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Sunday, April 19, 2020

New Yorker's Continue To Flock To Ocean City

Even though NY, NJ & PA are under a quarantine and NY coronavirus rates are through the roof many have come down to their secondary homes in Berlin and Ocean City. All law enforcement have to do is sit in local parking lots and START PROTECTING US. You know, "PROTECT AND SERVE". That is what our taxes are supposed to do. Police are not writing traffic citations and I'm sorry but I've seen just about enough of this locally. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Should we ALL start publishing pictures to show how out of control this is?

Maryland COVID-19 Data 4-19-2020



American Revolution begun
Launched this day in 1775 with the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the American Revolution was an effort by 13 British colonies in North America (with help from France, Spain, and the Netherlands) to win their independence.

Every One Of You Should Be PISSED At Salisbury Mayor Jake Day and Chief Barbara Duncan

They decided to go throughout Salisbury with a parade yesterday, No Masks, No Gloves, No Social Distancing as the photo clearly proves. 

They need to lead by example. Instead of blowing even more money on a stupid parade, this jackass should first be worried about the HEALTH and WELL BEING of ALL of the people working for the City. You lead by example and clearly this jackass is not following the Governors guidelines. Now I'll agree with some of the commenters on here, he's playing God. Jake doesn't know for a fact none of the people involved have the virus, are carriers or have been around someone who has it. 

Everyone is locked up in their homes and this Idiot is out playing look at me games. Go to Jake's Facebook page and watch the videos as well. He tells businesses you can't have but so many people in their stores and then he goes out and does this. 

As A Bar/Restaurant Owner In OC, I'm Not Opening If Hogan Says We Can Only Serve 50% Of Our Seating!

Just think, I opened a new bar/restaurant at the old Alamo, busted our tails against all odds and created one of the coolest and most successful bar/restaurants in Ocean City. It was a major challenge but it was a ton of fun and people really have enjoyed the place.

Then came what is now known as coronavirus and all that positive momentum came to an immediate end. So what do we do Folks? Are we all in the same mind set that we've all had enough of this quarantine crap OR are we all still concerned this thing will continue to spread and harm people?

I guess the choice will be up to our customers BUT IF Governor Hogan says we can only serve 50% of our tables and even bar stool seating I'm NOT opening. My bartenders don't deserve to be cut off by 50% and as a business owner I don't deserve it as well. 

Where do you stand at this point, tell us your thoughts.

A Viewer Writes: COVID-19 & PRMC


I thank you for letting me to tell my story. I am beyond p!ssed! This whole incident took place last evening at Peninsula Regional Medical Center’s ER. I sincerely hope this gets the attention of the “important people” at the hospital (Steve, Snyder, Roger, Cindy, CB). 

Last night, I went to ER because I was having chest pain. I have never experienced chest pain before. I really thought I was having the big one. Frankly, it was terrifying. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, my wife wasn’t allowed to come back with me to my new ER room. Instead of being able to have my wife for support, I had to send her home. She cried, and cried. We have never had to go through a health scare, and especially not alone. 

To be clear, I really do understand why the no visitor policy had to be implemented, and I totally respect what the hospital is doing to combat COVID-19. I believe the measures are necessary. 

As I was laying in my bed, I was “people watching” through my open door. I was in 203, and the room next to mine was 204. As I’m laying there, observing what’s going on, I realize that 2 women kept coming in and out of 204. I then hear one of the two females say that she was there visiting/assisting her adult brother. No other patient in the entire ER was allowed to have visitors except the patient next to my room. 

I immediately questioned what I saw, and I complained to the charge nurse; she informed me that one of the females in the room was a PRMC employee. It appears that if you work for PRMC, you don’t have to adhere to policies established by the hospital. We all know that these measures were put in place to reduce the risk of introducing the virus to the hospital’s population.

Additionally, I watched the PRMC employee go in and out of her brother’s room multiple times. On two occasions, she left the room, and went into the supply room to get things for her brother. She was only wearing gloves and mask. 

This sounds crazy, but on one occasion, she left her brother’s room wearing blue gloves, she then went in the supply room with the same blue gloves, she then came out of the supply room wearing the same blue gloves, and finally, she went back in the room with the same blue gloves. She put the ER’s highly controlled environment at risk by leaving the room of a sick person to retrieve items from the supply room. 

