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Friday, June 08, 2012

SUV Crashed Into Northwest D.C. Office Building

D.C. police are investigating whether an SUV was deliberately driven into a building in Northwest.

The SUV crashed into the office building at 1050 Connecticut Ave. NW about 7:30 p.m.

Sources told News4's Jackie Bensen that the interior of the SUV as well as the driver had been deliberately doused with gasoline.

The FBI and a bomb squad went to the scene.


Don't Miss The Farmers Market This Weekend 6-9-12

"I'm not really good at anything"

Axelrod Plays Dumb on Obama and Socialist 'New Party'

Senior Obama campaign political strategist David Axelrod played dumb this afternoon when confronted by Breitbart News about President Barack Obama's membership in the socialist New Party in the mid-1990s. 

Earlier today, author Stanley Kurtz released proof that Obama had been a member of, and sought the endorsement of, the radical group in 1996--contrary to the Obama campaign's denials. 

Axelrod, who was leaving a Chicago radio station accompanied by an aide, at first refused to answer whether the Obama campaign still denied that Obama had been a member of the New Party. Asked whether his silence meant "yes" or "no," Axelrod said: "You can take that as I have no idea what you are talking about."


Chariots in Red Sea: 'Irrefutable evidence'

A news report that stunned the world nine years ago about the discovery of possible ancient chariot wheels at the bottom of the Red Sea is suddenly gaining fresh attention with new video claiming “irrefutable evidence” that corroborates the find.

In June 2003, WND interviewed Bible enthusiasts who dove the waters of the Red Sea, alleging they found and photographed parts of chariots that may be the actual remains of the catastrophe brought upon the Egyptian army which pursued the Israelites, according to the Book of Exodus in the Bible.

“I am 99.9 percent sure I picked up a chariot wheel,” said Peter Elmer, a forklift mechanic from Keynsham, England, who made two diving trips to the Gulf of Aqaba branch of the sea. “It was covered in coral.”


Campers Call Chick-fil-A Home For A Day For Giveaway

The parking lot of the new Chick-fil-A restaurant on Route 50 in West Ocean City turned into a vanilla Shakedown Street of sorts on Wednesday as dozens gathered and camped out for a chance to win a year’s supply of the popular chain’s offerings.

Since a store opening in Arizona in 2003, each new Chick-fil-A has hosted a “First 100 Celebration,” awarding the first 100 people in line with a free year’s supply. With the new store set to open yesterday morning, the line starting forming at 6 a.m. on Wednesday as tents were pitched, cots and beds were hauled out and Frisbees and footballs flew.

By 9 a.m. on Wednesday, the first 49 individuals were given wristbands marking their place in line and the crowd grew throughout mid-morning. The magic 100 number was finally reached around 7 p.m. on Wednesday night as the campers settled in anticipation of the early Thursday morning opening when they could redeem their prize.


Zombie Bullets In High Demand Following Flesh-Eating Attacks

Worried about a zombie attack? Buy zombie bullets.

Talk about zombies and a possible zombie apocalypse has increased due to recent gory accounts of drug-induced, flesh-eating attacks in the news.

Stores across the U.S., including in Metro Detroit, are getting in on the undead action by selling Zombie Bullets, made by Hornady Manufacturing.

In promoting the product on their website, Hornady suggests, “Be PREPARED – supply yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max ammunition from Hornady! Loaded with PROVEN Z-Max bullets… MAKE DEAD PERMANENT!”


Suicides Are Surging Among US Troops

Suicides are surging among America's troops, averaging nearly one a day this year _ the fastest pace in the nation's decade of war.

The 154 suicides for active-duty troops in the first 155 days of the year far outdistance the U.S. forces killed in action in Afghanistan _ about 50 percent more _ according to Pentagon statistics obtained by The Associated Press.

The numbers reflect a military burdened with wartime demands from Iraq and Afghanistan that have taken a greater toll than foreseen a decade ago. The military also is struggling with increased sexual assaults, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and other misbehavior.


Viral Video: Teen Claims Obama Is ‘Making Kids Gay’ in Radio Show Rant Against Homosexuality

Caiden Cowger is a 14-year-old who hosts a twice-weekly radio show based in West Virginia. It may be safe to assume that Cowger’s following is relatively small, but he’s getting now national attention.

In late May, Cowger went on a rant against homosexuality stating it is a belief and a choice — not something a person is born as.

Cowger says that homosexuality is “not mandatory in that person. That person was not born that way, no matter what Lady Gaga says.” He explains that he feels homosexuality is becoming more prevalent in society. Why is this? According to Cowger, “it‘s because they’re being encouraged by it.”

He goes as far to say President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are “making kids gay.”


The Public Eye

Oh, for the good old days when young people knew how to behave.

Back then, you didn’t see or hear any of this jubilant caterwauling by those just freed from the secondary education system. There were no pickup trucks whose cargo beds were loaded with 17- year-old bobbleheads, and there was no waving, whistling and finger pointing at pedestrians of the opposite sex.

Not at all, because people in my generation, or actually those who came right before mine, were too busy for that sort of nonsense. They had other things to attend to, like rioting.

