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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Wicomico County Airport Commission Meeting

The next Wicomico County Airport Commission meeting will be September 14th, 2020 at 3 pm.  The meeting will be conducted via telephone conference and in room 301 of the Salisbury Wicomico County Government Building at 125 N Division St, Salisbury, MD 21801.  As always, the public is invited to either forum.  To join the meeting via teleconference, dial 510-538-9438, when prompted, access code is 132 815 7918 and password is 37373766.  We ask that you follow the following guidelines:

1.       Please put your phone on mute to avoid any interruptions. 
2.       Please hold all questions until the Public Comment portion of the agenda.
3.       When you speak, please identify yourself first before questions/comments.
4.       You may be asked to identify anyone present with you during the call.
5.       For the purpose of the minutes, the entire meeting will be recorded including your questions/comments.
6.       You may check into the teleconference up to 15 minutes early.

The agenda and last meeting minutes (August, 2020) will be posted on and  approximately three days before the meeting.

Suffolk Community College Professer Caught on Tape Trashing “Dictator” Trump to Students ON SECOND DAY OF CLASS! (Video)

Anthony Salvarore Sr. posted video on Thursday on Twitter from his daughter’s second day of class at Suffolk Community College in Selden, New York.

The video was taken during his daughter’s second day of humanities class at Suffolk College.

Professor Janet Gulla went on a tirade against President Trump calling him a dictator who is “really ruining our country.”

Anthony’s daughter filmed Professer Gulla going off on President Trump is class.
This is happening in schools around the country.


ESPN to Televise Protesting Players and Singing of Black National Anthem

The players have said they will protest and, if they do, ESPN says they will televise it.

Normally ESPN only shows the honor guard and singing of the Star-Spangled Banner prior to games. However, for their opening Monday Night Football double-header, ESPN will also televise the “black national anthem,” a song known as Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing. In addition, the network will also “show social justice movements, actions, as they happen.”

“Our policy is to cover the anthem when it’s newsworthy. That’s not going to change,” ESPN Executive Vice President of Event and Studio Production Stephanie Druley told reporters. “We are going to continue as we’ve done with the NBA and the WNBA. We will cover social justice movements, actions, as they happen. We’re not going to shy away from that.”

Druley stressed that ESPN does not view the social justice protests as being political.

“Look, we’re going to keep our main rule, which is when it intersects with sports, we’re going to cover it, and look, we don’t see the social justice movement as being political. It’s social justice,” said Druley. She can’t say if they’ll show the anthem for half the season or just two of 10 games. “I don’t know. We will make a judgment call every week. But I can tell you that Week 1, that first game, you will see the anthem — and you will see ‘Lift Every Voice.’”


Massive Crowd Chants “WE LOVE YOU!” to President Trump During Michigan Rally (VIDEO)

President Trump touched down in Freeland, Michigan Thursday evening for a rally at Avflight Saginaw at the MBS International Airport.

Supporters lined up several hours before President Trump was set to arrive for his rally.

There was a huge turnout (as usual).

Supporters chanted, “We love you! We love you!”

Trump responded to the chants by saying, “Don’t say that! I’ll start to cry…and that wouldn’t be good for my image.”


NEW: DOJ Records Show Weissmann, Other Mueller Henchmen Claimed to Have “Accidentally Wiped” at Least 31 Phones Used in Russia Probe

Newly released DOJ records show “pitbull” Andrew Weissmann and multiple Mueller henchmen claiming to have “accidentally wiped” at least 31 phones used in the anti-Trump Russia probe.

The documents were uncovered thanks to a Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit.

The phones were all conveniently wiped after the DOJ IG asked for the devices to be handed over — some phones wiped themselves, according to the DOJ!


AWKWARD: Joe Biden Loses His Train of Thought When Saying He Isn’t “Slow Joe” (VIDEO)

This was awkward.
Joe Biden lost his train of thought when saying he isn’t “Slow Joe.”

7-year-old Joe Biden Wednesday evening sat down for an interview with CNN host Jake Tapper.

In a segment of the interview which aired Thursday, Biden pledged full transparency on all facets of his health if he wins the White House.

