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Friday, October 03, 2014

Hogan campaign highlights women's issues at "Women for Hogan" rally in Downtown Annapolis

Annapolis, MD – Women for Hogan came together in force today at a rally in Annapolis on the first day of Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The event took place at Lawyer's Mall and attracted over enthusiastic supporters from across the state. Hogan's daughter and star of his latest campaign ad, Jaymi Sterling, served as emcee of the event. Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman, Delegate Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, Biana Arentz, Chair and founding member of Bosom Buddies, and Buffy Giddens, St. Mary's County domestic violence prosecutor, were also in attendance. Hogan and his wife Yumi were also joined by Lt. Governor candidate Boyd Rutherford and his wife, Monica.

Hogan's remarks focused on breast cancer and domestic violence awareness, and outlined what a Hogan-Rutherford approach to these issues would look like. He said, "Reflect on the color pink for a second. It represents health and vitality; Think of the rosy pink cheeks of newborn babies. Pink is the very antithesis of cancer.

As for the color purple, in the U.S. the Purple Heart is presented to those who were wounded while serving their country. For survivors of domestic violence, who may be wounded physically and emotionally, the color is a symbol of courage, peace, and dedication to ending violence."

Hogan promised that as governor, he would work to ensure that all women in Maryland have access to health care services. He pointed out the fact that three counties in the state lack a single OB/GYN practitioner. He also vowed to restore the millions of dollars of funding to breast and cervical cancer research and screening that has been slashed under the leadership of Anthony Brown and Martin O'Malley. In addition, Hogan promised to work to improve the state's revenue climate in order to properly fund domestic violence awareness programs and provide the necessary resources for prevention and rescue organizations.

Video from the event can be found here​. Hogan's full remarks can be found here.

Here's What Normal People Can Eat To Follow The LeBron James Diet

The health world thinks the LeBron James diet is crazy.

LeBron didn't eat sugar, carbs, or dairy for 67 straight days this summer. He subsisted on meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables — and lost a startling amount of weight in the process. It's a modified version of a paleo diet, the fad diet in which people eat as humans did thousands of years ago.

LeBron was able to pull off this diet because he has the resources to do it right, he's one of the most athletic people ever, and he has a team of experts making sure he's getting all the nutrients he needs.

But registered dietitians say the diet is too extreme, arguing that eliminating entire food groups to lose weight is both unnecessary and dangerous.

"I would discourage any client, professional athlete or not, from following this low-carb diet," Torey Jones Armul, a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, told Business Insider. "To lose weight, increase energy levels, and improve performance, your best bet is loading up on fruits and vegetables, choosing whole grains and lean protein and making exercise a habit throughout the week."


The Sources Of America's Political & Financial Dysfunction

The way to preserve great wealth is to buy political protection of that wealth. The way to protect great political leverage is to grease the machinery of governance with cash.

I confess that reading Francis Fukuyama's latest cri du coeur in Foreign Affairs,America in Decay: The Sources of Political Dysfunction made me think Mr. Fukuyama has either been reading or channeling Of Two , as his brutal assessment of America's terminal political dysfunction reflects many of the themes I've been hammering on for the past 9 years.

Unfortunately for his readers, Mr. Fukuyama stops short of identifying the key dynamic in America's dysfunction: the exhaustion of Central Planning and centralized government as a "solution" for every ill. Despite his failure to cross the goal line and put truly incisive points on the scoreboard, Mr. Fukuyama does the nation a valuable service in cogently describing the dynamics of our terminal political dysfunction.


Concerns Over Ebola Virus Have Md. Hospitals Taking Precautions

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Growing concerns throughout the U.S. over the deadly Ebola virus. This, as we’re learning just how many people have been exposed to the virus from the first person diagnosed on U.S. soil.

Derek Valcourt has more on the rapidly developing situation in Texas and the precautions being taken right here in Maryland.

A lot of people are understandably concerned as officials in Texas scramble to get a handle on the situation there. Meanwhile, medical staff right here in Maryland are training and bracing for some serious “what-ifs.”

Liberian authorities say before Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan flew to the United States he reportedly lied on a questionnaire about having family members with the deadly disease. The country’s president has indicated Duncan may be prosecuted when he returns.


2014 Final Conference on Aging

Under Armour Facility To Create 1,500 Jobs In Tenn.

MT. JULIET, Tenn. (AP) — Athletic apparel maker Under Armour on Thursday announced plans to build a new $100 million distribution center in Tennessee that is projected to create 1,500 new jobs in the next five years.

Kip Fulks, the company’s chief operating officer and president of product, said Under Armour has already negotiated second rights to double the space by another million square feet in the future.

“We’re a growth company, so we expect full-heartedly to expand,” he said.


Wind turbines blow down property value, says expert

“Direct Evidence of Value Impact: An Appraiser’s Perspective on Living with Wind Turbines”

—Michael S. McCann, CRA, McCann Appraisal, LLC (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I can understand why some people have no clue as to what constitutes “direct evidence of value loss” when they have zero training or education as a professional appraiser. Further, when self-interest is placed above objective analysis by anyone, wildly different opinions are the result.

However, different does not mean equal. Being duly licensed, and with over 30 years experience in professionally evaluating the impacts of one land use on the value of another, please permit me to clarify.

There is a hierarchy of evidentiary value, or how reliable certain information is construed, vis-à-vis other forms of potential evidence.

