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Saturday, November 17, 2018

'Costs Us Nothing': New York Gov. Cuomo Downplays $1.5 Billion Payout to Amazon

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo downplayed the $1.5 billion in tax credits and $1.2 billion in tax breaks given to Amazon in return for the company basing its new headquarters in New York City, claiming it, “Cost us nothing.”

“This is a big money-maker for us — costs us nothing, nada, niente,” claimed Cuomo during a press conference. “We make money doing this.”

Despite attempting to downplay the deal, Amazon is reportedly receiving “$2.5 billion in taxpayer subsidies,” including “$1.525 billion in tax credits and construction grants,” and “$1.28 billion in tax breaks.”

Amazon chose to split its new headquarters between New York City and Arlington, Virginia, this week, after receiving hundreds of offers and incentives from cities and counties in North America which sought to entice Amazon into building its new headquarters in the area.

The decision has been criticized by figures across the political spectrum, from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.


Border Wall Contract Award in Arizona

WASHINGTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has awarded a contract to construct up to 32 miles of Primary Pedestrian Replacement Wall in Arizona, within the U.S. Border Patrol’s Yuma and Tucson sectors.

The project was funded with CBP’s Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations. The contract for this project was awarded on November 13, 2018 to Barnard Construction Company, Inc. for the base contract of $172 million for approximately 14 miles in Yuma Sector. Total contract value, including options, is approximately $324 million. Construction is scheduled to begin in April 2019.

The Arizona projects include the construction and installation of upgraded tactical infrastructure including approximately five miles in Lukeville, Arizona, and approximately 27 miles in Yuma, Arizona. This project is within the Yuma and Tucson Border Patrol sectors’ areas of responsibility.

The primary pedestrian replacement wall in Arizona will improve each sector’s ability to impede and deny illegal border crossings and the drug and human smuggling activities of transnational criminal organizations.

CBP continues to implement President Trump’s Executive Order 13767 – also known as Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements – and continues to take steps to expeditiously plan, design, and construct a physical wall using appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve operational control of the southern border.

Trump Understands The Important Difference Between Nationalism And Globalism

President Macron’s protests against nationalism this weekend stand in stark contrast with the words of France’s WWII resistance leader and the man who would then become president: General Charles de Gaulle.

Speaking to his men in 1913, de Gaulle reminded them:

“He who does not love his mother more than other mothers, and his fatherland more than other fatherlands, loves neither his mother nor his fatherland.”

This unquestionable invocation of nationalism reveals how far France has come in its pursuit of globalist goals, which de Gaulle described later in that same speech as the “appetite of vice.”

While this weekend the media have been sharpening their knives on Macron’s words, for use against President Trump, very few have taken the time to understand what really created the conditions for the wars of the 20th century. It was globalism’s grandfather: imperialism, not nationalism.

This appears to have been understood at least until the 1980s, though forgotten now. With historical revisionism applied to nationalism and the great wars, it is much harder to understand what President Trump means when he calls himself a “nationalist.” Though the fault is with us, not him.

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism: nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism … By pursuing our own interests first, with no regard to others,’ we erase the very thing that a nation holds most precious, that which gives it life and makes it great: its moral values,” President Macron declared from the pulpit of the Armistice 100 commemorations.


Rand Paul: Next A.G. Must Defend Individual Liberty from Deep State

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) offered his thoughts on who should replace former Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an interview with Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.

“I think your cabinet needs to have people in it who agree with you,” Paul said when asked if he was happy about Sessions’ departure. “I think for a long time Jeff Sessions hasn’t really been working for what the president would like him to do.”

“I also think that there are some big reforms that we need of our justice and our intelligence agencies, and I think justice can be part of that,” Paul added. “What they’ve done to the president has been very unfair with going after his campaign, trying to entrap people.”


Broward’s Brenda Snipes Searches Her Office for Over 2,000 ‘Missing’ Ballots

Embattled Broward Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes is personally overseeing the search within her headquarters here for purportedly missing ballots to account for the 2,040-vote discrepancy in the number of votes cast in her county during the Midterm Elections.

The discrepancy came in the difference of total votes registered from the initial machine count and the results from the machine recount numbers reported earlier today.

Election workers in Snipes office told Breitbart News that Snipes and her team are scouring the office building, located inside a strip mall in Lauderhill adjacent to a Duncan Donuts and Winn-Dixie grocery store. The workers spoke on condition that their names be withheld.

Snipes herself earlier told the elections Canvassing Board as well as lawyers for the Democrat and Republican parties that the purportedly missing ballots are “in the building” and have not disappeared.

“We have been trying to determine what could have caused the drop."

As of this writing, the ballot discrepancy has not been accounted for.

More here

Tucker Carlson: Accepting election outcomes you don't like is something only Republicans are required to do

It’s been more than a week since the last votes were cast in the 2018 midterms, that was last Tueday. but still several key races remain unresolved. In the state of Florida, a recount is ongoing, and we’ll have more on that in a moment. It’s a pretty weird story. But perhaps strangest of all is what’s happening in Georgia.

The race for Georgia governor was tight for months, you probably followed it, but it finished in the end pretty much exactly where the polls predicted it would finish: The Republican Brian Kemp defeated Democrat Stacy Abrams by about one and a half percentage points. In a big state, that is an awful lot of votes. For reasons she hasn’t really explained though, Stacey Abrams has refused to accept those results. Her allies are now claiming the election was stolen. Here’s what some of them are saying:

OHIO SEN. SHERROD BROWN (D): If Stacy Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it. It’s clear. It’s clear.