All these measures at PRMC are for NOTHING if they do not care that their employees make up their own rules, and essentially help spread infectious diseases. OR You might as well just revert to how things were before COVID-19.

What are the chances that he had a cough and fever?

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day Is Building A Tent City For The Homeless At Lake Street Park, (Coronavirus)

On Friday the Mayor of Salisbury will announce and open a Caronavirus Tent City for the Homeless. Temporary fencing will ultimately quarantine these human beings yet one thing I can assure each ad every one of you, they are NOT following protocol.

One of the images shows a cleaning company working on the bath/restroom building. Believe it or not, there is not enough distance between urinals and toilets to assure there's social distancing now required at 13 feet apart. Even the people working there are not wearing masks and as you can see they are shoulder to shoulder once again.

You also have to wonder, will they only accept homeless that are willing to give up private information so Police Chief Duncan can do a background check?

Also, Taxpayers will be subjected to providing TWO meals a day in order to quarantine these people. Will they all be subjected to remaining within this fenced in area until the City decides all is clear? 

There are many unanswered questions and certainly it will become a pandemic area because they are not properly disinfecting and maintaining even minimal standards to keep this virus encapsulated just to this immediate area. I'll add, ALL food must be served with disposable products and served by hazmat type uniforms. ANYONE not following these strict guidelines will contract the coronavirus. 

More to come... 

UPDATE: The City is using hotel money to put up these tents instead of rooms. AMAZING how the City chose to put this right in the middle of the African American community. Wait till you hear about the 4 to 6 people who recently died at PRMC, all of which are from the African American community. This tent city will remain until the coronavirus pandemic is over. I was just told they'll let the homeless out of this tent city every day but they must all return by 5 PM every day. Very Stupid.

Governor Hogan Will Not Release Reopening Maryland Till The End Of Next Week

While we were all on the edge of our seats to see what Hogan's immediate plans for reopening Maryland, he stated he will do so later next week. 

I will update this post when he gets to the school announcement.

UPDATE: Schools closed through May, 15th.

Publishers Notes: There's no way schools will reopen this year. Hogan would be a total nut case to allow the spread of this virus through the school system without vaccinations and or cures from this deadly virus. Plus, every single school will have to be disinfected and neutralized just for starters. They simply keep dragging out the inevitable.  

NO ONE Is Policing Businesses On The Eastern Shore

Skipjack Seafood on East Main Street across from East Salisbury School. No Social Distancing being practiced.

Look What I Found On Facebook!

Arrogant P.O.S. Salisbury Mayor Jake Day Responds To Yet Another Taxpayer On His Breaking The Law

Some husband is one day going to run into this SOB and treat him like the pig that he is. 1st Responders don't have the luxury of wearing masks and gloves, Idiot mayor? Is your staff wearing masks and gloves while they work part time in the GOB building while they're being paid full time? I guess you must be a tough guy soldier, right Jake? I mean, look at how you treat WOMEN. I'm starting to believe the rumors you're light in the loafers. 

Dingbat Waitress Makes The Following Claim

Ocean City Officials Discuss What Reopening Resort Might Look Like When State Allows

OCEAN CITY — When Ocean City should start planning to reopen to some degree and just what that might look like was the subject of lively debate during an impromptu Mayor and Council meeting on Thursday.

The Mayor and Council met on Thursday to continue discussions on the town’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The brief agenda included continuing to meet the needs of the town’s at-risk residents in terms of food and medicine and healthcare, the continued “stay at home” messaging and new messaging for welcoming back visitors when the time is right and ultimately certain benchmarks for relaxing some of the restrictions in terms of the beach and Boardwalk closure, lodging rental restrictions and a gradual plan to reopen the resort incrementally. It didn’t take long for the conversation to move toward the latter.

In his weekly update on Wednesday, Gov. Larry Hogan sent mixed messages including a report on the two deadliest days for Maryland thus far during the COVID-19 pandemic and a new order mandating face masks in publicly accessible businesses such as grocery stores and convenience stores, for example. Hogan’s midweek update also mixed in signs of hope, including tentative plans to begin relaxing some of the restrictions in the near future and reopening the state’s economy to some degree.

