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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Officer Raymond Wesley Wells 3rd Had No Reason To Be In Salisbury, Or Did He?

Raymond Wells is a detective with the Intel Unit for the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Service. He was the assigned on call person this week for the state, so he was on the clock and there was no work reason why he was down here. The gun he fired was his duty weapon.

We published a press release earlier this evening from the Salisbury Police Department but there's more to this mystery then this man simply being intoxicated. Wells and his Wife are from Hagerstown and considering she was not with him, something stinks. 

One has to wonder if this will get swept under the rug but considering his department just released a prisoner in Baltimore by ACCIDENT and then this guy shoots off a round right here in Salisbury, what's next?

The Press Release gave no details as to WHY Wells shot off the round OR just what exactly he was doing ON DUTY here in Salisbury when he allegedly had no reason to be here.

By now you know Salisbury News has enough sources to know, something stinks really bad about this one. Know this as well. If YOU or I had shot off a round on or around Rt. 13 in Salisbury, we'd be put away for quite some time, especially if we were intoxicated. 

SPD and the States Attorneys Office needs to make sure they do NOT cover this one up. Intoxicated, OK. Intoxicated and firing off a weapon, CRIMINAL. We'll keep you posted.

How the Local Police State is Caused by the Federal Government

War on Terror has only increased the flow of money

According the Center for Investigative Reporting, the answer is that most of it comes from the federal government. In the past decade alone, police departments throughout the country have received a total of $34 billion in federal grants.

Police getting new toys on the fed’s taxpayer’s dime is nothing new. Ever since the War on Drugs was declared in the 1970s, the feds have offered equipment and resources to local law enforcement agencies to help enforce their unconstitutional laws.

SWAT-team methods converged with the drug war.

Enter the SWAT teams, once a rare sight, usually in an urban city rife with crime or civil unrest, now a staple in every community. In 1983, only 13 percent of cities with populations of 25,000-50,000 had a SWAT team. By 2005, it had reached 80 percent.

At the same time, the U.S. saw a massive increase in no-knock raids, from negligible in the early 1970’s to 70,000 in 2010. The current rate is about 150 such raids every day.

The War on Terror has only increased the flow of money, with billions of dollars since 9/11 going from the feds to local police in the form of Homeland Security grants. In 2011, the Pentagon gave away $500 million as part of a program for improving law enforcement capabilities.

Mind you, this was just one program.

DHS grants allow police in small rural towns, with virtually no crime, to obtain equipment, weapons, and vehicles more fitting for a battlefield than Main Street.

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Bipartisan Corporate Welfare

Insurance companies, meet “risk corridors.”

The conventional wisdom says that corporate welfare is the exclusive province of Republicans, always eager to do the bidding of their corporate donors. And, indeed, there are far too many examples of Republicans confusing “free markets” with “good for business.”

Still, there are more than enough examples to show that corporate welfare is a bipartisan sin. The Export-Import Bank? It’s backed by such “populist” Democrats as Senators Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Sherrod Brown (Ohio). More Democrats than Republicans support sugar subsidies and programs like the Market Access Program, which subsidizes overseas marketing and promotional activities for agricultural companies and trade associations.

But to see corporate welfare at its most insidious, one need look no further than Obamacare.

President Obama may have indulged the fantasy of himself as lone champion of consumers, standing up to evil Republican-allied insurance companies. But, in reality, Obamacare was a deal between the administration and insurers from the very beginning. In fact, a recent House Oversight Committee report details the close cooperation between White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and insurance-company executives.


Larry Hogan: A Voice For Change In Maryland

In 1980, Ronald Reagan posed the following question to the American people in a debate with then-President Jimmy Carter: Are you better off than you were four years ago?

More than thirty years later, it is still important for voters to ask themselves this question before stepping into the voting booth.

When Marylanders head to the polls on Nov.4, the election will most likely be a referendum on Martin O’Malley’s eight years as governor, with Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown’s unequivocal acquiescence.

Republican candidate Larry Hogan may benefit from this scenario and Brown will not be able to hide from the tax and spend initiatives he supported as O’Malley’s No. 2 man.

Another jumper breaches White House and kicks a Secret Service dog before being subdued

Another man jumped the White House fence and ran onto the North Lawn before being subdued Wednesday night.

The man stood on the North Lawn around 7:16 p.m., gesturing and lifting his shirt, before he kicked a dog from a Secret Service K-9 unit that ran at him.

Another dog wrestled him to the ground before agents took him into custody.


Obama: 2014 Democrats “Are All Folks Who Vote With Me” And “Have Supported My Agenda”


As all of the young trick-or-treaters dressed as witches and warlocks and party-going ghosts and goblins hit the streets of Ocean City, the Ocean City Police Department reminds everyone to be safe this Halloween.

Parents are encouraged to remind their trick-or-treaters of the following safety tips before going out in search of Halloween candy:
  • Never trick-or-treat alone. Always stay with a parent or guardian. If the child is trusted to trick-or-treat alone, remind the child to stay with friends and only go to areas that are familiar and are well lit.
  • Fasten reflective tape to costumes and always carry a flashlight. This will make the child more visible to drivers. Also, choose face paint and makeup instead of masks. This prevents the child’s vision from being obstructed.
  • Only eat factory-wrapped treats and avoid eating homemade treats made by strangers.
  • Enter homes only when with a trusted adult. Only visit well-lit homes and avoid dark houses. Also, never accept any rides from strangers while trick-or-treating.
  • Always remember to stay on the sidewalk and only cross the street at the crosswalk when the signal gives the okay. Walk Smart!
For those older ghosts and goblins that will be celebrating Halloween, keep the party off the road. Remember these safety tips while celebrating:
  • Plan a safe way home before the festivities begin.
  • Before drinking, designate a sober driver.
  • If you’re impaired, take a taxi, call a sober friend or family member or use public transportation.
  • If you happen to see a drunk driver on the road, do not hesitate to contact law enforcement.
  • And remember, Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.  If you know someone who is about to drive while impaired, take their keys and help them make other arrangements to get to where they are going safely.
By following these simple safety tips, everyone celebrating Halloween in Ocean City will be sure to have a spooky good time!

