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Monday, May 07, 2012

Bizarre Craze Behind Smuggling of Pills Containing the Powdered Flesh of Babies

South Korean authorities have seized thousands of pills containing the powdered flesh of fetuses and babies that were smuggled in from China to be used as Viagara-style performance enhancers, according to multiple reports.

Nearly 17,500 of the bizarre capsules have been grabbed from tourists' luggage and international mail since last August, the state-run Korea Customs service said in a statement Monday. The capsules were made in northeastern China in a stomach-turning process in which dead babies' bodies were chopped into small pieces and dried on stoves before being turned into powder, the Korea Customs Service said. Customs officials refused to say where the dead babies came from or who made the capsules, citing possible diplomatic friction with Beijing. China ordered an investigation into the production of drugs made from dead fetuses or newborns last year.

The pills, which are typically smuggled in by ethnic Koreans living in northern China, aren't just creepy, they contain "super bacteria" that is hazardous to human health, the statement said. South Korea began cracking down on the drugs last year after a television network aired a documentary accusing Chinese pharmaceutical companies of collaborating with abortion clinics to make the pills from human fetuses and the remains of dead infants, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The People's Bishop

Retired Episcopal Bishop George Packard was arrested in Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza in New York City on Tuesday night as he participated in the May 1 Occupy demonstrations. He and 15 other military veterans were taken into custody after they linked arms to hold the plaza against a police attempt to clear it. There were protesters behind them who, perhaps because of confusion, perhaps because of miscommunication or perhaps they were unwilling to risk arrest, melted into the urban landscape. But those in the thin line from Veterans for Peace, of which the bishop is a member, stood their ground. They were handcuffed, herded into a paddy wagon and taken to jail.

It was Packard's second arrest as part of the Occupy protests. Last Dec. 17 he was arrested when he leapt over a fence in his flowing bishop's robe to spearhead an attempt to occupy a vacant lot owned by Trinity Church in lower Manhattan. The December action by the Occupy movement was a response to the New York City Police Department's storming and eradication of the encampment in Zuccotti Park. Packard will appear in court in June to face the trespassing charge that resulted. Now, because of this second arrest, he faces the possibility of three months in jail.

Packard's moral and intellectual courage stands in stark contrast with the timidity of nearly all clergy and congregants in all of our major religious institutions. Religious leaders, in churches, synagogues and mosques, at best voice pious and empty platitudes about justice or carry out nominal acts of charity aimed at those bearing the weight of resistance in the streets. And Packard's arrests serve as a reminder of the price that we—especially those who claim to be informed by the message of the Christian Gospel—must be willing to pay to defy the destruction visited on us all by the corporate state. He is one of the few clergy members who dare to bear a genuine Christian witness in an age that cries out in anguish for moral guidance.


Isaiah 9:10 'Most Important Discovery Of Decade'

In 1970, many churches were not regularly taught the doctrine of the second coming of Christ, more commonly known as premillennial prophecy. Then along came Hal Lindsey’s blockbuster bestseller, “The Late Great Planet Earth.”

The nation and the world were catapulted into a revival of knowledge that even the Prophet Daniel proclaimed would not be well known or revealed until the last days. A few great works have been added to Lindsey’s book and those who had only Clarence Larkin’s 1918 version of “Dispensational Truth” were reinvigorated to begin again to start studying the subject of eschatology. (The last things)

Now certain signs have been fulfilled in this generation that make it impossible to miss that the generation Jesus spoke of as the one sure to precede the second coming of Christ, is as the Bible says, “at hand.”

Of all the latest signs and the greatest teachings and discoveries about Christ’s imminent return in power that have graced this generation, none is more specific to America than the parallel Israel and America share in the passages of Isaiah 9: 10 and following.

Since online journalism often falls prey to the speed of surfing and the new lightning speed of digital browsers, I will state the early and emphatically; the Isaiah 9:10 prophecy/parallel is, without doubt, the most important and impressive discovery in this decade. It is a wakeup call that we can only ignore at our own peril.

“The Harbinger,” which traces the parallels between judgment on Israel and the United States of America, circa 2012. Or see the warnings, in “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.”

In both Old and New Testament days the Lord made it clear to his apostles and prophets and servants that if they went unheard and subsequently unheeded that it was God that was being rejected, not the servant. Under inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit, God, his message and the messenger stand as one. That being said, the primary here is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Jonathan is what is known as a, Messianic Rabbi, (Christian) whose message is heard daily on hundreds of radio stations across the nation.

Joseph Farah is the producer of the documentary and he is a man who hardly needs an introduction. As the founder and CEO of (formerly WorldNetDaily), a website that has recently been ranked among the top 500 sites in the nation, he is well known for his journalism and his untiring pursuit of the truth.

The documentary is used to show the parallel between ancient Israel and America. We are without doubt producing the same behaviors that Israel did before it began to fall under the judgment of God.

Since both Israel and America were chosen to represent God’s works and his message in our world it might seem apropos that we should both choose a similar path, but since it is a path to our own demise, it is anything but desirable.

God is the author and finisher of all things but he does want to make it clear that we play a role in the outcome of all that happens in our lives as individuals and collectively as a nation. This then, is the very heart of this documentary.


MBRG To Keep Close Eye On Special Session

Towson, MD - Maryland Business for Responsive Government announced today it will be monitoring votes from both the special and regular sessions of the Maryland General Assembly for possible inclusion in the annual publication that monitors the legislature's impact on the business community and job creation.

With a compressed time frame, legislation in a special session is often introduced without adequate vetting in the committee hearing process. One notable example is the "tech tax" which swiftly passed the General Assembly in the 2007 special session and was signed into law only to be repealed and later replaced by the millionaire's tax after an outcry from Maryland's IT sector.

"All kinds of mischief is possible in a special session," said MBRG President Kimberly M. Burns. " And everyone is aware that the Governor, Senate President and House Speaker didn't finish their work by April 9."

MBRG noted the legislature is not limited to simply proposals to increase the income tax, which is bad enough, but that a special session puts everything back in the mix. Still, the impetus for the session is to raise revenues to please government spending advocates.