Those hopeful messages set the tone for Thursday’s impromptu Mayor and Council special meeting and set the stage for a lively debate. All involved appeared to agree it was time to start planning on reopening Ocean City to some degree and start returning to some semblance of a new normal, whatever that might look like.


More BS From Salisbury University

Joan Williams has been hired at Salisbury University for, GET THIS, Chief Diversity Officer. Coming soon, a White Diversity Officer and when the wall is built they'll hire a Hispanic Diversity Officer. You know, because other races keep spray painting racist remarks and getting arrested and released because of their nationality. Oh, that's right, that would be Fake News, right? NOT!

City of Salisbury Maryland Circus

Desperate for attention, (all of them) Jake Day held a teleconference on coronavirus. Daddy Day jumped in as well but Jake's wife was nowhere to be found. You had to hear the ridiculous patting on the backs love fest that was going on. Don't you ever tell me my job is easy. Anyone subjected to this oral/visual abuse should get an award.

A Viewer Writes: Salisbury Mayor Jake Day

Here’s what he should be paying attention to. This and another at the Acme. Filthy dirty, trash everywhere while aisle Day has parades and posts on FB.

A Viewer Writes: CRISIS AT PRMC

The crisis at PRMC is getting worse! PRMC is putting their staff at risk. Nurses are only issued 1 mask a week, and they are now telling nurses and CNAs to wipe down/spray down disposable isolation gowns. Those gowns are supposed to be 1 time use only. 

Steve Leonard, CEO, just doesn’t care. Why would PRMC acquire 2 new hospitals if they can’t even properly manage the first one?


"Peninsula Regional Medical Center is expecting a LARGE number of dead Covid patients. They have erected a large outdoor temporary morgue".

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Gets $20 Million From Coronavirus Aid Program

Restaurant chain is among first to disclose SBA funds received under federal rescue package
The owner of the high-end Ruth’s Chris Steak House chain is among the first public companies to disclose it has received a government-backed loan to keep people on its payroll.

Ruth’s Hospitality Group Inc., a company with more than 5,000 workers, received $20 million in forgivable loans on April 7, according to a securities filing. That is four days after the Small Business Administration opened the application window on its $350 billion Payroll Protection Program....


CDC expert issues chilling warning that U.S. coronavirus death toll of 34,846 is just 'the tip of the iceberg' as 'untold numbers' of people who haven't been tested are dying at home

As the COVID-19 death toll neared 34,800 in the US on Thursday, an advisory panel expert from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) has issued a chilling warning that the ­­alarming number is just the 'tip of the iceberg'.

Mark Hayward, a sociology professor at the University of Texas-Austin who is an expert on mortality statistics for the CDC, believes the country's coronavirus death count is being severely underestimated.

The purported inaccuracy of the figures could be caused by a number of factors. Staff shortages in certain states may be causing delays in reporting the latest figures to the CDC,and an 'untold' number of people potentially infected by the disease have also been also dying at home before they could be tested. Medical examiners do not test people after death.

'­­The biggest challenge in obtaining an accurate tally of COVID-19 deaths is to [be able to] implement widespread testing,' Hayward explained to Newsweek.


National Association of Letter Carriers: Postal Service on verge of shutting down due to pandemic

The United States Postal Service may soon shut down without more emergency fundingfrom the government, the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers warned Friday.

Appearing on "America's Newsroom" with host Sandra Smith, Fredric Rolando said that the Postal Service is projected to lose about 50 percent of their revenue as a result of the coronavirus pandemic by the end of the fiscal year in September.

"And so, my message is: It's really vitally important to the American people that the next stimulus package provides funding to the Postal Service so that they can maintain their revenue stream to continue their operation through the pandemic crisis," he stated.

Democratic lawmakers were on the same page. New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., in late March urging the Senate to pass a stimulus package with emergency funds to help save the Postal Service from bankruptcy.


Now that you've received your economic impact payment, how should you spend it?

BALTIMORE — According to the Treasury Department, millions of Americans should've received their economic impact payments from the IRS.

The payments were issued to eligible 2019 or 2018 federal tax return filers who received a refund using direct deposit.

Payments are capped at $1,200 for individuals and $2,400 for couples, and are based on income.


Why Are We Paying So Much For Gas On The Eastern Shore?

Just saw gas for $1.39 a gallon outside of Richmond Virginia.