It needs to be said that this wasn’t rioting over some lame cause or just for the lack of anything else to do, it was rioting for something really, really important: beer.


Boy Scouts Not Changing Membership Policy That Bans Openly Gay Scouts and Scout Leaders

The Boy Scouts of America will not reconsider its policy banning openly gay boy scouts and scout leaders from participating in the organization despite a recent online petition, signed by 275,000 people, calling for a change in policy and a resolution calling for local Boy Scout chapters to decide their own membership policies.

“Contrary to media reports, the Boy Scouts of America has no plans to change its membership policy. The introduction of a resolution does not indicate the organization is ‘reviewing’ a policy or signal a change in direction,” according to an official statement from the Boy Scouts of America national office.

“The BSA is a voluntary, private organization that sets policies that are best for the organization,” reads the statement.  “The BSA welcomes all who share its beliefs but does not criticize or condemn those who wish to follow a different path.”


Poll: Most Americans think Arizona immigration law is "about right"

As the Supreme Court weighs a decision on Arizona's controversial immigration law this summer, a new CBS News/New York Times poll shows that more than half of Americans see the law as "about right."

The legislation, which was signed into law in April 2010, is considered among the most stringent immigration laws in the nation. It requires Arizona law enforcement members to check the citizenship status of anyone they believe appears to be an undocumented immigrant -- and has incited much controversy about whether or not it effectively legalizes racial profiling in a state with a heavy Latino population.

According to the survey, conducted from May 31-June 3 among 976 adults nationwide, 52 percent of Americans believe Arizona's immigration policy is about right, while 33 percent say it goes too far. Eleven percent say the law does not go far enough.

The U.S. Department of Justice is challenging the law on the grounds that it conflicts with what it contends is the federal government's exclusive right to set immigration laws for the country.


Chinese Threat: Shutdown of Telecoms

Chinese companies apparently have a covert capability to remotely access communications technology sold to the United States and other Western countries and could “disable a country’s telecommunications infrastructure before a military engagement,” according to former and current intelligence sources cited ina report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The Chinese also have the ability to exploit networks “to enable China to continue to steal technology and trade secrets,” according to the open source intelligence company Lignet, which is comprised of former U.S. intelligence analysts.

The issue centers on the Chinese firm Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., which U.S. intelligence sources say has direct links to the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army, or PLA. These sources assert that Huawei and other Chinese telecommunications firms such as ZTE Corp. have “electronic backdoors” to telecommunications technology sold to the U.S. and other countries.


Ibuprofen Kills More Than Pain, So What Is The Alternative?

Pain and unhealthy levels of inflammation are fast becoming default bodily states in the industrialized world. While in most cases we can adjust the underlying pro-inflammatory conditions by altering our diet, and reducing stress and environmental chemical exposures, these approaches take time, discipline and energy, and sometimes we just want the pain to stop now. In those, often compulsive moments, we find ourselves popping an over-the-counter pill to kill the pain.

The problem with this approach is that, if we do it often enough, we may kill ourselves along with the pain...

Take ibuprofen as an example. This petrochemical-derivative has been linked to significantly increased risk of heart attack and increased cardiac and all-cause mortality (when combined with aspirin), with over two dozen serious adverse health effects, including:
DNA Damage[2]
Hearing Loss[3]
Influenza Mortality[5]

Ibuprofen is, in fact, not unique in elevating cardiovascular disease risk and/or mortality. The entire category of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) appears to have this under-recognized dark side; of the 100 unintended adverse health effects associated with their use, cardiovascular disease and cardiac mortality score highest on the list.

So, what does one do? Pain is pain. Whether it happens to you, or you witness it in another (which can be worse), finding relief is a top priority.


New Snow Hill High Project Funds Not In Budget

Though the loose timeline for the eventual renovation of Snow Hill High School (SHHS) remains unaltered, one Worcester County Commissioner voted against this year’s budget because it didn’t include any new funding set aside for the project.

“I am very disappointed that Snow Hill High School wasn’t included … For the second time in 14 years, I’m not voting for [the budget],” said Commissioner Virgil Shockley Tuesday.

The budget eventually did pass 5-2 despite Shockley’s opposition, though he claims to be flabbergasted as to how funding that would allow the county to go to the bond market this year did not make it into the plan.

“This should have been a very simple request,” he said.

Shockley explained that he wasn’t seeking full funding for the more than $40 million SHHS renovation project, but instead only wanted enough money designated so that the county would be able to go to the bond market
to secure funding for the project if it looked like bond interest rates were about to jump.


Charlie Brown Demonstrates The Sheeple Mind In One Minute!

OC Car, Truck Show Gears Up For 11th Edition

The 11th Anniversary of the OC Car and Truck Show will take place in Ocean City this weekend, June 9-10, at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center.

During the annual June event, Spark Productions LLC is known for providing some of the best entertainment Ocean City has to offer with hundreds of the most amazing automotive creations on display and some of the biggest stars Ocean City has ever seen.

The organizers have been working for over a year on this event and assure you that this year is going to top everything they have done in the past.

