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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Daily Times Keeps Hitting Record Lows

Believe it or not. . . Gannett just broke into the $19/Share trading range. GCI now trading at $19.91.

I've been tracking this stock for years and I've never seen it trading at these levels.

Check it out:

Is the Daily Times being used as a tool to get even?

I've been trying to go to settlement on an investment property for a long time now and we just can't get it to happen. The financing is set and everything is in place........ except for one thing. The way it was explained to me, the legal advertising section of the Daily Times has failed to get the proper paperwork to the court certifying that the advertisement ran in the paper as required by law. I was advised that the person in charge of this section is none other than Shanie Shields. It gets better. I was told told that while my atty. was asking the clerk about the hold up, the clerk called Shanie and asked about the paperwork and Shanie advised the clerk that she would personally deliver the paperwork. That apparently never happened. It gets better yet. A couple of days later my atty. went back to the clerks office after making several phone calls to the atty. who handled the foreclosure. As fate would have it, when my atty got there, the atty handling the foreclosure was also there and was slightly irritated by the fact that the proper paperwork had not been sent by the Daily Times. Much to my atty's. surprise he learned that the atty. handling this foreclosure is the same atty who handled Shanies foreclosure. That leaves me with a few questions. Did Shanie run the legal ad for the forclosure of her own house? If so, did she make a mental note of the atty. handling her forclosure? Did she notice that this foreclosure was being handled by the same atty that handled hers? If so, did she purposely withold the certification from the court to "punish" the atty? I don't know the answer to these questions but I certainly have my suspicions. Don't you?

Oh..... I do have another question. WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE CERTIFICATION, DAILY TIMES?!?! Maybe this is one of the reasons their stock is plummeting.


I have just been informed that the Stop Sign posted earlier this morning has been removed and is being relocated back further. How many people do YOU think are following Salisbury News now?


Did You Hear About 12 To 15 Gun Shots Last Night In Salisbury?

"7/1/08 9:25 PM 710 Oak Hill Av Firearms Incident 200800023094 Unfounded" That's what's listed on the Salisbury Police Departments Website, UNFOUNDED.

However, there were multiple calls that went into the SPD about these gun shots going off and because they didn't find any shell casings, it's unfounded.

Boy Chiefy, you sure do know how to report things to the State without looking too awfully bad, eh? We can't find the shells, so it obviously never happened and the people calling into the Station should be arrested for giving false information, RIGHT?

I'll Bet Many Of You Didn't Know This?

Delmar is quite the unique Town, or should I say, Towns? As you look at the photo above, this is an image Monday night of the Town Council Meeting. What was quite interesting was the fact that in the very center of the tables were TWO Mayor's. Every time Delmar has a Council Meeting, both Delmar, Delaware and Delmar, Maryland meet at the same time.

If you have business with Maryland you simply face to the right and in Delaware you face to the left. I thought it was pretty cool when the Maryland Mayor was looking for documents, the Delaware Mayor looked in his briefing materials and handed it to the other Mayor to help move things forward.

On the Delaware side, they're looking to fill one of the seats on their Town Council and some people were joking around that their Council Members don't always show up. In fact, that evening one seat was obviously empty but after 15 minutes or so another Council Member left the meeting apparently not feeling well, so they couldn't vote on anything because they didn't have a quorum.

So if you live in the Town of Delmar, Delaware, perhaps you'd be interested in filling that empty seat? It should also be noted that their meetings don't start till 7:00, when Citizens can actually make it to the meeting without excuses, unlike Salisbury. Also take note of the schedule/agenda below. And Louise, Gary & Shanie complain, (making the BIG bucks) about having meetings that last longer than 2 hours!

More Breaking News

The Salisbury Police Department just nailed one of three suspects breaking into a home on Marion Street. They do have one suspect in custody and are looking for the other two. Great Work Guys!