“It’s a pretty sad day in Maryland when the legislature re-convenes just to raise taxes on hard working Maryland families and businesses to support its spending habit,” Burns said. “I hope folks will be paying attention.”

MBRG will be taking a close look at regular and special session votes in its annual Roll Call publication, which grades legislators on their votes on issues affecting jobs and business in Maryland. The publication will be issued in late June; the 2012 edition will mark the 27th edition of Roll Call.


Just in case you are having a rough day, here's a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological journals.

The funny thing is that it really does work and will make you smile:

1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a crystal clear stream.

2. Picture yourself with both your hands in the cool running water.

3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.

4. No one knows your secret place.

5.. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.

6. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.

7. The water is so clear that you can easily make out the face of the Democrat you're holding underwater.

There!! See? It really does work. You're smiling already.


On Tuesday May 1, 2012 county and state highway emergency services participated in a Communications Rally and Exercise at Winter Place Park in Wicomico County.

The purpose of the exercise was to bring together communications units, government agencies, allied agencies and personnel required to act during All-Hazard Responses on the Delmarva Peninsula. An All-Hazard emergency operations plan reflects what will be done to protect the community with the resources it has or can obtain.

Wicomico County Director of Emergency Services David Shipley commented, “An exercise like this is a prime example of the coordination and work it takes to mount an emergency response and how well the emergency services personnel on the Lower Shore work in partnership for the safety of their citizens.”

The primary goal of the exercise was to allow the agencies to operate through basic scenarios to demonstrate and practice interoperability of their equipment in a training atmosphere. These exercises also provide an opportunity to discuss and address any issues that could arise during an actual event.

Agencies and personnel were able to share information and experiences through networking. The various communications vehicles and resources that can be called upon to provide interoperability during an emergency were involved in the exercise. Those participating agencies included:

Wicomico County Department of Emergency Services and their mobile command post.
Ocean City Office of Emergency Management and their mobile command unit.
Worcester County Emergency Services and their special operations trailer.
Sussex County Emergency Operations Center and their incident command vehicle.
Maryland State Highway Administration with their emergency evacuation unit and traffic vehicles.

Beacon Asset Managers, LLC Announces Acquisition Of Creekside East Fruitland, Maryland

May 6, 2012 - Jacksonville FL - Beacon Asset Managers, LLC general partner and sponsor of the Lighthouse family of private equity funds, recently acquired Creekside East in Fruitland, Maryland (south Salisbury, Maryland). The community is located directly across the street from the Lighthouse Hunt Club subdivision that was acquired by Lighthouse Realty Fund, LP in December, 2011. As with the Hunt Club community, all lots located within the Creekside East subdivision are fully finished lots and immediately ready to build custom homes.

Creekside is a mix of duplex lots and single-family lots, some of which are located on a large pond with stunning waterfront views. Creekside and Hunt Club are located within walking distance of The University of Salisbury, a Super Walmart and other shopping, restaurants, banks, and the Peninsula Regional Medical Center, one of the top 100 hospitals in the country. These communities also are convenient to Business Route 13, the Salisbury ByPass, and the resort town of Ocean City, Maryland, Assateague Island, Chincoteague Island, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Managing Member and Project Manager Douglas Brown stated that the acquisition of Creekside and Hunt Club secured for Beacon investors all of the finished lots in the immediate area. Mr. Brown added that he is "excited to bring needed quality housing to the Fruitland, Maryland area and to have a positive impact on the local economy."


May 2, 2012 -- The County Executive and County Council formally recognized the first full week of May as National Correctional Officers’ Week in Wicomico County during last night’s Council meeting. Wicomico County Department of Corrections Director, George Kaloroumakis and a delegation of off-duty officers and employees were present to receive the proclamation.

The Wicomico County Department of Corrections is a key component of public safety. “Our Wicomico County Correctional Officers, on a daily basis, have to deal with dangerous and unspeakably horrible behavior from some of the people under their watch,” County Executive Pollitt said, “These brave men and women deserve our utmost respect and gratitude for their role in keeping our community safe.”

After receiving the proclamation, Corrections Director George Kaloroumakis expressed his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding work the officers and employees perform 24 hours a day, seven days a week with some of the most difficult and challenging personalities in the community. “The good work we do goes largely unnoticed by the citizens we serve,” said Kaloroumakis, “So, it is important to set aside a special time each year to recognize and thank our correctional employees who are committed and dedicated to serving the community in this profession.”

On May 5, 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first ever National Correctional Officers Week. Referring to correctional officers in his proclamation, President Reagan stated, "They are called upon to fill, simultaneously, custodial, supervisory and counseling roles. The professionalism, dedication and courage exhibited by these officers throughout the performance of these demanding and often conflicting roles deserve our utmost respect."

President Reagan went on to call upon officials of State and local governments and the people of the United States to observe this week with appropriate ceremonies and activities. The first full week in May has since been recognized as National Correctional Officers' Week to honor the work of correctional officers and correctional personnel nationwide.

Therefore, it is appropriate that correctional officers and correctional employees be recognized and honored by the citizens and government officials of Wicomico County during the first full week of May.

How Much Does It Cost To Tear Down A Nuclear Reactor?

Much more than the government thinks. The New York Times got a peak at a Government Accountability Office study slated for release today. It said the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's estimate of how much it would cost to decommission a site and bury radioactive parts was off by as much as $350 million at one place. GAO looked at a dozen reactors in all. It found estimates at five to be off significantly. The NRC requires plant owners to have enough cash on hand for decommissioning the plant, but GAO said the agency doesn't have clear procedures to track that money. The report suggested the NRC was requiring plants to have less money than they would need.


IRS Under Fire

A long-time critic of the Internal Revenue Service's whistleblower program is now investigating conference spending. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wants to know why the IRS sent the director of its whistleblower program and 18 other employees to the Ritz-Carlton in Miami for an event meant for offshore financiers and investigators. Grassley asked the IRS to provide details on who authorized the travel and how much they paid for each attendee. Grassley said he receives regular letters from whistleblowers frustrated that the agency isn't investigating their claims. He said it indicated his "worst fears are coming true" about the program.

