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Friday, January 25, 2019

DOJ Study: Gun Control Laws Won't Work Because Criminals Get Their Guns Illegally

It took the United States government’s Department of Justice an entire study dedicated to gun use and criminals to figure out what logical human beings have already understood for decades. The result of their own study found that gun control laws will never work because criminals will never use legal channels to obtain guns.

According to Fox 5, the findings based on the 2016 Survey of Prison Inmates (SPI), discovered that about 1 in 5 or 21% of all state and federal prisoners reported they had “possessed or carried a firearm when they committed the offense for which they were serving time in prison.” The survey released by the DOJ this month declared that criminals unsurprisingly rely on the black market for their guns.

According to the study, an estimated 287,400 prisoners has possessed a firearm during their offense. The findings concluded 6 percent had stolen the weapon, 7 percent found it at a crime scene and 43 percent obtained it off the street or on the black market. More than 25 percent had received it from a family member or friend, or as a gift.


The San Francisco ghosts in Kamala Harris' past

Few outside of California know or care who Willie Brown is. But that may be about to change.

Brown spent around a quarter of a century as de facto royalty in California, first serving more than three decades as a member of the California Assembly (15 years as its speaker), and then eight years as mayor of San Francisco.

He also once carried out an open extramarital affair with a young prosecutor named Kamala Harris, currently a U.S. senator and leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Now, we're far beyond the point that a personal past like that disqualifies a candidate. Harris, after all, is vying to challenge a thrice-married man who once graced the cover of Playboy and publicized his infidelity on the cover of the New York Post. Candidates' personal lives no longer warrant deep investigation, unless they tell us something about their professional and political lives.

Unfortunately for Harris, the Willie Brown story is not strictly personal. It's also professional.

When Harris was barely 30, she began dating Brown, then in his 60s and speaker of the California Assembly. To be clear, an ambitious woman dating a powerful man is not alone any cause for concern. Strong women are attracted to success, and a 30-year-old assistant district attorney is hardly, say, a 21-year-old intern. But the story doesn't end there.


Woman diagnosed with 'cannabis vomiting syndrome' triggered by chronic marijuana use

Last year, Desiree Haight found it so difficult to keep food down that she dropped 30 pounds, from 150 pounds down to 120.

Things came to a head in November when she wound up in the emergency room in her hometown of Calgary after she threw up 30 times in one day, reported BuzzFeed News.

At first, doctors assumed the 46-year-old either had food poisoning or a stomach virus.

But one emergency room physician said her symptoms seemed familiar and asked if she smoked marijuana and if hot showers gave her relief.

When she answered 'yes', that's when he diagnosed her with a little-known condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) in which chronic cannabis users vomit incessantly without explanation.


Meeting Materials - 1-28-19 - Council Meeting & Public Notice 1-28-19 Work Session & Closed Session

Meeting Materials for Monday’s Work Session will be distributed tomorrow.

Agenda Packets are posted on the City Website at the following link:

Public Notices are posted on the City Website at the following link:

Too Much Fried Chicken Can Kill You

Fried chicken, french fries, and chicken-fried steak might be delicious, but treating yourself to such fare regularly could be deadly, a new study warns.

Women who eat more than one serving a week of fried chicken or fried fish have an increased risk of heart disease and death, researchers report.

"Overall, we found that total fried food consumption is related to higher risk of all-cause death, and also death from cardiovascular disease," said senior researcher Dr. Wei Bao, assistant professor of epidemiology with the University of Iowa's College of Public Health.

The results are not surprising "given the association of fried food to weight gain and obesity, as well as elevation of cholesterol and triglycerides," said Dr. Guy Mintz, director of cardiovascular health and lipidology at Northwell Health's Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital in Manhasset, New York, who was not part of the study.


The Left's War against White Males

Just as community organizer Saul Alinsky, in his textbook for Marxist street thugs, Rules for Radicals, advised his minions, constant drumbeats have the potential to wear down resolve and win social and cultural wars. For years now, the object of left-wing pressure has been to undermine the status and reputation of straight white conservative males.

To eradicate the white guy problem in America, Caucasians with XY chromosomes, who self-identify as the sex they were at birth, are being portrayed by the left as misogynist, bigoted, homophobic, violent troublemakers in need of exposure; chastisement; and, in the case of Donald Trump, ousting from power.

Armed with the intent to undermine Trump's influence and to establish the belief that conservative white males are genetically flawed, historical figures are being unfairly held to 21st-century cultural and political standards. Even Confederate General Robert E. Lee, tucked away in a grave since 1870, has not escaped retroactive ridicule from the left for his political identification and pale skin color.


White House Drafting National Emergency Proclamation To Include $7B For Border Wall

The White House is drafting plans to declare a national emergency along the southern US border which would provide $7 billion in potential funds for President Trump's long-promised border wall, according to CNN - citing internal documents we hope are more accurate than BuzzFeed's.

