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Friday, February 21, 2014


Truly amazing and beautiful and can you imaging how durable


Lost Wrenches.
 No wonder I can never find the right size, he's got them all!
How cool is this guy???
He lives near Boort, Victoria, Australia and does it all by himself from a wheel chair. Amazing!

The 19-Year-Old Dairy Queen Manager Who Stood Up For A Blind Customer Is Looking For A Favor

The 19-year-old Dairy Queen manager who shot to fame last year after standing up for a blind man says he is currently working on purchasing his own Dairy Queen.

Joey Prusak, whose courageous defense of a blind customer went viral last September, told TheBlaze he is now focused more than ever on opening up a location of his own.

“I had a a meeting with the CEO of Dairy Queen and I told him I wanted to open my own store,” said Prusak, who has worked at the Minnesota location since he was 14. “I need help finding a location because they are really picky about locations. So they are looking into a couple spots right now that they could possibly use a store.”


Stunning Photos Capture the Moment a Woman Literally Blew Life Back Into a Dying Baby

It seemed like the worst place for an emergency. A Florida woman found herself in a mid-afternoon traffic jam on Miami’s 836 expressway with an unconscious baby.

The Miami Herald reported that Pamela Rauseo had her 5-month-old nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz, in her care when he stopped breathing. The baby was born early and had respiratory issues, according to the newspaper.

But when Rauseo saw he was turning blue in the back seat, she leapt from the car and screamed for help. Lucila Godoy heard Rauseo’s cries and left her own toddler in the back seat of her car, rushing to the 37-year-old aunt’s aid.


Classes Taught By Men

Men Teaching Classes for Women at

By January 25, 2013 

Class 1 Up in Winter, Down in Summer - How to Adjust a Thermostat
Step by Step, with Slide Presentation.

Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hrs beginning at 7:00 PM..

Class 2

Which Takes More Energy - Putting the Toilet Seat Down, or Bitching About It for 3 Hours?
Round Table Discussion.

Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00 for 2 hours.

Class 3

Is It Possible To Drive Past a Wal-Mart Without Stopping?--Group Debate.

Meets 4 weeks, Saturday 10:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 4

Fundamental Differences Between a Purse and a Suitcase--Pictures and Explanatory Graphics.

Meets Saturdays at 2:00 PM for 3 weeks. 

Class 5

Curling Irons--Can They Levitate and Fly Into The Bathroom Cabinet?
Examples on Video.

Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning
At 7:00 PM

Class 6

How to Ask Questions During Commercials and Be Quiet During the Program
Help Line Support and Support Groups. 

Meets 4 Weeks, Friday and Sunday 7:00 PM 

Class 7

Can a Bath Be Taken Without 14 Different Kinds of Soaps and Shampoos?
Open Forum
Monday at 8:00 PM, 2 hours. 

Class 8

Health Watch--They Make Medicine for PMS - USE IT!

Three nights; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:00 PM for 2 hours.

Class 9 

I Was Wrong and He Was Right!--Real Life Testimonials.

Tuesdays at 6:00 PM Location to be determined. 

Class 10

How to Parallel Park In Less Than 20 Minutes Without an Insurance Claim.
Driving Simulations.

4 weeks, Saturday's noon, 2 hours.
Class 11
Learning to Live--How to Apply Brakes Without Throwing Passengers Through the Windshield.
Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, location to be determined 

Class 12

How to Shop by Yourself.

Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM.

Paul Wade True American

309,079 UMD Social Security Numbers Compromised

Massive, sophisticated cyberattack nets names, birth dates, university ID numbers and Social Security numbers of all who have received university ID numbers since 1998

A massive cyberattack struck university networks Tuesday morning, putting personal student, faculty and staff information at risk.

Officials estimate 309,079 student, faculty and staff records were compromised, including names, birth dates, university ID numbers and Social Security numbers. No financial, medical or academic information was accessed, university officials said.
The database that was accessed contained information from everyone who has received a university ID from the College Park or Shady Grove campuses since 1998.

Because identity theft is possible, officials said the university will offer those affected one free year of credit monitoring from a yet-to-be-determined company.


MorMoWhat do you think?

Someone Struck Back at Missouri’s Common Core ‘Tin Foil’ Amendment in the Best Way

He probably should have seen this one coming.

The Missouri lawmaker who added $8 to the state’s proposed budget for tin foil hats for Common Core opponents got a little something in return.

A photo posted online showed Republican state Rep. Mike Lair’s chamber desk completely wrapped in tin foil. Lair’s colleague, state Rep. Bryan Spencer (R), posted the picture on Facebook with the caption: “Guess [whose] desk this is…..Mike Lair.”

Smigiel Wins In SLAPP Suit

Cecil County Executive, Terri Moore had filed a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP Suit), against me. A SLAPP Suit is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. The local paper ran a headline saying that I was being sued for $40,000 because I had filed a law suit on behalf of the Chairman of the Republican Central Committee. It gave the appearance that I had filed a “frivolous” lawsuit that had no merit and had wasted taxpayer money forcing the county to defend said suit.

The fact is the judge wrote “Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the facts underlying the Complaint are not disputed by the parties, and lead to the inescapable conclusion that Ms. Moore circumvented the intent of the provisions of the newly-enacted Cecil County Charter which provided for party central committee participation in filling County Council vacancies. Equally obvious, the Complaint was filed to thwart the perceived deception by Ms Moore and had a legitimate basis at least in fact”


25 Charged In Fraud Involving Home Care In DC

Twenty-five people were charged Thursday with obtaining at least $75 million in fraudulent Medicaid payments from the District of Columbia government, a series of cases that federal prosecutors said added up to the largest health-care fraud in the city's history.

The alleged schemes, which prosecutors said were similar but not necessarily part of a unified conspiracy, involved bogus claims for home care services, a category of Medicaid claim that has grown dramatically in the city over the past 8 years. The uptick in billings for home care -- from $40 million in 2006 to $280 million last year -- was part of what tipped off authorities to illegal activity, U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen said.

"We concluded that much of the growth was due to aggressive networks of fraudsters paying kickbacks to beneficiaries to manufacture false claims for nonexistent services," Machen said, later adding: "Medicaid fraud in the District of Columbia is at epidemic levels."


House of Cards Issues Ultimatum To Governor O'Malley - Give Us Back Our Tax Breaks Or We Are Out of Here

Today, House of Cards Productions issued an ultimatum to Governor O'Malley - give us back our tax breaks or we are dismantling our stages and sets and moving to another State.

