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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Drinking Coffee Can Help You Live Longer and Fight Disease

Coffee gives you much more than just a morning energy boost, say recent studies which point to health benefits that cover you from head to toe. They also show that the more coffee you drink throughout the day, the more health benefits your caffeine fix provides. Here's a rundown of the latest reasons for you to sit, relax, and enjoy another cup of java.

Longevity. Studies show that coffee drinkers live longer than those who don't, and that it offers protection from many of the diseases of aging including cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Researchers at Stanford found that inflammation drives the aging process, and that compounds associated with caffeine act as antioxidants and counter metabolites that trigger inflammation.

They analyzed the genes of seniors and found..

11 California Counties Have More Voters than Voting-Age Citizens

Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, has sent a letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla on behalf of the Election Integrity Project, noting that there are 11 counties in the state with more registered voters, and alleging that the state may be out of compliance with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

Judicial Watch lays out the specifics: “[T]here were more total registered voters than there were adults over the age of 18 living in each of the following eleven (11) counties: Imperial (102%), Lassen (102%), Los Angeles (112%), Monterey (104%), San Diego (138%), San Francisco (114%), San Mateo (111%), Santa Cruz (109%), Solano (111%), Stanislaus (102%), and Yolo (110%).”

The letter notes that the percentage in L.A. County may be as high as 144%.

The letter contains a threat to sue the Secretary of State if Padilla does not remove from the rolls “persons who have become ineligible to vote by reason of death, change in residence, or a disqualifying criminal conviction, and to remove non-citizens who have registered to vote unlawfully.” It gives Padilla 14 days to respond, and 90 days to correct alleged violations of the law.

Padilla has been one of the main voices in opposition to President Donald Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity..

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This pilot was better than the show that followed it

McConnell-Backed Candidate Slumps in Alabama as Pro-Trump Mo Brooks Surges in Final Days

About a week out from the all-important GOP primary for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama vacated by now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Washington, DC, establishment candidate is slumping as two pro-President Trump conservatives surge.

A new poll provided exclusively to Breitbart News by JMC Analytics, a Louisiana-based polling firm, shows Luther Strange tapering off in the polls as Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) surges behind him and former state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore remains steady in first place.


Judicial Watch Warns California to Clean Voter Registration Lists or Face Federal Lawsuit

Judicial Watch announced it sent a notice-of-violation letter to the state of California and 11 of its counties threatening to sue in federal court if it does not clean its voter registration lists as mandated by the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). Both the NVRA and the federal Help America Vote Act require states to take reasonable steps to maintain accurate voting rolls. The August 1 letter was sent on behalf of several Judicial Watch California supporters and the Election Integrity Project California, Inc.

In the letter, Judicial Watch noted that public records obtained on the Election Assistance Commission’s 2016 Election Administration Voting Survey and through verbal accounts from various county agencies show 11 California counties have more registered voters than voting-age citizens: Imperial (102%), Lassen (102%), Los Angeles (112%), Monterey (104%), San Diego (138%), San Francisco (114%), San Mateo (111%), Santa Cruz (109%), Solano (111%), Stanislaus (102%), and Yolo (110%).

In the letter, Judicial Watch noted that Los Angeles County officials “informed us that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.”

Under Section 8 of the NVRA, states are required to make a reasonable effort to remove the names of ineligible voters from official lists due to “the death of the registrant” or “a change in the residence of the registrant,” and requires states to ensure noncitizens are not registered to vote.

There is “strong circumstantial evidence that California municipalities are not conducting reasonable voter registration list maintenance as mandated under the NVRA,” Judicial Watch wrote in the notice letter sent to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

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Hillary Clinton Hires Two Former Campaign Aides For "Resistance" PAC

Onward Together, the group Clinton formed earlier this year, has brought on Emmy Ruiz and Adam Parkhomenko, veterans of her 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns.

Hillary Clinton has hired two political operatives from her 2016 presidential campaign to help manage Onward Together, the project she founded this spring with former governor Howard Dean to fund and support a coalition of Democratic groups led by activists and organizers.

The new additions, Emmy Ruiz and Adam Parkhomenko, held central roles on Clinton’s campaign: Ruiz delivered key victories as state director in Nevada during the primary and in Colorado during the general election; Parkhomenko worked in headquarters as her director of grassroots engagement before moving to the Democratic National Committee. Both served on Clinton’s first presidential bid in 2008.

Dean, the Onward Together co-founder, confirmed the recent hires on Friday. The two former campaign aides will be working on Onward Together as consultants.


Mueller Grand Jury Fishing for Evidence Unrelated to Russian Interference Probe

Mainstream media reports poured in Thursday and Friday indicating that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has far outstripped the original parameters of his investigation and begun digging into President Donald Trump’s business dealings.

CNN reported Thursday, that sources close to the investigation told them they are hopeful “the web of financial ties could offer a more concrete path toward potential prosecution than the broader and murkier questions of collusion in the 2016 campaign.”

For the record, according to his order of appointment, Mueller’s independent investigation was to be limited to:

(i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and
(ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and
(iii) any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. §600.4(a).

Regulation 28 C.F.R. §600.4(a) is part of the federal regulations authorizing special counsels. It expands a special counsel’s jurisdiction to crimes, such as perjury or obstruction of justice, that interfere with his original named responsibility.


Obvious Signs Humanity Is Regressing

Spurred by Trump, States Battle Sanctuary Cities

It's the states vs. their cities.

The issue: Illegal immigration.

A growing number of proposed state laws designed to crack down on sanctuary cities are putting local leaders in those municipalities on the defensive, forcing many to fight off measures they say could cripple their crime-fighting abilities and threaten economic growth.

At least 31 states are considering legislation this year that would ban sanctuary policies, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Many of those bills face fervent opposition from mayors and other officials of progressive cities.

The battle unfolding between state and city lawmakers is largely the result of a broader national question that President Donald Trump has made front and center: How should the government deal with legal and illegal immigration?

