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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Troopers Seek Public’s Help in Locating a Wanted Subject

Laurel, DE - The Delaware State Police is asking the public’s assistance in attempting to locate a male subject wanted in connection with a domestic assault.

The incident took place on Wednesday August 20, 2014 around 7:55 p.m. when Robert W. Duke, 34 of Laurel, was involved in a physical altercation with his 38 year old girlfriend at their residence. During the argument, Duke threw the female victim to the ground and began assaulting her. He then held her down and would not let her leave or dial 9-1-1 for help all while the incident was witnessed by the female's 10 and 11 year old daughters. The victim was eventually able to free herself and flee the residence with her daughters to a neighbor's house where she called the Emergency Operations Center (9-1-1).

Robert Duke fled the area in a white Chevrolet Camaro with a tan roof and an unknown Delaware registration. Warrants have been obtained on Duke for Assault 3rd, Unlawful Imprisonment 2nd, Reckless Endangering 2nd, two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Malicious Interference with Emergency Communications, and Criminal Mischief.

The 38 year old female was transported by EMS to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital where she was treated for injuries to her wrists and neck and released. The two children were uninjured in the incident.

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Robert Duke they are asked to contact Trooper M. McHenry at 302-337-1090 or by utilizing the Delaware State Police Mobile Crime Tip Application available to download at: Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

20-Year-Old Man Fleeing Police May Never Live Down the Way He Was Captured

Becky Powell was in a moving car when she saw a man running from police officers in Richland, Washington.

Powell, 40, told her husband to speed ahead of the fleeing man — who turned out to be half her age.

I told my husband (the cop) is never going to catch him,” Powell, a bartender, told the Tri-City Herald.

Then — while the car was still moving, the Herald noted — she got out to confront him.


Obama Stands Alone: Even the media are baffled by his deepening isolation

President Obama has few remaining friends—either in his own party or in the media.

That’s the unmistakable conclusion of two pieces this week in the New York Times. Just about everyone, it seems, is down on his single, solitary nature.

I’ve been saying for a year now that the president’s liberal media allies have soured on him. It started with the ObamaCare debacle and continued through his seeming passivity or slow reaction time in the wake of the VA scandal, the Bowe Bergdahl mess, the military collapse in Iraq and so on. At this point they’re basically Waiting for Hillary.

What is striking now is a growing sense, fairly or unfairly, that Obama is not capable of rising to the occasion, that he just doesn’t like politics, that he’s disengaged, that despite his soaring rhetoric in 2008 he has a passion deficit.

All the criticism about him playing golf and being at Martha’s Vineyard is kind of a code for his supposedly being unplugged from the job.


Trend Setter?

Geraldo Rivera: Obama Golfing with His 'Old Chums From the Hood' Let Americans Down

Thursday on Fox News Channel's "The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson," network regular Geraldo Rivera expressed deep frustration with President Barrack Obama's reaction yesterday to ISIS beheading American journalist James Foley saying, "Playing golf with his old chums from the hood" was "totally tone deaf and insincere."

"I think he let us down," he said.

Rivera said, "What happened with James Foley is it was a declaration of war against the United States of America by ISIS. ISIS declared itself the Islamic state, in other words, a defacto country in parts of Syria and Iraq, they declared themselves a country. They committed an act of war against the United States. I think the president of the United States should now say we are at war with ISIS. everything goes."



Most home fires caused by clothes dryers can be eliminated by regular maintenance and cleaning of the appliance and the attached vent ducting. “Following the below listed guidelines will not only promote the longevity of the dryer, but it will also lessen the chance for a fire,” stated Fire Marshal Geraci. 

 • Clean the lint filter before or after each use to allow proper airflow.

• Never operate the dryer without the lint filter in place.

• Check the outside vent housing and remove any obstructions.

• Specialized brushes are available for purchase to reach into the area beneath the lint screen and the vent pipe.

• Consider having a qualified professional service the appliance at least once a year to ensure peak performance and efficiency.

• Keep the area around the dryer clean and free of combustible items.

• Ensure the dryer is plugged into an appropriate outlet designed for your appliance.

• If you are drying items that were previously contaminated with volatile chemicals such as gasoline, motor oil, cooking oils or other types of combustible liquids, please ensure you remove the items soon after the drying cycle ends. Avoid stacking them together until the items have cooled to room temperature. If chemicals still remain in the items, they could self-ignite if not allowed to cool properly.

• Replace plastic and thin foil accordion type vent ducting with rigid or semi- rigid metal duct. Plastic and thin foil ducting can more easily trap lint, which reduces airflow and presents a potential fire hazard.

• If you leave your home, do not allow the dryer to continue operating.

• Do not overload the dryer. The additional items cause stress on the appliance and lower the effectiveness to dry efficiently.

• When in doubt, review the owner’s manual for proper safety measures.

