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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pork in the Park This Weekend

Obama IRS Corruption Update

Judicial Watch & Allied Educational Foundation to Supreme Court: Protect the Laws that Keep Public Officials Honest

With a notorious Democrat in the White House, it bears repeating that there are corrupt politicians in both the Republican and Democrat parties. The “corruption caucus” in the political world is both bipartisan and growing.

True to our non-partisan educational mission, we joined with the Allied Educational Foundation (AEF) last week to file an amici curiae brief with the United States Supreme Court in support of a federal court of appeals decision upholding the conviction of a corrupt Republican politician – former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who was found guilty by a jury of 11 counts of corruption and fraud.

(AEF, a JW frequent partner on amici briefs, is a charitable and educational foundation dedicated to empowering America through education and legal action.)

Here’s the story.

In September 2014, McDonnell was convicted for granting political favors to a Richmond businessman in exchange for golf outings, lavish vacations and $120,000 in loans. In July 2015, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit unanimously rejected McDonnell’s appeal. In January 2016, the Supreme Court agreed to review the lower court’s decision. McDonnell alleges that the federal statues penalizing bribery and extortion are impermissibly vague under the U.S. Constitution.


Interior Secretary: Still No Nat'l Park or Monument Marking 'Struggle for LGBT Rights'

"For too long, our national parks have ignored important parts of our nation's story," and that includes the "struggle for LGBT rights," Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said Tuesday in a speech marking National Park Week.

Jewell noted that people like César Chávez, Harriet Tubman and the Buffalo Soldiers now have their contributions to this country "rightfully recognized" through the national park system.

And she mentioned that just last week, President Obama established the Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument in Washington, D.C.

"Right now, there’s not one national park or national monument focused on the struggle for LGBT rights."

More here

EPA Chief: Obama, EPA, Won’t ‘Slow Down’ on Climate Change Agenda

( Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy says when it comes to the issue of climate change, “President Obama, his administration, the EPA - have absolutely no plans to slow down.”

McCarthy was speaking at the “U.S. and Canada: Advancing the Climate Change Agenda" event earlier this month at the University of Ottawa. McCarthy focused on how the U.S. is working hard with Canada and other countries on climate change.

“So along with our federal partners - the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as you probably know, has been central in leading the U.S. effort on climate issues. And make no mistake about it, we’re continuing to move forward,” McCarthy said.


Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc. Outstanding Chicken Grower

James Brunk - Brunk's Birds near Salisbury, Maryland is operated by James Brunk. James has been growing broilers for the past 10 years, about 3 1/2 years with Tyson Foods. Prior to growing broilers, James was a breeder grower with Tyson. James' dad grew chickens and he always enjoyed working with the birds and the lifestyle farming allowed. He began his operation with four chicken houses and now operates seven houses and produces about 196,000 birds per flock. Brunk's Birds is a family business with James' wife, daughter, brother, and sister each helping out part time. A family friend also is available to assist in busiest times. In addition to the chickens, James builds, delivers, and sets up feed bins for the Kingston Construction Company. James and wife Sandra are active in the Salisbury Mennonite Church where they serve as youth sponsors. The Brunks have one daughter, 10-year old Katelyn. Like most of his fellow award recipients, James feels that "attention to details" is the key to his success.

The Brunk's Birds farm near Salisbury, Maryland, growing birds for Tyson Foods, was named an outstanding chicken grower at the April 20 Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. Booster Banquet. Shown are James and Sandra Brunk and daughter Katelyn. They were among 12 farm families honored at the banquet.

Drunken Illegal Migrant Arrested for Fatal Hit-and-Run in Omaha

An illegal migrant was charged with drunk driving and fleeing the scene of an accident in Nebraska, after running down and killing a person walking alongside the road, police say.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of Edwin Elvir-Palma, 28, on April 16 after tracking him from the scene of a hit-and-run.

Killed was 34-year-old Margarito Nava-Luna who was walking down Manderson Street in Omaha, Nebraska, at about 2:30 AM on Saturday.

Witnesses say a car driven by Elvir-Palma crossed the center line, ran Nava-Luna down, then fled the scene.

When police caught up with Elvir-Palma they found him to be “very intoxicated” and having”difficulty speaking.”

Officers also discovered the suspect had no driver’s license, no insurance, and was an illegal immigrant who had already been deported to his homeland of Honduras once before.


Game On: Tennessee to Sue Feds Over Unconstitutional Refugee Resettlement

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – On Tuesday, the Tennessee General Assembly declared it will sue the federal government over its refugee resettlement program on Tenth Amendment grounds. The State Senate passed a resolution authorizing that lawsuit in a 29 to 4 vote one day after it passed the Tennessee House by a 69 to 25 margin.

“Today we struck a blow for Liberty by finally adopting SJR467,” State Senator Mark Norris (R-Collierville), the co-sponsor of the resolution who shepherded it through the State Senate, tells Breitbart News.