Trump has not ruled out using his authority to declare a national emergency and direct the Defense Department to construct a border wall as Congress and the White House fight over a deal to end the government shutdown. But while Trump's advisers remain divided on the issue, the White House has been moving forward with alternative plans that would bypass Congress.

"The massive amount of aliens who unlawfully enter the United States each day is a direct threat to the safety and security of our nation and constitutes a national emergency," a draft of a presidential proclamation reads.

"Now, therefore, I, Donald J. Trump, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C 1601, et seq.), hereby declare that a national emergency exists at the southern border of the United States," the draft adds.

The draft was updated as recently as last week, a US government official told CNN. -CNN


NY State Legalizes Abortion Up To Birth During National Holiday Celebrating Life

Democrats enact laws to keep abortion legal in New York in case Roe v. Wade is overturned

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is under fire from faith leaders after he signed a bill into law that legalizes abortion up until birth in many cases.

The Democratic governor directed the One World Trade Center and other landmarks to be lit pink Tuesday to celebrate the passage of “Reproductive Health Act.”

Mike Adams joined Harrison Smith to explain how child sacrifice is happening in front of our own eyes and most citizens do nothing to stop it.

Millie Weaver also appeared on the program to get into how billionaires have been harvesting young infants for their blood.

Weaver also touches on the financial side of the abortion industry and how it drives politicians to push for more and more dead babies.


Democrats Targeting A Very Specific Demographic For 2020

Newly-announced presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris will visit South Carolina Friday in an attempt to appeal to black women voters, who have historically been a solid voter base for Democrats.

The California Democrat will visit with her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters during the trip to the early-primary voting state, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Ninety-two percent of black women voted Democrat in the state’s 2018 midterms, according to an Associated Press VoteCast poll. Black women made up 37 percent of the electorate in the state’s 2016 Democratic primary — the largest voting block when broken down by race and gender, according to a CNN exit poll.

“Black women have enormous power. We vote overwhelmingly for Democrats no matter what,” said Our Revolution President Nina Turner. The group is an American progressive political action organization.


Kenton County Prosecutor: We've Already Issued Subpoenas and Search Warrants against Online Abusers of Covington School Children (VIDEO)!

Rob Sanders, the Kenton County, Kentucky prosecutor told Laura Ingrahamthe investigations against the terroristic threats against the Covington High School children is ALREADY UNDER WAY!

On Tuesday Sanders said multiple investigations were already underway.

Sanders said he has had investigators inside of his office all day.

Rob Sanders: When it comes to the offenses that rise to the felony level we can extradite. Now it’s not as easy as arresting a Twitter handle we can’t just reach out and arrest someone, half the time they’re using a fake name, fake profile picture, that sort of thing. We have to go through the process of issuing subpoenas, search warrants… It’s already underway. I’ve had detectives in and out of my office all day today.

Via The Ingraham Angle:


PELOSI'S ANGEL: Illegal Alien Sentenced to 401 Years in Prison For Kidnapping, Rape, Lewd Sex Acts Upon a Child Under the Age of 14!

Visalia, California – 39-year-old Macario Cerda is an illegal alien who was sentenced to 401 years-to-life in prison for numerous violent sex crimes.

Cerda terrorized the family of the woman he was in a relationship with. He raped the woman’s two minor daughters; one of the rapes even resulted in a pregnancy and birth of a child.

Cerda was convicted by a jury of crimes against two victims consisting of three counts of forcible rape, one count of kidnapping to commit rape, one count of criminal threats and seven counts of lewd acts upon a child under the age of 14, according to a press release by Tulare County District Attorney Tim Ward.


What a Nut. Kamala Harris Opens Campaign with Bizarre "Wakanda Forever" Video!

Anti-Christian Democrat Kamala Harris announced her bid for president this week.

Kamala is the odds-on favorite to win the rigged Democrat primary by party elites.

Kamala, who attacks Christians for sport, opened her campaign by praising “Wakanda forever” a fantasy science fiction community.

This was bizarre.
how many times did they poll-test that pose?

As Jack Posobiec asked, “This is real?”


The End of Western Culture: Sweden Appoints Anti-Semitic Hippie Lunatic as Cultural Minister in New Government!

After months of negotiations, the Socialist Democrats have formed a coalition government together with the Green party.

The newly appointed Minister for Culture, Amanda Lind, has already proven to be controversial. Only hours after being appointed, she wrote on Instagram praising amongst others Mehmet Kaplan, calling him a “pioneer” and “hero”.

Mehmet Kaplan was formerly the Minister for Housing in Sweden, but was forced to resign after it was revealed he had connections to fascist and Islamist organisations. He has also compared Israel to the Nazis, something thatIsrael said was “nothing but anti-semitism”.

Unsurprisingly the new minister has already come out attacking right-wingers, saying that “nationalists and right-wing populists are a threat to free speech”

The new Minister for Culture has also been widely talked about on social media, with many pointing out her “hippie” style. Amanda Lind is a licensed psychologist and has studied herbal alternative medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She told Swedish website Yippie Härnösand that she is interested in roleplay and cartoons and that she looks at life in a “spiritual way”.

