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Monday, September 05, 2016

Black Liberation Marchers Chant ‘Don’t Vote for Hillary, She’s Killing Black People’

A large Black Liberation March, made up of a coalition of protestors including Black Lives Matter, marched more than two miles outside the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, chanting, “don’t vote for Hillary, she’s killing black people.”

Breitbart News was following Black Men for Bernie founder Bruce Carter at the center of the Black Liberation March. Carter took a moment from leading the chant to explain his reasoning. He explained that Hillary Clinton would be the worst possible president and even explained why Donald Trump would be a superior choice.

As Democrats push a narrative of unity from inside the safety of the DNC secret service perimeter, anti-Hillary protests outside are growing in size and intensity.



Anonymous said...

Could someone explain to me how Hilary is killing black people?

Anonymous said...

Keeping them poor on welfare for generations Helloooo.

Anonymous said...

The policy of current adminstration fuels the fire instead of educating the community and helping. Clinton says she will do 4 more years of current president. HILLARY was personal responsibile for the 3 STRIKES and your out criminal law. This targeted black community's oppressing them even more.

Anonymous said...

The Democrat party is the most racist organization in the country.

lmclain said...

Considering that black abortions have killed over 50 million black children --- read that number to yourself again - and hillary SUPPORTS, wholeheartedly and with fierce determination, the deaths of those black fetuses, that question is pretty damn naive.
There is a big difference between a regular citizen, not famous or wealthy, calling for more abortions and one who influences, directs, and urges laws designed to further that murderous process.
Glad to help.
What's your next question?
Try to think a bit clearer before you post it, though.
Now, go on and get back to cheering your criminal, lying, law-evading, misogynist, mentally unfit, drug using and drug smuggling whore of a hero.

Steve said...

The Plantation requires that everyone remains poor and on a welfare check. Income can be added by selling drugs and stolen march, but if one is too successful and becomes too rich, the rest of the Plantation residents will demand sharing via coercion, theft, or murder.

That's your career choices on the Plantation, 1:53, and the reason for Black on Black crime. There's no cops, and everything done is illegal. Bite down hard and suck it up, but that's how the Dems are killing Blacks.

Getting a job and getting out of the Plantation comes with too many penalties, and is impossible once you are in the "Judicial" System!

That's how.

Anonymous said...

Any other questions> Thanks, Imclain & Steve. It's pretty clear.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know being on welfare would kill you. Look at all the black people walking around Salisbury during the week doing nothing. They all look healthy to me.