Blow by blow, Ferguson cop's FULL version of why he shot Michael Brown

'Incredibly strong' teen pressed gun to cop's hip, the gun was jammed by a finger - and kill shot was fired as Brown 'charged'

A Missouri police officer's full account of why he shot dead unarmed teen Michael Brown has been revealed for the first time - and he describes a frantic struggle inside his police car during which Brown grabbed his, twisted it around and pointed it at him - making him fear for his life.

Darren Wilson's testimony runs contrary to most eye-witness accounts and significantly makes the claim that Brown, 18, charged him after the initial struggle and never raised his arms in surrender.

Wilson, 28, paints a picture of an officer in distress during the afternoon of August 8 as a belligerent Brown, who was 6-foot-4 and nearly 300lb, tried to steal his sidearm and turn the weapon against him.

Further compounding Wilson's version of events was the revelation that Brown had marijuana in his system when he was shot. The police also say Brown had marijuana on him at the time of his fatal run-in with Officer Wilson.


Ray Rice Files Grievance vs. Ravens

Ray Rice has filed a grievance against the Baltimore Ravens for terminating his contract, multiple sources confirmed to ESPN.

Pro Football Talk first reported the former Ravens running back had filed the grievance. According to ESPN's Ed Werder, it was filed several weeks ago.

The Ravens cut Rice after video of him hitting his then-fiancee (who he has since married) in an elevator was made public.

Rice also was suspended indefinitely by the NFL after the video became public. He has appealed the suspension, with a hearing set for Nov. 5-6.


Eric Holder Wishes He Could Have Curbed Your Rights More Effectively

The Washington Times reports:

If there’s one thing that Eric Holder regrets during his time as attorney general for the United States, it’s his failure to press through a Second Amendment crackdown on the heels of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 20 children and six adults dead, he said.

“I think the inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the Newtown massacre is something that weighs heavily on my mind,” Mr. Holder said during an interview with CNN.

He was speaking of the White House push to pass a federal background check mandate for all commercial gun sales, as well as an outright ban on so-called assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines, in the wake of the December 2012 school tragedy.

. . .

“And the thought that we could not translate that horror into reasonable — I mean, really reasonable gun safety measures that were supported by the vast majority of the American people is for me something that I take personally as a failure,” he said, The Hill reported.


Toys R Us pulls 'Breaking Bad' dolls

Toys R Us is pulling its four collectible dolls based on characters from AMC's hit series "Breaking Bad" after taking heat from a Florida mom who launched a petition campaign last week.

The dolls are based on the series about Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns into a crystal meth dealer, and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman. The figures have a detachable bag of cash and a bag of methamphetamines.

Toys R Us, which is based in Wayne, New Jersey, told The Associated Press late Tuesday that the dolls are being removed immediately from its website and shelves.

"Let's just say, the action figures have taken an indefinite sabbatical," Toys R Us said in a statement. The retailer had maintained that the figures were sold in limited quantities in the adult-action-figure area of its stores.


10 Things About The U.S. News Media That They Do Not Want You To Know

Do you trust the news media? Do you believe that the information that they are giving you is true and accurate? If you answered yes to either of those questions, that places you in a steadily shrinking minority. Yes, on average Americans watch approximately 153 hours of television a month, but for their news they are increasingly turning to alternative sources of information such as this website. Big news channels such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News are losing hordes of viewers, and they are desperately searching for answers. Things have gotten so bad at CNN that they have been forced to lay off hundreds of workers. The mainstream media is slowly dying, but they will never admit it. They are still convinced that they can find some way to turn this around and regain the trust of the American people. But it simply is not going to happen. The following are 10 things about the U.S. news media that they do not want you to know…

#1 The level of trust in the U.S. news media is at an all-time low.

According to a Gallup survey that was conducted last month, only 40 percent of all Americans have a “great deal/fair amount” of confidence in the mass media. That ties the lowest level that Gallup has ever recorded.

#2 The news media is far more liberal than the American people.

We hear much about the supposed “conservative bias” of Fox News, but the truth is that overall the U.S. public considers the news media to be extremely liberal. Gallup found that 44 percent of all Americans consider the news media to be “too liberal”, and only 19 percent of all Americans consider the news media to be “too conservative”.

And it is a fact that “journalists” are far more likely to give money to Democrats than to Republicans. The following comes from an MSNBC report identified 143 journalists who made political contributions from 2004 through the start of the 2008 campaign, according to the public records of the Federal Election Commission. Most of the newsroom checkbooks leaned to the left: 125 journalists gave to Democrats and liberal causes. Only 16 gave to Republicans. Two gave to both parties.


Baltimore Judge Takes Temporary Suspension By Consent

Baltimore City Circuit Judge Lynn K. Stewart Mays has consented to a five-day suspension without pay for what judicial-conduct investigators called her “sarcastic, embarrassing, demeaning, humiliating and mocking” behavior toward a criminal defendant, his fiancée and a defense attorney in two separate cases.

Maryland’s top court handed down the agreed-upon sanction in an order Tuesday morning. It includes an additional suspension of 25 days, which will be put on hold for now and lifted if Mays’ successfully completes a two-year probationary period with the state Commission on Judicial Disabilities, the Court of Appeals’ Consent Order stated.

The five-day suspension must be completed within 30 days, the order added.

Mays’ attorney, Andrew Jay Graham, said the judge has acknowledged her behavior was inappropriate and it will not be repeated.


AP-GfK Poll: Most Expect GOP Victory in November

Two weeks before Election Day, most of the nation's likely voters now expect the Republican Party to take control of the U.S. Senate, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. And by a growing margin, they say that's the outcome they'd like to see.

But the survey suggests many will cringe when they cast those ballots. Most likely voters have a negative impression of the Republican Party, and 7 in 10 are dissatisfied by its leaders in Congress.