In a written letter to Maryland's Governor Martin O'Malley - it stated;

Give us millions more dollars in tax credits, or we will “break down our stage, sets and offices and set up in another state.

A similar letter also went to Maryland House Speaker, Michael Busch.

In addition to bringing a burst of buzz and excitement, the show created nearly 6,000 jobs and pumped more than $250 million into the state economy, economic development officials say.


Trouble In The Making!

The Federal Communications Commission takes a second shot at net neutrality. It will draft new rules to ensure broadband providers treat all Internet traffic equally. A federal appeals court struck down the current rules last month. It suggested the FCC had exceeded its authority. The agency will not appeal. In a statement, Chairman Tom Wheeler says the new proposal will meet the court's requirements.

Delaware State Police Investigation Into Compromised Drug Evidence

Wilmington- Delaware State Police Criminal Investigative Unit along with the Delaware Attorney General’s Office initiated a joint investigation over the course of the last month, after the discovery of drug evidence submitted for analysis to the Controlled Substances Lab within the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner was found to be compromised after being returned to the submitting police agencies. The identified compromises included drug evidence tampered with, missing, and/or substituted.

The Delaware State Police and Department of Justice initiated the investigation, including internal audits of police evidence lockers which detected discrepancies amongst several Delaware law enforcement agencies that existed between drug evidence submitted to the OCME Controlled Substances Lab and evidence returned to police evidence lockers in sealed envelopes after analysis and testing.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is fully cooperating in the investigation and all drug evidence has been secured. Based on the nature of the ongoing investigation, the Controlled Substances Lab has discontinued drug analysis; however, all other functions of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner remain uninterrupted and fully functional.

No further information will be released at this time as to not jeopardize any of these efforts by discussing the investigative details.

Historical Photos

Miss America 1924 
Helen Keller Meeting Charlie Chaplin 
Leather gloves worn by Lincoln to Ford's Theater on the night
of his assassination. Blood stains are visible at the cuffs. 

BREAKING NEWS: FCC Backs Off Newsroom Survey Plan

The Federal Communications Commission announced Friday that it was putting on hold a controversial study of American newsrooms, after complaints from Republican lawmakers and media groups that the project was too intrusive.


New 2014-2015 Vaccination Requirements For Students Entering Kindergarten, 7th Grade

New Maryland immunization regulations will mean additional vaccinations for students entering kindergarten and 7th grade in the 2014-15 school year.

-Students entering kindergarten in 2014-15 will be required to have had two (2) doses of Varicella vaccine (for Chickenpox). Currently, only one (1) dose of Varicella vaccine is required.

-Students entering 7th grade in 2014-15 will be required to have had one (1) dose of Tdap vaccine and one (1) dose of Meningococcal vaccine. These vaccine requirements are new for 7th graders.

Wicomico County Public Schools is informing parents of the new vaccination requirements now so they will have ample time to ensure that children have the required vaccinations prior to the start of the 2014-15 school year. Middle schools have begun sharing a notice of the new requirements for 7th graders, and information on the new requirements for kindergartners will be shared with parents of current prekindergarten students as well as with parents of incoming kindergartners during kindergarten registration, which begins April 30.

Lawmakers Consider Small Business Retirement Deduction Bill

State lawmakers are considering a bill that supporters say will make retirement plans available to private sector workers who are not covered by employer-sponsored plans, or who have little if any retirement savings.

The measure would apply to businesses with at least five employees that currently don't offer retirement plans. Those employers would be required to give employees the option of a payroll deduction with the money going to either a state sponsored, non-profit plan, or a private retirement plans.

Under the legislation, employers would not be required to make any contributions to the retirement plan, and employees could opt out of the payroll deduction.


Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Release 2-21-14

Tosha Denise Bratten of Salisbury, arrested 2-12-14 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Bratten was later released on personal recognizance.

Jodi Serman of Seaford , arrested 2-13-14 on a Delaware fugitive warrant. Serman was held without bond.

William Jesse Payne of Princess Anne, arrested 2-14-14 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while intoxicated by alcohol, driver consuming alcohol, unsafe lane change, negligent driving, operating a unregistered vehicle, and driving a vehicle with switched tags. Payne was later released on citations pending court actions. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by deputies on Ocean Highway, Princess Anne.

Larry Antonio Belote of Salisbury, arrested 2-16-14 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, negligent driving, and driving on a suspended driver’s license. Belote was later released on citations pending court actions. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by deputies on Ocean Highway, Princess Anne.

Bernard Alonzo White of Princess Anne, arrested 2-16-14 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, failure to obey a lawful order, and two counts of assault on a police officer. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by deputies on Ocean Highway where deputies saw a vehicle traveling northbound in the southbound lanes in the area of Deal Island Rd. Deputies report that White became combative with deputies and refused arrest. White was held on a $ 50,000 bond.

Morris Allan Borden Sr. of Marion station, arrested 2-16-14 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Borden was held on a $ 500.00 bond.

Victor Marcus White of Princess Anne, criminal summons served 2-19-14 for cds possession marijuana. White was released on signature.

Shawn Tony Tilghman of Crisfield, arrested 2-19-14 on a warrant for violation of probation, and a criminal summons for theft less than $1,000 and conspiracy to commit theft less than $ 1,000. Tilghman was held without bond.

Stanford Dorman Taylor of Crisfield, criminal summons served 2-19-14 for cds possession not marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Taylor was released on signature pending court actions.

Jessie Lamont Copes Jr. of Salisbury, arrested 2-19-14 on criminal indictments for possession of cds not marijuana, possession with the intent to distribute narcotics, possession with the intent to distribute narcotics within a 1000 feet of school zone, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Copes was held on a $ 200,000 bond.

Private-Public Water Partnership, UN Agenda 21

Water is a precious and scarce commodity for some nations who are geographically located in areas prone to draught or with a predominant desert landscape.

It is priceless in certain locales and so abundant in others that the marginal utility of an additional gallon of water is very low. When something is overabundant people tend to abuse it.

Water pollution affects industrialized, developing, and under-developed nations. We should not worry though, the United Nations has a plan for that; we are living in the “water for life decade 2005-2015.” Its website, “UN Water,” proclaimed at the January 8-10, 2013 conference, “Preparing for the 2013 International Year. Water Cooperation: Making it Happen!

How is this going to happen? It is called “water diplomacy,” forming private-public partnerships, “supporting all stakeholders, including those in governments, international organizations, private sector, civil society, and academia at an appropriate level while considering cultural aspects in different cooperation initiatives.” It sounds purposefully complex and confusing but it is just another arm of the United Nations’ ever encroaching agenda.


