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Saturday, September 07, 2019

Democrat Mayor In Massachusetts Arrested On Extortion And Bribery Charges

Jasiel Correia is the Democrat mayor of Fall River. He has been embroiled in legal controversies for almost the entire time he has been in office. Now things are getting very serious.

Correia has been arrested on extortion charges, and we’re talking big money.

USA Today reports:
Massachusetts mayor arrested for extorting marijuana vendors for 6-figure bribes

Jasiel Correia II, the already embattled mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, was arrested Friday on new federal extortion charges for allegedly operating a scheme to help marijuana vendors get approval to operate in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes.

Prosecutors say Correia agreed to sign non-opposition letters in return for significant six-figure payments from four marijuana vendors looking to open businesses in the city of nearly 90,000 about an hour’s drive south of Boston. The letters are required to obtain a license to operate a marijuana business in Massachusetts, where cannabis is legal.


South Africans Setting Fire To Other African Migrants In Wave Of Xenophobic Attacks

Xenophobic violence is flaring once again in South Africa, where black South Africans are setting fire to other African migrants and attacking foreign-owned businesses.
“Rioters looted shops, created flaming barricades on roads and engaged in street fights with police, as attacks on immigrants and foreign-owned businesses increase,” reported RT.

“Some 50 businesses were looted and damaged on Sunday alone. It’s the second outbreak of such violence in the country in the space of a week.”
Shocking video shows black South Africans setting fire to other African migrants in the street.
Pray for foreigners in South Africa. No one deserves this. 😭— Zari (@ZariTheBosslady) September 2, 2019

The violence was sparked after a South African driver was shot dead by a drug dealer who was a foreign national.


Hands To Yourself: Biden Gets Scolded For Grabbing Woman's Hands Without Her Consent

Former Vice President Joe Biden is known to be a bit…handsy at times. There are the biker chick photo and the various allegations of downright odd behavior, like reportedly smelling a lieutenant governor candidate’s hair, which created some controversy at the outset of his 2020 candidacy. Yet, there was never going to be any accountability. He’s the Democrats’ best hope to beat Trump in 2020, and even his past accusers said that his actions, while creepy, shouldn’t disqualify him from running. So, that’s the Democratic Party for you. Weaponize sexual assault/misconduct allegations, but only for use against your political enemies. Yet, at a campaign stop in Iowa, Biden also got handsy with a teacher who asked him a question about collective bargaining rights. There was no groping or anything. Yes, that should be made crystal clear; the allegations against Biden aren’t nearly as serious as those facing Harvey Weinstein, but when a woman is made uncomfortable—you need to respect the space. Biden is horrendous at that.

In this incident, he grabbed a teacher’s hands and she was not having any of it. The Washington Examiner was able to get a quote from her about the incident. The woman, Roman, 41, plainly said you just need to ask first. Oh, and they were able to get videos too (via Washington Examiner):


Kamala Harris: Of Course We Must Regulate How Much Meat Americans Are Eating

During a CNN town hall special about climate change Wednesday night, Democrat Senator Kamala Harris was asked if she would be willing to change federal eating guidelines for the sake of saving the planet if she became president. She agreed with a questioner who argued Americans should be eating less meat and that the government should force them into other dietary habits.
Kamala Harris says Americans need to be "educated about the effect of our eating habits on our environment," and says she would change the dietary guidelines to reduce the amount of red meat you can eat. #ClimateTownHall— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) September 4, 2019

Just last month, this was Harris at the Iowa State Fair.
Finally got my pork chop!— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) August 11, 2019

Trucking Recession: Heavy-Duty Truck Orders Collapse, Production Slashed, Cancellation Orders Soar

New reports from the trucking industry show the transportation recession continues to gain momentum through the end of summer, likely to continue through 2019 into 1H20.

The US trucking industry had a blockbuster year in 2018, as high demand for freight allowed transportation companies to expand fleets. But since freight demand was artificial, sparked by importers pulling forward to get ahead of tariffs, the good times were destined to end and end rather sharply.