"Our current immigration laws are outdated and dysfunctional" and that has resulted in states and cities trying to address immigration issues in competing ways, said Avideh Moussavian, a senior policy attorney at the National Immigration Law Center.

"Localities know these populations benefit them economically and want to protect them," she said, adding that "many states tend to think there is some clean and orderly fix, like a 'ban,' which is ridiculous."


Legendary Singer Glen Campbell dies at 81

Glen Travis Campbell


It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, grandfather, and legendary singer and guitarist, Glen Travis Campbell, at the age of 81, following his long and courageous battle with Alzheimer's disease.
Glen is survived by his wife, Kim Campbell of Nashville, TN; their three children, Cal, Shannon and Ashley; his children from previous marriages, Debby, Kelli, Travis, Kane, and Dillon; ten grandchildren, great- and great-great-grandchildren; sisters Barbara, Sandra, and Jane; and brothers John Wallace “Shorty” and Gerald.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Glen Campbell Memorial Fund at BrightFocus Foundation through the donation page.
A personal statement from Kim Campbell will follow.
The family appreciates your prayers and respect for their privacy at this time.

SJW Backlash Against Google Staffer: ‘I Would Beat The Sh*t Out Of Him’

Left-wing backlash against the Google employee who published a manifesto calling for more ideological tolerance at the company intensified this evening, as SJWs inside and outside Google sought to contain political dissent at the company.

The Googler’s 10-page manifesto criticized the company for maintaining an atmosphere of political groupthink, in which employees with viewpoints that challenge leftist narratives are forced to keep their mouths shut for fear of losing their jobs. He also criticized Google for ignoring the latest research on gender differences and their interplay with the lack of women in STEM jobs.

His main thesis — that political dissenters at Google face severe threats to their career — was immediately confirmed by the backlash against him, which included threats to his job and at least one threat of violence.

More love here

State Police Investigating Fatal Industrial Accident North of Georgetown

Georgetown - The Delaware State Police are investigating an industrial accident that claimed the life of a Salisbury man earlier today.

The incident occurred around 1:08 p.m. this afternoon, Tuesday August 8, 2017 when a 9-1-1 call was placed to the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center advising that a man had been trapped under an automobile at Donovan Salvage Works Inc. Troopers and Emergency Medical Personnel responded to 20262 Donovans Road where they located a 41-year-old male laying on the ground near a car. Lifesaving steps were performed on the man who was eventually pronounced dead at the scene.

The investigation revealed the man, who was a customer, was attempting to remove a part from a vehicle in the yard and had used a jack to raise the vehicle and a spare tire was placed underneath as a buffer. The car, which was on dirt and gravel, came dislodged from the jack and landed on top of the male. Witnesses noticed the man under the car and ran to the office to alert them of the incident. Workers responded with a fork lift and removed the vehicle prior to the arrival of EMS. The victim was alone at the time of the incident and it is presently unknown how long he may have been trapped.

The Delaware Division of Forensic Science responded to the scene and removed the victim, whose name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin, to conduct an autopsy. Foul play is not suspected.


The National Security Council is becoming a national security threat.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.

Derek Harvey was a man who saw things coming. He had warned of Al Qaeda when most chose to ignore it. He had seen the Sunni insurgency rising when most chose to deny it.

The former Army colonel had made his reputation by learning the lay of the land. In Iraq that meant sleeping on mud floors and digging into documents to figure out where the threat was coming from.

It was hard to imagine anyone better qualified to serve as President Trump’s top Middle East adviser at the National Security Council than a man who had been on the ground in Iraq and who had seen it all.

Just like in Iraq, Harvey began digging at the NSC. He came up with a list of Obama holdovers who were leaking to the press. McMaster, the new head of the NSC, refused to fire any of them.

McMaster had a different list of people he wanted to fire. It was easy to make the list. Harvey was on it.


Mulvaney clarifies: No cuts to Meals on Wheels

[Originally published on May 24, 2017]

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney clarified Wednesday that the Trump administration isn't looking to cut the "Meals on Wheels" program, two months after stoking controversy over the possibility that seniors might lose their home-delivered meals.

"Let's talk about Meals on Wheels, because we don't reduce it," Mulvaney said Wednesday at a House hearing on the president's newly released budget.

In March, Mulvaney helped create the impression that the administration was looking to shrink funding for Meals on Wheels. Then, a reporter mistakenly suggested that the program would be cut as part of the administration's reductions to Community Development Block Grants, and Mulvaney responded that the grants don't work.

Mulvaney's comments resulted in extensive media coverage of the possibility that home-bound seniors might lose their meals. On Wednesday, however, Mulvaney noted Meals on Wheels actually gets most of its funding through a separate Department of Health and Human Services program that is not targeted for cuts.

"There's no reduction in that program," he said..


A Viewer Writes: Blessing of Combines

Went to the annual Blessing of the Combines in Snow Hill today. Had a fabulous time with family and friends however one thing really bothered me

The affair starts out with a parade of antiques farm equipment, combines, etc.. The parade, naturally, is led by a color guard from the Snow Hill High School JROTC. As the color guard progress down the street 90% of the spectators could not find the energy to get off their butts to stand when the American flag passed by, and an even smaller percentage of men saw fit to remove their caps or salute in any other fashion. I guess old fashioned patriotism or respect for our flag is just not the correct thing to do nowadays.

Breaking News: President Trump said North Korea would be "met with fire and fury like the world has never seen" if it continues to threaten the U.S.

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” Mr. Trump told reporters at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J. “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. He has been very threatening beyond a normal state and as I said they will be met with fire and fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

The president’s comments came as North Korea earlier in the day escalated its criticism of the United States, as well as its neighboring allies, by warning that it will mobilize all its resources to take “physical action” in retaliation against the latest round of United Nations sanctions.

Congressman GOES OFF on Clinton Corruption - "Investigate ALL of This!"