Following the above listed safety guidelines will help to ensure a regular household task does not turn into a dangerous situation. Additionally, please take the time to check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors for proper operation.

Trouble In Socialist Paradise: Maduro Rating Plummets As Shoppers Prepare To Be Fingerprinted

It appears Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has run out of other people's money. Just 8 months after his exuberant 60% approval rating at the end of last year after local elections (appealing to the ever-more-impoverished ultra-poor who remain entirely dependent on his 'fairness'), the socialist leader's popularity has plunged. As Bloomberg reports, Hinterlaces polling shows only a 39% approval rating (oddly similar to President Obama's). There are numerous reasons of course, but we suspect the news that Maduro has announced a mandatory grocery fingerprinting system to combat food shortages, will not exactly endear him to his 'followers'.

Hope and Change, it appears, fades after socialists win elections...

Maduro Approval Rating Falls to 39% in Venezuela: Hinterlaces

The President’s rating has fallen from abt 60% after Dec. 8 local elections, director of Hinterlaces polling company, Oscar Schemel, comments by phone.

But this is even better... (via AP)


Muslims Sympathizers Are Wrong. THIS Is The REAL History Of The Crusades.

If you’ve ever tried to have an intellectual debate about Islam, chances are the Crusades are brought up. Many still believe that the Crusades were a series of self-righteous holy wars perpetrated against innocent Muslims.

Too often the Crusades are blamed as the cause of the turn of Islam, when Muslim extremism was born to combat religious intolerance.

But what were the Crusades really and why would so many, Christian or Catholic, go along with such drastic measures?


DHS saw no option but to free 169 illegals convicted of murder

The Obama administration says it had no choice but to release almost all of the 169 immigrants with homicide convictions that were let back onto the streets last year, claiming court decisions gave officials no choice in the matter — but it’s promising a new system to better screen who gets let out.

Of the 169 immigrants with homicide-related convictions released in fiscal year 2013, all but 15 were required to be let go because of specific court orders or because the immigrants had been held for too long under the rules established by a sweeping 2001 Supreme Court case, the Homeland Security Department said in an Aug. 15 letter to Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican.


Armed Elderly Woman’s Epic Stand Against Intruder Captured on 911 Call — Listen Closely to How Suspect Responds to Her Simple Demand

An armed 73-year-old woman stood her ground when a man broke into her Lilburn, Georgia, home earlier this month, sending the suspect to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. The audio from the 911 call, released by police recently, captured the entire incident and proves she is one tough woman.

The woman, who hasn’t been identified, says she heard someone knocking at her door at around 9:45 p.m. on August 3. She didn’t answer and a few moments later, she heard the sound of glass shattering, confirming her fears that an intruder was trying to get into her home.

he woman, who was home alone at the time, then retrieved her handgun and called 911.

“Sir, they are in my house now,” the woman is heard telling a 911 dispatcher.

After a period of silence, apparent gunshots ring out and unintelligible screaming can be heard in the audio.


Fed's Bullard Says Job Gains Point to Earlier Rate Hikes

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said the U.S. central bank may begin tightening monetary policy earlier than officials previously expected, while Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart urged more patience.

“The evidence is leading toward an earlier increase than would have been in the works earlier this year,” Bullard said in an interview on Bloomberg Radio in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on Thursday. “Labor markets have improved quite a bit relative to what the committee was thinking.”


Black Leader: Obama's Policies Stoking Ferguson Anger

Black Americans are right to be angry about their economic conditions, but the leader of a prominent black conservative group contends the blame belongs with misguided government policies and agitators who distract people from the real problems.

Protesters have taken to the streets in Ferguson, Missouri, in the wake of white Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson shooting and killing black teenager Michael Brown on Aug. 9. The protests focus not only on the specific case and the larger debate over relations between law enforcement and the black community but also over the perceived economic inequality between races.

Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a piece for Time Magazine suggesting that any sort of major racial conflict in America would have less to do with race and more about economic disparity and class resentment.

Media pull out amid new evidence Brown was aggressor

Pastor: 'We have to know the truth about what really happened'

Many news media services already had begun packing tents and television transmission vehicles as word circulated through the Ferguson community of further evidence that the black teen shot and killed by a police officer was the aggressor, resisting arrest after his suspected role in a convenience store robbery.

During daylight hours Wednesday and Thursday, the streets of Ferguson were open to normal traffic and businesses throughout the city were active, with protesters in the streets numbering fewer than 50 at any given time.

Media have been cordoned off in the parking lot of a large shopping center at the corner of West Florissant Avenue and Lucas-Hunt Road, less than a mile from the site of the shooting.

Joe Costephens, the white pastor of an interracial congregation, the Passage Community Church in Florissant, confirmed to WND that most of the riot activity had taken place in the three or four blocks around the location of the shooting at West Florissant Avenue and Canfield Drive.