No Bullet Wound Found in Soldier Skype Death, Army Says

DEVELOPING: Army investigators said Monday they found no bullet wound and no foul play in the death of a soldier who died during a Skype video chat with his wife.

Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark's wife said her husband fell forward and she saw a bullet hole in the closet behind him, raising the question of whether he had been shot.

But Christopher Grey, a spokesman for the Army Criminal Investigation Command, said Monday that no bullet wound was found in Clark's body.

Grey said an autopsy is being done to determine the cause of death.

One Simple Rule To Stop Unnecessary Wars

I’m sick of war.

Officially the cost of the war on terror has been $1.3 trillion. [6] And military spending — especially the interest on debt to pay for past wars — keeps growing year on year:

As General Eisenhower noted:

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its labourers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.

The cost in life was been ever steeper; over a million Iraqis died.


New Obama Slogan Has Long Ties To Marxism, Socialism

The Obama campaign apparently didn't look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, "Forward" — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name "Forward!" or its foreign cognates. Wikipedia has an entire section called "Forward (generic name of socialist publications)."

"The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications," the online encyclopedia explains.


Worker Smuggles Fake Bomb into London's Olympic Park

A worker smuggled a fake bomb past two checkpoints inside London’s Olympic Park just hours before Olympic Stadium officially opened, The Sun reports.

The worker called the newspaper worried about gaping security loopholes at the East London site, so The Sun had passed the worker the package he ultimately smuggled to the site just 82 days before the opening ceremony for the Summer Games.

According to the Sun, guards failed to spot anything as the worker drove with the package containing a dummy Semtex device; once inside, the worker openly took photographs of the package next to several sites, including the athletes’ village, which is expected to house 17,000 of the world’s elite competitors.

Welcome To Maryland

Obama Launches Campaign in Empty Arena

Barack Obama launched his campaign in unspectacular fashion today at Ohio State University, the largest college in the crucial swing state.  A photo posted to twitter by Mitt Romney's campaign spokesman Ryan Williams reveals sparse attendance.  The above image, according to Williams, was taken during the President's first official campaign speech.  

During the speech, Obama ripped into the presumptive GOP nominee and discussed nation building at home, but the most newsworthy item of the day was not the talking points Obama delivered: it was the crowd... or lack thereof.  According to ABC News, the Obama campaign had expected an "overflow" of people.  Instead, the arena looked half-empty.  The Columbus Dispatch reports that Obama organizers even had people move from the seats to the floor of the gym in order to project a larger crowd on television.

"Shattering The American Dream": The US Government's Ponzi Scheme

While Larry Kotlikoff was markedly pessimistic in the past (as we noted here just over a year ago), it seems it was a dress-rehearsal to his latest evisceration of what he now calls the US Government's Ponzi Scheme. In a recent VoxEU article on America's "fiscal child abuse", Kotlikoff and two colleagues demolish the idea of sustainability of government finances and how well off younger generations will be compared with their parents. The game is close to over and for today's children, the American dream will be just that - a dream!

BREAKING NEWS: Plot To Blow Up Jet Foiled, AP Reports

CIA thwarted an underwear bomb plot on a U.S.-bound jet near the anniversary of bin Laden's killing, sources tell AP.

From Fox News

Hospital Lauches Investigation After Patient Set on Fire During Surgery

The chief of surgery at New York’s Lincoln Hospital “set a patient on fire” during an operation, causing severe burns on the man’s neck and chest, The Post has learned.

Dr. Jay Yelon was performing a tracheotomy on April 19 to insert a breathing tube when his electronic scalpel, which gives off tiny sparks, came close to the patient’s oxygen supply, igniting a “minor explosion,” hospital insiders say.

Before the fire was extinguished, unconscious Enrique Ruiz suffered second-degree burns on his neck and chest. He awoke from sedation in searing pain.

DHS Preparing For Massive Civil War?

In a riveting interview on TruNews Radio, Wednesday, private investigator Doug Hagmann said high-level, reliable sources told him the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing for “massive civil war” in America.

“We have problems . . . The federal government is preparing for civil uprising,” he added, “so every time you hear about troop movements, every time you hear about movements of military equipment, the militarization of the police, the buying of the ammunition, all of this is . . . they (DHS) are preparing for a massive uprising.”

Hagmann goes on to say that his sources tell him the concerns of the DHS stem from a collapse of the U.S. dollar and the hyperinflation a collapse in the value of the world’s primary reserve currency implies to a nation of 311 million Americans, who, for the significant portion of the population, is armed.

Uprisings in Greece is, indeed, a problem, but an uprising of armed Americans becomes a matter of serious national security, a point addressed in a recent report by the Pentagon and highlighted as a vulnerability and threat to the U.S. during war-game exercises at the Department of Defense last year, according to one of the DoD’s war-game participants, Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis.


Obama’s Deal with Karzai Bans Raids on Al-Qaida Bases in Pakistan

Why would Karzai press for such a deal if he is really an ally? Why would Obama agree to it? "Obama’s deal with Karzai bans raids on al-Qaida bases in Pakistan," by Neil Munro for The Daily Caller, May 4 (thanks to all who sent this in):

President Barack Obama has promised not to attack Pakistan-based al-Qaida leaders or fighters from bases inside Afghanistan.

The surprising commitment effectively bars Obama and his successors from launching another nighttime helicopter raid like the one that that killed Osama bin Laden. That raid has proven to be Obama’s primary foreign-policy success because it killed bin Laden, scooped up much intelligence data and shocked Pakistan.


Mr. Jobs

POTUS Forgets FLOTUS On Air Force One

Shortly after landing in Columbus, Ohio, for his first rally, Obama walked off Air Force One under gray skies, ready to descend the stairs and greet some grassroots supporters. But after a few short steps, the president quickly doubled back, apparently realizing he had forgotten someone: the first lady. 