"It's really great to see so much support for the event year after year. We have decided this year to really make sure the show is fresher than ever and offers totally new vehicles, vendors and entertainment. It's quite a task to top what we have done in the past, but we are positive we have done it for this year," Brian Stoehr, co-owner of Spark Productions LLC.



“Apathy and evil. The two work hand in hand. They are the same, really… Evil wills it. Apathy allows it. Evil hates the innocent and the defenseless most of all. Apathy doesn’t care as long as it’s not personally inconvenienced.”

Jake Thoene

Drones in Region's Skies to Forever Redefine Privacy

The Virginia governor's enthusiasm for drones has been met with concern from legal experts to the average Twitter user, while others see a technological revolution that will sharply improve law enforcement and innumerable facets of commerce and agriculture.

Whatever the outcome, it's clear drones will redefine privacy in the Old Dominion and other jurisdictions nationwide.

Gov. Bob McDonnell told WTOP last week that investing in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, particularly for police forces, would be "the right thing to do," citing their success over battlefields in the Middle East where they have reduced budgets and strengthened safety. His comments echo a national trend toward what the Pentagon says will be a $7 billion industry by 2013. 


DEAR AMERICA: You Should Be Mad As Hell About This

In November, Americans will have a chance to speak their minds.

And there's one thing everyone should agree on:

America just isn't working right now.

It's not just Americans who aren't working. It's America itself, a country whose economy once worked for almost everyone, not just the rich.

In the old America, if you worked hard, you had a good chance of moving up.

In the old America, the fruits of people's labors accrued to the whole country, not just the top.

In the old America, there was a strong middle class, and their immense collective purchasing power drove the economy for decades.

No longer.

Over the past couple of decades, the disparity between "the 1%" and everyone else has hit a level not seen since the 1920s. And there is a widespread and growing sense that life here is not fair or right.

If America cannot figure out a way to fix these problems, the country will likely become increasingly polarized and de-stabilized. And if that happens, the recent "Occupy" protests will likely be only the beginning.

The problem in a nutshell is this:

In the never-ending tug-of-war between "labor" and "capital," there has rarely—if ever—been a time when "capital" was so clearly winning.

And that's not just unfair.

It's un-American.

Let's go to the charts >

Berlin Brewery Excited For Summer Growth

With his one-year anniversary approaching in August, Burley Oak Brewery owner Bryan Brushmiller has some big plans for the summer, including bottling beer, setting up an on-site farmer’s market, and opening a free bicycle library to encourage exploration of the area.

“We just want to get people downtown,” Brushmiller said of the nine bikes currently available.

Unlike anything else the town offers, Brushmiller revealed that the idea to offer visitors free bike rentals came about during a private discussion regarding traffic with Mayor Gee Williams. According to Brushmiller, Williams pointed out that Berlin events are growing rapidly and drawing in more and more guests.

While this is a good thing for Berlin, Brushmiller explained that more visitors means more traffic and anything that can reduce the number of cars on the road could prove a boon for the town. Then there’s the benefit of getting people outside, exercising and touring the area as well, he added.


Elect Me Mayor I'll Rename WWTP The Barrie P. Tilghman WWTP

Pipes draining directly from the WWTP into the Wicomico River.
Man made stream with 2 Cat diesel generators pumping water from the Plant to the River.

The above image shows what happens when you pump sludge into a River.
The above image shows piles of human feces stored with NO liner, (by law) drying out in an area the MDE was completely unaware of. The City was fined $10,000.00.
The above is the notorious "sludge pit" that was illegal and had a liner in it that was guaranteed for 30 DAYS and was in there for 20+ years. The pit was the size of a football field and whenever there were heavy rains the pit would over flow into the Wicomico River. The City was forced to remove it.
The above shows sand bags attempting to stop the sludge from exiting the pit and down the hill to the river.
Looking at the above image you can see the Plant in the upper right hand corner. The MDE was NOT aware of the illegal activity going on at the Plant because it was being done in a wooded area center of the picture. This is an image I took from a Plane but believe me, when your on the ground level you would have had NO idea it was there. A small road took you back to that area where the MDE wasn't welcome.
Once the City was forced to remove the sludge pit, the image above shows the actual sludge in huge dumpsters with plastic liners on top.

The images you see above are just a select few of the hundreds I took while investigating the Salisbury Waste Water Treatment Plant. Many of you are familiar with this story as it was taking place around 7 years ago.

I simply drove right up to their front door and started walking the grounds. They had no idea who I was and never questioned me. There was a lot of construction going on and I was fairly new to the Blogging World at the time.

Once I was able to record and document all of the illegal activity I contacted the MDE. They came to my home and started viewing the pictures and could not believe what they were seeing. They had no idea there was a sludge pit in an area the City clearly designed to be hidden from the rest of the world. They were illegally pumping water by the millions of gallons into the River.

All the while former Mayor Barrie P. Tilghman was going public stating the WWTP was 99% compliant with the MDE, it was untrue. She was always claiming it was on time and under budget.