Salisbury Super Pet Gets A New Review On Facebook

Governor Hogan to Unveil ‘Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery’ Next Week

School Closures Extended to May 15; State Board Will Examine Options for Remainder of the School Year and Summer Labor to Launch Online Application for Independent Contractors, Self-Employed Marylanders to Receive Unemployment BenefitsState Commits Additional $4 Million to Maryland Food Bank and Capital Area Food BankRenews Governors’ Bipartisan Request for Federal Stimulus to Address State Revenue Shortfalls
ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today provided updates on Maryland’s COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery efforts, and announced that he will unveil the state’s roadmap to recovery next week. State Superintendent of Schools Karen Salmon announced that she has extended school closures to May 15.
“We are beginning to see some hopeful and encouraging signs which have allowed us to begin laying the groundwork to reopen, to rebuild, and to recover as soon as it is safe to do so,” said Governor Hogan. “The recovery plan we have been developing over many weeks has four building blocks that must be solidly in place before the lifting of restrictions: expanding our testing capacity, increasing hospital surge capacity, increased supply of PPE, and a robust contact tracing operation.”
“MARYLAND STRONG: ROADMAP TO RECOVERY.” Earlier this week, Governor Hogan announced the four building blocks that will be necessary to begin the state’s recovery process. The state continues to make significant progress in all four of the following critical areas:
  1. Expanding testing capacity
  2. Increasing hospital surge capacity
  3. Ramping up supply of PPE
  4. Building a robust contact tracing operation
Further updates will be provided throughout the coming days, and later next week Governor Hogan plans to introduce the “Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery."
SCHOOL CLOSURE EXTENDED TO MAY 15. State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen Salmon announced the extension of school closures through May 15 after extensive consultation with the State Board of Education and leading public health officials. School systems are in the process of developing plans for additional digital learning and the recovery of any lost instructional time in the form of expanding summer school programs. Additionally, state and local school officials are actively preparing for a number of scenarios depending on when educators and students will be able to re-enter school buildings.
UNEMPLOYMENT SYSTEM. The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program is officially launching today on Friday, April 17. This program provides unemployment insurance benefit recipients with an additional $600 per week payment on top of their current regular benefits. On April 24the Maryland Department of Labor is launching a new one-stop shop comprehensive online application for independent contractors, self-employed Marylanders, and all other types of claims, including federal employees, multi-state wage claims, and members of the military. This will ensure that every Maryland applicant, whether they are a W2 employee or not, will have the option of filing online, which will dramatically decrease call wait times, and it will also help more Marylanders get their checks faster and more efficiently. Read the Department of Labor’s release.
$8 MILLION FOR FOOD BANKS. In order to bolster the efforts of food banks around the state, the State of Maryland is investing an additional $4 million dollars to Maryland Food Bank and the Capital Area Food Bank. Additionally, the state has worked with local jurisdictions to match that investment bringing that total to $8 million dollars for these food banks. The Maryland Department of Human Services is also working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to dramatically accelerate the implementation of the state’s online Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) pilot initiative, which will enable families to purchase meals online for free delivery.
FEDERAL STIMULUS. Governor Hogan announced that he has asked President Trump to weigh in and help break the logjam in the U.S. Senate in order to secure an additional $500 billion in relief to help address revenue shortfalls in the states. Last week, the governor announced that Maryland is instituting a budget and hiring freeze amid estimates that the state is facing a projected $2.8 billion shortfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
SMALL BUSINESS ASSISTANCE. The governor announced that $8 million dollars of Maryland’s COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund, which is a critical pillar in Maryland’s $175 million relief package, has already been provided to 410 small businesses across the state, helping more than 9,000 Marylanders keep their jobs. To date, the Maryland Department of Commerce has received more than 9,100 applications for the state’s $50 million COVID-19 relief loan fund and more than 20,200 applications for its $75 million COVID-19 relief grant fund.
GRANTS FOR CRITICAL MANUFACTURING. The state created a $5 million fund to incentivize Maryland businesses to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies to meet the current needs of the healthcare industry. The state awarded grants to three Maryland small businesses:  DVF Corporation in Washington County, Awesome Ninja Labs in Baltimore City, and NRL & Associates, a Queen Anne’s County manufacturer. The state will award grants to dozens of additional Maryland companies in the days to come.