NEW JERSEY SEN. CORY BOOKER (D): Stacey Abrams’s election is being stolen from her, using what I think are insidious measures to disenfranchise certain groups of people

HILLARY CLINTON: I know Stacey well, she was one of my really strong surrogates in the campaign. If she’d had a fair election, she already would have won.

Election fraud! That’s what they’re saying. -- By the way, is there anyone more fraudulent than Cory Booker? Think about that.

But back to election fraud. It’s a serious charge. And it’s telling that nobody making that charge has provided any evidence that it actually happened. No detail at all.


Male Gym Teacher Allegedly Punished By School For Refusing To Watch Girl Shower

A male P.E. teacher is claiming that he was punished by school administrators for refusing to watch a transgendered, biologically female middle schooler change and shower with male classmates. He also claims he was forbidden to speak of the issue with parents or students.

The case has garnered the attention of Liberty Counsel, a law firm that provides pro bonorepresentation “with a particular focus on religious liberty and other First Amendment issues.”


David Hockney painting sells for $90M, breaking art record

A painting by English artist David Hockney sold for $90.3 million during an auction at Christie’s in Manhattan on Thursday.

The 1972 painting, “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures),” broke the record for the most expensive piece of art sold at auction by a living artist.

The artwork depicts two men at a pool with lush mountains in the backdrop.

It sold after more than nine minutes of frenzied bidding, according to Agence France-Presse.



Kamala Harris Compares ICE to KKK

At a Thursday confirmation hearing for President Donald Trump's nominee to head Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) compared the agency to the Ku Klux Klan.

Harris asked Trump's nominee for the position, Ronald Vitiello, about comments he previously made in which he referred to the Democratic Party as "neo-Klan" like. Vitiello apologized for the comments, calling them inappropriate because of the Klan's history. Harris asked him to expound on why the comments were inappropriate.

"The Klan was what we could call today a domestic terrorist group," said Vitiello, a 30-year Border Patrol veteran who has been serving as the acting head of ICE.

"Why?" Harris asked.

"Because they tried to use fear and force to change the political environment," Vitiello replied.

"And what was the motivation for the use of fear and force?" Harris asked.

"Based on race and ethnicity, " Vitiello responded.


Hirono: Any Future Clinton Investigation Would Be 'Beating a Dead Horse', a 'Witch Hunt'

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D., Hawaii) responded to questions about a potential congressional investigation into Hillary Clinton's email controversy by saying the idea was like "beating … a dead horse." She clarified, however, that she was not calling Clinton herself a dead horse.

"The fact that [GOP members of the Senate] continue to want to go after Hillary Clinton says to me they are not paying attention to what's going on in our country," Hirono told CNN's Brianna Keiler. "Dragging in Hillary Clinton says to me they keep beating what I would consider a dead horse. Not to say she is a dead horse."

The "witch hunt for Hillary Clinton" was, according to Hirono, raised by Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings, and would continue if Sen. Lindsay Graham (R., S.C.) took over leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa).

When asked if he would investigate Clinton if appointed chairman of the committee, Graham told CNN "totally" and said "the oversight function will be very much front and center."


KY Governor Blames 'Zombie Television Shows' For Mass Shootings

In the wake of any mass shooting, people invariably want answers. They want to know not just why that shooting happened, but why any such shooting happens.

It’s an understandable reaction. I think most of us feel the same way. What makes someone become so unhinged that they murder as many strangers as humanly possible?

There are usually folks out there that will find something to blame for these incidents, often something fairly popular that this individual doesn’t like. For years, video games got the lion’s share of the blame.

But the governor of Kentucky has something else that he thinks is responsible.


MARCO RUBIO BOMBSHELL: Democrats Planned Voter Fraud Day After Midterm Election — And There’s Proof

Marco Rubio has been leading the charge against Democrat Party voter manufacturing and voter fraud in the state of Florida.

Rubio called out Broward County two days after the election after the corrupt Democrat elections officials manufactured over 80,000 new ballots after Election Day.
On Thursday night Marco Rubio reported on the planned Democrat voter fraud after Election Day.

Democrat leaders in Florida directed staffers and volunteers to shear altered election forms to fix improper absentee ballots AFTER THE DEADLINE.

The plan was to have Florida voters fix and submit as many absentee votes as possible in hopes of including them in the vote totals.


Former Alabama state trooper killed after shooting district attorney in face, official says

A county prosecutor was shot in the face in rural western Alabama on Thursday before officers fatally wounded the suspect: a former state trooper who once was questioned in another shooting.

Greg Griggers, the district attorney for Alabama’s 17th Judicial Circuit, suffered a facial wound in the shooting, which occurred in downtown Demopolis, District Attorney Michael Jackson said.

“Griggers got shot in the face and they killed the ex-state trooper who shot him,” Jackson

Griggers was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital later that day, reported.

An investigator from Griggers’ office and a drug task force investigator opened fire and killed the assailant, Jackson said. The suspect was identified as former Alabama state trooper Steven Smith Jr., who was questioned about a shooting at the home of Circuit Judge Eddie Hardaway Jr. in 1996 while he was still working for the state. No one was ever charged in the shooting at the judge’s home.

“It is the same trooper [from] all those years ago. My agents with the [4th Judicial Circuit] drug task force have been down there for a few hours and they say it’s definitely him,” Jackson said. “I asked them if they were 100 percent sure it’s him and they said they are.”

Smith was hired in February 1982 as a state trooper and fired in 1996, reported. It was not immediately clear why he was fired or if it was related to the shooting at the judge's home.


Lindsey Graham to Take Over as Chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee!

