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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Newly Found Virus Linked to Kansas Death After Tick Bite

U.S health officials are investigating a new strain of virus linked to the death of a Kansas man, who fell ill after being bitten by a tick, then went into organ failure and died about two weeks later.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that it’s working with Kansas officials to find any other cases. They’ve named the virus “Bourbon” after the county where the man lived.

The pathogen belongs to a group known as thogotoviruses. The Kansas man’s death is the first time a thogotovirus is known to have caused human illness in the U.S., and only the eighth time one is known to have caused symptoms in people, according to an article published Friday in the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal.

The Kansas man was doing outdoor work in Bourbon County last year, the CDC said, when he went to the doctor after finding an engorged tick on his shoulder and falling ill a few days later. He had a fever and headache, according to the article, and was given an antibiotic commonly used against tick-borne diseases. The man’s condition didn’t improve, however, and his kidney function deteriorated and he couldn’t breath on his own. On day 11 of his illness, he died.

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West Coast Ports Negotiators Reach Settlement

A labor agreement ending months of disruption at West Coast ports was reached Friday night, raising hopes that ports clogged with cargo will soon be operating normally.

The tentative agreement, which must be ratified by dockworkers, was reached between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association in the fourth day of negotiations presided over by Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who flew to San Francisco Monday at the request of President Obama.

Perez said with the economy moving "in the right direction," the protracted port slowdown during the labor impasse was "a headwind" that worried the White House.


Local Media Finally Gets On Board, But There's A Catch

On Tuesday we did this article: 
Why Won't The Local Media Cover Salisbury Hanging? We published our original story on this Saturday Feb. 14th HERE. FOUR days ago.

I think the image truly speaks for itself. There's been so much said between the black and white community on social media about this matter. We've received comments that mentioned the numerous suicides of white people here on the Shore in the MSM, especially Salisbury. Yet nothing is ever mentioned about blacks doing the same. 

How many articles do we see in this Nation where an unbelievable amount of Soldiers have committed suicide! It seems OK for the MSM to publish that. It seems OK for the local media to publish, (at their convenience) white people committing suicide but it doesn't take a whole lot to see that in our local media only WHITE LIVES MATTER. 

Shame on Joe Albero for publishing this WHEN IT HAPPENED! Now it's FOUR days later and now it's news because we called them out?

The Main Stream Media has an entire Staff to cover such incidents and trust me, I have been at many places where someone has confined themselves, (white people) in a home and so forth and in the end they take their own life. That gets covered, so why not this?

The catch, the Salisbury Police put out a Press Release four days later and now it's OK? Are people trying to tell me the Daily Times and WBOC didn't know what was going on? You and I both know they follow Salisbury News like there's no tomorrow, how else would they survive. 

For me personally, reading that Press Release where they say they'd normally keep situations like this quiet, because someone put it out on "social media" they felt it necessary to finally say something, BS! They, (including SPD) put it out there because they were called out for being racist.

The Daily Times sues Ocean City to get access to a minors name who drowned. They publish a video and an article with underage kids fighting at school and try to make it out to be a race war, yet Joe Albero is a bad guy for exposing it? 

Considering the record traffic we have experienced, I'd say the few complaining are way in the minority here. We have a racial problem here on the Shore and guess what, it starts with your Main Stream Media, (MSM). The fact that they refuse to cover such articles until it's hand delivered to them is disgusting. ALL LIVES MATTER! 

As a Country we need to recognize that we have MENTAL issues that are being ignored both as citizens and soldiers. So when something goes wrong, THROW THEM IN JAIL and do not address the mental conditions. As a Country we are failing our own people. Our government and especially MEDIA would rather cover it up and hide it rather than addressing it, unless you are white, that is. 

I think the reason so many people jump to conclusions is because no one is willing to address that this is a problem in America. Use your head and THINK for once. Imagine the kind of dark place someone has to be in to do such a thing! How can a trained Police Officer address someone with such a history and walk away, (like they did in this case). 

Stop throwing these people in Jail and start opening Hospitals that can properly care for them. With the proper therapy and support they can move on with productive lives. 

