference given to a degree in communications, journalism or media production. Candidate must possess a high degree of proven efficiency and organizational skills. Government experience preferred. Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite, the internet, email, and other relevant software and publishing programs. Experience in a high-volume and time sensitive work environment.

Closing Date: Friday, August 1, 2014 at 4:30 pm


Submit City application, cover letter and detailed resume to:

City HR Department
125 N. Division St.
Salisbury, MD 21801
410-548-1065 Fax: 410-548-3748
Web site:
E-mail: [Click Here to Email Your Resumé]


Shore Transit Stop Being Rude!

Could someone please inform Shore Transit this is loading and unloading for patients and not their personal parking place. This is not the first time we have seen them do this. There is a place for them to park on the side of the building so they can load and unload their patients, yet they prefer to park here. By doing so no one else has easy access when dropping off their friends or family members for dialysis. Many patients are weak and have problems walking from the parking lot, you are just being lazy and inconsiderate by parking there.


There's a huge chicken house fire in progress right now in Willards. Numerous engines and tankers responding from Wicomico County, Worcester County and Sussex County. 

Happy Birthday Jennifer

Today my beautiful bride turns, well, do you think I'm that stupid. Nevertheless, I know you have Internet access in Cancun and Gavin and I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. All is good, no worries. 

Hogan Confident In His Case Against Anthony Brown; Releases First Ad

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown collected 51 percent of the votes for Democratic gubernatorial candidate, while Larry Hogan gathered 43 percent of the votes for Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Hogan is confident he has enough momentum to make a case against Brown from his time as Lieutenant Governor.

"He's got a really failed record of lost businesses, lost jobs, wasteful spending, record tax increasing and broken promises," Hogan remarks about facing Brown in the gubernatorial elections. "We're going to make people aware of his record and talk about the stark differences between the two of us."



Native American groups plan to file a federal lawsuit against the Cleveland Indians to force them to retire the Chief Wahoo mascot.

Robert Roche, a Chiricahua Apache who is a part of the "People Not Mascots" group and directs the American Indian Education Center, expects the federal lawsuit to be filed by July.


Wicomico Democrats Reject Michael Pretl!

In the primary there were eight candidates, including Mr. Pretl, for the Democrat party’s Central Committee for Wicomico County, but only 7 positions to be filled. He was the only candidate who received less than 2,000 votes. We are not surprised at the outcome, but we are disappointed. He would have been a source of bitter division and animosity within the Committee, just as he has been in the local party since he came here about 10 years ago from the Western Shore.

Pretl served as Ron Pagano’s campaign guru – birds of a feather!

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 6-25-14

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Imagine that; Joey Biden is among the Super-Poor":

It cracks me up how EVERY POLITICIAN is broke, or poor! They want to RELATE to real people so bad! Well guess what WASHINGTON - very few of us own a house let alone multiple houses! Going to college is a dream - because we can't afford it with out having to SINK ourselves for life with STUDENT Loans! Biden said he didn't have a savings account - then it was proven that he usually has somewhere between 1,000 - 15,000 in that account! Dude most of us would love to see that much money, but guess what that will never happen! Most American's know that Politicians are paid LIARS - well news flash JERKS - WE THE TAXPAYERS PAY YOUR SALARY! Do you stand for US? YOU SAY YOU DO - AND LIE DIRECTLY TO OUR FACES!!!!!! Guess what keep the LIES going - and see when you find yourself out of a job - because TAXPAYERS are getting tired of your B*LLSH*T LIES!! You want to RELATE to us - climb down off your PODIUM preaching - and ATTEMPT to live the way we do! You know going to work EVERYDAY - busting your but (actually doing what you are hired to do), and at the end of the week pick up your petty paycheck that barely covers all your bills if it does at all! Then come talk to AMERICA about being BROKE!!!!!

BREAKING NEWS: House Speaker John Boehner to file lawsuit against Obama

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, confirms plans to file a lawsuit against President Obama over alleged abuse of executive power.


We know who is connected

We know who is connected. They moved signs to make sure theirs was closest to the entrance. Sarbanes does the same thing. There were a lot of signs knocked over or bent over and a certain party's were standing straight up. It wasn't that windy. They are ruthless and will do anything to secure a win.

Look Who We Found At Delmar Elementary

A Letter To The Editor: Today's Voting Experience

I would like to share an experience and some related thoughts on today's voting.