Hanif Bali, a popular politician from the centre-right Moderate party wrote on twitter after her appointment “I look forward to having a hippie as Minister for Culture…tons of weed at the department”


Covington Kids Lawyer Announces Who They’re Going To Sue For Defamation

Find out which media personalities will be held accountable for their action

Robert Barnes, the lawyer for the Covington Catholic High students, has announced lawsuits for those that continue to slander these innocent children.

Barnes gave media and celebrities 48 hours to retract their statements before he proceeded to press charges.

Speaking to Alex Jones Thursday, Barnes listed a number of journalists, celebrities and social media personalities who will be sued as they’ve yet to retract false statements made about the boys.

Barnes said former CNN contributor Reza Aslan, who asked his Twitter followers if they’d ever seen a “more punchable face,” will definitely be included in the lawsuit.


Is the Clergy Required to Report Child Sex Abuse? Not in Some States

When a Virginia 16-year-old told her parents that their church’s youth leader, Jordan Baird, had been sending her sexually suggestive text messages, they immediately confronted their pastor.

Pastor David Baird, the perpetrator’s father, said the church would investigate, but he did not tell law enforcement authorities — and he wasn’t required under Virginia law to report a suspected case of abuse or face criminal charges. The abuse became physical, and later other girls accused Jordan Baird of assaulting them.

Jordan Baird served eight months in prison after being convicted on five felony counts of indecent liberties with a minor. But church members want state law changed to force pastors like David Baird, who still leads the Life Church in Manassas, Virginia, to join the list of professionals specifically required to report such incidents.

They brought their story to Democratic Virginia state Del. Karrie Delaney, who was a sexual assault crisis counselor in Florida before moving to Virginia.


‘Air Pelosi’ – What you don’t know about the lucrative travel our leaders enjoy on your dime

When President Trump denied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi use of a military aircraft for a CODEL (congressional delegation trip) to Afghanistan recently, he called the public’s attention to wasteful taxpayer-funded congressional travel.

In his letter to Pelosi blocking the trip, President Trump mentioned the 800,000 federal workers going without pay. The real irony is that U.S. government workers in Afghanistan, who were among those not being paid, worked for two weeks to plan the trip – and on a holiday weekend.

We at Judicial Watch were not at all surprised by this foolishness. For years we have been exposing the lucrative travel our leaders enjoy at taxpayer expense.

We have long noted Pelosi’s abuse of the perks of public office that granted her access to luxury military travel. This current expedition is hardly new for her.

In 2009, during Pelosi’s first speakership, we uncovered documents from the Department of Defense detailing her multiple requests for military air travel. The documents included internal DOD email correspondence detailing attempts by DOD staff to accommodate Pelosi’s numerous requests for military escorts and military aircraft as well as the speaker’s last-minute cancellations and changes.

The documents include a discussion of House Ethics rules and Defense Department policies as they apply to the speaker’s requests for staff, spouses and extended family to accompany her on military aircraft. In May 2008, for example, Pelosi requested that her husband join her on a CODEL into Iraq. The DOD explained to Pelosi that the agency has a written policy prohibiting spouses from joining CODEL’s into combat zones.

We reported in 2010 that Pelosi’s jet travel cost the Air Force $2,100,744.59 over a two-year period — $101,429.14 of which was for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol. Some details:

The average cost of an international CODEL was $228,563.33. Of the 103 Pelosi-led CODELs, 31 trips included members of the House Speaker’s family.

More from Judicial Watch

CNN: White House Drafting $7 Billion National Emergency Draft Wall Plan

The White House is preparing a much-anticipated plan to have President Donald Trump declare a national emergency at the southern border, CNN reported Thursday evening.

The report stated that under the draft plan, more than $7 billion could be allocated to build a barrier at the U.S. southern border. CNN cited what it claimed was a portion of the draft presidential proclamation, “The massive amount of aliens who unlawfully enter the United States each day is a direct threat to the safety and security of our nation and constitutes a national emergency.”

The report cited more of what it said was wording included in a version of the draft that a U.S. official told the outlet was updated at least last week, “Now, therefore, I, Donald J. Trump, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C 1601, et seq.), hereby declare that a national emergency exists at the southern border of the United States.”


Roger Stone Speaks After His Arrest

Virginia state Senate passes bill that would make it easier to bring guns into places of worship

The Virginia Senate has approved legislation that would make it easier to bring a gun to a place of worship.

The GOP-controlled Senate narrowly voted to support the legislation Thursday, passing the measure 21-19.

The bill would repeal a Virginia law that makes it a Class 4 misdemeanor to carry or conceal 'any gun, pistol, bowie knife, dagger or other dangerous weapon without sufficient reason, to a place of worship.'

The bill still has to pass the House and if it passes, it is likely to be vetoed by Democratic Governor Ralph Northam.


3 Ways the Media Exposed Its Own Bias in the Covington Fiasco

The media really does have a fake news problem, as President Donald Trump frequently likes to point out.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote, a free press is necessary and vital to the function of a free society. The First Amendment reinforces that.