The Daily Times Phone Call

Now this gets interesting. I just received a phone call from the Daily Times telling me they did receive my e-mail complaining about my Sunday Paper. I stopped her and said, my e-mail? She replied, yes, the Editor received my complaint and she wanted me to know I was receiving a $2.00 Credit for my paper being so messed up.

That's interesting because I NEVER sent the Daily Times an e-mail complaining! ROTFLMAO! Peek A Boo, I See You! LOL The Daily Times has once again proven they are following Salisbury News and read my Post. Thanks for the credit but I didn't know I'm now paying $2.00 for a Sunday Paper?


There was a vehicle stolen locally at a ATM Machine. The owner was withdrawing some money and left the vehicle running. GET THIS! The vehicle has a GPS System in it and they are right now in the Pittsville on Laws Road and just turned onto Wongo Road! That's right, they're following the vehicle as we speak. I believe the SPD, WCSO and MSP are tracking it down.

THIS IS SO COOL! I'll keep you updated and posted.

UPDATE: The vehicle is a dark blue Chevy Malibu last noted in the Wango Road area.

UPDATE #2: The vehicle is a 2008 Malibu with a laptop and two cell phones inside. Indemnity Insurance Company is tracking the vehicle but not doing a very good job working with Police Agencies to allow them to lock into their own GPS Systems to get a better local signal.

Princess Anne In Harmony Again

Ladies & Gentlemen, you've heard me say this before and I'm going to have to repeat myself, this is a wonderful Town, Princess Anne.

I encourage all of you to go one time and visit a Council Meeting there and watch the harmony between the entire Council. The respect these individuals have for one and other is second to none, seriously.

Yesterday, Salisbury News exclusively covered in the swearing in ceremony of Mr. Dennis Williams and Mr. Frank White, outdoors in their local Park. Frank White was unanimously sworn in once again as President of the Town Commissioners.

It should be noted that Mr. John Wade was again nowhere to be found.

Mayor Mike McDermott Comments on X-Councilman Honiss Cane's 30-Day Notice to Remove Untagged Cars December 30th 2007

According to Pocomoke City Mayor Mike McDermott, X-Councilman Honiss Cane was served proper notice to remove the untagged vehicle at his former residence on 103 Fourth Street, December 30th 2007. Pocomoke Police Dept uses a generic notice sent certified mail addressed to "occupant" to inform citizens of these violations. The City Attorney has publicly stated that a "car cover" is not adequate under the code.

Crooked City Manager "Boss Hogg" Russ Blake has retained Chief Ervin after his contract expired Monday June 30th who cannot enforce a simple untagged car law or close the open air drug market which has long been rumored to be connected to (owned & operated by) the Honiss Cane family.Honetown Car Cover
March 28th 2008 Mayor Mike McDermott sent me the following e-mail in response to my personal challenge to the Mayor stating that he was powerless to do anything as either the Mayor or a Sworn Law Enforcement Office:

Fri, 28 Mar 2008 13:44:03 -0400 (EDT) (envelope-from
Billy,He will not get away with anything.Godspeed,Mike


What is that in the photo above?

Tom Ayres is handcuffed and taken to jail on day 31 of his 30-day notice, because he helped a few drug dealers get busted by a *REAL* law enforcement agency about the same time the Mayor sent me this note on Cane.

One man who is against the open air drug market goes to jail while another man who is allegedly a drug kingpin behind the same open air drug market AND City Council person illegally retaining his seat with the full support of our openly corrupt city government, has NOTHING HAPPEN. Cane is thumbing his nose and waving his middle finger to each and every decent citizen of Pocomoke City.

Mayor McDermott you lied last March when you said "he will not get away with anything..."

Mayor McDermott you are the figure head of one of the most openly corrupt municipal governments in the USA. (Boss Hogg Russ Blake still pulls your strings when he wants you to dance)

Please explain to the citizens whom you placed their hope & faith into why you have lied to them and joined the forces of evil in Pocomoke City...

Inquiring minds want to know.

