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Friday, October 12, 2012

Democrats Plan More Tax Hikes

If re-elected, President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.will raise taxes on small business in order to sustain the ginormous federal government they have built. The White House duo have done nothing to avert “Taxmaggedon,” the massive tax hike scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 1. Worse, the administration’s congressional allies are preparing to push Mr. Obama even further should he win a second term.
The No. 3 Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, said Tuesday that he intends to eliminate tax deductions and credits without lowering the top two marginal tax rates. The New York Democrat thinks it’s more important that Uncle Sam pocket the extra cash that would be generated.

Sandusky Will Be Allowed To Keep $900G In Pension Money

Pennsylvania's public employee retirement system says Jerry Sandusky will get to keep more than $900,000 in state pension payments he received after his 1999 retirement from Penn State University.
The State Employees' Retirement System said Thursday it won't seek repayment of the money Sandusky received from 1999 to September 2012 because the state's forfeiture law does not authorize SERS to go after money paid before the date of a plea or conviction.

Oil Workers Lead The Way As U.S. Wages Climb

Big pay hikes in the energy industry have helped fuel the biggest jump in U.S. wages in more than five years, according to an industry report released Wednesday.
PayScale, which analyzes data from more than 10 million U.S. workers, reported that workers in the mining, oil and gas exploration industry have seen their pay increase by an average of 4.9% over the past 12 months and that has helped to push the average U.S. worker's paycheck 3% higher over the same period.
That's the biggest increase since PayScale began monitoring compensation in early 2007. After languishing at or below 1% for 12 straight quarters beginning in the spring of 2009, wages have recorded strong gains the past six months.


Immediately after the vice presidential debate on Thursday night, Fox News political analyst Charles Krauthammer skewered Vice President Joe Biden for being “disrespectful” to Republican Paul Ryan throughout the night with his incessant smirking and interrupting.
Krauthammer was able to sum up the debate with one simple statement:
“If you read the transcript, I think it’s dead even. If you heard it on radio, Biden won. If you watched it on television, he lost.”

Moment Of Truth Approaching For U.S. Manufacturers

How far can cost-cutting get you in a slowing economy?

That's the question the U.S. manufacturing sector will answer over the coming weeks. Through the first half of the year, big industrial companies including General Electric Co (GE.N), United Technologies Corp (UTX.N) and Caterpillar Inc (CAT.N) notched impressive profit growth despite shaky demand, largely thanks to their success in boosting productivity.
But that bit of management magic may have run its course - Wall Street expects manufacturers to report a sharp slowdown in earnings growth in the just-ended third quarter, as Europe's deteriorating economy, slowing growth in Asia and the risk of the United States going over a self-imposed fiscal cliff cause customers to throttle back spending even further.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Anyone who paid attention to a hearing in Congress this week knew that the administration had been implored to beef up security at the U.S. Consulate in Libya before the deadly terrorist attack there. But in the vice presidential debate Thursday night, Joe Biden seemed unaware.
“We weren’t told they wanted more security there,” the vice president asserted flatly. During a night in which Biden and Republican rival Paul Ryan both drifted from the facts on a range of domestic and foreign issues, that was a standout.
A look at some of their claims:

Berlin Businesses To See Major Drop In Electric Rates

BERLIN -- In a highly unusual move, the Town of Berlin has received permission from the Public Service Commission (PSC) to reduce all non-residential electric rates, equating to an 11.5 percent average savings for businesses.

Following a similar reduction to residential rates earlier in the year, Berlin has been working for months to offer non-residential customers the same service. Because lowering the rates would mean a $270,583 loss of revenue to the town annually, the action had to be run by the PSC for approval. It’s the commission’s job to police how municipalities alter rates. Attorney Jill Parker represented Berlin before the PSC over the rate change and confirmed that the commission quickly agreed to everything in the town’s application with only a few conditions. She added the entire organization seemed shocked that Berlin was purposefully attempting to lower rates.


Bad "Habit"?

Impulse Buying Isn't (Entirely) Your Fault

Ever gone to the grocery story intending to buy apples and milk and left with a jar of queso dip, a gallon of ice cream and an enormous bag of Halloween candy?
Impulse shopping can wreak havoc on your healthy eating plans, but experts say it may not be entirely your fault.
An editorial published in this week's New England Journal of Medicine blames part of the obesity epidemic on our food environment. Dr. Deborah Cohen and Dr. Susan Babey collaborated to write the article "Candy at the Cash Register - A Risk Factor for Obesity and Chronic Disease."