The Democrats win few accolades themselves. Impressions of the party among likely voters have grown more negative in the past month. In fact, Democrats are more trusted than the GOP on just two of nine top issues, the poll showed.

The economy remains the top issue for likely voters — 91 percent call it "extremely" or "very" important. And the GOP has increased its advantage as the party more trusted to handle the issue to a margin of 39 percent to 31 percent.


SPD Press Release 10-22-14 (Firearms Arrest)

Another Accident In Berlin, Three Hospitalized With Minor Injuries

The Dispatch
Shawn J. Soper, News Editor

BERLIN -- A busy couple of days for the Berlin Fire Department and EMTs continued on Wednesday afternoon with a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Old Ocean City Blvd. and Route 50, the second in as many days in and around the area and at about the same time of day.

Around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, the Berlin Fire Department and EMTs responded to a vehicle collision at Route 50 and Old Ocean City Blvd. in a densely developed commercial area along the highway. After the collision, one vehicle was straddling the median on Old Ocean City Blvd. with significant front-end damage.
It appears the second vehicle left the roadway along Route 50 and took out a tall utility pole and a temporary road construction sign before ending up in the bottom of roadside ditch. The second vehicle must have spun around after leaving the roadway because it was facing west on the south side of the eastbound lanes. 

According to emergency service providers, three people were injured in the collision, one of whom was taken to PRMC in Salisbury, although none of the injuries appear to be serious. The collision jammed up rush hour traffic along both roadways for the second day in a row. On Tuesday afternoon, a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Main Street and Old Ocean City Blvd. occurred at roughly the same time of day.

General’s Kitchen Looking To Keep OC Tradition Alive With New Location

OCEAN CITY – General’s Kitchen’s tradition at its current site will come to a close at the end of the year, leaving the “house of chipped beef” searching for a new home.
In August, General’s Kitchen, located within the Beachmark Motel on 74th Street and Coastal Highway, was informed by the property owner its lease will not be renewed.

General’s Kitchen boasts 45 years of tradition in Ocean City. Owner Robert Noll’s stepfather, Gus Bollas, and his first wife, Mary Bollas, opened the restaurant in the George Washington Hotel on 10th Street and the Boardwalk where it received its name in honor of General George Washington.

When there was discussion of demolishing the hotel, General’s Kitchen moved to its current location on 74th Street in the early 1980s. Previously, it was home to a bank.

Bollas later remarried to Noll’s mother, Angela Bollas, who took over the restaurant when he passed away in April of 2000, and when she passed away this past December, the family business was passed onto Noll.


19 Very Surprising Facts About The Messed Up State Of The U.S. Economy

Barack Obama and the Federal Reserve are lying to you. The “economic recovery” that we all keep hearing about is mostly just a mirage. The percentage of Americans that are employed has barely budged since the depths of the last recession. The labor force participation rate is at a 36 year low, the overall rate of homeownership is the lowest that it has been in nearly 20 years and approximately 49 percent of all Americans are financially dependent on the government at this point. In a recent article, I shared 12 charts that clearly demonstrate the permanent damage that has been done to our economy over the last decade. The response to that article was very strong. Many people were quite upset to learn that they were not being told the truth by our politicians and by the mainstream media. Sadly, the vast majority of Americans still have absolutely no idea what is being done to our economy. For those out there that still believe that we are doing “just fine”, here are 19 more facts about the messed up state of the U.S. economy…

#1 After accounting for inflation, median household income in the United States is 8 percent lower than it was when the last recession started in 2007.

#2 The number of part-time workers in America has increased by 54 percent since the last recession began in December 2007. Meanwhile, the number of full-time jobs has dropped by more than a million over that same time period.

#3 More than 7 million Americans that are currently working part-time jobs would actually like to have full-time jobs.


3 Anne Arundel Co. Employees Disciplined After Making Noose, Joking About It

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Three Anne Arundel County employees have been disciplined after a joke with racist undertones is reported to a supervisor.

Rochelle Ritchie explains what happened.

Officials in Anne Arundel County will not say which department the trio works for, but all three remain on the job.

What started as a joke between three Anne Arundel County employees has outraged county executive Laura Neuman.



A classroom wing at Pemberton Elementary was cleared Wednesday afternoon after three kindergarten students in a kindergarten classroom who experienced asthma-like symptoms were transported for medical evaluation. The kindergarten teacher also reported feeling symptoms. All of B wing, where the classroom is located, has been cleared, with students and staff relocated to the gymnasium. The Salisbury Fire Department is currently at the school to assist with evaluating the situation. Parents/guardians will be informed by SchoolMessenger call, and we will have updates as they become available.

Real Hourly Wages Drop In September, Fail To Rise In 6 Of Past 7 Months

One of the greatest misconceptions plaguing modern economics is that just because there is broad inflation (real, not hedonic, seasonally-adjusted or a burst in Saudi Arabia dumping crude to pressure a Russian default), then nominal, and real, wages also have to increase.

The problem is that without the latter, there can be no actual economic recovery, and instead one ends with stagflation, something Japan is acutely experiencing right now.

Another problem: with nearly one hundred million people out of the labor force, and epic slack within the workforce, there is virtually no amount of inflation in this environment that can force corporations to not only stop firing people (see M&A bubble) but actually hike their pay (except of course for BTFD "traders" at major hedge funds and bank prop desks).


Cape Responds To Letter Opposing Prayer

The Cape Henlopen School District has replied to a complaint that its football coach publicly prayed with his players after a game.

But two board members say the issue merits more discussion.

“This is not a board decision … matter of fact, the letter was not even shared with us until after it was sent,” said board member Sandi Minard.

The letter is in response to a Freedom from Religion Foundation letter sent to the district Oct. 8 after the Wisconsin-based group received a complaint about a Cape Gazette photo. The foundation says the photo shows football coach Bill Collick praying with his team after a game.


Rehoboth Man Arrested for Sea Air MHP Burglaries

Rehoboth, DE – Troopers have arrested a Rehoboth Beach man after a neighbor witnessed the suspect coming out of a house that was unoccupied for the season.