Upon arriving at the Pemberton Elementary School voting registration table, I presented my driver's license and voter ID card. The lady at the table said she did not need them and I told her, with a smile, that she should, to which she responded that she wasn't allowed to. Then she started the check in process. I gave her all the information she asked for, name; first and last, DOB, and address, which by the way was on my driver's license that I had presented to her. She couldn't find me in the system. A second person came over to help her, with two other people looking over her and finally they got me registered. One of the other people looking over this whole process said that maybe I was one of the people who's district had changed. I then told them that the sample ballet that I had received last week, had Pemberton School on it as my voting place, which by the way hasn't changed in almost 40 years. After much searching and re-entry of the information, my registration was complete. She then printed out a ticket for me to verify the information on it and sign. This ticket has my voter ID number on it, which I then verified from my voter ID card.

I was able to vote, but my point is we are required by law to have a drivers license to not only drive but for many other activities. For those who do not drive, some form of ID is required for various things, such as check cashing, setting up bank accounts, medical procedures, airline & train tickets, passports, etc. The DMV issues ID cards and are they easily obtainable. So the argument that the poor, the minorities, the handicapped, or any other group that someone wants to add, would be disenfranchised is pure baloney. We are required to register to vote and therefore are issued a voter ID card. That is no harder than getting some form of ID. WHY NOT REQUIRE THEM BOTH WHEN VOTING!!!!! It would have saved the confusion that I experienced this morning plus it would help eliminate voter fraud and help these people that run the voting stations.

Since no ID was required other than me giving the information verbally, I could also go in and vote for my father, who died 18 months ago. I have all of his pertinent information, so what's to stop me! It would fraudulent, but we all know that this sort of thing happens. To believe otherwise is foolish. So why is it that not every citizen, republican or democrat, conservative or liberal, etc., who cares about our country, our jobs, our well being, our constitution, is not up in arms about this and requiring our elected leaders to do something to correct this abuse of our right to vote.

Voting is not only a right, but also a privilege, that should be taken seriously by every citizen. Remember, the rights that you do not exercise and fight for, are the ones that you will loose!

Tom Goslee


On June 23, 2014, David Suire, age 41 (D.O.B. 12/9/71), of Wicomico County, Maryland, was convicted after a jury trial in the Wicomico County Circuit Court of Theft Scheme of an amount between $1,000.00 and $10,000.00; Theft $1,000 to $10,000; and Theft less than $1000.

The Defendant was operating a home improvement company and was hired by two women who were living in Hebron Maryland. During the course of completing home improvements for the victims, the Defendant stole two checks from the victims’ checkbook. In April 2013, the Defendant then filled out the dollar amount on the checks and made his girlfriend the payee, causing her to ultimately cash the checks. The total amount of this theft was $1,534.00.

After the jury returned their verdict, the Court sentenced the Defendant to 10 years in the custody of the Division of Corrections (D.O.C.). The presiding judge made this sentence consecutive to any sentence the Defendant is now serving. (Note: the Defendant had a “major” record under the sentencing guidelines and was previously convicted in Wicomico County of Forgery and Counterfeit Private Documents and Issuing False Documents on October 1, 2013 in case 22-K-13-000411, and of Theft less than $1000.00 on November 13, 2013 in 22-K-13-000411. The Defendant previously received 20 years in the custody of D.O.C. for these crimes.

Matthew A. Maciarello, State’s Attorney for Wicomico County, thanked the following for their role in the investigation and prosecution of this case: the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation (WBI) --especially the lead investigating officer, Cpl. Durbin Hamilton of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office.

Salisbury News Delivers Investigative Reporting On HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT: Part 11

More on county spending 

Executive's Office 

11/22/13 Severn Inn $91.51 
11/22/13 Wawa $8.26 
11/22/13 Dunkin Donuts $2.11 
11/27/13 Wawa $3.07 
11/2713 Wawa $7.18 
11/27/13 Denny's $26.21 
11/22/13 Sobo's $32.07 
11/22/13 Rams Head Tavern $69.24 
11/22/13 Lombardi's $33.98 
11/27/13 Red Door Sub Shop $34.44 
11/27/13 Red Door Sub Shop $25.67 
11/27/13 Lombardi's $ 63.96 
11/30/13 Cactus Taverna $141.89 
11/30/13 Lombardi's $23.47 