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is set to take over as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee following Chuck Grassley’s move to Chair the Finance Committee.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) announced Friday he will be stepping down as Judiciary Chair.

Via The Hill:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is poised to become the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee after Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) announced Friday that he would step down to take over the chairmanship of the Finance Committee.

The shuffle would put Graham, a close ally of President Trump who made headlines this fall with a forceful denunciation of Democrats during Brett Kavanaugh‘s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, in charge of the panel handling judicial nominations.

Earlier this week, Senator Lindsey Graham said if he became the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee he would further investigate the FBI’s botched probe of Hillary Clinton’s private server.


Democrats Steal Another Race: California Republican Young Kim Who Led by 3% After Election Is Suddenly Down 941 Votes

Another California Republican who led the election by 3% on Election Day is suddenly down by 941 votes more than a week after the election.

Young Kim was declared winner on Election Day.

Young Kim was poised to be the first female Korean US House representative in history.
But Democrats stole her race too.

Democrats have stolen EVERY HOUSE race in California since election day.
All of the tight races were led by Republicans on Election Day.


Let the Democrats Keep Showing Their Hand

The Democratic Party's emerging radical bloc is alarming, but the leftist group's youthful intemperance could backfire and re-energize Republicans' 2020 electoral prospects.

Even before all the hanging chads and miraculously divined ballots have been examined in Florida, newly elected leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already engaging in activism in the halls of Congress. On Tuesday morning, the future representative from New York joined a protest organized by the Sunrise Movement outside the offices of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to demand immediate action on climate change -- as if the dinosaur wing of the Democratic Party weren't sufficiently extremist on environmental issues.

Ocasio-Cortez, who validates the maxim "youth is wasted on the young," is part of the Justice Democrats, which promoted leftist challengers during the 2018 Democratic primary cycle. The Sunrise Movement is demanding House support of a "Green New Deal," which contemplates forming a committee to write policies aimed at creating jobs by moving the nation off fossil fuels -- as counterintuitive as that may strike you.


Trump Warns Media He And Staff Will Leave If Disrespected At Press Conferences

President Donald Trump warned the White House press corps that he and his administration officials would leave press availabilities if they felt they were being disrespected, in a Friday appearance in the Oval Office.

Trump’s answer came shortly after his administration lost an effort to continue barring CNN reporter Jim Acosta from the White House. Judge Timothy J. Kelly issued an injunction Friday morning ordering the White House to reinstate Acosta’s credentials, saying his Fifth Amendment right to due process was violated. Acosta’s credentials were then re-instatedFriday morning.


The 'Trade Surrender Lobby' in Trump Admin Pushes for 'Truce' with China

Efforts to get the Trump administration to soften its stance on China have intensified in recent weeks.

Both outside informal advisers to the president as well as high-ranking government officials have participated in a coordinated push to get President Donald Trump to back off his threat to raise tariffs on Chinese goods from ten percent to 25 percent in the new year, according to a person briefed on the matter.

President Trump spoke with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping by telephone on November 1. The two leaders agreed to discuss trade issues when they meet at the G-20 meeting in Argentina at the end of November.


Washington DC Carry Permits Skyrocket After Dismissal of 'Good Cause'

Washington, DC, concealed carry permits are skyrocketing following the dismissal of the District’s “good cause” restriction for permit issuance.

On July 25, 2017, Breitbart News reported that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that D.C.’s “good reason” requirement for concealed carry permit issuance is unconstitutional. The ruling was handed down in Wrenn v. District of Columbia.

According to the Daily Caller, the District’s “Metropolitan Police Department confirmed … Tuesday that 1,896 concealed carry permits were issued by MPD for the calendar year to date 2018.” That represents a “1,440 percent” jump in the number of permits which were issued while the “good cause” restriction was in place.


Stacey Abrams Admits Defeat Against Brian Kemp in Georgia Gov. Race

Democrat Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams admitted Friday that she cannot win against Republican opponent Brian Kemp.

Abrams told supporters that the conservative Secretary of State pinned “his hopes for election on the suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote.”

“Concession means to acknowledge an act is right, true or proper…I cannot concede that,” she added.


Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams prepares legal bid to overturn result if Republican declared governor

Stacey Abrams' campaign and legal team is preparing an unprecedented legal challenge in the unresolved Georgia governor's race that could leave the state's Supreme Court deciding whether to force another round of voting.

The Democrat's longshot strategy relies on a statute that's never been used in such a high-stakes contest. It is being discussed as Georgia elections officials appear to be on the cusp of certifying Republican Brian Kemp as the winner of a bitterly fought campaign that's been marred by charges of electoral malfeasance.

Top Abrams advisers outlined her prospective case to The Associated Press, stressing that the Democratic candidate hasn't finalized a decision about whether to proceed once state officials certify Kemp as the victor. That could happen as early as Friday evening.

Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, Abrams' campaign chairwoman, is overseeing a team of almost three-dozen lawyers who in the coming days will draft the petition, along with a ream of affidavits from voters and would-be voters who say they were disenfranchised.


Florida Counties Ditch Recount Results As Numbers Favor Republicans

Two counties in Florida did not submit the results of the election recount in the required time frame, which would have otherwise increased the Republican candidates’ leads over their Democrat challengers, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Both Broward and Hillsborough Counties failed to meet Thursday’s deadline to submit the tallies from the machine recounts and instead ended up submitting the unofficial vote count reported on Saturday, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The recount would have ultimately increased the margin for both Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Rep. Ron DeSantis’s races by a couple hundred votes.