Biden lost his train of thought as he claimed to be spry and in good health compared to President Trump.

“Just look at us. Who seems to be in shape? Who’s able to move around?” said Biden. “I mean this idea…you know, ‘Slow Joe’ — [awkwardly laughs] anyway…I shouldn’t laugh about it because anyway…”


WATCH: Biden's Press Secretary Refuses to Answer This Question About Biden's Interviews

The Biden campaign's national press secretary, TJ Ducklo, sat down with Fox News's Bret Baier on Thursday to not answer a question about the candidate's dependence on teleprompters.

"Does Joe Biden ever use a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer Q&A with supporters," Baier asked the press secretary.

"Bret, we are not going to, this is, this is straight from the Trump campaign ... and what it does Bret, is it's trying to distract the American people from the candidate," Ducklo dodged.

Baier noted the Trump campaign is raising the issue every day and gave the Biden spokesperson another opportunity to respond.


“No Communista” – Kamala Harris Not Well Received in Miami – Latinos For Trump Line the Streets to Make Clear They Reject Her Far-Left Policies (VIDEO)

Kamala Harris made a surprise visit to Miami on Thursday as Joe Biden hid in his basement bunker.

Joe Biden has a serious problem among Florida Hispanic voters.

Latinos from South America and Cuba who have suffered under Socialist and Communist regimes have come to the US for a better life and they know Biden and Harris will usher in Socialism which = suffering and death.

Latinos for Trump came out and lined the streets of Miami on Thursday to make it clear they reject Kamala Harris.

“No Communista. No Socialista” one sign said.

The Latinos for Trump made it clear that unlike Kamala Harris, they support the police with a sign that said “Apoyen La Policia.”


Governor Hogan Statement on Maryland’s Legal Action Against the EPA

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan issued the following statement after a number of states—including Maryland—announced legal action against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its failure to hold certain states accountable for polluting the Chesapeake Bay:

“Earlier this year, I directed the Attorney General to take this legal action in keeping with our generational responsibility and shared obligation to enhance, protect, and restore the Chesapeake Bay. The Bay is a national treasure, and our administration has committed an historic $5 billion toward its restoration. We will continue to work together across state and party lines—holding everyone to account—to meet our restoration goals and obligations.”

NOTE: On January 8 of this year, Governor Hogan directed Attorney General Frosh to pursue legal action to protect Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts. Read the letter here.

Chiefs Fans Boo as Players From Both Teams Link Arms in “Moment of Unity” and Call For Social Justice Before Game Starts (VIDEO)

Kansas City Chiefs fans booed as players from both the Chiefs and Texans linked arms in a “moment of unity” and called for social justice before the game started Thursday evening.

The Chiefs were on the field and locked arms during the “Black Anthem” while the Texans remained in the locker room.

Shortly before the coin toss, both teams locked arms in unity.

Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium could be heard loudly booing.

People are fed up with politics ruining sports.

Special counsel team phones wiped clean


"Over two dozen phones belonging to members of Robert Mueller's special counsel team were wiped clean before they were handed over to the Inspector General, according to information contained in 87 pages of DOJ records released on Thursday."

"Andrew Weismann wiped two of his three Special Counsel's Office phones. He wiped one by accident. He wiped the other by entering the wrong password too many times. Has anyone ever wiped their phone by accident? Asking for a friend."

"'attack dog' lawyer Andrew Weissman, who urged DOJ attorneys to go rogue and 'not' help US Attorney John Durham investigate FBI and DOJ conduct during the Trump investigation."


MUST SEE: Sidney Powell Speaks Out After Mueller Gang Wiped Clean Info on 27 Phones Requested by Justice Department Inspector General (Video)

Sidney Powell was on FOX Business Network’s (FBN) The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald. Ms. Powell who is the attorney for General Michael Flynn knows the Deep State as well as anyone. She represented clients against Mueller and his creepy top attorney Andrew Weissman in the early 2000’s in Enron linked cases.

Powell shared her experience with Mark Levin at FOX News before she began representing General Flynn.