WCSO Press Releases - August 8, 2017

Incident: Most Wanted Apprehension
Date of Incident: 6 August 2017
Location: U.S. 13, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Wayne Lynn Lashley Jr., 36, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 6 August 2017 at 2:40 AM a deputy attempted to stop a vehicle operated by Wayne Lashley Jr. after the deputy observed Lashley strike a curb while turning onto North Pointe Drive from U.S. 13. Lashley stopped in front of the Wal-Mart store but accelerated away as the deputy exited his patrol vehicle.
Lashley proceeded to flee from the pursuing deputy eventually heading northbound on U.S. 13 towards Delmar. As Lashley approached the Delaware State Line with deputies in pursuit, he ran over “Stop Sticks” that had been deployed across the highway by the Delmar Police. Lashley continued northbound into Delaware with the Sheriff’s Office in pursuit until Lashley ran over a second set of “Stop Sticks” that were deployed in the Laurel, DE area. Lashley initially continued to flee until it became futile due to having two flat tires as a result of running over the “Stop Sticks.” Upon coming to a stop near Laurel, Lashley was taken into custody.
Upon being taken into custody, Lashley was discovered to have both heroin and crack cocaine in his possession. Lashley was charged initially in Delaware by the Delmar Police with the CDS Possession along with the attempt to flee and elude along with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs and is currently in the Sussex Correctional Institution (bond of $57,503.00) pending his return to Wicomico County where he will be facing charges of CDS Possession with the Intent to Distribute along with charges related to the pursuit in this jurisdiction.
Lashley was also one of Wicomico County’s “Most Wanted” and had been featured as such on local media outlets. Lashley was being sought on a District Court Bench Warrant that was issued after he failed to appear for a case where he had been charged with Animal Cruelty back in 2016.
Charges: Possession of CDS with the Intent to Distribute and Attempt to Flee and Elude

Incident: Burglary / Assault
Date of Incident: 7 August 2017
Location: 800 block of Booth Street, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Latoya Rachell Farrare, 34, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 7 August 2017 at 12:00 PM a deputy arrested Latoya Farrare in connection with an incident that occurred in the 800 block of Booth Street. It was alleged that Farrare entered another subject’s apartment without permission and began assaulting the resident. According to this victim, at one point Farrare brandished a knife and threatened to “cut” her.
The deputy transported Farrare to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Farrare in the Detention Center in lieu of $10,000.00 bond.
Charges: Burglary 3rd Degree, Reckless Endangerment and Assault 2nd Degree 

Incident: Warrant Arrest
Date of Incident: 7 August 2017
Location: Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Kimberly K. Naggy, 54, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 7 August 2017 at 12:25 PM a deputy arrested Kimberly Naggy on an outstanding Circuit Court Bench Warrant. The warrant was issued after Naggy failed to appear for a jury trial in a DUI case.
Naggy was transported to the Detention Center where she was detained without bond pending an appearance in front of a Circuit Court Judge.
Charges: Failure to Appear 

Incident: Warrant Arrest
Date of Incident: 7 August 2017
Location: Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Kari Ann Gibbons, 32, Cambridge, MD
Narrative: On 7 August 2017 at 4:00 PM a deputy arrested Kari Gibbons on an outstanding District Court Bench Warrant. The warrant was issued after Gibbons failed to appear for a theft case.
Gibbons was transported to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Gibbons on Personal Recognizance.
Charges: Failure to Appear

Judge Jeanine Posts Epic Rant: "[Dems] Lie, Steal, Cheat And Continue To Get Away With It"

Following a FOIA dump last week by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) which seemingly revealed collusion between the FBI, DOJ and several mainstream media outlets to coverup the now-infamous meeting between then Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton just days before the FBI exonerated Hillary, Judge Jeanine decided to ask a very simple question, one which we've pondered many times ourselves, in her opening monologue, "why do we continue to let them get away with it?"

"Why do we let them get away with it? They lie, cheat, violate the rules, then cover up. And, they get away with it."

"We're no longer a country where the law is equally applied. This no longer true to its Declaration of Independence."

"Less than 48 hours ago we learned just how far Democrats and the highest law enforcement agencies, allegedly non-partisan offices, would go to cover up for the Obama administration."

"Now, you remember that meeting on the tarmac between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, outed only because a local reporter happened to be there. The FBI wouldn't allow photos, pictures or cell phones. There were no reports made that the highest ranking law enforcement official in this country was approached by the spouse of a woman being actively investigated in the most important criminal investigation in the history of presidential politics."

"But we didn't know how deep and dirty the collusion was until 48 hours ago."


Miss Universe contestant refuses to wear bikini

One contender from the UK is rewriting the rules.

Watching contestants parade around in barely-there swimsuits is synonymous with the world of beauty pageants the way sashes and rictus grins and pledges for “world peace” are.

But now one contestant has thrown out the rulebook, and competed in the finals for Miss Universe Great Britain wearing a caftan, rather than a two-piece.
Muna Jama, from London, is Muslim and earlier this year won the right to compete in the famed competition wearing a caftan. It is the first time in the history of the competition that a contestant has not donned a revealing bikini.


ICE arrests 32 sex offenders in Long Island during Operation SOAR

NEW YORK – Officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 32 convicted sexual predators during a 10-day period, ending Aug. 3 in Long Island in an enforcement effort dubbed, “Operation SOAR” (Sex Offender Alien Removal).

In the course of Operation SOAR, ERO officers apprehended 32 individuals with past criminal convictions ranging from sexual abuse to attempted rape. Of those arrested, 12 are registered sexual offenders. Each was taken into custody and is currently being detained pending the completion of removal proceedings. 

"ICE’s continuing commitment to making our communities safer is underscored by operations like this one targeting sexual offenders. These actions focus our resources on the most egregious criminals and promote public safety in the communities in which we live and work,” said Thomas R. Decker, field office director for New York. “ERO officers are out there every day enforcing immigration law with targeted enforcement actions. ICE will not waiver in its promise to arrest and remove criminal aliens from our neighborhoods.”

Among those arrested were:

Somerset County Sheriff's Office reports most recent arrests

Rayshawn Davonta Harris of Princess Anne, arrested 7-29-17 on a warrant for violation of probation. Harris was later held on a $50,000 bond.

