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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Salisbury City Council Agenda & Packet for 5-15-17

Be Here Tomorrow Morning At 8:00 AM

Tomorrow morning we will deliver one of the most damning exclusive stories we have ever delivered. What I will tell you is, this will absolutely blow you away and shock you to no end. It has taken us several days to compile and confirm everything we will present to you. This is a story you will want all of your friends and family members to see. Be prepared to contact ALL of your elected officials on the Eastern Shore.

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother kept a garden,
a garden of the heart,
She planted all the good things
that gave my life it's start.
She turned me to the sunshine
and encouraged me to dream,
Fostering and nurturing
the seeds of self-esteem...
And when the winds and rain came,
she protected me enough-
But not too much because she knew
I'd need to stand up strong and tough.
Her constant good example
always taught me right from wrong-
Markers for my pathway
that will last a lifetime long.
I am my Mother's garden.
I am her legacy-
And I hope today she feels the love
reflected back from me...

Happy Mother's Day

Fire Department Funding




 John T. Cannon, (R) 
Council President At-Large
30303 Dixon Road,
Salisbury, MD 

21804 Office:


Larry W. Dodd (R)

Council Vice President 
District 3

P.O. Box 1285
1009 Bell Ave.
Salisbury, MD 21802Office:

 Ernest F. Davis,(D)  
District 1 

8500 N. West Road, Salisbury, MD 21801


Marc Kilmer, (R) 

District 2

27350 Nanticoke Rd, Salisbury, MD 21801


Matt Holloway, (R) 


27585 Little Lane
Salisbury, MD 21801

 John Hall (R)
District 4 
414 Forest Lane 
Salisbury, MD 21801




Joe Holloway (R)

District 5
32928 Shavox Road
Parsonsburg, MD 21849


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Use this link to send an email to all council members: Email All Council Members

After SFD Station 1 Claimed They Were In Route, This Video Proves They Lied

This video shows they said they were responding, in route to the patient. They didn't leave for another 3 minutes. The County Council was informed about this and the Chief interrupted and said, stuff like this never happens. The reason it was recorded was because it was the 3rd time that night this crew had done this. Here's the proof.


Publishers Notes: Let me clear something up here for ALL of you. Yes, this was the PAID Firefighters and not the Volunteers. 

HOWEVER, I believe the POINT here is, it doesn't matter WHO it was, it's UNACCEPTABLE, period!

Day Trippin'

By Thornton Crowe

Last week, the news heralded Headquarters Live would be no more and the downtown fire station would now become the central office for the failing Daily Times. During the newscast, WMDT interviewed Mayor Jake Day and he offered up a brighter picture of sunshine and roses by stating the City has big plans for a snazzy new amphitheater which will accommodate 700+ on the River Walk!

Wow! Just Brilliant Indeed!

It would seem our mayor has no logical thought chain whatsoever. Instead, he just goes from one mess to another much like a seagull; making little piles of dung everywhere while never fixing anything to any kind of satisfaction for the community.

Salisbury needs an amphitheater but not a working waste and sewage plant or more jobs to help with the area's failing economy? 

Now join me in a little reality break. If Salisburians were spending their money on entertainment, then why did Headquarters Live fail? And if this smaller venue cannot manage to stay afloat, how can Day and his band of liberal minded groupies expect a larger venue like an amphitheater fair any better (if not worse?) What about the already existing, underutilized venue, the Civic Center?

Salisbury doesn't have the services or attendance to attract large known acts to generate the revenue for any promoter to be interested! We are no more than a one-off - meaning second tier acts playing some place like Washington or Baltimore, can come here for a quick gig. However, this place is too small to guarantee the attendance needed to fulfill their contracts. Bands tour to make money on music sales not ticket sales. If no one attends a show then the effort an exercise in futility.

Like any atypical Democrat, the feel-good projects get attention while everything else falls into disrepair. The sewage plant has never been right, the roads are a mess, some areas are in dire need of gentrification but an amphitheater is what the community really needs.

Day never thinks ahead of time and it's painfully obvious. Mind you, no more than a few feet away he's proposed Section 8 housing. No tour manager in his right mind would let his client play in an area that close to the ghetto because security considerations would be a nightmare. Given the above about the purpose of touring, Salisbury is just not worth the additional headache.