Barrie Tilghman and Council President Mike Dunn were telling people I was a liar and the information I was publishing was not true. THE PICTURES DO NOT LIE and that is exactly why the MDE immediately created a task force and spent 3 straight days down at the WWTP writing violations.

There even came a time when they started putting colored stickers on their construction helmets in order to make sure if Joe Albero walked on the property people would be able to tell because I didn't have the blue sticker, LMAO! The workers immediately told me about the stickers. There were NO, "no trespassing signs" anywhere at that Plant until my pictures were published. Now there's a fence around the entire Plant.

Then Barrie Tilghman allegedly tried to have a NO FLY ZONE created over the WWTP because I stated I'd simply go up in a plane and take pictures, in which I did.

So I believe the Citizens of Salisbury should reward former Mayor Barrie P. Tilghman with the honor of proposing to renaming the WWTP the Barrie P. Tilghman WWTP. I can't wait for the election, how about you?

New Posts to fall below.

Is the Table Set For A Mania In Precious Metals?

It may feel like I'm out of touch with the precious metals markets to broach the subject of a mania today, but I think the table is being set now for a huge move into gold and silver.

There are, however, very valid reasons to reasonably expect a mania in our sector. For one thing, manias have occurred many times before [12], but the main issue is that a mania in gold and gold stocks is the likely result of the absolute balloon in government debt, deficit spending, and money printing. Saying all that profligacy will go away without inflationary consequences seems naïve or foolish. Inflation may not attract investors to gold and silver as much as force them to it.

Now, one could make the argument that any rush into gold and silver will be muted if no one has any savings, especially given that demographers say a quarter of the developed world will soon be retired. But even if individuals are wiped out, the world's money supply isn't getting any smaller, and all that cash has to go somewhere.

I wanted to look at cash levels among various investor groups to get a feel for what's out there, as well as how money supply compares to our industry. Data from some institutional investors are hard to come by, but below is a sliver of information about available cash levels. I compared the cash and short-term investments of S&P 500 corporations, along with M1 [13], to gold and silver ETFs, coins, and equities. While the picture might be what you'd expect, the contrast is still rather striking.


Md. Planting 120,000 Trees to Filter Highway Runoff

Maryland highway officials are planting thousands of trees statewide to help filter stormwater that runs off roads and pollutes waterways.

The State Highway Administration is planting nearly 120,000 trees on 480 acres along interchanges and grassy areas where they won't hinder visibility. The trees are being planted in the counties of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Charles, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George's.


Liberal Logic 101

‘You’re Not Special’: Wellesley High School Teacher Gives the Most Blunt Commencement Address Ever

For those of you who have long since gotten sick of the trend among education experts toward “self esteem” rather than actual learning, this story will be extremely cathartic.

Wellesley High School teacher David McCullough, Jr. (son of historian David McCullough) had apparently had enough of feeding blithering platitudes to his students and decided to tell the truth. The result sparked controversy among the parents, who didn’t like hearing their children accused of being cosseted and pampered little brats who believed they were special for no reason. But sometimes the truth hurts. Read the greatest hits below:

You are not special.  You are not exceptional.

Contrary to what your u9 soccer trophy suggests, your glowing seventh grade report card, despite every assurance of a certain corpulent purple dinosaur, that nice Mister Rogers and your batty Aunt Sylvia, no matter how often your maternal caped crusader has swooped in to save you… you’re nothing special.

Yes, you’ve been pampered, cosseted, doted upon, helmeted, bubble-wrapped.  Yes, capable adults with other things to do have held you, kissed you, fed you, wiped your mouth, wiped your bottom, trained you, taught you, tutored you, coached you, listened to you, counseled you, encouraged you, consoled you and encouraged you again.  You’ve been nudged, cajoled, wheedled and implored.  You’ve been feted and fawned over and called sweetie pie.  Yes, you have.  And, certainly, we’ve been to your games, your plays, your recitals, your science fairs.  Absolutely, smiles ignite when you walk into a room, and hundreds gasp with delight at your every tweet.  Why, maybe you’ve even had your picture in the Townsman!  [Editor's upgrade: Or The Swellesley Report!] And now you’ve conquered high school… and, indisputably, here we all have gathered for you, the pride and joy of this fine community, the first to emerge from that magnificent new building…


Growing Old

Spring Fever: US Smashes Heat Record for Season

Call it spring's fever. Federal records show the U.S. just finished its hottest spring on record.

March, April and May in the Lower 48 states beat the oldest spring temperature record by a full 2 degrees. The three months averaged 57.1 degrees, more than 5 degrees above average. That's the most above normal for any U.S. season on record. Meteorologists define those three months as spring.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also reported Thursday that it was the second warmest May since records began in 1895. May averaged 64.3 degrees, just behind 1934.



