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Friday, June 14, 2013

Worst Detention Ever?

Biden To Donors: Republican Senators Scared Of Rand Paul And Ted Cruz

At a fundraising dinner for the Democrats' candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, Ed Markey, in Washington last night, Vice President Joe Biden voiced his concernabout freshman Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) (emphasis added):
"Have you ever seen a time when two freshman senators are able to cower the bulk of the Republican Party in the Senate? That is not hyperbole... I called 17 senators out, nine of whom were Republicans. Not one of (them) offered an explanation on the merits of why they couldn’t vote for the background check. But almost to a person, they said, ‘I don’t want to take on Ted Cruz. I don’t want to take on Rand Paul. They’ll be in my district.’ "

Biden went on to describe:
"I actually said, 'Are you kidding? These are two freshman,' " Biden added. "This is a different party folks. They’re not bad guys, and they’re both very bright guys. And I’m not questioning their motive."



The Rest Of The World Is Absolutely Disgusted With Our Big Brother Spying Methods
By Michael Snyder

The rest of the world has found out that the U.S. government has been listening to their phone calls and watching what they do on the Internet and they do not like it one bit. Outrage has been pouring in from all over the planet, and one member of the European Parliament is even comparing the NSA to the Stasi. But instead of stepping back and reevaluating our Big Brother spying methods now that they have been revealed, Barack Obama and other leading members of Congress are defiantly declaring that there is nothing wrong with these methods and that no changes will be made.

The U.S. government is going to continue to invade the privacy of the citizens of the rest of the world as much as it possibly can, and our leaders don’t seem to really care what the international response is. And make no mistake – the goal of the U.S. intelligence community is to literally know everything about everyone. The chief technology officer of the CIA, Gus Hunt, made the following shocking admission back in March: “We fundamentally try to collect everything and hang onto it forever.” He followed that statement up with this gem: “It is really very nearly within our grasp to be able to compute on all human-generated information.” In other words, they want it all, and they nearly have the capacity to gather it all already. So where does this end? Will the U.S. intelligence community ever be happy until they have every piece of data on every single person on the entire planet? Do we really want a government that collects “everything” and hangs on to it “forever”?


Flag Day: Banners Are Symbol Of Liberty Their Seamstresses Hope To Regain

From the State House to the courthouse, the Stars-and-Stripes flying this Flag Day morning and throughout the year may be a symbol of “liberty and justice for all.” But the women who sewed them lost their liberty a good while ago in Maryland’s justice system.

The flags flown by government agencies in Maryland are hand-stitched by the inmates of the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, women who expect their work will bring them closer to freedom .

Donna Cericole remembers what it was like to sew for her family many years ago, before she was matching seams on U.S. and state flags in prison.

“I think about it all the time when I’m sewing,” she said. “I have to concentrate on what I’m doing, but I always think about being home and picking up sewing again.”

Read more


New initiative will allow employers to lead workforce training programs designed to create jobs and expand opportunity

– Governor Martin O’Malley  joined by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and other officials, visited the Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPCorp) to highlight the EARN (Employment Advancement Right Now) job training initiative – a joint effort with members of the Maryland General Assembly to create industry-led regional job creation and workforce development partnerships that help to identify common workforce needs for high-demand occupations such as construction, traditional and advanced manufacturing, cyber security, and health care; and develop and implement education or training strategies to address those shortages.

“In Maryland, we’ve built up one of the most highly-skilled workforces in the nation,” said Governor O’Malley. “Companies like MAPCorp are doing the cutting-edge advanced manufacturing that we need to grow and strengthen our economy.The EARN job training initiative will help Maryland workers develop the skills they need for today's high-demand industries. I’d like to thank Senator Kathy Klausmeier, Delegate John Olszewski, Delegate Keiffer Mitchell, and Delegate Luke Clippinger for all of their incredible work on this bill last session – because of their hard work we are able to provide this investment to ensure that Maryland companies will compete and win in the New Economy.”

MAPCorp is an advanced manufacturing company that can grow and expand in Maryland with a highly-skilled workforce. The company focuses on engineering, prototyping, and production for government and commercial sponsors.

“As one of Maryland’s manufacturers, we want to thank the Governor and the Legislature for passing the EARN legislation. There are large changes coming in manufacturing with the growing use of automation in all parts of the product creation cycle,” said MAPCorp CEO, Mark Rice. “Those states with a skilled workforce and progressive training programs will have a significant advantage as these automation technologies are implemented in the manufacturing sector. Today’s manufacturing jobs are well paid with a constant need to refresh knowledge and skills.”

“Creating opportunities for Baltimore City residents is essential to achieving our goal of growing by 10,000 families in the next ten years. EARN will help provide job training for local residents, putting them in advantageous positions to compete for good 21st century jobs that lead to stable careers,” said Mayor Rawlings-Blake. “And since EARN is an industry-driven initiative, the trainings will certainly address the most important components for successful job matching.”

