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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anderson Cooper On Brother's Suicide: Grief Never Ends

Anderson Cooper, whose 23-year-old brother Carter, a promising Princeton graduate, jumped from the family's penthouse balcony to his death nearly two decades ago, knows well the word that so disturbs grieving families -- "closure."That, he said Monday on his new syndicated daytime talk show,"Anderson," is a "TV word."
For the first time publicly, Cooper, 44, openly talked with his 87-year-old mother, former fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, about the day in 1988 his troubled brother threw himself off the balcony of the family's 14-story New York City penthouse. At the time, Cooper was 21.

Can I Sue The 'Other Woman'?

My husband and I are in marriage counseling because of an affair he had with a woman he used to work with (fortunately, she no longer works there). He insists that she came on to him first, and that he initially wasn’t interested but that she kept persisting and he eventually gave in. A friend of mine who saw them together at a bar when I was back East for a family visit tipped me off, and my husband admitted he had been seeing her for a couple of weeks. Although the counseling has been going fairly well, I’m still angry and hurt over the affair, and I don’t know if our marriage will ever be the same. My question is: can I sue this woman for the damage she caused to our marriage, or at least for the costs of the counseling? I think it’s wrong that she should walk away scot-free.

Nationality in Question After Baby Born Over International Waters on Flight From Philippines to US

Officials were trying Tuesday to ascertain the nationality of a baby born mid-flight, apparently while over international waters, in a passenger jet heading from the Philippines to the U.S.

Pregnant Philippines woman Aida Alamillo, 41, was on Philippine Airlines Flight 104 from Manila on Monday when she began to feel nauseous and realized she was in labor, earlier than expected.


Baltimore One Of Smoggiest Cities

A new report says that Baltimore is one of the smoggiest cities in the country.

The group Environment Maryland is releasing the report entitled "Danger in the Air: Unhealthy Air Days" on Wednesday.

The report ranks the Baltimore area among the smoggiest in the U.S., putting the health of 2.5 million people at risk.

The report ranked cities for the number of days when the air was unhealthy to breathe last year and this summer. It included data showing that the problem is worse than the public has been told because of outdated air quality standards.

Va. Provides Way For Businesses To Go Online

Virginia businesses now have another way to get a website started.

Gov. Bob McDonnell and Google officials on Tuesday launched the program "Virginia Get Your Business Online."

Boston Red Sox Pitcher Served Papers In Child Support Case Before Game

Hours before taking the mound for the reeling Red Sox against the Orioles Tuesday night at Fenway Park, pitcher Erik Bedard was served with papers in a child support case, The Post has learned.

Bedard was served with papers from Massachusetts Probate and Family Court at Fenway Park at 3 p.m. Tuesday. The papers were served by lifelong Yankees fan Tom Cabral, who was acting on behalf of Bedard’s ex-girlfriend Courtney Roberts.

“The Red Sox were very cooperative,” Cabral told The Post. “They asked me if I could serve these tomorrow because he was starting tonight. My position was, my client wants it served today, and that’s what I have to do.”


Couple Sues Hospital After He Gets Her Infected Kidney

Pa. pair say doctors missed positive test for hepatitis C before life-saving transplant

A Pennsylvania couple is suing a prominent medical center after doctors transplanted the woman’s kidney into her boyfriend’s body despite a test that showed she was infected with hepatitis C.

Christina L. Mecannic, 40, and Michael J. Yocabet, 50, of Greene County, Pa., said he’s now got the potentially fatal liver disease after the April 6 transplant at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center that was meant to save his life.


Where Are America's Most Expensive Highways And Byways?

With air travel becoming prohibitively expensive, more travelers are taking to the roads. But even our nation's highways and byways are no longer the cheap alternative, as tolls continue to climb for states seeking additional revenue streams. 

The most recent pain in the wallet is the preliminary approval for the state of Virginia to levy tolls on Interstate 95, extending the pay-to-ride corridor on the highly traveled North-South route even deeper into the Southern states, starting south of Fredericksburg.

So where are the nation's most expensive highways and byways?

It's a common belief among the road warriors who say that the Delaware Turnpike -- the 11.2 mile stretch of road that connects from New York and Philadelphia take to Baltimore and Washington D.C. -- is the most expensive toll road in the U.S.

But according to the Federal Highway Administration, the most costly interstate toll road for passenger vehicles, broken down by average cost per mile, is the Chicago Skyway -- a 7.8-mile toll road connecting the Dan Ryan Expressway to the Indiana Tollway, costing drivers a whopping $.46 per mile. The tolled express lanes in downtown Denver, Colo. come in second, costing $.29 cents a mile. The Delaware John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway comes in third, costing approximately $.23 cents per mile. 


Fed Has Few Tools To Fix Economy Weakened By Housing Market

U.S. mortgage rates are the lowest in at least four decades, with a 30-year fixed loan available at 4.09 percent. That didn’t help Alexis Wolf buy a townhome in Beaverton, Oregon.

“Unless you have family help, you’re stuck renting,” said Wolf, 26, a real estate broker who turned to relatives for a loan because she didn’t have the credit and employment history needed to qualify for a mortgage.