Here is a segment from that discussion where she called Andrew Weissmann the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct. She knows the Mueller gang well:


Positivity rate declines after leading state

Worcester’s test results had been worst, but subsided

Not for the first time, Worcester County has recently recorded the highest positivity rate for coronavirus cases of all Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions.

On Sunday, Sept. 6, Worcester had a seven-day positivity rate of 7.58 percent, more than double the state’s rate of 3.63 percent at that same time.

As of Wednesday, Worcester’s rate had dropped to 5.78 percent, which is the second-highest rate in Maryland behind Caroline County. The state rate has increased slightly to 3.7 percent.

Meanwhile, Johns Hopkins University has reported a state positivity rate of around six percent. Its Covid-19 Testing Insights Initiative relies on data from the Covid Tracking Project, a volunteer tracking organization from The Atlantic.

This differs from the health department positivity rate because Johns Hopkins eliminates duplicate tests.

This week, 64 new cases were confirmed in the county, according to the Worcester County Health Department. Last week, at least 48 new cases were confirmed.

This brings the county’s total cases since March to 906.


BIG TECH COLLUSION: Facebook, Twitter and Google Announce Measures to Censor Pro-Trump Information Before the Election

Big Tech companies are putting in place measures that will prevent Trump supporters from openly communicating and promoting their candidate before and after the election. Big tech will collectively put their knee on the neck of democracy.
After the 2016 election the Democrats, who had run the US into the ground during the previous eight years of the Obama Administration, put together a plan to destroy the new media (i.e. entities like The Gateway Pundit) which helped share President Trump’s message before the election. Their plan, endorsed and disseminated by Soros-funded Media Matters, was to crush and destroy every successful new media outlet which shared information complimentary to the truth and in support of President Trump.


Trailer Park Romeo Live At Caribbean Joe's

COVID-19 Is Crushing Newspapers, Worsening Hunger for Accurate Information

Staff of The Denver Post wrote an editorial in 2018 calling out its corporate owner, Alden Global Capital, to invest more in its papers. State and local newspapers have been closing at a rapid clip, and the drop in advertising revenue since the onset of COVID-19 has only exacerbated a preexisting financial crisis.

David Erickson got the call directly from the publisher of the Missoulian, the Montana newspaper where he works as a reporter writing about business and housing. You might as well hear it first so you can break the news, the publisher told him earlier in August. The newspaper building, on the riverfront in a highly coveted part of downtown Missoula, was going up for sale for $8.5 million.

Erickson and his colleagues had been working from home during the pandemic, but they hoped to return to their newsroom once it was over. The potential loss of the physical building, owned by Lee Enterprises, felt like a gut punch to an already battered local news operation.

Since 2000, the Missoulian's editorial staff has dwindled from 40 to 21 employees, similar to newspaper losses around the country. The city's local news ecosystem had already taken a hit: Lee in 2017 purchased the rival weekly, the Missoula Independent, and shut it down the next year.

“We're investigating government institutions, we're investigating politicians, we're investigating businesses, we're investigating nonprofits that exert a huge amount of control over the community,” Erickson said. “For every reporter that's lost, that's one less person … digging into important issues that affect the entire community."


Fauci upholds coronavirus vaccine projection timeline

The nation’s top infectious disease expert is standing by his timeline for a possible coronavirus vaccine, reiterating this week that he expects a safe and effective vaccine to be available by early 2021.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House adviser on the coronavirus and the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Wednesday on “CBS This Morning” that the country should know “by the end of the year” if one of the vaccine candidates currently in advanced trials will be ready on his expected time frame.

“I have said from the beggining, given the way the trials have emerged now, including the one on hold now, the projection that I’ve made — and will stick by it — is that we’ll likely get an answer if it’s safe and effective by the end of the year, likely November or December,” he said, referring to pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca on Tuesday putting a hold on its experimental coronavirus vaccine study in America, after a participant in the United Kingdom faced an apparent serious adverse reaction, according to a report.


NFL Opener 'Racial Unity' Movement sees Stadium Erupt in Boos

Who would have thought that sports fans just want to watch... sports?

Thursday night's return of the NFL which saw the Kansas City Chiefs host the Houston Texans began with an “End Racism” message of unity (words which were also emblazoned at the end of the field).

