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Saturday, September 06, 2014


Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) told Breitbart News that President Barack Obama’s decision to delay his planned executive amnesty for potentially 8 million illegal aliens past the November midterm elections is proof the American people have roundly rejected his immigration policies.

Lee noted first that the House passed a bill that would block the president from continuing or expanding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty for illegal alien minors—which Obama began in summer 2012 and is largely viewed as the spark that caused the surge of illegal immigration that’s led to the current border crisis.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is currently resisting GOP-wide demands, led by Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), for a clean vote on the House-passed anti-DACA bill. Instead of joining Sessions and most Republicans to demand a vote on that bill, Senate Democrats privately lobbied Obama and the White House to wait until after their elections to enact his executive amnesty so they don’t have to take a stand on the issue.


Was Bob McDonnell convicted for politics as usual?

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell accepted lavish gifts from a businessman, but it's not so clear what the businessman got in return. Politicians elsewhere may want to reconsider what has been viewed as politics as usual.

Does former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell face decades in jail for the crime of engaging in politics as usual?

That’s what some pundits and legal experts are wondering in the wake of Thursday’s sweeping public-corruption verdict against Mr. McDonnell and his wife by a federal jury.

McDonnell himself was convicted on 11 of 13 counts related to charges that he used his office to promote a dietary supplement in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars in cash, expensive gifts, and a drive in a Ferrari. Wife Maureen McDonnell was convicted on nine of 13 counts. Sentencing is set for Jan. 6.


Senate To Vote Next Week On Dem Proposal For Amending The Constitution

The Senate is scheduled to hold a procedural vote next week on amending the Constitution to let Congress regulate campaign spending.

Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) proposed a resolution to amend the Constitution in the wake of two recent Supreme Court decisions that Democrats opposed.

One was Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission, which said the government cannot impose limits on corporate spending on politics-related communications. The other was McCutcheon vs. FEC, which terminated aggregate limits on what people can contribute as individuals.


Hackers used police spy tool to steal nude celebrity pictures

Use password breaker to download data from iCloud storage backups

The major leak of nude celebrity photos last weekend was made possible by software designed to let law enforcement lift data from iPhones with ease. The software is used in tandem with a tool made public recently that can crack Apple iCloud passwords.

According to Wired, hackers talk openly on the anonymous image forum Anon-IB about their use of EPPB, or Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker, to download data from iCloud storage backups.

EPPB and like programs work to reverse engineer smartphone software to access a device’s data, but only with the aid of iBrute, the password-guessing software for iCloud. The iBrute software, recently released by security research Alexey Troshichev, was made to exploit a flaw in Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ feature to lift users’ iCloud passwords, running through numerous attempts to crack the account before eventual success.


Respiratory Virus Sickens Hundreds Of Kids

A respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to Missouri hospitals and possibly throughout the Midwest, officials say.

The virus causes symptoms like a cold, except worse, and is prompting up to 30 children a day to seek care at one Kansas City hospital, where about 15% of the youngsters were placed in intensive care, officials said.

In a sign of a possible regional outbreak, Colorado, Illinois and Ohio are reporting cases with symptoms similar to the same virus and are awaiting testing results, according to officials and CNN affiliates in those states.

In Kansas City, about 450 children were recently treated at Children's Mercy Hospital, and at least 60 of them received intensive hospitalization, spokesman Jake Jacobson said.


Spider-dog sends unsuspecting victims fleeing in absolute terror for their lives

Join Start-Up Maryland Entrepreneur Pitch Bus in Ocean City

Area business owners and would-be entrepreneurs are cordially invited to join the Start-Up Maryland Entrepreneur Pitch Bus for its visit to Ocean City on Monday, September 15, at 9 a.m. at the Boardwalk Arch on Division Street. 

Sponsored by Worcester County Economic Development (WCED), the event will promote our entrepreneurial culture and emphasize the importance of growing and sustaining local businesses, which strengthen our economy. 

“This is a unique opportunity that provides a platform for entrepreneurs and visionaries seeking funding to start or expand their businesses,” WCED Director Bill Badger said. 

Badger and area elected officials will host the opening ceremony. For more information about the event, contact WCED Deputy Director Merry Mears at 410-632-3112 or visit

Darcy Oake's jaw-dropping dove illusions

Board Approves $506,183 In Agricultural Cost-Share Grants

The Board of Public Works today approved $506,183 in Agricultural Water Quality Cost-Share grants, which help farmers install best management practices that significantly reduce nutrient runoff in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and accelerate Bay restoration. The O’Malley-Brown Administration has supported more farmer pollution reduction projects cost-share program than any other administration in the nearly three decades since the program began.

The Board approved grants for 71 projects in 14 counties that will prevent soil erosion, manage nutrient pollution and safeguard water quality in streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. Together, these projects will prevent 3,789.54 pounds of nitrogen, 1,779.46 pounds of phosphorus, and 1,760.10 tons of soil from entering the Bay and its tributaries. These projects are funded by state general obligation bonds.

“Our farmers are true partners in protecting our natural resources, and Maryland continues to support their efforts by providing grants to install proven conservation measures and innovative, state-of-the-art practices,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “Working together, we can ensure a smart, green and growing environment for future generations, preserve open space, and maintain the rich agricultural heritage of our State.”

Teen gets life in prison after admitting to raping and murdering 6-year-old neighbor

An 18-year-old man will spend the rest of his life in prison, after admitting to the murder of his 6-year-old neighbor whose body was found dumped on a street corner last summer.

Tyler Holder plead guilty on Thursday to charges of murder in the death of his young neighbor Alanna Gallagher, who went missing last June.

Her body was found soon after less then a mile away from her Saginaw, Texas home and an autopsy report revealed the little girl had been raped.

Holder, who was 17 at the time, was arrested when his DNA was found on her body.


Worcester County Offers Free Emergency Training In Ocean Pines

Worcester County Emergency Services (WCES) invites the public to participate in a free, 8-session Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) course.
The training takes place at the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department South Station, on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. from October 8 – November 8, 2014, with Cardiopulmonary Response (CPR) and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) training to take place during class on October 22.
CERT is an extremely informative, hands-on, educational program packed with information to equip residents, who have no prior emergency medical training, to support their families and communities during a disaster. Participants will gain the decision-making and practical skills necessary to offer immediate assistance to those in need following an emergency until further help can arrive.
“CERT helps you prepare yourself, your family, your community to face a wide variety of emergencies,” WCES Emergency Planner Tom Kane said. “CERT just makes you safer.”
Participants will learn basic lifesaving skills, such as CPR/AED, First Aid and fire suppression. They will also learn to recognize both natural and manmade hazards. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to create disaster plans and supply kits and aid in responding to hazardous material emergencies.
Those who successfully complete the training will receive CPR and First Aid certification thorough the American Heart Association.
During the course, instructors will provide information on hazards typical to Worcester County, hazardous materials in the home and the National Incident Management System. Instruction is geared to help residents better prepare and survive during the first 36 to 72 hours after a catastrophic event when local first responder resources are stretched to their limits.
CERT is made possible through a grant from Atlantic General Hospital, thereby allowing WCES to offer this valuable training at no cost to all interested residents.
Space is limited to 20 individuals and is available on a first come, first served basis. For more info or to register, contact Tom Kane at 410-632-3080 or

A Letter To The Editor: Crime In Salisbury

Hello Joe,

I had a conversation with a Dover police detective the other day and we had a chance to discuss the crime problem we have here on the Eastern Shore including Dover. He told me he was glad he lived in the country, outside of city (Dover) limits. But what really caught my attention was that he emphasized that the Salisbury crime rate and risk is greater than that in Dover.

While I do not advocate violence or the anti-cop mentality, I see it as a reflection of the rising tide of lack of respect for the rule of law. 
When the water gets rough you have to reinforce your protection. The growing number of incidents of police taking overly aggressive actions is their unconscious defense to protect themselves.
Again I support our law officials and civil servants. Yes there are bad apples in every apple cart. However what we are witnessing is an issue of much greater proportion to our civil society.

Keep up the great work Joe!


PIKESVILLE, MD) –The Maryland State Police are urging motorists to practice moving over for tow trucks now because on October 1st, it is the law.

On the first of October 2014, tow trucks will be included in the safety barrier of the ‘move over’ law. The law is intended to provide an extra barrier of safety for police, fire and emergency rescue personnel, and now tow truck drivers. Motorists are required when approaching an emergency vehicle or a tow truck from the rear with its lights activated, to change into an available lane not next to the emergency vehicle or tow truck, when safe to do so. If there is no lane available, the motorists must slow down to a reasonable and prudent speed as they pass the emergency scene.

Drivers are reminded the ‘move over’ law is a primary offense with a fine of $110 and one point. If the violation contributes to a traffic collision, the fine will be $150 and three points. If the violation contributes to crash resulting in death or serious injury, the fine is $750 and three points.

Do You Receive Free Lunch at Work? The IRS Wants to Tax it

The IRS. There are few agencies more hated, corrupt, and degraded in the entire nation, and that’s saying a lot

The IRS. There are few agencies more hated, corrupt, and degraded in the entire nation, and that’s saying a lot.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you are well aware of the fact that the IRS was caught consistently abusing its extraordinary power in order to selectively target groups with which leadership disagreed with politically.

We also know that the IRS, and its former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit, Lois Lerner, subsequently destroyed evidence of misconduct by claiming emails had been lost and are unrecoverable, in a ludicrous series of purported events.


Cape Henlopen State Park Celebrating 50th Anniversary

The history of Cape Henlopen State Park dates back 50 years, but the rich history of the Cape area dates back centuries. Although designated as public lands, the park was used by the U.S. government during the late 18th century and most of the 19th century.

There is no way to completely list the expansive history of the park area. Included are a few of the highlights over the past four centuries.

See special pages commemorating the park's history - including a timeline of events - as a PDF HERE.


IRS had ‘secret research project’ on conservatives

Lois Lerner warned colleague questions by Congress were 'dangerous'

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has unearthed more bombshells in the IRS scandal, using the federal court system to get information Congress has been unable to obtain directly from the tax agency or the Justice Department.

Tom Fitton, the group’s president, told WND the scandal has now become so massive, “President Nixon resigned over lesser abuses of the IRS.”

The just-released emails reveal the IRS had a “secret research project” using lists of donors to mostly conservative organizations that an agency attorney appeared to admit it never should have had in its possession.

The documents do not describe the project or show how the IRS used the names on the lists, but they do show they were in the possession of Lois Lerner, the former agency employee and central figure in the scandal.


September Meetings for City Boards and Commissions

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
12:00 noon, Government Office Building, Room #306

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
12:00 noon at the Zoo Education Building

5:30 p.m. at Poplar Hill Mansion, 117 Elizabeth Street

Thursday, September 18, 2014
1:30 p.m. in Government Office Building, Council Chambers

6:00 p.m. in Government Office Building, Room #306
Wednesday, September 24, 2014

7:00 p.m. in Government Office Building, Council Chambers

New Benghazi ‘stand down’ claim at odds with State Department

U.S. security team insists top CIA officer held them back

A newly reported claim by a U.S. security team in Benghazi of orders not to respond to the Sept. 11, 2012, attack that killed the U.S. ambassador contradicts the State Department’s official report.

The Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier interviewed three security contractors who were at the CIA annex about one mile from the besieged U.S. special mission, where Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans were under assault.

The three essentially served as first responders to any attack on the mission.

The security contractors – Kris “Tanto” Paronto, Mark “Oz” Geist and John “Tig” Tiegen – told Fox News they wanted to depart for the mission but were delayed by the commanding CIA officer in Benghazi, whom they refer to as Bob.

“It had probably been 15 minutes I think, and … I just said, ‘Hey, you know, we gotta – we need to get over there. We’re losing the initiative,’” said Tiegen in an interview to air in a Fox News special Friday night. “And Bob just looks straight at me and said, ‘Stand down, you need to wait.’”

“We’re starting to get calls from the State Department guys saying, ‘Hey, we’re taking fire, we need you guys here, we need help,’” said Paronto



Berlin Fire EMS are just clearing the scene of a very serious accident involving a motorcycle at Rt. 611 and Southpoint Rd.  

The patient is a 51 year old male being flown by Trooper 4 to PRMC in critical condition.

County To Utilize OC’s Radio Stations

SNOW HILL — Worcester County will be partnering with the Town of Ocean City to make available important emergency bulletins and other announcements via the town’s two recently acquired FM radio frequencies.

While Ocean City has held a license for a low-powered AM radio station since 2009, it wasn’t until February when the town secured licenses for a pair of FM radio stations. The stations are already used for important town news and alerts and as of this week the county has entered into a formal agreement with Ocean City to piggyback on those two FM signals.

“The station located on Rt. 589, at 100.3 on the dial, has outstanding coverage in the Ocean Pines, Showell, Bishopville and Berlin areas,” wrote Fred Webster, director of Emergency Services for Worcester, in a memo to the commission.


Army Psychologist: ‘Direct Correlation’ Between Military Suicides, Psychiatric Meds

( – Dr. Bart Billings, a retired Army psychologist who has treated thousands of veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), maintains that there is “a direct correlation” between the increased use of psychiatric medications to treat PTSD and the high rate of military suicides.

A surge of prescriptions since 2005 “coincides with the gradual increase, to this day, of suicides in the military. I feel there’s a direct relationship,” Billings told, adding that the side effects of medications often prescribed by military psychiatrists include an increased risk for suicide.

“If you take a look at people who commit suicide, most of those people – I would say as much as 80 percent – are on some type of psychiatric medication where there’s a black box warning that indicates caution for suicidality, poor judgment and reasoning, anger and hostility, which can translate to homicide, depression, etc.,” he said.


SFD Calls For Service 9-5-14

  • Friday September, 5 2014 @ 23:07Nature: Medical Emergency City:Salisbury
  • Friday September, 5 2014 @ 21:03 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: 901 Snow Hill Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Friday September, 5 2014 @ 21:02 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: 901 Snow Hill Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Friday September, 5 2014 @ 21:02Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Friday September, 5 2014 @ 19:25Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

White Unemployment 5.3% -- Black Unemployment 11.4%

( – While unemployment nationwide is 6.1%, the unemployment rate for black Americans at 11.4% is more than double the rate for white Americans, who have an unemployment rate of 5.3%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The unemployment rate for Latino Americans, at 7.5%, is also lower than the unemployment rate for blacks, theBLS data show.

For black Americans, age 16 and older, seasonally adjusted, the unemployment rate between July and August stayed the same at 11.4%, and that is up from the 10.7% rate in June. The last time the black unemployment rate was 11.4% was more than 5 years ago, in October 2008. (It was at a low 7.6% in August 2007.)


Ocean City Named In $750K Wheelchair Suit

OCEAN CITY — An elderly Philadelphia woman last week filed a $750,000 lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the Town of Ocean City after allegedly falling from her wheelchair because of a defective rubber warning mat on a resort street corner.

According to the complaint, on June 16, 2012, the plaintiff, Oda Wendt, 89, of Philadelphia, arrived in Ocean City for her first-ever vacation in the resort. Around 7:50 p.m., Wendt and her family left their condominium to visit the Boardwalk and Wendt was being pushed in a wheelchair by her daughter, Astrid Seiger.

After visiting the Boardwalk, Wendt and her family were going back to their condo and attempted to cross Philadelphia Ave. at Worcester Street from east to west. According to the complaint, the daughter was pushing Wendt in the wheelchair when it struck one of the hard rubber warning mats on the handicap-accessible street corners.


Audio Captures the Moment a Phoenix Widow Shot Intruder

A 911 audio tape has caught the moment an alleged intruder realizes that the widow he is terrorizing has shot him. He then immediately apologizes.

Authorities in Phoenix, Arizona, released 911 audio of the May confrontation Wednesday.

“Somebody is trying to get into my house … and I have a gun in my hands. I’m terrified,” the unidentified woman told the dispatcher, her voice trembling.

She hid in the bathroom.

The burglar – identified by authorities as Michael Lewis, 20 – broke down her door.

The woman, alone and afraid, didn’t think she had time to wait for police to arrive.

The intruder found the woman’s hiding spot, officers said. Screams are heard on the 911 call, followed by a scuffle – and a gunshot.

Lewis’ stunned reaction was captured on the 911 call, too.

"Ow! (Expletive) What was that? What was that? What was that? (Expletive) did you do?" he is heard on the audio tape.

“Did you think you could beat me half to death?” she asked.


New Veterans Memorial Will Honor LGBT Community

WASHINGTON -- Not far from the grave of the first openly gay American serviceman, a portion of vacant land has been purchased as the future home of a new veterans memorial.

The LGBT Veterans Memorial, which will be located in the Historic Congressional Cemetery, will be near Leonard Matlovich's grave in what's known as the "gay corner" of the cemetery.

Matlovich, who died in 1988, was a serviceman who came out on the cover of Time Magazine in 1975. On the magazine's cover, Matlovich was pictured wearing his Air Force uniform with the headline "I am a homosexual," in large print. He was immediately discharged from service.


Catering CEO Loses Job After Abusing Puppy

The CEO of a national catering company – which happens to hold a contract for food service at the Ocean City convention center – was fired Tuesday after a video surfaced last week of him abusing an animal.

Desmond Hague, head of Centerplate, was seen on video footage from a Vancouver elevator, dated July 27, violently puling and repeatedly kicking a puppy.

Centerplate holds roughly 300 food vending contracts with major sports and entertainment venues across the country, including the Ocean City convention center.

“As a dog lover myself, this is obviously disturbing,” said city Communications Manager Jessica Waters. “But the people at Centerplate that we work with here are amazing. I don’t know the character of their CEO, but I would hate to think that anything he has done would reflect badly on our crew at the convention center.”


Fireworks Planned To Help Mark Sunfest Anniversary

OCEAN CITY – The third summer of the OC Beach Lights series went off without a hitch, despite some cancelations due to wind, but the good news is the shows have been rescheduled to accompany the 40th anniversary of Sunfest next weekend.

This summer T.E.A.M Productions’ weekly laser light show and fireworks displays returned to Ocean City for the third year in a row.

Over the years the event’s schedule has evolved to where this summer T.E.A.M Productions was offering triple the amount of shows than in the first year.

In the first year OC Beach Lights, a seven-minute laser light show, orbiting from a five-story tall inflatable sphere featuring a visual laser, lighting, video and audio production took place on Sunday nights from Memorial Day through Labor Day at North Division Street. The same show occurred three times a night at 9:30, 10 and 10:30 p.m.


BREAKING NEWS: Obama to reportedly delay any executive action on immigration until after elections

President Obama decides to hold off on any executive action on immigration after concluding that circumventing Congress during campaigns would politicize the issue and hurt future attempts at passing a broad overhaul, two White House officials tell the Associated Press.


Wanna Renounce Your U.S. Citizenship? It’s Gonna Cost You More.

If you wanna go the way of Tina Turner and formally renounce your U.S. citizenship, you have less than a week to pay the rate the famous diva would have last year.

Beginning Sept. 12, the State Department is increasing fivefold the fee it charges Americans to cut ties with the (overtaxed?) land of the free. It used to cost $450 to go through the lengthy process of permanently leaving the United States. It will now cost $2,350 to officially hand over your U.S. passport.

In announcing the fee change last week, State described the process as “extremely costly,” including two “intensive interviews” where the consular officer ensures that the American “fully understands the consequences of renunciation.” (No more apple pie and baseball games.)


BREAKING NEWS: Unknown Male In His 50's Found Deceased In Berlin WalMart

Berlin Fire EMS units were dispatched to WalMart on Ocean Gateway for a reported unconscious person in the men's room around 7:30 AM.  

Upon arriving EMS determined the patient had been deceased for an unknown amount of time. 

Worcester County Sheriff's Department is investigating but it appears to be natural causes. The male patient was in his 50's.

Ferguson-like attack in Utah escapes media notice; race bias seen

Discrepancy in attention given to Ferguson’s Michael Brown, Utah’s Dillon Taylor fuels resentment

On the surface, the cases appear nearly identical: Michael Brown and Dillon Taylor, two young, unarmed men with sketchy criminal pasts shot to death by police officers two days apart.

But while the world knows of the highly publicized situation involving 18-year-old Mr. Brown, whose Aug. 9 death in Ferguson, Missouri touched off violence, protests and an angry national debate, most people outside Utah have never heard of 20-year-old Mr. Taylor.


Allen West in Salisbury

Wor-Wic’s Adult Education Program Continues To Grow

SALIBURY — Wor-Wic Community College is in the process of launching and expanding several Adult Education programs aimed at giving individuals who did not graduate from high school a second shot at a diploma.

The college is an official Pearson GED Testing Center and supports a large network of Adult Ed courses across the lower Eastern Shore.

“Adult Education is a program that has both federal and state funds allocated to it. And it really serves students with two goals,” Ruth Baker, Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development, told the Wicomico County Council Tuesday.


Today At The Brew

The Allen West Patriot’s Tour of Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore, September 27, 2014

1st 3 Events at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, 909 S Schumaker Dr., Salisbury
4:30 pm: College Republicans meet with Congressman West. Free to CRs, but all participants must
register by mail or at the site below.
5 – 6 pm: Allen West Guardian Roundtable. NOTE INDEPENDENT REGISTRATION! The first 20 who
register for the Guardian Roundtable will also receive tickets to the VIP Reception and the Patriot’s
Dinner. Per person Donation Levels: $1000 – Host, $500 – Patron, and $250 – Sponsor. RVSP –
Seating Limited – to Carolyn Machodo 703-266-5872 or via email: Checks for
the Roundtable must be payable to: Allen West Guardian Fund, PO Box 9382, Coral Springs, FL 33075
6 - 7 pm: VIP Reception & Pictures with Congressman West to benefit the Maryland GOP. $150 per
person, $270 per couple. Includes Patriot’s Dinner. Register by mail or at the site below.
Dinner at the Wicomico County Youth and Civic Center, 500 Glen Avenue, Salisbury
7 - 9 pm: Patriot’s Dinner to benefit Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, & Worcester counties.
$65 per person, $115 per couple. Register by mail or at the site below.
To register, complete and mail the form below. Mail it, with a check payable to WCRCC, to
WCRCC, PO Box 252, Salisbury, MD 21803
-or- Register and Pay at
The Allen West Patriot’s Tour of Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore,
September 27, 2014
Yes, I would like to attend! Enclosed is my check in the amount of _____________________
Register _____ College Republicans to attend the meeting with Congressman Allen West at 4:30, at the Ward
Museum (No charge, but participants must be College Republicans and must be registered). Include names.
For _____ couples (@ $270) and _____ individuals (@ $150) to participate in the VIP Reception & Pictures with
Congressman West, to benefit the Maryland GOP, at the Ward Museum, at 6:00 pm and also the Patriot’s Dinner,
below (included).
For _____ couples (@ $115) and _____ individuals (@ $65) to attend the Patriot’s Dinner with speaker
Congressman Allen West, at 7:00 pm at the Wicomico County Youth and Civic Center.
Name(s): ________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________________ State: _____________________ Zip Code: _________________
Phone: __________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________
Occupation: _______________________________ Employer: __________________________________________
Checks only, please, made payable to WCRCC, and mail to WCRCC, PO Box 252, Salisbury, MD 21803
>>> By September 20, please! <<<
By Authority of the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee, Bob Laun, Treasurer

Program Receives $16 Million To Protect Maryland Landscapes

The Rural Legacy Program will receive $16.03 million in Fiscal Year 2015 grants to permanently preserve working farms and other important natural lands throughout Maryland. Governor Martin O’Malley and the Board of Public Works approved the funding at a meeting in Annapolis.

“This year, through the Rural Legacy program, we are again pleased to protect thousands of critical acres - acres vital to the prosperity of Maryland and its citizens,” said Governor O’Malley. “Never to be developed, these lands will work in perpetuity enhancing air and water quality, providing habitat to plant and wildlife, hosting working farms and showcasing their beautiful scenery.”

Fiscal Year 2015 grants recipients:
  • Agricultural Security Corridor (Kent, Cecil, Caroline, Dorchester and Talbot counties) $650,000
  • Anne Arundel South (Anne Arundel) $1,203,000
  • Coastal Bays (Worcester) $1,060,000
  • Deer Creek (Harford County) $1,265,000
  • Dividing Creek (Somerset and Worcester) $600,000

Conservation Tools Help ‘Pick-Your-Own’ Farm Thrive

A farmer’s field is dotted with people busily picking blueberries off bushes and loading them into large red buckets. But they’re not at work. They’re picking for their own pantries.

Butler’s Orchard, located near Washington, D.C. in Germantown, Maryland, is a 300-acre family-owned farm that grows more than 180 crops including 25 different kinds of vegetables, fruits and flowers. For the past 60 years, this farm has opened its rows and orchards for people to pick their own.

Growing a variety of crops can take some unique farming tools and techniques, and Wade Butler, the farm’s manager, turned to USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service for help.

Butler worked with NRCS to build an irrigation system and a seasonal high tunnel to improve both efficiency and crop yield on the farm.



Gloria Allred loves abortion (safe, legal, and rare, of course). Men? Not so much. Rich, famous men? Even less. So, filing a lawsuit against boxer Floyd Mayweather for posting the sonogram of the twins his ex-fiancee aborted seems a no-brainer for the feminist attorney.

"In November of 2013, Ms. [Shantel] Jackson became pregnant by Mayweather," Allred writes on the case. "Mr. Mayweather was aware that she was pregnant but she did not share that information with her family and only one friend knew that she was pregnant. In December of 2013, a sonogram revealed that Ms. Jackson was carrying twins that Mayweather had fathered, and she told him the news. He asked for a copy of the sonogram, which she sent to him. She had no idea that he would turn that image into a device to inflict emotional torture upon her."

After the breakup, Mayweather posted the sonogram image online. "The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion,"the undefeated welterweight tweeted this spring, "and I'm totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies."



LUBBOCK, Texas — A Tucson, Arizona kidnapping and extortion plot of an American teen on U.S. soil was committed by previously deported illegal aliens from Mexico and a U.S. citizen who was arrested multiple times by Border Patrol agents for alleged alien smuggling and let go without prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. A group of six or seven men kidnapped the American teen in Tucson and mistakenly thought he belonged to a wealthy family. The men tortured the teen and insisted his parents hand over $400,000.

Breitbart Texas has exclusively confirmed that three of the subjects are Mexican nationals who have been previously deported from the United States. A Situational Awareness Report from the Joint Intelligence and Operations Center was sent to law enforcement agents in the region and it stated, “On September 2nd, Tucson Police received a report that a 16-year-old male had been kidnapped … TPD officers were able to apprehend four of the subjects from the residence that ran out of the house when they approached … the 16-year-old victim also exited the house, he had a blindfold on his face and his hands were tied. The victim had obvious signs of trauma that appeared to be from physical assault … in the residence, officers found an assault rifle, several handguns, and narcotics … Record checks reveal that three of the subjects are citizens of Mexico that have been previously deported from the U.S., the other two subjects are U.S. citizens … one of the U.S. citizens had been arrested on two prior occasions by the Nogales Border Patrol Station for alien smuggling … on both occasions, prosecutions was not sought.”


Leader Of Al-Shabaab Killed In Somalia By US Strike

The leader of the Islamic militant organization behind the slaughter at a Kenya mall last year was killed during a U.S. military strike earlier this week, U.S. officials confirmed on Friday.

Ahmed Abdi Godane — the leader of al-Shabaab – was killed during an airstrike Monday that also claimed the lives of 10 other militants.

President Obama, speaking at a NATO summit in Wales, said the successful strike was an example of his administration’s push against terrorism.



HANOVER, MD - As part of the O’Malley-Brown Administration’s Cycle Maryland Initiative, Governor Martin O’Malley and Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown today announced $2.3 million in Bikeways Program Grants to fund 23 projects in six counties and 8 municipalities. The Maryland Bikeways Program, which is administered by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), supports the design and construction of projects that create and improve bicycle connections in Maryland to key destinations, like work, school and shopping.
“Establishing a modern transportation system is more than building roadways, runways and railways -- it means investing in projects that support alternative forms of travel like bicycling,” said Governor O’Malley. “These grants will help local jurisdictions grow and enhance their bicycle networks, a core component of our ongoing efforts to reduce both traffic congestion and Maryland’s greenhouse gas emission by 25 percent by 2020.”
“With this $2.3 million investment, we’re making it easier and safer for Marylanders to use bicycles to get to work, school, and local businesses,” said Lt. Governor Anthony Brown. “These grants will ensure that in communities from Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore, we’re continuing our efforts to make bicycling a safe, healthy, and affordable transportation option for more Marylanders."
A complete list of grant-funded projects can be found here.
Some of the projects include:
  • Baltimore City’s West Baltimore neighborhood bikeways project: $84,000 to establish neighborhood bike boulevards that connect to Downtown;
  • City of Hagerstown: $75,000 to design and improve bike paths throughout the City;
  • Capitol Heights Green and Complete Street project: $225,000 toward reconstruction of Chamber Avenue near the Capitol Heights Metro station;
  • Walkable, Bikeable Berlin: $30,000 to support preliminary engineering for trails connecting Berlin and Assateague Island;
  • Rockville’s bike routes: $33,950 to mark bicycle routes in the City of Rockville;
  • Carroll County’s Governor Frank Brown Trail: $131,600 to construct phase 1 of the bike trail connecting Eldersburg and Sykesville neighborhoods; and
  • Howard County’s North Laurel connection project: $40,000 to design trail and on-road extension of the Patuxent Branch trail to the North Laurel community.
Since announcing the Maryland Bikeways Program in 2011, the O’Malley-Brown Administration has invested
$12.25 million in Bikeways Program grants to help fund 97 projects across Maryland. MDOT’s draft six-year capital budget (FY 2015 – FY 2020) includes nearly $200 million for bicycle and pedestrian-related projects, including more than $15 million for the Bikeways Program. 
“The O’Malley-Brown Administration has consistently supported our efforts to build a modern, interconnected transportation system that includes enhancing and expanding Maryland’s bicycle network,” said Transportation Secretary James T. Smith, Jr.
The Maryland Department of Transportation adopted an updated Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan in January 2014. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan establishes a 20-year vision to support cycling and walking as modes of transportation in Maryland.  Learn more at
Governor O’Malley launched his Cycle Maryland Initiative to consolidate and coordinate bicycle programs in Maryland in an effort to make bicycling a true transportation alternative. For more information on Cycle Maryland efforts and great bicycling resources, please visit us on our website at, on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @CycleMaryland.

Controversial anti-terrorism colouring books for kids re-released to include ISIS references

A controversial colouring book company have re-released their children's anti-terrorism series to include references to ISIS terrorists.

The books, designed by U.S. company Really Big Coloring Books, feature images such as the crucifixion of a Christian by a member of ISIS and the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

Company founder Wayne Bell said the books are designed to help explain to children what is happening in the world today.