Wolf’s experience illustrates the predicament for Federal Reserve policy makers as they end a two-day meeting today to consider ways to boost economic growth. Low interest rates, the traditional medicine for a flagging economy, aren’t helping housing, which since 1982 has aided every recovery except the current one.

Sales of existing homes dropped in July to the lowest since November, and the median price slid 4.4 percent from a year earlier. Rising foreclosures, tighter lending standards and unemployment stuck near 9 percent for more than two years are all weighing on the market. Lower borrowing costs aren’t likely to make a difference, said housing economist Brad Hunter.

“The Fed’s actions probably won’t help housing in a meaningful way,” said Hunter, chief economist and national director of consulting at Metrostudy, a Houston-based housing research firm that provides data to 18 of the 20 largest U.S. builders. “The level of mortgage rates is not a major factor. Rates are at extremely attractive levels.”

SiriusXM 'Everything' Plan Does Not, In Fact, Include Everything

If you were signing up for a plan called the "Sirius Everything Plan," don't you think that it would include...well, everything? At least, all of the programming that new car owners get to sample with their trial subscription. When Chris renewed his SiriusXM subscription for his new car, nothing on the paperwork led him to believe that he wasn't selecting a different subscription from what he already had. Yet he did. Because at Sirius, "everything" isn't everything.

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Growth Of Texting Craze Starts To Slow

Likely thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and the way they facilitate on-the-fly email and instant messaging — as well as widespread social network use — text messaging is no longer the growth cottage industry it once was. According to researchers, adults sent and received a median average of 10 texts per day this spring, the same figure as last spring. The previous fall, the median average was five per day.

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For At-Risk Women, MRIs May Be Better Than Mammograms

Mammograms have long been standard breast cancer detection tools, but researchers say magnetic resonance imaging may be more effective at finding tumors in women who are more at risk of contracting cancer and are medically underserved.

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Troops Amputations Up Sharply In Afghan War

WASHINGTON (AP) - The counterinsurgency tactic that is sending U.S. soldiers out on foot patrols among the Afghan people, rather than riding in armored vehicles, has contributed to a dramatic increase in arm and leg amputations, genital injuries and the loss of multiple limbs following blast injuries.

These devastating injuries affected unit morale. And they gave rise to talk on the battlefield that some troops had made secret pacts not to help each other survive if they were so severely injured, a new report said Tuesday.

The number of U.S. troops who had amputations rose sharply from 86 in 2009, to 187 in 2010 and 147 so far this year, military officials said Tuesday, releasing the report on catastrophic wounds.

Of those, the number of troops who lost two or three limbs rose from 23 in 2009 to 72 last year to 77 so far this year. Only a dozen or so of all amputations came from Iraq and the rest were from Afghanistan, where militants are pressing the insurgency with roadside bombs, handmade land mines and other explosives.

Officials said genital injuries also have risen significantly, but they did not give specific figures.


Postal Service: Death By Bathtub Drowning

President Obama announced in his deficit reduction proposal Monday that he supports allowing the US Postal Service (USPS) to stop delivering mail on Saturdays, among other revenue-generating proposals, such as allowing post offices to sell items other than stamps.

Strangely, while the president did make reference to refunding the $6.9 billion the Postal Service made to the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), he failed to address the $50 billion to 75 billion in overpayments to the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS).

Audits performed by the Postal Service's Office of Inspector General and the autonomous Postal Regulatory Commission both confirmed that the Postal Service has been bleeding money by overpaying into worker pension funds, placing the figure at between $50 billion and $75 billion.

It seems odd that the president would recognize the one area of hemorrhaging (FERS) without mentioning this second, far greater source of revenue loss, especially considering the White House's own proposals stand to save the USPS "only" $20 billion over the next few years.

Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers: The AP Releases Misleading Analysis Of Obama's Tax Plan

As part of his deficit reduction plan, President Obama has proposed some tax increases on the wealthiest Americans, which would come via allowing the Bush tax cuts for the two highest tax brackets to expire and implementing the “Buffett rule,” which stipulates that millionaires and billionaires shouldn’t pay a lower tax rate than middle-class Americans.

Republicans have predictably, blown their collective top over the Buffett rule. And today, they were aided by a bizarre Associated Press “fact-check,” which purported to reveal something disingenuous about Obama’s plan. “President Barack Obama says he wants to make sure millionaires are taxed at higher rates than their secretaries. The data say they already are,” the AP wrote, noting that the average tax rate for those in the highest tax brackets is, of course, higher than the average rate for middle-class or low-income Americans.

This is not surprising, and it certainly doesn’t make the Buffett rule any less relevant. After all, as Center for American Progress Action Fund Director of Fiscal Reform Seth Hanlon wrote, “tons of data — including data cited in the AP article itself — confirm the compelling need for a Buffett rule because large numbers of super-rich individuals are indeed paying lower taxes than middle-class families“:
– 1,470 households reported income of more than $1 million in 2009 but paid zero federal income tax on it.
– The average federal income tax rate of the richest 400 people in the country in 2008 was 18.11 percent. In 2007 it was 16.62 percent. [...] The tax rates paid by the “Fortunate 400” have plummeted since the mid-1990s, when their average effective rates were about 30 percent. [...]
– Due to the so-called carried interest loophole, managers of hedge funds and private equity funds pay 15 percent capital gains rates, and no payroll taxes, on their profits from managing other people’s money. That’s less than what middle-class families pay just in payroll taxes on their wages — let alone what they pay in income taxes.