The EARN initiative will be managed by the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR), and will encourage regional workforce training collaborations among businesses, non-profits, institutions of higher education, community college, local workforce investment boards, local governments, and various types of workforce training providers. Supported by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, EARN is a proven strategy for providing Maryland’s employers with skilled workers. Among similar initiatives around the country, this approach led to skills advancement, career building opportunities and increased wages. In a survey of employers participating in sector partnerships in Massachusetts, 41 percent reported reduced turnover; 19 percent reported less rework on the job; 23 percent reported fewer customer complaints; and 100 percent of the companies said that participation in a sector partnership was valuable.

Sector strategies are among the few interventions with a growing body of evidence showing improved employment opportunities and wages for workers as well as increased productivity and other positive outcomes for employers. An estimated 1,000 regional sector partnerships are operating across the country. More than 25 states are exploring or implementing sector strategies as a way to address industry needs through education and training programs.

Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis through an application process. DLLR will release the EARN grant solicitations in the fall of 2013. Grant awards will be announced within one year from that date. For more information on the grant process, please visit

The O’Malley-Brown Administration is making the better choices that are delivering better results to create jobs, expand opportunity, and strengthen Maryland’s middle class. In the first quarter of this year, Maryland created jobs at the fastest rate in our region. Over the past 12 months, Maryland businesses have created 31,200 new jobs. Together, we’ve driven Maryland’s unemployment rate down to 6.5 percent, its lowest level in more than four years - 10 percent below the national average.

Maryland Orders South Dakota Lender To Stop Making Loans In State

The Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation has ordered three South Dakota companies and their owner to stop making unlicensed consumer loans in Maryland and from trying to collect payment on loans they previously made to state consumers.

The final order against Western Sky Financial LLC, Great Sky Finance LLC, Payday Financial LLC and Martin A. Webb also requires them to pay a $137,000 civil penalty and refund amounts consumers paid the companies. That includes $19,815 paid by 26 consumers who allegedly applied for and received loans from April 2009 through June 2011.

The May 22 final order, which Commissioner Mark Kaufman’s office disclosed Thursday, alleged that Western Sky and the other companies made short-term loans to Maryland consumers at annual interest rates ranging from 120 percent to 1,825 percent. The order alleged that Western Sky and the other companies are not licensed to offer loans in Maryland and that the interest rate charged exceeded that allowed under Maryland law. Maryland law prohibits lenders from charging an annual interest rate of more than 33 percent on unpaid loan balances of up to $1,000 or more than 24 percent on unpaid balances over $1,000.


Lindsey Graham: A "New Nazi"

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) wholeheartedly approves of the federal government’s massive Orwellian domestic spying initiative. Not only that, Graham wants to hunt down theheroic contractor who exposed this unprecedented intrusion on liberty and prosecute him for treason.

Or at least he wants other people to do that … obviously Graham isn’t going to do it himself.

Why is he adopting this position? Because Graham – like U.S. President Barack Obama and other fascist leaders in Washington, D.C. – are 100 percent secure in the knowledge that they are governing a nation of frightened sheep. And at the moment they are.

In other words they are doing this to us because they can … because we are letting them.


‘S’ Is For Shank? Sesame Street To Teach Kids How To Cope When A Parent Lands In Prison

PBS’s “Sesame Street” is taking on the tough task of teaching children how to cope when mommy or daddy lands behind bars, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

The program, titled “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration,” began distributing “tool kits” to schools, community centers and jails in 10 states yesterday to help kids ages 3 to 8, organizers told the Post.

Included in the tool kit is a list of tips to help caregivers prepare little ones for visiting their parent in jail.



Worcester County Sheriff's Department, Maryland State Police and Berlin EMS are on the scene of a home invasion on Libertytown Road.

One patient being treated by EMS. They have the house surrounded. Unknown on suspects still in the house. Victim is an elderly female with multiple lacerations.

We'll keep you updated as more information comes in. Again, your getting major local news before anyone else.

"And All The Sheeple Said ..."

The founding fathers of this country made it abundantly clear that those who value their safety over their liberty will wind up losing both …

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety,” Benjamin Franklin once wrote.

Meanwhile Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, described what would come of a society that failed to stand up for its inalienable rights.

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground,” he wrote.

Both men are absolutely correct.

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves,” Edward R. Murrow once said, and the people of the United States of America is rapidly fulfilling his prophecy.


Md. Teacher Charged With Sexually Abusing 3 Students

WASHINGTON - A Montgomery County teacher has been arrested on charges that he inappropriately touched three students during school hours.

Benjamin Cano, 33, of Edgewater, Md., was arrested Wednesday on three counts of sexual abuse of a minor and three counts of committing a third degree sex offense.