Case Study Data: The most reliable method for determining property value


Missing Cat In Willards

Our large white male house cat just ran away from our home at 6090 Massey Crossing Rd in Willards, Md. His name is Alaska and he is very friendly. Please call Marie at 410-430-6215.

Accident West Bound Chesapeake Bay Bridge

The accident just happened so there's no major backup at this moment. They have one west bound lane open. 


Warns airspace over Syria under protection of Moscow
TEL AVIV – Russia has delivered a behind-the-scenes threat to retaliate if airstrikes carried out by the U.S. or its allies target the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Middle Eastern security officials told WND.

The security officials said Russia complained Sunday in quiet talks with United Nations representatives that the Obama administration’s current aerial campaign against Islamic State fighters in Syria is a violation of international agreements regarding control of Syrian airspace.

The officials said Russia warned it could potentially retaliate if U.S. or Arab airstrikes go beyond targeting Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, and instead bomb any Syrian regime targets.


Ebola Expert Demands Americans Die for White Guilt

According to a CNN expert we have to be willing to let millions of Americans die because of slavery.

On Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, Ebola expert David Quammen argued that America had a “responsibility” to allow people from Liberia to fly into the country because of the legacy of American slavery.

Quammen: You can’t isolate neighborhoods, you can’t isolate nations. It doesn’t work. And people talk about, “Well, we shouldn’t allow any flights from Liberia.” I mean, we in America, how dare we turn our backs on Liberia given the fact that this is a country that was founded in the 1820s, 1830s because of American slavery. We have a responsibility to stay connected to them and help them see this through.

I’m not sure how much Quammen knows about Ebola, but he doesn’t know a whole lot about Liberia.

Liberia is a state of historical irony. The black ex-slaves who went there tried to duplicate the South by setting up the plantation lifestyle complete with period clothing, names and manners.

And they set up slavery for the local African population. Liberia was a black South Africa.

Liberian history is fairly similar to American history not only because of a preference for names like Washington and Madison, but because it consisted of the African-American settlers fighting the native population, subduing them and settling their land.

There are some things to admire about the Liberians, unfortunately they don’t exist anymore, after a Liberian president began flirting with the USSR, a CIA coup led to the usual horrifying African bloodshed in which the native population began brutally raping, robbing and massacring the Libero-Americans. And then the usual coups and counter-coups followed.

Most of the Libero-American population left and moved to the United States.



I'm currently watching the LIVE press conference in which they are trying to say Obama is on top of this global problem. They are saying they are prepared. They want to remind Americans that we have the best doctors, bar none. 

"The U.S, is prepared to deal with this crisis". It will be stopped. We know how to do this and it will be stopped. 

They claim they have been working many months to protect Americans. They have enhanced their surveillance including working with health departments. Emergency Units at Airports. PLEEEEEASE!

They are simply trying to cover their A$$ES and patting themselves on the back. What a load of crap! 

We have the public health system to detain this disease. Are you serious?

Scientists working tirelessly to create new vaccines to combat Ebola. OK, what's that tell you people!

"Although Ebola is bad, it's not easily spread. You must come into direct contact with bodily fluids. It is not transmitted through the air. People are not contagious". 

You know, I might trust some of these people IF they weren't reading from SCRIPTS. Our government clearly pre read and or wrote their speeches. 

Ferguson Officials Working On EVACUATION PLANS for Residents in the Event Officer Darren Wilson Not Indicted

The Gateway Pundit reports that “Ferguson is working on an evacuation plan for local residents if Officer Wilson is not indicted.”

Local business owner Tasha B from Belle Butters tweeted this out Thursday morning:

Bele Butters is located just minutes away from the Ferguson QuikTrip gas station that was torched during the recent riots.


Drunk Driver Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter

CENTREVILLE — The drunk driver involved in a fiery crash that killed two people has pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter while under the influence of alcohol per se, according to Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney Lance Richardson.

Kaitlin Ashley Omara’s blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit when her car crossed the center line Aug. 11, 2013, and struck a motorcycle head on. Omara’s test results showed a 0.25 blood alcohol content.

Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 13, 2015, with Queen Anne’s County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Ross. Richardson said Omara’s attorneys, Charles O. Fisher Jr. and Stephanie Shipley, asked for time for the 24-year-old Westminster woman to complete her military obligation, finish the semester at college and make arrangements for the care of her young child.


WATCH LIVE: White House holds Ebola briefing

Administration officials to discuss the U.S. government's reponse to the Ebola crisis. Watch LIVE on Fox News and at 4:30 p.m. ET.


BREAKING NEWS: Video purportedly shows ISIS beheading of British hostage, AP reports

An internet video purportedly shows an Islamic State fighter beheading captured British aid worker Alan Henning, the AP reports.


Exclusive – Rand Paul: Obama 'Downplaying' Ebola Threat to America

GREENVILLE, North Carolina — Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said he fears the rapidly escalating Ebola crisis could become a “worldwide pandemic” and criticized President Obama for failing to forcefully confront it.

“They’re downplaying and underplaying the risk of this,” Paul said in an interview with Breitbart News backstage at an event where he endorsed Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) for re-election.

“They keep emphasizing that it’s so hard to transmit. Well if it’s so hard to transmit why are doctors getting it with masks, gloves, boots and hats—the whole works?” he asked.