Record Numbers Apply For Police Department Positions

Gearing up for the summer season, the Ocean City Police Department has tested its highest-ever number of applicants for seasonal and potentially full-time officer positions.

OCPD Capt. Greg Guiton said at last week’s police commission meeting that the department has tested 646 officer applicants since this past summer, up from 574 last off-season. Even more applicants would’ve been included if not for weather.

“That affected us tremendously this year,” Guiton said. “Since a lot of our applicants are in college, we had several schools that pushed their exam dates back because of weather, so they had exams on our testing dates.”


Senator Colburn Reports From Annapolis (Next Week)

ANNAPOLIS – Senator Richard F. Colburn (R. Eastern Shore) reported on events that will take place next week. Senator Colburn stated, “A Montgomery County Senator recently stated, “A healthy Bay is important to Maryland’s economy, and all Marylanders benefit from making the Bay cleaner. So, it’s important that all major polluters of the Bay pay their fair share, and this legislation ensures that one of the biggest sources of pollution begins to do just that.” On Tuesday, February 25, the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs (EHEA) Committee is scheduled to hear Senate Bill 725 (Chesapeake Bay – Nutrient Management – Poultry Fair Share Act) sponsored by Senator Richard Madaleno (D. 
Montgomery Co). This bill would establish a chicken manure pollution fee of five cents per chicken payable to the Comptroller by a poultry integrator. It would also require the Comptroller to transfer revenue from the fee to the Maryland Agriculture Water Quality Cost Share Program in the Department of Agriculture for cover crop activities. Despite the fact that the Governor has stated that he will veto such a bill, and the House bill has been withdrawn, the Senator from Montgomery County is moving forward with Senate Bill 725.

As a result of this absurd bill, I have sponsored Senate Bill 1071 (Montgomery County and Prince George’s County Fair Share Act of 2014). This bill would require the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) to impose on every year a sewage and sludge remediation charge to WSSC rate payers. It would also require the Montgomery County Council and the Prince George’s County Council to meet each year to determine the amount of the sewage and sludge remediation charge. It would require the councils to consider certain anticipated costs when determining the amount of sewage and sludge. The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission provides water and sewer service to Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. There are areas of their sewage collection system that illegally discharges sludge into the Potomac River and that are subject to numerous sewage spills caused by a variety of factors, including excessive stormwater runoff and flooding, power outages, and line breaks, etc. For the years 2010 through 2013, WSSC reported 42.2 million gallons of sewage spills, which is an average of 10.5 million gallons per year (or 28,800) gallons per day). My bill would create a $1 Billion Sewage and Sludge Remediation fund to be paid for by Montgomery and Prince George’s County WSSC ratepayers to address their sewage spills.

Senator Madaleno’s Senate Bill 725 is just the latest attack on the Eastern Shore agriculture and seafood industries. Over the span of 28 General Assembly Sessions, I have witnessed Montgomery and Prince George’s County legislators introduce countless short-sighted measures that would cripple or eliminate the Shore’s two most important industries. Senate Bill 1071 will help these two urban Washington D.C. counties to be held accountable for their part in the Bay clean-up.

Several bills that I have sponsored will be heard next week:

Oliver Stone Turns On Obama

Public Sector Slashes Part-Timers’ Hours Ahead Of Obamacare Mandates

Local governments, community colleges and other public employers are cutting work hours among part-time employees to prepare for coming mandates under Obamacare, according to the New York Times.

President Obama twice has delayed the law’s “employer mandate,” which will require large employers to provide health insurance or pay fines. It starts in 2016 for midsize employers and will phase in starting in 2015 for employers of 100 workers or more.

But public sector employers are trimming back work hours now, because their obligations will be based on data from this year, the Times reported.


House Leader Pushes Marijuana Diversion

As lawmakers in Annapolis consider legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, one top lawmaker has come up with an alternative.

House Speaker Pro Tempre and Baltimore County Delegate Adrienne Jones admits that she is not comfortable with legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

She's also not comfortable with decriminalization, where the penalty for marijuana possession is reduced to a fine.

Jones is proposing what she thinks is a way will keep those charged with having less than 10 grams of marijuana out of jail.


The Fallen Heroes Memorial Service

Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff

The Fallen Heroes Memorial Service was held last night at St. Christopher's Catholic Church in Chester.


Warden Charles W. Rider – Maryland Dept. of Game & Fish (1968)

Tfc. Philip L. Russ – Maryland State Police (1972)

Tfc. Thomas A. Noyle – Maryland State Police (1972)

Sgt. Wallace J. Mowbray – Maryland State Police (1975)

Firefighter David Brinkley – United Communities Fire Dept. (1998)

DFC Jason C. Schwenz – Queen Anne’s Co. Sheriff’s Office (2001)

Ptl. Michael Nickerson - Centreville Police Department (2001)

Firefighter Doug Thomas – Kent Island Volunteer Fire Dept. (2003)

Chief Charles F. Clough - Sudlersville Volunteer Fire Dept. (2009)


O’Malley joins three other governors to talk about raising the wage for hardworking American families

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 21, 2014) -- Governor O’Malley -- along with Governors Inslee (Wash.), Malloy (Conn.), and Quinn (Ill.) -- met with Vice President Biden, and other officials at the White House today to discuss efforts to expand opportunity and strengthen the middle class by raising the minimum wage.

Governor O’Malley has made raising the wage a top priority for the 2014 state legislative session. In the proposal, Maryland’s minimum wage of $7.25 would increase incrementally to $10.10 in July 2016. The proposal secures the value of the minimum wage by tying future increases to inflation.

The Unbeatable Foe

Alex’s Law Passes The House of Delegates

(ANNAPOLIS) House Bill 31 “Alex’s Law,” sponsored by Delegate Mike McDermott (R-Worcester & Wicomico Counties), passed unanimously in the House today. The bill, which codifies the right of crime victims to deliver impact statements in court, was initiated after a Maryland mother was denied the opportunity to address the court on behalf of her son, the victim of a car accident that led to brain injuries and ultimately his death.

“Alex’s mother simply wanted the opportunity to tell the court what happened on that day her son’s life was transformed forever. Being permitted to personally express how the crime had impacted her family would have been an important milestone in her healing process,” said Delegate McDermott, who is once again sponsoring the bill after it stalled in the Senate at the close of last session. With the addition of a Senate cross-file with bipartisan support, the bill has gained more traction this session, and McDermott looks forward to full passage.