The Ocean City community has experienced two pedestrian traffic fatalities this season. In the most recent incident, the pedestrian was in the travel portion of the roadway, not in a crosswalk, and crossing against the traffic light. Ocean City Police will continue to strictly and aggressively enforce the pedestrian and scooter traffic laws and ordinances and will be citing citizens for violations. Ocean City Police urge citizens to use extra caution while crossing streets, as well as advise drivers to be alert of pedestrians on the road. For individuals who are traveling on foot, on a bicycle, moped or scooter, here are some important safety tips to remember: · Cross the street at a marked crosswalk or intersection. · Make eye contact with drivers when crossing busy intersections · Continue to watch for traffic the entire time you are in the crosswalk. · It is illegal to wear headphones in both ears at the same time while operating any vehicle. · Vehicle operators should to be extremely vigilant while driving, keeping consistently aware of pedestrians, bicycles, mopeds and scooters. · Avoid making quick, un-signaled turns or abrupt stops. If you can’t make the turn safely, proceed past the turn and turn around when safe. · Allow plenty of time to stop or proceed through intersections.

Pedestrians should only use crosswalks and not take unnecessary risks crossing busy streets against traffic lights. · Parents are reminded to pay extra attention to children when crossing busy roads. Keep hold of small children’s hands while waiting for traffic lights to change and while crossing. The Ocean City Police Department reminds visitors to Walk Smart: Drive with Care, Walk with Caution.

New Cedar Creek Boat Ramp Near Slaughter Beach To Open June 8

SLAUGHTER BEACH – The new Cedar Creek Boat Ramp facility near Slaughter Beach will be open for public use at 6 a.m. Friday, June 8, the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife announced today.

The facility features eight 16-foot wide concrete launch lanes, five full-floatation boarding docks, one full-floatation courtesy dock and a large parking area. The old ramp closed for construction of the new facility in late November 2011.

Today's Fill In The Blank 6-8-12

I went to _____ High School.

I'll Have Another Scratched From Belmont

NEW YORK (AP) - I'll Have Another's bid for a Triple Crown ended with the shocking news that the colt was out of the Belmont Stakes due to a swollen left front tendon.

According to Dennis O'Neill, brother of trainer Doug O'Neill, the horse galloped Friday morning and after a veterinary scan, the tendon seemed "kind of tender."

O'Neill told The Associated Press that, "the horse is sound and happy, but it's not worth it."

Availability Of Personal Driving Record Information Is Newest Option In DMV Online Services Menu

Dover -- Delaware motorists can now access their own personal driving record by using the expanded "MyDMV" account service located on the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website at The ability to purchase driving records online is the latest addition to the services offered online by the DMV.

The online driving records service was added to the DMV website last week and can be purchased through the customer's "MyDMV" login with a major credit card for a fee of $15.

Before the addition of this online service, a customer would need to appear in person at any DMV location or complete a personal information request form and mail it to the DMV for processing. The online driving record request feature now allows customers to print the document at home. The customer, if they have not already done so, will need to create a "MyDMV" account. From their account, they can request a three-year, five-year or full driving record history.

Currently, other "MyDMV" services include the ability to change an address on vehicle registration, and to register or change Next of Kin information. The DMV encourages all customers to sign up for a "MyDMV" account as additional online services will be available in the near future.

DMV now offers 20 different online-services to Delaware drivers. All of which can be accessed from the website.

List of Available Online Services:
* Administrative Hearing Request
* Branch Wait Times
* Dealership Lookup
* Fee Calculator
* International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) E-Filing System
* Live Video - Inspection Lanes
* Motorcycle Training Course Online Registration
* Next of Kin/Emergency Contact Enrollment
* Obtain a Federally Compliant Driver License or Identification Card
* Organ Donor Request
* Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permitting (Hauling Permits)
* Pay Traffic Tickets Online
* Purchase A Driving Record
* Request a Handicap Placard
* Research Vehicle History
* Sample Drivers License Exam
* Special Plate Sales
* Vanity Plate Search and Reservation
* Vehicle Registration Change of Address
* Vehicle Registration Renewal Notification


On Tuesday, June 5, 2012, at approximately9:20 p.m., Ocean City Police responded to the area ofAssawoman Drivefor a possible burglary in progress. When officers arrived, they observed a broken window and witnessed people running to the back of the house.

Officers knocked on the door of the residence several times; however, none of the suspects came to the door. Numerous attempts by officers to have the suspects exit the residence were unsuccessful, at which time Ocean City Police deployed a K9 team into the residence. While inside the residence, officers and K9 Jaxx came to a locked bedroom door in the rear of the unit. After ordering the suspects to open the door, police located five individuals.

Three suspects were identified as Mark Eric Moore, 21, of Odenton, MD, Nikolas Jacob Keene, 19, of Gambrills, MD and Sarah Renee Otis, 19, of Chester, MD. Two of the suspects were juveniles. All five were arrested and charged with third degree burglary, fourth degree burglary and malicious destruction of property. At the time of this release, Moore, Keene and Otis were awaiting an initial appearance in front of an Ocean City District Court Commissioner, while the two juvenile subjects have been released to the custody of their parents

Highlighted Events This Week: Last Day Of School June 8

Friday, June 8
Last Day of 2011-12 School Year
The last day of the 2011-12 school year will be Friday, June 8. Schools will be on a half-day schedule on June 6, 7 and 8. June 7 is the last day for AM prekindergarten (dismissing at usual time and riding their normal midday bus home), and last day for WELC and full-day prekindergarten.