The Institute for Supply Management's purchasing managers index plunged to 49.1 in August, the first time a contraction has been seen since 2016. Prints below 50 suggest the manufacturing economy is shrinking. Data also showed new orders dropped to a seven-year low, while the production index hit 2015 lows.


Leprosy Could Be The Next Public Health Crisis To Hit Los Angeles

Leprosy cases are emerging in Los Angeles County, according to a recent study revealed in a Reuters Health report and its co-author Dr. Maria Teresa Ochoa of Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles told Reuters Health that she’s urging the public to “fight the stigma.”

The disease commonly referred to as “Hansen’s Disease” is curable when treated expeditiously, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Scientists believe it is spread through particles in the air, but also say contact must be “prolonged” and “close.”

An infected person can suffer mild to severe damage to the body’s “skin, nerves, and mucous membranes.”

Moreover, patients can lose feeling in parts of their bodies and suffer permanent blindness.


Mo Brooks: ‘The Long-Term Strategy of the Democratic Party Is to Eliminate the Second Amendment’

Thursday during an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) argued that although House Democrats will likely pass a number of gun control bills that will not make it through the U.S. Senate, the long-term strategy was to get at the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms.

Brooks told “The Jeff Poor Show” it was an incremental process Democrats are using to erode support for the right to bear arms.

“The Democrats, Nancy Pelosi — they believe they have a winning issue here,” Brooks said. “So they’re going to force vote after vote om ultimately repealing the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Now, they’re smart enough not to do it all at once. What they will do is attack the right to bear arms incrementally until such time that the number of people who own arms and who believe in the Second Amendment right of self-defense — they will be in a minority and at that point, you can expect that the Democrats will move for an outright repeal of the Second Amendment.”


Robert Mueller helped Saudi Arabia cover up its role in 9/11 attacks: suit

After a lengthy investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller charged Russia made “multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election” and said the incursion “deserves the attention of every American.”

But former FBI investigators say their old boss didn’t feel the same concern when they uncovered multiple, systemic efforts by the Saudi government to assist the hijackers in the lead-up to the 9/11 attacks — a far more consequential, to say nothing of deadly, foreign influence operation on America.

As the head of the FBI at the time, they say Mueller was not nearly as interested in investigating that espionage conspiracy, which also involved foreign intelligence officers. Far from it, the record shows he covered up evidence pointing back to the Saudi Embassy and Riyadh — and may have even misled Congress about what he knew.


Elizabeth Warren Promises Day One Executive Order on Fossil Fuel Leases, Pledges to Ban Fracking

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Friday promised to sign an executive order on her first day in office, putting a moratorium on new fossil fuel leases and pledged to ban fracking “everywhere.”

Warren promised in a tweet Friday to “sign an executive order that puts a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public lands” and vowed to “ban fracking — everywhere”:
On my first day as president, I will sign an executive order that puts a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public lands. And I will ban fracking—everywhere.

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) September 6, 2019

CNN contributor Eliana Johnson hits back at network for explanation over not renewing her contract

A top White House reporter slammed CNN for the explanation behind their decision to not renew her contributor contract after she decided to join a different publication earlier this week.

Eliana Johnson announced that she will leaving Politico to lead a conservative outlet, the Washington Free Beacon. Following the announcement, it was reported that CNN will not be renewing her contract when it ends in November, according to Buzzfeed News.

“CNN has a right to tap or drop contributors at any point. None of us is entitled to a contract renewal," Johnson said, however her tone shifted on social media days later.


5 Things The Media Was Afraid To Tell You

State attorneys general launch antitrust investigations of Facebook and Google

Nine state attorneys general launched an antitrust investigation of social media giant Facebook on Friday, and three dozen state attorneys general will launch another inquiry into global technology firm Alphabet’s biggest subsidiary, Google, on Monday.

The bipartisan effort announced Friday is led by Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James, joined by the top legal officers of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia.

“I am proud to be leading a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general in investigating whether Facebook has stifled competition and put users at risk,” James said in a news release. “We will use every investigative tool at our disposal to determine whether Facebook’s actions may have endangered consumer data, reduced the quality of consumers’ choices, or increased the price of advertising.”