Obama's International Open Government Partnership

President Barack Obama has already finished one piece of business during his visit to the UN, launching the international Open Government Partnership. The OGP is a multi-national agreement to support transparency, fight corruption and empower citizens. Its steering committee has representatives from the U.S., Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The president called for formation of the partnership last year at the UN, and this year, he has asked members to come up with specific ways to carry out the goals of the partnership.

Four Trillion-Dollar Tax Cuts = Four Trillion-Dollar Budget Cuts

This past Monday, September 19, President Obama revealed his proposals for how to pay for his $447 billion tax cut/jobs bill announced last week. In the same speech, he announced a goal of cutting the deficits and debt by $4.4 trillion. But what he didn't tell us is that the $4 trillion plus in deficit and debt reduction is almost exactly the amount of tax cuts that have been enacted over the past decade, 2001-2011, roughly three-fourths of which have gone to corporations, banks, investors and the wealthiest 10 percent households.
$4 Trillion Budget Cuts to Pay for $4 Trillion Tax Cuts
Here's how the $4 trillion tax cuts stack up:
  • Bush tax cuts, 2001-2010     $2,900 billion
  • Bush 2008 stimulus tax cuts     $90 billion
  • Obama 2009 stimulus tax cuts     $313 billion
  • AMT tax "fix" for high income households  $70 billion
  • Supplemental tax cuts June 2009-October 2010  $50 billion
  • Obama December 2010 tax cuts  $802 billion
  • Obama September 2011 "jobs" bill tax cuts  $270 billion
 Total tax cuts $4,495 billion ($4.49 Trillion)

Key Context On Obama’s Vague Proposed Millionaires’ Tax

This morning, as part of his broader deficit reduction plan [1], President Obama called for a new rule that would raise taxes on the the wealthiest Americans. The proposal was quick to spark reaction from Republicans, who labeled it “class warfare [2].”

But politics aside, we thought it would be helpful to run through what’s actually known about the proposal, the impact it might have on the deficit, and the history behind it all.

So what, exactly, is the plan?

President Obama’s plan would require households making more than $1 million annually—and the president is one of them [3]—to pay a certain minimum percentage in taxes that matches the rate at which middle-class households are taxed. (Think of it as a simpler version of the overly complicated alternative minimum tax [4], which was enacted to ensure that even with their many deductions, rich taxpayers still paid a minimum percentage in income taxes.)

Are there any more details?

Nope. The White House has left it quite vague. In fact, it’s unclear how serious the proposal is at this stage.
The president hasn’t yet specified at what rate the millionaires should be taxed. And as the New York Times puts it, administration officials have said that the plan is more of a guiding principle [5] for negotiations. Indeed, they haven’t included its potential revenue in the president’s larger plan to trim $3 trillion from the deficit.


(Middle River, MD) – A Baltimore County juvenile was arrested last night after he endangered an in-flight Maryland State Police helicopter crew by repeatedly spotlighting the aircraft with a green laser.

The juvenile suspect will only be identified as a 14-year-old male from Middle River. He is charged with reckless endangerment, attempted second degree assault on police, obstruction and hindering police, and prohibited use of a laser pointer. After processing, he was released to the custody of his parents.

Shortly after 11:00 p.m. yesterday, Trooper One, a Maryland State Police 365N Dauphin III helicopter based at Martin State Airport, was assisting Baltimore County Police with an aerial search for a suicidal person. Pilot Shawn McGinley and Trooper/Flight Paramedic Joshua Heins were flying in the vicinity of Eastern Blvd. and Kingston Road when a flash illuminated the cockpit of the aircraft. Knowing the potential dangers to the flight crew, Pilot McGinley was initiating precautionary maneuvers when a second bright green laser light illuminated the cockpit once again. The laser beam location was noted directly off the nose of the aircraft exactly one-half mile from the aircraft’s search position.

The flight crew was able to pinpoint the residence where the laser beam originated and illuminated the house with a light of their own, the three million candlepower Nite-Sun search light. Pilot McGinley positioned the aircraft in a hover in front of the residence. TFC Heins notified the Baltimore County Police dispatcher & SYSCOM of the incident and directed patrol units to the residence. Within six minutes of the laser incident, Baltimore County police officers arrived at the residence, identified a juvenile suspect, and recovered a green laser pointer. Trooper One then returned to their previous mission in an attempt to locate the suicidal person.

Shining lasers at aircraft can have very serious and potentially catastrophic effects. A direct laser strike in an aircraft cockpit can cause temporary blindness and disorientation for the flight crew. If the flash occurs during a critical phase of flight, the crew members can be temporarily incapacitated and unable to perform their in-flight functions effectively. The Maryland State Police Aviation Command has experienced a half dozen laser incidents in 2011 with two leading to prosecution.

“The safety of our flight crews is paramount and we continue to remain vigilant to aggressively inform the public of the serious nature of this unnecessary act before any injuries occur,” said Lieutenant Walter A. Kerr, Helicopter Operations Commander. “We intend to do everything possible to curtail this activity and allow our flight crews to perform their duties of behalf of the citizens of Maryland.”