But that doesn’t mean that media institutions should be free from criticism, from the president or otherwise. The recent media fiasco surrounding a misreported incident between Covington Catholic students and a Native American activist demonstrates why so many Americans find the credibility of some of the nation’s most venerated media organizations wanting.

Here are three major ways the legacy media damaged its reputation and revealed its bias.

1.) Botching the narrative, then deflecting blame.

The media botched the entire episode between the Covington Catholic students and Native American activist Nathan Phillips from the start.

Initial reports from legacy media outlets, like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN, portrayed Phillips as the victim who had been peacefully protesting until being mobbed by kids in “Make America Great Again” hats.

That was wrong, and nearly the opposite of the truth.

Instead of doing due diligence to make sure the story was correct, these media outlets rushed to put together a skewed and uncritical narrative about Phillips and the students, who were subjected to online hate mobs and national condemnation.

More here

House Republicans Vote Twice to Pay Government Employees During Shutdown

House Republicans have now twice voted to pay government employees during the partial shutdown, but neither bill has passed the Democrat-controlled chamber.

“House Republicans have repeatedly introduced measures that would pay federal employees during the stalemate,” Rep. Mike Johnson, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said in a statement provided to The Daily Signal. “Unfortunately, Democrats refuse to budge.”

“It is disingenuous to express outrage over the approximately 800,000 workers missing paychecks, but then continue to vote in favor of withholding their pay. That is precisely what the majority of Democrats are doing,” Johnson added.

In a statement provided to The Daily Signal, Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., said Democrats’ failure to vote with Republicans to pay federal employees is telling.

“Before choosing to go home early for the weekend, 215 Democrats voted to deprive hard-working federal workers of their pay,” Hice said, adding:

More here

Joy Behar Admits Why Dems Keep Failing So Hard

Native American activist Nathan Phillips has violent criminal record and escaped from jail as teenager

Nathan Phillips, the Native American activist who falsely accused Covington Catholic High School students of blocking him during a confrontation he initiated, has a criminal record — including assault and escape from jail — and appears to have misrepresented his military service.

Phillips, 63, suggested high school junior Nick Sandmann, the teenager at the center of the viral encounter after separate D.C. rallies, face expulsion for failing to "accept any responsibility” or apologize to Phillips publicly.

In his own teenage years and early 20s, Phillips, using his adoptive name Nathaniel R. Stanard, was charged with escaping from prison, assault, and several alcohol-related crimes, according to local news reports at the time from his hometown of Lincoln, Neb.


Tucker Carlson: Covington isn't about facts, but about identity politics. Nick Sandmann committed 'facecrime'

There was a brief moment – a small window – at the beginning of this week when it seemed possible that our media establishment might look inward and learn something useful about itself. Humiliation, as always, is the best teacher, and they were definitely humiliated.

In the space of just a few days, two separate high-profile news stories turned out to be utterly fraudulent. First, BuzzFeed announced that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had been coached to commit perjury by the president of the United States. The cable news caucus immediately erupted in glee — “Finally, we got him!” — until Robert Mueller’s office weighed in to point out that the story, thrilling as it sounded, wasn’t, strictly speaking, true. That was embarrassing.

Then, just 24 hours later, our entire ruling class united as one to crush a group of Catholic school boys from Kentucky, who had apparently behaved disrespectfully toward an American Indian man in Washington. A short video clip on social media appeared to tell that story. The only problem was, there were other, much longer videos of the same event, and they revealed a very different truth. The students from Covington Catholic didn’t harass anyone. In fact, they were the ones being harassed. Ouch.


#Blexit: Why Black Americans are Leaving the Democratic Party

Lindsey Graham: Ocasio-Cortez ‘Hell-Bent’ On Making America Venezuela

"...our last 12 years will be spent as Venezuelan socialists..."

Newly-minted congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims she wants the socialism of Sweden, but Sen. Lindsey Graham disagrees and is now accusing her of being "hell-bent" on making Americans live as "Venezuelan socialists."

On Twitter, Graham trolled Ocasio-Cortez for her recent comments on Martin Luther King Jr. Day where she said climate change would end the world in 12 years.

"Millennials and people, you know, Gen Z and all these folks that will come after us are looking up and we’re like: ‘The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?'" Ocasio-Cortez said.

Graham tweeted in response to AOC's craziness: "Let’s bury the hatchet and enjoy the next 12 years because they are going to be our last, right?"


Tangier Island residents without water indefinitely following pipe burst

TANGIER ISLAND, Va. (WAVY) -- Residents on the small island of Tangier in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay are without water after their main water line froze and burst on Sunday.

The main water line had to be moved for construction on the bridge near the island's water tower and school, according to Tangier Island Mayor James Eskridge.

Eskridge says a company replaced the main water line, but Sunday night's freezing temperatures caused the new line to freeze and burst. Their main water tank on the island was drained as a result.