As for the Media, GO BACK TO WORK and stop taking news from the Blogs, (4 days later). In ALL of their reports they pretty much copied the Press Release and provided no investigative work. They do NOT want to engage discussion on the problem of suicide. GUESS WHAT, it happens often HERE. Educate the public about signs of depression. In other words, do your damn job or get the hell out of the business. NEWS is NOT all about hand fed information and this article is a prime example of what the public wants/needs to see. Comments here prove the public is interested AND that there is a problem.

It's OK for the MSM to put up BEHEADINGS and BURNING people to death, so I ask, WHY is Salisbury News held to a different standard? What about the FAMILIES of the people being beheaded and burned to death. But Joe Albero is such a bad guy to report this suicide?

In closing, look at the articles in our TOP 5 of the Week. 4 out of the 5 have to do with this incident. Now YOU know why the local Media were forced to finally pick up on it! They should be kissing Barbara Duncan's you know what for that press release. 

Salisbury, Be Warned – the City's Debt Limit Could Be Removed Soon!

At this week's work session the City Council will consider a proposal by the Ireton administration that would vitiate the City's debt limit – not by repealing it, but instead by changing how it would apply in the future. If a particular debt obligation provides for payment from any of the so-called enterprise funds, such as those for parking facilities or the sewer and water systems, that amount would not be counted towards the current debt limit.

A memorandum by the City’s treasurer ("Director of Internal Services") states that the current debt of the enterprise funds that would be eliminated from the total limit is almost $54 million – more than half of the total debt limit. The memo also reveals why this shenanigan is being proposed: "to pursue finalizing the MDE loans planned to fund the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades scheduled later this year." In other words, the city can't borrow enough money to fix the "new" sewer treatment plant because of the current debt limit, so something must be done. Since raising the debt limit would be unpopular and this is an election year, simply change how it operates.

But that's not the only reason for the proposed change. There would be no meaningful limit on the City's debt, because any obligation could provide that it is to be paid from one or another enterprise fund, including that new one – funded by the "rain tax" – for stormwater that Ireton and Jake Day just pushed through. To gain needed funds to pay the debt, the related charges to the public such as sewer and water charges and parking fees or, in the case of the rain tax, property owners, could be increased by any amount at any time. And if an appropriate enterprise fund does not already exist, then it can be created.

This is a foolhardy manner by which to solve the City’s problem of the moment, and the situation is being used to remove an effective and absolute limit on the City's debt. That will surely result in unrestrained borrowing for spending, leading to greater debt and increases in the city's taxes and fees. City residents and property owners would be wise to oppose this change, both loudly and forcefully. If they don't block it, they deserve its inevitable consequences.

Now that you've been warned, do something.

Should Cherish Fontaine Issue A Public Apology For Suggesting Hanging Was A Murder?

So lastnight with all the comments abt me on the Salisbury News website calling me a nigg** and various other racial slurs just becuz i tried to bring awareness to the hanging in Salisbury, MD that the media failed to bring attention to just further let me know that racism is def. still alive! So ill be that if that lets you sleep better at night. If i go missing and end up hanging somewhere at least yall know what happened anyway good day folks!

In her latest rant she suggests you/we called her the N-word, which is a complete and utter lie. In my honest opinion, this young lady is attempting to start a race war here on the Shore. She also suggests she might turn up murdered. She even asked her people to go to Salisbury News and start publishing comments.

Look everybody the man that blogs for Salisbury news posted what I said so now all the white ppl are talking shit abt me bcuz I said it was a hanging Lls go read the comments

We called her out yesterday in this post because she suggested it was a murder and not a suicide. The comments that followed seemed to support her suggestion, they were wrong.

While we republished the image she provided and her exact words, Salisbury News issues NO apology for exposing the truth. We exposed no name, race, age, gender and or facial image. The original 911 dispatch announcement stated it was a female, for the record. 

So the question remains, should Cherish Fontaine issue a public apology for her irresponsible statements on Facebook?

Rumors & Lies About County Executive Bob Culver

Today I was contacted about a certain someone who is on the Internet spreading lies about County Executive Bob Culver, which are simply not true. It was said, "A dozen County Employees were in the GOB on President's Day laying hardwood floor along with some contractors".

For the record, (setting it straight) there was NO hardwood floors installed in the County Executive's Offices. I strongly encourage ANY one of you to please drop by the Government Office Building tomorrow and see for yourself, since someone obviously doesn't have enough energy to do so. 