Aviation Command personnel have contacted the FAA concerning this incident. A cooperative effort with the Baltimore County Police and their quick response led to a positive outcome in this situation.

Delaware State Police Issues Gold Alert

Location Last Seen: Parking lot of the Oak Orchard Diner, 31000 block of Oak Orchard Road, Millsboro, DE
Date of Occurrence: Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.
Gold Alert Subject:
-Walter E. Kent, 3rd, 47, Millsboro, DE
-White male, 6’02” tall, 185 lbs, brown hair, and hazel eyes
Millsboro, DE- The Delaware State Police have issued a Gold Alert for Walter E. Kent, 3rd, of Millsboro, DE. Kent was last seen at approximately 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 18 at 10:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the Oak Orchard Diner in Millsboro. He has not been seen or heard from since. 
Walter Kent’s medical condition is such that there is a real concern for his safety. He is described as a white male, 6’02” tall, 125 lbs, with brown hair and hazel eyes, and may be operating a white Chrysler Sebring with a tan convertible top. 
If anyone knows the location of Walter E. Kent, 3rd they are asked to contact Troop 4 at 302-856-5850. Citizens may also provide a tip by texting keyword “DSP” plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES).  Tipsters may also provide information through lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333. Callers can also submit information via the internet at

House Defeats Stopgap Bill to Fund Government

The House of Representatives defeated a continuing resolution bill to fund the government and avert a shutdown next week.
From Fox News

DelDOT Welcomes NASCAR Fans

Bus Service Available Sunday, October 2

Dover -- The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) welcomes race fans to the 2011 NASCAR tripleheader weekend at the Dover International Speedway beginning on Friday, September 30 for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Race; Saturday, October 1 for the "OneMain Financial 200" NASCAR Nationwide Series Race; and Sunday, October 2 for the "AAA 400" NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race.

Traffic Information

DelDOT's Transportation Management Center (TMC) staff in coordination with the City of Dover Police and Delaware State Police will monitor traffic in and around the Dover vicinity to ensure safe travel for motorists.

On Sunday, October 2, the Dover International Speedway's main entrance on Route 13 will be CLOSED for all southbound traffic when parking at the Dover International Speedway is filled. When the race is concluded on Sunday afternoon, Leipsic Road will also be CLOSED to through traffic. This will allow traffic to immediately exit onto Route 13 and traffic from Lot 2 Parking to exit directly to Leipsic Road.

A designated exit route for the Saturday and Sunday races have been established through the cooperation of many groups including the Towne Point Civic Association. Vehicles parked in Lot 1 will be permitted to exit to Buckson Drive onto Townsend Boulevard (next to K-Mart) and the signalized intersection. Once at the traffic signal, motorists will be able to turn southbound only. Due to special routes being designed just for Saturday and Sunday races, motorists are encouraged to tune to WTMC 1380 AM and to read the variable message board signs surrounding the Dover area.

The TMC and DelDOT's Traffic Division will work from the Command Post at the Dover International Speedway with technicians monitoring traffic inside the track facilities and outside on Dover-area roadways. DelDOT's staff will watch major intersections for proper signal progression, place temporary directional signage, and assist with any incident or congestion problems along major travel routes.

At both of the Route 1 and I-95 Toll Plazas, additional lanes will be open in expectation of traffic congestion. Extra toll operators will be working at the Route 1 Toll Plaza in Dover on Monday, October 3 to assist recreational vehicles leaving the speedway.

Park 'n" Ride Bus Service

DelDOT and Dover International Speedway are pleased to offer race fans a better way to enjoy their stay. If you're looking for a smart way to get to and from the track, consider using the Race Express Bus service. This bus service is only available on Sunday, October 2. In the event of inclement weather, and the race is postponed there will be NO bus service on Monday, October 3.

On race day, payment will only be accepted by exact CASH amount, no change will be available.

You can choose to ride from two locations:

(1) The Race Express from Christiana Mall Park & Ride in northern Delaware, just off I-95 takes NASCAR fans directly to Dover International Speedway. The bus service will begin at 8 AM with 800 seats available on a first come, first serve basis. The cost per person is $12.00 round-trip.

(2) For $20 per vehicle, NASCAR fans can also park at the Blue Hen Corporate Center located at 655 South Bay Road in Dover. All vehicle occupants can ride the Race Express Bus to and from the Dover International Speedway. The Race Express Bus avoids race day traffic congestion by traveling north on Route 1 to an exclusive bus-only exit ramp leading directly to Dover International Speedway, approximately 12 minutes. The service begins at 8 AM and is available to transport passengers back and forth until one (1) hour after the race.

Carry-on items on the buses to the grandstands must conform to Dover International Speedway's Gate Admission Policy, and any and all carry-on items that can be handled by one person are permitted on the buses upon departure after the race.

Smyrna Rest Area

The Smyrna Rest Area located approximately ten miles north of Dover International Speedway just off Exit 119 is open 24 hours each day; which offers snacks and sodas, restrooms, and has an RV dump station for the convenience of NASCAR campers.

Race fans can get real time updates on traffic and parking conditions by signing up for Twitter and Facebook

Enjoy the races!