Evicted mayor sets up 'mobile' office

SEAT PLEASANT, Md. -- Bricks and mortar are only optional when it comes to a mayor's office.

Nylon works, too.

After being ordered out of his city hall space, third-term mayor Eugene Grant has taken his office on the road -- with plentiful ventilation.

On Friday, Grant unveiled his Mobile Mayor initiative outside city hall, which relocates his office to a garden variety tent.

It is modestly appointed, with two lawn chairs, a folding table and an American flag.


BREAKING NEWS: Obama orders review of federal role in arming police

President Obama orders a review of all federal programs that allow state and local law enforcement to buy military equipment, a senior government official confirms to Fox News.

Sorry, Antonio: No Political Upside for the Media to Cover Your Murder

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that 9-year-old Antonio Smith was upset after his mother told him he couldn’t have a cupcake.

He ran out of his family's Chicago apartment and was murdered – shot multiple times.

No one yet knows who murdered him or why.

The national media might give this a mention here and there -- you know, get on record, check the box -- but the national media are too busy hoping their rabid speculation and divisive race-baiting in Ferguson, Missouri, will eventually pay off.

Antonio was 9.


City Of Salisbury Residential Occupancy Limits

Residential Occupancy Limits

The City of Salisbury reminds the public that occupancy limitations exist in certain residential districts. Predominately, occupancy is limited to either a “family” as defined in the Salisbury Municipal Code or two (2) unrelated persons. These occupancy classifications cannot be intermingled. Fines and penalties exist for non-compliance. Residents, landlords and new leasees are encouraged to know the current occupancy requirements in single family neighborhoods.

The City of Salisbury passed the Tenants Bill of Rights in July 2011 that requires that renters are informed of the number of non-related persons that may live in a dwelling and that landlord retaliation is prohibited if a renter exercises his/her rights under the law or a lease.

Mayor Ireton added, “Our Code Enforcement Officers have seen an uptick in the amount of renter issues where the number of non-related persons allowed in a dwelling has not been shared before leases have been signed. As well as welcoming our college-age students back to Salisbury, we want all of our residents to live in a safe and legal dwelling. Residents, renters and owners are asked to be vigilant in adhering to what a law is in Salisbury”.

If residents believe that the occupancy limitations are being exceeded at neighboring properties, they are encouraged to contact Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance at (410) 341-9550.

New poll finds MD governor race statistical dead heat.

MDGOP releases poll results on Governor's Race

45 - 42

Poll: Hogan slashes Brown’s lead to within margin of error as overtaxed Marylanders look for change of leadership.

Annapolis, MD – August 22, 2014 – A new poll released by the Maryland Republican Party today confirms that since the June 24 primary, gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan has virtually eliminated Lt. Governor Anthony Brown’s once commanding lead.

According to Maryland GOP Executive Director Joe Cluster, “This poll confirms that Marylanders across the spectrum and throughout the state have had it O’Malley-Brown’s 40 straight tax increases and want a change of leadership in Annapolis.”

· Hogan has closed gap with Brown to 3 points, 42 to 45
· Voters overwhelmingly said taxes are much too high, including 62 percent of independents and 31 percent of Democrats
· Fully 70 percent (53% strongly, 17% somewhat) of all voters surveyed want the next governor to repeal some of O’Malley’s tax increases.

The telephone survey of 500 hundred likely voters was conducted August 18 – 19 byOnMessage, Inc, a national public opinion survey firm. The poll’s margin of error is +/- 4.38 percent.

Worcester County To Host General Health Fair

Worcester County Recreation & Parks (WCRP) will host the first General Health Fair at the Worcester County Recreation Center in Snow Hill on Friday, September 26, 2014, from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

The General Health Fair takes place during Falls Prevention Week, September 22 – 26. This year's theme, Strong Today, Falls Free Tomorrow, seeks to raise awareness and prevent falls, and unite professionals, older adults, caregivers and family members to play a part in preventing falls in the older adult population. According to the National Council on Aging, every 29 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall, and every 15 seconds an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall-related injury. 

We all want to protect our older family members and help them stay safe, secure, and independent. Knowing how to reduce the risk of falling is a step toward this goal.

This event is free to the public and will provide participants with plenty of opportunities to talk with local health professionals and other knowledgeable health vendors who can provide information about vision, balance, assisted living, home health, gaining more independence, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Health professionals in attendance will include physical therapists, representatives from Peninsula Home, AGH, Chesapeake Hearing, Worcester County Health Department and Commission on Aging, PRMC - Life Line Alert, Foot Management, Worcester County Youth & Family Counseling and many others. Demonstrations will include Tai Chi & Yoga, and there will be health screenings and information about nutrition and evidence-based educational programs. 

