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Sunday, September 09, 2018

Breaking News: Les Moonves, one of TV's most powerful executives, is out at CBS, the same day a report detailed new sexual harassment allegations against him.

The departure of Mr. Moonves marks a stunning reversal for an executive who has led the company for 15 years and is credited with turning CBS into television’s most-watched network. But he has been under intense pressure since July, when The New Yorker published an initial article in which six women accused him of sexual harassment.

Trader Lee's Live, It's Happening

Florence Set to Become 'Extremely Dangerous' Storm

Tropical Storm Florence is expected to grow into an "extremely dangerous" hurricane by Monday as it approaches the US East Coast, the National Hurricane Center said, urging residents to make preparations.

"Florence is forecast to rapidly strengthen to a major hurricane by Monday, and is expected to remain an extremely dangerous major hurricane through Thursday," the NHC said in an advisory issued at 11:00am (1500 GMT) Sunday.

The states of North and South Carolina and Virginia have already issued emergency declarations to help speed preparations.

"This storm is too powerful and its path is too uncertain to take any chances," South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said in issuing his state's emergency declaration.

The US navy has ordered ships at its Hampton Roads, Virginia base to put to sea, saying "the forecasted destructive winds and tidal surge are too great to keep the ships in port."


Local Media Blowing Smoke Up Your ...

These were taken yesterday during the 5:30-6:30 hour. 1,000 to 1,500 people there maximum. ALL cars in the civic center parking lot had Maryland plates.

When will you people finally get it. Your local media are nothing but LIARS. Do you people not recall the days when they'd say, news you can trust. News you can depend on. Fair and balanced. Do you recall the shame when one of them was caught with fake news, lies? 

My pictures are not lies. They come from the very people/taxpayers, (one after the other) who will spend years paying off the massive financial losses from this event. Yeah, people are pissed off and they should be. 

I'm sure tomorrow we'll start hearing how successful this event was. They won't be able to pay the ELECTRIC BILL for this event, let alone all the other massive expenses. Vendors won't be back next year. Finally, I'll bet next week for Bike Week your media won't be covering up the next storm to follow the one from this weekend. 

And no, we won't lie at the last minute and call Bike Week a rain event. We're prepared for the worst and guess what, we might even lost money but that's the risk an INDEPENDENT business takes, time will tell. 

Good luck collecting money from the city for all the food served to volunteers at the La Quinta Hotel. Oh yeah, they're already talking to SBYNews.  

United We Stand

Good Morning Everyone.

This morning we gathered at the Firefighter Memorial in Ocean City Maryland to make a point. On 9/11 Americans United like no other time in history.

Mr. Mark Odachowski, Mr. Palmer Gillis and myself decided it was important to gather there and discuss our political differences. As you know, Mark and I have been on a mission to express our support towards President Trump, which created a firestorm. President Trump Tweeted his appreciation towards this support during the recent White Marlin Open.

As you also know, Mr. Gillis wrote an Editorial that was published in several local newspapers and the backlash caused one paper to remove hundreds of comments, so much for free speech.

In an unfortunate turn, the local Art League that hosts their largest yearly fundraiser at the Gillis' home is concerned the political divide from that editorial may cause further divide and is considering cancelling and or relocating that major event. 

Our HOPE is that this message of UNITY will prove we CAN agree to disagree and remain "unconditional friends". In full disclosure, I'm married to a Liberal. My Mother in Law is also Liberal and guess what, I love both of them very much. I appreciate their point of view and we all get along just fine. 

Let's all come together. For many, it was difficult to deal with President Obama, just as it is now for many to have issues with President Trump. I personally believe our Mainstream media is causing ALL of us to divide, rather that UNITE. We're better then this. I implore the Art League and their supporters to put aside differences and remember that this is about ART, not POLITICS. 

This Can't Be Healthy For Anyone Attending Folked Festival

The sod is just plain muddy mixed with old poop. There's no way it's going to be suitable next week.

Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day Failed, Period

Look, we were right, they were wrong, period. Jake Day is the child we said he was and the images above continue to prove he is a boy in a man's job. 

I mean, you have a national festival coming and Salisbury simply looks like crap. There has been plenty of time to get things done and guess what, there are NO EXCUSES. 

Yes, Salisbury has finally proven they are beyond saving. This is like sending your daughter off to her wedding without a dress, a preacher and a reception. OK, that's unfair, we are talking about the Eastern Shore, you come up with the comparison. 