Under current law, courts “may” allow victim impact statements at sentencing hearings, but some victims find themselves denied the opportunity by courts without an explanation. Alex’s Law changes the language to “shall,” using the stronger wording to clarify the legislature’s intent and change the norm while still allowing a judge discretion to deny victim impact statements when allowing such statements would be unpractical.

McDermott hopes that the modified language will ensure that victims and their representatives are allowed begin their resolution process in the courtroom.“When someone and their loved ones have suffered from a life altering crime, whether in an alcohol related vehicular accident or a domestic case, they deserve the right to formally express how that experience has affected them. Alex’s Law is about making sure that the victim’s right to speak is universally upheld in Maryland” concluded Delegate McDermott.

The Senate version of House Bill 31, Senate Bill 272, awaits a vote in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee.

City Plans To Permit On-Beach Paddleboards

Although actual implementation is still a long way away, the city has plans to allow stand-up paddleboards along city beaches toward the end of the coming season.

The city’s Recreation and Parks Commission gave a favorable reception to permitting paddleboards along the coastline on a limited basis this September, when the water is still warm but the population of bathers has died down.

“I personally don’t know why you would want to do it, but I get it that going and seeing how it works is a good test,” said Shelly Dawson of the OC Surf Club. “I don’t see it being a problem the way you have it set up.”


‘Homosexual Jim Crow Laws’? Get Real

“Christians backing this bill are essentially arguing for homosexual Jim Crow laws.” So asserts Kirsten Powers in today’s USA Today. What could justify such an assertion? Nothing. Powers is wrong about the law.

The bill in question is a religious-liberty protection being debated in the Kansas legislature. The bill would protect all citizens from being forced by the government into recognizing or celebrating a same-sex marriage if it ran contrary to their religious beliefs. So how is a bill protecting liberty akin to Jim Crow?

Powers isn’t alone. Slate ran a piece with the headline “Kansas’s Anti-Gay Segregation Bill Is an Abomination.” But the Kansas bill and similar bills that protect liberty are about preventing the kind of coercion that happened under Jim Crow. They protect what should be already protected: basic civil liberties such as freedom of association, freedom of contract, and freedom of religion.


Disorderly Man Faces Charges

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was arrested on disorderly conduct and hindering police charges early Sunday morning after a citizen reported seeing him hanging over the Route 50 Bridge.

Around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, a Maryland State Police trooper was on patrol when he was stopped by a citizen and informed there was an unidentified man hanging over the Harry Kelley Bridge railing on the eastbound side of Route 50 into Ocean City. The trooper responded to the scene and made contact with the individual, later identified as Evan John Griffiths, 35, of Ocean City, and determined he was intoxicated and a danger to himself and others.

MSP troopers interviewed Griffiths and determined he did not want to harm himself, but was extremely intoxicated. The troopers made several attempts to get Griffiths home safely, but he refused to cooperate and began launching obscenities at the officers and told them to get out of his way. Griffiths allegedly continued to act in a disorderly manner and began drawing the attention of passing motorists.

A Comment Worthy Of A Post: Do You Know Who This Person Is?

Terry Rohrbaugh has left a new comment on your post "Salisbury University Enrollment Is Declining, Just...":

"And by the way, I made a special trip to your mother's grave and pissed on it yesterday. HAHAHA such a loser".

This comment was directed at me personally. I'd be very interested in meeting up with this person. 

Banning Home Births: The Next Wave of Reproductive Control?

There are a number of reasons that a pregnant person may choose to give birth with a midwife and at home rather than in a hospital or birth center. Some choose a home birth in order to remain more in control of the birth experience, believing that hospital births can be pushed too rapidly towards medical interventions like induction and c-sections. Others want to be able to feel more comfortable, conducting the entire labor in one convenient and familiar place, with the added benefit of moving straight to real life after the birth is complete. Even finances can play a role, as the average hospital birth grows more and more expensive even with insurance.

For many, an assisted home birth with a qualified midwife poses no more risk than a standard uncomplicated hospital labor and delivery. Yet there is a growing movement to regulate both midwives and home births, just like many other issues in reproductive health care, using the rationale that potential life always outranks the desires or beliefs of the person carrying that pregnancy, and that the pregnant person is not capable of making fully informed decisions about her own medical health.


Delaware State Police Camp Barnes Applications Available

Contact Information: For questions call Master Corporal Shawn Hatfield at 302-856-5850 X 212

Applications for Camp Barnes will be available at all State Police Troops and can be downloaded at the camp’s website starting March 1st.
Camp and orientations dates will be listed on the website. Camp Barnes is a recreational overnight summer camp run by the Delaware State Police.
All Children that are residents of the State of Delaware and are between the ages of 10-13 are eligible. Below are some of the many activities campers participate in throughout the week:

Pizza Hut Closes Down After Video Shows District Manager Using The Kitchen Sink As A Urinal

Food and bathroom behavior just don’t mix — especially at a restaurant that’s serving paying customers. So it’s no wonder video footage of a Pizza Hut employee in West Virginia peeing into the kitchen sink — the same one used to wash utensils and supplies — has prompted health officials to shut down that location to investigate.

In the video, via, a man looks like he’s just checking something on a computer and then oh, there he goes, walking over to the deep sink and undoes his pants… and relieves himself. Sigh, gross, and sigh again.

Pizza Hut has confirmed that the fellow shown in the surveillance footage is a Pizza Hut District Manager.


Cruise Ship Worker Admits To Assaulting Passenger, Trying To Throw Her Overboard

Shocking news from aboard a Holland America cruise ship, the MS Nieuw Amsterdam, which sailed from Florida earlier this month set for the Caribbean: A ship worker reportedly confessed that he’d raped, beat and strangled a passenger before trying to throw her overboard from her balcony on Feb. 14, federal authorities say.

The alleged reason he gave for his actions? He felt slighted when she responded unfavorably to his knock on the door to deliver breakfast one morning, reports the South Florida Sentinel.


Family Life Activity Cut From Classes

Administrators at Stephen Decatur Middle School put a swift stop to a Family Life and Human Development class lesson that involved modeling the human reproductive system last week.

Around 180 seventh grade girls carried out the activity in two classes before it was cut from the program.

“We agree that there are more appropriate ways to teach students about reproductive anatomy and health,” Stephen Decatur Middle School Principal Lynne Barton said in a statement. “Although the intentions of the activity were centered on student learning, we want our parents and community to know that the modeling activity will be excluded from all future lessons on reproductive systems.”