The investigation began on Monday October 20, 2014 around 10:28 a.m. when a 66 year old resident of Sea Air Mobile Home Park had just left his residence and was walking his dog when he observed a white male subject exit a house he was responsible for looking after. When confronted by the alert neighbor and questioned as to what he was doing there, the suspect fled on foot and scaled a fence behind the burglarized house located in the 19000 block of Atlantic Avenue. The witness was able to provide a detailed description of the suspect and general direction in which he ran. A state police K9 was utilized to track to the area of a residence on Dodd Avenue, but was unable to locate the subject at that time.

On Tuesday October 21, 2014, detectives with the State Police Criminal Investigations Unit assumed the investigation and were able to establish Alan F. Miller III, 32 of Rehoboth, as the suspect in this case. A search warrant was conducted at his residence on Dodd Avenue in Sea Air MHP around 3:00 p.m. and detectives located suspected stolen property possibly linked to two other burglaries in the area such as a flat screen TV and various electronic devices. At the time of the search warrant, Alan Miller was not at home, but was located around 5:10 p.m. in the neighborhood and was taken into custody without incident.

Alan Miller was transported back to Troop 4 where he was arrested for three counts of Burglary 2nd, two counts of Possession of Burglary Tools, two counts of Attempted Theft under $1,500.00, Conspiracy 2nd, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and two counts of Criminal Mischief. He was arraigned at JP3 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $42,400.00 cash bond.

The residential neighborhoods of Sea Air MHP and Camelot MHP have been experiencing a rash of burglaries over the last two months and detectives are continuing their investigations into these incidents. Troopers remind residents to be vigilant of the houses that are closed up for the season and conduct periodic checks of those homes. Report any suspicious activity immediately to 9-1-1.

SFD Calls For Service 10-21-14

  • Tuesday October, 21 2014 @ 19:41Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Tuesday October, 21 2014 @ 19:00Nature: Smoke InvestigationAddress: 406 E Vine St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Tuesday October, 21 2014 @ 18:57Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: Pemberton Dr & Sleepy Hollow Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Tuesday October, 21 2014 @ 18:57Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: Pemberton Dr & Sleepy Hollow Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Tuesday October, 21 2014 @ 18:29Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Hogan campaign releases two ads, "Heather," and "Kandie"

ANNAPOLIS, MD — The Hogan campaign released two ads today featuring supporters discussing why they are voting for Larry Hogan for governor. Their messages focus on Anthony Brown's economic record, which has made it more difficult for families to live in Maryland.

"The economic policies of the current administration hurt working and middle-class families the most," said Larry Hogan. "These ads outline what average Marylanders across the state feel and what they tell me every day on the campaign trail. Whether I'm in Allegany, Montgomery, or Worcester, Marylanders tell me they are struggling to make ends meet and feel as though this administration has completely ignored their problems and are actually making their problems worse."

The first ad, "Heather," features Heather Crowder of Annapolis. She tells the camera, "It's becoming harder and harder to raise a family here. I don't think it's believable when Anthony Brown says he's not going to raise taxes again. It's what he knows, it's what they do; when they need money, they raise taxes."

The second ad, "Kandie," features K Kandie Leach of Mt Washington. She tells the camera, "What makes things crazy is when you keep voting in the same party and there is no change, actually they call that insanity. I have never voted for anyone in the Republican Party in the past. I am voting for Larry Hogan."

The full ads can be watched here​ and here​. Transcripts are included below.

Heather: "I'm Heather Crowder and I'm supporting Larry Hogan for Governor.

It's becoming harder and harder to raise a family here. I don't think it's believable when Anthony Brown says he's not going to raise taxes again. It's what he knows, it's what they do; when they need money, they raise taxes. They've done it like 40 times.

I do not think Anthony Brown deserves a promotion. I'm supporting Hogan, and it's not about Republican or Democrat because it has nothing to do with party, and everything to do with making our state a better place."

Kandie: "I am K Kandie Leach and I am voting for Larry Hogan. In most cases, the state of Maryland has remained stagnant; we have not moved forward, unemployment rates are high, we can't afford to live here.

They are implementing just ridiculous taxes, a tax on rain; families are struggling right now and I don't feel that Brown can make the change.

What makes things crazy is when you keep voting in the same party and there is no change, actually they call it insanity. I have never voted for anyone in the Republican Party in the past. I am voting for Larry Hogan."

Pennsylvania Supreme Court suspends judge Seamus McCaffrey over email pornography scandal

The Pennsylvania state Supreme Court has suspended Justice Seamus McCaffery on full pay while he is investigated over claims that he exchanged 'hundreds' of pornographic emails with the state's Attorney General's Office.

McCaffrey is also facing claims that he authorised the payment of cash to his wife from personal injury law firms for referring them potential clients.

Four of the members of Pennsylvania's Supreme Court voted to suspend McCaffrey, one dissented while two others - including McCaffrey - recused themselves.

He has been suspended on full pay while the investigation continues.


Methadone: One Pill Can Kill

Pain pills are the new "pocket gold" on the street, so valuable to drug dealers that the neighborhood prescription counter has become the target of routine holdups.

Bandits have been caught on surveillance video jumping over counters, not for cash in the register, but for Percocet, OxyContin, and a new favorite, methadone.

No matter how it is acquired, illegally or by prescription, methadone is now the leading drug killer in many states.

In North Carolina, methadone-related deaths have increased by 50 times in recent years, skyrocketing to more than one death every other day.


DNC targets black voters: ‘Get his back’

'Republicans have made it clear that they want our president to fail'

Democratic candidates and campaign operatives don’t want to talk about it, but President Barack Obama is quietly being deployed as a sleeper element of the get-out-the-vote effort that Democrats see as their last hope to stanch Election Day bleeding.

In targeted mailers and ads for radio, print and on YouTube and Facebook, the White House and Democrats are returning to methods Obama used two years ago to rev the base for his reelection — just with a whole lot less money and staff involved, and many fewer people eager to see him.