Visit for a full list of vendors participating in the General Health Fair. For more information about the General Health Fair or to be a vendor, please contact Program Manager Lea Cataggio at 410-632-2144, ext.109 or

Ferguson: A Preview Of America’s Burgeoning Police State

Even America’s smallest towns can be instantly turned into occupied territories as local police agencies quickly transform themselves from peacekeepers into occupying military forces. The small town of Ferguson, Missouri, is living proof of that.

The London Guardian covers the story:

“Michael Brown was shot dead by an officer from a police force of 53, serving a population of just 21,000. But the police response to a series of protests over his death has been something more akin to the deployment of an army in a miniature warzone.

“Ferguson police have deployed stun grenades, rubber bullets and what appear to be 40mm wooden baton rounds to quell the protests in a show of force that is a stark illustration of the militarization of police forces in the US.

“‘I’m a soldier, I’m a military officer and I know when there’s a need for such thing, but I don’t think in a small town of 22,000 people you need up-armor vehicles,’ Cristian Balan, a communications officer in the US army, who was not speaking on behalf of the US military, told the Guardian. ‘Even if there’s an active shooter–are you really going to use an up-armor vehicle? Do you really need it?’

“In the eyes of the government, the answer increasingly seems to be a resounding yes.

“Since 2006, state and local law enforcement have acquired at least 435 armored vehicles, 533 military aircraft and 93,763 machine guns, according to an investigation by the New York Times published in June. This was made possible under a department of defense program that allows the agency to transfer excess military property to US law enforcement agencies. More than $4.3bn worth of gear has been transferred since the program was created in 1997, according to the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO).

“The ACLU said there are no ‘meaningful constraints’ to what a local police force could acquire, meaning that even a 10,000 person town with no history of major violence could request and receive a mine-resistant vehicle, like those that are currently available on the LESO site.”


OC Council OKs Television Show Inflatable On Beach

OCEAN CITY – The Simpsons’ character “Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish” is coming to Ocean City over Labor Day weekend.

During Monday evening’s Mayor and City Council legislative session, BeCore Marketing Business Development Director Roger Malinowski came before the council to request approval to place a marketing activation on the beach downtown between Wicomico and North Division streets on Saturday, Aug. 30.

According to Ocean City Special Events Coordinator Lisa Mitchell, the marketing activation of The Simpsons’ character “Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish” will consist of a weighted and secured, family friendly inflatable on the sand flanked by two wrapped promotional vehicles and surrounded by branded caution tape


You Do Realize that the U.S. Funded and Trained ISIS, Right?

Just so we are all clear here.

Now that ISIS, or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is becoming a threat so powerful Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told reporters at the Pentagon that the terrorist group is “beyond anything we’ve seen,” it’s time to remind everyone of a few little factoids regarding how exactly that came to be.

Hagel’s exact quote was:

“They are beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, a sophistication of … military prowess. They are tremendously well-funded. This is beyond anything we’ve seen.”

Well-trained in military prowess. Tremendously well-funded. Super sophisticated terrorists. Hm.

And how do you think they got that way so fast? Super magic terrorist training money tree fairy dust?


SFD Calls For Service 8-22-14

  • Friday August, 22 2014 @ 23:21 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: 209 E Isabella St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Friday August, 22 2014 @ 21:58Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Friday August, 22 2014 @ 16:50Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Friday August, 22 2014 @ 16:06Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Friday August, 22 2014 @ 15:55Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Dept. of Justice Honors Islamic Activist Allegedly Linked to Al Qaeda Charity

In June, a flurry of press coverage in Western New York reported on the close relationship between District Attorney William Hochul and local Muslim leader Dr. Khalid Qazi. Vows of mutual respect and support were exchanged between Hochul and Qazi, and so were ceremonial awards. The Department of Justice gaveQazi its Attorney General’s Citizen Volunteer Service Award for Community Service at a June 5th ceremony.

Qazi reciprocated on June 7th by honoring DA Hochul at the 10th Anniversary banquet of the Muslim Public Affairs Council of Western New York, of which he is the founder and Senior Adviser. Also present at the banquet were Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and William Hochul’s wife, Kathy Hochul, a former Congresswoman currently running for lieutenant governor of New York on Andrew Cuomo’s Democratic ticket.


A motorcycle fueled by bacon sizzles across America

Due to the high price of gas, taking a road trip across the United States is pretty expensive. That is — unless you find another way to fuel your journey.

Enter the first motorcycle powered by bacon. As if the crispy delicacy wasn’t already great enough, now you can use it for gas.

There is currently a bacon-fueled motorcycle making its way across the United States. Driven by a bearded biker named Eric Pierson, the bike’s final stop is theSan Diego Bacon Fest on Aug. 30.

This sizzling ride was created by Hormel Foods Corp. to promote its Black Label bacon, and we have to say, this marketing idea is quite clever. The motorcycle has made numerous stops along the road, and each step of the trip has been documented on the Tumblr “Driven by Bacon.” Eric and his hog, fueled by hogs, started this journey at Hormel headquarters in Austin, Minn., before passing through Sturgis, S.D., Wyoming, Reno, Nev., and the Cache County Fair in Logan, Utah.