WCSO Press Releases

Incident: Possession of Marijuana
Date of Incident: 1 July 2008
Location: U.S. 13 northbound, S/OF Rt. 50, Salisbury, MD
Suspects: Justin W. Fritz, 25, Philadelphia, PA

Narrative: On 1 July 2008, a deputy traveling northbound on the U.S. 13 bypass observed a Volkswagen Jetta that slowed abruptly in the travel lane when the deputy approached from the rear. The deputy stopped the vehicle after determining the vehicle was maintaining a speed considerably below the 65 mph speed limit and identified the driver as Justin W. Fritz of Philadelphia, PA. Upon making contact with the Fritz, the deputy detected several clues that led the deputy to believe that Fritz would be in the possession of some sort of illegal drugs. Upon searching the vehicle, the deputy located an empty pill bottle that still contained evidence of marijuana storage along with two smoking devices, also with evidence of recent marijuana use. Based on these findings the deputy arrested Fritz for possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia.

Fritz was transported to the Central Booking Unit at the Wicomico County Detention Center where he was processed and charged. After an initial appearance before a District Court Commissioner, Fritz was released on Personal Recognizance.

Incident: Driving While Suspended
Date of Incident: 1 July 2008
Location: Snow Hill Road at E. Main Street, Salisbury, MD
Suspects: Eric Craig Collins, 33, Frankford, DE

Narrative: On 1 July 2008, a deputy stopped a vehicle operated by Eric Collins for displaying an expired registration plate. Upon further investigation by the deputy, it was determined that the plate actually belonged on a vehicle different than what Collins was operating and Collins’ vehicle was actually both unregistered and uninsured. Additionally, the deputy discovered that Collins’ driver’s license was suspended in both Delaware and Maryland. The deputy arrested Collins for these violations and transported Collins to the Central Booking Unit.

Collins was processed and charged with the traffic offenses and taken before the District Court Commissioner for an Initial Appearance, after which Collins was held in the Detention Center on $10,000.00 bond.

Incident: Possession of Cocaine with the Intent to Distribute
Date of Incident: 1 July 2008
Location: U.S. 13 S/B at Coulbourne Mill Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspects: Lawrence C. McKenzie, 43, Columbia, SC

Narrative: On 1 July 2008, a deputy from the WCSO Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team stopped a vehicle operated by Lawrence McKenzie for speeding on U.S. 13 in the area of Coulbourne Mill Road in Salisbury, MD. While speaking with Mckenzie, the deputy observed indicators that led the deputy to believe that criminal activity was afoot. A K9 scan of the vehicle yielded a positive alert for the presence of illegal drugs which caused the deputy to search McKenzie’s vehicle. During the search, the deputy located a quarter kilogram of cocaine hidden inside a tide detergent box. During an interview, McKenzie declared that he was en-route to South Carolina from New York with the Cocaine.

McKenzie was arrested and transported to the Central Booking Unit at the Wicomico County Detention Center where he was processed and charged with:

1. Possession of Cocaine with the Intent to Distribute
2. Transporting Cocaine into Maryland
3. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
After an initial appearance in front of a District Court Commissioner, McKenzie was held on $300,000.00 bond.


Click on image to enlarge.

Salisbury Police Department Press Release

On June 30, 2008 at approximately 12:43 pm, Officers of the Salisbury Police Department were on routine patrol in the area of East Railroad Avenue when they observed the below two (2) listed suspects trespassing on posted property. Suspect # 1 was arrested and a search of the suspect’s person, incident to arrest, revealed a quantity of suspected fake “crack”/cocaine. Suspect # 2 was also arrested and a search of his person, incident to arrest, revealed a quantity of suspected real “crack”/cocaine.