Officials at A. Mario Loiederman Middle School contacted Montgomery County police on May 17 reporting that two 11-year-old girls claimed Cano had touched them inappropriately. The girls said he also touched another student, a 12-year-old girl, according to police.


Congressman: IRS Agents Training With Semi-Automatic Rifles

GREENVILLE, S.C. —South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District representative wants to know why he saw IRS agents training with powerful, semi-automatic rifles.

Republican Jeff Duncan said he made the discovery at a Maryland Federal Law Enforcement Training Center on May 23.

The congressman was touring the facility with Homeland Security officials as part of his investigation into the amount of ammunition purchases the agency conducts.

Duncan told News 4’s Sean Muserallo he saw about eight or nine shooters identified to him as IRS agents practicing at an indoor 100-yard range.

“While we were sitting there,” said Duncan, “the gentleman told them to sling their weapons and load a 30-round magazine into the AR-15s they were training with.”

Duncan said he was concerned about what he saw.


Attorney Fee Increase Okayed

An ongoing issue received a hesitant go-ahead this week as the City Council approved additional funding for city attorney fees.

The ordinance on the table in its final reading stated, “The City of Salisbury's projection indicates an increase of $26,000 is needed in the FY13 appropriations for the City Attorney in order to meet the projected requirements for legal fees for the remainder of FY 2013.”

City Attorney Mark Tilghman explained he is concerned because for the first time this year the city will begin collecting personal property tax, which amounts to over 300 cases and only 10 percent of those cases have been initiated. Tilghman furthered the tax returns are sent out monthly with an expiration date.

“I do not want to go to work on that, and then find we have lost revenue we should have captured,” he said. “I would not anticipate that would take a huge number of hours … but that is something that was not considered in any of these estimates, it was all based on prior issues and this is a totally new issue.”


State Allows Juvenile Treatment Facility In Carroll County To Double In Size

The state Board of Public Works voted Wednesday to allow a Carroll County treatment center for juveniles to double its size to 96 beds — twice the state cap of 48 — despite a policy of sending troubled teens to smaller facilities for treatment.

"It's not ideal," Gov. Martin O'Malley, a member of the board, said after voting for the expansion. "It's not ideal at all."

But O'Malley and Sam Abed, Maryland's secretary of juvenile services, said the state had no choice but to allow the privately run Silver Oak facility to expand because more than 40 youths are languishing in state detention centers instead of getting court-mandated treatment.


Dew Tour Kicks Off Third Year In Ocean City Next Week

OCEAN CITY -- Alli Sports, a division of the NBC Sports Group, announced this week the confirmed athletes for the Dew Tour Beach Championships in Ocean City on June 20-23.

Over the course of four days, the top names in skateboarding and BMX will grind, grab and flip their way in the quest for the coveted Dew Cup. Fans can see the Dew Tour on NBC, NBC Sports Network and Dew, June 22-23.

The Dew Tour Beach Championships will debut the Skate and BMX “Battle at the Beach” street sessions. Top skate and BMX street competitors will hit a 10-stair rail and hubba set-up on the beach, for a high energy jam format contest. Past Dew Tour champions Ryan Decenzo and Greg Lutzka will contend with Manny Santiago, Dave Bachinsky and others in the skate battle while Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley and Jeremiah Smith are set to face off in the BMX Battle.


Children Raised By Gay Parents Come Of Age In Maryland

This year's Baltimore Pride is the first since marriage equality was passed in the state, but far from the first for Marylanders who grew up with gay parents.

A recent study released by the Williams Institute, a think tank at the UCLA School of Law, found that 20 percent of same-sex couples in the Baltimore region are raising children. Just five other regions in the country had higher percentages. Based on data from the 2010 U.S. Census, Maryland now ranks 12th for the highest percentage of same-sex couples raising children.

Though the stats reflect recent population data, these couples have been around in the state for decades. We decided to talk to two such families, who raised children in the state as young adults and now have children who are adults themselves. We discussed their family life, how things have changed for them — or not — when attitudes in the state and nationwide have shifted more in support of gay rights and marriage equality. What have been their ups and downs, their struggles and their moments of happiness?

Here are their stories.


War Drums Drown Out Scandalmania

“The infrastructure that accompanies the president’s travels is beyond our control.”

-- Ben Rhodes, a spokesman for President Obama, explaining to the Washington Post why the cost for first family’s trip to Africa later this month could approach $100 million despite automatic spending reductions.

The only time that the impending involvement of U.S. forces in a genocidal Middle Eastern civil war can be considered good political news is when the alternative story is bad enough.

A few eyebrows are arching in Washington today as the Obama White House makes ready for the next phase in a years-long escalation of U.S. involvement with the effort to topple the Assad regime and bid to install a new government.