Tuesday, June 12
Monthly Meeting of Wicomico County Board of Education
Board of Education Auditorium
The June meeting of the Wicomico County Board of Education will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 12, in the Board of Education auditorium.

Today's Advertiser Of The Day 6-8-12

If your looking for some great entertainment, come to the Melson Power Show tomorrow night. I will be there with friends and we'd love to meet you in person, face to face.

Milford Man Charged For Obscenities

10000 block of Adams Road, Laurel, DE

Date of Occurrence:
Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd, 2012

11 year old female

Defendant/Charges/Bond Information:
Ryan Bradford, 18, Milford, DE (Photo Attached)
Sex Offender Unlawful Sexual Contact with a Child under 12
Sexual Solicitation of a Child under 18 (2 counts)
Obscenity (3 counts)

Arraigned at JP2 and committed to SCI on $59,000.00 cash bail.

Laurel, DE-The Delaware State Police have charged Ryan Bradford, 18 of Milford in connection with an Unlawful Sexual Contact incident involving an 11 year old female that occurred over the past weekend.

The investigation revealed that Bradford and the 11 year old female victim attending a field trip together on May 31, 2012, where the two met and exchanged phone numbers. Through the course of the following weekend, Bradford began sending in text messages that were “sexual in nature” to the victim. Upon returning to school that next Monday, the victim immediately notified her guidance counselor of what occurred.

Following the State Police investigation arrest warrants for Bradford were obtained and he was taken into custody without incident at his residence in Milford yesterday afternoon. Bradford is a moderate risk Tier II sex offender who was convicted of Unlawful Sexual Contact 2nd and Rape 4th on January 20, 2010. Bradford was charged with the above crimes and arraigned at JP2. He was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $59,000.00 cash bail.

OC Development Corporation Opens New Employee Housing

Despite his continuing role as the city’s downtown revitalization guru, Ocean City Development Corporation Executive Director Glenn Irwin is seeing a near-doubling in a part of his job description that he never quite expected: apartment superintendent.

Scattered throughout OCDC’s office at 108 Dorchester Street are light bulbs, screwdrivers, smoke detectors, and a host of other accoutrements familiar to any local property owner who has scrambled to get their rentals ready for the summer season.

“The hardest part is getting them up and running at first,” Irwin said. “Finding furniture, doing all the little repairs. I’ve been to a lot of garage sales in Ocean Pines recently.”



ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Martin O’Malley today issued the following statement on the passing of former State Treasurer Richard Dixon, Maryland’s first African-American Treasurer:

“I am saddened to hear of the passing of former State Treasurer Richard Dixon.

“A trailblazer among us, he became Maryland’s first African-American Treasurer and the first Treasurer from the Western Maryland Delegation in the General Assembly. An outstanding business leader, State legislator, and State Treasurer, his belief in fiscal responsibility served the people of our State well. His service to our nation during the Vietnam War demonstrates his courage. And his commitment to public service will never be forgotten.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones at this time.”

Governor O'Malley

Today's Survey Question 6-8-12

What will you do with your children for the summer now that school is out?

Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: "Uncle Drew"

Philadelphia Teachers Claim 3122 Jury Duty Days in 2010-11 recently submitted an open records request to the Philadelphia school district, and it yielded a bonanza of juicy details about how the school system is spending taxpayer dollars.

While most of the items were contained in our recent report, “Sucking the Life Out of America’s Public Schools: The Expense of Teachers Union Contracts,” a few of the district’s expenditures deserve more attention.

For example, the roughly 16,000 members of the local teachers union--the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers--claimed a total of 3,122 days off for “jury duty.”


Obama’s Third-Party History

New documents shed new light on his ties to a leftist party in the 1990s.

On the evening of January 11, 1996, while Mitt Romney was in the final years of his run as the head of Bain Capital, Barack Obama formally joined the New Party, which was deeply hostile to the mainstream of the Democratic party and even to American capitalism. In 2008, candidate Obama deceived the American public about his potentially damaging tie to this third party. The issue remains as fresh as today’s headlines, as Romney argues that Obama is trying to move the United States toward European-style social democracy, which was precisely the New Party’s goal.

In late October 2008, when I wrote here at National Review Online that Obama had been a member of the New Party, his campaign sharply denied it, calling my claim a “crackpot smear.” Fight the Smears, an official Obama-campaign website, staunchly maintained that “Barack has been a member of only one political party, the Democratic Party.” I rebutted this, but the debate was never taken up by the mainstream press.

Recently obtained evidence from the updated records of Illinois ACORN at the Wisconsin Historical Society now definitively establishes that Obama was a member of the New Party. He also signed a “contract” promising to publicly support and associate himself with the New Party while in office.


John Glossom and Jennifer Nettles

This video is from a new show called Duets.