Gannett Stock - (GCI trading symbol) - Sets New 52 Week Record Low

Today - the Gannett Corporation - (The Daily Times parent company) - broke an all time record low. Just how low Gannett will go remains to be seen. The stock price dropped to $8.94/Share in today's trading.

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American Soldiers Speak Out Against The Wars

Obama Walks Into Bank Of America

President Obama walks into the Bank of America to cash a check. As he approaches the cashier he says "Good morning Ma'am, could you please cash this check for me"?

Cashier: "It would be my pleasure sir. Could you please show me your ID?"

Obama: "Truthfully, I did not bring my ID with me as I didn't think there was any need to. I am President Barrack Obama, the president of the United States of America!"

Cashier: "Yes sir, I know who you are, but with all the regulations, monitoring, of the banks because of imposters and forgers, etc I must insist on seeing ID."

Obama: "Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows who I am."

Cashier: "I am sorry Mr. President but these are the bank rules and I must follow them."

Obama: "I am urging you please to cash this check."

Cashier: "Look Mr. President this is what we can do: One day Tiger Woods came into the bank without ID. To prove he was Tiger Woods he pulled out his putting iron and made a beautiful shot across the bank into a cup. With that shot we knew him to be Tiger Woods and cashed his check. Another time, Andre Agassi came in without ID. He pulled out his tennis racquet and made a fabulous shot whereas the tennis ball landed in my cup. With that spectacular shot we cashed his check. So, Mr. President, what can you do to prove that it is you, and only you, as the President of the United States?"

Obama stood there thinking, and thinking and finally says: "Honestly, there is nothing that comes to my mind. I can't think of a single thing I can do."

Cashier: "Will that be large or small bills, Mr. President?" 

Annual Golf Tournament To Benefit The Friends Of Recreation & Parks

Event slated for Friday, October 14, 2011
(Salisbury, MD)  Friends of Recreation & Parks would like to invite you to tee off for a good cause at this year’s annual golf tournament being held on Friday, October 14.  Two flights are being offered for golfers to play in along with dinner, prizes and gift bags during the event.  Registration is open the day of the event for day and night flights.

The annual golf tournament will be held at Salisbury Elks Golf Course (401 Church Hill Ave., Salisbury, MD).  Registration begins at 12:30pm for the day flight followed by tee off at 1:30pm.  Golfers play in full scramble form through all 18 holes.  Dinner will be held after the 5:00pm registration for the night flight.  You may want to bring a flashlight for this one (only one flashlight per team). The night flight is a fun, glow golf experience that you won’t want to miss. Tee off with a glow ball, provided for each team at 7:30pm.  Golfers play in full scramble form through seven holes. 

The day flight is $200 for teams of four and $150 for the night flight.  Register for both day and night flights for only $300.  Included in all registration is golf, door & event prizes, gift bags and dinner.  

Proceeds from the event benefit the Friends of Recreation & Parks, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities through scholarships for underprivileged youth to participate in Recreation Programs. Last year, more than $6,000 in scholarships were awarded and more than $30,000 has been awarded in the last seven years.
Want to help support Friends of Recreation & Parks but do not want to play, advertise your business with a hole sponsorship for $125.  This will include exposure during both flights.  For more information on the tournament or how to sponsor a hole, please contact Andy Kitzrow at 410-548-4900 ext. 109 or email You may also contact Joe Harbinson at 410-548-4900 ext. 101 or email


(Berlin, MD)

WHAT: Worcester County Republican Central Committee Chairman, Matthew King will be announcing his campaign for the House of Delegates.

WHERE: The home of Matt and Theresa King, 46 Abbyshire Rd, Ocean Pines, MD 21811

WHEN: October 29th 5pm – 7:30pm

WHY: Chairman Matthew King is seeking a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates to represent the citizens of Worcester and Wicomico Counties. In the House of Delegates Matthew will fight for lower taxes, less business regulations and better education.

Presidential Candidate Tom Miller Press Release

“While Mr. Obama and members of Congress engage in press conferences that are dividing our Country with different tax rates in a futile attempt to pay for their uncontrollable spending, I am proposing one flat tax rate for all Americans and businesses. The time has come for every American to pay an equal share of taxes, without government discrimination or favoritism.”
Thomas J. Miller

Two Officers Indicted In Beating Of U.Md. Student

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. - Two Prince George's County police officers have been indicted in the beating of a University of Maryland student during a rowdy celebration after the school's basketball win over Duke last year.
State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks announced the indictments against Officers Reginald Baker and James Harrison on Tuesday afternoon. The officers are charged with first- and second-degree assault and misconduct in office.
County police arrested 28 students and a video later surfaced showing officers in riot gear beating student John McKenna. Charges were later dropped against many of those arrested that night, including McKenna. Three officers were suspended and federal authorities were involved in the investigation.


Dow Closes Down 284

Wall Street takes a hit as Dow closes down 284 points.

Stocks sold off sharply Wednesday after the Federal Reserve said it will increase its share of longer-term Treasurys by $400 billion over the next 10 months or so. The so-called Operation Twist is intended to lower borrowing costs even further, but has no shortage of skeptics who say borrowing costs aren’t what is holding back the U.S. economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 283 points, or 2.5%, to close at 11124.