Walmart “Looking At” Support Of Minimum Wage Increase

With much talk in the news these days about whether or not to raise the minimum wage, the nation’s largest private employer said today that it is considering throwing its support behind a plan to increase pay nationwide to at least $10.10/hour.

Why would the retail behemoth possibly be in favor the additional $2.85/hour? Because it could mean more spending money in the pockets of Walmart shoppers, a rep for the company explained to Bloomberg earlier today.

“That’s something we’re looking at,” explained the rep while maintaining that the company currently has a neutral view on the issue. “Whenever there’s debates, it’s not like we look once and make a decision. We look a few times from other angles.”


Dear Five Guys: Don’t Copy Customer On E-mail Where You Call Him A “Douche”

Have you ever penned a harshly worded e-mail about someone and then panicked for a moment when after you hit “send” out of fear that you may have copied the target of your vitriol on the message? 99.9% of the time, you did not… but when it does happen — and when you represent a major fast food chain — the results make for good Internet.

Consumerist reader John and his co-workers often place group orders for pick-up at their local Five Guys. Recently there was a minor screw-up and the group was charged for fries that were not included. And so John filed a polite complaint online and received a nice e-mail in reply.


Off Grid Attack: EPA To Outlaw Many Wood Burning Stoves

Our ever so helpful government has decided that your wood burning stove is now a danger to the world. In another attempt to outlaw the off grid lifestyle, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the same agency that was recently caught using drones to spy on Americans, is now going after home owners who use Wood Burning Stoves to heat their homes.

Shortly after the re-election of President Obama, the agency announced new radical environmental regulations that threaten to effect people who live off the grid. The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

This means that most wood burning stoves would now fall into a class that would deemed unacceptable under these new draconian measures. The EPA has even launched a nifty new website called burn wise to try to sway public opinion.

On their site, while trying to convince people to get rid of their old stoves and buy the new EPA-certified stoves, they state that these older stove must be scraped and cannot be resold.


Voter Fraud: James O'Keef Exposes The New Acorn, And Its Illegal Voting Scheme

Wicomico Recreation Indoor Community Yard Sale Scheduled For March 15

Table & Booth Rentals Available Now

Salisbury, MD
- Clean out your house and fill your wallet at Wicomico Recreation’s Indoor Community Yard Sale on Saturday, March 15 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center.

Table and booth rentals are available now at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Box Office (500 Glen Ave., Salisbury, MD, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.), online at (online fee may apply) or by phone at 410-548-4911. Tables are $15 and booths are $40 for a 10’ space including three tables. Set-up for sellers will begin at 5 a.m. on the morning of the sale. An early set-up option will be available on Friday evening from 5-8 p.m. A $5 early set-up fee will apply.

Doors will open to the public at 7 a.m. Those interested in shopping the yard sale can do so for just $2 at the door. Children under 12 are admitted free when accompanied by an adult. Proceeds from the sale will benefit Wicomico Recreation.

For more information, please contact Karen McInturff at 410-548-4900 x118 or

A Viewer Writes: And People Do Not Think This Can Happen Here!

Opposition leaders sign deal with president to end crisis in Ukraine

Published February 21, 2014


Opposition leaders sign deal with president to end crisis in United States

Published February 21, 2014

Shots rang out and tension remained high in the streets of Washington DC Friday, as RINO Republicans and protest leaders signed a deal with The United States president to defuse a political crisis that has left scores dead and hundreds injured.

The two sides signed an agreement after negotiations. The deal is a "good compromise for The United States . Gives peace a chance. Opens the way for reform read a post on Twitter Friday. Two opposition spokespeople said the deal was signed in the president's office Friday, but had no details

RINO Republicans gave in to pressure from Progressive democrats , offering concessions-- including elections-- and promising to invite the opposition into the government, in an attempt to end the violence.No time frame given for new elections.

Meanwhile, small groups of Tea Party Conservatives attempted to quell radical's as they advanced toward the president's office Friday, torching one truck and seizing two others. Scuffles broke out between a few dozen Underground radicals who wanted to attack the building and more conservative protesters. A group of deputy police officers from The National sheriff’s Association arrived on the Nation’s Capital to show their support for the opposition, and one told The Associated Press that they had arms.

Sugar Artist Coming To OC

OCEAN CTIY — The Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association Expo will will feature sugar artist Chef Steven Weiss in the ballroom next month.

Appearing on Food Network’s “Sugar Inventions” six times and on the network’s “Sugar Impossible, Flying Sugar and Pastry Daredevils,” Weiss is a true professional.

Currently, he is the Hospitality and Culinary Arts Program coordinator for Blue Ridge Community & Technical College in Martinsburg, W.Va. His specialty is sugar work, a process that melts sugar that he then he molds into artistic pieces. His motto has been learning not to give up, in the end — you must complete your task and have fun doing it. “If you don’t try, the end result is always a mystery,” said Weiss.


Fired For Being Nice to Firefighters

It seems you can only take a good deed so far. When firefighters in Olean, New York, came in to order to food after fighting a house fire in freezing temperatures, 23-year-old Heather Levia decided to cover the $83 bill out of her own pocket.

But when another wave of Fire Firefighters came in to order food, she asked her employer, McDonald's if they wouldn't mind covering the next bill. That was the straw the broke the camel's back and led to her dismissal.


Tornado Watch Issued

**Tornado Watch Issued**
The NWS Storm Prediction Center has issued a Tornado Watch for portions of District of Columbia, Delaware, central and eastern Maryland, northeast North Carolina, central and eastern Virginia, and coastal waters.

Effective this Friday morning and afternoon from 10:40 am until 5:00 PM EST.

Primary threats include several tornadoes possible, numerous damaging wind gusts likely with a few significant gusts to 75 mph possible.

The Tornado Watch area is approximately along and 75 statute miles east and west of a line from 30 miles east southeast of Roanoke Rapids North Carolina to 25 miles northwest of Dover

Precautionary/preparedness actions Remember... a Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch area. Persons in these areas should be on the lookout for threatening weather conditions and listen for later statements and possible warnings.

Girl Scout Sells Cookies Outside Medical Marijuana Clinic

She’s one smart cookie! Girl scout, 13, capitalizes on the munchies and sells 117 boxes of snacks outside medical marijuana clinic

A Girl Scout is in high demand after she started selling cookies outside a medical marijuana clinic.