“Could we have a worldwide pandemic? The Spanish flu in 1918 killed 21 million people, the plague in the 14th century killed 25 million people; I’m not saying that’s going to happen, I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I think we should have travel restrictions at this point in time coming from Africa,” Paul added.


BREAKING NEWS: Fruitland Intermediate Student Arrested

A Student from Fruitland Intermediate School was placed in handcuffs and taken away in a Police vehicle. 

At this time we do not have details but we're told there was around three police vehicles at the School. 

More to come...

The 20 Best Foods To Eat If You're Trying To Lose Weight

Not all calories are created equal.

Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body.

They can have vastly different effects on hunger, hormones, and how many calories we burn.

Here are the 20 most weight-loss friendly foods on earth, supported by science.

1. Whole Eggs

Survey: Who Is Most Likely To Hand Out Halloween Candy

When it comes to scoring Halloween treats, it may be wise to make a pit stop at grandma's house.

A recent survey from National Confectioners Association found that those 60 and older and most likely to keep trick-or-treaters smiling.

Of all the demographics surveyed, those 60 and older are most likely to hand out candy with 84 percent of the group saying they pass out treats compared to 75 percent of the general population.

Also, the homes of the 60-plus generation will have a sizable stash, according to the survey. While 50 percent of the general population reported running out of candy, 37 percent in the 60-plus group reported emptying their candy collection.


Amid Ebola concerns, patient in isolation at Maryland hospital with flu-like symptoms

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville, Md., is evaluating a patient who "presented with flu-like symptoms and a travel history that matches criteria for possible Ebola," the hospital said in a statement.

But, the hospital said: "At this time, lab results indicate that this patient has another illness and we do not have a confirmed diagnosis of Ebola."

The statement was issued just hours after news of another Washington-area patient being evaluated for Ebola, at Howard University Hospital in the District.


Ebola’s airborne-transmission threat downplayed

Jane M. Orient, M.D., declares, 'The potential for devastating loss of life is real'

Some 3,000 American soldiers are arriving in Africa to fight an Ebola epidemic that is doubling about every three weeks, with the number of infections projected to reach 1.4 million by January. President Obama said: “It will require an ‘air bridge’ to get health workers and medical supplies to areas that are affected.”

Meanwhile, the virus has used the air bridge of a commercial flight to reach Dallas. So far, only the index patient is ill, but 100 contacts are being observed.

Although a large number of experts agree that the likelihood of a widespread outbreak is “vanishingly small,” owing to our “highly sophisticated public health system,” a number of breaches in our invulnerability are already manifest.


Elijah Cummings joins war on women!

On Wednesday's broadcast of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) sounded off on the lapses of the Secret Service's protection of the White House on the day following a hearing that included testimony from Julia Pierson, the head of that agency, before the House Oversight Committee.

"I've come to the conclusion that my confidence and my trust in this director, Ms. Pierson, has eroded. And I do not feel comfortable with her in that position," Cumming, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, said.


Boss, Coworkers of US Ebola Patient: He Knew He Had Ebola, US Trip Was 'Desperate Attempt to Survive'

A Liberian man who traveled to the United States four days after having contact with a symptomatic Ebola victim in Monrovia "knew he had Ebola," according to his former boss, who said he abruptly left his job before the incident.

In interviews with the Liberian Observer, one of the nation's largest newspapers, both Thomas Eric Duncan's former boss, Henry Brunson, and an unnamed coworker agree that they believe Duncan knew he had Ebola when he boarded a plane out of Monrovia with a final destination in Texas. Brunson noted that, having come into contact with a pregnant woman who died hours after her interaction with Duncan, he knew of his disease. “If he were in Liberia, he was going to surely die,” Brunson told the paper, saying he was "glad" that Duncan was in a country with adequate medical resources.

Duncan worked as a driver for Brunson at the FedEx contractor SafeWay Cargo until mid-September. According to the Observer, Duncan was involved in a car accident at the end of the tenure at the company, and, according to workers, "having acquired an American visa, he did not care and never returned to work afterwards."


Arkansas Shooting Tange Declares Itself A ‘Muslim Free Zone’

The proprietor of an Arkansas shooting range announced on social media Sunday that she is banning Muslims from her establishment out of fear for the safety of her patrons.

“This is not a coffee and donut shop. This is a live fire indoor shooting range. People come here to buy, rent, and shoot lethal weapons,” writes Jan Morgan, owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs. “In the range, people are shooting guns in close proximity to each other, so my patrons depend on me and my discretion regarding who I allow to shoot beside them. One mistake in judgement on my part could cost innocent people their lives.”

In a move that would surely end up in court, Ms. Morgan wrote in her blog that she is banning Muslims because, “Why would I want to rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me?”


CDC Director Doubles Down on Lack of Flight Restrictions From Ebola Stricken Countries

In light of the first case of Ebola in the United States emerging earlier this week after Thomas Duncan traveled to and from the country of Liberia to attend a funeral (and then knowing he was infected, lied on a medical form before hopping on a flight back), many people are asking why flight bans or restrictions to Ebola stricken countries have not been put in place.

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest essentially argued that because America has the ability to treat the disease, that it is unnecessary to implement travel restrictions in order to prevent it from coming here.