ARRESTED #1: Bobby Lee Wray, 39 years of age Salisbury, Maryland

Trespassing on posted property
Possession of fake CDS with the intent to distribute

ARRESTED #2: Yancy Lamont White, 20 years of age Salisbury, Maryland

Possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute
Possession of cocaine

DISPOSITION: Both released to Central Booking CC# 200800022882

SU Lacross Player Zachary Krissoff Goes To Trial On July 8th

Case Information
Case Number: 6H00047361Tracking No:081001040772
District Code: 02Location Code:03
Document Type: WARRANTIssued Date:05/17/2008
Case Status: ACTIVE

Defendant Information
Sex: MHeight:600Weight:180DOB:06/21/1985

City: SALISBURYState:MDZip Code:21801 - 0000

Court Scheduling Information
Trial Date: 07/08/2008Trial Time:08:30 AMRoom:01
Trial Type:
Trial Location:SERV CTR,201 BAPTIST ST SALISBURY 21801-0629

There are 20 charges against him in this case. There are an additional 7 charges filed recently below.

Case Information
Case Number: 0H00047684Tracking No:081001274034
District Code: 02Location Code:03
Document Type: SUMMONSIssued Date:06/09/2008
Case Status: ACTIVE

Defendant Information
Sex: MHeight:600Weight:180DOB:06/21/1985

Address: 506 FERRY STREET
City: ANNAPOLISState:MDZip Code:21403 - 0000

Give A False Name, Go Directly To Jail!

While there were three Police Agencies at the scene, (SPD, MSP & WCSO) these people were pulled over for dead tags. When one of the Officers asked for his name he lied and gave them a fictitious name and the lies just kept going.

The woman pictured was eventually released on the scene but she made quite a scene screaming and yelling and quite frankly if I was one of the Officers on the scene she would have gone right into the back of one of those cars and hauled away as well. However, the wisdom and experience as well as patience these Officers have today was very clear as they simply worked through it and the woman came to learn they were breaking the law and that's final.

Wayne Barrall from Fire In The Hole delivered these photos as we were both on the scene but he had the camera, I had the Harley. Hopefully a Press Release comes out soon with additional information on this incident.

O'Malley Abolishes Independence Day

July 4th is no longer Independence Day in Maryland. Put away the flag, break out the bait. July 4th is now "Take Me Fishing Day" in the People's Republic.

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Cheeky Humor for the Day (Stats are a little Disconcerting)

The number of physicians in the U.S. is 700,000
Accidental deaths caused by Physicians per year are 120,000.
Accidental deaths per physician is 0.171.
Statistics courtesy of U.S. Dept of Health Human Services.

Now think about this:

The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000. (Yes, that's 80 million..)
The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is 1,500.
The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is .000188
Statistics courtesy of FBI

So, statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.

Remember, "Guns don't kill people, doctors do."

Looks to me like we must ban doctors before this gets completely out of hand!!!!!

Out of concern for the public at large, I have withheld the statistics on lawyers for fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention

How Many Years Have I Been Telling You That Mayor Barrie Tilghman SUCKS?

Many would say Mayor Barrie Tilghman is #2, especially after this last WWTP spill. However, the proof has been delivered here in this Poll by the Daily Times in today's paper, BARRIE TILGHMAN DOES IN FACT SUCK!

On a scale from one to ten, Barrie Tilghman is #10. OK, let me make this VERY clear for you Barrie, in case you want to put a political spin on this. YOU SUCK! You are the worst Mayor of any and all Mayors listed in their Poll. You're a Bully who slams people down and kicks them when they're down and until I came along and stood up to your obvious piece of sh!t leadership, you thought the sun would rise and fall on your name.

NOPE, you're the suckiest, incompetent, un accountable, I take no responsibility Mayor the Eastern Shore has ever seen and I DARE you to run for re election. PLEASE do so? I wants you to see what the numbers are going to do to you this go around.

Do YOU want to be #1 Barrie? Here you go..... Salisbury News want YOU the readers of this Blog to rate the All Time Worst Mayors in the entire State of Maryland, since I am the #1 Political Blog in the entire State of Maryland. I'll show you how you can become #1 Barrie!

A Perfect Example From The Daily Times Today

Or was it yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that? I'll have to look into MY archives and see just what date we posted the same articles but the Daily Times is so far behind it isn't funny.