Bob Culver is doing an outstanding job for the taxpayers and the new Liberal Dream Team are attempting to do anything they can to defame Mr. Culver. 

Keep up the good work Bob and thanks for doing an outstanding job on County roads. 

CEO Of Hebron Savings Bank Gregory Johnson Resigned Today

We're not sure why but we figured we'd put this up for those in the community who know him to offer their best wishes.

Road Conditions In Wicomico County

The Main Stream Media likes to believe they're experts when it comes to snow removal. WBOC would rather spend 1/3 of their broadcast telling you how wonderful they are for bringing formula to one of the local islands and then go on about how horrible it must be to be stranded because of the ice. Am I to believe the people living on these islands never expected and or prepared for such a thing? Oh well, it is what it is. I just think they could have spent more time investigating what YOU are most interested in, why are the roads still like they are and when are our kids going to go back to school.

We've certainly seen a lot worse here in the 15 years I've been on the Shore but for some reason, ever since a Republican stepped into the County Executives Office, the Media wants to go after him because the roads just aren't good enough. 

OK, here's the deal with this storm and the road conditions. First of all you should know that the County's Snow Plows are still running 24/7. What I found interesting that NO ONE is telling you is, before O'Malley took away your Highway User Funds, the Roads Division had 60 full time people. Now they have 20! That's a really big deal. In order to clear the roads the roads division in the County has to borrow staff from the Landfill and guess what you didn't know, they only get them for ONE DAY, PERIOD! So the very first day of snow fall becomes the key day to get things done.

Now, did you know there are 700 miles of roads to be plowed in Wicomico County. Do you really know how huge that is? Oh, it's easy to talk about how the State Highway clears so much more but you have to understand the difference between plowing STRAIGHT roads down a highway verses side streets at 15 mph. 

Then there's courts in developments, which are usually done FIRST. The reason why is, once they clear them out and the snow can't be pushed down the road, they only want to block the residents driveway ONCE because they cannot go back and do it a second time. Here's what you don't know. These culdesacs/courts take at least 20 minutes each. Guess what, there's some 200 of them in the County. There's a LOT more to plowing then you realize. 
OK, so there's a LOT of people asking WHY there's still snow on the roads. Usually here on the Shore we get rain before the snow starts falling. That didn't happen this time. What's so unusual ever since this storm started is the fact that it has been so cold before, during and after. There's a science to how you clear the roads but this time around because of the cold temps, all you can do is keep going back over and over again.

Now remember what I said earlier. On the first day they have additional people from the Landfill helping the roads division out, that's not the case the last few days. The roads division has in fact been out day and night doing what they can and guess what, unlike what the local media is telling you, the County DID in fact plow all 700 miles of roads and continue to go out there and salt and plow them again and again for days now. On a side note, do you really comprehend how much 700 miles are at 15 miles per hour? The County also plowed 40 miles of dirt roads as well. 

HOWEVER, salt doesn't work under 20 degrees. Some say it doesn't work under 30 degrees, it just depends who you talk to. Because it doesn't LOOK like there's as many plows on the roads, (in which there aren't, compared to the first day) many are thinking the County isn't doing their job, not true. The City, on the other hand, is horrible. However, give them credit in the sense that they are experiencing the same problems with it being so cold. I can't say if they have cleared every single road and from what I've been told that's a big NO.

Now let's talk about the snow drifts like the image I've provided above. You should know that the County knows where they are and continue to go over those areas both day and night, multiple times a day. HOWEVER, what you're seeing on all roads that have the white stuff still on them is ice under that snow. Yes, they can salt those areas but remember, it's negative SEVEN degrees outside this morning. The salt will not work.

As for Dr. John Fredericksen stating his schools were cleared, why not the roads. Well, IF the man would have made the same call I did and asked an EXPERT, he would have learned exactly why. How he can shove 700 miles of roads in Culver's face and claim the City and County aren't doing their jobs, I'd like to know where the man got his degree in snow removal? He owes Ireton and Culver an apology. 

So now we're going to go one step further. Rather then all of you believing what I'm saying here, I've made arrangements this morning and throughout the day for the Roads Division Department Head Lee Outen to follow this Post throughout the day. He will look at every single one of your comments and questions and he will answer every one of them. 