Grant On Bernanke's Continuing "Grand Manipulation"

In preparation for what we are about to receive from the Charmain of the Fed, may we be truly grateful, Jim Grant offered CNBC's Maria B the forthright advice last night "prepare for platitudes but watch what they are doing not what they are saying". The ever outspoken Grant notes that the Fed's balance sheet has been contracting (unlike Maria's mainstream perspective); for the past three months the Fed's balance sheet has contracted at an annualized rate of 10% - even as Fed-head after Fed-head talk up QE and so on. So unless they continue buying securities - since the short-dated positions will continue to roll off - the Fed's balance sheet will continue to contract and therefore the stimulative effect will fall. Grant does expect QE3 since it is the fun-drug that we have been using for 4 or 5 years and that Bernanke will need little pushing to continue the Grand Manipulation. He ends on a rather interesting note that the Wisconsin win and the potential for an Obama loss in November may be more of a positive driver for stocks since markets begin to revert to a free market once again - we suspect this is not the case given the donors/beneficiaries under Romney's wing. But rest assured - the bespectacled bear ends on the chilling note that 'the long-term implications are bad' for the ongoing manipulation that is now the status quo.


A Letter To The Editor 6-8-12

I have two children in a local public here in Salisbury they both have a death allergy to bee stings. At the beginning of the year it was set up that their Epi-Pen is to be in the classroom. The teachers are to take them on the playground and on field trips with them. On field day this year I went to the school to watch both my children. My first grade son's teacher did not have his Epi-pen with her outside. When I asked where it was she stated that the aid had it, so I asked the aid and she had no clue what I was talking about. So i took my child into the school and found the principal. When i asked him why the Epi-pen was not with my son he told me that he did not know and that he tells his teachers what to do at the beginning of the school year and if they do not do it then it is not his problem but we could go find out why. So we did they found the Epi-pen in the class room on the teachers desk. When I asked them which one would have take the responsible of his death if he had gotten stung. They said neither one of them. So I went to the Board of Education told them what had happen. They told me that someone would be calling me. A week later I still heard nothing from anyone so I wrote a e-mail to Marten O'Mally still have not heard anything. I think that it is important for parents that have children who have an Epi-pen on hand in the school system how they may think when they send their child to school that they will be safe. I don't feel this way. I am feared everyday when my kids get out of my car and walk on to the side walk of their school that that maybe the last time I see them alive. We as parents should not feel this way. We should feel that our children are safe in the care of their school. And as a parent of two children with allergies I think that there should be more people in the school system that care about the situations that occurred with my child. How can we expect our children to follow directions with the teachers that they are with five days a week don't follow directions.

Thank you

A very concerned parent

Did '96 Bill Force People To Work?

As The New York Times would put it, when in 1996 "President Bill Clinton delivered on his pledge to 'end welfare as we know it'...he signed into law a bill forcing recipients to work and imposing a five-year limit on cash assistance." Back then this supposedly cruel deed was one "Hillary Rodham Clinton supported." The Times says that "some accused the Clintons of throwing vulnerable families to the winds in pursuit of centrist votes as Mr. Clinton headed into the final stages of his re-election campaign."

Now, just consider the way the Times words all this. By ending parts of the welfare state, the bill amounted to "forcing recipients to work," etc. That is like claiming that when one no longer provides support to certain people who become accustomed to getting it, one is "forcing them to fend for themselves." In fact, of course, it was the government that was forcing all those it taxes to support the recipients in the first place and with the bill in 1996 it finally lessened the load on them. Taxation is what amounts to deploying force against people. Welfare is a form of coercive support. But support should never be coerced but provided only voluntarily by fellow citizens to those who are in need of it.

But for The New York Times − and this is in a news report, not an editorial opinion − withdrawing some of this forced transfer counts as forcing people to work! But nothing forces anyone to work other than the fact that one needs to earn a living, needs to feed and clothe oneself. It is, to put it bluntly, reality that applies the force. It wasn't Bill Clinton, Congress, or the supportive First Lady.

Here is a good case of journalistic bias which is disguised within a so-called straight news report. By wording the "report" as The New York Times did, the newspaper's editors and writers tried to make it appear that those who aimed for the contraction of the massive welfare system were perpetrating some kind of oppressive action against welfare recipients. But this just isn't so.


Shock: Romney Fundraising Blows Past Obama

Obama's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week just got a little worse. This morning, the Obama campaign announced that it and the DNC had raised a whopping $60 million in May, outpacing their disappointing numbers in April. Hours later, though, the Romney campaign and RNC announced they had raised a staggering $76 million in May, blowing past Obama's haul.

Obama has been on a non-stop fundraising sprint, spending about a third of his time raising money. He even had the big, gala Clooney-polooza event in Hollywood. Yet Romney raised 25% more than him last month. As the Vice President would say, "that's a big f$%king deal."  



Why You Should Be Excited About National Bankruptcy

Living within your means is now considered ‘austerity’. And unfair.

Whether in the UK, Europe, or North America, many voters have become so accustomed to the government’s massive role in the economy, they can’t begin to imagine how it could be scaled back.

You usually hear heavy objections from people like– “What about roads? If we start cutting budgets, there would be no more roads!”

The ‘road argument’ is one of the most widely misused defenses of government… as if there are no private roads in the world.