After months of downplaying the “red line” on chemical weapons President Obama drew last year, the administration changed course on Thursday and announced a finding that the regime had in fact gassed its own citizens. The consensus was that Obama would likely soon start providing direct military aid to some of the Islamist rebels in Syria.


Barber Paid In Hugs Is Kicked Out Of Conn. Park

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- An 82-year-old barber who has been giving free haircuts to the homeless in exchange for hugs for 25 years was granted permission by the mayor Thursday to keep working in a city park, despite orders to leave from police and health officials.

Anthony "Joe the Barber" Cymerys has been a fixture every Wednesday for years at Bushnell Park, where he cuts hair and his friends hand out food to the needy.

But shortly after Cymerys set up shop this week, he said, health officials and police confronted him and his friends and told them they had to leave because they didn't have permits.

"I thought it was a drug raid, honest to God," Cymerys said. "It was the peanut gallery on TV where everyone was watching."


Notice of Closed Session



Thurmont Man Arrested By OCPD In Connection With Early Morning Stabbing

On June 14, at approximately 12:25 a.m., Ocean City Police and Paramedics responded to the

Trevor Lee Testerman
Trevor Lee Testerman
area of 119th Street and Assawoman Drive, in reference to a stabbing.  Officers arrived at the scene and determined that three victims, who have been identified as an 18-year-old female, a 20-year-old male and a 19-year-old male, all three of which are from Baltimore, MD, had been stabbed.  
Upon arriving to the scene, officers learned that the suspects had left the area.  Investigators at the scene were able to quickly obtain a description of the suspects and their vehicle and broadcast the information via police radio.  A short time later, a Maryland State Police officer that was on patrol in Ocean City spotted the suspect’s vehicle in the area of 31st Street and Baltimore Avenue.
The vehicle was stopped without incident and the suspects, who were identified as Trevor Lee Testerman, 18, of Thurmont, MD and a 17-year-old female from Frederick, MD, were taken into custody. Two of the stabbing victims, whose names are not being released, were treated by Ocean City EMS and flown by the Maryland State Police helicopter to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for additional treatment. The victims, the 18-year-old female and 20-year-old male, are currently listed in stable condition.  The third victim, the 19-year-old male, had a minor wound and refused medical treatment.  
Ocean City Police detectives have charged Testerman with three counts of first degree assault, three counts of second degree assault and one count of reckless endangerment. The juvenile female has been charged with accessory after the fact.
Testerman is currently being held at the Ocean City Public Safety Building and is awaiting an initial appearance with an Ocean City District Court Commissioner.  The 17-year-old female is being charged as a minor and has been referred to the Maryland Department of Social Services Juvenile Justice for processing as a juvenile.

Worthless Constitution?

NSA director to get a public grilling in the Senate ... General Keith Alexander, commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, testifies before the House Armed Services Committee on September 23, 2010 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. ... As pressure mounts for the intelligence community to curb its surveillance activities or at least make them more transparent, a key National Security Agency official will testify before the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday. Army Gen. Keith Alexander, National Security Agency director and head of U.S. Cyber Command, will testify before the full committee in a previously-scheduled session, marking the first time an NSA official will answer to Congress in public since news broke that the agency is collecting all of Verizon's U.S. phone records, as well as internet content from non-U.S. internet users abroad. – CBS

Dominant Social Theme: The US Congress will get to the bottom of these problems.

Free-Market Analysis: Nope. The US Congress is a political institution and in the modern era, political institutions are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

In fact, Western regulatory democracy is only about 400 years old, and for most of the past millennia, the idea that "government" could safeguard the freedoms of the average individual would have been looked on as a most strange perception, indeed.

Today, Congress is expected to "grill" the head of the NSA – see article excerpt above – as if those in Congress were not part of the same system that produced the NSA and its activities to begin with.


Think Before You Post

FLORENCE, S.C. -- A man wanted by police in Queen Anne's County is now in custody in South Carolina after criticizing the Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office on its Facebook page, which led to his arrest for parole and probation violations by the sheriff's office and Maryland Division of Parole on Monday, June 10.

Colby Gilliam, 33, a former resident of Centreville, may have thought he was being helpful in pointing out factual errors in a Facebook post about a worker who was struck by a falling paint can on Tuesday, June 4, on the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial (Bay) Bridge.

"A worker fell while working on the Westbound Span of the Bay Bridge. A High Angle Rescue Team is en route.Two lanes are reported closed and expect delays," the Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook.


America's Enemies Now Using Carrier Pigeons And Invisible Ink Letters: The Absurd, The Tragicomic And The Bizarre

If you know your electronic communication is being monitored, you start using couriers, carrier pigeons and invisible ink snail-mail--anything other than electronic communication.