EDITOR’S NOTE: The links in the following report may contain offensive language.
The “Knockout Games” have come to Pennsylvania: Two bouts. Both on video.
Starting in Pittsburgh earlier this month, a mob of six black people walking through a downtown alley they saw Jim Addlespurger coming from the opposite direction.
One of the mob reared back and punched the 50-year-old English teacher in the face. Addlespurger fell to the curb, unconscious, unable to prevent his face from directly striking the curb.

Berlin Takes Over Christmas Parade Operations

BERLIN -- Despite a changing of the guard, the Berlin Christmas Parade will be as strong this year as ever before, according to Mayor Gee Williams.

Earlier this week, the town officially accepted the reins for running the parade from the Berlin Lions Club, which has been sponsoring the event for about three decades.

“I had been told many months ago that [the Lions Club] might not be able to do it this year,” said Williams.


Ryan Pokes Fun At Biden's Gaffes While Defending Romney

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) poked fun at Vice President Biden's propensity for making gaffes during Thursday night's debate in Danville, Ky. 
Ryan made the dig after Biden went after Mitt Romney's comment during a fundraiser that 47 percent of the country would never vote for him or take responsibility for their lives.

"Mitt Romney's a good man. He cares about 100 percent in this country, and with respect to that quote, I think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way," Ryan said to laughter in the debate hall.

Earthquake Drill In Washington D.C.

Mark your calendars for the Great Southeast Shake Out next week. For the first time, the Washington, D.C., metro region will participate in a mass earthquake drill. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Office of Personnel Management are asking all federal agencies to participate. They said the drill will last just 90 seconds. It's on Oct. 18, a week from today. A magnitude 5.8 earthquake rocked the D.C region in August 2011.

Romney Calls Pa. Family at Center of T-shirt Flap

Mitt Romney has called the family of a 16-year-old Philadelphia girl who says she was mocked by her geometry teacher for wearing a Romney T-shirt in class.

Romney campaign spokesman Rick Gorka says the Republican presidential candidate called Samantha Pawlucy's (pah-LOOS'-ee) home on Wednesday.

Gorka says Samantha wasn't home but her mother was. He says Romney told her that he appreciated her daughter's courage.


You hear it only in whispers.  Americans, those who used to consider themselves liberal or conservative, urban or rural, all races, religions and ethnicities are whispering.
With America’s new laws, universal wiretapping, total supervision of the Internet, networks of informants throughout the population, there is a genuine fear, neither of invasion nor of collapse and starvation though those are seen as more than “probable.”
Americans are convinced they will, perhaps this month, this year, certainly soon, see a civil war.  These are no longer bluster, angry words spoken in the heat of the moment.  These are quiet words, carefully spoken behind closed doors between trusted friends.
Americans are afraid of their government, their laws, their police and they have been afraid too long.
There are groups that, for political gain, have always exploited fear, this is to be expected.  The “neocon” movement was built from wild conspiracy theories spread by the Fox/Murdoch empire and its cabal of hidden cohorts.  Fearful Americans voted in even more corrupt governments than usual and economic disasters were engineered, perhaps a bit of government terrorism too.
Americans were lulled into the complacency of sheep and as they awakened, a few at a time, they saw how the visions and ideals they once held had disappeared. What they didn’t know was that this dark time and the darker times to follow would, when seen in retrospect, seem as though they were a golden era.

RNC: Biden Interrupted Ryan 82 Times

Vice President Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 82 times in a 90-minute debate with rival Paul Ryan, while CNN reported that women preferred Ryan.
“FACT: Final Count: Biden interrupted 82 times during the entire debate,” the RNC’s Joe Pounder tweeted after the debate. CNN’s Gloria Berger said that she would have liked Biden to show less “condescension” and “eye-rolling.”

Update On Libya Security

The State Department trimmed security forces in Libya just months before terrorists attacked the Benghazi compound. Former regional security officer Eric Nordstrom said embassy staff had asked for more security. He testified yesterday at a contentious hearing of the House Oversight Committee. Charlene Lamb, who heads diplomatic security, also spoke. She said she turned down the requests because Libyan nationals were being trained as security guards. Chairman Darryl Issa (R-Calif.) criticized the administration for its handling of diplomatic security. Ranking Member Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) criticized Republicans with cutting State Department security budgets.

Oil Prices Rise After US Jobless Claims Fall

The price of oil rose Friday after a big fall in U.S. unemployment benefit claims suggested some improvement in the world's biggest economy, raising expectations for increased demand for energy.
Benchmark oil for November delivery was up 8 cents to $92.15 per barrel at midday Bangkok time in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract gained 82 cents to close at $92.07 per barrel in New York on Thursday.