But operatives in the White House and on the Democratic National Committee are relying on the blocs where Obama still runs strong and micro-targeting using the celebrated campaign data lists to find the core voters they might be able to get going in the final two weeks.

Maryland To Keep Testing Health Exchange Website

BALTIMORE (AP) - Maryland's information technology secretary says the state will be testing how well its revamped health exchange website can handle thousands of users over different periods of time.

Isabel FitzGerald gave an update on Tuesday about how work is going. The state has incorporated new technology from Connecticut to revamp the website, which crashed on the day it opened last year.

FitzGerald says endurance tests will be run on the system to check how it operates under high loads for long periods. She also says the state will be testing how well the system works under complex scenarios, such as for accommodating different needs for different households.


Crying ‘Racism’ on Ebola

Stop treating the disease’s arrival in America as an opportunity for allegations of bigotry.

In the grittier, less sanitized adaptations of Aesop’s “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” it is not only the sheep that lose their lives but the eponymous “boy” as well, his repeated mendacity and ill-timed attention-seeking leading, ultimately, to his death. Behavior, readers learn, breeds behavior, dishonesty begets mistrust, and gratuitousness fosters insensitivity, for “Men bileve not lyghtly hym whiche is knowen for a lyer.” Alarm, that most useful of things, operates on broadly the same principle. If everything is terrifying, eventually nothing will be. And then what is to become of us?

Over the past few decades or so, “racism” has become one of Aesop’s wolves, “racist” having been converted into such a depressingly quotidian charge that even those who believe racial injustice to be ubiquitous have come to resent the frequency with which it is alleged. Conservatives have long rolled their eyes at the wanton manner in which their ideological opponents have sought to tarnish them with the word — Peter Brimelow famously observed that, in so many instances, the definition of a “racist” is a “conservative who is winning an argument” — but, of late, we have been joined in irritation by other fair-minded sorts who have just about had enough. Earlier this year, George Will noted correctly that on college campuses and beyond, the charge has “become a joke among young people” — to the extent, even, that discussions of the topic are being received with “mirth.” Their inquiry? “What wolf”?


Indiana to Limit Food Stamps for Single Workers to 3 Months

Able-bodied adults without children will be expected to enter a training program or go to work if they want to remain eligible beyond three months for food stamps in Indiana, the Indy Star reported.

To be eligible for food stamps, an individual has to earn less than 130 percent of the federal poverty level, or about $15,170. Under federal rules put in place during the Clinton administration, an able-bodied person wanting to stay on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program after three months needs to be enrolled in a training course or hold a job.

Indiana could have requested a waiver to this rule based on the state's economic climate. Instead, the state will re-establish time-limited benefits as a way to encourage residents to enter the workforce, according to Lance Rhodes of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, the Star reported.


Should Rick Pollitt Fire His Public Information Officer?

It’s a simple question that can be readily answered either “yes” or “no.”

If Ms. Lee-Brooks was directed by Pollitt or his $125,000.00 per year assistant (“County Administrator”) to notify the news media of the press conference sponsored by Mr. Pollitt, apparently in his capacity as Anthony Brown’s local campaign manager, and others for the purpose of giving Larry Hogan a public whipping, politically speaking, then she is largely blameless, although she should have known better.

But if that is not the case and Ms. Lee-Brooks sent her e-mail at the request of the Brown campaign without first getting Pollitt’s approval, then he should discharge her – indeed, he should have done so already. The fact that Ms. Lee-Brooks remains on board as Pollitt’s “PIO” speaks volumes.

In either event, the e-mail sent by her, acting in that capacity and using the County’s internet access to do so, violates the County’s ethics law, regardless of whether (as she stated in the e-mail) she “was asked to forward” the announcement of the press conference, which was issued initially by a member of Brown’s campaign staff named Jerid Kurtz.

The more important question is whether Ms. Lee-Brooks was asked by her superiors, which include Pollitt, to do what she did. As mentioned above, there is reason to believe that’s the case.

Four Information & Input Sessions Scheduled on Facilities Task Force Report

A series of four Information & Input Sessions on the Facilities Task Force Report will provide the opportunity for the community to learn more about the report, ask questions, and share comments and concerns concerning these long-term facilities recommendations. Each session is open to anyone who wishes to attend. Information & Input Sessions will be held from 7-9 p.m.:

Monday, Oct. 27 at Pittsville Elementary and Middle School

Monday, Nov. 17 at Fruitland Intermediate School

Monday, Nov. 24 at Westside Intermediate School in Hebron

Monday, Dec. 1 at the James M. Bennett Auditorium in Salisbury

Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Fredericksen will present the report, which the Board of Education accepted in July 2014. The Board and Superintendent are seeking input on the report’s recommendations. Input is also welcome at any time at or on the Public Input Line at 410-677-5251.

For more information on the report, please visit: A direct link to the report is also provided on the home page of Wicomico County Public Schools, Please call 410-677-4495 for questions on the Information & Input Sessions.

The Most 'Distrusted' News Sources In America

You know there's a problem with the media when Al-Jazeera is trusted more than NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. As Pew research's Journalism Project shows in the following table, the study attempted to measure not just whether people had heard of a variety of news sources, but which ones they really trusted when it came time to get straight info about politics and governments.

From "most distrusted" to least...

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting reported inside Canadian Parliament in Ottawa

Canadian police report at least one gunman on the loose after multiple shots fired inside Parliament building and at War Memorial in Ottawa; media reports say at least one soldier shot.


Word/Number Varification

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Santa Clause & The Seaford Young Marines Are Coming To Cambridge!


Former Police Chief Speaks on Latest Michael Brown Shooting Information

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOX) – Information about the Michael Brown fatal police shooting is beginning to leak out, and former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch says it’s no accident the feds are allowing the information.

Fitch discussed a New York Times article indicating, according to federal investigators, there was a struggle that led up to the fatal police shooting of Brown, with KMOX’s Mark Reardon on Monday.