Christopher Ronnelle Gale of Crisfield, arrested 7-30-17 for fleeing and eluding police, multiple traffic citations, and a Worcester County warrant. Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop for speeding on Crisfield Highway. Gale who was identified as the driver of a red Ford Explorer ignored emergency equipment and finally bailed out of the vehicle in the Somers Cove Apartment Complex, and was later apprehended with the assistance of the Crisfield Police Department. Gale was issued multiple traffic citations, and released to Worcester County Deputies.

Larry Eugene Price of Princess Anne, arrested 8-3-17 on a warrant for violation of probation. Price was later held on a $30,000 bond.

Nicholas Brent Drinkard of Alabama, arrested 8-5-17 for possessing a handgun in a vehicle. Drinkard was later released on a unsecured $40,000 bond. Deputies conducted a traffic stop in the area of Mt. Vernon Rd, and Black Rd for traffic violations. Deputies later recovered a loaded Glock 9mm pistol from the driver’s door storage area.

Michael Christopher Brower of Princess Anne, arrested 8-5-17 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, driving without a license, attempted to elude a police officer, and negligent driving. Brower was later released on citations pending court actions. Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop with a moped in the area of Antioch Ave, Princess Anne for traffic violations. Brower ignored emergency equipment, and finally came to a stop in a yard on Antioch Ave.

Debra Ann Leslie of Elkridge Maryland, arrested 8-6-17 for driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, and negligent driving. Leslie was later released on citations pending court actions. Deputies were called to the area of Five Bridges Rd, Pocomoke regarding a ATV accident. Deputies later learned Leslie was operating a four wheeler on the roadway intoxicated, and later crashed into a ditch.

Maryland Secretary of State Flag Status

Lowering and Raising of the United States Flag and Maryland State Flag to Half Staff
This is to advise you that Governor Larry Hogan has ordered the United States Flag and Maryland State Flag flown at half-staff on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 from sunrise to sunset. This is in memory of Navy Petty Officer First Class Xavier Alec Martin, of Halethorpe, Maryland, who died on June 18, 2017, while serving aboard the USS Fitzgerald.

The police boycott of Dunkin’ Donuts is fully on

The NYPD runs on . . . bodega coffee.

The police boycott of Dunkin’ Donuts is apparently heating up, as a sergeant was spotted Sunday walking into the 73rd Precinct station house with trays full of what appeared to be generic, corner-market brew.

“No D&D in the 7-3,” he proudly announced.

The brew-haha began last Sunday when a worker at a Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins at 1993 Atlantic Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant refused to scoop ice cream for two 73rd Precinct detectives — allegedly because they were cops.

Police union heads called for a boycott of the national chain, and the movement has since percolated throughout the department.


Wait, an NFL team really just considered Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow suddenly has become the de rigueur answer for every troubled sports franchise.

Though the 29-year-old Tebow has been surprisingly OK in the Mets’ minor league system this year, the Dolphins reportedly considered him as a possible quarterback solution before landing on Jay Cutler after Ryan Tannehill went down last week.

The Dolphins also considered and discarded Kyle Orton and the embattled Colin Kaepernick before agreeing to terms with Cutler, according to the Miami Herald.

Plucking Bears castoff Cutler from the Fox broadcast booth for one year and $10 million is one thing. Getting Tebow to give up his burgeoning baseball career now that he actually seems to have found his swing would have been another.

The Heisman Trophy winner and two-time BCS national champion caught on with the Mets last fall and earned — or was given — a promotion to High-A ball, where he is hitting .268 with five home runs and 23 RBIs in 38 games with St. Lucie.


ISIS Posting Syrian Children Outside of Car Bomb Factories

The Islamic State has begun posting Syrian children outside of car bomb factories as part of an attempt to stave off U.S.-led coalition airstrikes, according to the Pentagon.

Col. Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the anti-ISIS campaign, told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday the U.S. military has seen video of militants ordering young children to stand outside of several known factories around Raqqa that are used to manufacture vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices.

Dillon said while this has prevented coalition forces from directly striking the factories, American-led troops are able to take out many of the bomb-ridden vehicles before they reach crowds of civilians or Syrian Democratic Forces.

"We know of a particular factory where anything that drives out of there we'll strike as soon as it's clear and free from places where we think they're going to have civilian casualties," he said over the phone from Baghdad.


Two Fatally Shot During Baltimore’s ‘Nobody Kill Anybody for 72 Hours’ Ceasefire

Two homicides occurred in Baltimore on Saturday despite the city's 72-hour "ceasefire" initiative, a campaign promoted by local activists to stop violence and call for a murder-free weekend in the city.

Activist Erricka Bridgeford, 44, and other community leaders promoted the "Baltimore ceasefire," which began at midnight early Friday and continued through Sunday night, using the slogan, "Nobody kill anybody for 72 hours."

About 40 hours into the ceasefire, however, two men were shot and killed, the Baltimore Sun reported. The first victim of violence was a 24-year-old man who was fatally shot around 5 p.m. on Saturday. Just hours later, around 10 p.m., a 37-year-old-man was also shot and killed. Both victims were taken to the hospital and died there.

A third man, 22, was taken to the hospital after suffering a gunshot wound to the arm on Saturday afternoon, Fox45 reported.


Troopers Seek Public’s Assistance in Locating Wanted Subject

Laurel - State Police are requesting assistance in locating Keith W. Meekins, 40 of Bethel, who is wanted for Possession of a Deadly Weapon During the Commission of a Felony, Aggravated Menacing, Stalking, Terroristic Threatening, and Harassment. He is also wanted out of Sussex County courts for capiases.

Meekins is wanted in connection with an alleged domestic incident that occurred between July 28, 2017 and August 7, 2017 when he continuously followed and harassed an ex-girlfriend by making threatening statements and pointing a gun at her.

If anyone has any information in reference to Keith Meekins’ whereabouts, they are asked to contact Troop 5 at 302-337-1090. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at

San Jose real estate investors buy mansion-lined San Francisco street

Tony Presidio Terrace had been auctioned online because of an unpaid $994 tax bill

The street might as well be paved with gold, and now a couple from San Jose owns it.