Wicomico County Board of Ed 

6/6/11 Jon Shearer Domino's $15.75 
1/27/12 Jon Shearer Chick-Fli-A $176.91 
3/15/12 Jon Shearer Five Guys Salisbuty $38.99 
4/2/12 Jon Shearer Panera Bread $25.98 
5/24/12 Jon Shearer Five Guys Salisbury $21.35 
12/19/12 Jon Shearer Chick-Fil-A $91.25 
5/11/11 Jon Shearer Back Street Grill $25.55 
5/19/11 Jon Shearer Back Street Grill $27.25 
6/7/11 Jon Shearer Back Street Grill $38.10 
9/1/11 Jon Shearer Back Street Grill $43.00 
9/23/11 Jon Shearer Back Street Grill $48.23 
10/5/11 Joy J Custis Domino's $111.75 
11/4/11 Joy J Custis Devages Subs $51.70 
12/21/11 Joy J Custis Market Street Inn $50.00 
1/6/12 Joy J Custis Domino's $38.75 
2/10/12 Joy J Custis Domino's $98.61 
2/13/12 Joy J Custis Taylor's BBQ $185.00 
3/15/12 Joy J Custis Back Street Grille $54.52 
5/22/12 Joy J Custis Back Street Grille $ 45.24 
6/11/12 Joy J Custis Back Street Grille $25.96 
6/14/12 Joy J Custis Back Street Grille $28.56 
12/16/11 Judy Nicholson The Greene Turtle $502 59 WOW 12/20/12 Carroll Nichols Adams The Place For Ribs $502.09 WOW


(HAMPSTEAD, MD) – The body of a man found yesterday morning in a rural part of northern Carroll County has been identified and his death has been ruled a murder.

The victim is identified as Prakash Rampatsingh, 50, of Hanover, PA. An autopsy conducted today by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore determined the victim died from a gunshot wound. Investigators are not identifying the location of the gunshot on the victim at this time, due to the ongoing investigation.

At about 8:00 a.m. yesterday, Carroll County Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched to the 3200-block of Falls Road, Hampstead, Md., for the report of a found body. When deputies arrived, it was confirmed the man was deceased. He was lying along the border of a wooded area that was next to a grain field in a rural area, not far off of Falls Road. The body was near a gated access road that leads to a cell phone tower situated within sight of where the body was found.

The preliminary investigation indicates that members of a crew working on the cell tower were walking the wood line and discovered the body. A search of the area was conducted by crime scene technicians from the State Police and Sheriff's Office, but no weapons were found.

The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit has continued the investigation, with the assistance of investigators and deputies from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, the State Police Criminal Enforcement Division office in Westminster, the State Police Crash Team, and crime scene technicians from both the State Police and Sheriff’s Office. Investigators have been contacting family members, friends, and associates of the victim as part of the ongoing investigation. Police are attempting to determine when the victim was last seen alive. There is no indication his body was lying where it was found for an extended period of time. Police have learned the victim worked for a property management company in Baltimore. He is married with teenage children.
Investigators learned the victim and his wife are estranged.

Police have determined the victim often traveled on Falls Road to and from Baltimore, from his home in Hanover, Pa. However, police did not find a vehicle belonging to the victim in the area near where his body was found.

Police are requesting the public’s help in developing information about the person or persons responsible for this murder. Metro Crime Solvers is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information that can be provided anonymously by calling 1-866-7LOCKUP.

A Comment Worthy Of A Post

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hmmmm, Career Builders Offers The Following Positi...":

Laura Mitchell, Vice President of the Salisbury City Council approved this addition to the Salisbury Mayor's office. This addition will cost the tax payers approximately $70,000 in additional tax expense. Laura Mitchell this is a perfect example of your tax and spend mentality. We are going to use this against you in your attempt to gain a seat on the Wicomico County Council. We don't want you on the Salisbury City Council and we don't want you on the Wicomico County Council.

Oh don't think we will forget about your treasurer who also wants to seek a seat on the Wicomico County Council. Your little buddy Josh Hastings worked hard to get you elected to the city council and he is a self proclaimed Moderate. Self proclaimed yes, Moderate NOT! A Moderate would not support immoral gay sex/Same sex marriage. You 2 need to quit the race just like your friend Ron Pagano did. Quit wasting everyone's time with your lies and fantasies.