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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Kids Are Pouring Out Of Bennett

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 3-13-18


I attended the meeting of the Greater Salisbury Committee yesterday where Mike Dunn ordered a "Study" of the Revenue Cap and a presentation called The White Paper was done by Bob Moore. Invited were reporters from WBOC and WMDT. Also invited were the County Executive and members of the Wicomico County Council. Most of the material present was false or misleading and the gist of it was to get the revenue cap lifted and give more funding to the schools.

You really should do a story on this before Mike Dunn and his Cronies start a petition to get it on the ballott for 2018. Mike Dunn is rushing to get it through before the Deadline at the General Assembly. Thank God Ed Wilgus spoke out against it. Thank God people at my table did not support Mike Dunn and his attempt to circumvent the Revenue Cap. If this continues my business will resign our membership to the Greater Salisbury Committee. We didn't want Mike Dunn as the CEO because of his failed leadership with the City of Salisbury and his lack of business skills and his poor resume. He's been unemployed more than he has had an actual job.

A Viewer Writes: My idea of stupid bank pratices


I just had the worst experience of greed I've ever encountered.A friend gave me a check for app. 2000 dollars drawn on M & T Bank from his account. I went to M & T Bank to cash this check and since I didn't have an account there they were going to charge me 2 percent to cash it-I declined. So if I have an account with this bank and I write a check the receiver of the check can't cash it at the bank it was drawn on. They have no problem I'm sure taking the deposit,they just want to control of who cashes it. I told the friend that since I had to run across town to cash this check for materials that I'm charging him extra. However if he changes banks I will return his money. The funny part of this story is that a relative of his just won over 200,000 from the Pa. lottery and was going to deposit it in the same bank - I guarantee he won't now after this happening. A footnote to M & T, don't worry if you lose half your customers the Government will always bail out all banks. And I will also tell anyone I know about your greed.

Parents Panic Over Pittsville Middle School Threat, And They Should


Because the City of Salisbury is spending money faster then they're bringing it in, the City owes, (at a minimum) $354,673.97 in past due bills and Mayor Jake Day has refused to pay what is clearly owed to the County. So much so that the County had no choice but to stand up for County Taxpayers and start the process to collect these outstanding funds.

Trust me, this is just the beginning. The County spends almost $125,000.00 alone in just parking to the City for their employees and there's absolutely no reason the City continues to ignore these past due expenses. The County, (in good faith) agreed to the nuclear option fire department expenses and it's about time the County put their foot down. 

In another article later today I will also expose just how much money the City is blowing, something the rest of the media is ignoring because of outside Good Ol' Boy pressure. Can you say Greater Salisbury? More to come. 


Some Local Students Expected To Participate In National School Walkout

SNOW HILL – Local students are expected to join their peers throughout the country in a national school walkout planned for Wednesday morning.

A month after the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a 17-minute national walkout set to take place at 10 a.m. on March 14 will honor those killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Students at Stephen Decatur High School are among those expected to participate in a walkout.

“We are aware of students at our high schools that have expressed a desire to participate in the National School Walkout,” said Carrie Sterrs, coordinator of public relations and special programs at Worcester County Public Schools. “As a county, we are not issuing a statement on the walkout; however, our high school principals have been working closely with the student leaders of the planned demonstrations to ensure that they are conducted safely, and that they are not disruptive to those students not participating.”


A Viewer Writes: Pittsville Elementary and Middle School


I wanted to make everyone aware that a threat was made yesterday by an 8th grade student. He claims he is bringing a gun to school today and is going to open fire. He allegedly told his girlfriend to wear red so that she would stand out from the rest and he wouldn’t target her. 

Thanks for helping to get this information out to the public.

BREAKING NEWS: Salisbury Police Destroying Shelters For Homeless Animals

As evidence proves from the above image, the local group Community Cats Coalition has been helping to feed and shelter local cats in the Salisbury area. In time they will capture, spay and neuter these animals at their own expense. The above image comes from the Kohls Store area in which they had permission to help these animals.

In the mean time, obviously your Mayor Jake Day and Council President Jack Heath are totally against ANYTHING to do with HOMELESS in Salisbury by destroying their shelters. Meanwhile, crime is on the rise because these outrageous acts on innocent and defenseless animals are far more important.