Thirteen-year-old Danielle Lei was certainly ‘thinking outside the box’ when she set up her cookie stall outside The Green Cross marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.

Entrepreneurial Miss Lei sold 117 boxes of Tagalongs and Thin Mints in two hours, the proceeds of which benefits charitable organisations.


Faith Filled Women’s Conference Returns To The Wicomico Youth & Civic Center

Salisbury, Md. - The Wicomico Youth & Civic Center will host the third annual Faith Filled Women’s Conference on Saturday, March 22 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event is open to women of all ages, stages and backgrounds who want to grow in their faith and connect with other women on the same journey.

The conference hopes to inspire women to join in learning, sharing and connecting through worship, Bible-based teachings and personal experience. There will be a variety of engaging and practical workshops, inspiring praise music, a gorgeous buffet lunch and dynamic fellowship with women from all over the Eastern Shore and beyond.

The event will feature nationally acclaimed author and speaker, Carol Kent. She is one of the top Christian communicators today and has appeared on a variety of radio and television programs, using her vibrant personality and relevant messages to share her passion for the Lord.

Tickets are available at Early Bird tickets are available through Feb. 28 for $35, regular tickets are $45. Tickets will be on sale through Tuesday, March 18 or until they are sold out. Tickets will not be available at the door.

For further information, please email or call 410-849-9079.

Troops Left To Fend For Themselves After Army Was Warned Of Flaws In Rifle

Army Senior Warrant Officer Russton B. Kramer, a 20-year Green Beret, has learned that if you want to improve your chances to survive, it’s best to personally make modifications to the Army’s primary rifle — the M4 carbine.

Warrant Officer Kramer has been dropped into some of the most ferocious battles in the war on terrorism, from hunting Islamists in the mountains of northern Iraq to disrupting Taliban opium dealers in dusty southern Afghanistan. He was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery in Operation Viking Hammer to crush the terrorist group Ansar al-Islam in Iraq.


Transgender Rights Bill Clears Committee

A bill to extend the state's anti-discrimination laws to transgendered people has cleared a Senate committee.

The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted 8-3 on Thursday night to approve the bill that adds transgendered people to the anti-discrimination laws related to housing, public accommodations and employment.

All eight Democrats on the committee voted for the bill. The three Republicans on the committee voted against it.


Weather Necessitates Temporary Parking Re-Location At Pemberton Historical Park

Salisbury, MD – Winter’s extreme temperatures have caused damage to the clam-shell entrance road leading into Pemberton Historical Park. As a result, the road will be partially closed beginning Friday, February 21st. Parking will be temporarily re-located. The park itself will remain fully operational from dawn to dusk, including restroom facilities.

Harsh temperatures have caused the road to freeze, while recent warm temperatures have caused portions of the road to defrost quickly. As a result, portions of the road have become damaged, making it difficult to navigate. For safety reasons and to avoid potential damage to vehicles, a portion of the road will be temporarily closed. The partial closure will continue until the road is fully defrosted and repairs can be made.

Last Living Medal of Honor Recipient Who Stormed Omaha Beach Dies

Staff Sgt. Walter Ehlers, a Medal of Honor recipient for his heroic actions during World War II, died Thursday at the age of 92.

He was the last living Medal of Honor recipient who stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day.

Ehlers joined the armed forces in 1940, even though, as a Christian, he was troubled by the actions he would have to perform in combat.

He earned his Medal of Honor "for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty" on June 9 and 10, 1944, according to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.


Liberal Paper In Connecticut Calls For Police To Jail Tens Of Thousands For Refusing To Register Guns

We talk a lot about Godwin’s law, but sometimes we do actually see things happening that are very comparable to went on in Nazi Germany. That’s what is happening in Connecticut today.

Sounds almost tyrannical that a government would use one of their databases of citizens to track down and arrest those citizens because they aren’t in their new database of citizens. Well, that’s what might happen in CT.

As you may or may not be aware, a very large portion of firearms that are required, by law, to be registered with the state of Connecticut, were not, in fact, registered with the state of Connecticut.

Some people say it’s a massive act of civil disobedience, others say it’s ignorance of a new law and deadlines. Whatever the reason, The Hartford Courant wants all of those people punished.


"Polar Vortex" Shock And Awe: The Utility Bill Arrives (And Why It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better)

The "polar vortex" shock has arrived, only this time it is not in the form of another 12 inches of overnight snow accumulation but in the shape of household utility bills. A reader was kind enough to send us his just received ConEd bill for the month ended Februery 10. The result speaks for itself. It also speaks for where so much of US household disposable income will go in first quarter. Spoiler alert: not toward discretionary purchases.


A Viewer Writes: Shooting In Laurel Delaware Last Night

Hi, I am wondering if you were aware of the shooting at 207 E. 6th St., Laurel, De last night approx. 5pm.

My old neighbor texted me about it.....but of course NOTHING on the local news.

Publishers Notes: We have not received a Press Release from the State Police on this mater.

BREAKING NEWS: Ukrainian Opposition, President Sign Agreement

Ukrainian opposition leaders and President Viktor Yanukovych sign agreement that European mediators hope will bring an end to violence.


Welfare, Here And Abroad

While Obama pushes to put more people on the dole, many older welfare states now stress work.

How bad have things become? The British newspaper the Telegraph recently looked at the growth in welfare spending in industrialized nations and found that such spending (including health-care and pension programs) had grown faster in the United States since 2000 than in any country in Europe except Ireland, Spain, and Portugal.

Of course, European welfare states were larger to begin with, but theTelegraph’s report is reflective of an important trend. While the Obama administration presses forward with efforts to combat “income inequality” by expanding the American welfare state, the European nations and other industrialized welfare states are moving in the other direction.


Health Law's Impact Has Only Begun

On Jan. 1, the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act took effect. Americans gained access to new health plans subsidized by federal dollars. Insurers no longer can turn away people with existing conditions. Millions are now eligible for new Medicaid benefits.

But the federal law also upended existing health-insurance arrangements for millions of people. Companies worry about the expense of providing new policies, some hospitals aren't seeing the influx of new patients they expected to balance new costs and entrepreneurs say they may hire more part-time workers to avoid offering more coverage.


Money For Nothing: Feds In D.C. Closed 25% Of The Time

Fiscal year 2014 off to slow start

Between snow days, official holidays and the government shutdown, federal employees have worked a normal business day less than 75 percent of the time since Oct. 1, marking a startlingly chaotic beginning to the fiscal year.