Video  Here 

Facebook Humbly Sets Its Value At Up To $96 Billion

Facebook, a clever little startup that lets people "friend" each other or something like that, is set to go public on May 18. In advance of its initial public offering, the company led by a plucky, big-dreaming college dropout announced today that it's worth as much as $96 billion.

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Ocean City Restaurant Week

What is Ocean City Restaurant Week?
During the promotion, many spectacular restaurants will create special menus designed to tempt your taste buds. They will offer special fixed-price menus. Price points are $10, $20, $30 and $40 (tax and gratuity not included).  

How do I take part in Restaurant Week?
No passes, tickets or coupons are required. Instead, diners may simply visit their favorite participating restaurants throughout the week to enjoy the special prix fixe menus. It is strongly recommended that you make advance reservations. A list of restaurants and their menus is forthcoming.


Happy Birthday Rick Pollitt

Markets Could Stumble After France, Greece Votes

Financial markets will likely stumble this week after elections in Greece and France cast a pall of uncertainty over Europe's efforts to solve its debt crisis.

On Sunday night, the euro plunged to $1.2988, a nearly five-month low.

Greek voters on Sunday voted mostly for two parties that want to change the nation's international bailout terms or even overturn its rescue deal, according to early projections of the election results. Greece won't have a government until parties with divergent worldviews can form a governing coalition.


Mitt Romney Is Absolutely Destroying Obama In Two Swing State Polls

There are two new swing-state polls out today: One from Gallup and USA Today, and the other from Politico and George Washington University.

Both polls show a statistical dead heat between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. But there are some key underliers here that give Romney a lot of reason to be confident.


Reebok Finally Gives Free Shoes To America's Tallest Man After He Raised $37K

Remember the very very tall man who needed special shoes? Igor has foot problems, at over seven feet tall, and he couldn't find shoes to fit. The shoes he needed cost $15K, money he didn't have. But when his story came to light in March, well-wishers ended up donating $37K to his cause. Now Reebok is doing the right thing and offering him the shoes for free.

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"Crab" Chips, Fruity Oreos? They're Big Overseas

Russians prefer their Lay's potato chips dusted in caviar and crab flavors. The Chinese like their Oreos stuffed with mango and orange cream. And in Spain, Kellogg's All-Bran cereal is served floating in hot coffee instead of cold milk.

Americans might get squeamish at the thought of their favorite snacks being tweaked. But what works in the U.S. doesn't always work everywhere.

In other words, Lee Linthicum, a market researcher, says: "It can't be some generic mix of spices that might fool an American."


New Garage Door Opener

Alleged Shots Fired At Parkside Apartments

Apparently police are everywhere surrounding the Parkside Apartments in Salisbury. Apparently someone shot at Police Officers and they everywhere, including helicopters. More to come.

Someone just sent in a message stating there's now a hostage involved. NOTHING official has come from the Police Department.

No schools are in lock down.

Al-Qaida Releases Video of American Hostage

In a video released Sunday by al-Qaida, American hostage Warren Weinstein said he will be killed unless President Barack Obama agrees to the militant group's demands.

"My life is in your hands, Mr. President," Weinstein said in the video. "If you accept the demands, I live; if you don't accept the demands, then I die."

Weinstein was abducted last August in Lahore, Pakistan, after gunmen tricked his guards and broke into his home. The 70-year-old from Rockville, Md., is the country director in Pakistan for J.E. Austin Associates, a Virginia-based firm that advises a range of Pakistani business and government sectors.


UK Checking To See If It Can Just Go Ahead And Block All Porn Sites

United Kingdom Internet users won't have to suddenly shut their eyes in shock when "accidentally" happening upon a pornographic web site, if the Prime Minister can figure out whether or not the government can just block all porn. For its citizens' sakes, of course.

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Va. Boy Becomes World Cup-Stacking Champ

WASHINGTON - A local boy has become the world champion in competitive cup stacking.

William Polly, 11, of Arlington, Va. earned the distinction at the 2012 World Sport Stacking Championships held in April in Butzbach, Germany, near Frankfurt. Polly was defending the title after winning it in Garland, Texas last year. He had previously become the national champion in Colorado Springs, Colo.

It's the first time the competition has been held outside of the U.S.


Obama’s Cinco de Mayo Wish: Signing The DREAM Act

President Barack Obama hosted a Cinco de Mayo party at the White House -- "even though it's only tres de mayo, we just like to get the fiesta started early around here" -- and promised to push for a comprehensive overhaul of America's immigration policies if he's reelected.

"There's still plenty of unfinished business, including fixing our broken immigration system," he said. "It's long past the time that we unleash the promise of all our young people and make the DREAM Act a reality."

Mitt Romney has vowed to veto the legislation, which would allow some undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children to stay on American soil legally, provided they have a clean record and graduate from high school or serve in the military. Republican Senator Marco Rubio has also pushed a version of the measure that would provide temporary, non-immigrant visas.

"No is not an option, I want to sign the DREAM Act into law!" Obama said. "I've got the pens all ready; I'm willing to work with anybody who's serious to get this done, and to achieve bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform that solves this challenge once and for all."

The issue has heavy electoral resonance: Latinos are the fastest-growing voting population, and many experts predict they will play a big role in a handful of critical battleground states in November. Obama easily leads Romney among Latinos, according to recent polls. But Republicans say they have not given up the fight. "A lot of you remember: Over a year ago, we brought the DREAM Act to a vote in Congress thanks to the hard work of many of you, and it passed the House, [got] the majority of votes in the Senate," Obama said. "Unfortunately, we had some on the other side of the aisle that got together and blocked it, but we didn't come this far just to let partisan politics stand in our way. So we're going to keep fighting for this common sense reform. Ultimately, America depends on it."

Obama noted that there are more than 50 million Americans of Latino descent, and praised them for "driving America forward."

"For our part, we know that securing (What about our US Borders?) our future depends on making sure that all Americans have the opportunity to reach their potential," the president said.