Four Metro Areas In Maryland Rank Among Smoggiest On East Coast

                        Environment Maryland will be releasing a new report, Danger in the Air: Unhealthy Air Days in 2010 and 2011, showing that the Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Hagerstown and Wilmington-Newark, DE metro areas rank among the smoggiest areas in the country, putting the health of 8 million residents at risk.

Smog is a harmful air pollutant that leads to asthma attacks and exacerbates respiratory illnesses. The report ranks cities in Maryland and across the country for the number of days when the air was unhealthy to breathe last year and this summer. The report also includes new data showing that because of outdated air quality standards, the problem is even worse than the public has been told.

The report comes after President Obama’s controversial announcement this month that he is abandoning efforts to strengthen the current outdated smog standard, as polluters and their allies in Congress push legislation that would make the problem even worse by rolling back existing standards for smog pollution from power plants.  

Walmart Still Short-Changing Customers On Gift Receipt Returns

Back in May, an investigation by CBS Sacramento found that a number of Walmart stores were short-changing customers with gift receipts when they tried to make returns or exchanges. And though the nation's largest retailer said at the time that this was not store policy and it would "be communicating with our store associates to reinforce our practice," it appears as if this message hasn't gotten through.

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Fed Expected To Launch Next Monetary Easing, "Operation Twist"

The Fed is widely expected to announce the latest round of monetary policy tweaking designed to loosen up markets. It has the cute name of "Operation Twist." Here's how it works.

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Bronx DA Seeks To Indict 17 Cops In Massive Ticket Fixing Scandal

A two-year investigation into ticket fixing, where cops agree to make tickets disappear in exchange for bribes, gifts and favors, is expected to result in the indictment of 17 NYPD cops.

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Caption This Photo 9-21-11

NASA Doing Their Best To Determine Where Satelite Will Fall

NASA scientists are doing their best to figure out where a plummeting six-ton satellite will fall later this week. Pinpointing where and when hurtling space debris will strike is an imprecise science. For now, scientists predict it will hit sometime between Thursday and Saturday in a so-called strike zone covering most of Earth. Experts expect to have a good idea by Thursday of when and where it might fall.

Reforming The Postal Service

Reforming the Postal Service is becoming a partisan donnybrook. The House subcommittee that oversees USPS operations will hold a markup this afternoon on legislation to help USPS return to solid financial footing. That bill, sponsored by House Republicans Dennis Ross and Darrell Issa, would let USPS end Saturday delivery. However, the agency would not get a refund on overpayments to retiree benefits. Democratic subcommittee members Elijah Cummings and Peter Lynch will introduce their own bill this morning, offering flexibility in operations, but giving money back to the Postal Service. Plus there is a Senate postal reform bill as well as a proposal from the White House.

Reid Speaks Out About Possible Government Shutdown

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said he can't rule out the possibility of a government shutdown. Reid's prediction comes after the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, predicted a compromise. But there are still sticking points. House Republicans are on track to pass $3.7 billion in disaster relief as part of a must-pass bill to avert a government shutdown at the end of the month. Democrats oppose it because it cuts more than a billion dollars from a program to help companies build more fuel-efficient cars.

Congress Has Until Friday To Pass Spending Bill For 2012

Congress has until Friday to pass a spending bill for fiscal year 2012 — or face another possible government shutdown. Lawmakers still plan to go on recess next week, which means they have just three more days to pass a continuing resolution. Debate on a CR, which would the government through mid-November, is scheduled on the House floor today.

Transportation Advocates See 2012 As “Last Chance” For Raising Revenues

Advocates for increased funding for Maryland transportation projects say next year’s General Assembly session is “the last chance” to get any new revenues passed. “This is probably our last opportunity in a four-year term,” said Don Fry, president of the Greater Baltimore Committee and a former legislator. “In the third and fourth year of the legislative term we don’t see that type of initiative,” as lawmakers focus on their re-election.

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Human Resources Head Promises Better Enforcement And Information

State Human Resources Secretary Theodore Dallas told legislators that Improving enforcement, collections and information quality are top priorities during a hearing on three scathing reports about divisions he oversees.

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(BEL AIR, MD) – Maryland State Police and the Office of the State Fire Marshal are using an incident last night in Harford County to remind citizens not to move suspicious packages or items they suspect may be explosives, but to instead call authorities and have experts respond to the scene.

At about 9:00 p.m. yesterday, two concerned citizens drove to the State Police Bel Air Barrack and told the duty officer they had several items in their truck they believed may be pipe bombs. The man said he was helping a friend remove items from her farm when he found a camouflage bag in a barn that contained four tubes about two inches in diameter and five inches long that contained some type of powder. He said he found detonation cord with the tubes.

Based on the unknown and potentially explosive nature of the items, troopers felt it was necessary to secure the area until experts had examined the tubes. Troopers closed Rt. 1 in both directions and traffic was diverted around the area.

An explosives expert from the Office of the State Fire Marshal Bomb Squad responded and examined the tubes. It was determined the tubes were not pipe bombs.