Nicholas Sandmann's Family Makes Major Move Against Media After Being Smeared

The family of 16-year-old Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann has hired a high-powered lawyer who specializes in going after media organizations for libel and slander.

WCPO reports that the family has hired L. Lin Wood, whom disgraced former journalist Dan Rather described as the "attorney for the damned," and who is known for "aggressive libel and slander suits against media organizations."

The family made the announcement in a statement released by the Hemmer DeFrank Wessels law firm, The Enquirer reported.

"...Todd McMurtry, the family’s legal counsel, conducted an extensive search to find a nationally-recognized attorney skilled in the fields of libel, defamation, and the First Amendment," the release said.


Former Planned Parenthood Director: Witnessing an Abortion Made Me Pro-Life

Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director at Planned Parenthood, spoke to Alex Marlow on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily on Thursday, explaining that she became a pro-life advocate after witnessing an abortion.

The interview came ahead of the 2019 March for Life, scheduled for January 18 in Washington, DC.

Johnson said, “I worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years. I was a clinic director. I left in 2009 after a couple of things. One, I was told that my job was to double the amount of abortions — so double our abortion quota — that we had in our clinic, which was troubling to me because I was told for all of these years that our goal was to reduce the number of abortions, and here I am being told to double our quota.”

Johnson then described her participation in and witnessing of an abortion procedure.

David Horowitz: 'White Privilege' Is a Racist Idea

Across the country, re-education sessions are routinely held in businesses, professional offices, medical schools, universities, and even kindergartens. Their purpose is to teach the un-woke about the evils of “white privilege,” and make white people who participate uncomfortable about their skin color.

Whites are to own up to the fact that regardless of their intentions, beliefs, behaviors or status in life, they are elite participants in a racist system that oppresses “people of color,” and are so merely because they are white.

But discrimination on the basis of skin color has been outlawed in this country for more than 60 years. One might reasonably ask, “WTF is white privilege”?


The Left’s Extremism Will Continue to Drive Support for Trump

What are Donald Trump’s chances for re-election in 2020?

If history is any guide, pretty good.

In early 1994, Bill Clinton’s approval rating after two years in office hovered around a dismal 40 percent. The first midterm elections of the Clinton presidency were an utter disaster.

A new generation of younger, more conservative Republicans led by firebrand Newt Gingrich and his “Contract with America” gave Republicans a majority in the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. Republicans also picked up eight Senate seats in 1994 to take majority control of both houses of Congress.

It was no wonder that Republicans thought the 1996 presidential election would be a Republican shoo-in. But Republicans nominated 73-year-old Senate leader Bob Dole, a sober but otherwise uninspired Washington fixture.

By September of 1996, “comeback kid” Clinton had a Gallup approval rating of 60 percent. Dole was crushed in an Electoral College landslide.


Illegal immigrant accused of murdering four in Nevada came to the US from El Salvador, says ICE

U.S. immigration authorities say a man suspected of killing four people in Nevada over the last few weeks is from El Salvador and entered the United States illegally.

Murder suspect Wilbur Martinez-Guzman, 19, had no criminal record or history of previous immigration violations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said on Tuesday.

The agency did not have additional details on his alleged illegal entry to the U.S., including when and where it occurred. The agency's public affairs staff is furloughed because of the government shutdown.

The case shot to national prominence on Monday after President Donald Trumptweeted about the killings to support his case for the proposed border wall withMexico.

Martinez-Guzman has been linked to the murders of four people in the Carson City area.

Investigators have not revealed a motive in the case.


Subject: Celebrated Democrat “Beto” O’Rourke Outed Wearing “Devil Goat” Costume; Left-Wing Media Tries to Spin Narrative Away From Satanism

He sported this outfit while performing on stage, raising questions about his ties to Satan worship

Celebrated left-wing political candidate Beto O’Rourke has been caught on video wearing a “Devil goat” costume complete with what appear to be horns or ears as part of a bizarre mask and a freakish one-piece costume. He sported this outfit while performing on stage, raising questions about his ties to Satan worship.

The media is now desperately trying to spin the emerging video as a comedy band gimmick, claiming the mask is a “sheep” mask, not the symbol of Baphomet, which is tied to Satanism and the occult.

Here’s a video still from Beto’s on-stage performance, where he appears in a bizarre onesie suit, wearing this mask that resembles Devil-worship goat masks (see below for examples):


Uncle Catholics

The Covington Catholic confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial is a story of high school kids enduring repeated abuse of their religious and political beliefs and then responding with school chants to drown out the abusers.

They did nothing wrong and not even much noteworthy.

Is that what you learned from the mainstream media?

If not, watch a long-version video of the encounter, and you’ll see. This one is 1 hour 46 minutes 18 seconds long. But if you want a shortened version, read on.

Yet first, consider the reaction, not of the left-wing radicals who confronted the Catholic kids, and not of the left-wing media who smelled blood this past weekend based on a selectively edited version of the encounter and decided to go for the kill.

Instead, consider the immediate reaction of administrators of the kids’ Catholic school and Catholic diocese (“We condemn the actions … we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion”).