“The General Assembly clearly understands the importance of public safety and state sovereignty as demonstrated by the overwhelming support of this Resolution for which we are thankful. The Syrian surge heightens our sense of urgency to get this properly before the courts, and we urge the Attorney General to act without delay,” Norris adds.

Tennessee, which withdrew from the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program in 2008, will now become the first state to sue the federal government over its operation of the program within the borders of its state on Tenth Amendment grounds. Alabama and Texas are currently suing the federal government over the refugee resettlement program on the narrower grounds that it has failed to comply with the Refugee Act of 1980.


Donald Trump's Arrival To The Eastern Shore of Maryland


Woman's body found in Shenandoah National Park during search for missing firefighter

MADISON COUNTY, Va. (ABC7) — Female remains have been found in Shenandoah National Park, the National Park Service announced Thursday.

Authorities say the remains were found around 2 p.m. "in a remote location more than a mile from the Whiteoak Canyon parking area," where police say they had been searching for missing firefighter Nicole Mittendorff.

Mittendorff has been missing for more than a week.

More information to come from this story when it becomes available.


Rangel Backtracks on KKK

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria Bartiromo,” Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) said he misspoke when he accused Republicans of being “a party that has the Ku Klux Klan.”

Partial transcript as follows:

SERRANO: Congressman I think there are plenty of Republicans that can learn from Democrats like you about race relations and criminal justice reform, but yesterday on another network you said the Republican party has the Ku Klux Klan. Now, congressman, that’s only not true, but it’s not constructive. Did you say that yesterday?

RANGEL: Well, I probably said it and misspoke. What I really meant was that Trump is saying he was unaware that [David] Duke was connected to the Ku Klux Klan...


Whole Foods Sues Customer for Alleged Fake ‘Gay Slur’ Claim

The Whole Foods grocery chain is suing a customer who claimed the bakery staff at a Whole Foods outlet decorated his cake with a gay slur.

“After a deeper investigation of Mr. [Jordan] Brown’s claim, we believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney,” the company said in the statement published by the Austin Statesman newspaper.

Jordan Brown, the pastor of the Church of Open Doors and an open homosexual, claimed April 18 that a bakery worker at an Austin, Texas outlet wrote the word “fag” on a cake he asked to be decorated with the words “love wins.”

Brown says he didn’t tell the bakery workers he was gay and didn’t actually look at the cake until long after he left the store. The gay pastor filed a lawsuit in Travis County District court and is asking for a jury trial.

More here

Trans Hate Machine Targets Pitching Great Curt Schilling

Former Boston Red Sox great Curt Schilling says that men are men and women are women. That may cost him his job on ESPN.

Schilling tweeted a meme that showed a man with a long wig, cut-out shirt, and stockings saying, “Let him in! To the restroom with your daughter or else you’re a narrow minded, judgmental, unloving, racist bigot who needs to die!!”

On a later comment, Schilling said, “A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with, men’s room was designed for the penis, women’s not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic.”

Predictably, the Big Tranny Hate Machine quickly pounced. Jay Brown of the anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign said Schilling’s “public and derogatory attack on transgender people was extremely troubling.” He said comments like Schillings constitute “ugly propaganda” and would be dangerous for men in dresses. Brown also insisted that transsexuals are baseball fans.

Just as predictably, ESPN announced “We are taking this matter very seriously and are in the process of reviewing it.”

On his personal blog, Schilling defended himself and lashed out at his critics...

Subject: Border Agent Probed by DHS After Testifying Before Congress

A top House Republican is calling on the Department of Homeland Security not to retaliate against a border patrol agent who has recently criticized President Obama's immigration policies.

"I fully expect that you will personally ensure that no DHS employee or contractor will be targeted for reprisal or any other form of adverse employment action on the basis of voicing their legitimate concerns regarding compliance with unwritten departmental policies that contradict your written policies," Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote in an April 18 letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

That message was sent on behalf of Brandon Judd, the head of the border patrol union, who has become a thorn in the side of his superiors by testifying that DHS is implementing a "catch-and-release" policy, despite official statements saying that policy is not in effect. He has also suggested that some DHS officials who are candid with Congress risk punishment.

Now, Judd faces misconduct allegations filed by "one or more managers" at Border Patrol.


Salisbury MSP Press Release 4-21-16 (Possession CDS with Intent to Distribute)

#NeverTrump Collapsing: Delegates Bound to Marco Rubio, John Kasich Begin Warming to The Donald

Republican National Convention delegates from the District of Columbia who are bound to or supportive of Sen. Marco Rubio tell Breitbart News that they are open to supporting Donald Trump instead.

Some are making the pitch that they want Trump to pick Rubio as his vice presidential candidate, but nonetheless the warm comments many of these Rubio delegates are making about Trump—instead of about Sen. Ted Cruz is perhaps a sign of a turning tide in the delegate game after Trump captured at least 89 delegates in New York last night.