Someone just made this comment seconds ago, "for the last two are three weeks when I read the news on it gets really redundant lately or I'm reading it elsewhere first whatever, it sure seems to take less and less time at that site and I've been reading there for years."

Well if you think that's bad, the Daily Times is supposed to be serving YOU the citizens. When the majority of their clients are citizens of Salisbury and the crime continues to go through the roof, do they report it? NO, absolutely not! Do you know why they don't report it? Because Salisbury News reports it first and the Daily Times, (IMO) refuses to re post ANY SPD Press Releases because I have it up first, usually. The way they figure it is, if the SPD doesn't get their information printed in the Times they'll get ticked off and tell the SPD that if they don't give them the information ahead of time, (before the Blog) they're NOT going to print it.

I have heard through the grapevine that Chief Webster gets upset because the Daily Times is given their Press Releases, yet they never print it. OK, why? Why is it when the Daily Times wrote an article in favor of my Wife years ago announcing hundreds of animal deaths at the Zoo, the Mayor and ENTIRE City Council stormed into the Daily Times screaming and yelling, cursing like a Sailor demanding they never produce another article like that again, yet they have NO INTEREST in Public Safety? Does it make any sense to you?

Then I look at the paper recently and I see Rehoboth Beach news, Pocomoke, every surrounding area except Salisbury for news, why? Because Salisbury News is kicking their a$$ and they can't keep up. Oh, do tell me Folks, do you want news from Rehoboth, because I have no interest in covering that far away so it's not going to happen. However, the Daily Times is seeing a massive decrease in Salisbury sales yet they must be picking up on sales in Rehoboth?

Oh well, if you want your news two days later, go to the Daily Times.

This Is Why Pedestrians Get Killed

Just a few short steps further at the traffic light is a pedestrian cross walk. I know the Salisbury Police Department can't be bothered with small stuff like this right now but you know what, a few tickets and the word will get around so fast it isn't funny.

I consider Rt. 13 far more dangerous than Coastal Highway, seriously. Why in God's name would someone with a child in a stroller take such a risk, unless they don't give a sh!t? Unless they're possibly babysitting? Is this YOUR child? Do YOU know this woman?

Speeding Ticket

Top this for a speeding ticket

Two California Highway Patrol Officers were conducting speeding enforcement on I-15, just north of the Marine Corps Air Station at Miramar One of the officers was using a hand held radar device to check speeding vehicles approaching the crest of a hill.

The officers were suddenly surprised when the radar gun began reading 300 miles per hour. The officer attempted to reset the radar gun, but it would not reset and then turned off.

Just then a deafening roar over the treetops revealed that the radar had in fact locked on to a USMC F/A-18 Hornet which was engaged in a low flying exercise near the location.

Back at the CHIPs Headquarters the Patrol Captain fired off a complaint to the USMC Base Commander The reply came back in true USMC style: Thank you for your letter. We can now complete the file on this inc ident. You may be interested to know that the tactical computer in the Hornet had detected the presence of, and subsequently locked on to, your hostile radar equipment and automatically sent a jamming signal back to it, which is why it shut down.

Furthermore, an Air-to-Ground missile aboard the fully armed aircraft had also automatically locked on to your equipment location.

Fortunately, the Marine Pilot flying the Hornet recognized the situation for what it was, quickly responded to the missile system alert status and was able to override the automated defense system before the missile was launched to destroy the hostile radar position.

Sgt; The pilot also suggests you cover your mouths when cussing at them, since the video systems on these jets are very high tech. Sergeant Johnson, the officer holding the radar gun, should get his dentist to check his left rear molar. It appears the filling is loose. Also, the snap is broken on his holster.

Thank you for your concern.

Semper Fi.

Fruitland Police Press Release

On 07/02/08, officers responded to Walmart regarding a reported theft of DVDs and CDs. Further investigation and search incident to arrest led to
the arrest of one female suspect for theft and controlled dangerous substance charges.