"The Fed's Sole Purpose: Keeping The Banks Afloat"

Champions Show Highlights Resort Barbershop Event

OCEAN CITY -- The Barbershop Harmony Society's Mid-Atlantic District Quartet and Chorus Competition and the Show of Champions will be in Ocean City this weekend.

Attendees to the event will be able to see and hear the region’s top 10 barbershop quartet finalists. In addition, a spectacular Show of Champions will be featured, including past and present quartet and chorus champions on Saturday, Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. at the Roland E. Powell) Convention Center. Organizers report the Show of Champions is an event not to be missed.


Caption This Photo 1-12-12

Judge Dismisses 3,000 Debt Collection Cases

The chief judge of the District Court of Maryland has dismissed more than 3,000 debt collections cases against Maryland residents.


Modern Shoulder-Fired SAMs Missing In Libya

Here’s some disconcerting news from Libya that confirms something we’ve all been worrying about for a while now — hundreds of shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles have been looted from Gadhafi’s old military stockpiles.

These aren’t just obsolete 1970-vintage Soviet missiles that barely work anymore. According to CNN,  dozens of SA-24 “Grinch” shoulder-fired SAMs have been looted from one base alone. The SA-24 is the latest variant of the Soviet-designed Igla SAM that’s been in production since the early 1980s. (the picture above shows a pro-Gadhafi fighter manning a multiple-launch SA-24 battery.)

There have already been cases of terrorists firing SA-7 Strelas but those missiles aren’t much of a threat against modern infrared countermeasures. Furthermore, many Strelas are quickly nearing the end of their service lives.  However, the Grinch, which entered Russian military service in 2004, is designed to defeat modern infrared countermeasures and can shoot down planes flying up to 11,000 feet.

There are roughly 20,000 shoulder-fired SAMs in Libya, according to this CNN piece. Most of them are unaccounted for since they are among the first things to be looted from former regime facilities in Libya. This situation could be a bonanza for terrorists and arms dealers.


Panda Cub's Death Caused by Lung and Liver Problems

The National Zoo's panda cub died of a combination of lung and liver problems, zoo officials announced in a press conference Thursday morning.
The lungs of the six-day-old female cub were not fully formed, according to a necropsy. As a result, her liver didn't get enough oxygen, causing damage that led to her death Sept. 23. The cub may have been born prematurely, the zoo said.
The mortality rate for females born in captivity is 20 percent in the first year.

Joe Biden Laughing Through The Debat

The immediate reaction after the vice presidential debate on Thursday night was that Vice President Joe Biden's excessive smiling and laughing during the arguments delivered by his opponent was "openly contemptuous and disrespectful."
Below is a chronological mashup of the moments when Biden laughed through Paul Ryan's answers and rebuttals. Of the nine topics covered, Biden managed to control his laughter only in the last one on abortion (and in the closing statements.)



Toward Zero Deaths Aims To Eliminate Fatalities on Maryland Roadways

Salisbury, MD.  – Every 18 hours a person was killed on Maryland roadways in 2011, totaling 486 deaths for the year. Preventing such daily tragedies from striking Maryland families is why Maryland law enforcement agencies are joining together for a statewide campaign called Toward Zero Deaths.

From speeding to seatbelt compliance to driving while impaired, Toward Zero Deaths is focused on reducing highway mortality.  The effort will focus on the causes of highway fatalities with public health efforts, communications outreach and other elements.  This initiative brings together law enforcement, highway safety officials, emergency medical responders, and champions in the community in an effort to change the perception of safety on the roadways.  Airplane, railway and ocean liner deaths are not acceptable. Why are motor vehicle deaths accepted as part of the cost for driving on our roadways?

The Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack “E” is proud to join in the Toward Zero Deaths campaign, which kicked off August 1. “For too long, we as a society have accepted highway mayhem as a tragic but unremarkable aspect of modern life,” said Corporal Myers.  “Toward Zero Deaths is about fundamentally changing the way we look at blood shed on the highway.”  

“We are fully committed to doing everything in our power to drive Maryland highway fatalities ‘toward zero deaths.’  Motorists need to slow down, buckle up, pay attention to the rules of the road, and make smart decisions before getting behind the wheel.  If they fail to do so, we will pull them over,” warned Corporal Myers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the last six months of the year are the deadliest on the state’s roadways. Over a five year span, there were 13 percent more fatalities on the roads in Maryland from July to December than during the first six months.