Speaking from the White House Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dodged questions about why flights from countries with Ebola outbreaks are still being accepted to the United States. He did not detail any future plans to stop flights from those countries, or to track connections through Europe to those countries, despite the first case of Ebola showing up in the U.S. after a Liberian man went to a funeral in West Africa and then returned home to Dallas.

In his justification of the administration continuing to allow flights, Earnest argued that because people carrying Ebola don't have symptoms when they get on planes, there isn't a need to limit travel.

Earnest said Ebola will be handled through "rigorously applying medical procedures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control."


Patient With Ebola-Like Symptoms Being Treated at Howard University Hospital in D.C.

Patient had traveled to Nigeria recently; is being isolated

A patient with Ebola-like symptoms is being treated at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C., a hospital spokesperson confirmed late Friday morning.

The patient had traveled to Nigeria recently.

What You Need to Know: How the Ebola Virus Is Spread

That person has been admitted to the hospital in stable condition, and is being isolated. The medical team is working with the CDC and other authorities to monitor the patient's condition.

"In an abundance of caution, we have activated the appropriate infection control protocols, including isolating the patient," said hospital spokesperson Kerry-Ann Hamilton in a statement. "Our medical team continues to evaluate and monitor progress in close collaboration with the CDC and the Department of Health."

Hamilton did not share further details about the patient, citing privacy reasons, but said the hospital will provide updates as warranted.


Nigerian Traveler Admitted To Washington Hospital With "Ebola-like" Symptoms


CNN reports that a Washington-area hospital has admitted a patient with symptoms possibly associated with Ebola, the Howard University Hospital said Friday.

The patient, who was not named, had traveled to Nigeria and upon returning was "presenting with symptoms that could be associated with Ebola," according to hospital spokeswoman Kerry-Ann Hamilton.

The unidentified patient is listed in stable condition, according to Kerry-Ann Hamilton, a spokesperson for the hospital.


Person Hospitalized in DC With Possible Symptoms Of Ebola

WASHINGTON, DC (WJZ/WNEW) — A person with possible symptoms of Ebola has been hospitalized at Howard University Hospital in DC.

According to university spokeswoman Kerry-Ann Hamilton, a patient was admitted into the hospital after presenting symptoms affiliated with Ebola. The person had recently traveled to Nigeria. But the DC’s Health Department says it has “no confirmed cases” at this time.


Report: Inmate At Cobb County Jail Being Tested For Ebola

COBB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS Atlanta/AP) — An inmate at the Cobb County Jail is reportedly being test for Ebola.

WSB-TV reports that the man told jail officials he recently traveled to Africa after developing a fever while in custody.

He was arrested overnight and charged with DUI.

The jail did stop accepting inmates for a time but that ban has been lifted, WGCL-TV reports.

The unnamed prisoner was transferred to another medical facility, according to WGCL.


Democratic Comptroller of Maryland, Peter Franchot, estimates state property tax will be raised 67 percent to pay for state debt

ANNAPOLIS, MD – “I’m estimating that we would have to raise the state property tax by 67 percent to pay for the debt payments we owe over the next five years. … The bill has to be paid. … The chickens are coming home to roost,” State Comptroller Peter Franchot said yesterday during an interview on WMAL’s “Drive at Five.” 

Here is the link to full interview. Interview starts at the 11:30 mark:

Gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan responded to this news by saying, "Even the thought of raising property taxes 67 percent is unconscionable. This administration has raised taxes on hard working Marylanders and their families 40 consecutive times, taking over $10 billion out of our economy. Maryland does not have a revenue problem – it has a spending problem. In the Hogan-Rutherford administration, we are going to get spending under control and restore a responsible, realistic budget so that we can roll back as many taxes as possible and get our economy going again. A vote for Anthony Brown is a vote for a continuation of the same failed policies that have gotten us to this point. Maryland simply cannot afford another four years like the last eight."

SFD Calls For Service 10-2-14

  • Thursday October, 2 2014 @ 23:13 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: 4912 Snow Hill Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday October, 2 2014 @ 22:35Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday October, 2 2014 @ 20:48Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Thursday October, 2 2014 @ 20:01 Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 875 Victoria Park Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday October, 2 2014 @ 19:39 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: Naylor St & N Salisbury Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801

Rand Paul: “Political Correctness” Hindering Scientific Decisions On Ebola Outbreak

"My suspicion is that it's a lot more transmissible than we've been told"

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has sounded the alarm on the Ebola virus reaching the US, urging that not enough is being done to educate on the seriousness of the outbreak.

Speaking on The Laura Ingraham Show (audio here), Paul noted that “It’s a big mistake to underestimate the potential for problems worldwide,” pointing to a lax attitude toward the outbreak by the CDC and the government.

“I really think that it is being dominated by political correctness and I think because of political correctness we’re not really making sound, rational, scientific decisions on this.” Paul said referring to statements issued by the CDC last week that assured there was little risk of an outbreak occurring in the US.

“We should not underestimate the transmissibility of this,” said Paul, a doctor himself, adding that medical workers have been contracting the virus even though they are taking precautions and covering themselves with gowns and masks.

“My suspicion is that it’s a lot more transmissible than that if people who are taking every precaution are getting it. There are people getting it who simply helped people get in or out of a taxicab.” Paul said.