Lastly, the building was practically given away to Gillis Gilkerson for a song, in a sweetheart deal to promote the Arts in the area, not to be rented to anyone who had rent money. Therefore, how is the Daily Times in any way answering into this supposed condition for the building's sale?

I'm just a man asking questions and pointing out the obvious!

Salisbury Fire Station 1 Letter To The Editor

Local Lawsuit Filed


Plaintiff *



Defendants *

and *

Serve: John M. Comegys, Resident Agent *
2805 Philadelphia Ave.
Ocean City, MD 21842 * 
            Now comes Plaintiff, Robert W. Hearn, Sr., by and through undersigned legal counsel Luke A. Rommel and Rommel and Associates, LLC, and files this Complaint against Defendants, John J. Barringer and Coastal Auto Recovery, and as causes of action state as follows:
            1.         Plaintiff, Robert W. Hearn, Sr., is a resident of Wicomico County, Maryland.
            2.         Defendant, John J. Barringer, is a resident of the State of Delaware.
            3.         Defendant, Coastal Auto Recovery, Inc., is a Maryland corporation, with its principal office in Ocean City, Maryland. 
            4.         Venue is appropriate in this jurisdiction because the cause of action which is subject of this Complaint occurred in Wicomico County, and Defendants actively do business in Wicomico County.  The amount in controversy exceeds the jurisdictional limits of this court.
            5.         This case, in many ways, is similar to the oft-cited, Maryland punitive damage case: Darcars Motors of Silver Spring, Inc. v. Borzym, 379 Md. 249 (2004).  Plaintiff, Robert W. Hearn, Sr., was employed by Defendants, Coastal Auto Recovery, Inc. and John J. Barranger.  Mr. Hearn’s job responsibilities, generally, included towing, repossessing and storing vehicles on behalf of third-party clients, usually lien-holders.  Defendants have been in this industry for several decades, and are very experienced and profitable in this field.
            6.         Mr. Hearn is the owner of a 2007 Ford F250.  Mr. Hearn purchased the vehicle in December of 2015, for a purchase price of $25,224.20.  Since purchasing the vehicle, Mr. Hearn has made many mechanical and cosmetic improvements and upgrades, which have likely increased the value of the truck.  In addition, for reasons known to Defendants, the vehicle has great sentimental and emotional value to Mr. Hearn.  A picture of the vehicle is below:

             7.         In June of 2016, Defendants loaned Mr. Hearn $600.00.  The loan agreement, albeit simplistically, was in the form of a signed, written contract.  It provided: “Loan $600.00 cash on 2007 F250 – 30 day no interest[,] just clean tow truck.”  Defendants paid $600.00 in cash to Mr. Hearn.
            8.         Mr. Hearn has recently been diagnosed with skin cancer, and has been actively treating at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury.  The process has been financially challenging.  Regardless, Mr. Hearn initially made two separate efforts to repay Defendants: 1) in $100.00 installments; and 2) to come out of his paycheck, which he received from Defendants.  For unknown reasons, Defendants did not accept either of these suggested repayment options. 
            9.         Important to this litigation, on or around April 15, 2017, Mr. Hearn quit his job with Defendants, and went to work for River City Recovery, a competitor of Defendants located in Mechanicsville, Virginia. 
            10.       On Monday, May 1, 2017, at approximately 9:15 a.m., Defendants sent one of their employees to Mr. Hearn’s residence in Willards, MD, with the intention of secretly towing and taking possession of Mr. Hearn’s F-250.  Defendants did not anticipate anyone would be at the residence, as they expected Mr. Hearn to be working.  Mr. Hearn was not home, but was not working; he was receiving cancer treatments at PRMC.  Mr. Hearn’s girlfriend was at the residence, and she told Defendants’ employee that Defendants did not have permission to take the truck.  In response, Defendants’ employee simply stated “fuck you and fuck [Mr. Hearn] too,” and towed the truck away.  A picture of the truck being towed by Defendants is below:
            11.       On Sunday, May 7, 2017, Mr. Hearn asked Defendants to return the F-250.  Defendants attempted to extort Mr. Hearn by threating to “press [criminal] charges” unless Mr. Hearn “sign[ed] the title over to [Defendants].”  These threats were sent by Defendants to Mr. Hearn in the following text messages:

            12.       In this text message exchange, Defendants also acknowledge that Mr. Hearn tried making payments on the loan, but that Mr. Hearn had “no way to prove [it]” and that Defendants “told you I would get you and I did.”  In addition, Defendants sent Mr. Hearn a voicemail, which has been saved by Mr. Hearn, where Defendants say “I guess both of your balls are locked in a box now.”  This message is a crude double-entendre where Defendants are referencing both Mr. Hearn’s cancer treatments and Defendants’ extortion efforts. 
            13.       On May 9, 2017, Mr. Hearn sent a certified check in the amount of $600.00 to Defendants.  Mr. Hearn also requested, by telephone, that Defendants simply return his vehicle and the contents within the vehicle to its rightful owner.  Defendants indicated that they would not accept the check and would not return the vehicle.  This lawsuit followed. 
            14.       Plaintiff incorporates by reference the facts and allegations of paragraphs 1-13 as if fully set forth herein.
            15.       Beginning on or around May 1, 2017, Defendants wrongfully exercised dominion and control over Mr. Hearn’s 2007 F-250 vehicle, and personal property within the vehicle, which include: a) Mr. Hearn’s Ocean City Volunteer Fire Department gear and helmet; b) a G5 fire pager; c) stereo equipment; d) commercial tool box; e) clothes, shoes and boots; f) two I-pads; g) a digital Motorola radio; h) emergency dash lights; i) two check books; j) photographs of Mr. Hearn’s late father; k) wedding rings from Mr. Hearn’s parents, both of whom are deceased. 
            16.       Defendants acted intentionally and with actual malice, and with knowledge of the wrongfulness of their acts.  Defendants’ conduct was improperly motivated by efforts to punish and extort Mr. Hearn. 
            17.       Mr. Hearn is the rightful owner of the 2007 F-250 vehicle and its contents.  He demanded that the vehicle be returned, and this demand was refused by Defendants. 
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff, Robert W. Hearn, Sr., demands judgment against Defendants, Coastal Auto Recovery, Inc. and John J. Barranger, in an amount exceeding $30,000.00, plus punitive damages exceeding $30,000.00, plus attorneys’ fees, costs, and any further relief determined to be appropriate by this Court.
            Plaintiff demands a jury trial in the above-captioned matter.

EXCLUSIVE: Good Ol' Boys In Somerset County Pull Yet Another Fast One With Sheriff's Deputy Victor Kulynycz

Court System:District Court For Somerset County - Criminal
Case Number:D-022-CR-17-000296
Title:State of Maryland vs. VICTOR KULYNYCZ
Case Type:Criminal - SOC - Application
Filing Date:05/10/2017
Case Status:Open
Tracking Number(s):171001298171

Defendant Information
Address:12124 E RIDGE RD
City:PRINCESS ANNEState:MDZip Code:21853-0000

Involved Parties Information
Name:State of Maryland

Attorney(s) for the Plaintiff
Name:State's Attorney - Somerset County
Address Line 1:30500 Prince William Street
City:Princess AnneState:MDZip Code:21853


Court Scheduling Information
Event TypeEvent DateEvent TimeCourt LocationCourt RoomResult
Hearing - NP/Stet/Dismissal05/12/201709:00:00Somerset District CourtCourtroom 1
Hearing - Preliminary Inquiry06/16/201709:00:00Somerset District CourtCourtroom 1Cancelled/Vacated

Charge and Disposition Information
Charge No:1CJIS Code:2-2210Statute Code:CR.6.402
Charge Description:TRESPASS-POSTED PROPERTYCharge Class:Misdemeanor
Probable Cause:YES
Offense Date From:04/18/2017To: 04/18/2017
Agency Name:Officer ID:

Document Information
File Date:05/10/2017Close Date:
Filed By:
Document Name:Document Issued

File Date:05/10/2017Close Date:
Filed By:
Document Name:Summons Issued

File Date:05/11/2017Close Date:
Filed By:
Document Name:State's/County Attorney's Notice to Nolle Pros/Stet

It turns out the former DNR Officer and now Somerset County Deputy was charged for trespassing after shooting a turkey on private property, leased by a hunting club. This Officer is NOT a member of the Club. Don't you find it amazing just how quickly Dan Powell had the case Nolle Pros / Stet in just a matter of hours!

Salisbury News learned that the Hunting Club who spent thousands of dollars leasing this property are not at all happy with this. Funny how a former DNR Officer, (who knows better) feels they are untouchable, AGAIN.