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GOP Audits Elections Office In County That Swung To Democrats

The Arizona Republican Party will conduct an independent audit of the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office after three statewide Republican candidates who initially led on election night saw their races swing the other way as outstanding ballots were counted.

Despite leading on election night and for some time afterward, GOP Rep. Martha McSally ultimately lost her Senate campaign to Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema. The neck-and-neck race took almost a week to call. The former Air Force pilot initially led her Democratic challenger by about 16,000 votes the day after Election Day. However, the slow count of mail-in ballots pushed Sinema into the lead and eventually handed her victory.

McSally wasn’t the only Arizona Republican who saw her lead vanish as outstanding ballots trickled in.

Republican Frank Riggs initially led Democrat Kathy Hoffman in the race for Arizona superintendent of public instruction. He went on to lose about a week later. Katie Hobbs, the Democratic candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, had been trailing Republican Steve Gaynor on Election Day, and The Associated Press went so far as to project Gaynor the winner that night. However, after several days of ballot counting, the Democratic candidate is expected to win that race.


Virginia Dunkin' Donuts owner calls police on black customer for using free Wi-Fi without purchase

Video footage of a now-viral interaction between a black customer and a white store manager at a Virginia Dunkin’ Donuts has sparked outcry and heated debate online, after franchise owner Christina Cabral called police on patron Tirza Wilbon White for allegedly using the store’s Wi-Fi without making a purchase.

“I had just sat down when a woman I had never seen before walked up and asked, ‘Are you going to buy coffee?'” White told Yahoo Lifestyle of the Nov. 7 incident, which occurred at one of the Fairfax locations of the coffee and pastry chain. “I told her I planned on buying coffee after I got settled, but not if it were mandated.”

According to Yahoo, White then asked the woman, whom the outlet identifies as Cabral, if a white customer would be held to that same standard, prompting Cabral to say that White must make a purchase or leave.


CIA reportedly concludes that Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi's killing

The CIA has reportedly concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally ordered the hit on journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

“The accepted position is that there is no way this happened without him being aware or involved,” said a US official, speaking under the condition of anonymity to the Washington Post.

Intelligence agents looked at multiple sources of evidence when coming to their assessment, according to the newspaper, whom Khashoggi worked for as a columnist.

This included an alleged phone call made by the prince’s brother, Khalid bin Salman — Saudi ambassador to the United States — to Khashoggi sometime before his assassination, as well as an audio recording provided by Turkish officials.


Avenatti claiming he was set up with false allegations of violence

This is too delicious. Michael Avenatti is now claiming he was set-up with false allegations of abuse of a woman. Amanda Woods reports in the New York Post:

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti, who was busted in LA for domestic violence, has blamed his arrest on far-right conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl.

Say it ain’t so, Mike! Do you mean to say that unscrupulous people make false allegations of abuse of women to score political points? I thought that we were supposed to #Believe All Women….


Stories the liberal media wouldn't tell you this week!

Diseases spread by ticks hit record level in U.S.

New government research shows that tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease continue to rise. The report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that in 2017, state and local health departments reported a record number of cases of illnesses spread by ticks.

Cases of Lyme disease, Powassan virus; spotted fever rickettsiosis, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis and tularemia all increased last year. The CDC said there were 59,349 confirmed cases of tick-borne diseases in 2017, up from 48,610 in 2016. In past years, health officials have acknowledged that the true number of cases is likely many times higher than the officially tally.

The findings reflect an accelerating trend of tick-related diseases reported in the U.S. Between 2004 and 2016, the number of such cases doubled. Researchers also discovered seven new tick-borne pathogens that infect people.


First Month Of Red Flag Law Draws 114 Requests For Removing Guns

ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) — Just weeks ago, new legislation went into effect that can remove guns through protective orders from owners who may be a danger to themselves or others.

The first month of the “Red Flag Law” drew more than 100 requests, with most coming from family members and spouses.

In just the last five months, Maryland has endured two mass shootings that rocked the entire state.

One at the Capital Gazette left five dead, and another in a Rite-Aid warehouse in Harford County left four dead.


72 percent say media ‘dividing Americans,’ spreading ‘hate’

Nearly three-quarters of the country believes that the media are “dividing Americans” along political, racial, and gender lines, a stunning condemnation of the press, according to a new national survey.

What’s more, the Zogby Analytics poll provided to Secrets said that the media bias is sparking hate and misunderstanding.

And while Americans also blame President Trump for dividing voters, the survey analysis said the media are worse. Those surveyed, said Zogby Analytics, “felt the mainstream media spread hate and misunderstanding, also felt that President Trump is responsible for the spread of hate and misunderstanding, but more voters overall, and in most sub-groups, blame the media slightly more!”

More here

Florida's Vanishing Votes: Almost 1,000 Ballots Just Disappear

The latest bizarre twist in a Florida vote-recount battle that has already serving up a goldmine of material for late-night jokesters: One Florida county revealed Thursday its machine recount tallied 846 fewer votes than the tally it reported to state election officials just five days earlier.

Apparently unable to resolve the question of how nearly 1,000 votes would seemingly disappear, Hillsborough County election officials announced a nifty solution: They will simply ignore the machine recount total, and stick with their original tally.

The Tampa Bay Times says that decision will cost GOP Senate candidate Gov. Rick Scott 146 votes he would have gained under the machine recount.

Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer, a Democrat, defended the canvassing board's decision to ignore the discrepancy and stick with their original number, stating "We are not willing to accept that votes go unreported."


Mueller Witness Exposes Prosecutor in Middle of Heated Court Battle, Shatters Leftist Narrative

Mueller prosecutor a Clinton lawyer
Alleged conflicts of interest in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Donald Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign are nothing new.