UN Ebola chief raises 'nightmare' prospect that virus could mutate and become airborne

The longer the Ebola epidemic continues infecting people unabated, the higher the chances it will mutate and become airborne, the UN's Ebola response chief has warned.

Anthony Banbury, the Secretary General's Special Representative, has said there is a 'nightmare' prospect the deadly disease will become airborne if it continues infecting new hosts.

His comments come as organisations battling the crisis in West Africa warned the international community has just four weeks to stop its spread before it spirals 'completely out of control'.

And the British nurse who survived the disease said the 'horror and misery' of watching young children die from the disease must be avoided 'at all costs'.


GAO: Obama Can’t Bail Out Insurers Without Congress

The insurance industry’s losses through President Obama’s health care law cannot be recouped with a bailout unless the U.S. Congress approves it, according to a release from the Government Accountability Office.

The Washington Examiner reported that the legal ruling, which was made Tuesday, could end up provoking a show down between the White House and Congressional Republicans over Obamacare.

At issue is the “risk corridors” program, which aims to stabilize the insurance market on the new health insurance exchanges during the early years of Obamacare. Because the law requires insurers to offer coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and limits how much insurers can charge older and sicker patients, insurers who join the exchanges risk getting stuck with a disproportionate number of older and sicker beneficiaries, translating into losses that could discourage companies from participating.


Hoyer on Surge of Central Americans into US: ‘Not a Border Security Issue’

( – House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) made an unscheduled appearance at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s annual public policy conference on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., where he said that the recent surge of Central Americans across the U.S. border with Mexico does not represent border insecurity but rather people who want to be in the United States.

“There’s not a border security issue,” Hoyer said at a panel discussion about the more than 66,000 unaccompanied alien children and 66,000 plus “family units” who have crossed the U.S. border over the past year, according to Customs and Border Protection statistics. “We’re a much more secure border.


A Viewer Writes: "Ebola"

Joe, my xoxo works as a rn and just told me that there's a man at PRMC right now with the virus she said the hospital is n a uproar.

Publishers Notes: There is NO confirmation to this message. However, there is growing concern that there are numerous students at UMES that travel to and from other Countries and areas Ebola is active. There are periods when they return home for 30 + days and could possibly return with the virus. Scary stuff.

A Fork In The Road This Month

OCEAN CITY — The Federal Reserve (Fed) is set to end its historic bond purchasing program this month, making the divergence of monetary policies globally ever more apparent. As the U.S. faces the end of an era, Europe and Japan, as well as several emerging markets, are in the throes of monetary easing. Despite a calm ride for the majority of this year, we still see the potential for volatility to pick up in the months ahead, as the Fed navigates normalization of interest rates in a choppy economy.

Last week, two years after beginning Quantitative Easing, the Fed announced the program’s last round of bond purchases. Although Chairwoman Janet Yellen pledged to keep interest rates near zero for a “considerable” period, the unprecedented monetary policy accommodation of the past six years is gradually coming to an end.

According to BofAML Global Research, unless consumer and business spending meaningfully increase and inflation picks up, further easing is likely. As it stands, the central bank’s balance sheet is already more than half of the country’s GDP.


Doctor Boards Atlanta Flight In HazMat Suit To Protest "Lying CDC"

"If they're not lying, they are grossly incompetent," said Dr. Gil Mobley, a microbiologist and emergency trauma physician from Springfield, Mo. as he checked in and cleared Atlanta airport security wearing a mask, goggles, gloves, boots and a hooded white jumpsuit emblazoned on the back with the words, "CDC is lying!" As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, Mobley says the CDC is "sugar-coating" the risk of the virus spreading in the United States.


White House Places No Ebola Travel Restrictions

Despite his recent proclamation that the Ebola virus presents a "growing threat to regional and global security," the Obama administration is not recommending any travel restrictions to areas affected by the virus.

Appearing before African leaders at the United Nations in New York on September 26, the president said, "There’s still a significant gap between where we are and where we need to be."

"Stopping Ebola is a priority for the United States," Obama continued. "We will continue to lead and do our part. But this must also be a priority for the world."


DOJ won’t file civil-rights charges against George Zimmerman for shooting Trayvon Martin

Few people thought they would, right? Holder’s teased friendly audiences from time to time with vague promises that “justice” would be done but even he’s been at pains to note that civil-rights cases are hard to win. I think that, ever since the Rodney King trials, the public has a hazy sense that if a state prosecutor can’t get a conviction in a racially charged case that’s gotten national attention, the feds will swoop in and file their own charges as a fallback option. It’s not a matter of law, it’s a matter of politics: If people are sufficiently angry about the state verdict, the DOJ will do its best to placate them by trying to get a conviction of its own.

Not this time, though.

The federal investigation of Zimmerman was opened two years ago by the department’s civil rights division, but officials said there is insufficient evidence to bring federal charges. The investigation technically remains open, but it is all but certain the department will close it…

“I was watching the whole case pretty closely for two years, and they didn’t do anything except take those 40 statements [from witnesses],” [Zimmerman attorney Mark] O’Mara said. The statements “suggested that George acted in very non-racist ways. He took a black girl to the prom. His best buddy was a black guy. He mentored two black kids. He sought justice for a black homeless man beaten up by a white cop’s son.”…

The difficulty in bringing charges in the Martin case highlights the challenges for investigators in federal criminal civil rights cases. Under federal law for hate crimes, prosecutors would have to show not just that Zimmerman followed Martin because of his race but also that he shot the youth intentionally because he was African American.