Fitch calls the information from the investigation coming out as phase two – to “coordinate leaks to the media, and to start getting some of the facts out there to kind of let people down slowly,” he says. “When I say this is phase two – phase one was really Eric Holder’s announcement how they were going to basically do a complete review and take over the Ferguson Police Department.”

Fitch says he thinks the feds recognize that it’s “probably very unlikely” that there’s going to be charges against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

“There was a struggle over the weapon. Law enforcement, we know that about half the officers killed every year with firearms are killed with their own,” he says. “So the fact that he didn’t have his own doesn’t mean there wasn’t a weapon there available that could be used in deadly force use.”


City Council Woman Shanie Shields Admits To Being On/ Using Oxycodone

Councilwoman Shanie Shields admits to being on Oxycodone. I'm told it's about half way through the above video.

113 Federal Reserve Staff Members Make $250,000 Annually

Just in case you need another reason to dislike the thieving Federal Reserve. FromReuters:

(Reuters) – The top 113 earners among staff at the Federal Reserve’s Washington headquarters make an average of $246,506 per year, excluding bonuses and other benefits – more than Fed Chair Janet Yellen and nearly double the normal top government rate.

Don’t worry Janet, once you leave, you can earn $250k per speech like your hero Banana Ben Bernanke.


Court says not so fast with those red-light camera tickets

MIAMI — Big changes could be coming to cities with red-light cameras after a Florida District Court of Appeals judge said it’s illegal for camera operators to issue citations to drivers.

The program works like this: Cameras installed at traffic signals snap photos and are examined by the camera’s owner — not law enforcement — to determine whether a violation occurred. A citation is sent to the alleged violator. The driver has 60 days to appeal the ticket before it’s converted into a fine, just like any other citation issued by law enforcement officers.

“The private company is the one who sends the citations in the name of the city,” said Miami lawyer Victor Yurre. “Now it will have to be the city that does it.”


How Can You Have a Recovery Without Jobs Creators?

One of the items overlooked by the MSM regarding the dismal economic “recovery” of the last five years is the complete decimation of the self-employed.

There are currently 10 million people classified as self-employed in US. That’s 5% of the total workforce. Incidentally this is also a record low.

Peninsula Regional and Ebola Preparedness

Peninsula Regional Medical Center takes its role as Delmarva’s largest tertiary care center very seriously. When the Ebola virus outbreak began in West Africa, PRMC began making preparations before anyone in the United States was ever diagnosed with an Ebola infection. Since August, Peninsula Regional has kept up to date and implemented precautions based on and exceeding guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reflecting our commitment to keeping the community and our staff safe from Ebola.

Safety and preparedness are essential to our mission. As healthcare providers, it’s what we are trained to do, what we have promised our communities we will do, and it’s what the public relies on us to do. While the possibility of an Ebola outbreak on the Eastern Shore may seem remote, Peninsula Regional is accustomed to preparing for the worst ─ if not Ebola, then a virulent flu strain, a tornado, a hurricane, a hazardous waste spill or any other worst-case scenario that we might face. Frequent drills and continuing staff education are a vital part of our emergency preparations. We perform continuous reviews of our procedures based on the latest data from the CDC.

Knowledge is power. Peninsula Regional’s team has been working on every aspect of preparing for a potential Ebola-infected patient, starting at our front door ─ asking travel history when patients first come in, gathering the best protective gear and supplies above and beyond CDC’s protocols, and ensuring that our staff is trained to use them.

AZ ballot box stuffing on tape

“Times Endorses McDermott for Senate...Kinda, Sorta…”

by Delegate Mike McDermott
The Daily Times rightly states, “It’s time for change in Annapolis” and then makes the case for that change by pointing out the failed policies which have continued to provide Maryland with high unemployment, increased burdens on business, and no recovery from the Great Recession.

The editorial goes on to outline their rejection of Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor in favor of Larry Hogan. If the paper was consistent, they would have dismissed Jim Mathias in similar fashion. They simply refuse to hold Mathias responsible for his votes and actions which have gone to support the O’Malley-Brown administration. Here’s how it should read:

“Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (Senator Jim Mathias), the Democratic candidate for governor (Senator), has a distinguished career. His dedication to public service is remarkable. Sadly, however, he comes out of the same mindset that’s helped create Maryland’s current economic problems. Is Brown (Mathias) likely to set a new course for the state and for job creation? It is hard to see that happening.”       -The Daily Times 10/19/14

To further their point, the editorial goes on to highlight several key issues they believe Hogan will address. They are the same issues and policies that I have fought for in the House and campaigned on in the district:

• Lessen the tax burden.
• Reduce the impact of burdensome regulations, an especially important issue for the Eastern Shore’s poultry industry.
• Promote jobs and the middle class.     -The Daily Times 10/19/14
Yet, the Daily Times appears bifurcated when they consider our future. They believe we need a new pilot, but they think the navigator should keep his job. I think the Times did a nice job on the Hogan piece, so allow me, again, to offer another minor correction to their closing comments in the interest of consistency:
“When you vote, in early voting starting Thursday or at the polls on Nov. 4, think of the economy. Better yet, think of your children and grandchildren. Which candidate will best serve their futures?
In our view, it is clearly Larry Hogan (and Mike McDermott).”
-The Daily Times 10/19/14
I could not have said it better myself!

Council Members Never Heard Laura Mitchell Complain Of A Migraine Since She's Been On City Council

For someone who had 168 methadone pills prescribed for alleged migraine headaches, not once did Mitchell's fellow Council Members recall her ever complaining of a migraine headache. 

Again, the mere fact that Mitchell stated in numerous interviews that she believes I illegally obtained ANOTHER pill bottle supposedly held in a law enforcement evidence room, tells me there are TWO bottles, yet she claims it was only prescribed to her ONCE. You see, I have ONE and the Police have another, according to Mitchell. I know this because I did NOT get mine from law enforcement. 

So Mitchell is clearly challenging Law Enforcement to ILLEGAL activity and the Press is buying her BS. Now you have to ask yourself, WHY? My answer, Salisbury News is running circles around ALL of them, (with all due respect) and this story was too big to ignore.