This has NEVER been done before but the County wants you to understand exactly what we're experiencing and what they plan to do to resolve it. So leave your comments or questions and watch what happens.
In closing I want you to know that County Executive Bob Culver has been with the Roads Division Crew since the first night of snow fall. In fact he not only rode with the crews all night, without any sleep he went to the Civic Center very early the next morning to help resolve the break in the pipe there and worked with them throughout the day. NO ONE fell asleep at the wheel. So whatever anyone else is telling you, it's not true. Ask your question and you'll receive answers. There's nothing to hide or be ashamed of. 

Salisbury Independent - Liberal Left Wing Trying to 'RESET'

Hi Joe -

This morning I noticed the latest edition of the Salisbury Independent was put out at the fast food restaurant I attend. I would like for you to read what Mike Dunn published on the liberal left wing - Salisbury Independent. He has, once again, 'cherry picked' the photos and information regarding his reporting on the BHS. The orginal JMB High School & JMB Junior High schools never contained the vast ball fields that have been constructed behind their original sites. In fact, his article just flat out failed to STATE THE TRUTH, whereby he just flat out distorts the truth.

IMHO - it is obivious that the Salisbury Independent has become the 'megaphone' for liberal bias if not more liberal than ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and National Public Radio.

According to my analysis, SBYNEWS is by far the most fair, balanced, and centrist news outlet for the entire eastern shore region. I commend you and your staff for a superb job. Please keep up the great work!!!!

Yeah Ireton & Fredericksen, You're Prepared For Students! NOT!

"So I had to clean my sidewalks or be fined but the board of Ed gets to play by there own rules. My side walk goes no where, theirs goes all the way down the street".

So Wicomico County Students are expected to walk in the street instead of a cleared sidewalk. QUIT lying to the Press and shame on the Press for NOT seeing if they were, (once again) lying. This area is a joke, seriously.


Here are the snow totals for Monday and Tuesday, this includes Solid Waste and Roads labor only, and salt totals and fuel.

Solid Waste labor - $ 9,606.05

Roads labor - $17,046.44

Salt - $19,976.94 (174 tons)

Fuel $ 1,673.12

$48,302.55 Grand Total for Monday and Tuesday

Are We Being Prepared To Believe That Extraterrestrials Seeded Life On Earth And That Jesus Was An Alien?

There are those who believe that life was first brought to Earth from far across the universe

There are those who believe that life was first brought to Earth from far across the universe. In fact, this week there were headlines in news sources all over the world about how British scientists had discovered “evidence” that extraterrestrials may have seeded life on this planet. And as you will see later on in this article, some of the “most brilliant minds in science” have been promoting this theory for a long time. But now the support for an extraterrestrial origin for life on Earth seems to be reaching a crescendo. In addition to unprecedented scientific support, we are being constantly bombarded by messages in popular culture that our planet has been in contact with aliens in the past and that they are about to make contact again. This is a theme which we see in dozens of novels, television shows, movies and video games. So could it be possible that we are being “prepared” to believe that extraterrestrials seeded life on our planet? And as you will see below, there are even many that actually believe that Jesus was an alien. Yes, that probably sounds very strange, but there are some very important people that are actually convinced that this is true.

But first let’s talk about the origin of life on Earth. The theory that life originated elsewhere in the universe and was eventually brought here by extraterrestrials has been around for decades. It is known as “directed panspermia” and this is what Wikipedia has to say about it…

Directed panspermia concerns the deliberate transport of microorganisms in space, sent to Earth to start life here, or sent from Earth to seed new solar systems with life by introduced species of microorganisms on lifeless planets. The Nobel prize winner Francis Crick, along with Leslie Orgel proposed that life may have been purposely spread by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, but considering an early “RNA world” Crick noted later that life may have originated on Earth. It has been suggested that ‘directed’ panspermia was proposed in order to counteract various objections, including the argument that microbes would be inactivated by the space environment and cosmic radiation before they could make a chance encounter with Earth.


Joe Biden in 2000: No man has the right to touch a woman without her consent

Vice President Joe Biden has made news — again — with his surprisingly intimate embrace of a woman not his wife in a public setting. The incident occurred Tuesday at the Washington swearing-in of new Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. As Carter spoke, Biden, standing behind Carter's wife Stephanie, put his hands on her shoulders for an extended period of time and briefly buried his face in her hair.