Rashida Tlaib posed for photos with controversial anti-Israel group

Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib recently met with and posed for photos with the Palestine Youth Movement at the Arab Texas Festival in Dallas.

PYM is a group whose members have sympathized with violence against Israel and staunchly supported the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement against the Jewish state. A PYM event to be hosted at a Toronto church was canceled earlier this year after Jewish leaders raised concerns over the group's "open glorification of terrorists and murderers."

Tlaib, whose parents immigrated from Palestine to the United States before her birth, has advocated for a one-state solution that requires the dissolution of Israel in the West Bank.


Mexico boosts deportation of migrants heading to US by 63%

In a way, Mexico has built a “wall” against illegal immigrants heading to the United States.

According to Latin American officials, Mexico has joined the U.S. battle against migrating Central Americans by stopping them at its southern border and elsewhere and deporting tens of thousands back home.

A new analysis of immigration numbers said that Mexico has boosted deportations by 63% so far this year.

La Prensa, the main newspaper in Honduras, quoted the Guatemalan Migration Institute which said that 102,314 Central American migrants from the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua have been deported from Mexico to Guatemala. In the same period last year, the number was 62,746.


Federal Judge Blasts State Department Lawyers in Hillary Email Case – Warns ‘No FOIA Exemption For Political Expedience’

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch on Friday released transcript from their hearing on August 22 where Judge Royce Lamberth granted new discovery and witnesses on Hillary Clinton’s email case

Judge Lamberth, a Reagan appointee blasted State Department lawyers defending Hillary Clinton who were working to cover up her email scandal.

‘There is no FOIA exemption for political expedience, nor is there one for bureaucratic incompetence,’ Judge Lamberth said warning the government lawyers.

Judge Lamberth also lambasted the State Department lawyers when they tried to stop Judicial Watch from gathering more evidence in Hillary’s case.


Biden falsely claiming he turned against Iraq War 'the moment' invasion was launched

Joe Biden has given a false account of when he turned against the Iraq War and cited details of a conversation with George W. Bush in 2002 that the former president's aides and his current spokesman dismiss as wholly untrue.

Biden, the 2020 front-runner, said in the second Democratic presidential debate: "From the moment 'shock and awe' started, I was opposed to the effort and outspoken as much as anyone at all in the Congress and administration."

He amplified the claim this week, adding vivid detail about what he claims Bush told him beforehand.


Following Bloody Eye Scare, Joe Biden Forgets That Obama, not Bush Was the Last President

What is wrong with Joe Biden?

Biden on Friday held two town halls New Hampshire — one in Laconia and the other New Castle to discuss ‘his vision for America.’

But old Uncle Joe couldn’t even remember who the last president was — Barack Obama, the president he actually served under as Vice President.

Biden, 76, on Friday forgot that Obama, not Bush was the last president during campaign stump in New Hampshire.


Disgruntled Mechanic Charged With Sabotaging American Airlines Plane

An American Airlines mechanic has been charged with attempting to sabotage an aircraft over his anger arising from a labor dispute with the company.

The incident occurred on Flight 2834, which was set to depart from Miami to the Bahamas before an error message suddenly appeared. The crew was forced to abort the flight and the 150 people on board were forced to deplane and later take another flight, according to CNBC.

The mechanic, who’s name is Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani has been suspended by American Airlines. American Airlines has been locked in a dispute with a union that represents thousands of workers demanding better wages and working conditions.


Die-ins and chalk drawings: LGBTQ and animal rights activists protest new Chick-fil-A location

A new Chick-fil-A location opened in Toronto, its first international location in Canada, on Friday, and there were protesting groups to welcome it.

LGBTQ and animal rights activists protested just outside the new location, holding signs that read, "Cluck off" and chanting, "Hey hey, ho ho, homophobia has got to go!"

One giant banner said, "Not in our city. United against hate."

Chick-fil-A has been the sights of liberal activists because of CEO Dan Cathy's support for traditional marriage between one man and one woman. They are also upset about the company donating to what is viewed as anti-LGBTQ groups, such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army.