The recent confirmation of programmatic domestic surveillance is rich with absurdist, tragi-comic narratives. Just to take the most obvious:

1. Is anyone dumb enough and/or credulous enough to believe "the bad guys" aren't aware of U.S. surveillance and electronic monitoring capabilities? Garsh, why did Osama bin Laden use couriers rather than his mobile phone?

Is anyone dumb enough and/or credulous enough to believe the bad guys think their communications within the U.S. or between non-U.S. and U.S. groups are safe from U.S. surveillance/monitoring because they really really trust the Bill of Rights to protect them?

Naivete about what the U.S. National Security State is capable of is highly correlated to which end of the drone strike you're on.


What The Serfs Should Know

I’m eternally grateful that curious and justice-minded Edward Snowden grew to adulthood without becoming jaded, wedded to power and position, or prescribed into numbness by ubiquitous authority.

His less than stellar performance within the public schooling machine was an early cause for celebration. Despite his nonconformity in state schools – or perhaps because of it, Snowden was and is very interested in serving his country and fellow man.

Believing his country needed him in the military, he enlisted and tried to get through some serious combat training. Perversely, his broken legs in training probably preserved his moral compass. Early on, he noticed his military instructors were more interested in getting trainees to enthusiastically kill Middle Easterners than in preserving and securing the country. This makes sense. Expeditionary volunteer forces, mercenaries for an empire, whatever you want to call the modern American standing army, must emphasize the attractiveness and the excitement of the fight rather than the necessity of it. To do otherwise would be self-defeating and hypocritical. To admit the truth beforehand would be harmful to recruitment, as much as record suicide rates do after recruitment.


University System of Maryland Board of Regents Votes To Raise Tuition

Students at this university can expect to see their tuition bill go up following a May 15 Board of Regents vote.

The University System of Maryland board approved a plan to raise tuition and fees across the system. The effects of the increase will vary from school to school, but most will see about a 3 percent increase.

For in-state students at this university, the change means about a 3 percent, or $253, increase in tuition. Out-of-state students will see an increase of about 3.9 percent, or $1,060, and graduate students will see their bills increase about 4 percent.

At some other system schools, the increase may be even higher — Salisbury University received permission from the system to increase tuition and fees 6 percent.


Detroit To Default Today, "Shared-Sacrifice" To Follow

And so the next casualty of the inevitable municipal collapse appears, which is, as expected, that one-time symbol of all that was right with a (once upon a time) manufacturing America, having since been replaced with the anti-symbol of all that is broken: Detroit.

And, true to from in the New Normal America, where the "fairness doctrine" rules supreme under Big Brother's watchful eye, the premise of the upcoming glorious recovery is a well-known one: "the shared-sacrifice." To wit: "The City currently faces approximately $17 billion in total liabilities. Detroit is insolvent and cannot meet its financial obligations without a significant restructuring. Mr. Orr's plan provides for shared sacrifice among all creditor groups – from Wall Street and Main Street consistent with their legal rights – in order to return Detroit to a sustainable financial foundation and to permit much-needed reinvestment in the City." The punchline: "Detroit's road to recovery begins today"... By defaulting.

Full release: HERE

Homeless Moderate Risk Tier II Sex Offender Notifications

Homeless Moderate Risk Tier II Sex Offender Notification
Antrell D. Smack, 20, Seaford, DE
6'01" tall, 330 lbs.
Black hair, brown eyes
Seaford, DE- Antrell D. Smack is not wanted. This is a Homeless Sex Offender Public Notification.  Smack is a moderate risk Tier II sex offender who has registered as homeless in Seaford, DE.  If you have information that Antrell Smack is occupying a residence please contact 302-672-5306 or by utilizing the Delaware State Police Mobile Crime Tip Application available to download at:  Information can also be provided to the Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.  Information may also be provided via the internet 
Send an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Homeless Moderate Risk Tier II Sex Offender Notification
Paul E. Herman, 30, Laurel, DE
5'10" tall, 162 lbs.
Black hair, brown eyes
Laurel, DE- Paul E. Herman is not wanted. This is a Homeless Sex Offender Public Notification.  Herman is a moderate risk Tier II sex offender who has registered as homeless in Laurel, DE.  If you have information that Paul Herman is occupying a residence please contact 302-672-5306 or by utilizing the Delaware State Police Mobile Crime Tip Application available to download at:  Information can also be provided to the Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.  Information may also be provided via the internet 
Send an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Thanks From MEMA

Publishers Notes: The message below is exactly what our LOCAL representatives should be following. It doesn't matter if you like Blogs or not, yesterday resulted in one of the biggest days Salisbury News has ever experienced. Our numbers were at least 40% higher than any normal day, meaning the public comes to Salisbury News, especially during challenging times. Why, because we deliver news well in advance of others.