Chile comes to mind as a great example– the country’s very modern toll-based highway system is privatized, and the operators have a huge profit incentive to keep the roads in top condition.

In fact, the 2 1/2 hour ride from Santiago to our farm is along one of these roads, and it’s smooth sailing the whole way.

A few years ago when Chile had its major earthquake, portions of the highway system were damaged. This meant that the operators were missing out on toll revenue… so they found a solution and were back up and running in a matter of days.

It was amazing how fast they were able to pull it off when so much of their profit was at stake.

When you think about it, just about everything that government provides either is already, or could be, provided by the private sector. That there is presently a private vessel docked at the International Space Station in Low Earth Orbit is the finest testament to this concept.



(Glen Burnie, MD) -- Maryland State Police are seeking information regarding a large amount of cash lost early this morning on I-97 in Anne Arundel County.

Troopers from the Glen Burnie Barrack report they were contacted by a man early this morning who reported he lost a bank bag containing a large amount of cash. The man, employed by a Glen Burnie convenience store, said he was on his way to make a bank deposit and had placed the bag on top of his SUV. He forgot to remove the bag before pulling off and believes he lost the light red bank bag marked “7-11” about 5:45 a.m. along northbound I-97 around Rt. 100. When the trooper investigating the incident passed through the area shortly after 6:00 a.m. today, the bank bag was apparently already gone.

Anyone with information about the location of this bank bag, or who may have recovered some of the cash, is urged to contact Maryland State Police at the Glen Burnie Barrack, at 410-761-5130.

BREAKING NEWS: Obama To Make Statement On The Economy

The White House says President Obama will speak about the economy and then take reporters' questions at 10:15 a.m. ET. Watch Fox News and for live coverage.


The deficit only went up by $125 billion in May. No wonder the stock market is soaring. Everyone knows, the bigger the deficit, the better the economy gets. Borrowing always leads to prosperity and growth. Just ask the 3 million people who’ve been kicked out of their houses in the last few years. The deficit through 8 months according to the CBO is $845 billion. We’re right on track for another $1.3 trillion deficit. That Obama is sure serious about deficits. Of course, if you go to the Treasury Dept site and see how much the National debt has risen over the first 8 months it shows a $902 billion deficit. That’s only a $57 billion discrepancy. Close enough for government work.

I know math is hard for 98% of willfully ignorant Americans, but I’ll try to put this $902 billion deficit in perspective so that even a CNBC Bimbo might understand:

We are spending $3.8 billion more per day than we are bringing in.
We are spending $157 million more per hour than we are bringing in.
We are spending $2.6 million more per minute than we are bringing in.
We are spending $43,500 more per second than we are bringing in.
To make it understandable to my readers in West Philly, this means that the government is buying a Cadillac Escalade on credit, every second of every day, forever.

But don’t worry. The national debt as a percentage of GDP is only 102%. Rogoff & Reinhart said we only have to start worrying when it reaches 90%. See. Nothing to worry about. The stock market is up 100 points and Bernanke has promised to save the world. Back to America’s Got Talent.


Motions Hearing In Ava Case Provides New Details

Stunning new details emerged yesterday afternoon during a motions hearing for the Ocean Pines man allegedly high on PCP when he crashed into a vehicle on Coastal Highway in December, seriously injuring a mother and her then-18-month-old daughter.

Tuesday’s testimony featured an admission that the suspect had smoked the drug while crossing the Route 90 bridge into the resort minutes before the collision and that he vaguely remembers making a left turn at the foot of the bridge and remembers almost nothing that happened after that.

Around mid-day on Dec. 16, 2011, Andre Kaczynski, 48, of Ocean Pines, crashed his Ford F150 pickup truck into the rear of a vehicle stopped at a traffic light on Coastal Highway at 142nd Street at speeds estimated between 70 moh and 100 mph, seriously injuring then-18-month-old Ava DelRicco and her mother. The child had to be extracted from the totaled vehicle and was flown to Hopkins in Baltimore.


Caption This Photo 6-8-12

OC Air Show Set For This Weekend

An incredible line-up of the nation’s top military and civilian acts is getting reading to hit the beach in Ocean City for the 5th anniversary of the OC Air Show.

The latest news is the addition of another impressive military aircraft - the A-10 Thunderbolt II (aka: Warthog) has been added to the lineup.

Known in the Air Force as the Warthog, the “flying gun” and the Tankbuster, the A-10 Thunderbolt has been used extensively in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Its range, versatility and strength has made it one of the most reliable and capable aircraft in the Air Force today.



Former Fleetwood Mac Member Bob Welch Dead at 65

Bob Welch, a former member of Fleetwood Mac who went on to write songs and record several hits during a solo career, died Thursday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said. He was 65.

Police spokesman Don Aaron said Welch's wife found him with a chest wound at their south Nashville home around 12:15 p.m.

Welch was a guitarist and vocalist for Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974. He formed the British rock group Paris in 1976, and had hits including "Sentimental Lady" in 1977 and "Ebony Eyes" in 1978. Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham did backup vocals on "Sentimental Lady."

Aaron said Welch apparently had had health issues recently. He said a suicide note was left.