“I think him choosing Marco [as vice president] would make me more inclined to support him, in a more positive way, a more active role in campaigning because I really love Marco,” said Teri Galvez, a bound delegate from D.C. who the D.C. GOP says is bound to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, in an interview with Breitbart News this week.

“I am going to support whoever the nominee is because I’m Republican first and foremost, and it would be very hard for me to ever support a Democrat,” she said. “When I was single I never even dated one. I don’t get excited about Trump. He is the one candidate that I get excited the least about. Again, if Marco was chosen as VP I would warm up to the idea more.”


IRS Is Rehiring Employees Fired for Misconduct

( - House Republicans are aiming at the Internal Revenue Service this week, taking up four bills to ensure integrity in hiring and better customer service.

"We have recently learned...that IRS employees that have been fired for misconduct have been rehired" in the last several years, Rep. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) told a news conference on Tuesday.

"Now some of this may involve falsifying documents -- they failed to pay their own taxes. They may have been fired for accessing sensitive taxpayer information without permission. In fact, one employee had missed up to eight weeks of work without permission, had actually stamped on their personnel file, 'Do not rehire' -- and the IRS chose to rehire them."

Noem said Congress gave the IRS an opportunity to address the issue, and "they have stated that their policies are fine and are currently working for them."


REPORT: Ted Cruz Entered US Illegally in 1974

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. a retired colonel with 29 years of experience in the US Army Reserve, argues that Senator Ted Cruz entered the United States illegally as a child in 1974. His parents failed to file a CRBA form which is required by US law. Ted’s parents did not fill out the required form until 1986.

It would be nice if the Cruz camp cleared this up for Republican voters.
Via Family Security Matters:

Exactly how and when did Ted Cruz obtain U.S. citizenship?

The fact that it is still an open question at this stage of the Presidential campaign is a testament either to the galactic ignorance of our political-media elite or their willingness to place political expediency ahead of the Constitution and the law.


S.C. Sheriff Warns Men Using Women’s Restroom: ‘I’m Gonna Whip Your Tail If You Go in There With My Wife’

As the battle rages in North Carolina around the new state law requiring people to use public restrooms that fit their biological sex, Chuck Wright, sheriff of Spartanburg County, S.C., reacted to his state’s proposed law that mirrors the one now in place in N.C.

“I’m going to honest with you,” Wright said in a video posted by Dimsdale Debate..

“I don’t even know why there’s an issue about which bathroom to use, because if you are a guy and you go into bathroom with my wife, I’m gonna make the news -- I know [there are] three cameras rolling -- I’m gonna whip your tail if you go in there with my wife while she’s trying to use the bathroom, or my granddaughter,” said Wright, who was speaking at a meeting of the Greenville-Spartanburg Republican Women.

More here

Donald Trump Rally 4/20/16 - Berlin, MD

Outstanding Persons Recognized at Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. Banquet

Hundreds of persons supportive of the Delmarva Peninsula’s chicken community gathered in Salisbury, Maryland this evening for the Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. (DPI) Booster Banquet, the 1,800-member trade association’s annual membership dinner. During its 60th banquet, DPI recognized 12 outstanding chicken growers and four individuals for their work on behalf of the chicken industry.

The J. Frank Gordy, Sr. Delmarva Distinguished Citizen Award, DPI’s highest honor, was presented to

Charlie Carpenter of Somerset County, Maryland. Just weeks out of college in Kentucky, Mr. Carpenter began work with Perdue Farms and has been with Perdue his entire 43-year career in a variety of positions.

He served on the Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. Board of Directors from 1991 until 1994 and then returned to the board in 2006, serving as president in 2009. He remains on the board today. He has been one of the most active board members. He has represented the chicken industry for several years on the Maryland Agricultural Commission and is this year’s chairman.

Through the years, Mr. Carpenter’s community involvement has been to serve as coach of his sons’ recreational soccer and baseball teams. He served as President of the Pocomoke Middle School PTA and as chairman of the Advisory Board. He was chairman of the Lower Shore YMCA board in Pocomoke City when it organized the capital campaign to raise funds to build the present YMCA facility. He has served as a board member for Habitat on the Lower Shore.

Fried Chicken Carry Out Dinners Friday April 22nd


Fried Chicken Carry Out Dinners
on Friday, April 22nd

4pm - 7pm

Dinners are $10 each and include
3 pieces of Fried Chicken, Two Sides, and a Roll

Willards Volunteer Fire Company Inc
7370 Main St, Willards, Maryland 21874

4/20 tweets from Minnesota police go viral

MINNEAPOLIS - April 20th, or 4/20, is the unofficial holiday for pot smokers. So, a couple police departments in Minnesota used Twitter in the best way imaginable.

"Undercover #420 stings are underway," the Wyoming, Minnesota Police Department tweeted Wednesday morning. The photo, accompanying the caption, shows a cardboard box trap with bags of Cheetos and Doritos as bait.


Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release 4-21-16

On April 20th 2016, the Worcester County Sheriff’s office working in conjunction with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, Maryland Transportation Authority Police, Ocean City Police, Ocean City Fire Marshal's Office Berlin Police, Worcester County Emergency Management Services, Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office, Berlin Fire Department, United States Secret , and other allied agencies, were tasked with providing a safe environment for Presidential candidate Donald Trump to hold an event at Stephen Decatur High School in Berlin Maryland.

The crowds that formed in the area were estimated at about 10,000 people. The venue only held about 3000 people.

Three arrests were made during and just after the event. All three were related to disorderly conduct.

Feds dismantle one of longest underground tunnels ever found along California border

 SAN DIEGO — Federal officials Wednesday announced the results of an investigation that led to the discovery of what is believed to be one of California’s longest cross-border tunnels and the seizure of a record quantity of cocaine thought to have been smuggled through that underground passage.

The tunnel, estimated to be more than 800 yards in length, stretches from a house in Tijuana, Mexico, to a fenced commercial lot in the Otay Mesa area, about 500 yards north of the international border. The tunnel’s exit on the U.S. side is a 3-foot hole that at one point was covered by an industrial-sized dumpster. The passageway is equipped with rail and ventilation systems, lights, and a sophisticated elevator that leads from the tunnel into a closet inside the Tijuana residence.

Six people were arrested in San Diego Friday and charged by federal complaint with various drug trafficking and tunnel-related charges, including conspiracy to import and distribute cocaine and conspiracy to use a border tunnel. The defendants include Martiniano Garcia-Sedano; Cruz Armando Parra Corrales; Alejandro Bravo; Juan Carlos Chavez Fabian; Alejandro Gomez-Baez; and Osmel Martinez. They were arraigned in federal court and remain in custody pending detention hearings.

“On the surface, few would ever suspect that traffickers were moving multi-ton quantities of cocaine and marijuana worth tens of millions of dollars in such an unassuming way, through this rabbit hole in the ground, in full view of the world around it,” said U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy. “However, we can thank the hyper-vigilant agents who work this area for seeing what many of us would have missed. They don't judge a book by its cover. Whether a grandiose super tunnel or a humble rabbit hole, they home in and are prepared to take whatever action is necessary to secure our border.”


More Trump Rally Images

Governor Larry Hogan Celebrates Ribbon Cutting of Facility Improvements at Shorebirds’ Perdue Stadium

Upgrades Integral in Securing Long-Term Partnership with Baltimore Orioles’ Minor League Affiliate

Governor Larry Hogan today attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Wicomico County’s Arthur W. Perdue Stadium, unveiling a series of facility improvements that have helped save the home of the Delmarva Shorebirds, the minor league Class A affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles.

“I am thrilled to stand here today and see for myself the hard work that will help assure that the Delmarva Shorebirds call this beautiful stadium home for at least the next 20 years,” said Governor Hogan. “The state, the Wicomico County government, and the Shorebirds worked together to make these facility improvements – showing the great success we can achieve when we work hand-in-hand with the private sector.”

The facility improvements completed in this phase include clubhouse modernization, new field lighting, and turf restoration. These upgrades were required as part of a long-term agreement between the Shorebirds and the county.

The total cost for all of the renovations is estimated at $4.25 million, with $2.03 million provided by the state. Included in that estimate are renovations that are not yet completed such as spectator seating improvements, video board replacement, and fan amenity upgrades.

A 2014 study by the Maryland Stadium Authority found that renovations to Perdue Stadium would increase stadium earnings from $4.6 million to around $5.2 million.

“By investing in this stadium, this team, and this county, we are not only protecting the existing economic activity and tax base, but we are also improving the marketability and revenue-generating potential of the facility for decades into the future,” Governor Hogan said.

The Arthur W. Perdue Stadium opened in 1996 in Salisbury, Maryland. The stadium hosts more than 100 events annually, attracting an attendance of more than 240,000. The stadium infuses $13.4 million into the local economy, and yields $693,000 in state tax revenue annually.


We are leading the country in job growth!

Last week, the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation announced that Maryland added 19,300 jobs in March, outpacing every other state in the nation in both growth as well as the number of new jobs added—a significant feat for a small state like Maryland.

Maryland’s growth was trailed by Ohio (18,300 jobs) and New Jersey (17,300 jobs), with Pennsylvania and Illinois rounding out the top five.

Under the leadership of Governor Larry Hogan, our commitment to fostering a better, friendlier business environment is paying off. We are creating jobs. We are putting hard-working people back into good jobs. And we will continue doing this to keep Maryland at #1.


Best High Schools In Maryland

Maryland high school students are assessed in English language arts and math through the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC, exams. Learn more from the Maryland State Department of Education.

Maryland is home to many schools ranked in 2016 among the U.S. News Best High Schools, including 19 with gold medals, 48 with silver medals and 18 with bronze medals. The top-ranked school in Maryland is Walt Whitman High, near Washington, in the Montgomery County Public Schools, about 50 miles from both Baltimore and the state capital of Annapolis.