As Mediaite details, things went downhill despite the special display: "The Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Houston Texans Thursday evening for the NFL’s opening game of the 2020 season, and intended to provide a show of unity by locking armswith their teammates and opponents before the game — but the solemnity of the moment was ruined by fans booing in the stands."

During the moment of unity between the Texans and Chiefs, some fans responded by— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) September 11, 2020

Yes it's confirmed, not just in this latest booing incident, but Gallup polling shows the Great Awokening of professional sports isalienating many, perhaps most:

The sports industry now has a negative image, on balance, among Americans as a whole, with 30% viewing it positively and 40% negatively, for a -10 net-positive score. This contrasts with the +20 net positive image it enjoyed in 2019, when 45% viewed it positively and 25% negatively.

This slide in the sports industry’s image comes as professional and college leagues are struggling, and not always successfully, to maintain regular schedules and playing seasons amid the pandemic. Professional football, baseball and basketball games have also become focal points for public displays of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.


UMD System Chancellor Cuts Pay, Warns of Layoffs

The University System of Maryland's chancellor announced he is taking a 10% pay cut and warned that employees could face furloughs, pay reductions or layoffs as the system struggles to close a budget shortfall caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Chancellor Jay Perman laid out the temporary cut to his $960,744 salary in a statement Wednesday.

The university system expected its revenue would fall $500 million short of estimates for the budget year ending next summer, which could mean reductions in operating expenses, hiring freezes, furloughs, temporary salary reductions and layoffs, officials said.


DOJ: 57 people, including NFL athlete, involved in trying to steal $175 million through COVID-19 program

A Justice Department official said tens of millions of dollars meant for businesses and their workers in a coronavirus-relief program were stolen.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Rabbitt said Thursday that the alleged thefts targeted some $175 million in the Paycheck Protection Program.

Losses have involved over $70 million, but Justice officials have recovered and frozen over $30 million, and that total is expected to rise, Rabbitt said.

The crimes included a $24 million scheme allegedly linked to NFL player Joshua J. Bellamy, 31, of St. Petersburg, Florida, who was released by the New York Jets on Tuesday.

"Bellamy is alleged to have obtained a PPP loan of $1,246,565 for his own company, Drip Entertainment LLC," DOJ officials said. "Bellamy allegedly purchased over $104,000 in luxury goods using proceeds of his PPP loan, including purchases at Dior, Gucci, and jewelers. He is also alleged to have spent approximately $62,774 in PPP loan proceeds at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and to have withdrawn over $302,000. Bellamy also allegedly sought PPP loans on behalf of his family members and close associates."

Cuomo announces Fine for New York Maskless Subway Riders

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that subway riders will face a $50 fine if they choose not to wear a mask.

The initiative, which begins Monday, allows NYPD cops and Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) police the authority to give subway, bus, Long Island Rail Road, and Metro-North riders summonses if they do not wear a mask during their commute.

“I said to the MTA, ‘You have to come up with an enforcement plan for people not wearing masks,’” Cuomo said during a telephone press briefing with reporters. “This is for the handful of people who are not compliant.”

“Because compliance has gotten so much better, we can now take the next step,” Cuomo added.

MTA Chairman Pat Foye joined Cuomo on the call and suggested that wearing a face mask is a sign of “respect” for others on board.

“It is reassuring to other passengers who play by the rules that mask wearing is mandatory,” Foye said. “It’s a matter of respect for co-commuters and employees.”

“One or two people don’t have a right … to scare people from the system,” said interim New York City Transit Authority President Sarah Feinberg.


61% of Americans looking for jobs right now want to switch careers

The pandemic has hit the U.S. economy and job market hard, battering some industries beyond recognition. That's inspired many job seekers to change careers altogether, according to a new study.

About 61% of US job seekers surveyed — which includes people who are looking for new roles and people who are unemployed — have looked for a job in a new industry because of the pandemic, according to a new Morning Consult survey on job seeker insights commissioned by Amazon.