Rehoboth Man Arrested For Attempting To Steal A Car

Location:  36000 block of East Estate Drive, Camelot Meadows MHP, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Date of Occurrence:   Tuesday October 9, 2012
  • 51 year old Rehoboth Beach man
Defendant, Charges, and Bond Information:
  • Anthony L. Didomenicis, 40, Rehoboth Beach, DE (Photo Attached)
  • Theft (34 counts)
  • Attempted Theft (3 counts)
  • Forgery 2nd (3 counts)
Arraigned at JP3 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $23,000.00 secured bond.
Rehoboth Beach, DE- The Delaware State Police have arrested a man in connection with attempting to steal his landlord’s vehicle.
On Tuesday October 9, 2012 at approximately 3:00 p.m., Troopers responded to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Georgetown for a reported wanted subject.  Upon their arrival, Anthony L. Didomenicis40 of Rehoboth Beach was taken into custody due to a capias issued out of Sussex County Superior Court.  The Trooper conducted a preliminary search of Didomenicis and discovered a check book containing 32 checks along with two loose checks belonging to his 51 year old landlord.  One of the loose checks was made out to Didomenicis in the amount of $3,200.00 and endorsed by the 51 year old victim.  The other check was made out to DMV and endorsed by the victim but did not contain an amount.  Didomenicis was also in possession of the victim’s 2006 Chevrolet pickup truck as well as the title in which he was attempting to register in his name.
Further investigation revealed the victim was admitted to Beebe Hospital for an undisclosed medical procedure at the time of the theft and had no knowledge of Didomenicis stealing his vehicle or his checks.
Didomenicis was transported to Troop 4 in Georgetown where he was arrested for 34 counts of Theft, three counts of Attempted Theft, and three counts of Forgery 2nd.  He was arraigned at JP3 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $23,000.00 secured bond.

Prescription Drug Abuse A Growing Problem

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem. 
Many cases of prescription drug overdose are because unwanted medications are improperly stored at home.
It's reported that about 70 percent of kids actually get them from friends and relatives.

Lindsay Lohan Endorsed Mitt Romney Today And Here's Why That Really Matters

Lindsay Lohan came out in support of Mitt Romney yesterday.
While most would at first glance write this off as gossip, it's the latest instance of an evolving trend that jeopardizes President Obama's chance at winning the White House. 
Lohan, by all accounts, is a typical low-information voter. And low information voters, like it or not, will decide this election. 
The first person to pick out this trend was Dave Weigel at Slate after sportswriter Buzz Bissinger endorsed Romney after his positive debate performance. Bissinger, Weigel notes, was a low information voter. He ignored the election, watched the debate, took everyone's word for it on the facts, and backed Romney.


What Pulling An All-Nighter Does To Your Body

Especially in your early years as an analyst, all Wall Streeters can expect to pull all-nighters.
Here's how it works. You're on an important project, and your boss realizes there's a mistake in the data, or the client pushes up a meeting, or you're just crashing on a deadline.
Either way, time is of the essence, you have to finish a task ASAP, and you're not going home.
Obviously, spending the night deep in excel instead of deep under your covers isn't just killer for your social life, it also hurts your body — here's what you need to know about how.


Haunted Hayride Is Back!

Get spooked at your next Red Roost visit! We've got zombies, witches, vampires and more to celebrate the season. Stick around after your meal for a little entertainment. The Haunted Hayride is great for the whole family! 

Where: The Red Roost 
When: Fridays and Saturdays in October, Dark-10:00 pm 
Cost: $5 per ticket

Violent Street Gang: US Targets Finances of MS-13

The Obama administration declared the ultra-violent street gang MS-13 to be an international criminal group on Thursday, an unprecedented crackdown targeting the finances of the sprawling U.S. and Central American gang infamous for hacking and stabbing victims with machetes.

The Treasury Department formally designated MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha, a transnational criminal organization. The aim is to freeze it out of the U.S. financial system and seize what are estimated to be millions of dollars in criminal profits from drug and human smuggling and other crimes committed in this country.