The Wicomico County Board of Education has gone so far as to make sure none of their employees can access Salisbury News. Get this, they have also blocked my e-mail address from their employees as well. 

Are they that afraid of us. Do they not realize Salisbury News usually breaks news well before any other local media news source. Do they not want parents knowing what is going on with the welfare of their children. 

Let me give you a little HINT. We've been around for NINE YEARS. We continue to get inside information, regardless of their censorship attempts. That goes for the Sheriff's Office, Fire Department and other departments/agencies as well. We're not going anywhere.

I guess if you refuse to "play nice" (as Jim Ireton is quoted as saying) then your out of the loop. That's OK though, we still deliver before everyone else because WE CARE about your best interest and welfare.

We would like to thank all of our media partners for their help in keeping Marylanders informed about our weather events of the last 24 hours or so. Your special reports and weather-related blogs and discussions were appreciated, in addition to your regular reporting.
The state EOC will be returning to Level 4 (our normal ready state) at 8 p.m. tonight. The Joint Information Center phone line is no longer being staffed. If you need any interviews or updates tonight or early tomorrow.
If you merely want updates of power outages, please go to our web site at and click on the "Power Outages" tab.
Thanks again for all of your help.

Edward J. McDonough

Crying Assault Victim Ignored By Heartless Judge


JUNE 17, 2013



1:30 p.m. Chamber of Commerce Discussion – Permitting, etc.

2:00 p.m. Donation of Linens Property – Tom Stevenson

2:15 p.m. Restructuring of Executive Branch – Tom Stevenson

2:45 p.m. EDU Incentive Zone – Amanda Pollack

3:00 p.m. Mountain Biking Path MOU – Amanda Pollack

3:30 p.m. Land Use Agreement – West Salisbury Little League – John Pick

4:00 p.m. General Discussion

4:30 p.m. Closed Session – Fire Station Proposal – Mayor Ireton

5:15 p.m. Adjournment

Area Police Say Alarming Pot Arrest Rates Are Misleading

OCEAN CITY -- An ACLU report released earlier this month lists Worcester County at more than eight times the national average for marijuana possession arrest rates, based on information collected by the FBI and census data for 2010. There is some disagreement, however, over how much that statistic is warped by the seasonal nature of the county and the huge population shifts it goes through from winter to summer.

According to the report, Worcester County had 2,132 marijuana possession arrests per 100,000 residents in 2010. That’s 8.3 times the national average and five times higher than the state average. The next closest county to Worcester’s rate mentioned in the report is Kleberg, Texas, which had roughly 800 less arrests per 100,000 than Worcester.

Local law enforcement advises readers to take those statistics with a grain of salt since the ACLU report doesn’t account for the huge population boom that Ocean City, and by proxy the county, goes through every summer.


Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Re;ease 6-14-13

The Somerset County Sheriff's Office announces the hiring of retired Maryland State Police Trooper, Chuck Salvas. Chuck, a retired Sergeant from the Princess Anne Barrack, has served in law enforcement for 26 years. Chuck will serve the county as a Sheriff's Deputy, and will fill a vacancy with the civil division.

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release 6-14-13

Members of the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team concluded a six month marijuana distribution investigation that was being conducted jointly with the Ocean City Police Department Narcotics Unit and with the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration (Salisbury Post of Duty) and the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office.  During the course of this investigation, an individual identified as Michael Gates, Age 24, of Bishopville, Maryland was monitored as he was traveling back and forth from the Redding, California area to Worcester County, Maryland. Michael Gates is believed to have been facilitating the transportation and shipments of numerous packages of high grade marijuana from California to Maryland.

During the month of May, members of the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team executed multiple search and seizure warrants at various residences and a storage facility in Worcester County that Michael Gates utilized to facilitate this criminal activity. At the conclusion of this investigation a total of 7.5 lbs of marijuana was seized along with approximately $30,000.00 in United States Currency. The following individuals associated with this investigation were charged with various offenses as listed below:

Michael A. Gates (Age 24) of Bishopville, Maryland:
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession with intent to distribute Marijuana
Disposition: Committed to Worcester Co. Jail $45,000.00 Bond

David J. Gates (Age 28) of Bishopville, Maryland:
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession with intent to distribute Marijuana
Disposition: Committed to Worcester Co. Jail $35,000.00 Bond

Michael T. Herr (Age 23) of Berlin, Maryland:
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession with intent to distribute Marijuana
Disposition: Committed to Worcester Co. Jail $5,000.00 Bond

Michael T. Herr (Age 53) of Berlin, Maryland:
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession with intent to distribute Marijuana
Disposition: Committed to Worcester Co. Jail $7,500.00 Bond

Justin M. McDonald (Age 33) of Berlin, Maryland:
  • Possession of Marijuana
Disposition: Criminal Summons

Congressman Harris Successfully Advocates For Transplant Funding In Department Of Defense Appropriations Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, the House Appropriations Committee passed the appropriations bill to fund the Department of Defense. Congressman Andy Harris, M.D., the only physician who serves on the committee, successfully advocated for 15 million dollars in funding for reconstructive transplant research. This is the same amount as the program received last year; however during this time when extra scrutiny is being applied to the budget, the threat of a cut to, or elimination of this program existed.