Maryland's Montgomery County Council disgraces itself defending sanctuary policies that allowed 7 illegals to remain and rape local residents

Last night, the politicians on the County Council of Montgomery County, Maryland emailed a statement to county residents responding to the wave of seven sexual assaults since July 25, allegedly carried out by illegal aliens under the protection of their "sanctuary county" policy. They are reacting defensively to criticisms such as this:

More sanctuary Montgomery county consequences... sad and tragic— 

USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli (@USCISCuccinelli) September 3, 2019

Rather than address their own responsibility for harboring criminals who inflicted life-changing harm on seven of their innocent constituents, they crudely demonized those who have called attention to their neglect to serve the public who pay their salaries and their tolerance of illegality.


Salisbury MSP DUI report for August 2019.


Republicans to cancel primaries and caucuses, angering Trump challengers

Four states are expected to cancel their Republican presidential primaries and caucuses in 2020, removing any potential speed bumps to President Trump’s run for reelection.

Republican parties in South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona and Kansas are likely to finalize the cancellations this weekend, three GOP officials told Politico.

Trump advisers noted that the parties of the incumbent president have long canceled primaries and said it will save the state party’s money.


AG William Barr demands end to nationwide injunctions empowering lone 'sympathetic' judges

Attorney General William Barr is calling for an end to nationwide injunctions, which have become recurrent obstacles in the way of President Trump's agenda.

With the frequency of judges' orders blocking the enforcement of federal laws and policies on the rise, Barr's op-ed in the Wall Street Journal escalates the Justice Department's fight to check this facet of the judicial branch's power.

Nationwide injunctions, he wrote, "create an unfair, one-way system in which the democratically accountable government must fend off case after case to put its policy into effect, while those challenging the policy need only find a single sympathetic judge."


George Soros Is Lobbying Lawmakers To Take Your Guns Away

There is no other way to say it: politicians and the elitists are coming for your guns. If they can get them from you and convince you to turn them over willingly, they will do so with propaganda. But don’t expect that to be the end of it.

Isn’t it ironic that in order to take away guns from non-violent people, violent people must use guns to do so? It’s hard to believe this escapes the minds of far too many people on this earth. Soros and people in the ruling class certainly want all the control in every situation and it’s much easy to enslave an unarmed populace. This is nothing less than an attempt at complete domination over everyone they think is beneath them.

According to a report by the Free Beacon, liberal billionaire George Soros’s advocacy organizations are lobbying lawmakers on Capitol Hill to repeal an act protecting firearms manufacturers from liability for gun crimes including murder, disclosure forms show. The Open Society Policy Center is Soros’s D.C.-based 501(c)4 nonprofit that works on domestic and international advocacy and is affiliated with the much larger Open Society Foundations. The center has poured nearly $9 million into lobbying a range of issues so far this year.

Soros’ group moved into gun control advocacy and reported lobbying on “issues related to a bill to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.” The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) was passed as a bulwark against frivolous lawsuits attempting to hold gun companies responsible for criminal acts committed by third parties—sometimes decades after the first legal sale of the firearm. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry’s trade group, pushed to pass the bill in 2005. The group said the legal protections are necessary to keep gun control activists from bankrupting the industry through suits they believe have no legal standing.


University dean resigns after negative tweets about police and American flag surface

The assistant vice president and dean of students at the University of Alabama has resigned after past tweets critical of the American flag and a connection between racism and the police resurfaced.

Screenshots of tweets from Jamie R. Riley resurfaced when Breitbart found them and asked the university for the comment. Riley resigned a day later, according to the school paper, the Crimson White.

“The [American flag emoji] flag represents a systemic history of racism for my people,” Riley wrote in a September 2017 tweet. “Police are a part of that system. Is it that hard to see the correlation?”


Americans have become children — demanding, dependent and needy

As a population, it’s exotic to the point of extinction, vanishing in plain sight: the American adult.

As a trend, this has been gestating for at least the past decade, from Judd Apatow’s glorified man-babies to Lena Dunham’s ostensibly grown “Girls” to the acceptance of “adulting” into the lexicon. But it truly, alarmingly calcified this summer.