How To Identify The True Enemies Of Freedom
Submitted by Brandon Smith of
The greatest and most often exploited weakness of any revolution for freedom is the inability of the downtrodden populace to identify the true enemy. History is littered with the shattered remnants of rebellions that were built upon legitimate causes but suffered because of misdirection and faulty assumptions. For centuries, the real culprits of tyranny have found ways to redirect the ire of those they harmed in their quest for power, usually by offering a tempting scapegoat that appeals to the public’s darker impulses; their biases, their prejudices, their fears, etc. Usually, this ends in an even more pervasive totalitarian environment as the insurgents and the scapegoats decimate each other while the elites sit back and enjoy the show.
Even the most successful battles against despotism, like the American Revolution, often only had a distant sense of who they were really fighting against. This is what makes the 21st Century extraordinarily unique in the annals of civilization. For the first time in human record, the common man has all the information necessary to examine and define the real culprits behind his subjugation. The truth is at our fingertips, all we have to do is reach out and take it…
Because of the decentralized nature of information flowing through the alternative web media, our ability to generate opposition to organized elitism has never been greater. However, this also means the stakes have never been higher. The establishment understands well that their criminality is clearly visible, and eventually, they will be personally subject to the rage of the people. The next fight could very well be the last for them.

Is It The Linchpin Of The Obama Campaign's Foreign Donor Scandal?

On 30 October 2008, I wrote about a bizarre idiosyncrasy I discovered in the Obama fundraising website, which was designed by a company named Blue State Digital.

Will the innovations never cease? Yesterday I described several, eh, unique capabilities pioneered by the Obama campaign in the area of campaign contributions.
Among them, failure to do even basic credit-card validation; accepting untraceable prepaid credit cards... [etc.]

Anyhow, an anonymous tipster mentioned that checking out the source code of the Obama donation website... would reveal some interesting logic. Specifically that IP addresses of the donors can be easily spoofed through a hidden field in the form. The tipster's guess was (and I concur) that the Obama campaign is recording the spoofable IP address... not the real IP address as delivered by the web server.

It's web security 101, folks. Because IP addresses map back to the original source network (your ISP, your company, etc.), the web server's log-file records the actual source IP address of the request. They certainly don't record anything that the requester provides as the genuine address.

Put simply, there's no reason to include a hidden form field for IP address. It is there for one reason alone: IP forgery -- forging the computer addresses of donations to disguise their true sources.

The net result is that IP addresses recorded in this manner can't truly be resolved to a real location. Genius!

Just chalk it up to yet another startling innovation from the minds of the most creative geniuses on Earth. When it comes to accepting money from all comers, that is.



1: 30 p.m. Update on US Route 50 East/Moore Annexation and PDD— John Pick/Jack Lenox
2: 1` 0 p. m. Amended MOU for NE Collector bike Trail— John Pick/ Teresa Gardner
2: 30 p. m. Amendment to Riverside Arts and Crafts Market lease- John Pick/Catrice Parsons
2: 45 p.m. Downtown Permit Parking Discount Plan— John Pick/ Keith Cordrey/Catrice Parsons
3: 15 p.m. Employees Compensation/ Budgeting Follow-up Discussion— John Pick/ Keith Cordrey
3: 45 p.m. Break
3: 55 p.m. Board of Elections Lease Agreement for 2013 Elections— Mark Tilghman
4: 25 p.m. Fire Department Positions Extension Follow-up Discussion— Mark Tilghman/ Acting Chief Hoppes
4: 45 p. m. Skatepark Follow- up Discussion— John Pick/ Debbie Stam
S: 15 p. m. Grant Process Follow-Up Discussion— CounciUJohn Pick/Mark Tilghman
5: 35 p.m. Break
5: 45 p.m, Buildings Follow-up Discussion( Thrift Travel Inn, AIG/Condo Regime, Bricks)— Mark Tilghman
6: 15 p.m. Council Liaison Committee Reports
6: 30 p. m. General Discussion/ Upcoming Agendas
b: 45 p.m. Adjournment

Today's Fill In The Blank 10-12-12

The last time I hand wrote a letter and mailed it was ____ ago.


Do you remember the Ventures and Babbitt the drummer who played "Walk Don't Run"?Do any of you remember the USAF Four Star General George Babbitt from Tacoma, WA? Anyone who thought the military is all spit and polish and discipline?Pretty interesting. General Babbitt was a drummer at one time for the Ventures.This is cool. Watch it. You will love it if you like rock n' roll.Some of you probably don't remember the Ventures. Those that do, enjoy the clip. It should bring a smile to your face.