That being said, IF this was a NON STORY, why did they cover it at all? Uh Oh, BECAUSE SBYNEWS.COM HAD HARD EVIDENCE, AGAIN! 

WBOC and the Daily Times kept hammering me, WHY DIDN'T YOU WRITE AN ARTICLE WITH THE PICTURE? I kept telling them, what for, the picture tells the story. 

They then said, but you're implying she's a heroine addict.  I YELLED back at them, don't you put words in my mouth, I never once made any such suggestion. I then said, if you visited your brothers house and found a pill bottle in the cabinet with 168 methadone pills in it, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR FIRST THOUGHT? Now, there are some people who might believe what Mitchell is saying and then there's another group of people who thinks she's full of crap. 

Me personally, I don't believe a single word Laura Mitchell has stated to the media, not one. That is my right, agree with me or disagree with me, I don't care. The POLICE are supposed to have a methadone pill bottle in evidence. IF that in fact is true, they still have it because I DON'T. That means there's a SECOND bottle out there Mrs. Mitchell, in the very least. 

Looks like someone has some splainin to do. 

Oh, everyone should go to PAC 14 today and watch Shanie Shields admit she's on Oxycontin in Monday nights council meeting. Let's see, Shanie admits it on TV and Laura admits the narcotic pills are hers. Seems to me I'm batting a thousand.

I wonder what they'll take this week for the alleged migraines.

Larry Hogan returns to Wicomico Today

Larry Hogan returns to Wicomico and Talbot Counties today to talk economy; Eastern Shore has lost jobs and businesses faster than the rest of the state

Annapolis, MD –
Gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan will return to the Eastern Shore today as part of a statewide Change Maryland Bus Tour. It will be his 18th visit to the Shore during the general election season.

“Overtaxed and underappreciated, Eastern Shore residents have been especially hard hit over the last eight years by the failed economic policies of Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown,” said Hogan. “Whether it’s struggling family farmers or watermen who have paid the price for Annapolis’ reckless policies, as governor I’ll guarantee that these hardworking Marylanders have a seat at the table in all policy decisions that may impact them.” 

The Anne Arundel County small business owner continued, “As governor, I’ll work in a bipartisan manner to reign in reckless government spending and begin rolling back the O’Malley-Brown administration’s 40 straight job-killing tax hikes so Eastern Shore families and employers can keep more of their hard-earned money.”

Hogan will campaign in Salisbury (Wicomico County) and Easton (Talbot County) to talk to voters and business leaders about his plan for economic renewal on the Shore and throughout the state. The trip follows an event he held with 1,500 watermen and farmers in Cambridge last month, and includes visits to shipyard and naval architecture firm Chesapeake Shipbuilding Corporation in Wicomico County, as well as a meeting with several dozen small businesses to discuss how to make the Shore more business-friendly.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, parts of the Eastern Shore have unemployment rates that are 50 percent higher than Maryland’s average. Somerset County has the second-highest unemployment rate in the state and Wicomico County has the fourth-highest. Seven of the nine counties on the Eastern Shore have an unemployment rate higher than the national rate.

“Maryland’s increasingly burdensome regulations have made it more difficult for businesses to thrive on the Shore,” Hogan added. According to federal statistics, between 2007 and 2011, the Eastern Shore lost 11 percent of its business establishments, a considerably higher share than the state as a whole.

Jayne Miller By Jayne Miller BIO I-Team Finds Health Exchange Costs Barely Accounted For

The 11 News I-Team has uncovered new questions about Maryland's health insurance exchange, such as where the paper trail is to justify the money being spent.

State law requires Maryland's health exchange to account for what it spends, but in at least one case, the exchange required almost nothing to verify the money spent to put a customer call center together in a hurry.

The building at 1 South St. in Baltimore is premier office space. More than 20 stories tall, it's home to law firms and investment firms. Earlier this year, the ninth floor of the pricey building was converted to an expanded call center for the Maryland health exchange. It was operated by a company called Maximus.


Facilities Task Force Report Takes Long-Range View of Wicomico School System Building Needs; Public Input Welcome

The Wicomico County Board of Education accepted the Facilities Task Force Long-Range Planning Report in July after months of study by the task force team. The Board and school system staff are now taking public input and making presentations on the report, whose recommendations address school facilities plans for the next 50 years.

The report recommends the school system take a comprehensive, integrated approach to maintaining and improving its school facilities, including replacing some school buildings, changing some grade configurations, and relocating some programs to more effectively serve students. By carefully planning this integrated approach, the school system can save money, prevent crisis situations caused by failing facilities, and improve student services.

“In recent years, we have had to wait five years between major projects because we can only build or replace a school when we have state and county funding to do it. On that schedule, addressing the facility needs of our school system one building at a time won’t work,” said Dr. John Fredericksen, Superintendent of Schools. “This report provides a possible blueprint for meeting the many facility needs while making some program adjustments that would allow us to redirect our limited resources into the classroom. We anticipate changes to the overall plan as we move forward as specialized funding becomes available or as components fail prematurely. This plan helps us adjust the interrelated parts to minimize costs and maximize benefits.”

The Facilities Task Force Report is posted on the Board’s website at; click on the Facilities Task Force Report button on the home page. The report is lengthy, and includes many overarching recommendations, such as:
Reduce the overall number of school buildings so that there is less to maintain and manage in the future, and lower management overhead costs.
Build new schools with larger capacity to take advantage of economy of scale and maximize state participation (which currently stands at --% of eligible construction costs for Wicomico school projects).
Set maximum sizes for elementary (Prek-Grade 5) schools at 650, middle schools at 1,200, and high schools at 1,600.
Create a redistricting task force and work with a third-party consultant to evaluate existing redistricting guidelines and recommend revisions.

Oktoberfest 2014

Evolution Craft Brewing Public House invites you to our 'Customer Appreciation Celebration'... this Saturday, October 25th at the brewery!

OKTOBERFEST 2014... Noon until 5:00pm!
Tickets are only $25 each!!!
Available online or at the door.