Previous funds from this program were used to assist Sgt. Brendan Marrocco, the 26-year-old infantryman who lost all four limbs while serving our country in Iraq. He successfully received a transplant of two arms at Johns Hopkins Hospital in December. This funding will facilitate more transplants and state of the art immunotherapy for heroes like Brendan. Congressman Harris has both served in the military and conducted medical research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) while at Johns Hopkins, so he knows firsthand how supporting this kind of research improves lives.

“Those who have sacrificed for our nation deserve not only our honor and respect but also our resources,” said Harris. “This research program has had an immediate and transformative impact on wounded warriors and promising benefits for civilians as well. Service members with debilitating, disfiguring, and disabling injuries have regained their independence and returned to daily living and employment.

“While we cut the many areas of waste in government, it is important to make sure we continue to invest in programs that work. As this bill now heads to the House floor, I will work to ensure this funding remains.”

First Steps In Starting Your Own Business

What: First Steps in Starting Your Own Business

When: June 26, 2013 5:30-7:30pm

Where: One Stop Job Market, Conf. Room #012

Registration: Pre-registration is required. To pre-register or for more information regarding this course or other general inquiries, please contact Jennifer, Executive Assistant of Maryland Capital Enterprises by telephone: 410-546-1900 or via email: Sign up Online at

Course Fee: FREE

Decide if entrepreneurship is for you. Find out about pros and cons of small business ownership, what skills and resources are needed, State of Maryland requirements to start a business, why is the credit important, why a business plan is needed.

Can You People Just Try To Be Civil?

For years we have been asking people to try to be civil. We have a set of rules, many of which a select few attempt to disregard.

We do not allow cursing on Salisbury News. No personal attacks. NO CAPITAL LETTERS. No racial slurs/attacks.

If you send something in, especially under anonymous, it will and does get rejected. If you put your name to it on a registered Google account we will publish it as YOU own it.

Coming back on here and trying to complain that your comment was rejected for no good reason is a complete lie. We reject those comments as well because they simply aren't true.

Yesterday and today we are experiencing a higher than normal volume of such comments. I'm pretty confident these comments are coming from one or two different people who may own a competitive Blog in the hopes we'll slip and let one through, especially the racial comments. 

If we do happen to slip, please let us know right away and we'll make sure it is removed immediately. With hundreds of comments coming in every single day, it is very time consuming to read each and every one of them and publish them in real time.

If you haven't gotten it yet, we will catch them and we will reject them. It just goes to prove that there are some insane people in our area who keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. Need I say more!

Detroit Residents Stunned!

Police in Detroit announced the discovery of an arms cache of 200 semi-automatic rifles with 25,000 rounds of ammunition, 200 pounds of heroin, 5 million in forged US banknotes and 25 trafficked Latino prostitutes -- all in a semi-detached house behind the Public Library on Woodward Ave.

Local residents were stunned, and a community spokesman said: "We're all shocked; we never knew we had a library."

Troopers Investigating A Serious Crash West Of Georgetown

Location: Seashore Highway (SR18/404) west of Piglet Path Road, Georgetown, DE

Date of Occurrence: Friday June 14, 2013 at approximately 11:08 a.m.

Georgetown, DE- The Delaware State Police are currently on the scene of a serious two car crash on Seashore Highway (SR18/404) west of Georgetown. Seashore Highway between Rum Bridge Road and Piglet Path Road has been closed as emergency crews continued to operate in the area.

Commuters should expect delays in the area of the crash and should seek alternate routes.

Ravens Ban Backpacks & Other Bags From Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens are banning backpacks, coolers, briefcases. seat cushions and other large bags from M&T Bank Stadium, as part of of a new security procedure.

The ban is part of a new security procedure imposed at all NFL stadiums.

Fans will be allowed to bring in clear plastic bags, clutch purses or bags containing medically necessary items.

Ravens vice president of communications Kevin Byrne says the Boston Marathon bombings in April had an impact in the NFL decision to impose the ban.


Today's Survey Question 6-14-13

What damage did you experience from yesterday's storm?

University Of Maryland Medical Center To Begin Layoffs This Month

The University of Maryland Medical Center will send layoff notices to employees at the end of the month as it looks to cut costs in the wake of federal budget cuts and what it and other state hospitals have called inadequate rate increases.

Jeffrey Rivest, president and CEO of the Baltimore hospital, sent an email to managers Tuesday that said individual letters regarding layoffs would be given out June 25, 26 and 27.