When Will We Know? Queen Anne's County Thrwarts Stevensville Citizen's Requests for Shelter Project Information

STEVENSVILLE - Friday August 22 - With a public meeting on the topic only three days away, a Stevensville resident whose family and neighbors stand to be affected by the Queen Anne's County homeless shelter project is becoming increasingly frustrated with a lack of transparency on the part of the county's government. The nearly 8700 square-foot structure will have room for 20 overnight clients and eight longer-term residents and will be located at the entrance to the Cross-Island Trail at Old Love Point Park.

"I filed a PIA (Public Information Act) request with the county on June 30, and finally received a response on August 21," said resident Andrew Redding. "The response indicated that I have been denied access to any records that are in the custody of the Queen Anne's County Housing Authority, because that agency has been independent of the county since sometime in 2012." Redding added that after a few exchanges with the county's attorney, the county has agreed to provide only QACHA documents created prior to that time.

With the approval of the QAC Board of Commissioners, and with state and federal tax dollars, QACHA purchased the shelter site at 325 State Street several years ago and still owns the lot. On the property sits a small ranch-style house, which the county says has been used as a transitional living home for a few women and children. Plans call for demolishing all or most of the structure in favor of a institutional-style building that is six times larger and will accommodate homeless clients for as little as one night at a time.

"The final QAC planning approval came on April 24, but the public was not aware of that until mid-July. Citizens have not had an opportunity to ask questions, much less see the site plans," says Stevensville resident Mike Ranelli, "There was no opportunity whatsoever to comment or appeal on the site plan, and since then, most of our concerns have fallen on deaf ears."

Ranelli added that he and his wife entered into a contract on his nearby home on April 27, three days after the unpublicized county approval, purchased the home on May 30, and that even though his wife has worked nearby since 2006, his family was caught unaware of the county's plans to build a new homeless shelter on the Cross-Island Trail. "So are the vast majority of people we've talked to, including many Haven Ministries supporters, volunteers and prominent citizens," he added.

Philly school problems a cautionary tale of federal stimulus

As financial problems plague the Philadelphia city public school system and politicians at the state level cast blame, the specter of federal stimulus has come to bear.

At the end of last week, parents and students across Philadelphia County were relieved to hear classes would not start later because of an $81 million budget shortfall, as school officals discussed. Instead, schools will open as planned Sept. 8 but at severely reduced capacity.

“For the sake of minimizing disruptions for families and for the sake of educating children, we have made the decision to make a series of additional difficult, and hopefully temporary, cuts in order to open schools up on time,” said Philadelphia Superintendent William H. Hite in a news conference last week.


Food Stamp Fraud Rampant: GAO Report

Americans receiving food stamps were caught selling and bartering their benefits online for art, housing and cash, according to a new federal report that investigates fraud in the nation’s largest nutrition support program.

Complicating the situation is the fact states around the country are having trouble tracking and prosecuting the crimes because their enforcement budgets have been slashed despite the rapidly-rising number of food stamp recipients, according to the Government Accountability Office report.

Under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, 47 million people have been awarded $76 billion in benefits. State agencies are responsible for addressing SNAP recipient fraud under the guidance and monitoring of the Food and Nutrition Service.


Obamacare Is A Disaster For Businesses, Philly Fed Finds

Remember all those allegations that Obamacare would be an unmitigated disaster for businesses, especially smaller companies? Well, now we have proof.

As the Philly Fed, which mysteriously soared at the headline level even as the vast majority of its components tumbled, reported moments ago, "in special questions this month, firms were asked qualitative questions about the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how, if at all, they are making changes to their employment and compensation, including benefits."

What the survey found was very disturbing: not only did businesses report that as a result of Obamacare the number of workers they employ is lower than higher (18.2% vs 3.0%), that there has been an increase in part time jobs (18.2% higher vs 1.5% lower), leading to a big increase in outsourcing and most importantly, Obamacare costs are being largely passed on to customers (28.8% reporting higher vs 0.0% lower), the punchline was that while there is basically no change in the number of employees covered (17.6% higher vs 14.7% lower and 67.6% unchanged), there has been a big jump in Premiums, Deductibles, Out-of-pocket maximums, and Copays, which has been "matched" by a far greater reduction in the range of medical coverage and the size of the network.

In short a disaster.


TWO Howard County Police Involved Shootings In The Past Few Days

Howard County police shoot and kill 61-year-old man threatening with knives

Howard County police shot and killed a man Saturday morning whom they say was threatening police and at least one family member with knives.

The officer-involved shooting is the second in the past week in which police say they believe the citizen was suicidal.

Howard County police said in a statement that calls that came into 911 earlier that morning claiming that a man was in an Ellicott City home threatening the occupants with a knife was actually made by the suspect himself in an attempt to get police to come to the home, possibly because he was suicidal.