Take prime-time TV. This summer was awash in game shows, major stars — including Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Kimmel, Rob Lowe, Ellen DeGeneres, Alec Baldwin, Tiffany Haddish, Elizabeth Banks, Duane “The Rock” Johnson, Melissa McCarthy (recent Oscar nominee) and Jamie Foxx (Oscar winner) — producing and/or emceeing.


Md. won’t fund Pennsylvania’s clean water goals for Bay, Hogan says

A week after Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan complained to the Environmental Protection Agency that Pennsylvania was lagging behind in meeting clean water goals, he told reporters there’s no “tiff” between the two states.

But Hogan, who chairs the Chesapeake Executive Council, said at the body’s meeting Thursday in Oxon Hill that Maryland would not fund Pennsylvania’s efforts to reach clean water benchmarks.

“We’ve invested $5 billion in cleaning the Bay, and we’re not going to be able to handle the sewage problems in Pennsylvania.”

The governors of five other states — Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New York and Delaware — are also on the council.


Six Illegal Aliens Accused of Stabbing 21-Year-Old Man to Death in Maryland

Seven individuals have been charged with murdering a 21-year-old man to death in Maryland, six of whom are illegal aliens who have been living in the United States.

This week, prosecutors charged seven individuals, six of whom are illegal aliens, with first-degree murder after 21-year-old Daniel Alejandro Alvarado Cuellar was found stabbed to death, his body left near an apartment complex in Baltimore County, Maryland in July.

The seven individuals charged with murder include:

  • 20-year-old Jonathan Escobar-Hernandez
  • 20-year-old Marlon Leonardo Fabian-Flores
  • 18-year-old Edwin Edgardo Garcia-Martir
  • 31-year-old Hugo Portillo-Chavez
  • 19-year-old Jose Fausto Rivera-Coreas
  • 20-year-old Odaliz Rosas-Yanez
  • 16-year-old Leonel Alexander Velasquez-Hernadez
Conservative Review‘s Daniel Horowitz confirmed with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency that Fabian-Flores, Garcia-Martir, Portillo-Chavez, Rivera-Coreas, Rosas-Yanez, and Velasquez-Hernadez are all illegal aliens who have been living in the U.S. Five of the illegal aliens are from El Salvador and one is from Mexico.


Message From JMB Principal Savage

Good evening JMB families. This is Principal Savage and I wanted to share that today was a great day for the Clippers. Our students are doing a great job getting back into the swing of things and I saw lots of smiles today as students got their pictures taken. As we finished the week and look toward Monday, I wanted to take a moment to assure you that the student discussed in several local news articles will not be in school. Please remind and encourage your child that if they, “see something, say something.” We appreciate those who spoke up as together we can work to keep JMB safe. Thank you and have a great weekend.


The accepted narrative by the media and Democrats in the wake of the mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH is that such shootings in America are perpetrated by mostly white men/boys carrying “assault rifles," like the AR-15.

Statistics show that this narrative is not wholly accurate.

Using data compiled by Mother Jones, here’s what we found:

• While a majority of mass shootings are committed are white (and overwhelmingly male), they only commit mass shootings at a rate roughly equal to their percentage representation of the population.

• Native American, Black, and Asian shooters also commit shootings roughly equal to or above their representation in the US population.

• Handguns are the weapon of choice in most mass shootings by an overwhelming margin.

• A vast majority of mass shooters exhibited "signs of prior mental health issues."

• 83% of mass shootings were with weapons that were purchased legally.

Political Memes

Saturday Morning Funnies

September 13, Delmar VFW Auxiliary Grilled Pork Chop dinner

The public is invited to join the Delmar VFW Auxiliary for a Grilled Pork Chop Dinner on Friday, September 13, from 5 - 8 p.m.,at the VFW Post, 200 W. State St.,Delmar,MD.

The menu includes a large savory grilled pork chop that has marinated for 24 hours, a tossed salad with choice of dressing, a seasoned baked potato with sour cream and/or butter, choice of succotash or broccoli with or without melted cheese,and a dinner roll. Cost is $12 per person. Desserts will also be available for $1.50.

Carry outs may be ordered in person only after 5 p.m. Proceeds benefit the many local charities and organizations supported by the Delmar VFW Auxiliary.