Citizens are reminded that when finding something suspicious that may be explosive, they should move out of the area and call 911 immediately. The appropriate law enforcement and fire department resources will be dispatched to the location and will implement the proper procedures for checking the device or substance and determining if it is safe. It is very dangerous to move potentially explosive materials, especially something that may be a bomb. In addition to the immediate risk to the person moving the device, the potential danger simply moves to the location where the person is transporting the item, as occurred last night.

Salisbury Police Department Press Releases 9-21-11

On September 19, 2011 at approximately 2:00 pm, Officers of the Salisbury Police received a call to respond to the Kohl’s Department Store on North Salisbury Boulevard for the report of two (2) juvenile shoplifters. Upon arrival the officers met with security personnel who advised that store employees had observed the below listed suspects take property from the store without attempting to make payment. The suspects were stopped and the property was recovered and returned to the store.

ARRESTED #1: Juvenile, 17 years of age
Seaford, Delaware
ARRESTED #2: Juvenile, 17 years of age
Seaford, Delaware
CHARGES: Theft (under $ 100)
DISPOSITION: Both released to a family member
CC # 201100036838

On September 20, 2011 at approximately 11:44 am, Officers of the Salisbury Police received a call to respond to the Walmart Department Store on North Salisbury Boulevard for the report of a shoplifter. Upon arrival the officers met with security personnel who advised that store employees had observed the below listed suspect take property from the store without making payment. The property was recovered and returned to the store.

ARRESTED: Julius Zorro Parsons, 53 years of age
Princess Anne, Maryland
CHARGES: Theft (under $ 100)

DISPOSITION: Released to Central Booking
CC # 201100036981

AG Gansler Bags A Fundraising Lead In Governor’s Race

Attorney General Doug Gansler expects to raise upwards of $750,000 at a single fundraiser Thursday in Bethesda, where Friends of Doug Gansler will host his 14th annual fundraiser. There will be no shortage of big name donors contributing to the potential 2014 Democratic candidate for governor, according to the hundreds of names on the host committee in the invitation.

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An Artist Is Born In Her 80's

Local Salisbury resident Dot Goetz took a class at WorWic and must have had one hell of a teacher. This is the end result of her very first painting. Just goes to show you, if you put your mind to it you can do anything, even if you're in your 80's.

Delaware Panel Gets Artificial Reef Update

DOVER, Del. (AP) -- A panel that helps oversee Delaware's tidal finfisheries is getting an update on the state's artificial reef program.

The update on artificial reefs is among several items on the agenda for Wednesday night's meeting of the Delaware Advisory Council on Tidal Finfisheries.

Among other things, the council will be updated on the sinking of the USS Radford, a decommissioned Navy destroyer that was sunk in August about 25 miles off the Indian River Inlet. Officials have said the 563-foot ship is the longest vessel ever sunk as an artificial reef in the Atlantic Ocean.


Sobo's Special Tonight

Our Sputtering Economy By The Numbers: Poverty Edition

Last month, we detailed the dismal state of the nation's economy [1]. Now that the Census Bureau has released new poverty figures [2], we wanted to give you another snapshot of how Americans are faring more than two years after the recession.

Official U.S. poverty rate in 2007 [4], before the recession: 12.5 percent
Poverty rate in 2009 [3]: 14.3 percent
Poverty rate in 2010 [3]: 15.1 percent
Poverty line in 2010 [6]: $22,314 for a family of four, or $11,139 for an individual
Rough amount the poor are living on per week [7]: $200 or less
Poverty rate in American suburbs: 11.8 percent [8], the highest since 1967 [9]
Percentage of the population making less than half the poverty line [10] in 2010: 6.7 percent
Percentage of the population making less than half the poverty line in 2007, before the recession [10]: 5.2 percent
Poverty rate for white Americans in 2010 [8]: 13 percent
Poverty rate for African-Americans in 2010 [8]: 27.4 percent
Real median household income [11] in 2010: $49,445
Decline in median household income [11] since 2009: 2.3 percent
Decline in median household income since before the recession [11]: 6.4 percent
Real median household income in 1999 [5], in 2010 dollars: $53,252
Median income for full-time male workers in 1973 [12], in 2010 dollars: $49,065
Total unemployed people [13] in August: 14 million
Long-term unemployed people [13] as of August 2011: 6 million
Unemployed workers per job opening as of July 2011: 4.34 (3.2 million openings [14] and 13.9 million unemployed people [15])
Uninsured Americans [16] in 2010: 49.9 million
Percentage of Americans without health insurance in 2010 [17]: 16.3 percent
Percentage of Americans without health insurance in 2007 [18], before the recession: 15.3 percent
Percentage of children who were uninsured in 2010 [16]: 9.8 percent
Percentage of children in poverty who were uninsured in 2010 [16]: 15.4 percent
Percentage of American households that had enough to eat throughout the year in 2007 [19]: 88.9 percent
Percentage of American households that had enough to eat throughout the year in 2010 [20]: 85.5 percent

Boonies Wednesday Night Special

Posters On The Plaza Are Wrong

It is true that Vic will be retiring soon. However, he did not retire last Friday night as many suggested.

On another note, Aaron "BULL" Hudson will be replacing Vic in the near future. Bull is one hell of a Cop and was a part of the Bicycle Task Force years ago, so he'll fit right in. He was well known in the community before former Chief Webster pulled the plug on that group and crime started rising like there was no tomorrow.