Amazon commissioned the study as part of its announcement of Career Day, an event on Sept. 16 in which a team of 1,000 Amazon recruiters will hold 20,000 free career coaching sessions. Along with other hiring efforts announced this year, the company said it now has 33,000 open roles to fill.

More than half of the Americans surveyed who are currently looking for a new job are doing so because of the pandemic, according to Morning Consult.

That tracks with overall trends: The US economy is down more than 11.5 million jobs since the pandemic hit the country, and the job market is still reeling with 884,000 more Americans filing new jobless claims last week.

3 in 10 Americans think their Mail-in Ballots will be counted accurately

According to the Washington Post, while more people want to vote in advance, incredibly few are confident in the process:

“Fear of the coronavirus and doubts about the reliability of mail voting after months of attacks from President Trump are weighing heavily on Americans as they decide how to safely ensure their vote will be counted in this fall’s presidential election, according to the survey. In 2016, about 4 in 10 ballots were cast early.”

But the Post has to concede that the public doesn’t have trust in the process:

Even as more voters want to mail their ballots than in 2016, just over 3 in 10 say they are “very confident” that their vote will be counted accurately if they vote by mail, compared with nearly 7 in 10 who say the same about voting in person on Election Day.

The polling cross-tabs reveal that fewer than 30 per cent of Americans believe in the integrity of the mail-in vote, with the number scarcely changing (to just over 3 in 10) for registered voters:


Baltimore man arrested on human trafficking charges in Jessup

A Baltimore man has been charged with human trafficking at a hotel in Jessup, Howard County police said.

Michael Allen Steadman, 33, of Newington Avenue, is charged with sex trafficking and is currently being held on $10,000 bond at the Howard County Detention Center.

Police learned of Tuesday of possible prostitution activity during the course of an undercover operation targeting human traffickers. Through the investigation, detectives arrested Steadman after they determined he was providing transportation to and from prostitution appointments for a 26-year-old female victim and keeping a portion of her money.

The victim was referred to appropriate services for assistance.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have information about suspected human trafficking or prostitution to contact police at 410-313-STOP or

Target to increase # of Black Workers across company by 20% over 3 years

Half of Target’s workforce is composed of people of color

Target Corp. has set a goal to increase the number of Black workers across the company by 20% over the next three years.

The goal was set alongside the release of the company’s 2019 Workforce Diversity report, a breakdown of the racial and gender composition at the retailer. The report found that more than half of the company’s workforce is composed of people color, including 15% who are Black and 25% who are Latinx.

Meanwhile, the company’s leadership team is 8% each Black, Latinx and Asian, with the remainder white. And 15% of Target’s board is Black, 31% is Latinx and 54% is white.

“We know that having a diverse workforce and inclusive environment not only creates a stronger team, but also provides the perspectives we need to create the products, services, experiences and messages our guests expect,” said Melissa Kremer, Target’s TGT, -1.02% chief human resources officer, in a statement.


Some Carroll County students to return to schools next week

A small amount of students in Carroll County will return to their schools next week.

Carroll County Public Schools said in a statement, "CCPS will begin to bring back small groups of students in some of its specialized and CTE programs next week. 

These small groups are a part of a phased approach where students will be invited to take part in onsite instruction in some of our school buildings. This will be Phase I of a plan to continue to bring back additional small groups of students over the next several weeks."

In Defense of Saint Junipero Serra

Catholics have been horrified by the recent toppling of several statues of St. Junipero Serra, the apostle of California.

Those who attack the saint accuse him of genocide, enslaving the Indians, and destroying native culture. By dint of repetition, this narrative may lead some to question his good reputation: “Maybe he was harsh on the Indians. After all, weren’t the natives living in peace and harmony before Fr. Serra and the ruthless Spanish arrived?”

The record needs to be set straight.

St. Junipero Serra was a friend and dedicated father to the natives. He improved their lifestyle and brought them Western civilization. Most importantly, he brought thousands of natives into the fold of Holy Mother Church and therefore saved many souls.
His early life

St. Junipero was born in 1713 on the island of Majorca, Spain. His parents named him Miguel Jose. During his childhood, he was frail and never enjoyed good health.