City of Salisbury Announces Partnership with Salinas, Ecuador

Another job available in Da Bury

Looking for a job opportunity? The City of Salisbury's Infrastructure & Development Department is seeking a Project Engineer!

Project Engineer
Full-time (35 hrs/week)
Salary: $48,000
Full range of benefits

Situated between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean is the capital of the Eastern Shore, Salisbury, Maryland. With a population of over 32,000, Salisbury has become home to a very diverse community of people. Whether it is for the vibrant economic opportunity, quality public education, world-class healthcare, reinvigorated environmental stewardship, or globally known corporations, people are coming to be a part of this ever-changing town.

Salisbury is currently looking to hire a Project Engineer to add to our Infrastructure and Development Department team. As a Project Engineer, you will be enhancing the quality of life of our citizens by implementing infrastructure improvements and developments in the City. You will be responsible for managing infrastructure projects including ensuring compliance with scope, budget, and schedule. You will also be responsible for reviewing development projects to meet City and State requirements.

Duties: Development plan review, engineering planning and design, management of infrastructure design projects, and construction project administration.

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering; E.I.T. in Maryland is preferred. Must be able to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. Plan review or design experience in municipal infrastructure and stormwater management is desirable.

Closing Date: Open until filled

The 10 Worst Cities In Maryland Explained

Maryland State Police Prepare For Increased Patrols For St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

(PIKESVILLE, Md.) —As St. Patrick’s Day approaches on March 17, Maryland State Police are urging those who plan to celebrate with alcohol to be safe and smart and avoid impaired and distracted driving.

With an increase in impaired drivers expected throughout the state this weekend, state police will be conducting saturation patrols at each of the 23 barracks focusing on impaired, aggressive and distracted driving. Enforcement this weekend will be bolstered by impaired driving saturation patrol funds from the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Office.

Initiatives will include saturation patrols in areas known to have a higher number of DUI crashes or arrests and sobriety checkpoints, which are also conducted in locations where experience indicates they are most appropriate. Additional troopers will be assigned as needed. Last St. Patrick’s Day weekend, state police made 88 DUI arrests, 37 criminal arrests and 12 CDS arrests. Troopers also issued 888 speeding citations, 100 seat belt citations and 2,365 other citations.

The State Police Impaired Driving Reduction Effort Team, otherwise known as the SPIDRE team, will also be out in full force this weekend. From March 8 to 11 alone, the SPIDRE team made 17 DUI arrests. Since its inception in May 2013, the SPIDRE team has made 2,604 DUI arrests, 123 criminal arrests and 7,988 traffic stops while also issuing 17,709 citations and 3,852 warnings. The goal of the SPIDRE team is to focus on reducing alcohol related crashes in Maryland by targeting areas across the state with high crash rates involving impaired drivers.

Every year more than 160 lives are lost in Maryland in crashes involving impaired drivers and thousands more are injured according to the Maryland Department of Transportation. Make sure that if you drink, you don’t drive and if you drive, don’t drink this weekend.

If you are attending a St. Patrick’s Day gathering:
Designate your sober driver in advance and give that person your car keys.
If you’re planning on driving, avoid drinking.
Consider using public transportation, call a taxi or use a ride-share service if you don’t have a sober driver.
Don’t let a friend drive if you think they are impaired.
If you see someone who you believe is driving impaired, call police.
Always buckle up.
Don’t text, use a cellphone that is not hands-free or drive distracted.

If you are hosting a St. Patrick’s Day gathering:
Remember, you can be held liable if someone you served alcohol to ends up in an impaired-driving crash.
Serve plenty of food an non-alcoholic beverages
Ensure sober drivers or alternative modes of transportation are set up in advance for guest who are planning to drink alcoholic beverages.
Have contact information for local taxi companies readily available.
Take away the keys away from anyone who is thinking of driving impaired.

Hey kids. You are nothing but puppets.

Hillary Clinton fractures her wrist after slipping in a bathtub

Hillary Clinton will bring home a most undesired souvenir from India - a fractured wrist.

The former Secretary of State injured her right hand on Tuesday, after slipping in a bathtub at the palace where she was staying in Jodhpur.

Doctors were called to the Umaid Bhawan Palace and diagnosed the 70-year-old with a sprain, advising her to rest which forced her to cancel plans to visit the Mehrangarh Fort that evening.