"And that's why we've worked hard over the last three and a half years to create jobs (What about our US citizens?), to make sure you get the care you need when you get sick (What expense to Our Legal US citizens?), to make college affordable for everybody (What about to our own US citizens first?), to ensure that no matter where you are, where you come from, what you look like, what your last name is — even if it's Obama — you can make it if you try (What that sounds like “profiling”! How about if you are just a “legal: US citizen first?)."

"These are victories for Latinos but they're more importantly victories for America," Obama said.

First State Heritage Park Offers Three Candlelit Cemetery Tours

DOVER – The First State Heritage Park’s candlelit tours of Dover’s three historic churchyards return this month. Tours will take place on the following Friday evenings – May 11, May 18 and May 25. The churchyard tours are made possible through the support and collaboration of the Presbyterian Church of Dover, Christ Episcopal Church and Wesley United Methodist Church.

Both children and adults will enjoy experiencing history by candlelight. Admission to all lantern tours is $5 and all tours begin at 8 p.m. Tour space is limited; lanterns may be reserved by calling 302-739-9194.


VW Passat 78.5 MPG In The Uk

Today's Fill In The Blank 5-7-12

The Eastern Shore is loaded with _____.


Governor’s Weekly Message Transcript: Making Delaware’s Case To Major Employers

This week, Delaware had two new chances to make its case in the national debate on how to get people working, make our schools even stronger and better prepare our nation for what is emerging as a global war for talent and jobs.

In part because of some of my experience in the private sector helping to build companies, but in larger part because of the progress Delaware is making on jobs, schools and competitiveness, I was asked to kick-off a national STEM Connector Town Hall last Wednesday. Sponsored by companies creating cutting-edge technology, the Town Hall brought together senior executives from some large employers to help figure out how we can best prepare our kids for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-heavy jobs that will give Delaware’s kids the strongest shot at economic independence.

And having that workforce ready to go – having adults or future leaders ready to jump in and succeed in new careers – is a critical part of attracting new jobs in the future.

Earlier on Wednesday, former G-E CEO Jack Welch and I were asked to be the closing speakers for the The Wall Street Journal’s annual conference , called Task Force for Women in the Economy. From academic leaders to the CEO’s of companies that collectively employ millions – including thousands of Delawareans – over 200 people came together to, as the Journal put it – create a “business-based, data-driven action plan to address an important economic issue: making better use of female talent to promote economic growth and competitiveness in the U.S. and worldwide.”

On a number of the topics – from supporting entrepreneurs, to improving STEM education – Delaware has a number of efforts underway. And the chance to make our state’s case to people who keep millions working was an opportunity we could not turn down.

As they build out their ideas own for new and best practices, we’ll be looking for new ways to partner, new answers to create more economic opportunity, and new approaches we can adopt right here as we keep working together to keep Delaware, moving forward.

Burglary Suspect Arrested

LOCATION: Worcester County, Maryland
ACCUSED: Robert Owen RAY Jr 28 y/o
Berlin, Maryland
CHARGES: Second Degree Burglary Malicious Destruction +$500
Fourth Degree Burglary CDS – Possess Marijuana
Theft Less than $100

NARRATIVE: On May 4, 2012, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Barley, Hops, and Grapes convenience store, located at 10441 Racetrack Road #7, Berlin, Worcester County, Maryland, for an activated burglary alarm. Upon arrival, Deputies observed that a window on the north side of the building was broken, and observed a case of Miller Lite beer lying in the parking lot. The Worcester County Bureau of Investigation was called to investigate the case.

Upon arrival of the Detective from WCBI, a canvas of the area found a torn piece of a box from a Miller Lite 30-pack of beer several yards from the broken window. Officers continued the canvas, and located a trail of Miller Lite beer cans leading from the convenience store in the direction of the cottages at 10510 Racetrack Road, Berlin, Worcester County, Maryland. When Officers searched the area of the cottages, they located the stolen beer behind one of the cottages and made contact with the residents. Officers were then able to identify the suspect as Robert Owen Ray Jr. Ray fled the house upon the arrival of officers.

Robert Owen Ray Jr was subsequently located in a near by house (relatives residence) found hiding in a bedroom closet.

Robert Owen Ray, Jr was arrested without incident and charged.

Robert Owen Ray was taken to the District Court Commissioner and ordered held on $15,000 bond.

Because of the quick actions of the Worcester County Road Patrol Deputies, Maryland State Police, Berlin Barracks and Worcester County Bureau of Investigation, this suspect was quickly arrested and taken off the streets.

Today's Advertiser Of The Day 5-7-12

WCSO Press Releases 5-7-12

Incident: DUI / Motor Vehicle Collision
Date of Incident: 4 May 2012
Location: Honeysuckle Drive, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Kevin Michael Newsome Jr., 21, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 4 May 2012
at 2:33 AM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported motor vehicle collision on Honeysuckle Drive near Seagull Lane. Investigation revealed a vehicle driven by Kevin Michael Newsome had struck a tree near that intersection. When the deputy made contact with Newsome, the deputy observed that Newsome had a glazed look on his face and smelled strongly of alcohol.

The deputy began an investigation into driving under the influence of alcohol by putting Newsome through a battery of sobriety testing. After the tests, the deputy placed Newsome under arrest for DUI.

During processing, Newsome refused to submit to a breath test. Newsome was released on citations pending a court date.

Charges: Driving Under the Influence
Driving While Impaired
Negligent Driving
Reckless Driving

Incident: DUI / Theft
Date of Incident: 3 May 2012
Location: Naylor Mill Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Kisha Monique Holcomb, 35, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 3 May 2012
at 11:41 PM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office conducted a registration check on a vehicle he saw driving erratically using his in car Mobile Data Terminal. The deputy discovered the plates displayed on the Dodge Durango should have been displayed on a Hyundai. The deputy stopped the vehicle and made contact with the operator, Kisha Holcomb, who told the deputy she had borrowed the tag from a friend. The deputy would discover that the tag had been reported stolen the previous week to the Sheriff’s Office. The deputy also discovered that the registration on Holcomb’s vehicle had been suspended due to no insurance.