Suicidal Man Dies After Being Shot By Howard County Police

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WJZ) — A suicidal man dies after being shot by Howard County Police.

Two officers responded to a home in the 7600 block of Coachlight Lane in Ellicott City for a possible suicide in progress.

Inside, they found 45-year-old Darren Friedman with several serious, self-inflicted stab wounds.

Gun-rights group persuading dozens of towns to repeal firearms regs in legal blitz

WASHINGTON – A Washington state-based gun rights group is steadily persuading cities and towns across the country to repeal local firearms regulations and give that power back to the states.

The organization, the Second Amendment Foundation, is working to invalidate city ordinances by arguing that they're in conflict with looser state regulations. So far, it seems to be working. The group says it's been able to overturn more than 100 gun-related ordinances this way, most recently in Utah.

“We’re going state by state, going through every single ordinance of every city and county in every state and finding where the cities and counties have ordinances enacted that are in conflict with state law,” Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the SAF, told


New Tractor Supply Opened TODAY in Berlin

This is great news for people in the Ocean City, Bishopville, Willards and Berlin area.

CDC: 30 States Plus D.C. Have Requested Help with Possible Ebola Cases

Thirty states plus the District of Columbia have sought the Center for Disease Control's help identifying potential cases of Ebola.

The map above is based on a list of those states provided to Breitbart News Thursday by the CDC. The list shows (in bright red) all the states which have asked for the CDC's help with potential Ebola cases since July 27th.

When contacted for consultation, the CDC examines the patient's symptoms and travel history to decide whether or not a blood test is needed. In most cases, the CDC is able to rule out Ebola without the need for a blood test.

ABC News reported Wednesday that the CDC was contacted 68 times since the end of last month. In 58 of those cases Ebola was ruled out. In the ten remaining cases CDC ordered a blood test. Seven of those tests have already returned negative, and three are still outstanding.


Too Much Corn With Nowhere to Go as U.S. Farmers Plan for Record

The ripening corn and soybean fields stretch for miles in every direction from Dennis Wentworth’s farm in Downs, Illinois. As he marveled at his best-yielding crops ever, he wondered aloud where the heck he’ll put it all.

“Logistics are going to be a huge problem for everyone,” the 62-year-old grower said, adding that he has invested in boosting output rather than grain bins. When harvesting starts in a few weeks, Wentworth expects his 150-year-old family farm to produce 10 percent more than last year’s record. “There are going to be some big piles of grain on the ground this fall.”

From Ohio to Nebraska, thousands of field inspections this week during the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour show production of corn could be 1 percent more than the government’s estimate and soybeans 1.2 percent higher, according to a Bloomberg survey of crop scouts.

Months of timely rains and mild weather created ideal growing conditions, leaving ears with more kernels than normal on 10-foot (3-meter) corn stalks and more seed pods on dark, green soy plants.


Voters To Decide Fate Of Transportation Fund "Raids"

Voters this November will decide the fate of a state constitutional amendment that will limit when the governor and the legislature can take money out of the state's Transportation Trust Fund.

The fund is made up of revenues collected from the state's gasoline tax and vehicle feeds and is earmarked for transportation projects.

Maryland Secretary of State John McDonough this week certified the language that will appear on the November 4 ballot.

The measure would require any governor to declare a "fiscal emergency" and then receive a three-fifths majority vote from the Maryland General Assembly, before using the trust fund money for any purpose other than transportation.


At The Station In Laurel TONIGHT

Car Show Today

EPA Approves Plan Outlining Coastal Bays Pollution Limits

OCEAN CITY — With so much focus on restoring the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s coastal bays in and around Worcester County got a fiscal shot in the arm this week when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the state’s proposed budget for cleaning up pollution in the local waterways.

The budget calls for pollution reductions in the coastal bays of up to 35 percent for nitrogen and up to 18 percent for phosphorous. Higher reductions are required in some of the bays’ tributaries.

The pollution limits, designed to improve conditions for aquatic life and shellfish harvesting, are outlined in a series of Total Maximum Daily Loads, or TMDLs, submitted to the EPA by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). A TMDL is essentially a calculation of the maximum amount of a pollutant a body of water can absorb and tolerate while still meeting the state’s water quality standards.


Today's Wildlife Photos

It's amazing being in West Ocean City and experiencing such wildlife on a daily basis.

Last night a Fox came within 10 feet of us and nothing spooked him/her off. The Cat bowl is right off our front porch and even with the flash going off several times trying to get a decent picture it comfortably stood there and had its share of food. 