But the pain only worsened, and by Wednesday morning she decided to get her hand checked out at Goyal Hospital.

Doctors there administered a CT Scan and an X-ray of Clinton's wrist, and determined that she had a hairline fracture, the Times of India reports.


Breaking News: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is out, after a rocky tenure. President Trump will replace him with Mike Pompeo, the director of the C.I.A.

President Trump announced Tuesday that Mike Pompeo, now the C.I.A. director, will become secretary of state, replacing Rex W. Tillerson, ending his short but tumultuous tenure as the nation’s chief diplomat. Mr. Tillerson found himself repeatedly at odds with Mr. Trump on a variety of key foreign policy issues.

Park space honoring Confederacy rededicated to Harriet Tubman in Baltimore

More than six months after a statue of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson was removed from a Baltimore park, about 200 residents and elected officials gathered to rededicate the space to abolitionist and Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman.

The Saturday ceremony in Wyman Park Dell, on the 105th anniversary of Tubman’s death, happened only a few feet from the bare pedestal where a large, bronze statue of Lee and Jackson riding horses once stood. The space will now be called Harriet Tubman Grove.

“We stand on the shoulders of this great woman,” Ernestine Jones-Williams, 71, a descendant of the iconic civil rights leader who spoke on behalf of the family, said, reports the Baltimore Sun. “We are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Thank you, and God bless you.”

The statue had stood in the park since 1948, but was removed in August amid a national debate and protests over Confederate monuments and symbols, and how they are viewed. Many people see them as offensive reminders of slavery and racism -- while others consider them a part of their Southern heritage.


Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day Spending Taxpayer Savings Like A Drunken Sailor

Have you ever heard the term, "RAINY DAY FUND"? Well, what you might not know is that the state of Maryland suggests you, (municipalities) retain between two to four months worth of "savings" in your rainy day fund account. 

Back in 2012 the City had over $10,000,000.00 in what the City calls their "Unassigned Fund Balance", in other words their rainy day account. 

As of recently the City now only holds around $6,700,000.00. Ladies & Gentlemen, this is a serious attack on your savings. The ONLY way to regain those funds is for Jake Day and Jack Heath to RAISE TAXES!

The mere fact that Jake divorced the City from the County and started creating several new departments and additional/new employees is clear evidence that the City absolutely cannot afford this restructure plan. NONE of these departments and positions were in their budget, so how do they afford such growth. Well, because your local media is so tied to the hips of the Good Ol' Boys they've not checked into this rainy day account and have simply covered it up. What I am telling you on funds is an absolute fact and it could actually be a lot worse. 

Yesterday I started a firestorm by exposing the County suing the City. Every single news organization went into damage control mode and bombarded Jake Day's office demanding answers. The City came back with a statement more or less stating they want to cooperate with the County but you have to ask yourself this question, ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID? The lawsuit is nothing new to the City and they've had plenty of time to resolve the funds they owe the County, so shut the hell up Jake Day, we're not that stupid. 

So to all you City Taxpayers, know your savings account is very quietly being raped by your Mayor and Council President. They are covering it up by the MILLIONS.  

Mike McDermott Wins Critical Endorsement in Sheriff's Race

(Snow Hill, MD) The Worcester County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 50 recently held a candidates forum for those individuals seeking to become the next Sheriff of Worcester County.

Lodge 50 represents and offers direct support to the nearly 100 deputies who work for the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office as well as officers working for Pocomoke City, Snow Hill and Ocean Pines. The deputies voted overwhelmingly to support and endorse Mike McDermott to be the next Sheriff of Worcester County.

“After hearing from the four candidates about their vision for the Sheriff’s Office and reviewing their resumes, there was no doubt about the strong support that Mike McDermott has in the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office” said Lodge President Chris Larmore. “The confidence and support of our members is critically important for our Sheriff, and we are excited about the future direction of the Office under the leadership of Mike McDermott.”

Mike McDermott is currently in his 36 year of law enforcement service. He is a Division Commander at the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and has led every division of the Office during his career, including several multi jurisdictional task force operations. McDermott has also served as the Chief of Police for the Town of Snow Hill, was twice elected Mayor of Pocomoke City, and also served as a Delegate representing Worcester and Wicomico Counties
in the Maryland General Assembly.