A Letter To The Editor: Salisbury Fire Department Response Times

Dear Editor:

In light of everything that has taken place over the last few months dealing with the Salisbury Fire Department, I felt the need to share.

The city claims they had to supplement the volunteers by adding more paid staffing because of response times. If they are so worried about response times, can someone please explain to me why my taxes are paying for these men and women to sit down and have lunch at a restaurant way OUTSIDE of the Station 1 fire district? Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with them having lunch or whatever but the issue is that they are INSIDE Five Guys eating lunch when there are SEVERAL other places within their territory to eat. What happens if an emergency comes in over on Mt. Hermon Rd. During lunch time, traffic is horrible in this area anyways and trying to maneuver through traffic is already going to slow the response time, but now since they are out of their district it will take that much longer.

The ones that are objecting to funding Company 1 needs to realize there is going to be a delay no matter who is responding. The volunteers simply because they have to leave their homes or jobs to respond, which they do for free versus these career fire fighters who have a delay simply because they choose to be anywhere but at their station waiting for a call. Even when they are at the Station, we have already seen proof there is a delay of almost 3 minutes for an EMS call.

There seems to be a lot of pointing fingers and childish actions being taken by the ones that do not wish to see Company 1 succeed. However, the very things they are accusing these VOLUNTEERS of, they are almost certainly guilty of themselves if not worse.

And for the record, I am NOT affiliated with any fire department. I am a COUNTY citizen and because this situation effects me, I have been trying to stay up to date on it.


Salisbury Middle School UPDATE

While the image we published today, (screen shot below) was in fact true, I have been informed by School Authorities that the situation was immediately addressed and announced over the PA System before classes started, that it would NOT be tolerated.

That being said, there have been NO FIGHTS. I have been asked by Salisbury Middle School to remove the original article as their phones have been "ringing off the hook". I agreed and removed the original article.

When An Artist Wants $60.00 A Seat, (minimum) This Is What Happens!

R. Kelly’s After Party Tour show at the WY&CC – Notice of Cancellation

We respectfully regret the R. Kelly "After Party" concert at the WYCC in Salisbury, MD on May 14, 2017, has been cancelled due to unexpected circumstances. This cancellation is solely the decision of the organizers.
Ticket holders who paid with credit card will be automatically refunded within seven working days.

Ticket holders who paid with cash must contact the Box Office concerning their refund. These ticket holders will receive a refund check. Please allow at least two weeks to receive your check.
If you have any questions, please call the Box Office at 410-548-4911.

A Viewer Writes: Hebron Fire

The other night there was a so called controlled burn in the Hebron area. I rode to the site and all I saw were pick up trucks, no means to control the massive piles of burning timber if it got out of control. It is my understanding that the owner of the property is a worcester county resident that applied for an open air l burn permit from the div of forestry for agricultural purposes. The wicomico county health dept did not issue him a permit which is typically the norm for these practices. I live about five miles away from the burn site and the smoke was so extreme that we couldn't stand to be in the outside air. The smoke was so thick this morning that it looked like fog had covered the area. Ash had settled on our vehicles, five mile away? I couldn't imagine living in the town or surrounding area of the burn site. If anyone has concerns about the health and welfare issues you need to cont the health dept immediately.. I understand that the owner has another burn tonight. It would be a shame if his intentions were to plant melons for a year and then develop or even worse.. CHICKEN MANSIONS. on that parcel. These photos were taken early in the burn time frame. It got much worse.

Wicomico Sheriff To Seek Grant For Crime Camera

SALISBURY – Officials in Wicomico County will allow the Wicomico County’s Sherriff’s Office to seek grant funding for a $17,035 portable surveillance camera.

In last week’s meeting of the Wicomico County Council, Lt. Rich Wiersberg and 1st Sgt. Mark Wagner approached councilmembers seeking approval to submit an application and receive grant funds, if chosen, that would pay for a high definition camera that will monitor crime activity in needed areas.

Wiersberg said the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention was accepting white paper applications with a two-page narrative and budget requirement between $15,000 and $200,000 to fund certain projects that target opioids and violent crimes.

“We quickly sat down with the sheriff and went over some needs,” he said. “It’s been on our goal list for quite some time when this came up. We are just waiting for Mr. Culver’s (Bob, county executive) signature and your approval to make it formal.”

He explained that the $17,035 the sheriff’s office has requested will be used to purchase a surveillance camera and its various components.