Offices have been closed in whole or in part for 27 of the 105 weekdays so far in the fiscal year, according to a Washington Times analysis of announcements from the federal Office of Personnel Management that found the government was closed for 21 days because of the shutdown, snow days or holidays. Delayed openings or unscheduled leave and telework policies were in effect for six more days.


Wicomico To Join Clean Chesapeake Coalition

SALISBURY – After meeting with local environmentalists to discuss the pros and cons of Wicomico County joining the Clean Chesapeake Coalition, the Wicomico County Council voted to move ahead ensuring a collaborative effort from all sides.

A resolution to join the Clean Chesapeake Coalition, and to make a supplemental appropriation from contingency to the County Executive’s Office in the amount of $25,000 for membership dues was approved in a unanimous vote by the Wicomico County Council this week.

According to Clean Chesapeake Coalition, in a state of sticker shock after being presented with its local Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP), the County Council of Dorchester County reached out to county government officials across the State of Maryland with an appeal to merge for purposes of questioning public costs and efficacy of policies, programs and practices being mandated by the state and federal government in the name of saving the Chesapeake Bay.

Fourth Georgia Hospital Closes Due To Obamacare Cuts

The fourth Georgia hospital in two years is closing its doors due to severe financial difficulties caused by Obamacare’s payment cuts for emergency services.

The Lower Oconee Community Hospital is, for now, a critical access hospital in southeastern Georgia that holds 25 beds. The hospital is suffering from serious cash-flow problems, largely due to the area’s 23 percent uninsured population, and hopes to reopen as “some kind of urgent care center,” CEO Karen O’Neal said.

Many hospitals in the 25 states that rejected the Medicaid expansion are facing similar financial problems. Liberal administration ally Think Progress has already faulted Georgia for not expanding Medicaid as Obamacare envisioned.


Maryland Retains Triple AAA Bond Rating, To Sell $750 Million of General Obligation Bonds

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland State Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp announced today that all three bond rating agencies have re-affirmed the State's strong AAA bond rating in preparation for the upcoming competitive sale of State Bonds on Wednesday, March 5, 2014.

Maryland is one of now ten states* to hold the coveted AAA rating, the highest possible rating, from all three major bond rating agencies. Standard and Poor’s has rated the bonds AAA since 1961. Moody’s Investors has assigned the bonds a rating of Aaa since 1973, and Fitch Ratings has rated the bonds AAA since 1993.

Treasurer Kopp said, “Today’s news of Maryland receiving AAA ratings from the three major bond rating agencies is an acknowledgement of Maryland’s strong, stable and prudent financial management and overall fiscal strength. We are pleased the rating analysts recognize the contribution of Maryland’s diverse economy, our well-educated workforce, and above-average wealth and income levels to the overall quality of an investment in Maryland.”

Registration Open For Wicomico Recreation’s Adult Softball Leagues

Salisbury, MD - Softball season is right around the corner and Wicomico Recreation & Parks invites all adults to participate in this spring's slow pitch softball leagues. The department offers three different leagues to suit all interests.

Men's Slow Pitch Softball League

· Men Ages 16+

· April - July, Thursday Evenings @ Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex

· Registration:

o League Entry: $500 per team + $54 per player
League Registration Deadline: March 7 / Player Registration Deadline: March 14

o *New for 2014* - Team Entry: $1200 per team (Max. 16 man roster, no player fees.)

Team Registration Deadline: March 7

Women's Slow Pitch Softball League

· Women Ages 15+

· April - July, Wednesday Evenings @ Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex & other surrounding Wicomico County fields

· Registration:

o League Entry: $375 per team + $46 per player
League Registration Deadline: March 14 / Player Registration Deadline: March 21

Coed Slow Pitch Softball League

· Men & Women Ages 16+

· May - July, Sunday Afternoons/Evenings @ Henry S. Parker Complex & other surrounding Wicomico County fields

· Registration:

o League Entry: $325 per team + $41 per player
League Registration Deadline: March 7 / Player Registration Deadline: March 14

o *New for 2014* - Team Entry: $855 per team (Max. 16 man roster, no player fees.)

Team Registration Deadline: March 7

Register at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Box Office (M-F, 9am-6pm) or online For more information, please contact Baer Chandler or 410-548-4900 x105.

Saturday Is A 24 Hour News Day

Once again we will deliver news and information 24 hours on Saturday. There will be even more articles than normal tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

3F THIS Friday! Love What You Do!

February 3rd Friday is all about Loving What You Do, and it's the perfect month to kick off our first annual Singer Songwriter Stroll! Original Eastern Shore Music will be highlighted in three locations, by some of the area's most talented musicians. It all starts off at Main Roots Coffee, with Nate Clendenan at 5:30-6pm and Sam Guthridge at 6 - 6:30pm. Then we move on toCellar Door with Rico Wore a Diamond from 6:30 - 7pm, and Alex&Shiloh from 7-7:30pm. The stroll ends in the Gallery Building Atrium with Steven Kenney from 7:30 - 8pm and Pete Vinroot from 8-8:30. This first annual showcase is brought to you by Kuhn's Jewelers, West Main Recording and Malone & Associates.

In The Powell Building, on the Plaza, we will have fine artists, jewelry artists, and a very special fine art showcase by Jason Wharton. Jason is known for his hand painted pin-striping, lettering and mixed media art; inspired by all things cars and motorcycles and Kustom Kulture. Jason travels all over the country with car shows, and motorcycles adorned by his art have been featured in magazines; including Hot Bike, Cafe Racer, V-Twin and Iron & Air. Come see how his technical skills have transformed into popular and relevant local art, and watch him work during the first ever 3rd Friday "Pinstripe This" Challenge. Also in Powell, The EnvisionSBY team from the University Of Maryland School Of Architecture and the City of Salisbury will share the ideas, drawings and images from the first Downtown Community Design Workshop.

The Parker Place Building will house local artists, vendors and crafters, as well as The Wicomico County Public Library, who will be promoting their Light of Literacy Awards Ceremony, an event that recognizes the dedication of everyday individuals and brings together leaders from around the area to recognize those who are luminaries in our community, lighting the way for others by their example. Girl Scout Troop 980 will also be in the Parker Place Building, and yes, they will have cookies! But save some Samoas for 3F, or else!

In the Gallery Building, the Art Institute and Gallery will have the opening reception of their 2014 Blooming Artist Showcase; a collection of works from local area youths, with pieces shown from kids of all ages. This is one of the largest showcases that AIG does each year! Then stop in Maya Bella's Pizzeria, everyone's favorite place to grab a quick bite on 3rd Fridays. Across the street, it will also be a big night for Main Roots Coffee, who will be celebrating their one year anniversary with a new menu release and live music with the Singer Songwriter Stroll from 5:30 -7pm.