McDermott stated he was “humbled” to receive the endorsement and support of his peers. “All of these deputies have worked for me at one time or another. To have their full support and confidence to be their next Sheriff means the world to me,” said McDermott. “I will not let them or their families down...and I will provide professional law enforcement to the citizens and 

visitors of Worcester County.”

Illinois Senate Taking Up Bill Requiring 18-20-Year-Olds to Hand Over Certain Semiautomatic Rifles

The Illinois Senate will consider a bill Wednesday that would require 18-20-year-olds to relinquish certain semiautomatic rifles.

The bill, HB 1465, originated in the Illinois House, where it was sponsored by Rep. Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg).

Breitbart News reported that the House passed the measure by a vote of 64-51. It gives 18-20-year-olds 90 days to hand over or transfer ownership of heretofore legally possessed “assault weapons” and demands the same age group immediately forfeit ownership of “high capacity” magazines.

Fox 2 reported that critics of Mussman’s bill were shocked by “the idea that the government would confiscate property.” But Mussman responded to these concerns by assuring colleagues on both sides of the aisle that “authorities will not visit homes to pick up weapons.” Rather, the ramifications for not obeying the law would be meted out a charge at a time. She said, “A first offense for getting caught with prohibited firearms would be a misdemeanor offense.”


Obamas in talks with Netflix

Former President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama are reportedly in talks with Netflix to produce shows for the streaming service.

No deal has been struck yet, but sources told the New York Times that Obama does not intend to use the platform as a way to respond to President Trump, his successor. Instead, the shows would focus on inspirational stories.

One idea being tossed around is a show on issues important to Obama's presidency, including healthcare and the environment. Another concerns nutrition, an issue close to Michelle Obama during her time as first lady.


Report: Former Vice President Joe Biden Preparing Another Run for President in 2020

Joe Biden, a former U.S. senator, former vice president, and oft-times candidate for president, is once again trying to run for the White House, a report says.

Politico reports that Biden’s aides and staffers are now running scenarios for 2020 as he prepares to throw his hat into the Democrat Party primary process, according to the Hill.

Barack Obama’s former vice president is “thinking through a million unconventional options because there is an acknowledgment that this could be an unconventional campaign,” an inside source said.

The insider claims Biden has been upset with President Donald Trump’s administration.


WMDT's New Latino Channel

What's he saying?

Does ANYONE Know Who This Bike Might Belong To???

Sooo, this bike has been outside JMB for the past 3 days. Kind of an expensive "rental" for a HS student. Jake Day and his Snowflake staff are just a bunch of Idiots. One has to seriously wonder, (God Forbid) just what Jack Heath will do to the County if he was elected. 

Student Leaves Class for Gun Control Walkout, Finds Himself Alone

A student at Wilson, North Carolina’s Wilson Preparatory Academy stepped out of class to participate in the March 14 walkouts for gun control only to find that he was the only student at the academy taking part.

The student, Justin Blackman, remained alone outside for the duration of the event.

IJR Red reports that the academy has “about 700 students,” 699 of which chose not to participate in the walk out.

More here

Killer who gunned down NYPD cops in 1971 to walk free

A coldblooded cop-killer who gunned down two of New York’s Finest — finishing one off with the officer’s own gun as he begged for his life — will soon walk out of prison a free man.

Domestic terrorist Herman Bell, one of three Black Revolutionary Army thugs who in 1971 gunned down NYPD Officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones in a cowardly ambush, has been granted parole, authorities announced Wednesday.

Despite decades of insisting that he’s a “political prisoner” who was set up, Bell finally convinced the Gov. Cuomo-appointed panel that he’s a remorseful, reformed man.

“There was nothing political about the act, as much as I thought at the time. It was murder and horribly wrong,” Bell told the board, according to its report released Wednesday.


Berlin Intermediate - Middle School Also Had A Gun Threat Earlier This Week

Publishers Notes: The below mentioned threat happened early this week and does NOT affect TODAY. Do you feel the Board of Education should be more forthcoming to let the Press know, (and parents directly) about such matters?

A 7th grade female student made a threat yesterday afternoon about bringing a gun to BIS today. It was reported to the Worcester County Sheriffs Department. Evidently there were about 5 families who did so. The DARE counselor thanked the students and families for doing the right thing & let them know how great they were to 'see something, say something!' The police are investigating & the matter is being handled.

Unfortunately the girl in question has semi-regular trouble at school, gets in fights, etc, broken home, etc.