Governor Larry Hogan, Labor Secretary Kelly Schulz Attend EARN Program Graduation at Arcon Welding

Hogan Administration Approved Arcon EARN Grant to Meet Regional Employer Demand

Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland Secretary of Labor, Licensing & Regulation (DLLR) Kelly M. Schulz today joined Katarina Ennerfelt, president and CEO of Toroid Corporation/Arcon Welding Equipment, for a tour of the Salisbury facility and to attend an EARN graduation ceremony.

The Employment Advancement Right Now, or EARN, Program is an innovative DLLR initiative that helps businesses cultivate the skilled workforce they need to compete while helping prepare Marylanders for meaningful careers. Through EARN, the state invests in employer-led skills training in some of the most high-demand sectors: construction, advanced manufacturing, cyber security, and wellness.

Arcon Welding Equipment recently received a State EARN grant as part of a partnership between Wor-Wic Community College, Toroid (who created Arcon Welding Services), the Lower Shore Workforce Alliance, Quality Staffing Services, and other employer partners.

“Congratulations to today’s graduates who, after 13 hours of rigorous training, are now eligible to test for certifications that open the door to high-wage, high-demand jobs,” said Governor Hogan. “By supporting EARN and other innovative programs that address regional workforce needs, our administration remains committed to ensuring Maryland employers have the talent they need to compete in and contribute to Maryland’s growing economy.”

This is the second group of Arcon Welding/EARN graduates who are now qualified for high-demand, high-wage jobs. Through EARN and other top-notch programs, the Hogan administration is working to ensure that Maryland employers have the talent they need to compete and grow in an ever-changing 21st-century economy.

"At the Maryland Department of Labor, we are equipping Maryland workers with the skills that businesses need to thrive through our workforce initiatives such as EARN, and we are dedicated to providing Maryland employers and workers with opportunities to ensure that Maryland is open for business,” said Secretary Schulz. "This is an example of an EARN success story, and we are appreciative of our ongoing partnerships with local businesses that are helping to lead workforce into the future."

"Arcon Welding Services Training Center is a community effort. Through Governor Hogan's EARN program, businesses, academia, local governments, and the state have joined forces with a single goal in mind, to match our workforce with industry needs," said Ms. Ennerfelt. "Together, we are giving people the opportunity to train for good-paying jobs."

This EARN partnership, made possible through a grant approved by the Hogan administration, works to address the specific workforce needs of lower Eastern Shore regional manufacturing and fabrication companies--for short-term sustainability and growth.

Governor Larry Hogan Announces $23.8 Million to Rehabilitate Salisbury Bypass Bridges

Project Will Improve Safety, Allow Large Hauls on Wicomico County’s Critical Transportation Link

Governor Larry Hogan today announced a $23.8 million investment to rehabilitate 11 bridges between US 13 Business and Parker Pond, south of US 50. Once complete, these projects will improve safety, increase the life span of the bridges, and allow heavy loads to travel on the eastern half of the Salisbury Bypass (US 13) in Wicomico County.

“The route is a critical link for people travelling within and through Wicomico County,” said Governor Hogan. “Completion of this project will not only open the bypass for area commerce, but it will also positively impact local residents, tourists, and businesses for years to come.”

Every day, 36,225 drivers travel the Salisbury Bypass, with traffic volumes increasing by 15 percent during the summer months. Safety improvements include: replacing the concrete bridge deck approaches with steel supports; installing new, higher barriers; and removing and replacing the top layer of the concrete bridge decks with latex concrete. Upgrading approach spans at each bridge will allow for large commercial vehicles currently restricted from traveling on the eastern half of the Salisbury Bypass to have unimpeded travel along the entire route, opening the bypass for area commerce.

The 11 bridges were built between 1972 and 1975 and include:
one ramp bridge from US 13 Business to the Salisbury Bypass, and
two bridges in five locations along the Salisbury Bypass (northbound and southbound) over:
the Norfolk Southern Railroad line
MD 346 (Old Ocean City Road)
US 50
MD 350 (Mount Hermon Road)
Parker Pond

Construction will begin this fall and the bridges will open in spring 2018. Work on the bridges north of US 50 will not take place during the summer months to avoid increasing delays. One lane in each direction of the bridge and access to ramp movements at US 50 will be maintained during construction.

The funding is part of Governor Hogan’s $1.97 billion investment in highway and bridge improvements announced last June. Today’s announcement demonstrates his commitment to safety and infrastructure improvements in every jurisdiction in the state and is just part of the $62.2 million in transportation investments in Wicomico County over six years, including: $58.2 million for highways; $3.7 million for Shore Transit (FY 2016); $80,300 in grants for highway safety and other programs (FY 2016); and $227,600 in aviation grants for Salisbury-Ocean City: Wicomico Regional Airport (FY 2016).

Supreme Court dubious of drivers being allowed to refuse alcohol tests

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- The Supreme Court is expressing doubts about laws in at least a dozen states that make it a crime for people suspected of drunken driving to refuse to take alcohol tests.