Tina Lam and Michael Cheng are the proud owners of super-tony Presidio Terrace — the street itself, the parking spaces and sidewalks, the palm trees and garden islands, all of this just down the hill from the Presidio and near the city’s so-called Gold Coast. They purchased the block-long private street — everything but the 35 mansions that line it — for $90,100 two years ago in an under-the-radar auction after the Presidio Homeowners Association failed to to pay $994 in back taxes, penalties and interest.

It is “the most unique property I’ve come across, by far,” said Cheng, a real estate agent who focuses on investment properties. “I’m talking to my other investors and they’ve never seen anything like this — and they own some weird stuff.”


Emails Show WaPo, NYT Reporters Didn't Want to Cover Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting

Newly released emails show reporters telling the Obama Department of Justice that they were unenthusiastic about covering the tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the 2016 campaign.

Clinton and Lynch met privately aboard Lynch's plane at a Phoenix airport in June 2016. Critics charged that the meeting was inappropriate given that Lynch's Department of Justice was actively investigating Hillary Clinton for her use of an unsecured private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

Emails obtained by the American Center for Law and Justice show that reporters at the New York Times and the Washington Post told the Department of Justice's director of public affairs at the time, Melanie Newman, that while they were writing stories on the controversy, their editors were making them do it.

"My editors are still pretty interested in it and I'm hoping to put it to rest by answering just a few more questions about how the meeting came about-who approached who, how did they realize they were in the same place," the Post‘s Matt Zapotosky wrote on June 30, 2016, two days after the tarmac meeting.


Crime-ridden Chicago sues DOJ over sanctuary cities

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sued the Trump administration Monday over its threat to withhold funds from sanctuary cities, prompting one official to charge Emanuel is more concerned about protecting illegal immigrants than legal residents of his beleaguered city.

The showdown over so-called sanctuary cities has been heating up in recent months as some local governments have refused to work with federal immigration authorities. Monday's 46-page suit, filed inU.SD. District Court for the Northern District of Ilinois, named Attorney General Jeff Sessions as the defendant.

Emanuel argues that the Justice Department wants to slap unfair conditions on a long-running federal crime prevention grant, the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant.


Obama eased rules to welcome 1 million illegal youths, status now in doubt

In its rush to welcome over one million illegal immigrant youths from Latin America, the Obama administration turned a blind eye to criminal acts and eased rules governing legal entry, according to newly uncovered documents.

Emails, budgets and training manuals provided to the Immigration Reform Law Instituteshow, for example, that the controversial Obama program to defer deportation allowed them to stay if they held several documents, such as Social Security numbers and federal tax return checks, that are illegal for non-citizens to have.

What's more, the rules for winning Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, required that those seeking it had to prove they were in the country illegally as of June 15, 2012, cementing their status as illegal and subject to deportation.

The DACA program iscoming in focus this fall as President Trump and Congress determine if it should continue as pro-immigration advocates want or be curtailed or even killed as critics and candidate Trump demanded.

Among the key issues involved are how many of the 1.267 million DACA recipients


Is the Death Penalty Ever Moral?

Philadelphia Tax Makes Soda More Expensive Than Beer

Philadelphia's tax on sugary drinks has made soda more expensive than beer in the city.

The Tax Foundation released a new study on the excise tax last week, finding that the 1.5-cent per ounce tax has fallen short of revenue projections, cost jobs, and has forced some Philadelphians to drive outside the city to buy groceries.

The study finds that the tax is 24 times higher than the Pennsylvania tax rate on beer.

"Purchases of beer are also now less expensive than nonalcoholic beverages subject to the tax in the city," according to the study, written by Courtney Shupert and Scott Drenkard. "Empirical evidence from a 2012 journal article suggests that soda taxes can push consumers to alcohol, meaning it is likely the case that consumers are switching to alcoholic beverages as a result of the tax. The paper, aptly titled From Coke to Coors, further shows that switching from soda to beer increases total caloric intake, even as soda taxes are generally aimed at caloric reduction."


Marine Remembers His Heroic Bomb-Sniffing Dog

K9 Cena's life ended on July 26 but his impact on Marine veteran Jeff DeYoung and the country is lasting.

Cena, a black lab, and Lance Cpl. DeYoung served a successful tour in Afghanistan, fulfilling their mission to sniff out IEDs and bring the soldiers they served with back alive. Upon DeYoung's return the two were unceremoniously separated for years. Those turned out to be the darkest years of DeYoung's life, marred by alcoholism and suicidal thoughts. That is until, after a significant struggle on DeYoung's part to find Cena, the two were reunited and took on a new mission: changing the way the military handles military dogs once they're retired.

Cena was diagnosed with aggressive bone cancer last month, which left him in severe pain and unable to walk. DeYoung decided the best thing was to end his suffering, as painful as it would be for the two to be separated again—this time for good.

After DeYoung asked to borrow a Jeep Wrangler for a top-down final ride with Cena, people from all over his home state of Michigan responded and an event honoring Cena's service was organized by the Patriot Guard Riders and the U.S. Marine Corps League.