The deputy also detected a moderate odor of alcohol emanating from Holcomb which led the deputy to conduct sobriety testing on Holcomb. After the testing, the deputy placed Holcomb under arrest for DUI.

During processing, Holcomb became belligerent and refused to consent to a breath test.

The deputy transported Holcomb to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Holcomb in the Detention Center in lieu of $13,000.00 bond on all charges.

Charges: Theft under $100
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
Driving Without Insurance

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 3 May 2012
Location: 8600 block of Doris Street, Delmar, MD
Suspect: Aimee D. Johnson, 36, Delmar, MD

Narrative: On 3 May 2012
at 10:55 PM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported disturbance at a residence in the 8600 block of Doris Street in Delmar. Upon arrival, the deputy met with Aimee Johnson and a male victim whom she resided with. The deputy observed that the male subject was bleeding from the face and was suffering from an injury around his eye.

Investigation revealed that the argument began during a discussion about the couple spending more time together and that it was during this argument that Johnson allegedly assaulted the male subject who was determined to be her boyfriend.

The deputy placed Johnson under arrest and transported her to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Johnson in the Detention Center in lieu of $20,000.00 bond.

Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

Georgetown Clock Hand Thieves Ask for New Mascot as Ransom

What will it take to get back the hands taken from the clock of Georgetown University's Healy Hall?

The thieves, or at those claiming to the thieves say they want the school's new mascot-in-training.

On Thursday afternoon, the trio called "Reaper, Goliath and Juliet" posted the ransom note on CollegeCraig.


Joint Statement From County Executive And Superintendent Of Schools

County Executive Rick Pollitt and Superintendent of Schools Dr. John E. Fredericksen said in a joint statement Friday that county and school system officials had a good thorough conversation about the FY 2012-13 budget process Friday afternoon. Recent misunderstandings were fully addressed and all parties agreed to re-commit to working as a team for the good of the children and the citizens of Wicomico County.

Today's Survey Question 5-7-12

Where do you feel is the safest place on earth?

A Letter To The Editor 5-7-12


Mayor of Salisbury wanting to raise taxes?? He wants to make a bike route on Camden Ave. and make Camden Ave one way. If we dont have money in the coffers why are we spending money on something that is not needed? Raise taxes so he can have some money to do pet projects. I would like to keep some of that money here to do some of my pet projects. (like paint my building).

Have a good day Mayor Joe.

Publishers Notes: Mayor O'Ireton can't help but follow his leader and raise taxes.

Why not remove a good chunk of parking meters Downtown and help boost traffic instead. Why not even mention the Salisbury Police Departments needs, rather than a bike route. They did the same thing with the Fire Boat. Spend money on something completely unnecessary.

As far as Camden Ave becoming a one way street, no way! The ONLY reason O'Ireton would even suggest such a thing is to tick off that neighborhood.

Look, it's simple. Just tell us ONE thing that O'Ireton has done for the City of Salisbury since being elected, besides wanting to raise taxes.

Here's my proposal. The Mayor gets paid $25,000.00 a year. Pay the Mayor more like $50,000.00 a year. However, IF the Mayor cannot keep the budget under the previous year the Mayor only gets paid $25,000.00.

It should PAIN the Mayor just as much as it does the taxpayers to increase ANY budget. You have to think out of the box, something the current and former Mayor never did. However, the Mayor should be rewarded for proving to be fiscally responsible.

Seems fair to me. How about you? Just imagine how many stupid projects/expenses would disappear if something like this were done.

Keeping Cool

When your air conditioning goes out and it starts getting hot, pop your body through the sun roof and drive through Downtown Salisbury. That's exactly what just happened seconds ago.

Domino's Offers Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Perhaps the single biggest if not most frustrating void for folks stuck on gluten-free diets is about to be finally filled: home-delivered pizza.

Monday, Domino's, the world's largest delivery pizza chain, will announce plans to sell a pizza made with a gluten-free crust.

It comes as some of the biggest foodmakers and food sellers — including Frito-Lay, Subway, Anheuser-Busch and P.F. Chang's — are jumping into the $6.2 billion market for people unable to consume products made with wheat, barley and rye.

Top General: Obama Knew About OBL’s Hideout in Abbottabad Since Summer of 2010 – Refused To Act Until May (Video)

General Jack Keane (Retired), the former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, told Mike Huckabee tonight that Barack Obama knew about Osama Bin Laden’s hideout since the summer of 2010. But Barack Obama refused to act for several months. He wanted absolute proof first that Osama was living there. It wasn’t until May of 2011 that he agreed to attack Bin Laden’s compound, almost a year later.


Md. Firefighters Rescue 3 Kids From Burning Home

Three children have been rescued from a burning home in Baltimore.

Firefighters were called to the home on West Lexington Street around 2:30 a.m. Sunday for a report of a fire and people trapped inside. While some firefighters battled the flames, fire department spokesman Chief Kevin Cartwright says others searched the home and found three children.


Irrefutable Proof

Irrefutable proof that the right woman can bring balance and stability to your life.

Dictator Obama Issues New Threat To Supreme Court Over ObamaCare

In his latest display of his full USA federal government dictatorship over both the American people and the former co-branches of government, Dictator Obama is warning the Supreme Court to either rule in his favor or face severe consequences.

Fox News’ Martha McCallum advised Thursday that the Obama Administration has been quietly sending missives to the Supreme Court threatening that if it doesn’t rule in his favor on ObamaCare, Medicare will face disruption and “chaos.” Therefore, if SCOTUS rules in favor of the US Constitution, Obama & Co will begin its campaign to either destroy Medicare or make those on it suffer greatly. The Obama syndicate is said to be threatening to hold off Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals if SCOTUS does not comply with Obama’s demands and submit to him.

As an additional example of Obama’s illegal and (I believe) highly treasonous behaviors, on 1 May and 2 May Obama issued two additional unconstitutional and illegal Executive Orders. The first E.O., issued 1 May 2012, makes the USA subject to “international regulations” as opposed to looking to and following the US Constitution. Also, with this new E.O., the US FDA will now be able to be bypassed by International committees—thus, replacing the FDA with any international group which may be chosen. In essence, Obama is quickly eliminating US Sovereignty and selling the USA to the international “community.”