The number of people who will lose their jobs still is being finalized, said spokeswoman Mary Lynn Carver said. She also said the dates of the layoff notifications could change.



Two reporters with Campus Reform were questioned and practically detained by University of Maryland police on Wednesday after they attempted to film an alleged secret government government facility where some think Edward Snowden worked as a security guard in 2005.

Sgt. Aaron Davis, a spokesman for the University of Maryland Police Department, told Campus Reform that his officers were acting at the direction of “NSA security” officials.

“We respond to them,” Davis added.


Thank God Its Friday 6-14-13

What will you be doing this weekend?

County Seeking Public Input On Land Preservation And Recreation Plan

Public Forum Set for Tuesday, May 21st

Salisbury, MD – Wicomico County will host a public forum, encouraging the public to provide input on its latest Land Preservation and Recreation Plan. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Flanders Room of the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center.

Required by the State of Maryland in order for Wicomico County to be eligible for Program Open Space grant funding, the LPRP must be updated every five years and approved by the County Executive and County Council. This comprehensive document serves as a planning tool to protect natural resource areas, and provide public parks and recreation facilities to meet our citizens’ demands.

Highlights of the plan and a summary of preliminary recommendations will be presented by the Plan’s author – Urban Research & Development, Inc. Following this, the floor will be open for comments and suggestions from the public, with the focus on Natural Areas Protection first and then Active Recreation immediately after.

Select sections of the plan, maps, and a summary of recommendations will be available at beginning June 15, 2013.

Harmony College East Returns To SU With Performances June 14-15

The joy of a cappella singing returns to Salisbury University as the Barbershop Harmony Society holds its annual Harmony College East from June 13-16. During the day participants, including singers and directors, take part in workshops and classes ranging from vocal techniques and harmony theory to coaching skills and barbershop history. The male and female youth and adult men’s quartets then showcase their newly-honed skills during two nights of public performances at 7 p.m. Friday-Saturday, June 14-15, in Holloway Hall Auditorium.

Inacom Wants To Help After Storm Damage

Inacom will offer 10% off IT Services and Telephone Systems for any Delmarva business that needs help recovering from the storm. Call 410.543.8200 and ask for Travis.

Police K-9 Fired

Pot legalization in Washington state has put at least one police dog out of work. The Labrador retriever, Phelan, is now obsolete for police work because he couldn't be retrained to ignore the scent of marijuana. The police department has purchased a new dog, trained to ignore the smell of pot. As more states legalize marijuana, more police dogs could be out of work, but maybe someone will give them a new job – helping forgetful pot smokers relocate their missing stash.

Which Way Is Up?

Without a care in the world, the puppies eyes opened last night for the first time. It will still be a while before they can actually see, so they're still completely dependent on Mom. I call them little Porqueena's.

Ex-NSA Leaker's Advice To Snowden: "Always Check Your Six"

"Be lawyered up to the max... find a place where it's going to be that much more difficult for the US to make arrangements for his return... and and always check your six," is the warning (advice) that Thomas Drake offers Edward Snowden, adding that, "it's now validation of this vast, now systemic, industrial-scale leviathan surveillance system."

As Reuters reports [9], Drake is one of the few people who understands from personal experience what the NSA Whistleblower is going through - the 56-year-old was prosecuted under the Espionage Act in 2010 for allegedly revealing classified information about the agency's sweeping warrantless wire-tapping program. The government later dropped all but a misdemeanor charge.

"Always make sure you know what's behind you," he adds, "when you offer up information about the dark side of the surveillance state they don't take too kindly to it." Drake, whose life was "essentially destroyed," is now a technical expert at an Apple store, but he still believes what he did was worth it, having no doubts: "Is freedom worth it? Is liberty worth it? Is not living in a surveillance society worth it? You've got to stand up and defend the rights and the freedoms that prevent that from actually happening."


SPD Press Release 6-14-13

Overworked And Underpaid

This year is turning out to be a landmark of wealth inequality. During the first three months of 2013, CEOs and banksters raked in record profits, while workers were hit with the largest drop in wages ever. While the U.S. banking industry broke records with profits of over $40 billion dollars, workers saw their wages decline 3.8 percent, despite an increase in worker productivity. That is the largest drop on record, in the 65-year history of that statistic. Thirty-two years of Reaganomics have brought us to this point, where the rich only get richer, and the working-poor work even harder and longer for less. Record profits and bloated CEO pay clearly show that companies can afford better pay for their employees, but greed is getting in the way. Every year, the wealth gap between the top one percent and the everyday worker grows wider. People around our nation are waking up to this disparity, and we're seeing more strikes and actions by low-wage workers. Day by day, more Americans are demanding living wages, and fighting to end this outrageous wealth inequality.