At a young age, Miguel Jose had a keen mind and excelled in university studies. He eventually entered the Franciscan Order, taking the name Junipero after St. Juniper. He became famous for his learning and was appointed to the chair of Duns Scotus at the University of Palma, the university’s most distinguished position. He had a prestigious academic career ahead of him. However, God had other plans.

Berlin Cancels Christmas Parade, NYE Celebration

This just in from the Town of Berlin:

The Town of Berlin will modify several events and cancel the Berlin Christmas Parade & New Year’s Eve celebrations for this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Saturday, October 17th, 10am-5pm: Oktoberfest will be a ‘Celebration of Oktoberfest in Berlin Day’. Many of the downtown eateries will feature outdoor tents with traditional Oktoberfest fare. There will also be local beer and cider. There will be no parking on Main and the side streets, but the roads downtown will remain open. Traditional Oktoberfest music will be offered by Ocean98 DJ Big Al Reno. The Berlin Fall Sidewalk Sale which is also held on October 17th will still take place.

Friday, November 27th, 5pm-8pm: The Berlin Christmas Tree & Holiday Shopping Night. There will be no formal tree lighting ceremony, but the Berlin Christmas Tree will be illuminated, and the shops will stay open late. Santa will be there offering carriage rides and local non-profits will have food and hot chocolate.

The Berlin Christmas Parade is cancelled this year.

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop on Main Street has been cancelled this year. An alternative plan is currently being considered and a decision will be made in October.

Verizon Wireless donates Chromebooks to Baltimore students, teachers

Verizon Wireless is making good on its promise -- that pre-dates the coronavirus pandemic -- to donate more than 1,300 Chromebooks to Baltimore City school students and teachers.

Administrators say the timing couldn't be better.

The promise was made just after the first of the year, before the pandemic hit. Now, seven months later, the computers have arrived.

And by the boxloads to the Baltimore Design School on Barclay Street.

“We were waiting for the devices and when we got word they had shipped on a Friday, we were waiting by the doors for them to arrive,” Baltimore Design School Assistant Principal Darrin Brozene said.

So far, the school has given out more than 200 laptop computers. It has about 100 more on hand for families who, up until now, have been forced to make do with limited school-issued technology.


Wicomico Board Approves Plans For Major School Projects

SALISBURY – School construction plans for Beaver Run Elementary and Mardela Middle and High highlight a capital planning document approved by board members this week.

On Tuesday, the Wicomico County Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the Fiscal Years 2022-2027 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and capital budget. The document will now be submitted to the county executive office and the state’s Interagency Committee on School Construction.

Facilities Planner Cayla Campbell first presented the proposed CIP and budget to board members in a work session on Aug. 25.

“This is where we budget, plan and implement for projects moving forward,” she said at the time.


Baltimore police spy plane again under attack in court

The Baltimore City police aerial surveillance program, also known as the spy plane, is again under attack in the courts.

The American Civil Liberties Union argued Thursday in a federal appeals court to shut the program down.

Three planes have been flying out of Martin State Airport since May. The arguments in court come as the Baltimore Police Department prepares a report on the spy plane program and whether it's doing anything to reduce crime.

The privately funded aerial surveillance program in Baltimore is in the fifth month of a six-month pilot, and critics continue to try to ground it.

"It's the technological equivalent of having a police officer follow you each and every time they walk out their door," said David Rocah, senior staff attorney for the ACLU of Maryland. "It's only because it's being done remotely from a plane that we don't viscerally experience the privacy implication and the privacy impact."

Council Commits To Accounting Firm

SALISBURY – An additional $50,000 in supplemental appropriations will allow the county to hire a second firm that will assist in this year’s financial audit.

Earlier this month, the Wicomico County Council approved $50,000 in supplemental appropriations to hire TGM Group, LLC to assist in the preparation of financial reports for the fiscal year 2020 year-end audit.

While the county contracts with PKS & Company to complete the annual audit, Acting Finance Director Pam Oland told the council this week TGM would also work with the county for the second consecutive year.

“TGM was brought in last year to help with the 2019 audit,” she said, “and they have been brought in to also help us get prepared for the 2020 audit.”