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WCSO Press Releases - August 7, 2017

Incident: Second Degree Assault
Date of Incident: 7 August 2017
Location: Pheasant Dr, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Snidero, James T 25, Salisbury, MD/ Snidero, Mark P 27, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 08-07-17, Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Pheasant Dr for a fight in progress. Deputies arrived at the scene and met with a victim who advised that he was assaulted by his roommates, Mark and James Snidero. After the investigation, Mark and James Snidero were arrested for domestic assault. Both were released to central booking.
Charges: Second Degree Assault 

Incident: Breaking and Entering; Assault,
Date of Incident: 6 August 2017
Location: Island Dr, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Jarvis, Harper G. 24, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 08-06-17, Deputies were dispatched to an address on Island Dr for an assault that just occurred. The victim and a witness advised that the victim was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Harper Jarvis. Investigation revealed that after a day of arguing by text message, Jarvis went into the house uninvited, destroyed her TV, and assaulted the victim. Jarvis left when 911 was called by a witness. Deputies located Jarvis in the area. Jarvis was arrested and taken to Central Booking.
Charges: Breaking and Entering, Assault second, Malicious Destruction of Property

Incident: Residential Burglary
Date of Incident: 5 August 2017
Location: Market Street, Willards, MD
Suspect: Barrios-Velasquez, Juan Leonel, 18, Willards MD
Narrative: On 08-5-17 at about 0500 hrs, Deputies were dispatched to an address on Market St, Willards for a possible burglary in progress. A neighbor reported seeing lights moving in a house that was supposed to be vacant. Deputies arrived and found forced entry to the house. After confirming with the owner that the house was to be vacant, the Deputies searched and located Barrios-Velasquez hiding in a bedroom. Barrios-Velasquez was arrested and taken to Central Booking.
Charges: Breaking and Entering; Malicious Destruction of Property.

Bounds Racing Stable Fire Fund

Charlene Sharpe photo
My good friends, Brittany and Michael Bounds, suffered a tragic loss Monday, Aug 7th, when a barn fire that started around 7 a.m. in the main barn at Trotter Farm, known to many as Dillards, in Seaford, Del., killed their five racehorses.

8-year-old pacing gelding named In Front Charlie, 2-year-old pacing filly named My Lil Tater Tot, 2-year-old pacing filly named Gangster Granny, 3-year-old pacing filly named Standtuecemewin and 2-year-old pacing colt named Ezekiel Kandu all met their horrible fate and Brittany and Michael lost their beloved horses, equipment and their livelihood.

Please donate what you can, any amount, and help these wonderful people recover some from this financial loss. Also, please share your thoughts and prayers to help them heal and recover from the emotional loss. This campaign will not replace the beautiful souls lost, but if it helps ease their pain in any way, then I ask for your support. Thank you! -Ken Terpenning

Colluding With the Pakistanis

While the Democrats have been devoting all their time and attention to connecting the Trump campaign to Russia, they’ve been ignoring, and in fact impeding, an actual scandal involving four Pakistanis and national security.

I refer to the fact that Imran Awan, his wife Hina Alvi and her brothers, Abid and Jamal, were all working as ITs (information technicians) for House Democrats, most notably Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who spent months trying to hinder the feds in their investigation of the Pakis.

The Awans had access to the confidential computer files of numerous House Democrats, including those serving on committees involved with Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Although federal agents were able to arrest Mr. Awan just before he boarded a flight to Qatar, his wife and brothers-in-law had already flown the coop with several hundred thousand dollars — and Allah only knows how many state secrets!

No doubt Wasserman Schultz and her fellow House members had conducted a massive search for Americans who knew their way around a computer before finally, in desperation, settling on a family of Pakistani nationals..

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FINALLY! Dershowitz To Maxine Waters: ‘Being Black Doesn’t Give You a License to Call People Racist’

California Democrat Maxine Waters has been increasingly vocal since Donald Trump was inaugurated, which typically involves accusing anyone and everyone of racism. Typically, other liberals are happy about random accusations of racism, but this time,she got smacked down hard — and from somewhere she was definitely not expecting.

Alan Dershowitz is firing back after Waters accused him of being racist. Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, was called out by Waters because he was interviewed by WABC Radio host Rita Cosby. Dershowitz was speaking about the grand jury impaneled by Robert Mueller, and said that where the grand jury was located puts Trump at a disadvantage.

“It gives the prosecutor a tremendous tactical advantage,” he explained. “The case now can be brought not in Northern Virginia, which is a swing area, sometimes Democrat, sometimes Republican… but the District of Columbia, which is always solidly Democratic and has an ethnic and racial composition that might be very unfavorable to the Trump Administration.”

This, to Waters, was unacceptable, and so she of course brought out the racism accusation.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked Waters if she thought the comments were “unfair”. “Oh it’s absolutely unfair,” Waters replied. “What he is saying is ‘all of those black people are there and they don’t like Trump and so he’s not going to get a fair trial and so they should take it out of that jurisdiction. It shouldn’t be there to begin with.’ I don’t like that, and I’m surprised that Alan Dershowitz is talking like that.”


Nancy Pelosi holds aide's hand while navigating sidewalk

Nancy Pelosi appears to be growing feeble of mind, but now of body, too?

The 77-year-old, three-decade member of Congress was recently approached by a citizen with an ominous message: “Prison time is coming soon. Be ready.”

After leaning in to hear the man’s statement, Pelosi didn’t react and instead, turned and walked away.

An aide approached Pelosi and grabbed her hand as she navigated the sidewalk.

The American Mirror has been documented Pelosi’s bizarre behavior regularly.

In mid-July, the House Minority Leader had a bizarre reaction as a reporter was asking her about North Korean aggression: She giggled.


Maxine Waters Won’t Rule Out All-Black Party

California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters wouldn’t rule out the concept of an all-black political party when asked about it on Monday.

Waters joined “The Breakfast Club” radio show on Monday morning and was asked if it was time for black people to form their own political party.

“No, not at this point,” Waters said. “You have to show that you’re willing and you’re able to put the numbers together and exercise your influence.”

“We still are not voting our influence yet,” she continued. “What we should do is organize our power, exercise our power, particularly in the Democratic Party because that’s where most of us are.”


North Korea: 'We will nuke you.'

MANILA—North Korea on Monday threatened to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. if provoked militarily and said it would “under no circumstances” negotiate on its nuclear and missile weapons programs.

In a written statement handed to reporters on the sidelines of a regional security forum in Manila, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said the regime had developed nuclear weapons as a legitimate option for self-defense “in the face of a clear and real nuclear threat posed by the U.S.”

Mr. Ri criticized the U.S. in his statement for attempting to “internationalize the nuclear issue.” He said that North Korea didn’t pose a threat to other countries, stating that the regime had no intention to use nuclear weapons “against any other country except the U.S., unless it joins military action of the U.S.”


