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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Huge Community Yard Sale This Saturday

The Auxiliary of the Salisbury Independent VFC is having a community yard sale on Saturday July 15, 2017 from 7:00 am until Noon. Furniture, clothes, toys and more!!! If you would like to donate any items to our yard sale, please send an email to:

Those looking to take advantage of a large selection of items at great prices, come on out and see us this Saturday at 800 Snow Hill Road, Salisbury MD.

Maryland's Weekly Fishing Report - July 12, 2017

Fishing is one of those activities that is often so much better when shared with family and friends; memories of those adventures together can last a lifetime. Recently Jonathan and Daniel Irons got to go fishing with their grandparents that were visiting from Pennsylvania and with dad at the helm they had a rewarding trip that goes far beyond the bountiful catch of striped bass on that day

In the far upper reaches of the Chesapeake Bay, there continues to be an early morning topwater striped bass bite around the edges of the Susquehanna Flats. Poppers tend to be the best lures to use and the best fishing is usually before the sun clears the horizon. In the Susquehanna River the best action is at the Conowingo Dam pool at sunup. Casting heavy swimshads into the boiling water during early power generation has been accounting for some nice striped bass catches. Channel catfish can be found in the lower river and upper bay channels. 

To read the full report click here.

How Long Will Banks Screw Their Customers On Deposit Rates...As Long As You Allow Them To

As we're all well aware by now, once Trump was elected on November 8th the Fed suddenly decided it was no longer necessary to prop up asset prices in the United States with artificially low interest rates. As such, they've embarked on their first rate-hiking spree since the last one ended just over a decade ago.

Of course, equity investors have failed to realize so far that the party may be coming to an end as every debt-fueled asset bubble, from autos to residential mortgages, is about to experience the demand destruction that comes along with a tightening of credit. That is, if Yellen and her fellow bankers can stay the course. But that is all a story for another post.

For now, in light of the fact that the Fed has raised rates by 75bps over the past 6 months, we're wondering just how long the big banks can continue to stiff Americans out of interest payments on their deposits.


Frosh: Suits Against Federal Officials Exactly What Lawmakers Intended

Attorney General Brian Frosh said Republican lawmakers shouldn't act surprised by his lawsuits against federal officials.

In a letter that subtly dug at what his office called "grandstanding" by aggrieved state lawmakers, he wrote that he's doing what the Democratic-majority General Assembly allowed him to do in a joint resolution.

In a letter addressed to Del. Haven Shoemaker of Carroll County and more than 40 Republican colleagues, Frosh wrote that his office has joined seven lawsuits pursuant to the resolution that allowed him to do so without expressly asking lawmakers or the governor. The suits include ones targeting environmental regulation roil-backs, the travel ban, for-profit college rules and one led by Frosh and District of Columbia counterpart Karl Racine against President Donald Trump that claims violations of the Constitution's little-tested emoluments clause.

"Each seeks to protect the health and well-being of Marylanders against harmful federal acts," Frosh wrote.


Alan Dershowitz Slams New York Times For Trump Jr. "Treason" Claims

Over the past couple of days, the emergence of details regarding Trump Jr.'s meeting with the Russian-born lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya has prompted a return of the Trump-Russia mass hysteria on the part of the mainstream media and the left. Hillary Clinton's former running mate, Tim Kaine, even went so far as to refer to Don Jr.'s meeting as "treasonous."

Meanwhile, the New York Times published an op-ed detailing how treason statutes could potentially be adapted for the sole purpose of incriminating Don Jr. for taking the meeting with Veselnitskaya.

Although we do not yet have enough facts to judge, Donald Jr. and others may also be liable for conspiracy with respect to espionage, depending on how any illicit information was obtained and the level of their awareness of any spying. Because the Russian campaign that followed was nothing less than an assault on our democracy, we understand why some are raising issues of treason as well. Prosecution under the federal treason statute is ultimately unlikely because we are not at war with Russia. But during the Cold War, treasonous conduct was often prosecuted under other statutes. (Alger Hiss was sentenced to four years in prison for “forgetting” in sworn testimony that he had met with Whitaker Chambers, an American working for the Russians.)

But former Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz, a constant voice of reason throughout the post-election hysteria, says all of the discussion of "treason" on the left is nothing more than wishful thinking. As Dershowitz reasonably points out, while the act of actually stealing or hacking information is illegal, "seeking to obtain the work product of a prior hack would be no more criminal than a newspaper publishing the work product of thefts such as the Pentagon Papers and the material stolen by Snowden and Manning."


America’s Got Talent Contestant Dies In Crash In Maryland Before His Performance Airs

(WCMH) – America’s Got Talent is sharing the performance video of a contestant who died in a car crash before his audition could make it to air. reported Dr. Brandon Rogers died in a Maryland car crash on June 11.

“At the request of his family we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you,” the show’s producers said.


Star sprinter Abigail Bastien found dead near Johns Hopkins University

A teenage star track sprinter at Johns Hopkins University has been found dead near the Baltimore campus.

The body of 19-year-old Abigail Bastien was found by police on Thursday morning at the 3700 block of N Charles Street, just north of the university's Homewood campus.

Police are still investigating and have not yet determined her cause of death.

Detectives told there were no obvious signs of foul play at the scene.



Turkey Pulls Out Of Paris Climate Deal, Cites Lack Of Obama’s Bribes As Reason

President of Turkey Recep Erdogan confessed that the only reason for being in the Paris Climate Treaty was to receive more funds from the U.S. and other more wealthy nations. Of course with Trump pulling the United States out of the treaty, there’s no reason to expect the financial benefits.

Proving yet again, for the millionth time, that the whole build of the Paris Climate Treaty had absolutely nothing to do with the fake news climate change. It was completely about redistributing the funds of the nations involved.

President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris climate agreement means Turkey is no longer inclined to ratify the deal because the U.S. move ruins compensation promised to developing countries, President Tayyip Erdogan said.


In Search of Nelson DeMille's TWA 800 Video

Nelson DeMille’s bestselling novel. Nightfall, opens on July 17, 1996, with a steamy encounter on a Long Island beach. The man and women involved decide to videotape their coupling. In the process, they inadvertently capture the destruction of TWA Flight 800. The novel centers around that video.

Through his many contacts with the NYPD/Joint Terrorism Task Force DeMille learned there was a real video out there. To the best of my knowledge, the FBI confiscated the original from the MSNBC studios in the early morning hours of July 18, 1996.

Although I have communicated with scores of people who saw the video when it briefly aired, I have only spoken to one who knows exactly what he saw. His name is Thomas Young. Here is his story:

In early August 1996, I was admitted to the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Hong Kong for ten days with a back injury. My employer, Polar Air Cargo, flew my wife Barbara out to join me as our anniversary was in a few days, and I knew my wife would be worried sick with me being hospitalized in a foreign country.

We had little else to do but watch TV as I was in traction for most of the hospital stay. From the first day of being admitted to the hospital until the morning I was discharged from the hospital and boarded a flight for San Francisco, I witnessed a devastating video of a missile launch recorded by an unknown Long Island, NY resident.


Breaking News: After human remains were found on his family's farm, a man confessed to killing four young men who had gone missing in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania man has admitted to killing four of his acquaintances, after bodies were found buried on his parents’ farm in Bucks County, the man’s lawyer said on Thursday.

Cosmo DiNardo, 20, had been described by prosecutors as a “person of interest” in the disappearance of the other young men, and investigators searching the sprawling farm in a suburb of Philadelphia found human remains in a deep grave there.

One set of remains has been identified as one of the missing men, and the others are still being identified.

What a find: Museum discovers lost wines almost as old as the country itself

UNION, N.J. -- A restoration project at Liberty Hall Museum's wine cellar unearthed spirits 221 years old that had been shipped to the sleepy Elizabethtown cottage shortly after the American Revolution.

During the six-month revamp, the museum discovered almost three cases of Madeira wine from 1796 and about 42 demijohns from the 1820s.

Some of the original Madeira stock was shipped to the second generation who lived at Liberty Hall, in anticipation of John Adams' presidency. Although Liberty Hall President John Kean was well aware of the wine collection, he couldn't have imagined its historical significance.


A massive chunk of ice broke away from Antarctica

A chunk of floating ice that weighs more than a trillion metric tons broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula, producing one of the largest icebergs ever recorded and providing a glimpse of how the Antarctic ice sheet might ultimately start to fall apart.

A crack more than 120 miles long had developed over several years in a floating ice shelf called Larsen C, and scientists who have been monitoring it confirmed on Wednesday that the huge iceberg had finally broken free.

Ocean City Not Equipped For Emergency Text Message Reports

OCEAN CITY – Discussions on technology that could send text alerts to the Ocean City Police Department in emergency situations were placed on the back burner this week after officials concluded the resort’s current system could not handle texting capability.

In a Police Commission meeting Monday, Councilman Dennis Dare, chair of the commission, introduced the topic after hearing concerns and comments from two citizens at a June meeting of the Mayor and Council.

While one citizen expressed concerns over the level of violence in the downtown area during the month of June, Dare said the other, Scott Chismar, suggested a five-digit text that would alert the Ocean City Police Department of any situations at a certain location.

Dare said the concept is similar to technology used during Orioles games at Camden Yards, where guests can text any issue and a numeric location to stadium security.


Term Limits: Good for the People, Good for Politicians

Every few years, you’ll hear people discuss the idea of term limits, but the rumblings never amount to much. However, with the rise of Donald Trump -- a political outsider -- many on both sides of the party line are more interested than ever in sacking career politicians and introducing fresh faces to Washington.

The Sad State of Washington

John Adams once famously said, “Without term limits every man in power becomes a ravenous beast of prey.” Little did he know just how true these words would ring even centuries later.

At one point, just a couple of years ago, there were 36 senators who had been in elected office for more than 30 years. Of the 100 senators in Washington at the time, only 10 had a business background. Of these 10 senators, most had been in office longer than they were in business. Perhaps this could explain why Congress’ approval rating has hovered between 10 and 20 percent for so long.

Currently, there are no term limits for vice presidents, representatives, senators, and Supreme Court justices. On the state level, there are still 14 states that don’t have strict term limits for their governors.


Correctional officer charged with sexually assaulting inmate

WASHINGTON — A Montgomery County correctional officer is charged with sexually assaulting an inmate while on duty at a Clarksburg, Maryland, facility Tuesday.

Olukunle Oyekanmi, a Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation correctional officer, sexually assaulted an adult inmate who identifies as a woman in her cell at the Clarksburg correctional facility around 6:20 a.m. Tuesday, police said Wednesday. Oyekanmi was on duty at the time, police said.

The correctional facility staff was notified about the assault and reviewed video surveillance that showed Oyekanmi in the victim’s cell during the period of the alleged assault.


Democrats spread false Russian information on Trump, campaign aides

While the mainstream news media hunts for evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, the public record shows that Democrats have willfully used Moscow disinformation to influence the presidential election against Donald Trumpand attack his administration.

The disinformation came in the form of a Russian-fed dossier written by former British intelligence agentChristopher Steele. It contains a series of unverified criminal charges against Mr. Trump’s campaign aides, such as coordinating Moscow’s hacking of Democratic Party computers.

Some Democrats have widely circulated the discredited information. Mr. Steele was paid by the Democrat-funded opposition research firm Fusion GPS with money from a Hillary Clinton backer. Fusion GPS distributed the dossier among Democrats and journalists. The information fell into the hands of the FBI, which used it in part to investigateMr. Trump’s campaign aides.

Mr. Steele makes clear that his unproven charges came almost exclusively from sources linked to the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. He identified his sources as “a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure,” a former “top level Russian intelligence officer active inside the Kremlin,” a “senior Kremlin official” and a “senior Russian government official.”


Russian Lawyer Seen Attending Hearing With Obama Officials Days After Meeting with Donald Trump Jr.

Something is beginning to smell very fishy with this Russian lawyer who enticed political novice Donald Trump, Jr., into a meeting last year. New photos have now emerged showing her sitting with Obama officials at a Congressional hearing only days after she met with Trump, Jr.

To recap, Trump, Jr., was contacted by someone claiming that Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya had dirt on Hillary Clinton and wanted to give it to the Trump team to help them beat Hillary in last year’s election.

Trump, Jr., agreed to the meeting but once he arrived, Veselnitskaya only wanted to talk about an American international adoption program. She offered no information about Hillary at all. The meeting lasted for 20 minutes then was ended.

Trump, Jr., and many of his supporters are saying that they took the meeting expecting to get dirt on Hillary but got nothing. In addition, there has been no proof found that Veselnitskaya was representing the Russian government in the meeting. So, in the end, it appears no laws were broken, anyway.


Martin Armstrong Rages "Indict Comey Or Snowden Should Be Pardoned"

Comey, just like Hillary, claimed the memos were all “personal” that he made talking to Trump because he did not trust him (contrary to his trust for Clintons). There is no such “personal” qualification and he leaked those memos to the New York Times which he admitted openly in Congress. But those memos contained classified information and that was a CRIME for him to leak them, no less pretend they were his “personal” property. Every FBI agent signed a confidentiality agreement as do traders working for a bank.

The agreement signed by Comey states plainly: “all information acquired by me in connection with my official duties with the FBI and all official material to which I have access remain the property of the United States of America.”

This means (1) he stole government documents obstructing any investigation of him, and (2) he then leaked classified information to the New York Times. Let’s see; they say Snowden should be indicted for the same thing. Curious!

This is why Comey never recorded Hillary’s “interview” before the FBI to ensure she could never be charged as Martha Stewart was for “lying to the FBI” in such an interview and sent to prison. Comey wrote private memos when talking to Trump, but not Hillary, and then leaked classified information to the New York Times releasing his memos. Legally, he should be prosecuted as they prosecuted Lewis “Scooter” Libby who was Dick Cheney’s chief of staff for leaking information.

In United States v. Libby, he was put on trial for interfering with special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s criminal investigation of the Plame affair by lying in an interview with the FBI for which he was indicted by a federal grand jury on five felony counts of making false statements to federal investigators. This is what Comey protected Hillary from by not recording the “interview” which is standard operational procedure. Libby served as assistant to the President under George W. Bush and Chief of Staff to Dick Cheney from 2001 to 2005. Bush denied giving Libby even a pardon.

Then Comey granted immunity to Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Cheryl Mills to protect her against prosecution. In fact, Comey strikingly gave wholesale immunity deals to virtually every person who had intimate knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server and emails. This protected Hillary beacause nobody would testify against her under threat of imprisonment. Comey abused his discretion and made sure that Hillary could not be prosecuted nor any of her staff.

There is now more than enough information to hand to a Grand Jury for Comey to be indicted the same as Libby. Comey stole government work product (memos) and who knows what else and that is a crime in itself. Then they had classified information – count #2. And he should be indicted to colluding with Hillary not to record her “interview” and then giving immunity to everyone around her obstructing justice. You give immunity to someone for testifying against someone – not on a wholesale agenda to cover everything up.

If Congress FAILS to prosecute Comey, then Trump should pardon Snowden!!!!!!!!


5 Maryland residents jailed in Pennsylvania lingerie heists

Five Maryland residents operating an organized theft ring have been arrested for stealing thousands of dollars worth of lingerie from a store in the Lebanon Valley Mall, according to police.

The incident took place at Victoria's Secret on May 19. The five entered the store and filled garbage bags before fleeing with 88 garments valued at $3,692, according to North Lebanon Township police.

Charged with robbery, retail theft and conspiracy was James Griffin, 24, of Randallstown. Charged with retail theft and conspiracy were Twanika Greer, 24; James McCarter, 18; Justin Inman, 23; and Lyric McLaughlin, 21, all of Baltimore. They face preliminary hearings on July 27.


One of the 16 victims of the military plane crash in Mississippi was From Maryland

Was Trump Jr Meeting Deep-State Setup For FISA Wiretaps?

Content originally published at

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who met with Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner is openly anti-Trump.
Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the president’s lawyer said that Veselnitskaya misrepresented who she was.
Veselnitskaya has made anti-Trump postings to her Facebook page, and posted a picture taken by someone else in John McCain's office in 2015.
Rob Goldstone - the man who arranged the meeting - is associated with Fusion GPS, the firm which created the debunked 'pissgate' dossier.
Veselnitskaya also has ties to Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, who helped lobby against the same case.
The meeting with Trump Jr. is suspected to be the basis for the FISA request to surveil (and unmask) the Trump team.

Less than a week after news broke of Donald Trump Jr's meeting with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya - the delayed "Boom" to deep state cheerleader and James Comey friend Benjamin Wittes's cryptic "Tick, Tick, Tick" tweet, Ms. Vesselnitskaya has been revealed as an anti-Trump shill whose meeting with Trump Jr. appears to be a deep-state setup used to justify the FISA warrant which the Obama administration used to spy on the Trump team via 'unmasking' - which was accidentally revealed by former Obama admin official Evelyn Farkas on live TV.

Moreover, the meeting in Trump Tower between Veselnitskaya and Trump Jr. was arranged by Rob Goldstone, is associated with Fusion GPS - the firm behind the largely-debunked salacious 35 page 'pissgate' dossier designed to take down Donald Trump, yet which failed miserably after being largely debunked.

Trump Jr. diffused an upcoming New York Times piece on the meeting by issuing a statement and Tweeting copies of the emails exchanged in the setup of the sit-down, scooping NYT reporter who had a Twitter "he broke me" meltdown.


JUST IN: 1.3 Billion In Health Care Fraud

National Health Care Fraud Takedown Results in Charges Against Over 412 Individuals Responsible for $1.3 Billion in Fraud Losses

Largest Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action in Department of Justice History

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price, M.D., announced today the largest ever health care fraud enforcement action by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, involving 412 charged defendants across 41 federal districts, including 115 doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals, for their alleged participation in health care fraud schemes involving approximately $1.3 billion in false billings. Of those charged, over 120 defendants, including doctors, were charged for their roles in prescribing and distributing opioids and other dangerous narcotics. Thirty state Medicaid Fraud Control Units also participated in today’s arrests. In addition, HHS has initiated suspension actions against 295 providers, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

Attorney General Sessions and Secretary Price were joined in the announcement by Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Acting Director Andrew McCabe of the FBI, Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Inspector General Daniel Levinson of the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG), Chief Don Fort of IRS Criminal Investigation, Administrator Seema Verma of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and Deputy Director Kelly P. Mayo of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS).

Today’s enforcement actions were led and coordinated by the Criminal Division, Fraud Section’s Health Care Fraud Unit in conjunction with its Medicare Fraud Strike Force (MFSF) partners, a partnership between the Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney’s Offices, the FBI and HHS-OIG. In addition, the operation includes the participation of the DEA, DCIS, and State Medicaid Fraud Control Units.

Caption This Photo 7-13-17

JUST IN: Jimmy Carter collapses at Habitat Build

Former President Jimmy Carter collapsed at a Habitat build in Winnipeg Thursday morning.

CBC reporters were on scene covering the build and reported paramedics and firefighters scrambled to the site. Reportedly, one camera on site captured Carter saying "I'm tired", but he continued to work up until his collapse around 9:30 local time. Witnesses report Carter was suffering from dehydration.

A spokesman for Habitat for Humanity in Winnipeg with the president confirmed the collapse and said "He's going to be OK." Carter is headed to Winnipeg's St. Boniface Hospital.


Heads will roll after Trump Jr. leaks, Corey Lewandowski says

President Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski predicted Wednesday that the leakers driving coverage of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting last year with a Russian lawyer will be fired, as the White House reportedly scrambles to find the source or sources.

“Anybody, and I mean anybody who is not on the president’s agenda that works in this administration should absolutely be removed immediately,” Lewandowski told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning.

“I don’t know who the leaker is but let me tell you this, if it were up to me, and somebody was speaking to the media [and leaking information detrimental to Trump], I would fire them on the spot, and Donald Trump will do the same,” he added.

Numerous accounts in the wake of the Trump Jr. revelations have described the White House as racked by internal drama and suspicion. In seeming reference to such stories, the president tweeted Wednesday morning: “Remember, when you hear the words ‘sources say’ from the Fake Media, often times those sources are made up and do not exist.”


President Trump Describes Meeting With Putin In NEW Interview

NYT Trump Scoops Contain Key Disclaimer

Two scoops from The New York Times on a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer contain a key disclaimer about five paragraphs deep clarifying there is still “no evidence” of collusion.

Trump Jr. was promised dirt on Clinton from the Kremlin-connected lawyer ahead of the meeting, TheNYT reported Sunday. A follow up report Mondayrevealed Trump Jr. responded to the promise of dirt by saying “I love it.” The wider media is treating both reports as bombshells indicating the Trump campaign may have colluded with the Russian government to win the election.

The paper dumps cold water on the implication in both reports, however, by clarifying what the meeting does not prove.

“There is no evidence to suggest that the promised damaging information was related to Russian government computer hacking that led to the release of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails,” TheNYT notes in the fourth paragraph of the initial scoop.

And in the story Monday: “The precise nature of the promised damaging information about Mrs. Clinton is unclear, and there is no evidence to suggest that it was related to Russian-government computer hacking that led to the release of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails.”


Is It Hot Enough For You?

College Park considers extending local voting rights to noncitizens

WASHINGTON — College Park’s mayor and council are considering a move to allow residents who are not United States citizens to vote in local elections.

The move would require change the city’s charter amendment, but College Park would not be alone in allowing noncitizens to vote in municipal elections. Other Maryland municipalities that allow residents who are not citizens to vote include Takoma Park, Hyattsville, Somerset, Glen Echo, Martin’s Additions and most recently, Mt. Rainier.

“I’m kind of torn. I sit on the fence. I kind of see both sides,” said Dan Blasburg of College Park. “The hang-up I have is nonresidents of the city having a say in what happens with regards to city politics and what goes on. And I don’t know how to rectify that.”


Happiness From Being Generous

What inspires humans to display acts of generosity? Economists, psychologists and philosophers have pondered this question for millennia. If one assumes that human behavior is primarily motivated by self-interest, it seems illogical to willingly sacrifice resources for others.

In an attempt to solve this paradox, some experts have theorized that giving satisfies a desire to boost one's standing in a group. Others have suggested it fosters tribal cooperation and cohesion — a key element in mammal survival. Yet another explanation is that we give only because we expect to receive something in return.

The real answer, a study suggested Tuesday, may be much simpler: Giving makes us happy.

Scientists conducted an experiment with 50 people at a lab in Zurich who reported on their own happiness levels after acts of generosity. Consistently, they indicated that giving was a feel-good experience.


I Hate It When Trash Just Jumps Out Of The Truck

If anyone knows Mr Miller can you please let him know that his trash must have fallen out of his truck in the Pocomoke State Forest.

Public Union Files Grievance Against Poison-Ivy-Eating Goats For Stealing Jobs

Goats are at the center of a public union grievance against Western Michigan University for taking jobs that supposedly belong to union workers.

The jobs in question involve clearing the land of poison ivy and other noxious weeds that goats are willing to do for free.

Please consider Are Goats Taking Jobs from Union Workers?

A battle is brewing at Western Michigan University this summer between a group of hungry goats and a labor union.

The 400-member American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has filed a grievance contending that the work the goats are doing in a wooded lot is taking away jobs from laid-off union workers.

“AFSCME takes protecting the jobs of its members very seriously and we have an agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement with Western Michigan,” said Union President Dennis Moore. “We expect the contract to be followed, and in circumstances where we feel it’s needed, we file a grievance.”

The grievance alleges that the university did not notify the union that it was planning to use goat crews on campus,according to a chief steward report supplied to the Battle Creek Enquirer.

University spokeswoman Cheryl Roland said a small goat crew has been on campus this summer, but not to cut grass.

“For the second summer in a row, we’ve brought in a goat crew to clear undergrowth in a woodlot, much of it poison ivy and other vegetation that is a problem for humans to remove,” Roland said. “Not wanting to use chemicals, either, we chose the goat solution to stay environmentally friendly.

“The area is rife with poison ivy and other invasive species, and our analysis showed the goats to be a sustainable and cost-effective way of removing them,” she added.


Clinton Shirt Update

Former Marydel Mayor Sentenced to Nine (9) years for Felony Theft, Misconduct in Office and Forgery

Town Mayor Sentenced to Nine (9) years for Felony Theft, Misconduct in Office and Forgery

State Prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt announced today that Deborah Rowe, Mayor and President of the Town of Marydel in Caroline County, was sentenced to nine (9) years yesterday July 11, 2017 for her role in stealing money from the Town of Marydel between 2012 and 2016.

The Honorable Sidney S. Campen Jr. sentenced Rowe to three (3) years for Felony Theft, three (3) years for Misconduct in Office and three (3) years for Forgery. All sentences were consecutive to each other for a total sentence of nine (9) years.

At Rowe’s guilty plea on February 1, 2017, Rowe admitted to making unauthorized transfers of lump sums of money from the Town of Marydel’s banking account into her own personal account, writing checks to herself and to cash which she then deposited into her own personal bank account. She also obtained a debit card in the name of the Town which she used to pay personal expenses, including her phone and television bills as well as a property tax payment for land Rowe owned in North Carolina. Rowe also pled guilty to charges of forgery where she admitted to forging the names of other town commissioners on some of these checks.

Woman admits to dropping baby to death, gets probation

A woman who dropped her newborn baby to her death from a high-rise apartment after hiding her pregnancy from her parents in 2015 has been sentenced to probation, according to court records.

Mubashra Uddin, 20, on Thursday pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter of a family member before Cook County Judge Carol Howard and was sentenced to four years' probation, according to court records. The infant, Baby Jane Uddin in official documents, was found in the grass outside a high-rise in the 800 block of West Eastwood Avenue about 11:45 p.m. Nov. 11, 2015, and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital about an hour later.

Uddin originally had been charged with first-degree murder.

Uddin became pregnant by her boyfriend but did not tell her family because she knew her Muslim parents from Pakistan would not approve, prosecutors said at the time she was charged. Uddin gave birth to the 7-pound, 11-ounce girl and threw the infant out the window when she heard her mother approaching the bedroom, according to prosecutors.


Hillary Peddles 'Nasty Woman' T-Shirts

Hillary Clinton is on Twitter advertising “nasty woman” t-shirts where proceeds from the sales go to Planned Parenthood.

The shirts are being sold by TBS, the network that hosts “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” a political comedy show.

“Support Samantha Bee & Planned Parenthood & buy a Nasty Woman t-shirt!” Clinton wrote next to a photo of her holding the black “nasty woman” shirt.

Support Samantha Bee & Planned Parenthood & buy a Nasty Woman t-shirt!
— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 11, 2017

The “nasty woman” phrase was popularized when then-candidate Donald Trump referred to Clinton as a “nasty woman” during one of the presidential debates.

Samantha Bee thanked Clinton for her support in selling the t-shirts.


WCSO CID - Press Releases - July 13, 2017

Incident: Driving Under the Influence, 4th Offense.
Date of Incident: June 29, 2017
Location: Eastern Shore Drive, Salisbury, MD 21801
Suspect: Mark James Jester, 40 years old, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On June 29, 2017, at approximately 3:30 PM, a Deputy with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team (CAT) conducted a traffic stop in the area of Eastern Shore Drive, Salisbury, Maryland. During the course of the traffic stop information was developed that caused the Deputy to believe the operator, Mark James Jester, may be under the influence of alcohol. Jester was given a series of standardized field sobriety tests, which he failed. The Deputy placed Jester under arrest and charged him with DUI related offenses. Jester was released on traffic citations. Deputies learned that this was Jester’s fourth DUI related offense.
Charges: Driving under the influence of alcohol, Driving while impaired by alcohol, other related offenses.

Incident: Possession of crack cocaine
Date of Incident: June 30, 2017
Location: 27000 block of Ocean Gateway, Hebron, Maryland 21830 

James Clifton Savage, 66 years old, Salisbury, MD
Marian Cecilia Thompson, 63 years old, Salisbury, MD
Salahuddin Abdui Ali, 71 years old, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On June 30, 2017 members of the Wicomico Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team (CAT) and Criminal Investigative Division (CID) executed a search and seizure warrant at a residence in the 27000 block of Ocean Gateway, Hebron, Maryland. The warrant was executed for controlled dangerous substances offenses. During the course of the warrant, Deputies located crack cocaine and related paraphernalia in the residence. The above listed subjects were charged with possession of CDS and related offenses. Several firearms and ammunition were also located inside of the residence. All three above listed subjects are prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition due to prior criminal convictions.
Charges: Possession of CDS: crack cocaine, possession of a firearm by persons prohibited, and possession of ammunition by persons prohibited.

13 Years Later, Effects Of Maryland’s ‘Flush Tax’ Being Seen

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Remember the flush tax? That’s the 2004 Maryland law that raised money to improve sewage treatment plants.

Alex DeMetrick reports, 13 years later, that law has reached something of a milestone.

As the 21st century bloomed, so did oxygen-destroying algae. Fed by nitrogen and phosphorous, bloomed choked off light and left dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay.

Former Governor Robert Ehrlich was honored at Anne Arundel County’s Cox Creek Water Reclamation Facility, which has just finished a $140 million upgrade, an improvement that began on the Pride of Baltimore in 2004 when Ehrlich signed the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act, also known as the flush tax.


Two Worcester County Officers Injured In Vehicle Accident

On Wednesday 7-12/17 at about 2006 Hrs. Two Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputies riding in one patrol vehicle were responding to a call in the area of Rt. 50 and Rt. 611. As the patrol vehicle entered the intersection it was struck by another vehicle.

Both Deputies were transported to AGH Berlin for non-life threating injuries and release.

The crash is under investigation.

Anyone with information regarding the crash may call the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office at 410-632-1112

In a medical milestone decades in the making, a gene-altering leukemia therapy got a unanimous vote of confidence from an F.D.A. panel

A Food and Drug Administration panel opened a new era in medicine on Wednesday, unanimously recommending that the agency approve the first-ever treatment that genetically alters a patient’s own cells to fight leukemia, transforming them into what scientists call “a living drug” that powerfully bolsters the immune system to shut down the disease.

Breaking News: China's most prominent political prisoner has died

Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, was 61.

Liu Xiaobo, the renegade Chinese intellectual who kept vigil on Tiananmen Square in 1989 to protect protesters from encroaching soldiers, promoted a pro-democracy charter that brought him an 11-year prison sentence and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize of 2010 while locked away, died on Thursday. He was 61.

The bureau of justice of Shenyang, the city in northeast China where Liu Xiaobo was being treated for cancer, announced on its website that Mr. Liu died on Thursday July 13.

A Viewer Writes: My thoughts on the SU tower


The recent media coverage of the arrival of the bells for the new tower at SU brought back memories of another university, and another tower. They are not very pleasant memories. I voiced disapproval of the new tower when it was built. I just don’t think such structures are appropriate for a college campus. People are offended by such trivial things these days. I guess no one is offended, or concerned by the placement of this tower in the middle of SU.

On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman climbed to the top of the University of Texas Tower with three rifles, two pistols, and a sawed-off shotgun. The 25-year-old architectural engineering major and ex-Marine—who had previously complained of searing headaches and depression—had already murdered his mother, Margaret, and his wife, Kathy, earlier that morning. He fired his first shots just before noon, aiming with chilling precision at pedestrians below. “The crime scene spanned the length of five city blocks . . . and covered the nerve center of what was then a relatively small, quiet college town,” noted executive editor Pamela Colloff in her 2006 oral history of the shootings. “Hundreds of students, professors, tourists, and store clerks witnessed the 96-minute killing spree as they crouched behind trees, hid under desks, took cover in stairwells, or, if they had been hit, played dead.”

At the time, there was no precedent for such a tragedy. Whitman “introduced the nation to the idea of mass murder in a public space,” wrote Colloff. By the time he was gunned down by an Austin police officer early that afternoon, he had shot 43 people, thirteen of whom died.

The shootings garnered international attention. “The cover of Life the next week made a big impression on all of us,” UT alumnus Shelton Williams told Texas Monthly in 2006. “The photo, which was taken from the victim’s point of view, was of the Tower, as seen through a window with two gaping bullet holes in it. From that vantage point it looked menacing, even evil—not the triumphant symbol of football victories we were used to.”

At year’s end, the Associated Press and United Press International ranked the shootings as the second most important story of 1966, behind only the war in Vietnam. The massacre would spur the creation of SWAT teams across the country. Because such tactical teams did not exist at the time of Whitman’s crime, many students had risked their own lives to fire back at the unseen sniper, or to help wounded strangers to safety.

The incident was arguably the most painful in UT’s history and the university tried for years, unsuccessfully, to erase its memory. That changed in 1999—33 years after the murders—when president Larry Faulkner agreed to allow a place of reflection to be created behind the Tower, dedicated to Whitman’s victims, and a memorial service to be held.

Democrat to Linda Sarsour: Where’s the $100k You Raised for Jewish Cemetery?

Brooklyn Democrat Dov Hikind demanded Tuesday that Palestinian-American anti-Trump activist Linda Sarsour account for $100,000 that she helped raise for a Jewish cemetery that needs repair, but which says it has not received the money.

Hikind, a New York State Assemblyman, was responding to an article Tuesday at the Algemeiner (original emphasis and link):

A Jewish cemetery in Colorado that has fallen into severe disrepair has yet to receive a check for some $100,000 from a group associated with Palestinian-American BDS [boycott, divestment, sanctions] activist Linda Sarsour, despite being promised the money several months ago, The Algemeiner learned on Tuesday.

Neal Price of the Golden Hill Cemetery in Lakewood, CO said he had left three unreturned voicemails for Tarek El-Messidi, the founder of non-profit Islamic education organization Celebrate Mercy, who led the high-profile effort by the Muslim community in February and March to raise money for vandalized Jewish cemeteries in the US. El-Messidi’s partner in the effort was Sarsour.

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Advocates sue Trump for blocking Twitter users

The Knight First Amendment Institute at New York’s Columbia University filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump for blocking critics on Twitter.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer and White House director of social media Daniel Scavino are named as co-defendants along with Trump in the lawsuit filed Tuesday.

“President Trump’s Twitter account has become an important source of news and information about the government, and an important public forum for speech by, to, and about the president,” the lawsuit reads. “In an effort to suppress dissent in this forum, defendants have excluded — blocked — Twitter users who have criticized the president or his policies. This practice is unconstitutional, and this suit seeks to end it.”


Frederick police officer sues department, alleges retaliation after 'Blue Lives Matter' rally

A city of Frederick police officer has sued the department, saying that his supervisors retaliated against him for holding a “Blue Lives Matter” rally in the city last year.

Dan Sullivan, a Frederick police officer since 2004 and a former Green Beret, held the rally July 24, 2016, in Memorial Park in support of officers who had recently been killed in Dallas and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Blue Lives Matter is a nationwide pro-law-enforcement movement created in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, which calls for accountability in police-involved shootings.

The $10 million lawsuit, filed July 7 in U.S. District Court, alleges that Sullivan's supervisors urged him to cancel the event and, after Sullivan held the rally anyway, they punished him by creating a hostile work environment. It names the city of Frederick, Frederick Police Department, Chief of Police Ed Hargis, Lt. Thomas Tokarz, and "John and Jane Doe" of the department as defendants.


Remember Bill Clinton's Asia-gate Scandal?

The talking heads at CNN and MSNBC are positively giddy. Aha! A Russia connection. Donald Trump Jr. met with Russians! It's best when they can find a liberal guest to say what they're thinking, and they have plenty from which to choose.

Here's a sentence of hyperbole from Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., on CNN: "I think we are seeing an unprecedented amount of contacts, personal, political and financial, that Trump, his family, his team, his business had with Russia prior to the election."

The use of the word "unprecedented" displays amnesia, or ignorance, or simply a rewrite of recent American history. Liberal journalists would like everyone to forget how then-President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee engaged in a blatant strategy to solicit illegal foreign contributions from Asian sources before the 1996 presidential election. Their contacts included Liu Chaoying, daughter of the senior commander of Red China's People's Liberation Army, who met with President Clinton.

The Washington Post reported in 1998, "Evidence gathered in federal surveillance intercepts has indicated that the Chinese government planned to increase China's influence in the U.S. political process in 1996." Doesn't that sound like a precedent?

After Clinton was easily re-elected, the DNC was forced to return more than $2.8 million in illegal or inappropriate donations. Almost 80 percent of that ill-gotten gain came from two sleazy Clinton-connected fundraisers, foreign nationals John Huang and Charles Yah Lin Trie. Few people remember this scandal because it was buried by those same news outlets that can't stop talking about Russia..

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FBI document dump reveals secrets of Clinton probe

Some 42 pages of highly redacted documents from the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's mishandling of highly classified materials paint a picture of a serious, but flawed investigation hindered by a lack of cooperation, according to a key watchdog group.

The materials, all part of the probe dubbed "Midyear Exam,” included several documents designated as “grand jury material,” indicating the potential seriousness of the investigation that would ultimately be ended by FBI director James Comey in July, then restarted for a brief period in October before being shut down for good.

One redacted exchange reveals a back and forth subpoena response to the FBI from one of Mrs. Clinton's private attorneys, Katherine Turner, a partner at Washington DC powerhouse firm Williams & Connolly. In the document, Turner agreed to turn over one of Mrs. Clinton's non-secure Apple iPads and two of her BlackBerrys to the FBI.

But neither smartphone received from the law firm contain SIM cards or Secure Digital (SD) cards, and a total of 13 mobile devices identified by the FBI as potentially using email addresses were never located by Williams & Connelly.

"We are presuming there are still 13 devices at issue,” Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, told Fox News. “The new records show how badly the Obama Justice Department and FBI mishandled the Clinton email investigation. They get the equivalent of wiped phones from the Clinton lawyers and do nothing?"


Trump's Oval Office Prayer Vigil Sparks Angry Backlash

Tuesday's release of photos of a chance encounter between evangelicals and President Donald Trump in the White House, which shows leading evangelicals laying hands on and praying for the president of the United States in the Oval Office, has touched off an angry backlash on Twitter and in the mainstream media.

CNN immediately tied the meeting to reports the administration has become unhinged following the latest allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, which authorities believe conducted a cyberwar and hacking campaign in a bid to disrupt the November election.

Those in attendance at the Oval Office meeting on Monday, however, reported the president was confident, collected, and in total control of his administration's agenda.

Author and evangelical leader Johnnie Moore posted an image of the group prayer to Twitter on Tuesday evening. In the image, Trump is seen with his head bowed and surrounded by faith leaders, some of whom are resting their hands on him, all in an attitude of devout prayer.

Moore says the president's visit with faith leaders was not pre-arranged, and included Vice President Mike Pence and top presidential adviser Jared Kushner.

The image immediately sparked an angry backlash, including allegations that Moore is somehow racist for having a better relationship with Trump than with his predecessor.

Others suggest the image symbolizes a dangerous erosion in the separation of church and state.

One particularly emotional post cursed Moore and "the disappearing line between church and state. It's 2017 people; magic is a party trick for kids."

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Coming To The Salisbury GOB

Extra $600,000 sought to combat infectious diseases among refugees

State has already spent $1.5 million in past year on measles, TB

Minnesota pays out millions every year in welfare for refugees, but there are secondary costs that never get tabulated.

In fiscal 2017, which ended last last week, the state spent $1.5 million to combat three infectious disease outbreaks — including the largest measles outbreak in three decades, which was concentrated in the Somali refugee community. And health officials notified legislative leaders this week that they want to tap a special public-health fund to offset additional costs.

Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Minnesota Health commissioner, told the Star-Tribune his department will need another $600,000 for fiscal 2018 to help control the spread of measles, drug-resistant tuberculosis and syphilis.

The state has had 78 confirmed cases of measles this year, in an outbreak that began in March. Of those 78 cases, 64 have been in the Somali refugee community. The outbreak is now showing signs of being under control, with no new cases reported this month. But the costs continue to pile up.

Health Department officials want $100,445 to continue prevention work. About half the money would go toward hiring a “temporary employee” to conduct outreach to the Somali community, including efforts to increase measles vaccination rates, the Star-Tribune reported.


PTSD is PHYSICAL not psychological

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a physical condition, not a psychological one, a new study claims.

Brain scans reveal veterans who experienced traumatic stress as well as head injuries had different shaped brains from their fellow servicemen who did not suffer PTSD.

Those tormented by their experiences had a larger amygdala - the brain region responsible for emotion and fear - than those that did not.

The findings published by the University of California, San Diego, on Tuesday open the field to explore physiological treatments for the mental illness.

'Many consider PTSD to be a psychological disorder, but our study found a key physical difference in the brains of military-trained individuals with brain injury and PTSD, specifically the size of the right amygdala,' said lead author Dr Joel Pieper.


Democrats INTENTIONALLY Used Disinformation From Russia to Attack Trump, Campaign Aides

While the liberal news media hunts for evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, the public record shows that Democrats have willfully usedMoscow disinformation to influence the presidential election against Donald Trump and attack his administration.

The disinformation came in the form of a Russian-fed dossier written by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. It contains a series of unverified criminal charges against Mr. Trump’s campaign aides, such as coordinating Moscow’s hacking of Democratic Party computers.

Some Democrats have widely circulated the discredited information. Mr. Steele was paid by the Democrat-funded opposition research firm Fusion GPS with money from a Hillary Clinton backer. Fusion GPS distributed the dossier among Democrats and journalists. The information fell into the hands of the FBI, which used it in part to investigate Mr. Trump’s campaign aides.

Mr. Steele makes clear that his unproven charges came almost exclusively from sources linked to the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. He identified his sources as “a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure,” a former “top level Russian intelligence officer active inside the Kremlin,” a “senior Kremlin official” and a “senior Russian government official.”




This was written by a 21 yr. old female who gets it. It's her future she's worried about and this is how she feels about the social welfare big government state that she's being forced to live in! These solutions are just common sense in her opinion.

This was in the Waco Tribune Herald, Waco, TX.


Put me in charge of food stamps no cash for Ding Dongs or Ho Ho's, just money for 50-pound bags of rice and beans, blocks of cheese and all the powdered milk you can haul away. If you want steak and frozen pizza, then get a job.

Put me in charge of Medicaid. Then, we'll test recipients for drugs, alcohol, and nicotine. If you want to use drugs, alcohol, or smoke, then get a job.

Put me in charge of government housing. Ever live in a military barracks? You will maintain our property in a clean and good state of repair. Your "home" will be subject to inspections anytime and possessions will be inventoried. If you want a plasma TV or Xbox 360, then get a job and your own place.

In addition, you will either present a check stub from a job each week or you will report to a "government" job. It may be cleaning the roadways of trash, painting and repairing public housing, whatever we find for you. We will sell your 22-inch rims and low profile tires and your blasting stereo and speakers and put that money toward the "common good."

Before you write that I've violated someone's rights, realize that all of the above is voluntary. If you want our money, accept our rules. Before you say that this would be "demeaning" and ruin their "self-esteem," consider that it wasn't that long ago that taking someone else's money for doing absolutely nothing was demeaning and lowered self-esteem.

If we are expected to pay for other people's mistakes we should at least attempt to make them learn from their bad choices. The current system rewards them for continuing to make bad choices.

I love this one....

AND while you are on Gov't subsistence, you no longer can VOTE! Yes, that is correct. For you to vote would be a conflict of interest. You will voluntarily remove yourself from voting while you are receiving a Gov't welfare check. If you want to vote, then get a job.

Dear Hollywood celebrities, It’s time to wake up.

Get this! The only reason you exist is for my entertainment.

Some of you are beautiful.

Some of you can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes.

Some of you are so convincing that you scare the crap out of me.

And others are so funny you can make me laugh uncontrollably.

But you all have one thing in common.

You only exist and have a place in my world to entertain me.

That’s it. Nothing else!

You make your living pretending to be someone else.

You play dress-up like a 5-year-old.

Your world is a make believe world. It is not real. It doesn’t exist.

You live for the camera while the rest of us live in the real world.

Your entire existence depends on my patronage.

I crank the organ grinder, and you dance.

Therefore, I don’t care where you stand on issues.

Honestly, your opinion means nothing to me.

Just because you had a lead role in a movie about prostitution doesn’t mean you know what it’s like to be a prostitute.

Your view matters far less to me than that of a someone living in Timbuktu.

Believe me or not, the hard truth is that you aren’t real.

I turn off my TV or shut down my computer, and you cease to exist.

Once I am done with you, I go back to the real world until I want you to entertain me again.

I don’t care that you think BP executives deserve the death penalty.

I don’t care what you think about the environment.

I don’t care if you believe fracking is bad. I don’t care if you call for more gun control.

I don’t care if you believe in catastrophic human-induced global warming.

And I could care less that you supported Hillary for President.

Get back into your bubble.

I’ll let you know when I’m in the mood for something pretty or scary or funny.

And one other thing. What was with all this “I’ll leave the country if Donald Trump wins”?

Don’t you know how stupid that made you sound?

What did you think my reaction was going to be?

I better not vote for Trump or we’ll lose Whoopi Goldberg? Al Sharpton? Amy Schumer? Leave.

I don’t care!

And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Make me laugh. Make me cry. Even scare me.

But realize this, the only words of yours that matter is scripted — just like your pathetic little lives.

I may agree with some of you from time to time, but in the final analysis, it doesn’t matter.

In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment.

So, shut your mouth and dance, monkey, DANCE!