This Keynes Quote Sums Up Our Worst Fears About Easy Monetary Policy

Societe Generale's Dylan Grice hasn't been thrilled by the Federal Reserve's decision to embark on QE3 — an effort to lower interest rates by buying bonds. And many of the world's central banks are  pursuing aggressive monetary policy.
In response, Grice has previously said "the defining feature of coming decades will be a Great Disorder"
By this, he means that currency debasement would eventually bring about social disorder. 
At today's Big Picture Conference, Grice reiterated this argument when he posted this quote from John Maynard Keynes. Via


Don't Forget The Farmers Market This Weekend 10-12-12

Mayor Ireton Is So Full Of BS It Isn't Funny

United Central Bank Commits to Demolishing the Thrift Travel Inn

In an effort to keep the public informed regarding the Thrift Travel Inn, Mayor James Ireton, Jr. would like to provide the following update.

In a telephone conversation between Mr. Carter Root, Vice President of United Central Bank, and Mr. Tom Stevenson, Director of Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance, Mr. Root confirmed that in fact, United Central Bank intends to satisfy the demolition order for the Thrift Travel Inn.*

It is recognized that time is required to secure the necessary permits and approvals before the actual demolition can begin. This will move the actual demolish date beyond the compliance date of October 20, 2012.

Mr. Stevenson stated, “While the city reserves the right to issue citations for failure to raze the structure before the October 20th deadline, it would be in the best interest of the city to partner with United Central Bank to once and for all, eliminate this blighting influence.”

Mayor James Ireton, Jr said, “United Central Bank is proceeding with obtaining the proper permits from the State and the City. The draw on City services should come to an end in the coming weeks. I’m proud of Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance for constantly working on behalf of revitalization and the demolition of this property.”

Publishers Notes: Look, NONE of this was accomplished by the Mayor or Tom Stevenson, with all due respect. Council President Terry Cohen did an interview weeks ago with WBOC stating the City taxpayers should NOT have to pony up the money the demolish this structure. She went on to say the the Bank should be providing the funds to tear it down. I personally sat in the Work Session where Council President Cohen stated this exact same thing even before the WBOC interview.

The IDEA was created by the Council. Once again Mayor Jim Ireton purposely ignored their wisdom and instructions to have the Mayor's Office follow through with THEIR request.

Either Jim Ireton simply doesn't do his homework, (clueless) or he's so deep into the national election he simply doesn't care about Salisbury and local issues. One thing if for sure Ladies & Gentlemen, Mayor Jim Ireton had nothing to do with this and again, a good leader will give credit where credit is due. There is no mention of Council President Cohen in the above Press Release.

You also have to wonder if WBOC will recall their interview with Cohen and give the Council the credit they deserve on this matter.

Today's Advertiser Of The Day 10-12-12


Don't Miss The Melson Tractor Pull Show Saturday Night

Bedbug Reports For Salisbury, MD

Latest Reports:

Autumn Home Show This Weekend

OCEAN CITY -- The Autumn Home & Condo Show is returning to Ocean City's Roland E. Powell Convention Center this weekend, Oct. 12-14.

Hours for the event are Friday, Oct. 12, noon-6 p.m.; Saturday, Oct. 13, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday, Oct 14, 10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

The show, featuring all-under-one-roof convenience, will display an exciting array of the latest home improvement products and services for your primary or secondary home.


Its A Good Day

This morning there were six men standing outside Eric's Barber Shop. Downtown Salisbury is coming back with a bang.

Voter Fraud?

Ryan Hits Biden On Obama Debate Collapse

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan couldn't resist a little gloating about the presidential race Thursday night, when he faced off against Democratic incumbent Joe Biden in their only debate of the 2012 race.
Taunting his opponent during a heated exchange over Democratic health care reforms, Wisconsin Congressman suggested that Biden was perhaps feeling the pressure after President Barack Obama's disastrous debate performance in Denver last week.
"Mr. Vice President, I know you are under a lot of duress to make up for lost ground," he said. "But I think people will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other." 
Biden bursts out laughing: "Don't take all the four minutes then." 
Watch the clip HERE

Today's Survey Question 10-12-12

Who won last nights debate?

CNN POLL: Ryan Beats Biden In VP Debate

Republican candidate Paul Ryan beat Vice President Joe Biden, 48 percent to 44 percent, in the vice presidential debate Thursday night, according to a nationwide poll conducted by CNN right after the debate. 
While that number is close — the results are with in the poll's 5-point margin of error — Ryan gained a more significant lead among debate-watchers on the questions of likeability and clarity.
The Wisconsin Congressman lead Biden by 10 points (51-41 percent) in likeability, and held a 50 percent to 41 percent advantage on the question of which candidate expressed himself better. Significantly, Ryan also led slightly on the question of which candidate is more in touch with the problems of everyday voters.