The justices heard arguments Wednesday in three cases challenging North Dakota and Minnesota laws that criminalize a refusal to test for alcohol in a driver's blood, breath or urine even if police have not first obtained a search warrant.

Drivers prosecuted under those laws claim they violate the Constitution's ban on unreasonable searches and seizures. State supreme courts in Minnesota and North Dakota upheld the laws.

The justices pressed lawyers representing the states on why they can't simply require police to get a warrant every time police want a driver to take an alcohol test. Justice Stephen Breyer pointed to statistics showing that it takes an average of only five minutes to get a warrant over the phone in Wyoming and 15 minutes to get one in Montana.

Thomas McCarthy, the lawyer representing North Dakota, said the state "strikes a bargain" with drivers by making consent to alcohol tests a condition for the privilege of driving on state roads.


Have Locally Brewed Beers Pushed Natty Boh Out Of Camden Yards?

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It was just a few months ago that Orioles officials denied rumors that Natty Boh would not be sold at Camden Yards this year.

A source within the Orioles organization confirmed to WJZ at that time that Natty Boh would still be available, but that a variety of beers would be served going forward at the first base bar, formerly known as the Natty Boh Bar.

But after today’s Baltimore Sun report claiming that Natty Boh was nowhere to be found in the park Wednesday night breathed new life into the issue, the same source will not confirm or deny that Natty Boh won’t be served this year.

Instead, the source emphasized that the park is working with its concessions provider, Delaware North, to ensure that a wide range of options are available, including local beers like Flying Dog, Heavy Seas and Dogfish Head.


Freddie Gray: 2nd officer must testify against colleagues

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Baltimore Circuit judge on Wednesday ordered a second officer to testify against his colleagues on charges arising from the 2015 death of Freddie Gray, the black man fatally injured in a police transport van.

Judge Barry Williams granted a request from prosecutors to force Officer Garrett Miller to testify against Officer Edward Nero and Lt. Brian Rice as they await planned trials May 10 and July 5 respectively. Defense attornesy for Miller, who faces scheduled trial July 25, opposed the motion.

Nero, Miller and Rice are among six officers being prosecuted in Gray’s death. Each faces assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office charges. Rice faces an additional manslaughter charge, as does Officer William Porter, Sgt. Alicia White and Officer Caesar Goodson. Goodson also has been charged with second-degree murder. All pleaded not guilty.


6 arrested during Freddie Gray unrest sue Baltimore police

BALTIMORE (AP) — Six men arrested during the unrest prompted by Freddie Gray’s death in police custody sued the Baltimore Police Department, the state and more than a dozen officers Tuesday, alleging that they were beaten, abused and deprived of their constitutionally protected right to protest.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday against the department, the state of Maryland and 22 police officers, as well as former police chief Anthony Batts, who was fired last July and heavily criticized for his response to the unrest.

The plaintiffs include Larry Lomax, 25, who was pepper sprayed in the face by police officers while crossing the street on May 2 at 10 p.m., the mandatory curfew time. The incident was caught on video and showed officers dragging an incapacitated Lomax by his hair. After being pepper sprayed Lomax was arrested and charged with assault, inciting a riot, curfew violation and disorderly conduct. He spent 20 days in jail, the suit says, and the state ultimately dropped three of the charges. Lomax was acquitted of the disorderly conduct charge at trial.


Firefighters mull body armor in wake of recent attacks

WASHINGTON — The safety of area fire and EMS workers is a top concern after one firefighter was killed and another was seriously injured in Temple Hills. The two had forced their way into a home Friday after being asked to check on a person inside, who opened fire.

“We just never thought in our time that we’d have to worry about our first responders being targeted, or accidentally shot or attacked,” said Brett Garrett, chief of Green Pond Fire and Rescue/West Alabama Emergency Services, and a member of the National EMS Advisory Council. He said uncertainty about emergency calls has led departments to increasingly consider the use of bulletproof vests.

“More and more systems are issuing body armor to providers. The issue you have is the cost of this,” Garrett said. Also, while newer gear is lighter and less cumbersome, it can still be problematic for emergency workers.

“Is it an issue wearing body armor under turnout gear? Of course,” he said.


Video: Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Berlin, MD

In case you missed seeing it last night or just want to watch it again! 


MSP-Donald Trump Rally Press Release (Berlin Barrack)

Early voting coming to a close in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, Md. —Maryland's primary is Tuesday, and if you want to avoid long lines at the polling stations day, time is running out. Thursday is the last day for early voting.

State elections administrators said early voting has been going quite well so far.

"It's convenient for the voters and it really helps on up for Election Day because it takes some of the pressure off of the polling places on Election Day," said Linda Lamone, administrator of elections for the state of Maryland.

It's been a good turnout for early voting in Maryland. According to state elections officials, more than 180,000 voters have cast their ballots so far, with 37,000 on the first day, which is double the number from the last election.


Somerset Sailboat Fire Spruce Street

Date: April 20, 2016

Time: 6:38 p.m.

