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Monday, September 05, 2016

Time to take the car keys away from Granny Clinton

Leave it to the FBI to wait until the Friday before Labor Day to release a report that makes it look so bad. What other impression can one take away from the bureau's new report on its investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails, which will fuel doubts about FBI director James Comey's recommendation that she not be prosecuted for mishandling classified information?

Perhaps the most important detail it spells out is the timeline of Clinton's email deletions. The information strongly suggests that team Clinton deliberately destroyed evidence and committed obstruction of justice.

In March 2015, three weeks after the New York Times reported the existence of Clinton's private server and the House Benghazi Committee sent a letter demanding that her records be preserved, someone on Clinton's staff (the name seems to elude everyone) began furiously deleting emails using an anonymously downloaded program that "shreds" files so they are unrecoverable.



Anonymous said...

This pattern of behavior has been present in Hillary (and her husband), since the days before she was first lady of Arkansas.

She is a sorry excuse for a leader.

lmclain said...

Two Sets of Laws.

You and I go to prison.
SHE laughs and runs for President.
You keep cheering.