Tee Shirts & Bumper Stickers Now Available

Come by 300 W. Main Street and pick up a free tee shirt and bumper sticker while supplies last.

Ronald Reagan Tribute -- Bel Air Presbyterian Church

Groom's Body Found at Kentucky Derby Track

LOUISVILLE – The morning after the 138th Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs made national headlines again when a man's body was found in a barn on the racetrack's backside.

Police believe the man was murdered, but a cause and manner of death won't be known until Monday at the earliest.

The man was identified as 48-year-old Adan Fabian Perez, a native of Guatemala. He was a groom at the track. His body was discovered in barn No. 8 by a track security officer shortly before 5 a.m. ET, said Alicia Smiley, a Louisville Metro Police spokeswoman.


Don't Mess With Old Veterans!

This guy was told by his Homeowners Association he couldn't fly the American flag in his yard.

Moral; Don't mess with a veteran!

The Second Side Of The Story About Michael Smith And His So Called Poor Defenseless Dog


I am writing this to you because I am the granddaughter of the landlord that Chef Michael Smith's from Breaktime called out in his post. His rant is far from the truth. My grandfather is an excellent landlord and I wanted you to know the other side of the story since there is one and Chef Mike like a coward posted an non true account of his actions on your site and his facebook looking for sympathy. People like him give landlords all over a bad name because of their irresponsibility and doing things the way they want without regard for anyone else.

My grandfather didn't even know there was a dog in the house until he started getting calls from the neighbors that the dog was jumping the fence and terrorizing everyone in the neighborhood. His lease does state NO pets so already Chef Mike has broken his lease by choice, not my grandfather. My grandfather NEVER gave him permission to have a dog in the first place as he states in the comments. When the neighbors started calling, my grandfather told him he didn't allow dogs and would allow the family to stay but the dog had to go and he would give him a month to find someone to take him. As you can tell no one has volunteered to take the dog because of how he acts and the one person who did take him brought him back immediately to Chef Mike because they couldn't handle him either.

The city of Salisbury does have a leash law so I'm not quite sure why he thinks it's ok for the dog to hop the fence and chase the neighbors or their animals. I found and put a few of these to help those who still see a problem with him allowing the dog to do this and encourage you to look up the laws about vicious dogs and potentially dangerous dogs in the code since they talk about exactly what his dog is doing. The dog should have already been taken from him.

"Section 6.04.070 Running at large prohibited. No custodian or keeper of any dog shall permit such dog to run at large. (Ord. 1709 § 1 (part), " "Section 6.04.140 Impoundment of vicious dog. Any vicious dog having bitten a person or other domestic animal may be impounded by the animal control officer and held until such time as the custodian of said animal has submitted satisfactory evidence to the animal control officer that adequate provisions have been made to protect the public from said animal. (Ord. 1709 § 1 (part), 1999)"

And I'm sorry but he has two small children and a wife. If some strangers pitbull comes running down the street and tries to grab one of those kids or his wife by the 'winter coat' does he think he's going to say, oh it's ok, no one got hurt and they shouldn't have run??? He probably would have tried to kill the dog and the owner right there which would be totally understandable! Or maybe would have chased the dog back home to try to hit it with a shovel. And I'm sure he would have gone straight to the owners house to handle it. And what would he have done if it kept getting out and it was threatening them?

He states that my grandfather is an older man and is afraid of being sued... by who? No one is going to sue my grandfather for his stupid dog chasing and trying to bite everyone. He is lucky the neighbor his dog got a hold of didn't sue him for being bit. And isn't it his job as the pet owner to control HIS dog on a leash when he's not in his own yard? Where in the world do the neighbors have to be scared to go out of their house or down their street? Would anyone else be ok with that and wouldn't someone call the landlord about the trouble that was being caused or anyone else to have the problem corrected?

He has stated my grandfather will not allow him to lock the gates because of needing access to the back yard. The other tenants my grandfather have all have locks on their gates and have been told just like him, if they want the locks, on grass cutting days the gates have to be unlocked since my grandfather cuts their grass. And here's a thought, for this dog who jumps the fence, why in the world would you need to lock a gate or a pesky neighbor to come sneaking over and open it up? He seems to have no problem getting out without any ones help.

I guess he forgot to put in here that he had to leave the last place he rented for the same problem, the dog. It makes you wonder why go through all this trouble for a dog that keeps getting you run out of your homes? My grandfather is tired of dealing with all of this mess especially since none of it from him is true and all he is doing is causing trouble and he is unwilling to do anything about it. It seems like it's the neighbors fault for walking down the street since his dog should be allowed to get out and run around when he wants.

Yes it's nice to see he does all of this stuff for the community but I wonder how they liked being dragged into all this mess on your site especially since they have nothing to do with it. I bet his work isn't happy either. He's throwing a tantrum about something him as a grown man should be responsible about and be trying to fix. Not blaming everyone else for his & his wife's negligence.

I hope this gives another side of the story and even though I don't like the Mayor I'm thankful to see his has made one good call.


Erika Sifrit

Hi Joe,

The TV shows keeping putting Erika Sifrits story on. great story. She shows zero remorse. her only interest is getting out of jail. Her stupid parents will keep paying hundreds of thousands in legal bills for nothing. She will die in jail. she's completely bat sh!t, on heavy medication, and will get every crazier in jail.

The parole board will laugh at her. she plead not guilty in court. It doesn't matter what remorse you show after that. They know you're not sorry or you would have plead guilty. The GOVERNOR of Maryland has to sign for the release of all lifers. The governor hasn't been singing releases for many years. It's a risk that can make them look bad. it gets them no points if they sign.

My point is this- her asshole boyfriend will walk out full time, 2/3 of his sentence, after about 25 years. he'll only be in his 40s. what kind of justice is that? Appealing a conviction for poor counsel is laughable. Was your attorney there? Was he sober? Then he did his job.