Being interactive with the citizens has always proven to be an asset to any community and we look forward to his presence in the near future. My Wife and I have known Vic for many years now and we certainly wish him the very best in his retirement, WHEN he chooses to leave.

Work from Home? You Must Be A Slacker

The concept of working from home has taken a beating during the Great Recession, raising questions about companies’ ability to make the most of the wired world. The setback also throws a bit of cold water on the hopes of mature workers hoping to phase into retirement.

The number of folks working from home or another location outside the office at least one day a month was 26.2 million at the end of last year, down from 33.7 million two years earlier, according to a WorldatWork special report.


Weathering Out The Storm At Worthington

New solar panels will provide 90 percent of school's electricity

Mother Nature has battered the county in recent weeks, and Worthington Elementary School has suffered as much as any school. But students and staff at the Ellicott City school will soon be reaping her benefits as well.

Solar panels will be installed over a period of six to eight weeks on three acres of land on the old New Cut Landfill, the 83-acre facility near the school that stopped operating more than 30 years ago. Construction began last week, and once up and running, the solar panels are expected to generate 90 percent of the school’s electricity.

“It’s very exciting, and very green,” said Worthington Principal Katherine Orlando. “We’re looking forward to the outcome, and we’re happy to be a collaborative part of it.”


How Brazil Is Sending 75,000 Students To The World's Best Colleges

With their economy booming, their currency at a level that makes even London prices seem cheap and their foreign policy one of the world's most ambitious (President Dilma Rousseff this week will to be the first woman ever to open debate at the U.N. General Assembly), Brazilians have gotten used to going abroad for tourism, business, shopping and diplomacy. Now their students are finally getting an incentive to see the world, thanks to a major government program that aims to award 75,000 scholarships to attend the world's top universities. Available only to Brazilians studying subjects of strategic national importance, like engineering, they reflect "an effort by the government to take a quantum leap in the formation of a scientific and technological elite," says Aloizio Mercadante, Brazil's Science and Technology Minister.


Maryland Unlikely To Have Pumpkin Shortage

Wet weather affected crops in Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont

Good grief!

But before you race to the grocery store for canned pumpkin to mold into fall's favorite orange orb, consider this: While the soggy residents of Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont are facing a shortage of jack-o-lanterns, Maryland's trick-or-treaters will be spared the trauma.

"We definitely lost some, but pumpkins will be around," said Dwight Baugher, who has started harvesting more than 70 acres of oversized squash at Baugher's Orchard and Farm in Westminster. "We'll be OK."

Fill In The Blank 9-21-11

The City of Salisbury needs _______.

2-Year-Old Maryland Boy Shoots Himself Dead

A 2-year-old boy from Maryland died after shooting himself to the head inside his family's home, MyFox DC reported online.

The boy was alone in the room, police said, adding that investigations are ongoing as to how the boy got the gun that he used to shoot himself. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.


No-Show Professor Had Excuse: He Died In April


PHILADELPHIA - University of Pennsylvania students who were puzzled by a no-show professor later found out why he missed the first day of class: He died months ago.

The students were waiting for Henry Teune to teach a political science class at the Ivy League school in Philadelphia on Sept. 13.


Criminal Arrest / Sex Offense

DATE: September 19, 2011
CBI Case # 11-0216
LOCATION: Worcester County Jail
5022 Joyner Road, Snow Hill, MD 21863

CHARGES: 4th Degree Sex Offense
Perverted Practice
2nd Degree Assault

ACCUSED: Dajuan Anthony PORTER B/M/27yoa
Harrisburg, PA

NARRATIVE: On Tuesday, September 6, 2011 Corporal Robert Trautman of the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation became involved with a Sexual Assault Investigation that occurred at the Worcester County Jail, 5022 Joyner Road, Snow Hill, Worcester County, Maryland.
The investigation revealed that the victim and PORTER are housed in the Work Release Section of the facility and share the same "pod" with two other inmates. At about 4:00AM, the victim is awoken by PORTER assaulted him.

Based upon interviews and further investigation an Arrest Warrant was obtained and ultimately serviced on PORTER. He is currently being held pending trial at the Worcester County Jail on a $100,000.00 bond for these charges.

Low-Fat Yogurt Consumption Tied to Asthma and Hay Fever Risk in Kids, Says Study

A new study suggests a link between women's eating low-fat yogurtduring pregnancy to an increased risk that their children will develop asthma and hay fever.
The research, which will be presented at a meeting of the European Respiratory Society, drew on Danish birth and health records to study the dairy intake of more than 61,000 women and found that the children born to women who ate one or more low-fat fruit yogurts a day were more likely to develop asthma and hay fever than the children of women who didn't eat low-fat yogurt.

West Virginia Governor’s Race Tightens 2 Weeks Before Special Election

While the nation begins to focus its collective microscope on the 2012 presidential race, West Virginians — and political junkies — have set their sights on the state’s gubernatorial special election, for which early voting begins today.

In a state that voted Republican in the past three presidential elections, the Democratic candidate, acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, still has a slight edge in the polls over his Republican rival, businessman Bill Maloney, although Ray’s lead has been cut in half in the past month.