They started with Mueller himself, given his relationship with James Comey, whose firing as FBI director triggered this whole process.

Of course, that might be a bit of a stretch, but things become a bit more inelastic when you realize how many openly partisan individuals Mueller has hired, all of whom were members of the Hillary Clinton camp.

Few, however, can match the partisanship of Jeannie Rhee, a prosecutor who’s been questioning witnesses in the orbit of Roger Stone.

Stone is the longtime political operative who seems to be the focus du jour of the Mueller investigation. Stone, the theory goes, may have had contact with the hackers who had the Hillary Clinton emails prior to their release by WikiLeaks.

Read More

Dems in FL caught using altered forms to count illegal ballots

Federal prosecutors are looking at a state-wide effort by Florida Democrats to count invalid ballots by giving absentee voters an altered form to fix discrepancies in their signature.

The date on the form has been altered to make it appear that the ballot was legal.

Naples News:

A day after Florida's election left top state races too close to call, a Democratic party leader directed staffers and volunteers to share altered election forms with voters to fix signature problems on absentee ballots after the state's deadline.

The altered forms surfaced in Broward, Santa Rosa, Citrus and Okaloosa counties and were reported to federal prosecutors to review for possible election fraud as Florida counties completed a required recount in three top races.


The 'Heil Trump' guy actually hates Trump (that's why he said 'Heil Trump')

A disruption at a Baltimore performance of "Fiddler on the Roof" made national news today. A man stood up before the act break of the seminal Jewish musical and shouted, "Heil Hitler, Heil Trump," holding his arm out in a Nazi salute.

The story ran like wildfire, with national outlets and reporters picking up the Baltimore Sun's story of the "pro-Nazi and pro-Trump" salute. There's just one problem: The police report investigating the incident clearly states that the man loathes President Trump.

In the police report obtained by the Washington Examiner, the reporting officer, Jake Aumack, says: "During my interview of [the suspect] ... he advises that the final scene before intermission reminded him of his hatred for Donald Trump which caused him to stand up and yell, 'Hail Hitler, Hail Trump' [sic]. He further advises that everyone around him got angry, and he didn’t realize there were so many Trump supporters. It appeared to this officer based on my interview of Mr. Derlunas that his intention was to express his dislike of Donald Trump."


Worcester’s First Recovery House Now Open In Berlin

BERLIN – Worcester County’s first recovery house is now open in Berlin.

On Oct. 28, Hope4Recovery – a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating clean, safe sober homes for those in recovery – opened its first facility on Old Ocean City Boulevard in Berlin.

And while opening the county’s first recovery home hasn’t come without its challenges, connections with Hope4Recovery said they are encouraged by the support and positive feedback from members of the community.

“I think the reception has been very positive,” said Tish Ottey, the nonprofit’s executive director. “Everyone has just been amazing.”


Jennie-O recalls 91,000 pounds of raw turkey amid salmonella outbreak

Jennie-O Turkey is recalling more than 91,000 pounds of raw turkey in an ongoing salmonella outbreak. The recall is the first tied to an outbreak the U.S. Department of Agriculture says is widespread and likely affects a number of different producers in the industry.

So far this year, the outbreak has resulted in one death and 164 reported illnesses in 35 states. About half of those sickened had to be hospitalized.

Regulators did not say how many of those people were exposed to products sold by Jennie-O, a subsidiary of food industry giant Hormel. They say additional products from other companies could be named as their investigation continues.

The products being recalled include one-pound packages of raw, ground turkey and were sold nationwide. They had a use-by date of October, but could still be in freezers.

Regulators say the product should be thrown away.


[Jennie-O turkey is sold at Sam's Club, among other places. --Editor]

Concert Announced To Celebrate Sinatra’s 103rd Birthday In OC

OCEAN CITY – You will never get a chance to see Frank Sinatra, or even Frank Sinatra Jr., perform in concert, but some people say Tony Sands is the next best thing.

Sands is a lifelong Sinatra fan and has been perfecting his act as one of the nation’s best-known Sinatra performers for more than 25 years. He has performed all over the country, and on Saturday, Dec. 1 at 8 pm, he will be at The Ocean City Performing Arts Center for one show only.

Sands will be bringing his big band to celebrate Sinatra’ 103rd birthday. Sands is renowned for his uncanny vocal re-creation of Sinatra as well as his mannerisms that help create the illusion that “Old Blues Eyes” is back.

The show will include all of Sinatra’s timeless hits.


Hillary Clinton yells 'fraud' in Georgia after the vote recount doesn't go Abrams's way

Not too long ago, Hillary Clinton hectored President Trump on fears he wouldn't accept the vote total in the 2016 election.

According to the Daily Caller, citing a report from Fox News' Tucker Carlson:

“Every time Donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. That is not the way our democracy works. We’ve been around for 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections. We’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them. He is a denigrating, he’s talking down our democracy. And I for one, am appalled.”

Well, now she's out denigrating and talking down our democracy herself. And as usual, she remains ''appalled."

“If she’d had a fair election, she already would have won,” Clinton said on Tuesday while speaking at the LBJ School of Public Affairs of the University of Texas.


Democrat Strategy: De-legitimize Republican Election Victories

Democrats in Florida have now lost the machine recount in elections for both governor and senator, yet they refuse to concede and continue to campaign as if the election were still going. The result of the Senate election is that Republican Gov. Rick Scott beat Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson by just under 13,000 votes. By Florida law, this narrow margin triggered a second recount, this one by hand, so one can reasonably argue that Nelson’s waiting for the end of the second recount is at least understandable.