The Media Knows We Are On Brown's Heels

"A new poll shows that if the election were held Wednesday, the race for Maryland governor could be too close to call." - WBAL TV
Yesterday we told you about a poll that was released showing our campaign was just a few points behind Anthony Brown. Today the media is confirming these numbers in aseries of stories!

"Brown holds narrow lead over Hogan in Md. governor’s race, poll says.” - The Washington Post

What these stories are quick to point out is how significantly we have closed the gap and that we are neck and neck with Brown. The momentum is on our side!

Help us close the gap!

Like we told you last night, we are tracking in the same position as Governor Bob Ehrlich was in 2002 when he pulled off a huge upset over the Democrats and won.

“New Poll Shows Brown Leads Hogan By Single Digits.” - WBAL

Results of the poll showed that a majority of Marylanders are most concerned with jobs and the economy as well as rolling back the tax hikes implemented by the O'Malley-Brown administration. Our message of fiscal responsibility and getting Maryland working again is what resonates with Maryland voters and we are ready to work with them to change our state in November!

Help us close the gap!

There are only 33 days left in the race and there is much work to be done! Please make a contribution to the campaign today for $3, $30, $300 or more to help us spread our message of a stronger Maryland through our ads and get-out-the-vote program. Help us fund the last 30 days!

Thank you for your support,

Larry Hogan

Detectives Conducting a Death Investigation in Clearbrooke Estates, Seaford

Seaford, DE - The Delaware State Police are currently conducting a death investigation after two people were discovered deceased in their home.

At approximately 2:30 p.m. Thursday October 2, 2014, a male friend of the couple responded to their residence located at 300 South Winding Brooke Drive to check their welfare due to them not responding to phone calls or answering their door. Troopers were contacted shortly upon his arrival to assist in making entry into the house. Once inside, the male and female were located in a bathroom together, deceased and in a state of decomposition.

The Division of Forensic Science was contacted and removed the bodies to conduct an autopsy in an attempt to determine the cause and manner of death as well as positively identify the couple.

Detectives are continuing their investigation into this incident and will release more information when it becomes available.

Jimmy Carter: I could’ve beaten Reagan if I showed my ‘manly’ side

Former President Jimmy Carter said he would have won his presidential race against Ronald Reagan — if only he had shown his “manly” side during the campaign.

He made the claim during an interview with “CBNC Meets” while discussing Operation Eagle Claw, his failed attempt to rescue the American hostages in Iran in 1980.

“I could’ve been re-elected if I’d taken military action against Iran, shown that I was strong and resolute and … manly and so forth,” he said. “I could have wiped Iran off the map with the weapons that we had, but in the process a lot of innocent people would have been killed, probably including the hostages, and so I stood up against all that, all that advice, and then eventually my prayers were answered and every hostage came home safe and free.

“And so I think I made the right decision in retrospect, but it was not easy at the time,” he said.


Donor Blames Harry Reid for Low Approval Ratings, Being Out of Touch

Democratic leader comes under fire at private fundraiser for Mark Pryor

A $1,000-per-plate fundraiser with Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.) turned into an anti-Harry Reid gripe fest last month, after one donor blamed the majority leader for the Senate’s poor public approval ratings and said the idea of him leading the institution was laughable.

“If you asked a thousand Americans, is this the guy who’s best positioned to lead the U.S. Senate, people would laugh at you,” said the donor, according to another attendee and a recording of the event obtained by theWashington Free Beacon.

Pryor was speaking at an invitation-only fundraiser in New York to benefit the Democrats for Education Reform Federal PAC on Sept. 21.


Ocean City To Start Selling Boardwalk Tram Panel Ads; Council Divided Over Revenue-Producing Initiative

OCEAN CITY – A divided City Council voted this week to approve additional advertising opportunities for local and national businesses atop Boardwalk trams.

According to Public Works Director Hal Adkins, the town installed in mid-August roof top, back lit, advertising panels on one of the 16 tram coaches. The installation consisted of two side panels and one rear panel advertising McDonalds. The installation was done in an effort to test the market and gather a response.

The cost to install the two side and one rear panel per tram was $7,500, which would come to a total cost of $112,500 to install the advertising on all 16 trams.


Poll: 71%, Including Majority of Dems, Say No Government Benefits for Illegal Newcomers

An overwhelming majority of likely voters, including a majority of Democrats, believe illegal immigrants from Central America should not be eligible for taxpayer-funded government benefits, according to a new poll.

A Rasmussen Reports poll found that 71% "say these illegal newcomers should not be eligible for government services and benefits." Only 16% think "they are entitled to government aid" while 13% are undecided. Even a majority of Democrats (51%) "do not think illegal immigrants should be eligible for government services and benefits" in addition to "91% of Republicans and 75% of unaffiliated voters."

A strong majority (68%) also "say the new illegal immigrants should not have the same legal rights and protections that U.S. citizens have," and that includes a plurality--and a near-majority--of Democrats (49%). The poll found that "89% of GOP voters and 70% of unaffiliateds think illegals should not have the same legal rights and protections that U.S. citizens have."


Michael Savage blames ‘President Obola’ for virus in U.S.