Consider the reaction of two Catholic priests who frequently comment publicly on national matters:


Food Cart Lady At Women's March Denies Service To Man... Because He's A Man

In the America of today social justice warriors virtue signaling their tolerance for others have been repeatedly and quite often exposed for the bigots, sexists, and racists that they really are.

Take, for example, the following video provided by Brandon Farley via his Twitter page, in which a food cart lady parked at the PDX Women’s March in the hyper-tolerant city of Portland this past weekend refused service to an individual requesting a meal reportedly based on the fact that he is a male.
Tolerance at its finest.

You won’t see this one in the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Caribbean Joe's Opens At 11 At Today

Come join us this weekend for a great time and great food. We'll make your drive to West Ocean City well worth the trip. 11 AM to 2 AM Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My special this weekend is pulled pork sandwiches. First come, first served.

Big Tech Merging With Big Brother Is A Big Problem

A FRIEND OF mine, who runs a large television production company in the car-mad city of Los Angeles, recently noticed that his intern, an aspiring filmmaker from the People’s Republic of China, was walking to work.

WHEN HE OFFERED to arrange a swifter mode of transportation, she declined. When he asked why, she explained that she “needed the steps” on her Fitbit to sign in to her social media accounts. If she fell below the right number of steps, it would lower her health and fitness rating, which is part of her social rating, which is monitored by the government. A low social rating could prevent her from working or traveling abroad.

China’s social rating system, which was announced by the ruling Communist Party in 2014, will soon be a fact of life for many more Chinese.

By 2020, if the Party’s plan holds, every footstep, keystroke, like, dislike, social media contact, and posting tracked by the state will affect one’s social rating.

Personal “creditworthiness” or “trustworthiness” points will be used to reward and punish individuals and companies by granting or denying them access to public services like health care, travel, and employment, according to a plan released last year by the municipal government of Beijing. High-scoring individuals will find themselves in a “green channel,” where they can more easily access social opportunities, while those who take actions that are disapproved of by the state will be “unable to move a step.”

Big Brother is an emerging reality in China. Yet in the West, at least, the threat of government surveillance systems being integrated with the existing corporate surveillance capacities of big-data companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon into one gigantic all-seeing eye appears to trouble very few people—even as countries like Venezuela have been quick to copy the Chinese model.

Still, it can’t happen here, right? We are iPhone owners and Amazon Prime members, not vassals of a one-party state. We are canny consumers who know that Facebook is tracking our interactions and Google is selling us stuff.


Coalition Ready to Write Check for Border Security: ‘It’s Not Trump’s Wall, It’s America’s Wall’

A diverse coalition of Americans announced it is partnering with law enforcement across the country and working with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to direct funds to the agency for the construction of a border wall.

“Americans of all shapes, sizes, and colors want our border secure,” Quentin Kramer, co-founder of the American Border Foundation (ABF), said at a Washington, DC, press conference last week. “We’re here to fund the wall and we’re ready to get it done with America’s help.”

One vet’s effort to raise more than $20 million in a GoFundMe campaign made headlines recently, but the effort was stymied by logistics of giving money to the federal government specifically designated for construction of the wall.

But the coalition, which includes Black Women Walk, AFB and members of “Angel Families” that have lost loved ones at the hands of criminal illegal aliens inside the United States — announced the latest developments for their Fund the Wall campaign, launched online about 18 months ago.

“We’re here to point out that we have a method to get the money directly to DHS and make those tax-deductible contributions available to DHS so that they can use that directly to fund border wall construction,” Kramer said.


Was It Payday?

Larry Elder: A Black Exit from the Democrat Party ‘An Idea Whose Time Is Way Overdue’

Veteran conservative talk radio host and best selling author Larry Elder delivered a fiery speech to a massive BLEXIT rally crowd on Sunday and spoke to Breitbart News in an exclusive interview about the Democrat party’s destruction of black Americans lives and how President Donald Trump endeavored to lift up the black community.

“I would say it’s an idea whose time is way, way, way overdue,” Larry Elder said of the BLEXIT movement. “Black people have voted for the Democratic party in large numbers for a very long period of time and what’s happened? What’s happened is many of the left-wing policies that have been promoted with the best of intentions, most notably the Lyndon Johnson War on Poverty, which was launched in 1965 have been disastrous. At the time, 25 percent of black kids were born without fathers. Fast forward, $20 trillion has been spent on this so-called War Against Poverty since ’65. And now 73 percent of black kids are born outside of wedlock.”

“I didn’t say it, Obama said, ‘A kid raised without a father is five times more likely to be poor, nine times more likely to drop out of school, twenty times more likely to end up in jail.’ That is a far bigger problem than the alleged racism that the left claims is institutionally still going on in this country,” Elder told Breitbart News’ Jerome Hudson.

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Ocasio-Cortez Attacks WaPo Fact Checker After Receiving 'Three Pinocchios'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) on Thursday slammed Glenn Kessler, a columnist for the Washington Post‘s "Fact Checker," after he gave her a "Three Pinocchio" rating.