Your ticket includes: Oktoberfest Buffet (Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Roast Pork, German Potato Salad, House Pretzels & Hot Mustard Dip)

Unlimited EVO Mainline and Seasonal Beer & Souvenir Glass!
CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT starts at 1:00pm!

Grand Prize Custom EVO Boards to the winning team!


Call for more information...
Advance tickets online...

Accidental release of murder suspect latest O'Malley-Brown failure to place Marylanders at risk

Despite assurances by Lt. Gov. Brown that administration addressed “issues” at Baltimore Detention Center, a state correctional facility went full weekend unaware that dangerous murder suspect was accidently released

Lt. Gov, Anthony Brown: “We took far-reaching, decisive action in response to the recent safety and personnel issues discovered at BCDC.” – Baltimore Sun primary candidates questionnaire

Annapolis, MD – October 21, 2014 – Gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan today issued the following statement following reports that a state-run corrections facility in Baltimore accidentally released a murder suspect.

“The lives and safety of Marylanders are once again at risk because of a colossal management failure in an O’Malley-Brown Administration agency. Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown on numerous occasions assured Maryland families that his administration had addressed the horrific problems in the Baltimore City Detention Center, which was overtaken by a dangerous street gang under their watch.

“How many examples do overtaxed Marylanders need that Anthony Brown lacks the management and leadership skills necessary to run our state government?” Hogan asked.

“Despite spending $288 million of our tax dollars, he couldn’t build a functioning Health Exchange website; despite 40 straight tax hikes, he raided billions from environmental and transportation trust funds; despite warnings, assisted living facilities with track records of abuse and neglect were awarded tens of millions in state contracts; and now we learn that a state-run detention center didn’t realize for a full weekend that it failed to detain a murder suspect.”

“As governor, I’ll hold my administration accountable to the people who pay their salaries.”

“What should be done to correct and prevent problems at the state-run Baltimore City Detention Center?” -Baltimore Sun 2014 gubernatorial primary questionnaire

“We took far-reaching, decisive action in response to the recent safety and personnel issues discovered at BCDC. – Anthony Brown response to Sun questionnaire

How To Get Evidence Out Of The SPD Evidence Lockers

Mayor Ireton, Chief Duncan to Discuss Community Policing at
Monthly Mayor's Neighborhood Roundtable

Mayor James Ireton, Jr, and Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan invite the public to the Mayor's Neighborhood Roundtable being held on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 6pm, in Council Chambers in the Government Office Building downtown.  Police Chief Duncan will make a presentation on the efforts of the Salisbury Police Department's Community Policing Initiatives.  The public is invited to attend, ask questions, and make comments on the efforts of the police department.

“The Salisbury Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Duncan, has expanded our efforts in the areas of Community Policing,” said Mayor Ireton. “From working in local schools, to bicycle and foot patrols, to participating in our neighborhood saturation this week, to immersing themselves in neighborhood data when first becoming officers, the Department is willing to know and understand the community.  We look forward to highlighting the efforts of the SPD, to hearing suggestions from our citizens, and to working to continue implementing changes that will help us better serve Salisbury.”

For further information, contact the Mayor’s office.


Wicomico County, MD – The Wicomico County Health Department is soliciting grant proposals from county organizations interested in conducting tobacco use prevention projects within their communities. Consideration will be given to all local community groups, including civic organizations, churches and non-profit agencies.

Proposal applications can be obtained at the Wicomico County Health Department, Room 209, 108 East Main Street, Salisbury, Maryland or forms may be downloaded from Completed proposals are due by Friday, November 14, 2014 at 3:00 p.m., E.S.T. Late applications will not be accepted.

Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a pre-proposal meeting to address questions about the grant proposal submission process. The meeting will be held Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 3:00 p.m., at the Wicomico County Health Department, second floor Administration Conference Room, 108 East Main Street, Salisbury, Maryland.

Funds are made available through the Wicomico County Cigarette Restitution Fund. For more information, please call (410) 334-3480 extension 17487.

Boy Scouts of America Duty to God and Country Prayer Breakfast set for Veteran's Day

Salisbury, MD – The 2014 Boy Scouts of America Duty to God and Country Prayer Breakfast will be held on Veteran's Day, Tuesday, November 11 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury. The keynote speaker will be Major General James A. Adkins, Adjutant General of Maryland.

For over 104 years, Scouting's young men have declared on their honor to do their best in their duty to God in the Scout Oath. We are reminded in the twelfth point of the Scout Law; to always be reverent. Sir Baden Powell, founder of Scouting said, "Duty to God is an integral part of the Scouting program. There is no religious side to the Scout movement. The whole of it is based on religion; that is on becoming aware of God and His Service." The event will honor God and the over 10,000 youth on the Delmarva peninsula who pledge their duty to God. The community is invited to celebrate the 12th point of the Scout Law - "A Scout Is Reverent."

Doors open at 6:45 a.m. and the event will begin at 7 a.m. Tickets are $30 per person and are available at

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Delta Sigma Omega Chapter Present Pink & Green MasAKArade

Salisbury, MD – Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Delta Sigma Omega Chapter will hold the Pink & Green MasAKArade on Saturday, November 15 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. The masquerade will take place from 7-11 p.m. and feature a buffet, best mask competition, silent auction and special presentations. This is a B.Y.O.B. event. Dress is semi-formal.

Tickets are $65 per person. Portions of the proceeds will go towards supporting scholarships on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Women Supporting Women. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit


Tearful Monica Lewinsky speaks out on Clinton affair and her ravaged reputation for the first time in 13 YEARS and earns a standing ovation

'My name is Monica Lewinsky - though I've often been advised to change it.’

That is how the bete noire of the late 90s introduced herself to a large crowd of millennials at Forbes’ Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia Monday morning, marking the beginning of Ms Lewinsky’s first public speaking engagement in more than a dozen years.

By the time Lewinsky concluded her emotional presentation on the perils of public humiliation in the digital age, the Twitter-sphere was abuzz with excitement over Lewinsky’s apparent comeback, showering her with praise for her courage.