Erika will die in jail but it won't bring those two people back to life. she's in the women's CI in Jessup now by the way.

Roger Mason
Leland, N.C.

Police: 2nd Woman Shot at Maryland Church Dies

Howard County police say a priest wounded when a gunman opened fire at her Ellicott City church has died.

Police announced Sunday that the Rev. Mary-Marguerite Kohn, co-rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, was pronounced dead at Shock Trauma on Saturday night. The church said earlier in the day that she was on life support to assist her family's intentions to donate her organs. Her body was taken to the medical examiner for autopsy.

Parish Warden Craig Stuart-Paul says the 62-year-old Kohn never turned away a person in need. He says even in death, she is giving life through her organs.


A Comment Worthy Of A Post 5-7-12


I hope you get elected. You can really make a difference by supporting the city's law enforcement. No one will move a business into a city with an under staffed, underpaid police department that isn't able to keep up with the criminals. We know they do the best they can with what they have but they they need more. They have been ignored for far too long. The last mayor who supported the Police Department was Paul Martin. Look what happened when he left office. Crime went through the roof and hasn't slowed down. SPD was once the premier law enforcement agency on the shore. Now it is overworked, underpaid, and ill equipped. No wonder these animals come to Salisbury to sell drugs and commit crimes. What are your plans for correcting thes problems if elected?

Publishers Notes: Rest assure, the Salisbury Police Department will be priority #1 should I be elected. One thing you will come to learn about Joe Albero, when I say I'm going to do something it will never be a feel good phrase just to gain votes.

Ignoring crime in Salisbury has gone on far too long. We need to face it head on, (IN THE PUBLIC EYE) and work together as a community to make our quality of life and safety better.

I want Officers back on foot patrol and on bikes. I want Officers introducing themselves in the community again, not just riding by in cars. I want to see proactive community policing. Officers driving through our City streets at 5 mph with their windows down at night listening to dogs barking and unusual sounds that might tip them off to crime in progress, not just reactive policing answering to 911 calls after the fact.

The Mayor's job is NOT to run the Police Department. Rather than micromanaging the Police Department from the Mayor's Office, I'll put my faith in Chief Barbara Duncan and expect, (like you) that she will perform and deliver results. Paul Martin was a highly respected man by most. Hopefully one day the community will be saying the same thing about Chief Barbara Duncan.

The Salisbury Police Department will never again experience every day broken down cars and inadequate equipment. Their safety should and will be priority #1. Asking a man to dig a hole with a flat head shovel and expecting it to get done in seconds is just ridiculous. This Mayor will give them the proper tools to get the job done, should the citizens have me.

Romney's Wealth

It just occurred to me... With all the noise the media is making about Romney's wealth, I don't recall such bluster and hand-wringing over the Kennedy fortune. Or, for that matter, John Kerry. Or the fact that John Kerry gave virtually nothing to charity while Romney gave something on the order of $4 addition to his entire inheritance from his father.

Oh. Wait. I just remembered. Romney is Republican.
Kerry and the Kennedys are Democrats.
Also, Romney worked for his money.
Kennedy inherited his.
And Kerry married his.

Never mind. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed.
If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed." ...Mark Twain

US Airstrike Kills Senior Al-Qaida Leader in Yemen

An airstrike Sunday killed a top al-Qaida leader on the FBI's most wanted list for his role in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole warship, Yemeni officials said. The drone attack was carried out by the CIA, U.S. officials said.

Fahd al-Quso was hit by a missile as he stepped out of his vehicle, along with another al-Qaida operative in the southern Shabwa province, Yemeni military officials said. They were speaking on condition of anonymity in accordance with military regulations.

The drone strike that killed Quso was carried out by the CIA, after an extended surveillance operation by the CIA and U.S. military, two U.S. officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Mississippi Queen

The Mississippi Queen pulled out of its slip this morning in Salisbury and headed up the Wicomico River.

U of Md. Student Found Dead in Car Near Arundel Mills Mall

A 22-year-old University of Maryland senior has been found dead in a car near Arundel Mills Mall, but police say there's no obvious sign of foul play.

Anne Arundel County police say mall security officers found the woman's body around 5:30 a.m. Sunday slumped inside a vehicle behind the Anne Arundel Community College satellite building early Sunday and called 911. Police officers and EMS personnel responded and the woman was pronounced dead.



(SALISBURY, MD) – The driver who was wounded early this morning after he backed his vehicle toward two officers from the Salisbury Police Department who had been attempting to stop him for erratic driving has been released from the hospital and is at the county detention center facing numerous criminal charges.

The suspect is identified as Tremont P. Wright, 21, of Princess Anne, Md. He is currently charged with two counts each of attempted second degree murder, first degree assault, and reckless endangerment. He is expected to have his initial appearance before a court commissioner in Wicomico County later tonight.

Wright sustained a gunshot wound to the leg after backing toward two Salisbury Police Department officers early this morning following a vehicle pursuit. (See previous news release.) Wright was taken to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for treatment and was under police guard pending criminal charges.

Investigators from the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit, who are investigating the police-involved shooting at the request of the Salisbury Police Department, consulted with the Wicomico County State’s Attorney regarding charges today. Based on the evidence developed at this point in the investigation, the charges listed above were obtained.

Wright was released from the hospital at about 1:30 p.m. today into the custody of Maryland State Police pursuant to the arrest warrant. He was transported to the Wicomico County Detention Center where he is currently being held pending his initial appearance.

George Lindsey, Known as Goober Pyle, Dies

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- George Lindsey, who spent nearly 30 years as the grinning Goober on "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Hee Haw," has died. He was 83.

A press release from Marshall-Donnelly-Combs Funeral Home in Nashville said Lindsay died early Sunday morning after a brief illness. Funeral arrangements were still being made.

Lindsey was the beanie-wearing Goober on "The Andy Griffith Show" from 1964 to 1968 and its successor, "Mayberry RFD," from 1968 to 1971. He played the same jovial character - a service station attendant -- on "Hee Haw" from 1971 until it went out of production in 1993.