Publishers Notes: This is what you get when you rehire Pam Oland who completely screwed up tat department years ago and was a YEAR behind. Wicomico County needs a new Council!

Maryland acquires 250K coronavirus rapid point-of-care antigen tests

Hogan said the $8 million acquisition of rapid tests will be deployed to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and correctional and juvenile detention centers across the state.

"This is the latest state-of-the-art technology in rapid testing, which will help to slow the spread of COVID-19, and help our states to speed up economic recovery," Hogan said.

The rapid antigen tests, which are called a "breakthrough" in the battle against COVID-19, cost about $30 each and are processed at the point of care with results on site in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Hogan said the rapid-testing results will be calculated separately from the molecular testing, for which results can take days to a week to be returned.

"This is a new generation of these rapid antigen tests, which is much more accurate," Hogan said.

Trump Is Unloading Both Barrels on Critical Race Theory Just in Time

Another Tuesday is upon us, my Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I sincerely hope you’re all having a good one so far.

The post-Labor Day home sprint to the presidential election is also now upon us. It’s time for the candidates to refine their messages and swing for the fences.

While Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep continues history’s most tragic struggle with teleprompter reading, President Trump is busy using the power of the incumbency to laser-focus and finish big. The reason that the media is working hard to keep the hit piece on Trump by The Atlanticalive is to deflect from Biden’s complete lack of a real campaign.

President Trump is getting around to something that I’ve been hoping he’d tackle for a while. The mainstream media has been writing a fiction story about Black Lives Matter for years now and really slathering on the glowing embellishments since everything hit the fan in May.

A few months ago, a good friend, who doesn’t bury her nose in political news 24/7, asked me to describe Black Lives Matter in just a few words. I replied, “It’s a Marxist, anti-cop movement. ”

If you’ve got a more succinct — and correct — description, please share it with me.


Mall owners close to buying JC Penney out of bankruptcy

Mall owners Simon Property Group and Brookfield Property Partners are close to a deal to buy department store chain J.C. Penney out of bankruptcy and keep the chain running.

He noted that a letter of intent including more details of the pact will be filed with the bankruptcy court in the next day. Penney will be left with $1 billion in cash after the deal is completed, he said.

“We are all committed to moving this quickly and saving J.C. Penney," Sussberg said during the court hearing.

The 118-year-old department store based in Plano, Texas, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in mid-May, one of the biggest retailers to do so since the pandemic temporarily shut down non-essential stores around the country. As part of its bankruptcy reorganization, Penney said it planned to permanently close nearly a third of its 846 stores in the next two years. That would leave it with just over 600 locations.

COVID-19 Testing Announced for SU Students, Faculty and Staff September 7-9

Salisbury University will join other University System of Maryland campuses in testing all faculty, staff and students for COVID-19 during the week of Labor Day. This effort is part of the campus’ ongoing testing, which follows the completion of pre-semester baseline testing.

Campus community members will receive an assigned time for their test via their SU email accounts. All tests will be conducted at the former Court Plaza shopping center, 1506 S. Salisbury Blvd., between Monday, September 7, and Wednesday, September 9. Faculty are asked to take students’ assigned testing times into consideration when factoring class attendance.

Those unable to make their appointment will no longer be cleared to attend classes in person after Friday, September 11, until they are able to be tested during one of SU’s regularly scheduled testing dates, Tuesdays and Fridays in September, and receive negative test results. (Please note: Those tested on campus since 9 a.m. Friday, September 4; those who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 90 days and those who do not plan to be on campus at all this semester are exempt from this mandatory testing.)

For more information on testing dates beyond September 9, or to schedule an appointment outside of your assigned time, please visit the SU COVID-19 Testing Information page.

As of the end of the first week of classes, SU’s COVID-19 key indicators remain below critical levels established by the State of Maryland and Wicomico County Health Department. However, a small sample of tests conducted in the past week revealed an unexpectedly high percentage of positive results, with 10 out of 245 SU community members in that group testing positive for the virus. This mandatory testing will determine whether those results represented a certain cluster of the campus population or whether they are indicative of a larger positivity rate, still within State guidelines. This data is an important tool in SU’s efforts to keep the campus open this semester.