Here kitty, kitty. LOL

After Harry Reid’s Racist Jokes, Asian Chamber of Commerce Endorses Republican

TSA Admits Lying About Illegal Aliens Flying Without Proper ID

HOUSTON, Texas -- A new letter from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) admits that illegal aliens were being allowed to board planes using Notice to Appear forms they received after entering the U.S. illegally. The revelation directly contradicts a TSA statement last month denying such allegations to various media outlets, including Breitbart News. In July Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby broke the news that the TSA was letting illegal aliens board planes using Notice to Appear forms; subsequently, a TSA spokesperson publicly attacked Darby on Twitter, insisting that his report was "completely wrong."

The newly-surfaced TSA letter was penned on August 7, according to the Gateway Pundit. It was reportedly sent from the TSA to Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX), a member of the Border Security Caucus. The letter confirms that illegal aliens are being allowed to board planes using a Notice to Appear form (also known as I-862), as Darby revealed in July.


Al Sharpton: Obama's Racial Pyromaniac

Politico's Glenn Thrush reports in this week's edition of the magazine that Al Sharpton has become President Barack Obama's "go-to man on race" in Ferguson and elsewhere. Thrush tells the story as one of Sharpton's own reform and revival, dwelling on his weight loss, his self-professed caution with words, and criticism (envy?) from his old allies on the left. Yet he leaves out a few crucial details that are important to the Sharpton story.

For one, Thrush makes no mention of Sharpton's role in the Trayvon Martin fiasco. As Breitbart News reported at the time, Sharpton played a tripartite role. First, he used his activist network to inflame public outrage about the case, pushing the false line that Martin had been shot by a "white" man. Then, Sharpton used his primetime perch at MSNBC to report on the protests he was instigating. And finally, he was advising Obama throughout.

There is a reason Thrush leaves out Martin: it interferes with his attempt to portray Sharpton as a moderating influence, someone to whom the president and his arch-henchman Valerie Jarrett could turn to "talk down" the violent demonstrators, someone who represented "hardheaded pragmatism" rather than extremism. In reality, Sharpton's role is to stoke divisions, acting as Obama's agent, as well as his eyes and ears on the ground.


Food stamps sold online for art, housing and cash

States, feds fail to detect most fraud in plain sight on Web

Food stamp recipients were selling their benefits online in exchange for money, housing or even art, according to a report federal investigators released Thursday that showed states manage to catch just a fraction of potential fraud in the sprawling program.

Use of the food stamps, now officially known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, has skyrocketed under President Obama, reaching 47 million recipients at a cost of $76 billion last year. But states recovered just $74 million in fraudulent payments the previous year, according to the Government Accountability Office.

GAO investigators reviewed records from 11 states and found they lacked sufficient staff and tools to catch fraud in the ballooning program.


GOP Poll: Hogan Closing Gap With Brown

The Maryland Republican Party has released a poll showing the gubernatorial race in Maryland getting closer.

The telephone poll of 600 likely voters finds Lt. Governor Anthony Brown with 45% of the vote, Republican Larry Hogan with 42%, a lead which is within the poll's margin of error which is at plus-or-minus 4.38%.

In the poll, 9% of voters said they were undecided, and 4% backed Libertarian Shawn Quinn.

The poll was conducted by OnMessage, Inc., a public opinion survey firm, on Monday and Tuesday.


Dead Broke? Slick Willie Smoking $1000 Cigars

Two Injured in Shots Fired Complaint Near Seaford

Seaford, DE – Troopers are investigating an incident where several shots were fired at a party located in the 22000 block of Ponds End Road injuring two males subjects.

The incident occurred at approximately 2:30 a.m. this morning when troopers responded to the area after receiving a complaint of a loud party. Shortly after troopers left the area, another 9-1-1 call was placed stating gun shots had been fired and two people were struck by bullets. One of the victims, a 17 year old male from Laurel, was transported by a private vehicle to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to the left side of his face. He was later airlifted to Christiana Medical Center where he is listed in stable condition. The second victim, a 23 year old Seaford man, was standing on his porch near the location of the large party when he was struck in the hand after hearing several shots. He also was taken by private vehicle to Nanticoke Hospital where he was treated and released for the wound.

Detectives are continuing their investigation into this incident and are asking anyone who witnessed an altercation prior to the gunshots being fired to contact Detective K. Archer at 302-856-5850 ext. 224 or by utilizing the Delaware State Police Mobile Crime Tip Application available to download at: Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

‘More People Live Off Cancer Than Die From It’

This is our ever-expanding list of quotes that honestly describe modern medicine. Some of them are amusing, whilst are others are disturbing. Nevertheless, they all point out facts that we often overlook when looking at the medical establishment, and how it works in the modern age. Those who follow us on Twitter will likely have seen many of these before.

“The FDA protects the big drug companies, and is subsequently rewarded, and using the government’s police powers, they attack those who threaten the big drug companies. People think that the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing, and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day.”

– Dr. Herbert Ley, Former Commissioner of the U.S. F.D.A.

“Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels – men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.”

— Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Liberty is to the collective body, what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society.”