However, in the race for governor, Republican Ron DeSantis maintained more than a 33,000 vote margin over Democrat Andrew Gillum after the machine recount, which is beyond the minimum threshold required for triggering a second hand recount. And yet Gillum still refuses to concede defeat. Why?

Then there’s the Georgia governor’s election, where Democrat Stacey Abrams has no chance of making up the deficit to Republican Brian Kemp, and yet she continues to press the courts to allow the counting of previously rejected ballots. She hopes find enough votes not to make up the mathematically insurmountable deficit to Kemp but to shrink his percentage down below 50% and thereby trigger a runoff.

It is highly unlikely that Democrats will succeed in their efforts to steal the elections in Florida and Georgia, so why all the lawsuits and delay tactics?

Former Economic Development Officer Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Nearly $7 million in County Funds

Peter Bang, former COO of the Montgomery County Office of Economic Development, created a shadow company that was supposed to grow small businesses
Byung Il “Peter” Bang, a Montgomery County government employee for 20 years, pled guilty Friday in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt to embezzling nearly $7 million in county funds dedicated to helping small businesses, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice.

According to court filings obtained by The Washington Post, Bang was the chief operating officer for the Montgomery County Office of Economic Development between 2010 and 2016. He had been a Montgomery County employee from 1997 until May of 2017.

According to The Post, Bang was in charge of disbursing county funds to small businesses, helping them negotiate affordable rent and teaching business skills to the staff of the companies. Federal authorities say Bang diverted money into four South Korean bank accounts that contained his home address, which he had set up after Montgomery County entered into an agreement with South Korea to set up a small business incubator fund called Chungbuk Incubator Fund LLC.

In 2016, the Department of Economic Development was privatized and Bang was transferred to the county’s finance department.


Ohio House Passes ‘Heartbeat’ Bill Again After John Kasich Veto

Ohio lawmakers have once again passed a measure that bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected – approximately the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy.

Thursday’s vote in the state House that approved the heartbeat bill echoed that of the last legislative session when it passed as well. In December 2016, both the Ohio House and Senate approved the measure, but Republican Gov. John Kasich vetoed it. According to the Columbus Dispatch, GOP Governor-elect Mike DeWine said he will sign it into law.

“It gives a more consistent and reliable marker for the courts to use to determine the validity of a human baby,” said Republican state Rep. Christina Hagan, a sponsor of the bill. “We know that when a heartbeat stops, we’ve lost a human life.”

The state House voted 59-35 to approve the legislation and send it to the Senate.


Talbot County Voters Keep Property Tax Revenue Cap Intact

Changes that would have watered down the tax cap there, which is similar to that in Wicomico County, were defeated --

Does Any Of This Make Sense?

Does any of this make sense? No. But it's so darn profitable to the oligarchy, it's difficult to escape debt-serfdom and tax-donkey servitude.

We rarely ask "does this make any sense?" of things that are widely accepted as beneficial-- or if not beneficial, "the way it is," i.e. it can't be changed by non-elite (i.e. the bottom 99.5%) efforts.

Of the vast array of things that don't make sense, let's start with borrowing from future income to spend more today. This is of course the entire foundation of consumer economies such as the U.S.: the number of households which buy a car or house with cash is near-zero, unless 1) they just sold a bubble-valuation house and paid off their mortgage in escrow or 2) they earned wealth via fiscal prudence, i.e. the avoidance of debt and the exultation of saving.

Debt has this peculiar characteristic: it has to be paid back with interest.Depending on the rate of interest and the length of the loan, this translates into a mind-numbing reality: borrowing $100 can cost $200 once interest is factored in.

One might reckon that people would be cautious about paying two or three times more for something by using debt rather than cash. But consumer economies are based not just on debt, but on TINA (there is no alternative) and on the timeless seduction of getting something now and paying for it later.

College students are frightened by scary stories of permanent impoverishment and social degradation if they don't borrow a small fortune to buy a diploma (never mind if you actually learn anything remotely useful or wise; you're not buying an education, you're buying an accreditation of your ability to grind through a bureaucratic system without any unhealthy questioning if "higher education" actually makes any sense. Hint: it doesn't, unless you're skimming wealth off the poor students.)


Grassley to Step Down as Judiciary Committee Chairman, Graham Positioned to Replace

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) is poised to lead the Senate Judiciary Committee after Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) announced he is stepping aside from that role to become chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

Graham would oversee judicial confirmations if he becomes Judiciary Committee chairman. Grassley said he would work for more tax relief as Finance Committee chairman, the Associated Press reports.

Graham said in September he would remember how Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process played out if he was to become committee chairman.

"If I am chairman next year, if we keep the majority and Senator Grassley (R., Iowa) moves over–and I hope he doesn't because I think he's done a great job–I'm going to remember this," Graham said.


Panda enjoys the first snow of the season in Washington DC

Bei Bei the giant panda enjoyed a carefree day at Smithsonian's National Zoo despite the heavy snowfall.

The three-year-old male is the youngest of the three giant pandas at the zoo, after being born to couple Tian Tian and Mei Xiang in August 2015.

He’ll be sent to China when he is four as part of a deal between the US and China.


Trump Demands China Remove Missiles in South China Sea

The Trump administration is demanding that China remove all advanced missiles deployed on disputed islands in the South China Sea, the first time such a demand has been made public.

The call to take out the anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles was disclosed in a fact sheet from the State Department on Friday outlining the results of a strategic dialogue between senior U.S. and Chinese officials.