Location / Address: 913 Spruce St., Crisfield, Somerset Co.

Type of Incident: Fire

Description of Structure / Property: 22' catamaran sailboat

Owner / Occupants: Chris Mincarelli

Injuries or Deaths: None

Estimated $ Loss: Structure: $750 Contents: $0

Smoke Alarm Status: n/a

Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status: n/a

Arrests(s): None

Primary Responding Fire Department: Crisfield

# of Alarms: 1 # Of Firefighters: 4

Time to Control: 5 minutes

Discovered By: Crisfield PD while on patrol

Area of Origin: Natural cover adjacent to the sailboat

Preliminary Cause: Accidental, utility pole transformer malfunctioned emitting showers of sparks which fell to the ground causing natural cover to ignite and spreading to the sailboat.

Don't forget folks!

Old Photos of "Firsts"

Installing the first neon sign on the Las Vegas Strip. 

A Bad Day to Be a Social Justice Warrior on the Internet

If you send this article to your #SJW friends, let them know that this is loaded with earth shattering “triggers…” on second thought, don’t… Let this ruin their day.

Yesterday, National Geographic shot down the story that there were two mighty gay lions rolling around with each other in the African bush. As it turns out, “The lion on the bottom is more than likely a female African lion with a mane, a type of animal regularly seen in northern Botswana, where Nicole Cambré recently photographed the lions on safari.”

Did you hear the hearts of a million people using those images to justify whatever come crashing down all at once? I did.

Just think about the people who printed that picture out to make poster sized on their walls… because you know someone did it.

The second glorious #SJW crash and burn is that of the gay Austin preacher who has now sued whole foods for everything he can because he received a cake with a slur toward homosexuals on it. His attorneys claim that he ‘cried all day’ after receiving the cake.

Let’s do a deep dive on the facts here:
1 – He bought the cake at the flagship Whole Foods in Austin, Texas
2 – You’re gonna love this one… according to Whole Foods, the baker was gay.
3 – He received the cake with the offensive word on it in a clear box so he could see the word, then proceeded to walk through the store to the register where even more Whole Foods employees who live in Austin, Texas could see it and NO ONE CAUGHT THAT?

And the typical lefty sites pushing this aren’t buying it either. Buzzfeed comments range everywhere from “The hand writing is different as well as the consistency of the icing squeeze. this is BS. (IMHO as a cake decorator)” to “... the frosting color looks the same, but look at the hand writing its so off... dont buy this crap.” to “Am I the only one that think it's super suspicious that he randomly orders a cake to say "love wins" to celeberate when gay marriage became legal... yeah, that was 9 months ago....?”

No one’s buying it.

So if you’re tired of internet memes and awful stories being shoved down your throat, feel free to ‘share’ this article with your friends to show them how they’ve bought in to a heaping pile of not-so true stories this week.

Source: AAN

Will GOP Establishment Vote Hillary? Why This Insider Thinks So...

Rush Limbaugh has a feeling abou this election: if Donald Trump is the nominee, the GOP Establishment, so madly in love with power and the status quo, will break for Hillary Clinton. On his show, Rush laid out the details:

RUSH: Now, it's one thing for me to say it on the radio, and I have no problem. It's true. The only reason I said it is I have seen, and it's an increasing number of elected Republicans, some anonymously, some with names attributed, saying if it's Cruz, some saying if it's Trump, that they'd vote for Hillary. And there's only one reason why, and that is they don't think the country's in crisis. They don't consider the Democrats and Hillary to be a real threat to their way of life, to the nation at large. They don't consider the Democrats to be a threat to the Constitution. And what's more important is holding on to what they have, keeping their establishment intact and their role in it intact. And look, it's undeniable that they have said it.

You've seen stories of these named Republicans, elected Republicans, a lot of senators -- I think five -- have said they're not even gonna go to the convention, even before we know who the nominee is 'cause everybody knows the nominee is gonna be either Trump or Cruz. And they're not gonna go. They're saying, "You know, I can do more for myself staying home with my voters. Yes, I can stay and do a better job for myself back in my own constituency and dealing with people in my state." It's not unprecedented, but it's weird.

Rush is no doubt right. Many establishment figures spend more time bashing their fellow Republicans and pushing bipartisan spending bills that enrich their pals. Both Trump and Cruz would likely mean the end of that, with Trump being a total wild card. If that happens, as Donald Trump predicted, it could be a "very ugly July" for the GOP.

Source: AAN

Chinese Nationals Caught Illegally Entering Country From Mexico

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – Seven Chinese migrants are in custody Saturday after being discovered near the border in Potrero.

According to Border Patrol, they were found walking near State Route 94 and Potrero Valley Road.

Officials believe the undocumented men illegally crossed the border from Mexico.

Agents tell us they’ve seen an increase over the last year in Chinese immigrants coming to the U.S. through Mexico.