Did Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day & Staff Buy Rain Insurance For The Folked Festival?

Years ago I learned something very interesting from Mr. Doug Marshall. As you know he created an amphitheater in Delmar and hosted several events there, some of which were rained out. However, Doug was smart enough to purchase "rain insurance" to cover the cost of the event and let me tell you, it paid off in a very big way. 

I can guarantee you that since Jake is spending millions of taxpayers dollars, he couldn't care less and they did not get rain insurance. Hence my constantly stating he is a boy in a man's job. You need WISDOM and EXPERIENCE when you elect a Mayor, unless the election is rigged, of course. 

My Bike Week Tee Shirts Are Now In: UPDATE

UPDATE: WOW, what a reception at Trader Lee's yesterday! Ladies & Gentlemen, get these tee shirts while they last. Bike Week is coming next week and one thing is for sure, they'll all be gone. Today I'll swing the doors at 2 PM for those of you who couldn't make it yesterday. Great to meet all of you yesterday! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Available TODAY at 2 PM at Trader Lee's in West Ocean City. Spread the word as once you realize what's about to happen, I guarantee these tee shirts WILL NOT LAST!

Be sure to find a silver marker, just in case you have the opportunity for an autograph. First come, first serve. Come see me in person and I will tell you what's happening because at Trader Lee's, "IT'S HAPPENING"!


The Town Commissioners have approved the use of the Automated Speed Enforcement System, also known as the “speed camera” program to enhance the safety within the PITTSVILLE School Zone. The speed cameras will be set up within the school monitoring zone and will be activated by the speed of the vehicle IF 12 miles over the posted speed limit zone. Law abiding citizens will not be affected by this type of enforcement since it is only activated by vehicles passing the camera at an excessive rate of speed.

Notification of those areas to be affected will be posted on the Town’s web site and at the Town Hall for public information.

Anyone with questions concerning this new public safety program can contact the Town’s Chief of Police or Town Manager for further information or clarification.


LIVE, Sheriffs Meet With President Trump Right Now

West Ocean City Anglers Love President Trump

No matter where you look, love him or hate him, President Donald Trump is by far the most popular President we've ever seen. Last night I ran into dozens of people and let me tell you, ALL of them support President Trump and I do mean ALL of them. MAGA

A Viewer Writes: Downtown Salisbury Maryland

Joe, yesterday (Sunday) I went to the Flea Market Downtown. Been reading about all of the great improvements in the city, now this is just my own thoughts about what I saw. All of the downtown area looks dirty and dingy, sidewalks aren’t finished buildings are dirty, if you are at the flee market turn and look at the multi-purpose building and you will see that it needs a super cleaning has black runs down the sides of the brick all the way across and looks awful.

Main street is still looks terrible with sidewalks still not finished. The newly painted crosswalks look dull and dingy. In the area of Market Street and the hospital it looks like an armed camp with all of the concrete barriers and such. If we have even 15 to 20,000 Visitors we will be in trouble. Seems like the fill that they put in the unfinished parts of the sidewalks would be a serious trip and fall issue not to mention its ugly. These new people that are coming to the event are probably going to be very disappointed.

A Viewer Writes: Festival and business closure Friday


I just heard that some of the business down by market street have to be closed Friday do to the Festival. The employees of these businesses will not be payed for that day. Is the city going to compensate these employees for loss work? I think they should.

A Viewer Writes: In Ireton's neighborhood today with a folked festival sign

Falling out at local United Way

Former United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore President & CEO Kathleen Mommé last week issued a statement regarding her apparent termination in July, while the nonprofit’s board released a statement disputing some of her claims.

The Salisbury-based organization serves Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset and Dorchester counties with a stated mission “To create and enhance opportunities for making a positive and lasting impact in Education, Financial Stability and Health for all.”

Mommé, with the organization since 1994, said in an email to local media last Wednesday she had “been on a gag order until now” and attached a response to what she called “being abruptly fired from the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore following 24 years of perfect performance records along with their efforts to keep me quiet and try to keep me from suing them.”

The statement, titled “Kathleen Mommé Public Response to UWLES Board of Directors Request to Have Mommé not sue UWLES,” follows:

“It has been an honor to serve our community for the past 35 years including the past 24 years with the local United Way making a real impact in our neighbor’s lives. Every moment of these years, I have felt that it has been a true blessing to serve, continuously break performance records, always give my staff & volunteers credit, create a work culture that was caring and family friendly and received numerous state and local leadership awards. My priority is, as it always has been, United Way donors, partner agencies and the many helped by them and I remain committed to serving the many people served on the Lower Eastern Shore as I have since 1983.