WCSO CID Press Releases May 10, 2017

Incident: Manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of CDS: not marijuana, possession of ammunition by persons prohibited
 Date of Incident: May 9, 2017
Location: 27000-Block of Patriot Drive Salisbury, Maryland
 Suspects: Rory John Casale, 30 years old, Salisbury, MD
Crystal Lynn Stephens, 33 years old, Salisbury, MD
 Narrative: On May 9, 2017 members of the Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team, assisted by members of the Criminal Investigative Division, executed a search and seizure warrant in the 27000-block of Patriot Drive Salisbury, MD. During the course of the search, Deputies located items in the garage of the home that were consistent with a methamphetamine laboratory. These items included beakers, glass rods, tubing, chemicals, flammable liquids, filters, utensils, and other items used to manufacture methamphetamine. Members of the Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration responded to the scene to assist with the investigation. A further search of the residence revealed syringes, heroin, and other unknown substances that will be forwarded to the State Police crime lab for testing. Ammunition was also located in the residence. The occupants of the residence, Rory Casale and Crystal Stephens, were charged with numerous offenses. Both subjects were seen by a District Court Commissioner and detained on bond.

Charges: Manufacturing methamphetamine, Possession of CDS: not marijuana, Possession of ammunition by persons prohibited, Maintaining a common nuisance: residence.

Incident: Distribution of crack cocaine, possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine
Date of Incident: May 5, 2017
Location: Cedar Drive @ Mt. Hermon Road Salisbury, MD
Tyquan Jamal King, 19 years old, Salisbury, MD
Brianna Nicole Dashiell, 22 years old, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On May 5, 2017 a member of the Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle being operated by Tyquan Jamal King. The Deputy learned that King was currently wanted on two (2) warrants. The owner of the vehicle, Brianna Nicole Dashiell, was also a passenger in the vehicle during the stop. During the arrest of King, probable cause to search the vehicle was developed. A search of the vehicle revealed crack cocaine located throughout the vehicle. Deputies arrested both King and Dashiell for possession of crack cocaine. Once back at the Sheriff’s Office, Dashiell advised Deputies that she had a bag of crack cocaine on her person. Deputies retrieved this bag and identified it to be approximately 8.8 grams of crack cocaine. Both King and Dashiell were seen by a District Court Commissioner and released on bond.
Charges: Distribution of crack cocaine (King only), Possession of CDS: not marijuana, Possession with the intent to distribute crack cocaine

Thompson, Collick, Bradley, Smith and Parsons

Incident: Drug Investigation
Date of Incident: April 22, 2017
Location: 1100-Block of Lake Street Salisbury, MD 21801
1. Trico Deangelo Thompson, 20 years old, Salisbury, MD
2. Markeith Donnell Collick, 30 years old, Delmar, MD
3. Antonio Ali Bradley, 34 years old, Salisbury, MD
4. Patricia Ann Smith 48 years old, Salisbury, MD
5. Thomas Earl Parsons, 22 years old, Salisbury, MD
Narrative:   Over the course of the last several months, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team (CAT) conducted an investigation in to the illegal sales of controlled dangerous substances from a house located in the 1000-block of Lake Street, Salisbury, Maryland. Probable cause was developed, and a search and seizure warrant was authored for the residence. On Saturday April 22, 2017, the search warrant was executed with the assistance of the Salisbury City Police TAC team. Deputies located a loaded stolen 9mm Springfield XP handgun, a large bag containing marijuana along with scales, bags, oxycodone, cocaine and a large sum of US currency. All subjects were released to the Wicomico County Detention Center. The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division assisted with the investigation.
Charges: Possession with the intent to deliver Marijuana, Possession with the intent to deliver marijuana in a school zone, Possession of a firearm in relation to a drug trafficking crime, Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, Maintain a common nuisance residence, Possession of cocaine, Possession of marijuana.

Breaking News: President Trump has fired James Comey, the F.B.I. director

Mr. Trump did so on the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, said Sean Spicer, the White House spokesman.

A Viewer Writes: "Daily Dumbass"

Here is your Daily Dumbass. I take the family out to The Salisbury Mall and the parking lot is packed. So we ride around looking for a potential spot. I though I saw one until I got closer and saw this. Maybe if enough of these pictures get posted on your site people will be less likely to do ignorant stuff like this.