House Democrats seek documents on Trump task force cutting regulations

President Trump’s assault on Obama-era regulations isn’t sitting well with some House Democrats, who asked the White House Monday for documents to shed light on the president’s regulatory task force.

“We write to express our alarm concerning the lack of transparency, accountability, and independence of the Regulatory Reform Task Forces,” wrote top Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “It is unacceptable for federal agencies to operate in such a clandestine and unaccountable manner especially when the result could be the undoing of critical public health and safety protections.”

The letter, from Reps. Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland, John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, Gerry Connolly of Virginia and David Cicilline of Rhode Island, seeks documents outlining the work of task forces cutting regulations at each federal agency, including the names of members, their titles and communications from meetings. The request was sent to Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and Neomi Rao, administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

Mr. Trump signed an executive order in February creating task forces at Cabinet agencies aimed at reducing regulations, as part of his overall effort to roll back rules that he said are hurting businesses.


An America First Immigration Policy

Last Wednesday, something truly remarkable happened: A Republican actually framed an agenda and forced Democrats and their media allies — along with weak-kneed fellow Republicans — to defend their resistance to it.

An updated version of the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act (RAISE) was introduced at the White House by Republican Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue. The bill would give America a skills-based immigration system similar to those of Canada and Australia.

In other words, this is an effort to admit people who are a benefit to America, not people who merely benefit from America.

Thus, “Diversity Lottery Visas” that give 50,000 green cards to immigrants completely at random — for diversity’s sake — would be eliminated. RAISE would also scale back chain migration. Currently, when an immigrant and his or her spouse become a citizen, they can petition to bring in their parents, their adult children, those children’s spouses and children, and their adult siblings.

Chain migration precipitated an increase in immigration from 250,000 per year during the ‘50s and '60s to more than one million annually since 1990.

RAISE “would take a sledgehammer to this system, dramatically reducing low-skilled immigration and revamping our system for skilled immigration,” explains columnist Robert VerBruggen. “It would cut immigration by more than 40 percent immediately, and by half in a decade.”

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Silencing ALL opposition voices: Inside The Media Matters Playbook

Even to casual observers, it has been obvious for months that the left is orchestrating a tightly-coordinated campaign to undermine and delegitimize the current presidential administration.

As an extension of the decades-long campaign to wrestle the narrative away from conservatives, independents and centrists, they’re smearing right-leaning commentators with anything they can find. In the take-down of Bill O’Reilly and Monica Crowley and attempted hit on Sean Hannity, for example, it’s more than evident.

And just this week, the suspension of Fox’s Eric Bolling provides even more proof.

We now know how the left is running this non-stop smear campaign and who is pulling the puppet strings.

We now have the Media Matters Playbook.

In a 49-page document marked PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL, the entire anti-Trump plan is laid out. Called “DEMOCRACY MATTERS, Strategic Plan For Action”, it lists four leftist partner organizations: Media Matters, American Bridge 21st Century, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and Shareblue.

These are some of the most well-funded, well-entrenched, and well known leftist organizations in America. Billionaire George Soros is a key backer..

So, what exactly do they want? Nothing less than complete control over political discourse in America.

More details here

Chilly August ahead for eastern two-thirds of the US

Cooler temperatures are predicted to span much of the eastern part of the United States throughout the month of August.

The first of several spells of below-average temperatures saw shorts exchanged for sweaters across the east of the country over the weekend, with lows of 60F in Chicago and Green Bay on Friday.

Those overnight lows are expected to persist in lands east of the Rockies for the next two weeks, with daytime highs ranging from the upper 70s to the low 80s, according to


Sen. Chris Coons says his bill puts existing DOJ rules into law

Sen. Chris Coons said Monday that his bipartisan bill would take current Justice Department rules on the president’s ability over the special counsel and put them into law.

“Right now, the reasons why the president, through the attorney general, can’t just randomly fire the special counsel if he has a bad day, or gets in bad mood, is embedded in the regulations at Department of Justice,” the Delaware Democrat said on CNN. “What we’re doing is taking those standards and putting them into law.”

Mr. Coons is sponsoring the bill with Sen. Thom Tillis, North Carolina Republican, to protect special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Reports came out last week that Mr. Mueller convened a grand jury in Washington to issue subpoenas. Many have speculated that Mr. Trump may be looking to fire Mr. Mueller..


The smug bigotry of Trump-haters

They told me if I vote for Donald Trump we would be overwhelmed with bigotry the likes of which we have never seen before.

And, boy, were they right. Little did we know, however, those obsessed in their opposition to Mr. Trump were actually speaking about themselves.

Last week was a banner one for anti-Trump bigotry. During a briefing at the White House detailing President Trump’s new immigration plan giving priority to those who, among other things, speak English, Jim Acosta, CNN’s White House correspondent, responded, “This whole notion of they have to learn English before they get to the United States, are we just going to bring in people from Great Britain and Australia?”

Mr. Acosta was widely panned for the ignorance of the remark, but it’s also an example of Michael Gerson’s phrase, “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” Coined when he was President George W. Bush’s speechwriter, it perfectly describes the smug attitude of the elite expecting the downtrodden to automatically fail, and their perpetual need for government to save them from themselves.

Stephen Miller, the president’s aide, immediately confronted Mr. Acosta’s casual contempt. “This is an amazing moment,” he said, “that you think only people from Great Britain or Australia would speak English is so insulting to millions of hardworking immigrants who do speak English from all over the world.”

Exactly, but it was even more than that..

Democrats Intent on Sabotaging the President’s Election Integrity Commission

President Trump’s vote fraud commission launched on May 11 by executive order has generated an avalanche of hysterical outrage from the left and lawsuits by the ACLU and several leftist groups seeking to declare its very existence illegitimate. Listening to the allegations hurled against the commission and its vice chairman, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, you would think it is plotting to repeal the Voting Rights Act or the 15th Amendment.

However, there are plenty of reliable data to justify a closer look at the problem. For instance, Just Facts, using election data and computer modeling, concluded that as many as 5.7 million non-citizens may have voted in 2008.