Hillary: Trump Voters "Didn't Like Black People Getting Rights" or "Women Getting Jobs"

Taking a break from her girls' trip to India with top aide Huma Abedin and an unknown blonde woman, Hillary Clinton told a Mumbai audience that Americans don't "deserve" Donald Trump as President, and that Trump voters hate black people, women, and Indian Americans.

“I would have to say, no, we did not deserve that,” said Clinton at the Saturday event, adding "He ran the first reality TV campaign and he was the first reality TV candidate."

“If you watch reality TV, you know it means that the person who is the most outrageous, the person who says the politically incorrect things, the person who’s insulting and attacking, drives big ratings,” said the failed presidential candidate.

Hillary then called Trump voters racists and misogynists:

...I won the places that represent 2/3 of America's gross domestic product. So I won the areas that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. And his whole campaign "Make America Great Again," was looking backwards.

You know, you didn't like black people getting rights, you don't like women, you know, getting jobs, you don't wanna see that Indian American succeeding more than you are.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid: NRA Made Guns a 'Cultural Issue' --- You Need to Arm Yourself Against 'Scary Brown People'

During the Saturday broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid suggested that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has made guns a “cultural issue,” adding that it has sent signals that its doctrine is to arm yourself to stay safe from the “scary brown people.”

“The NRA has sort of aligned itself with the so-called alt-right,” Reid stated. “They’ve made it a cultural issue and sent signals that it is the scary brown people you need to arm yourself against. It’s crazy messaging. That next generation, very multi-racial, very multi-cultural. They’re not interested in that message.”


The physicist Stephen Hawking has died at 76. He roamed the cosmos from a wheelchair, making discoveries that changed how we see the universe.

The Cambridge-educated physicist overcame a disability to become an emblem of human determination.

Parents Say Decision to Allow Student Walkout Breaks Law

A group of parents from New Milford, Connecticut has hired an attorney to articulate their concerns about the decision by their school district to allow students to participate in the national student walkout held Wednesday to advocate for gun control.

In an email sent to Breitbart News, the parents – who wish to remain anonymous – argue the student walkout might appear to be a fairly innocuous First Amendment event to honor the students killed in the Parkland, Florida, shooting and to advocate for gun control.

However, the parents add, the decision involves issues concerning “adherence to law and policy, the manipulation of minors, the misuse of tax dollars, and indoctrination and political activism during school hours.”

They are especially concerned the student walkouts were organized by the Women’s March, an anti-Trump organization with ties to radical anti-Semites such as Louis Farrakhan.


Another Salisbury Police Officer Captured In Homeless Cat Shelter Sting

A commenter said: They took water bowls and chained down feeding stations and shelters. Straw was left all over the parking lot.

Hillary Falls Twice As Aides Scramble To Help Her Overcome Flight Of Stairs

Hillary Clinton does not have the best luck with obstacles - however it has nothing to do with her health, we're being told again.

While navigating down a flight of approximately 15 stairs at Jahaz Mahal in New Delhi, India on Monday, Clinton began to fall about halfway down. As helpers scrambled to assist the former Secretary of State, she lost control again - her left foot shooting forward while her right leg crumpled beneath her.

Hillary's double stumble down the relatively benign flight of stairs comes one day after she said Trump supporters "didn't like black people getting rights," or "women getting jobs" during a discussion at the India Today Conclave on Sunday.


Cutting welfare to illegal aliens would pay for Trump’s wall

Mexico won’t have to pay for the wall, after all. US taxpayers won’t have to pick up the tab, either. The controversial barrier, rather, will cover its own cost just by closing the border to illegal immigrants who tend to go on the federal dole.

That’s the finding of recent immigration studies showing the $18 billion wall President Trump plans to build along the southern border will pay for itself by curbing the importation of not only crime and drugs, but poverty.

“The wall could pay for itself even if it only modestly reduced illegal crossings and drug smuggling,” Steven A. Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Post.


GOP resuscitating Obamacare with massive bailout

Congressional Republicans who repeatedly pledged to repeal and replace Obamacare instead are racing today to rescue the law with truckloads of federal cash.

Their plan: a multi-billion-dollar bailout of health insurers that sell Obamacare policies. In return, the insurers promise to reduce premiums just in time for November’s elections.


Can You Guess What This Is?

Could It Be?