1) Stephanie Dawn Meredith, 21 yoa, Fruitland, MD

Possession of CDS
Possession of Paraphenalia
Disposition: Released to Central Booking
Case #: 08-1757

Incident: Domestic Dispute

On 07/02/08, while at Walmart for the above theft complaint,
officers observed two individuals involved in a domestic dispute in the
parking lot. Both were involved in a verbal argument causing a loud
disturbance on the premises and were warned repeatedly to leave the
area. The female suspect was then observed assaulting the male and was
restrained by officers. Subsequently, both individuals were arrested and

1) Melinda Tyler, 21 yoa, Crisfield, MD
2) Bernard Johnson 44 yoa, Crisfield, MD

Disorderly Conduct
Disturbance of the Peace
Resisting Arrest

Disposition: Released to Central Booking

Delmar Police Department Press Release

*Incident: Possession of Stolen Property**
*Date of Incident: 1 July 2008*
*Location: 300 Block of E. Elizabeth St, Delmar, MD*
*Suspects: *
*1. Dustin Lovely, 19, Delmar, MD*
*2. Joseph Waltemeyer, 19, Delmar, MD**

On July 1, 2008 at approximately 10:30 am, Officers of the Delmar Police
Department responded to a residence in the 300 Block of E. Elizabeth
Street, Delmar, Maryland in reference to ongoing Burglary investigation.
Officers learned suspected stolen property was possibly located at the
residence and were given consent to search. The search reveled approx.
$26,000 worth of property that had been reported stolen from Delmar, and
surrounding areas. Two suspects were arrested in conjunction with
property and are identified as Dustin Lovely and Joseph Waltemeyer, both
of Delmar. Investigation is on ongoing.

Both Waltemeyer and Lovely were transported to the Central Booking Unit
at the Wicomico County Detention Center where they were both processed.
Waltemeyer and Lovely were charged with theft over $500, (possession of
stolen property). Waltemeyer and Lovely are being held on $25,000 bond


This photo was taken on Mt. Hermon Road near the new Peninsula Medical Center. Nothing like having that stop sign hit you at the very last second, eh? Were you in on this one too Mr. Comegys?

A Comment Worthy Of A Post

"Does anyone ever READ what Joe post? He didn't call SPD pussies..He said pull together as a TEAM. They can't fire the TEAM and not violate your LEBOR. Joe is pulling for you, the public will pull for you, but you have to pull TOGETHER. Yes, Joe will stir the pot, hence the nature of a having a blog. SPD; stop letting the political end splitting you guys apart, as it is their plan. By keeping you torn at each other, you will continue to be easy picken's. A unified GROUP is much harder to defeat. You have to get your heart off your sleeve. If you guys dont do this, you will still be where you are now. YOU have to start the fight & the FOP will help. You can't sit on you rear and expect them to do it for you. I just may know something about this. Yes, Joe is biased, he will back you!! He can say the things a P.O. can not. Hint, Hint.."

A Must Read Book or Grand Dad You Will Think More of Me

One of the greatest books I have ever read was "A Soldier's Story" by Omar N. Bradley. Bradley was a US General in WWII who served under Patton in Africa and Scicily and then became the top US General in European Theatres after D-Day; he was Field Marshall Montgomerery of Britain's counterpart.

Based on "Brad's" memoirs, General Bradley detailed his rise to the top and his active role to end the greatest threat of mankind. Besides practical insights into running a war such as maneuvering or the need for maintaining supply lines, Bradley went far beyond. Bradley was a soldiers soldier; down to earth with those on the front line yet in touch with the demands of being a General accountable to the World and its' leaders. Brad never once took war for what it was less or more than.

The most basic insight and most commendable to Omar Bradley's philosophy as a leader was that he was not political. Brad understood that he was a soldier who had the charge to win a war and not shape anything beyond that realm. Within that charge was the fact that he realized that soldiers lives were needed to be lost to achieve victory, though he was prudent and practical in his decisions. Omar Bradley was not one to send his troops across open ground against all odds needlessly.