"The United States called on China to withdraw its missile systems from disputed features in the Spratly Islands, and reaffirmed that all countries should avoid addressing disputes through coercion or intimidation," the statement said.

The Pentagon disclosed in June that China has fielded advanced anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles and electronic jamming equipment on the Spratly Islands, a group of reefs and islets located close to U.S. ally Philippines that China claims as its own territory. Military officials said the missiles threaten U.S. warships and aircraft that have stepped up freedom of navigation operations near the islands in a bid to counter Chinese claims to control over 90 percent of the South China Sea.


It's Official: Maryland Community Colleges to Offer Free Tuition in 2019

Going to community college will be free for many Maryland residents next year.

Gov. Larry Hogan signed a bill Monday the covers tuition costs at community colleges for qualifying residents.

The legislation was approved near the end of this year's legislative session. It will create a $15 million program to provide scholarships of up to $5,000 to students from families earning less than $125,000 a year. Single adults earning less than $90,000 also would be eligible for the money.


A Cold Winter for White Women

The open assault on white women from the progressive left seems to have begun in earnest. It could be rightfully argued that it actually began more than two years ago immediately following the election of President Trump, when presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said, “[Democrats] do not do well with white men, and we don’t do well with married, white women. And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should.”

Clinton didn't win over white women for a myriad of reasons but the number of tone-deaf statements she made on why women didn't vote for her, such as this one, certainly did her no favors. Clinton couldn't have been more insulting to her own gender. By making public derogatory statements against white women, Clinton was really signaling that it was time to kick off the white woman blame game. Enter Jada Pinkett Smith, the outspoken racial critic who, just days ago, freely admitted that she just doesn't like white women in general. Smith said on her own talk show, “I have to admit I’m guilty to that to a certain degree because I do have my own biases, specifically to blonde women," she revealed. “Blonde hair on white women just triggers me. I’ve had to catch myself.”

Smith's racist remarks follow on the heels of the media's consistent messaging that it was white women who were to blame for the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Media outlets such as the Guardian, the New York Times, Vogue, and countless feminist organizations were propagating a singular message aimed squarely at the feet of white women. Following the infamous almost all-female Kavanaugh confirmation battle, Vox host Liz Plank tweeted, “The way white women accept to be used as pawns by a party that consistently strips their rights and minorities’ rights away cannot be overstated.”


Hmmmm, Houses & Cars Burned But Not Trees???

Republican activists claim 15 ballot box tags as proof of Florida election fraud

Bikers for Trump leader Chris Cox bustled through the throng of protesters at the Broward County elections office at the heart of the Florida recount fandango, drawing attention to colored zip-tie tags found on the ground near the building’s loading dock.

Mr. Cox and a crowd of Republican activists are convinced that the 15 red and orange tags were cut off ballot boxes before the votes reached the election office, which could be a violation of state law, evidence of vote tampering or nothing at all.

“This election is a fraud,” Mr. Cox said in a video of the scene posted on Facebook. “It’s pretty disgusting here. I’m glad that you’re not here because this isn’t anything you want to see.”

In Palm Beach, state Democratic Party officials on Wednesday called another in a series of conferences to accuse Republicans of sabotaging the vote count with phony fraud allegations.

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New Ballistic Forensic Resource Established in Frederick County Sheriff's Office, ATF Partner in Fighting Violent Crime with Technology

FREDERICK, Md. — The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO), in partnership with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Baltimore Field Division, has been selected by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and ATF as a new site for the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN), and became fully operational last week. NIBIN is the only national crime gun ballistic network that allows for the capture and comparison of ballistic evidence to aid in solving and preventing violent crimes involving firearms.

“This was a unique and outstanding opportunity for the Sheriff’s Office to partner with ATF in bringing to Frederick County a technology to identify ballistic evidence that will effectively assist law enforcement in solving gun related crimes and getting criminals and repeat offenders off of our streets,” said Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. “It’s an evidence processing resource that will provide fast and accurate results in linking shooting incidents not only locally but regionally or across the country. This NIBIN network, located at the Law Enforcement Center, will not only support law enforcement agencies in Frederick County, but will support law enforcement throughout western Maryland.”

“Identifying, investigating, and incarcerating criminals who use firearms to threaten and damage communities is a mission that ATF and Frederick County Sheriff’s Office have always partnered on, and access to this technology further strengthens that mission,” said ATF Baltimore Field Division Special Agent in Charge Rob Cekada. “NIBIN is a crucial resource for law enforcement, one that grows more effective every day as more and more law enforcement agencies gain access to it. Officers and deputies from all over western Maryland will have timely, important information about related firearm cases to expand their criminal investigations.”


Political Change Occurring Among Black Young Adults?

Buried in the mounds of data fleshing out what happened in the midterm elections is an interesting take on blacks.

Nationwide data on black voting in this election cycle do not point to much change. Various polls over recent months seemed to indicate that blacks were starting to warm up to Republicans and President Donald Trump.

But blacks went 90 percent for Democrats and 8 percent for Republicans. Pretty much business as usual.

However, digging down, we find something interesting.

Blacks ages 18 to 29 voted 82 percent for Democrats and 14 percent for Republicans. That seems to point to change taking place among young blacks.

Lending support to this conclusion is the fact that in the 2014 midterms, 18- to 29-year-old blacks voted in concert with the overall average: 88 percent for Democrats and 11 percent for Republicans.

Either we have a fluke in this year’s midterms or some kind of change in political thinking is taking hold among young African-Americans.