Some critics noted that such behavior might earn a sexual harassment complaint if it were in a business setting. And it turns out Biden himself, in his many years as a senator, supported legislation to get tough on men who touch women in inappropriate ways.

"There is no circumstance under which a man has a right to touch a woman without her consent other than self-defense," Biden said in October 2000 in relation to the Violence Against Women Act. "We are changing the attitudes of America about what constitutes appropriate behavior on the part of a man with a woman."

A few years earlier, in May 1993, Biden said, "No man has a right to touch a woman without her consent, and that's what we've got to get across."


Giuliani questions Obama's love of US; Democrats cry foul

ASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats on Thursday assailed former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for questioning President Barack Obama's love of country, and urged the potential field of Republican presidential candidates to rebuke him for his comments.

"He doesn't love you. And he doesn't love me. He wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country," said Giuliani, who sought the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. His comments were reported by Politico and the New York Daily News.Giuliani said at a New York City event on Wednesday night, "I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America."

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said it's time for Republican leaders to "stop this nonsense."

Day 49: No Response from County on Tax Differential or Fire Service Agreement

Salisbury - Mayor James Ireton, Jr. today announced that it has been 49 days since the City of Salisbury asked County Executive Bob Culver and the Wicomico County Council to address the double-taxation of Salisbury residents, and the lack of a working Fire Service Agreement between the City and the County.

In a letter delivered January 2nd, Mayor Ireton and the Salisbury City Council requested a property tax setoff to rectify the over 1 Million dollar differential between the taxes City residents pay, and the services they receive from the County in return.

The Mayor and Council also asked the County to adopt an assessable base option for fire and EMS in Wicomico County. The assessable base model is used to provide for the costs for protecting/responding to calls for service demanded by, and directly related to, the amount of real properties and residents in a given fire district. Data from the County G.I.S. and 911 Computer Aided Dispatch System indicates that the City responds to 62.95% of the fire calls in the County, yet the City only received 23.87% of the County’s total funding for fire and EMS in FY2014.

“County Executive Culver and the Wicomico County Council have had our request for 49 days now, but the citizens of Salisbury, Fruitland and Delmar have yet to receive a single word in response,” said Mayor Ireton. “We’re no closer now to a working Fire Service Agreement than we were a month-and-a-half ago. We’re no closer to equity for Salisbury taxpayers than we were a month-and-a-half ago.

“What we are offering is a way for the County Executive to deliver on his campaign promises by providing real tax relief to people who are bearing an unfair burden. We’re offering him a way to make it right.”

Fun Time: Which One??

Which color is connected to the light bulb


There's an outside marketing company going around to Salisbury businesses trying to sell banners in the Downtown area. We've been told they are not only aggressive, they are actually bullying people with aggressive sales tactics. 

The FIRST thing you need to realize as a business is, THINK, how many people are actually driving down Main Street? They're charging $695.00 a year for one of these banners, (so I'm told) and quite frankly I can't see a positive return on your investment. Especially when Salisbury News reaches MILLIONS of people each year and we only charge $100.00 a month, or $1,200.00 a year. 

Do you know what people say about DEER and why Tree Stands work so well for hunters? Deer Don't Look UP. Neither do HUMANS! We look straight ahead when we're walking or even down on the ground. The banners are just plain STUPID and the letters are so damn small you can't read it if you did look at it. 

So stop getting BULLIED and call me. Put good money after good money! And if you want to get rid of that Ireton Salesman, tell them you can get far more bang for your buck on Salisbury News. 


It May Be Freezing, But Many Thinking Summer, As International Student Worker Recruitment In Full Swing

OCEAN CITY — While snow fell on Ocean City this week and spring seems as far away as ever, efforts were already underway in places like Moldova and Poland to fill out the resort’s summer workforce with international students from around the globe.

Each year, several hundred J-1 visa-carrying international university students arrive in Ocean City for up to four months to work and play and enjoy all the resort has to offer. They come from all over the world and make up a significant part of the resort’s summer workforce. Under the J-1 summer work and travel program, university students from outside the U.S. can enter the country and work for a period of up to four months. The visa also allows for a 30-day travel period before the students return to their native countries to begin their next semester.