Updated Council Schedule - FY17 Budget Sessions

Veterans Celebration at Poplar Hill Mansion

Family History Workshop for Beginners to be Offered

If you are one of a growing number of folks looking for more information about their ancestors, a workshop being offered by Westside Historical Society may be just what you are looking for. The first session in a three-part Family History Workshop will be held on April 27 from 10 to 2 in the Historical Society’s Library-Research Room at 413 Main Street in Mardela Springs. This first session is directed primarily at beginning researchers, offering “Hints and Tips” for beginners, with materials and hands-on instruction offered to all registrants.

Leading the workshop will be Dr. Ray Thompson and retired Prof. Sylvia Bradley, who also is presently Exec. Director of Westside Historical Society. The class is limited to ten persons. The fee for registration in all three sessions is $50, or $20 for individual workshops. Registrants may phone 410-726-8047or email for information or to reserve a spot in Session One. Lunch will not be provided but participants may bring lunch or order out. The WHS research room is on the second floor but a chair lift is available to anyone who may have trouble with the steps. Parking is available nearby.

PRESS RELEASE --- event date April 27

Westside Historical Society Inc.
P.O.Box 194 , 413 MainSt.
Mardela Springs,MD21837

410-726-8047 – Exec. Dir. Sylvia Bradley


WWE legend Chyna -- real name Joanie Laurer -- has died ... this according to her management team

Chyna was 45-years-old.

A statement was posted to Chyna's official Twitter account confirming the death ... saying, "It is with deep sadness to inform you today that we lost a true icon, a real life superhero."

"She will live forever in the memories of her millions of fans and all of us that loved her."


“Traditional Basket Making To Be Taught In Class In Mardela Springs”

You may think baskets are pretty ordinary, even mundane, things! Well, think again!! Hand woven baskets, made of reed, thin wooden strips, bits of leather, and other materials, are much more than useful. They are works of art! And for a growing number of people basketry is a craft to be learned and perfected, as well as a relaxing pastime.

On May 21, Saturday you can try it for yourself! Westside Historical Society will be offering a class in basket weaving , taught by master basket-maker Susan Taylor, in Mardela Springs, and will be held at the Eyeful Hummingbird, on Fire Prevention Road off Main St.. This class is part of the Saving Our Traditions Series, and not only will you learn to make a beautiful basket, but you get to keep your work of art! Taylor, a New Jersey native, now lives in Hurlock. She has a well earned reputation as the skilled weaver of traditional baskets, enthusiastic teacher of the art, and serious defender of this traditional craft. The mother of three and grandmother of five generously shares her talents to share this important art form and piece of our cultural history.

The study of basket making as art was virtually ignored until the 20th century ; many thought it to be ordinary and simply a part of domestic life and functional use. But historians see it as a key to learn about the daily lives of people and their lifestyles and very worthy of study and research. And in recent years, basket making has been elevated to a fine art, with exhibits of beautiful hand-woven baskets featured in the Smithsonian and other major museums. The National Basketry Organization promotes basketry as contemporary art nationally. In Maryland, those who hope to save this craft and art form have realized we are losing our basket-making traditions and cultures. The skills, patterns, materials, and forms of baskets woven by Native Americans, watermen, and farmers are being saved and passed on to new generations. The functions of baskets vary widely, from containers for fish and eels, apples and eggs, flowers and herbs to drying tobacco and a host of other items.

Since Mrs. Taylor must order the materials two weeks before the class the deadline for registration MAY 1; no walk-ins are accepted. All materials will be provided and snacks will be provided as well, but since the class begins at 10 am and lasts until about 2 pm, students are asked to bring their own lunch, (or order out on that day). Because of the individualized instruction, the class is limited to 10 students. Price will be $50. This basket is one you will be proud to take home! It is a large, continuous weave basket that begins with a square base and ends with a round top and can be used for many things.

Anyone who is interested in joining us for this special tradition and art form – and a fun day -- is urged to contact Sylvia Bradley for more information or to register, either by phone at 410-726-8047, or email

From Westside Historical Society, Inc. ---- Event Sign-up Deadline May 1

P.O. Box 194
Mardela Springs MD 21837

State Police Announce K9 Teams Receive National Certification

The Delaware State Police and municipal K9 teams throughout the state received National Certification in explosive and narcotic scent detection by the National Police Canine Association (NPCA). Both dual and single purpose K-9 Teams participated in the certification event.

The Delaware State Police K9 teams along with the New Castle County Police Department and the Wilmington Police Department K9 teams all work and train to meet the certification standards established by the NPCA. All three agencies train Law Enforcement K9 teams in the state under one certification standard for both explosive and narcotic scent detection. Certification scenarios for patrol included; K9 obedience, tracking, building searches, vehicle searches and wooded area searches.

(12) Delaware State Police K-9 teams and four municipal K9 teams from Capitol Police Department and Department of Natural Resources completed the patrol and explosive certifications.

(14) Delaware State Police K9 teams and (10) municipal K-9 teams from the following Police Departments; Newark, Lewes, Bridgeville, Smyrna, Ocean View, Harrington and Dover completed the patrol and narcotics certifications.