“I did not resign from United Way. I was abruptly terminated by the United Way’s legal counsel on behalf of the Board of Directors with no real opportunity to advocate for myself or to speak with any Board members. It has been a painfully heartbreaking end to my successful career with United Way.


Salisbury Maryland Folk Festival A Massive Disaster

Many people came on here this morning in comments and said, WHERE'S THE PICTURES ALBERO". Well Ladies & Gentlemen, pictures don't lie. These images were taken early this morning throughout Salisbury, proving the City did not draw outside traffic/money like they claimed. There's no 80,000 to 300,000 people in town.

A viewer just sent me the following message: They have the downtown wifi turned off. Probably 25 people here and 50 volunteers. One person bought food @ 11:27.

They can pump this thing up all they want, the above images absolutely prove, (unfortunately) it was poorly planned and without any doubt there wasn't enough time to properly promote the event. Such a shame for taxpayers. 

Where are all the young snowflakes?

A tremendous shout-out to Red Door Sub Shop for donating an entire crew's worth of delicious lunch to our volunteers yesterday! Our community is coming together in such a big way for the National Folk Festival in Salisbury, MD! #NFFMaryland #SBY#SBYNEWS Downtown Salisbury

Same people different day........where are the rest of the volunteers?
Thank you so much Ponzetti's Pizza & Subs for donating lunch for our volunteers! We have some well-fed people setting up the National Folk Festival in Salisbury, MD! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ #NFFMaryland

Publishers Notes: We commend these volunteers BUT where are all these so called volunteers Jake Day and the media are claiming signed up? Where are all the people from the rainbow crosswalks? Like we've been trying to tell you, the Mayor is lying when it comes to how many real volunteers they have. I'll add, can you imagine in this heat what the grass is going to smell like with the goose poop AND the flies that will be hanging around. OMG!

A Viewer Writes: Traffic backed up past Nanticoke Rd.

So everyone knows, Fitzwater Street is closed as well as other streets in the City of Salisbury, therefore Rt. 50 traffic is a real bear this morning. I can tell you that NO parking areas have ANY vehicles in them at this time, so it's not from visitors coming to the Festival. Find other routes to get where you're going.

6:30 PM From The Salisbury Maryland Folk Festival Saturday Night

Dear Nike: Colin Kaepernick didn't sacrifice 'everything,' and it wasn't for a good cause

On a day dedicated to the working man, Nike damaged its reputation by partnering with the most prominent unemployed man in sports.

In order to celebrate the 30th year of their “Just Do It” campaign, Nike has made former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick the face of it.

Rovell's tweet has been liked 340,000 times, with another tweet from Kaepernick's own account liked more than 550,000 times.

Now, where do we begin?

For starters, sacrificing everything for something one believes in is not necessarily wise if your cause is bad. Kamikaze pilots in World War II did this, so do suicide bombers in the 21st century. Kaepernick, of course, is well-intentioned. But just because he sacrificed something doesn't mean he was doing it for a good cause. Kaepernick has been seen wearing socks that depict police officers as pigs. He wore a t-shirt featuring Fidel Castro, the late communist dictator of Cuba who was no fan of human rights. Kaepernick also donated $25,000 to a group honoring cop-killer Assata Shakur. Nike apparently finds this noble and has been paying money to be associated with Kaepernick.

That said, did Kaepernick really sacrifice "everything," as the advertising says?


Salisbury Maryland Folks Festival To Get Rained Out

According to the Weather Channel, (more accurate then Dan) it will be raining Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you recall, Homeland Security flat out stated there are NOT enough "shelter in place" locations throughout Salisbury. One of the reasons for a shelter in place is RAIN. You certainly can't shelter under to roof of the amphitheater, there's no roof. You'd think for $1.4 million it would've had a roof but hey, this is Salisbury.

Several months of planning, millions upon millions of dollars invested and the thing is going to be a huge flop. Well, unlike the Festival, we don't play rap music but we are under roof at Trader Lee's and we will have live music this weekend. Oh, did I mention we don't have buckets for collections and our music is free. Our beer is extremely cold and we make damn good drinks. Come to Trader Lee's instead and let's rock & roll!!!

Live Shots From Salisbury Folk Festival