A 2014 study of non-citizen voting in 2012 by three professors at Old Dominion University in Virginia found lower estimates of non-citizen voters than claimed by President Trump but nonetheless concluded our elections are highly vulnerable to fraud.

A Pew Center report in 2012 found several million dead people on voter rolls, millions more registered in more than one state, and 24 million voter records with serious deficiencies.

And only this past week, it was revealed that eleven California counties have more voters on their rolls than residents over the age of eighteen. In San Diego, that figure was 138 percent.

More details here

Associated Press Gives ‘Tips’ for Deciding If Your Kid Is Transgender

The Associated Press is giving tips for parents on how to decide whether their child is transgender, including allowing little boys and girls to "call the shots in terms of their gender."

The article, "Wondering if your child is transgender? Here are some tips," accompanied another AP story Monday that gave a glowing review of a San Francisco summer camp for transgender four-year-olds.

The AP spoke to "gender experts," who tell parents to allow their sons and daughters to "do a weekend as a different gender."

"How can a parent know if their child is transgender? What separates a young boy who might be transgender from one with a vivid imagination who likes to dress up in his sister's dresses?" the AP asks. "What do you do if your daughter tells you she's a boy?"

The answer, according to the wire service, is "we don't know."


Black Unemployment Rate Nearly Lowest It's Been Since 2000

Although the national unemployment rate for July was 4.3%, the unemployment rate for black workers was nearly double that of white workers, but it was also at a rate for blacks not seen since December 2000, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In addition, the June unemployment rate for blacks of 7.1% was nearly at a level only seen once in the last 45 years -- 7.0% in April 2000.

In July 2017, the national unemployment rate specifically for white workers, 16 years and over, was 3.8%, the same as it was in June.

The national unemployment rate specifically for black workers, 16 years and over, was 7.4% in July, up from 7.1% in June.

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This Is So Great, Worth Repeating

Insane First Day at the White Marlin Open

When I use the word “insane” to describe the first day of scales action at the 44th Annual White Marlin Open I don’t mean it in the big fish, lots of fish, awesome action kind of way. I mean it in it’s literal sense. It was a run for cover, Noah’s Ark rain, hold on to your a$$ with both hands kind of insane. “I’ve never been in a tornado” might be words that I can’t say tomorrow……because I just may have been. At around 6 PM during our live broadcast coverage of the tournament a small tornado or powerful microburst landed at Harbour Island and had us all running for our vehicles. I was under the big tee shirt tent when it happened and it honestly felt like it was going to fly away. The wind lasted for several minutes and at the end of it there was some pretty significant damage at Harbour Island. The porta potties were blown over and 10 feet from where they were set up, tent stakes for a 50′ x 50′ tent were pulled from the ground and from what I hear the small shed on the fuel dock at Harbour Island was blown off of the dock and destroyed. Thankfully there were no major injuries and we were able to get the live feed up about 2 hours later. Even then we had to deal with monsoon type rains and even some thunder and lightning. Dave Messick and Gregory Benn stuck it out in the deluge and got me some great video for the stream and Dave took this killer pic of a boat leaving the inlet this morning….which they probably regretted later.

Catching a Mud Crab

Again, We Ask Mayor Day, How Are These Vinyl Fences Working For You?

With the Boy Mayor wanting to stop all residential chain link fences, vinyl fences simply cannot stand up to high winds. The above image is in fact in Salisbury, Maryland. This is a guy who doesn't believe IHOP is a chain restaurant. Funny part is, the proposed legislation was dropped by the City Council, there will be no fence ordinance. 

Will WBOC Be Next?

Sinclair Broadcast stock tumbles on report that Fox may switch affiliations

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.'s stock took a nearly 8 percent dive Thursday on fear from investors that 21st Century Fox may not renew its affiliations with Sinclair television stations.

Feeling the heat from Hunt Valley-based Sinclair, Fox is in talks to operate local television stations across the U.S. with Ion Media Networks Inc., according to a Bloomberg report. Sinclair, already the largest broadcaster in the U.S., plans to add 42 stations with the $3.9 billion acquisition of Chicago-based Tribune. Rumors have swirled that Sinclair will form its own national network to compete with Fox for political conservative viewership.


Large Tree Smashes Onto Home In Salisbury Maryland

Money Can Buy You Happiness

Making America Great Again

I Do Not Recall

Incredible! Leaked Documents Show Muslims Bought Off U.S. Government In Preparation For Takeover

Chain Link Fence Helps Save Vinyl Fence From Tornado Damage

What say you now Mayor Day?

Meet Darnell Earley, the man behind Flint’s water crisis and a lot of other municipal messes

Let’s not allow one name to slip out of the chaotic conversations about Flint’s water crisis: Darnell Earley, the man who sealed the deal on the city’s poisoned system.

Earley, 64, is the former emergency manager of Flint and the current emergency manager of Detroit Public Schools. In other words, his haters now represent the intersection of People Who Drink Water and People Who Go To Schools.

This emergency manager keeps managing to make emergencies, putting him at the center of a public health crisis that has poisoned tens of thousands of people, as well as a protest movement that brought Michigan's biggest school district to a standstill. (His office did not return requests for comment.)

Most national discussion over Flint has centered on Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, but what about Earley? Here’s what you need to know about the man behind Michigan's municipal meltdowns.


The Stock Market Keeps Breaking New Records While Mainstream Media Focuses on ‘Chaos’

Mainstream media news broadcasts have been mostly silent on the stock market’s historical milestones that have occurred during the first few months of the Trump presidency.

Mainstream media television outlets have largely ignored the success that the financial markets have seen during the first several months of the Trump presidency. The 30th closing record of the Trump presidency occurred on July 31 when the Dow Jones closed at 21,891, leading to speculation that it would make the unprecedented cross over beyond the 22,000 mark.

That evening, all three broadcast evening news programs ignored that significant threshold that the Dow Jones was about to pass through. In fact, ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news programs rarely mentioned the Dow Jones milestones achieved since Trump’s inauguration.

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