Kessler published a fact check Thursday morning in response to Ocasio-Cortez's comments earlier in the week about minimum wage and a living wage. He rated it false, but Ocasio-Cortez blasted the research he used in the fact check.

"If the point of fact-checking is to enforce some objective standard, why would @GlennKesslerWP use a Walmart-funded think tank as reference material for wage fairness?" Ocasio- Cortez tweeted. "That’s like citing the foxes to fact-check the hens."


Instant DNA Testing Is Coming, Along With Potential Abuse

The game-changing technology of Rapid DNA, a process of collecting DNA and identifying an individual in less than two hours, is being utilized by a growing number of law enforcement agencies across the country, but the testing tool has fueled privacy concerns and potential for misuse, The New York Times reports.

Following passage of the Rapid DNA Act in 2017, law enforcement agencies were allowed to start performing real-time DNA testing at their own booking stations after a suspect was arrested. The previous process involved sending DNA samples to government labs and waiting days, or weeks, for results.

The samples are now instantaneously compared to profiles in the FBI's Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).

In Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Detective Vandegrift called the technology, "groundbreaking," and members of the Rapid DNA team in the Orange County, California, district attorney's office said some robbers were identified "so quickly that they were caught still holding stolen goods," per the Times.

Still, the process is being questioned...

Coast Guard Food Drive

Joe Post 64 American Legion will be at Wal Mart North Friday and
Saturday collecting food non perishable and gift cards for Coast Guard members who out a paycheck due to the government shut down. If you cant get up to Wal Mart you can drop off items at the American Legion POST 64 on American Legion Road off Route 50. Legion will be open after noon each day. Your help is really needed.

Byron York: What if Robert Mueller doesn't give Democrats what they want?

The position of most Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill is that lawmakers are waiting until Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller delivers his report before considering whether to impeach President Trump. But what if Mueller does not accuse the president of wrongdoing, or at least impeachable wrongdoing? Would Democrats say, 'Never mind,' put away thoughts of impeachment, and move on to the next item on their agenda?

That seems unlikely. Many Democrats are deeply, emotionally committed to resisting Trump. Sixty-six House Democrats voted to allow impeachment articles to move forward a year ago. Now, with the House in Democratic hands, and after another year of media-hyped Trump-Russia allegations, there's no reason to believe Democrats would abandon the Russia issue regardless of what Mueller does.

In addition, some Democrats are warning that the public might not see all of Mueller's report. Justice Department rules don't require it, and attorney general nominee William Barr, in recent confirmation hearings, did not promise to release the whole thing.


FREE BEACON PRIVILEGE CALCULATOR: Ranking The 2020 Democratic Field

The Democratic Party looks set to field an entire NFL team of presidential candidates vying to take on Donald Trump in 2020. One of the bests ways for these candidates to distinguish themselves in the eyes of Democratic primary voters will be to attack the concept of "privilege," and to highlight and/or blatantly embellish certain personal details in an effort to appear the least privileged, most down to earth, authentically cornpone candidate of the bunch.

These presidential hopefuls must be careful, however, because social media users, including some journalists, might decide to fact-check their homespun tales of gritty adolescence, and lurid melees with the faceless goons of anti-privileged youth, etc.

Thank God Its Friday 1-25-19

What will you be doing this weekend?

Decentralization Is The Solution To The Government Shutdown Problem

The partial shutdown with the federal government has helped, perhaps more than any other recent political event, to illustrate some of the biggest problems that come with centralizing an ever-larger number of government activities within a single, centralized institution.

Were the US government more decentralized, we'd not now be facing a nationwide systemic failure that has continues to cripple the private sector in many ways.
Held Hostage by a Shuttered Regulatory State

The federalization of resources and regulatory power over the past century has created a situation in which numerous industries depend on licensing and regulatory approval from federal regulators to function. And yet, thanks to the shutdown, these industries can do little when facing a federal government that imposes mandates, but won't provide the agency "services" necessary to allow agencies to function under those mandates.

For example, As The Washington Post has reported , those areas where the federal government has a large regulatory footprint — such as Alaska — are at the mercy of politicians thousands of miles away.

Most (61 percent) of Alaska is government land managed by five different federal agencies, according to the congressional Research Service. The state’s main industries, including fishing, tourism and oil and gas, all depend on the day-to-day actions of federal workers and regulators.

The fisheries have so far avoided major disruption, despite a few close calls. Most boats are still getting by on licenses and inspections which occurred before the shutdown.

But time is running out. Major commercial boats are required to carry onboard observers to monitor their catch. But when they return from a trip, those observers must be debriefed by the National Marine Fisheries Service — and it’s not holding debriefings during the shutdown.