Charges open-borders policy, unwillingness to quarantine threatens nation

Ebola has now entered the U.S. because of President Obama’s open-borders policy, charged talk-radio host Michael Savage.

Savage who has a doctorate in epidemiology, said Obama refused to employ the basic epidemiological rule of quarantining a deadly virus, “because the far-left agenda is to have an open-borders policy.”

Referring to the commander in chief as “President Obola,” Savage said on his nationally syndicated show Wednesday the “only solution is zero travel in and out of West Africa for any American.”

“You let nobody in from a country where you have a raging epidemic,” he said, emphasizing “microbes do not discriminate.”

“You isolate and you quarantine an entire nation, if necessary.”

Savage addressed the argument that it’s not practical to isolate an entire country or region.

“Is it practical to risk the spread of a killer illness?” he countered.



Warfighters engaged in 'logistics, engineering' for health workers
WASHINGTON – As 1,400 U.S. soldiers prepare to head to Liberia this month, critics are still wondering why President Obama is using his valuable, highly trained warfighters to provide mostly logistical and engineering support for health workers trying to stop the spread of Ebola.

According to Department of Defense officials, the Pentagon is planning to spend at least $1 billion on the effort and send a total of 3,000 military personnel to the center of the unprecedented outbreak.

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said the troops will set up the infrastructure for an operation that will be run by the State Department’s U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID.

Kirby made clear at a Sept. 19 press conference that the effort will not include U.S. military personnel treating Ebola patients. Instead, their function will be in support of other health-care workers who are the experts in the Ebola treatment process.


Another Possible Ebola Case Investigated In Utah

First Dallas, now Utah.

Moments ago Fox13 reported hat Health officials confirmed they are investigating a possible case of Ebola at Primary Children’s Hospital. "Primary Children’s said it is unlikely the patient has Ebola however officials are taking this opportunity to use the emergency plan they have been working on to provide maximum protection to staff, patients, families and the greater community. Officials said they admitted a patient who has symptoms raising concerns about Ebola."

The hospital plans to explain how it is caring for the patient, what it is doing to protect the community and answer questions about the virus itself, at a 1 p.m. news conference.

A live stream from Fox13 can be found at the following link.


Wallops, Resort Working To Grow Tourism Partnership

OCEAN CITY — With another significant launch at NASA’s nearby Wallops Island facility scheduled for later this month, Ocean City business leaders this week learned of a growing partnership to take advantage of the potential opportunities.

NASA and its private-sector partners have conducted several major launches from Wallops in recent years, and depending on a variety of factors including the scope and scale of the rockets, weather conditions and the time of day, viewers throughout the mid-Atlantic region including Ocean City have been treated to a rarely seen spectacle. The potential economic impact of viewing major rocket launches has not been lost on the local business community.

The Ocean City Economic Development Committee (EDC) on Wednesday got a briefing on the upcoming launch activity at Wallops, including the launch of an Antares rocket carrying needed supplies to the International Space Station planned for no later than Oct. 20. Thousands of space enthusiasts will likely travel to the Lower Shore to view the launch, a tourism segment not lost on Ocean City business leaders and Wallops officials.


Baltimore Man Sentenced 48 Months For $1.2M Food Stamp Fraud

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Baltimore man has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for defrauding the federal food stamp program of $1.2 million.

Abdo Mohamed Nagi was sentenced to 46 months in prison Wednesday and ordered to forfeit $1.2 million. He pleaded guilty to food stamp and wire fraud in July.

Prosecutors say between February 2011 and May 2013, Nagi cashed in the food stamp benefits of his customers at his convenience store. Prosecutors say Nagi would keep half the cash and the people who brought in food stamp cards would keep the rest.


Khorasan Doesn’t Exist, They Never Did, You’ve Been Lied To

Teresa Giudice breaks down in court as she is sentenced to 15 months in federal prison while husband Joe gets 41 months and both are ordered to pay over $400,000 in restitution

U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas has sentenced Teresa Giudice to 15 months in federal prison and husband Joe Giudice to 41 months, while also ordering both to individually pay $414,588 in restitution.

The couple will also serve two years of probation upon being released, almost the maximum sentence that could have been handed down after they pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and three types of bankruptcy fraud earlier this year.

Teresa broke down in tears before her sentencing saying, 'I am more sorry than anyone will ever know,' adding to the judge, 'I will make this right.'


BREAKING NEWS: US Economy Adds 248,000 Jobs in September

U.S. economy added 248,000 jobs in September, far outpacing the 215,000 jobs Wall Street was expecting. The unemployment rate fell to 5.9 percent during the month, the lowest since July 2008, while the expectation was for it to remain steady at 6.1 percent. Meanwhile, the labor force participation rate dropped to 62.7 percent, the lowest since February 1978, while economists expected it to hold at 62.8 percent.


Publishers Notes: Well if this isn't evidence enough to PROVE Rick Pollitt needs to be replaced, I don't know what to tell you any more. For more than 20 months there's been a DECLINE in jobs in Wicomico County. It's time for some new leadership. 

Obama harassed by heckler during Caucus as he promises angry Hispanics he 'will not to give up' on immigration reform

President Barack Obama sought to rally frustrated Latinos on Thursday with a firm promise to keep fighting for immigration reform and a renewed pledge to take executive action this year to reduce deportations of undocumented immigrants.