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Walter E. Williams: We Have an Identity Problem

According to a recent report in The New York Times, Health and Human Services Department officials have been circulating a proposal to define sex. Their memo says, “Sex means a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.” They add, “The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.” I think the latter statement lacks complete rigor. It’s chromosomes, not what’s on a birth certificate, that determine one’s sex. Therefore, if a fetus has XX chromosomes, a female is born, and if a fetus has XY chromosomes, a male is born.

What’s an open-and-shut case in biology can become confused in the political/social arena, particularly when one’s sex is referred to as one’s gender. By the way, before modern times, the term gender was used solely when referring to the grammar of some languages, such as French, in which nouns and pronouns are masculine, feminine or neuter and require words syntactically associated with them. Gender has become completely disassociated with biological reasoning. For example, in the past when a person signed up for a Facebook account, “male” and “female” were the only options. In 2014, Facebook introduced 50 gender options, including intersex, gender nonconforming, non-binary and androgynous.

In addition to the muddying of waters about one’s sex, race has become muddied. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has long claimed that she has Native American heritage. Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania saw her as making a contribution to their law schools’ racial diversity agenda by being on their faculties. Recently, many doubted her heritage and lampooned and harangued the Massachusetts Democrat as “Pocahontas.” (She also has been dubbed Lieawatha.) Warren’s recent effort to settle the issue through DNA analysis blew up in her face. She is only between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American.


Farmers, Businesses to Save More Than $600,000 Through DPI Electric Buying Group

Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. (DPI) negotiated with electricity providers to secure a new supply rate for its members in a new electric buying group that is 11 percent lower than the supply rate in DPI’s expiring electric buying group. The result: Hundreds of DPI members, including farmers and businesses, will realize significant savings on their electricity bills.

The formation of the electric buying group allowed DPI to enter into a three-year agreement with NRG, an electricity supplier, after negotiating with several electricity supply companies. For the 200 members of DPI’s buying group, their new fixed electricity supply rate will be 7 cents per kilowatt-hour. That’s 11 percent lower than the expiring three-year contract’s 7.9-cent rate. The new contract’s supply rate is one of the lowest multiyear rates secured by any DPI electric buying group since the first group was formed in 2006, and this year’s group is the largest DPI has ever had.

Over the three-year life of the electric buying group, its members are expected to save more than $600,000. On average, each member will save more than $1,000 a year in electricity costs. Each DPI member included in the new contract will receive a letter from DPI over the next two weeks with additional contract details, including specific savings to be realized. Also for the first time, DPI negotiated the ability to add a limited number of new members to the new contract at the negotiated rate of 7 cents per kilowatt-hour.

“Our electric buying group leverages the buying power of Delmarva’s chicken community to benefit DPI members,” said Bill Satterfield, DPI’s executive director. “Participating in the electric buying group allows many DPI members to earn back their membership dues many times over in utility savings.”

State laws allow groups like DPI to aggregate their Delmarva Power customer members to buy electricity at a negotiated fixed rate. DPI is not able to offer such a program to its members served by the A&N Electric Cooperative, the Choptank Electric Cooperative, the Delaware Electric Cooperative, or to members served by municipal electric systems.

Bear Man Arrested for Firing Handgun during Road Rage Incident – Middletown

Stanley BATES
Middletown – The Delaware State Police have arrested 23 year old Stanley L. Bates of Bear, for shooting at two vehicles during a road rage incident, early Thursday morning.
At approximately 12:12 a.m., Thursday, November 15, 2018 three acquaintances, who were driving separate vehicles, were traveling U.S. 13 northbound in the area of Port Penn Rd., in Middletown. A black Acura TL operated by Bates was tailgating one of the vehicles at which time words were exchanged from vehicle to vehicle, as they were in motion. All four vehicles then stopped at a red light on the ramp from U.S. 13 northbound to State Route 1 northbound. As the vehicles were stopped, one of the operators exited his vehicle and approached Bates at is driver’s side door. As he approached, the window was rolled down and Bates pointed a handgun at him, at which time the male retreated to his vehicle. Bates then proceeded to drive on the left shoulder, passing the other two stopped vehicles, and as he passed, fired two rounds through his open passenger door window, striking each vehicle one time. The male who originally confronted Bates was able to obtain Bates’ tag number and contacted the police. None of the parties were injured as a result of the incident.
Troopers located Bates at his Bear area home where he was taken in to custody without incident. They also recovered a Ruger 9mm handgun which was confirmed to be the weapon used during the incident.
Bates was transported to Troop 2 where he was charged with 3 counts of Reckless Endangering 1st Degree, 1 count of Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Felony, and 2 counts of Criminal Mischief. He was arraigned in Justice of the Peace Court #11 and released on $27,000.00 unsecured bail.

Socialist Crook Andrew Gillum Refuses to Concede - Gains Only One Vote From Recount!

Socialist crook Andrew Gillum refused to concede in the race for Governor in Florida after he only gained one vote from the recount Thursday.

Gillum’s opponent, Republican Ron DeSantis has maintained a lead of 0.41 percentage points which is over the threshold for a hand recount, reported The Hill.

The Sun Sentinel reported:

Nine days after Florida’s Election Day, the deadline for machine recounts of three statewide races came and went Thursday, but Andrew Gillum refused to concede and urged vote counting to continue even as his margin behind Ron DeSantis was slimmed by just one vote.

“A vote denied is justice denied — the State of Florida must count every legally cast vote,” Gillum said in a statement as the machine recount was completed in all but a few counties. “As today’s unofficial reports and recent court proceedings make clear, there are tens of thousands of votes that have yet to be counted. We plan to do all we can to ensure that every voice is heard in this process.’’

The Democrats will fight to steal Florida until the bitter end.