Wicomico Dwelling Fire Lilac Drive


Date:   January 20, 2019
Time:  3:30 p.m.
Location / Address:  1501 Lilac Drive, Salisbury, Wicomico Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:   Two story wood frame single family dwelling
Owner / Occupants:   Helen Bivens
Injuries or Deaths:  See below
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $40,000                      Contents: $10,000
Smoke Alarm Status:  Present, did not activate
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  n/a
Arrests(s):  None
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Salisbury Fire Department
# of Alarms:  1     # Of Firefighters:  25
Time to Control:  18 minutes
Discovered By:  Occupants
Area of Origin:  Second floor
Preliminary Cause:  Under Investigation

Additional Information:  A juvenile sustained minor burn injuries and was transported to PRMC for treatment.

Family of man crushed by van at Georgetown salvage yard in 2017 suing for millions

The family of a Salisbury, Maryland, man crushed by a van in a Sussex County junk yard in 2017 is suing the business owners for up to $20 million.

The lawsuit seeks to hold Donovan’s Salvage Works north of Georgetown responsible for the death of 41-year-old Wildaire Jean in early August 2017.

Jean was retrieving a part from a van at the junkyard on Donovans Road east of U.S. 113, when the jack he was using dislodged, according to the lawsuit and police reports at the time. The van fell on Jean, crushing him, the lawsuit said.


Suspect In Caroline County Murder Arrested

(FEDERALSBURG, MD) – The suspect believed to be involved in the murder of a Caroline County woman has been arrested.

The accused is identified as Stanley E. Ricketts, Jr., 49, of Cambridge, Maryland. Ricketts turned himself in to police yesterday at 2:20 p.m. in Federalsburg. Ricketts is charged with first and second degree murder, first and second degree assault and other pending criminal charges. He is currently being held at the Caroline County Detention Center without bond.

The victim is identified as Tameko L. Barham, 42, of the 400-block of Brown Road, Federalsburg, Maryland. She was pronounced deceased at the scene by EMS providers.

Shortly after 3:30 p.m. on Friday, January 18, 2019, officers from the Federalsburg Police Department responded to the victim’s address after being called by family members of the victim. The initial investigation determined family members went to the victim’s home to check on her when it was learned she had not gone to work. Family members found the victim’s body in a shed on the property.

After an extensive search of the area, no suspects were located. The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit responded to the scene to take the lead in the investigation, at the request of the Federalsburg Police Department. Maryland State Police crime scene technicians responded to process the scene and continue the investigation.

Yesterday, Ricketts turned himself in to the Federalsburg Police Department, where he was processed then transported to the Caroline County Commissioners Office for an initial appearance. He was later taken to the Caroline County Detention Center where he remains without bond. The investigation is continuing.

Somerset Mobile Home Fire Greenwood School Road


Date:   January 22, 2019
Time:  8:04 p.m.
Location / Address:  11218 Greenwood School Road, Princess Anne, Somerset Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:  Vacant mobile home
Owner / Occupants:  George Green (Owner)
Injuries or Deaths: None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $4,000                      Contents: $1,000
Smoke Alarm Status: None
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status: n/a
Arrests(s):  None
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Princess Anne Volunteer Fire Department
# of Alarms:   1    # Of Firefighters:  20
Time to Control:  44 minutes
Discovered By:  Neighbor
Area of Origin:   Bedroom
Preliminary Cause:  Under Investigation

Additional Information:  Anyone with information is asked to call the Salisbury Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal at (410) 713-3780.

Wicomico Dwelling Fire Chinaberry Drive


Date:  January 23, 2019
Time:  4:35 a.m.
Location / Address:  5280 Chinaberry Drive, Salisbury, Wicomico Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:   Two story wood frame single family dwelling
Owner / Occupants:   Alexander Scott (Owner)
Injuries or Deaths:  See below
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $25,000                      Contents: $5,000
Smoke Alarm Status: Present, did not activate
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  n/a
Arrests(s):  None
Primary Responding Fire Department: Fruitland Volunteer Fire Department
# of Alarms:  1     # Of Firefighters:  16
Time to Control:  28 minutes
Discovered By:  Owner
Area of Origin:  Second floor bedroom
Preliminary Cause:  Accidental, combustibles too close to candle

Additional Information:  As a result of the fire, the homeowner sustained smoke inhalation was transported to PRMC, treated and released.

Prosecutor Who Brought Down Republican Governor Now Finds Herself Under Grand Jury Investigation

The team of the prosecutor who brought down former Missouri Republican Gov. Eric Greitens is under investigation for possible perjury involving the same case.

Kim Gardner, the St. Louis circuit attorney who led the charge in the Greitens case, was accused of suborning perjury by the former governor’s defense team. A state grand jury is now considering evidence pursuant to a police investigation that began in May of 2018,according to a Tuesday morning report from local St. Louis radio station KMOX.

The local ABC affiliate reported at the time:

Police say the decision to investigate was made after meeting with two of Greitens’ attorneys, who announced earlier Tuesday they would ask for an investigation. The defense attorneys allege that William Tisaby, an investigator hired by Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, lied to the court and withheld evidence.

Prosecutors dropped a felony invasion-of-privacy charge against Greitens on Monday after a court ruled that Gardner had to answer questions under oath from Greitens’ attorneys.