— Henry St. John



Law Enforcement Through the Years

The history of the Salisbury Police Department is relatively short, compared to how long Salisbury has been in existence. Before 1881, the county sheriff handled all the legal problems. When Salisbury was incorporated, the bailiff for the sheriff at the jail was also the tax collector, clerk and police officer. The first person hired for additional “police” duties was hired in 1881 and was called a night patrolman. His main beat was Main Street from Division Street to the river.
The Court House was built in 1872 and a jail was built behind it in 1879. Before Salisbury had its own jail, prisoners had to taken to the Somerset County Jail. The single building jail was razed in 1936 and an addition was added to the Court House to house both prisoners and the sheriff.
The first official Chief of Police was appointed by Mayor Jehu T. Parsons onMay 23, 1898. His name was Elijah M. Elliott. The whole force consisted of the Chief and three policemen or night watchmen. By 1907, the Chief had only two policemen on the force.
The picture above shows the entire force in 1921. Only five in the picture are policemen. They are Mayor Arthur W. Kennerly, Chief of Police Woodland Disharoon, George H. Williams, Fire Chief Fred A, Grier, Jr., Roland Cahall, George Sullivan and Sydney O. Furniss.
The Police Department’s first attempt to become motorized was in 1927. They purchased a motorcycle that was probably previously owned since it required repairs in early 1928. Their last attempt to utilize a motorcycle was in the 1950’s when one was purchased for use by Sgt. Paul Barnette. He rode it for many years and always led the Christmas parade. For this reason, he became known as Sgt. Santa Claus. I’m sure many can remember him roaring around town on his motorcycle.
As the City of Salisbury grew, so did the Police Department and the sheriff’s duties were confined mostly to the County. Since the city boundaries are so complex, many times the City Police and the County Sheriff’s Department have to co-ordinate their efforts in their pursuit of crime. Modern technology has made some things in crime fighting easier, but it is still a never-ending battle to keep our streets safe.

Public Hearing On Resort Rentals Brings Crowd To City Hall; Most Advise More Enforcement Needed

OCEAN CITY – A public hearing concerning issues coming with rentals in single-family and mobile home districts resulted in standing room only this week at City Hall with the majority of speakers asking the Planning and Zoning Commission to focus on enhancing the enforcement of existing rental regulations.

On Tuesday evening, the Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing to consider amending Ocean City’s Code in regards to R-1 Single Family Residential District and MH Mobile Home Residential District for the purpose of regulating short-term and long-term rentals to protect the character and compatibility of the districts as single-family neighborhoods.

The public hearing came on the heels of growing complaints over rental properties. According to the city, there are 3,845 parcels included in the R-1 and MH districts with 276 of those obtaining rental licenses. Between 2013 and now, there have been 67 complaints logged in those areas over 19 months. Only 13 properties received complaints, which is 4 percent of the total number of 276. The complaints received are primarily from residents of the Mallard Island subdivision.


Does Obama Need An Ice Bucket Challenge?

When is Perdue telling the truth? By Ray Wallace

The below quotes in red are from Perdue:
     “We go beyond what the USDA requires with extra inspections.”
     -- From "Our fresh taste guarantee" at this current Perdue Farms site:

     “Since April, nearly 100,000 pounds of chicken nuggets have been recalled in the U.S. for containing plastic.... Perdue is recalling over 15,000 pounds of frozen chicken nuggets after plastic was discovered mixed into the meat."       
     -- From this August 13, 2014 UPI site:

In 2010 Perdue recalled 91,872 pounds
of chicken nuggets
also containing pieces of plastic.
     “We currently export products to over 70 countries such as Bahrain, the Black Sea Region, Chile, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam to name several.”
     -- From “Perdue International Operations” at this current Southern United States Trade Association site:
     "We don’t export to Russia.”
     -- Julie DeYoung, Perdue spokeswoman as quoted in “Russia poultry ban not ruffling Delaware’s feathers,” by Jeff Montgomery, at this current News Journal site:
     "I don't think they have any reason to be concerned."
     -- Perdue toxicologist Dr. Elizabeth Anderson referring to Pa. residents living near a Perdue factory proposed to yearly dump hundreds of tons of the waste neurotoxin Hexane into Pa. air. See the WGAL-TV 8 news video posted here:
     "Long-term exposure to hexane, a toxic air pollutant, can cause permanent nerve damage in humans....     
     Major sources are those that emit more than 10 tons a year.

     -- From "Fact Sheet: Final Air Toxics Rule for Solvent Extraction in Vegetable Oil Production," at this current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency site:

     The damage caused by hexane includes liver damage and a wasting away of both sensory and motor nerve fibers, especially in the nerves of the limbs (this is called peripheral neuropathy)....
     Glial cells, found in brain and spinal cord, are killed.
     -- From "A Toxic Substance--Hexane" at this current site of Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health: