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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Gold Alert Issued for Missing Bethany Beach Man

Bethany Beach - The Delaware State Police are issuing a Gold Alert for Joseph V. Richardson of Bethany Beach who was last seen around 12:00 a.m., Sunday March 6, 2016 at his residence located on Kittiwake Drive

Joseph is a white male, 39 years of age, 6'01” tall, 260 lbs., brown hair and blue eyes. (Photo attached)

Troopers have been unable to make contact with Joseph to check on his welfare. Attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful and there is a real concern for his safety and welfare. He may be in the area of Kent Island or Annapolis, Maryland.

If anyone has any information in reference to his whereabouts, they are asked to contact Troop 4 at 302-856-5850 or by contacting Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or via the internet Anonymous tips may be sent by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."


Nancy Reagan, the widow of President Ronald Reagan and passionately devoted keeper of his flame, died Sunday morning of congestive heart failure at 94, according to her spokesperson.

Reagan died at her home in Los Angeles. She's set to be buried at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, next to her husband. Prior to the funeral, there will be an opportunity for members of the public to pay their respects at the Library, the spokesperson said. Details had not yet been announced Sunday afternoon.



1. "Locally, a study a couple years ago found more than three times as many black residents as white were arrested in Wicomico County."

2. "The first administrative action Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver took was to fire a black staffer." 

3. "His transition team had no African-Americans and his first major decision was an attempt to defund new school construction for a majority-black elementary school."

4. "Twice as many blacks are unemployed compared to their white counterparts."

5. "This year we’ve seen whites argue the Confederate Flag is not a racist symbol." 

6. "It should be pointed out that despite white lies from Republican political and law enforcement leaders, police deaths by gunfire fell last year."

7. "BLM offers an important opportunity to recognize racism’s insidious societal presence and prioritize real remedies."

Gains Hawkins is a member of the Wicomico County Democratic Central Committee.

Wow, where do I start! I'll start with this. Gains was Rick Pollitt's Campaign Manager, enough said.

The column was published in the Daily Times on March 2, 2016. Let's take each of the many topics in order.

1. I find it very interesting the author does not tell where he got his statistics. I've asked local authorities and no one seems to have an answer, yet there's apparently a study on it, according to Gains.

2.  Bob Culver fired a black staffer is total BS. Bob Culver hadn't even been sworn in. It was Rick Pollitt who terminated that employee, but why should facts get in the way of a failing Daily Times newspaper.

3. Good Lord! Were there any blacks on Jim Ireton's, Jake Day, Barrie Tilghman, etc? I can assure you that IF someone showed Bob interest in participating with his transition team he would have been honored, (if qualified) to enjoy them on his team. As for defunding the school in a black district, is this guys head stuck up his rear end! Bob never said he wouldn't fund that school. Bob simply stated he wanted to redevelop what was already there, saving the taxpayers millions of dollars.

4. Twice as many blacks are unemployed... If you want to FIX that, instead of blaming WHITES for it, get rid of EBT, Affordable Housing and Welfare for ALL. Start by drug testing anyone receiving these benefits and then cap the assistance to ONE YEAR. Then maybe, just maybe, people will get off the free ride program and get a job. 

5. This year we've seen WHITE LIBERALS being the actual RACISTS against whites, constantly labeling them as racist. Shall we make a new flag for that Gains?

6. How's that statement working for you THIS YEAR Gains? Not that I even agreed with your "last year" statement.

7. Just what is the AUTHORS remedies? You seem to want to point fingers and place blame, yet like all typical radical liberals, you offer no answers. The author acts like blacks are completely innocent and fails to mention things like the "knock out game". All Lives Matter, period. 

This Post was sparked today because the Daily Times, (once again) reprinted on line the ENTIRE article calling out  Bob Culver for firing Tamara Brooks. Again, Culver hadn't even been sworn in. Pollitt's administration terminated Tamara. Oh, here's a thought. Why not call Tamara and ask her who let her go. Wouldn't that mean that they actually confirmed their story? They didn't do so because they lied and fabricated it, (again today) to make Bob out to be a RACIST. They couldn't even get it right the second time, (two years later) around. 

Finally, white race baiting against other whites is a dangerous game. These Liberals think they are more credible when they spew such LIES/HATE against their own race, because their personalities and lifestyles aren't accepted by other normal human beings. They remind me of an old Rodney Dangerfield joke where he said, "The first time I made love it was great, I was by myself." 

Shame on Gaines Hawkins and the Daily Times. 

SBYNews Contributor George Chevallier Passed Away Today 3-3-16

This is a day and a man I will never forget. George Chevallier was by far one of the kindest, giving men I have ever had the honor to call my friend. 

George was a historian here on the Shore and delivered literally hundreds of weekly articles we've had the pleasure to publish and look forward to. 

We will deliver all of the important arrangements just as soon as they become available. Rest in Peace my dear friend and thank you so very much for everything.

Today's Survey Question 3-2-16

With Hillary Clinton's win over Bernie Sanders yesterday, do you think Democrats are nuts to strongly support someone with such a questionable and perhaps criminal history?

Trooper Suspended After Assault Charge

(CAMBRIDGE, MD) — A Maryland state trooper has been suspended from duty after he was arrested over the weekend in Dorchester County and charged with assault.

Master Trooper Kenneth N. Moore, assigned to the Criminal Enforcement Division, was suspended from duty with pay by a Maryland State Police commander after he was charged by the Cambridge Police Department with one count of second degree assault on February 27, 2016. Maryland State Police were notified by the Cambridge Police Department that they responded to a complaint of an assault from Moore’s wife on the night of the 27th.

The Maryland State Police Internal Affairs Unit was notified and has initiated an administrative investigation. The criminal investigation is being conducted by the Cambridge Police Department.

A Viewer Writes: Delmarva Power Bills

I just noticed an interesting fact, when reviewing my electric bill.

They no longer put "meter readings, start and finish" on your bill.

There is no way for the consumer to actually verify usage.

They simply put how many kWh they claim you used.

How is this legal and how did the PUC allow for this farce to take place?

Is This The Hint Of Things To Come With Jim Ireton?

I guess he thinks the public has forgotten what he did to the 3 female Salisbury employees in Mojo's ladies restroom where he urinated right in front of them and what he did with did with Lore Chambers, Assistant City Administrator for the City of Salisbury. The only African-American in Salisbury's history in a position of high authority. How he regularly verbally abused Council women Debbie Campbell and Terry Cohen.

I Will End Harris' War on Women and continue my own War on Women --
But I Need YOUR Help!

When a mayor fire's Lore Chambers, an African-American Assistant City Administrator, you send a stark message to African-Americans that live, not only in Maryland's First Congressional District, but the entire country. Don't forget, while we are celebrating March as National Women's History Month don't vote for Jim Ireton, he hates women, especially black women. 

As I stated yesterday, Why on God's Green Earth should Congress be wasting their time naming offices after communist sympathizers who supported the Cuban Revolution. Who's next, Jane Fonda?


I ask: just what is it about Ms. Angelou and Ms. Tubman that you don't like Andy?

Enough is enough! Help me fight back against Harris' War on Women. 

Support my campaign to send Harris packing on November, 8th.

Click the icons to connect with my campaign
I Will End Harris' War on Women --
But I Need YOUR Help!

Dear Friend,
Just this week, Andy Harris was one of nine congressman to vote against naming a post office after Maya Angelou. I was disgusted, but not surprised to learn of this, and it immediately reminded me of House Resolution 4007 back in 2012, when Harris voted to prevent any federal funding for the creation of a national park for Harriet Tubman.
When you vote against Harriet Tubman and then Maya Angelou, you send a stark message to African-Americans that live, not only in Maryland's First Congressional District, but the entire country; that their history doesn’t matter. I ask: just what is it about Ms. Angelou and Ms. Tubman that you don't like Andy? Maya Angelou is a Presidential Medal of Freedom award winner, and Harriet Tubman freed slaves using the Underground Railroad. Yet Andy Harris doesn’t think they are worthy of federal recognition.
Don't let Harris represent Maryland's Eastern Shore any longer. Support my campaign and send a me to Washington to make a difference, not just make a point.
In my view, Mr. Harris is, again, using his Washington, D.C. office to make a point, not a difference. He votes against parks, post offices and access to health care. Votes against Mom and apple pie can’t be far off.
But this is just par for the course with Andy. While we are celebrating March as National Women's History Month, he is fighting against some of American history's most celebrated women.
But he is also continuing his fight against the freedoms of everyday women as well.
  • Equal pay for equal work?
  • Fair access to adequate and affordable healthcare?
  • Maintaining the right to make your own healthcare decisions?
Not for women under Andy Harris' plan. Left unchecked,  Harris will do everything in his power to take women's rights back to the stone age.  I don't intend to let him have his way, and neither should you. Join me in my campaign. Your support is how we will succeed on election day.

Please visit and contribute today. That way, on November 8th we can tell Andy Harris together that he's finished.
Paid for by Ireton for Congress. Authority: Joshua Nordstrom, treasurer

Ireton for Congress
P.O Box 3777
Salisbury MD 21802 United States

Have We All Had Just About Enough Of This Yet?

Sheriff Mike Lewis Named Elks Citizen of the Year

The Salisbury Elks Lodge #817 has named Sheriff Mike Lewis as their Citizen of the Year for 2016. There will be a ceremony on March 24, 2016 at 6:30 pm at the Lodge. It is open to the public.

Biography taken from the Wicomico County Website

Sheriff Lewis retired as a Sergeant with the Maryland State Police, Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement Team (PACE) after twenty-two years of loyal and dedicated service. In addition to his duties as the agency's leading Criminal Interdiction Expert, Sheriff Lewis remains a CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR through the Maryland Police Training Commission, and a certified MASTER INSTRUCTOR through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Sheriff Lewis was directly responsible for the training and educating of all Maryland State Police personnel in the Criminal Interdiction Venue.

Elected November 2006, and now serving his third consecutive four-year term, Sheriff Lewis has worked tirelessly to transform the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office into one of superior service to our citizens, and one of fear to the criminals who prey on an innocent society. Based on feedback we heard from our citizenry, we realized it was imperative to be very proactive while on patrol, while providing our officers and command staff with the tools and resources they need to educate the public and build sustainable community relationships.

Sheriff Lewis remains very much involved in community-outreach initiatives and organizations while leading a dedicated staff of 94 sworn deputies, and another 52 civilian personnel who provide judicial protection to our courts, traditional law-enforcement services to our citizens, and unprecedented protection to the communities we serve.


Salisbury's Official Downtown Rebranding Drink

What would you name it?

Maryland may see dispensaries, medical marijuana after vote

WASHINGTON — Plans are on track in Maryland to open nearly 100 medical marijuana dispensaries next year.

The latest move in Annapolis is that the House of Delegates has voted to broaden the type of health care providers who would be allowed to prescribe the drug.

Under the state law legalizing medical marijuana, only physicians can prescribe medical marijuana. But the House has voted to extend that authority to dentists, podiatrists and nurses.

Delegate Erek Barron, D-Prince George’s County, says the idea makes sense.

“These additional practice groups are trusted and in a position to make that call for their patients,” Barron says.


Sharpton: ‘This Will Be the Last Night of an All-White Oscars’

LOS ANGELES — The Rev. Al Sharpton led a rally Sunday afternoon around the corner from Hollywood’s Dolby Theater to protest the lack of diversity among this year’s Academy Award nominees.

Joined by members of his National Action Network (NAN) advocacy group bearing signs reading “Shame on you” and “Boycott #OscarsSoWhite,” Sharpton spoke briefly to several dozen demonstrators, telling the entertainment industry it is “out of time” to address its “systemic” diversity problem.


Chris Rock Calls Oscars 'the White People's Choice Awards' in Monologue

All eyes were on Chris Rock as the comedian opened the 88th Academy Awards -- one of the most politically-charged ceremonies (if not the most) of all time -- and he didn't disappoint.

"Well, I'm here at the Academy Awards, otherwise known as the White People's Choice Awards," he said.

Rock then slammed Jada Pinkett Smith's decision to boycott the Oscars.

"Jada boycotting the #Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna's panties. I wasn't invited," he said, leaving the room in stitches.

Rock also revealed that he was pressured to quit the show by those around him and "thought about quitting" before ultimately deciding that he would be able to wield greater influence as host.


Black Toothpaste: Whitening Without Bleach Or Abrasive Agents

Some things are counterintuitive, like mud baths that cleanse, stinky cheeses that taste good and, now, charcoal as an ingredient that gets your teeth whiter.

Curaprox USA (, a branch of the Swiss company Curaprox, is offering a natural way for Americans to remove dental stains and maintain oral health with activated charcoal. The toothpaste is called Black Is White.

“Some people just can’t get their head around it, but most people really like it the more they understand it and see the results,” says Patrice N. Le Maire, an international brand expert and head of Curaprox USA.

“This novel and natural way of whitening your teeth back to the original color – the shade of a baby’s teeth – continues Curaprox’s 4½-decade run of lifestyle products for oral health.”

What seems new to 21st century Americans is actually old and proven. Activated charcoal particles absorb dirt and discoloration particles like a vacuum cleaner. It’s something that societies knew centuries ago.

Most of today’s whitening toothpastes contain abrasive particles such as chalk, silicates, pumice or bentonite; or they bleach using chemical agents such as peroxide. But bleaching agents change both gums and tooth enamel, and also adversely affect the mucous membrane lining the inside of the mouth. The danger with abrasive particles is that, in addition to removing discoloration, they also erode the enamel.

“Black Is White removes stains using activated carbon – without abrasive agents and without bleach,” Le Maire says. “The typical Black Is White user is younger. They’re usually younger women, millennials, and older women who are sensitive to unnatural ingredients. Men with an active lifestyle like it, too. You can keep all of your fun habits, such as drinking red wine and espresso with dessert, without worrying about stained or eroding teeth.”