After enraging many Hispanic voters last month by delaying a change in immigration policies until after the November midterm elections, Obama has faced widespread condemnation from a voting bloc that helped him win the presidency in 2008 and 2012.

Latinos remain critical to Democrats' hopes of holding onto the White House, not to mention Obama's legacy, so the president said he would use the coming weeks to gin up support among the U.S. public for another shot at reform.

Speaking at an annual gala held by Hispanic lawmakers, Obama said he shared the group's frustration but needed its support to make any reform last beyond his presidency, which concludes in a little more than two years.


Ebola Vaccine Processed At Frederick Plant

A vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus is being processed in Frederick.

The vaccine is a joint product of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and GlaxoSmithKline. The active ingredients of the vaccine are sent to the Vaccine Pilot Plant on Geoffrey Way, where they are put into vials and prepared for use, according to NIAID.

NIAID spokeswoman Jennifer Routh said the vaccine is "solely being used in clinical trials" at the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Center in Bethesda.

NIH started testing the vaccine on humans in September.


ICYMI – NY Times Publishes Opinion Piece by Congressman Harris on NIH

Washington, D.C. – The New York Times published a piece “Young, Brilliant, and Underfunded” by Congressman Andy Harris, M.D., a physician and former co-investigator on NIH funded grants, on ways to prioritize young investigators at the NIH. The median age for first time recipients of R01 awards is 42 even though according to a study for NBER, the peak age of discovery is 35-39. As the Energy and Commerce Committee pursues the 21st Century Cures Initiative, Congressman Harris will be working with them to make sure young investigators are prioritized.

You Deserve Better

City Of Salisbury Work Session 10-6-14

Thank God Its Friday

What will you be doing this weekend?

Anthony Brown is ready for your questions

Here is one quick thing you can do right now to help out our campaign: Anthony Brown is waiting for your questions for the first gubernatorial debate on October 7 at 7 pm on WJZ. Why was the health care rollout such a failure? Where did the donation money from state contractors go? What is his plan to fix the economy? Will he raise taxes another 40 times? Why is he ignoring the Conowingo Dam? The questions are endless and now is your opportunity to hold him accountable for his failure in leadership. Click here to go to the WJZ website and submit your questions for Anthony Brown.

Today's Wildlife Photo 10-3-14

Upcoming Benefit

FDA: Use Of Vital Human Antibiotics In Animals Increased 16% In 3 Years

Even as a growing number of people — from consumers to scientists to physicians — expressed concerns about the overuse of antibiotics in animal feed, a new FDA report shows that farmers continued adding more drugs to their animals’ diets, and that almost every one of those antibiotics was purchased and administered without a prescription.

Antibiotics given to farm animals already account for around 80% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S., and according to the FDA’s latest report [PDF, between 2009 and 2012, the total quantity of just those antibiotics deemed medically important to humans that were sold or distributed for use in food-producing animals increased by 16%.

More than two-thirds (67%) of the medically important drugs fed to animals in 2012 were tetracyclines, which are used in humans to treat everything from urinary tract infections to chlamydia to Lyme disease, but whose use has declined because of the prevalence of drug-resistant bacteria.


What’s The Most-Ticketed Car In America?

It’s definitely your own fault you were cruising past a cop at 15 mph over the limit, and we get it that great at parking between the lines, but if you happen to drive a Subaru WRX, you might just be doomed (not really).

According to a new report on 526 models, more than one-in-three drivers of that vehicle have had a recent traffic violation of some kind. MarketWatch cites data culled by from 557,000 recent customers, which also points out that though the Subaru WRX gets the most of all the models, there are three Scion vehicles in the Top 20, making it the kingpin of violations.


Do You Remember This?

Adult Continuing Education Classes!

Men Teaching Classes for Women at

By November 29, 2014


Class 1
Up in Winter, Down in Summer - How to Adjust a Thermostat
Step by Step, with Slide Presentation.

Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hrs. beginning at 7:00 PM..

Class 2
Which Takes More Energy - Putting the Toilet Seat Down, or Bitching About It for 3 Hours?
Round Table Discussion.

Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours.

Class 3
Is It Possible To Drive Past a Wal-Mart Without Stopping?--Group Debate.
Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 4
Fundamental Differences Between a Purse and a Suitcase-- Pictures and Explanatory Graphics.
Meets Saturdays at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks.

Class 5
Curling Irons--Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Bathroom Cabinet?
Examples on Video.

Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning
At 7:00 PM

Class 6
How to Ask Questions During Commercials and Be Quiet During the Program
Help Line Support and Support Groups. 

Meets 4 Weeks, Friday and Sunday 7:00 PM

Class 7
Can a Bath Be Taken Without 14 Different Kinds of Soaps and Shampoos?
Open Forum
Monday at 8:00 PM, 2 hours.

Class 8
Health Watch--They Make Medicine for PMS - USE IT!
Three nights; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 9 
I Was Wrong and He Was Right!--Real Life Testimonials.
Tuesdays at 6:00 PM Location to be determined.

Class 10
How to Parallel Park In Less Than 20 Minutes Without an Insurance Claim.
Driving Simulations.

4 weeks, Saturday's noon, 2 hours.

Class 11
Learning to Live--How to Apply Brakes Without Throwing Passengers Through the Windshield.
Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, location to be determined

Class 12
How to Shop by Yourself.
Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM.

From Guys in the Witness Protection Program