Managing a war for Bradley was not just an art, but a realization that everything was at stake. Balancing every single angle was his daily duty and he performed admirably, yet he un-wavered in destroying the enemy. He was crucial to winning the war and now is hollowed in Arlington National Cemetery.

Bradley never took war or his mission for what it was less than. If it was nothing more than securing a small area he would have performed his task in the same way. The mission was important enough to lay down his and his men's lives. The sheer understanding of his duty, through his exemplification of that duty through his leadership, empowered his men to fight with the utmost vigor to win a war; to win over evil.

In today's age everything is so political that we, as citizens, forget at times that it takes the same commitment as General Bradley and his troops to get things done. By all means if one dissents against a war or engagement it is their right to do so. I believe whole heatedly that the right to do so ought not impede or hinder the ability of our armed forces to be successful in the field and send our boys home. Lives will be lost, but having sound leaders managing our troops should be an assurance that things will get done in the best possible manner.

I think that if Bradley, as if how Patton acted (that is an argument all its own), was such a Prima Donna and political as Montgomery was, things would have turned out much different. After all both Patton and Monty raced to Messina to close off the gap on the Germans in Sicily for glory/politics. Bradley just wanted to end the war for the sake of everyone as the ability as a leader. To win, period, there was no substitution besides ending the Third Reich for him.

Shouldn't that be the idea everyone should have; to win the war? That's what the military is there to do.

By far please read this book...

Question of the Day, Wed 7/2 - Did You Know?

Today's brought to you by Melissa Malone:


Did you know that there is a website out there called Freecycle that you can get things for free. Just go to and sign up in your area or surrounding area. Sussexcountyfreecycle, worcestercounty freecycle, salisbury freecycle. You sign up and can receive emails daily from everyone offering to give something away that they have for free. You may also request things that you may be looking for. The reason for freecycle is to try to eliminate things going to the landfills. We received a 13" color tv with vcr for free to put in our camper. Works great!! We have also given away all leftover items from our yard sales. The rule is that you CAN NOT collect things from freecycle and sell them. You can only give them away.

WCLCB - Dispensary Changes Not Feasible?

Without a doubt, Bill Clinton's greatest legacy will be his affect on rhetoric. Ignore every fact placed in front of you and stick to your message. A letter to the editor in Tuesday's Daily Times from former Wicomico County Councilman Victor Laws ignores every fact and sticks to the WCLCB's message - we must keep the dispensaries open.

According to Laws the County simply cannot afford to put retail and wholesale liquor sales where they belong - in the private sector. Mr. Laws contends that there is no method of replacing the revenue which would be lost by closing the antiquated dispensary system. Mr. Laws attempts to persuade readers that the only new revenue would come from the opening of four retail liquor stores.

It's ironic that on one hand the WCLCB is trying to tell voters that there would be a liquor store on every corner and then have Laws trying to persuade us that only four stores would open. Actually, Laws is closer to the truth as to the number of stores that would open.

Laws' logic fails when it comes to the source of revenues to replace the dispensary. Bar and club owners have voluntarily come forward and publicly stated that they would be happy to pay increased licensing fees in order to rid themselves of the dispensary system.

So far, the failed rhetoric of the WCLCB has been:
  • We owe jobs to dispensary employees
  • Wicomico County can't replace the lost revenue
  • Only the dispensaries enforce the liquor laws
  • There will be a liquor store on every corner
  • FREE Money
Eventually these guys might come up with an argument that holds water.

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Salisbury Zoo Commission Meeting Canceled

The Zoo Commission has canceled their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on July 16th.

The next meeting will be held on August 20, 2008.


MCPO (Master Chief) USN Charles McGahagin arrives SBY Airport at 7:34 PM 4 July, Flight 4593. He has served one year in Iraq.

Can you spare a few minutes to join us in welcoming him back home? The time could change so do keep an eye out for any updates. If you have never been to one of these, DON'T MISS IT! It's a great time and it sure does feel good!