Salisbury University Art Galleries: Downtown Campus is going big for the closing reception of their latest exhibit Palette, an exhibit showcasing food art that opened on January 29th. From 5-7pm, a special Tasting Event will features offering from eight local chefs, paired with local wine, beer and Downtown's own Main Roots Coffee. Tickets to the event can be purchased online and are $30 in advance or $35 at the door. This event is sure to be one of the most exciting culinary experiences in Downtown Salisbury this season. From 7pm- 8pm the gallery will again be open to the public, so stop by and see these delicious creations, before they are gone!

Late Night, the Bars and Restaurants will keep the party going with great specials, and amazing live music. Brew River will have Pasadena at 10pm, Cellar Door will have Ray Holiday at 9pm, Market Street will have DJ B-Side at 10pm, MoJo's has DJ SL at 10pm, Roadie Joe's will have The Dog and Butterfly from 6-9 and DJ Rusty Griswald from 10 to close.

Brian Williams Raps Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch

SFD Calls For Service 2-20-14

  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 23:23:53Nature: Petroleum SpillAddress: 2304 N Salisbury Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 21:54:12Nature: Medical AssistAddress: 220 Tilghman Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 21:54:11Nature: Difficulty BreathingCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 21:30:25Nature: Difficulty BreathingCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 18:07:52Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 14:52:48Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 14:47:54Nature: Difficulty BreathingCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 14:18:09Nature: Chest PainCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 14:09:32Nature: Assault EmsCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 13:49:25Nature: Automatic AlarmAddress: 5485 Airport Terminal Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 13:13:52Nature: Medical AlarmCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 12:45:58Nature: InjuryCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 11:47:56Nature: Subject FallenCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 09:02:05Nature: Abdominal PainCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 08:34:13Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 08:20:22Nature: Sick SubjectCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 07:53:38Nature: StrokeCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 07:36:06Nature: Abdominal PainCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 04:23:15Nature: Structure FireAddress: 801 College Ln Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 04:23:14Nature: Structure FireCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 04:23:12Nature: Structure FireAddress: 801 College Ln Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 04:03:25Nature: Maternity PatientCity: Salisbury
  • Thursday February, 20 2014 @ 01:45:32Nature: Suicide AttemptCity: Salisbury

Thank God Its Friday 2-21-14

What will you be doing this weekend?


LANDOVER – Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski wants to give control back to consumers when it comes to protecting personal and financial information stored on mobile devices by requiring manufacturers to install a “kill switch” that would render phones useless if stolen.

Mikulski announced legislation to that effect Thursday in the wake of a surge in cell phone thefts at Washington Metro stations.

The Smartphone Theft Prevention Act that Mikulski is supporting would require carriers to have a security feature on all cell phones that would allow victims of theft to deactivate the device from a website and remove personal information.



Proposed legislation requires passage for continued growth

Salisbury, MD
– The Brewers Association of Maryland announced today that craft beer in the state continues to grow – employing more people, paying more taxes, while making plenty of fresh, local Maryland beer. However, the industry needs the General Assembly to support two pieces of legislation for the growth to continue.

At the announcement, Executive Director J.T. Smith discussed the recent unprecedented growth of Maryland beer that directly supports small business jobs and strengthens the stateʼs economy.

“Marylandʼs small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create jobs. And they are important to the communities they serve,” Smith said. “Craft beer has grown nearly 20 percent every year for 15 years straight. That incredible growth in a value added manufacturing industry results in hiring local workers and investments in the community. Weʼre proud to raise a glass here in Annapolis with Maryland brewers and ask the General Assembly to join us in the fight to support small business.”

The Brewers Association of Marylandʻs comments were warmly received, yet still need additional support in Committee for SB 445/HB 774, a bill to raise the cap on annual production for micro breweries---these bills being of particular interest to Evolution Craft Brewing Company, the largest Class 7 brewery in the State as they plan their expansion through sales concentration growth of current markets and selling beer into new markets. Then SB 226 is a bill to allow Maryland brewers to sample and sell their wares at Marylandʼs farmers markets.

Breaking News: Colt Is Buying LWRC For $60 Million, Will Leave MD

A well placed source just told us that Colt is buying LWRC for $60 million. The deal is supposed to close on 1 March. The Maryland company may relocate to Florida or Texas and the LWRC M6 Individual Carbine (M6IC) rifle will become a Colt branded product.


Liberal Billionaire Pledges $100 Million To Bully U.S. On Global Warming

Liberals absolutely love complaining about so-called dark money, until a climate alarmist starts waving around his millions. Make that $100 million.

Billionaire and former fossil fuel investor Tom Steyer recently announced plans to use his organization, Next Generation Climate Action, to inject millions of dollars into the 2014 election. Steyer, No. 1,031 on Forbes magazine’s billionaire’s list, has previously funded Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s 2013 campaign and run questionable ads slamming the proposed Keystone pipeline.

The New York Times reported on Feb. 18 that Steyer intends to “pressure federal and state officials to enact climate change measures through a hard-edge campaign of attack ads.”


SIX TEACHERS Lawyer Up After Heroin Found In Elementary School Bathroom

Times are tough, America, but you can take solace that your children are not enrolled in the hellhole that must be Benjamin Cosor Elementary School, where no fewer than six teachers have hired attorneys and refused to cooperate in a police investigation surrounding the discovery — twice in three months — of heroin and drug paraphernalia in a faculty bathroom.

The story is unfolding in rural Fallsburg, N.Y., reports The Record of Middletown.

On Feb. 11, an unidentified staffer discovered a heroin baggie in a men’s faculty bathroom. Before that, on Dec. 23, someone found heroin and a bunch of heroin needles in the very same bathroom.


Muslims Attack Christians, And You’ll NEVER Guess Where!

Black History Month Makes A Mockery Of Black History

During “Black History Month” most people focus on black America’s “heroes.” Stories are shared about the past, or what some call the “black experience” in America.

Unfortunately, Black History Month seems to have become a mechanical celebration of a few people and a few things that are deemed appropriate by the media and black establishment.

This tired programming doesn’t do justice to the vision of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the founder of “Negro History Week” — the precursor to Black History Month.

I suggest that merely heralding a few black heroes and situations is a perversion of the reason Negro History Week was originally created back in 1926.