While the concept seems simple on the surface, recruiting the student workers, getting their visas and paperwork in order, and finding them places to live and work in Ocean City is a complicated process. Private companies, such as United Work and Travel, for example, find the students and make arrangements for them to live in work in Ocean City. It’s a process that begins almost as soon as the last batch of international students from last year has returned home.


A Comment Worthy Of A Post 2-20-15

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post " Road Conditions In Wicomico County":

Joe.... please alert your readers to a bait and switch that is going on. I called Comcast because my service is not working and scheduled a service call. When checking my e-mail they had sent me an order for a whole other service than what I had discussed with them and jacked my bill up double. When I called today they were rude and would not help me at all. Beware when calling Comcast that you may get something you do not want and you did not ask for.

This Is How Disrespectful The Wicomico County Board Of Education Is

This is a prime example, see below, as to why it is so difficult to deal with the Wicomico County Board of Education.

On February 10th I sent an email to Lorenzo Hughes and Cathy Townsend (his boss) at the Transportation department. The message was regarding schools not being late with icy roads. And I asked for an explanation as to how Delmar school district worked; High School in Delaware and Elementary school in Wicomico County, Maryland.

This is the response I get today. Cathy Townsend deleted my message and never read it.

Thanks for posting.

From: Cathy Townsend []
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2015 1:34 PM
Subject: Not read: Read: ICY CONDITIONS

Your message

To: Cathy Townsend
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 9:15:08 AM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

was deleted without being read on Thursday, February 19, 2015 1:33:59 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Daily Times Published Press Release Of Suicide, Here's How Some Reacted...

  • Angelina Loveland Albero had this on his blog days ago with most of the "facts" wrong. Thank you Daily Times for cleaning up that mess of misinfo for us.
    Like · Reply · 7 · 14 hrs
  • Liam Livingston That could have been me. I lived in a car during times of the winters of 2012/13/14. I survived at least two suicide attempts and many more hospitalizations due to the hopelessness. I am just glad I sold my guns when I had kids or I wouldnt be typing ...See More
    Like · Reply · 11 · 14 hrs · Edited
  • Michele Jordan I was disgusted by that post with not only accusations that our police officers are lynching people but actually showing a picture of this poor man's body hanging from the tree. Did any of the agitators who put this online have any damn empathy for th...See More
    Like · Reply · 6 · 13 hrs
  • Susan Althouse Gray I can't believe that this is in the news. It is very horrific when one commits suicide, and the effect it has on the victim's family is absolutely horrible. Not only are they grieving the loss of a loved one, they are most of the time carrying feelings...See More
    Like · Reply · 2 · 14 hrs
  • Jenny Stewart Whittle So sad that people suffer so horribly.
    Like · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs
  • Susan Hargreaves Parker To late to keep it private. People were already asking, lots of people. Better to answer questions this way and be done with it than have rumors flying with no answers. City already made it public anyhow.
    Like · Reply · 6 · 14 hrs
  • Susan Althouse Gray Sounds like the SPD was just trying to cover their butts. They have a duty to intervene with a suicidal person. My mother and my uncle are probably rolling in their graves.
    Like · Reply · 14 hrs
  • Liam Livingston Gee Tiffany. I am going to be gentle with that response even though it makes me feel angry. We finally kill ourselves when alone invthe vack seat of a car as we have no money to turn the ignition on every hour and no money to go into Royal Farms with d...See More
    Like · Reply · 13 hrs
  • Chrissy Graves And everyone was wanting to assume he was hanged and scream hate crime!!!
    Like · Reply · 11 hrs
  • Brandi Nichole Cutlip Yea this dumb fuck Wayne Brown put online that he was lynched that it wasn't suicide ...fucking idiots...
    Like · Reply · 11 hrs
  • Tiffany N. Baker I am a person who doesn't like to pass judgement on ones situation. That being said, if someone wants to die then they aren't worried over what someone (even family) thinks. Most find suicide selfish but the family can be called selfish too if they are...See More
    Like · Reply · 13 hrs · Edited
  • Vicki Ferguson This paper has been promoting violence from anything they can.

Most of these people can't spell, let alone get their own facts straight. I also can't believe the Daily Times allows people to curse like they do. Their messages are just as bad, (inaccurate) as the ones posted on Cherish Fontaine's Facebook page. 

Funny how some people don't understand that there's a difference between something we publish from someone else's Facebook page and what I put up as an original piece. Are you listening Angelina?