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Sunday, December 30, 2018


Ocean City Fire EMS dispatched to Water View Dr. for a reported drowning. Body found floating in the water. Subject pronounced deceased.

A Viewer Writes: "The Dude"

Just when you think you've heard it all from the idiot Jake Day and the children called Salisbury city government this comes out. He's recently had another brain fart and now has named his pathetic marathon, get this, Salisbury "the dude" marathon. The ridiculously ignorant name took some serious thought from top city government officials. 

How did they come up with such a childish name you ask? Day supposedly named the event "the dude" because the course has some sort of resemblance to a small man when looking at it mapped out. Way to go Salisbury, just when you thought you couldn't do or say anything dumber.

Tis The Season...

Over One Million US Gun Owners Refuse To Obey Ban

Residents of New Jersey were given a deadline to turn in their gun magazines or become felons overnight, and so far, no one is complying.

Unless you’ve been under a rock lately, then you’ve likely seen the unprecedented push by all levels of government to separate law abiding Americans from their guns. No, this is not some conspiracy theory. The president himself ushered in a new level of gun control doing what his liberal predecessor even refused to do by banning bump stocks. However, as states across the country seek to limit the ability of innocent people to defend themselves, people are disobeying.

In May, Gov. Phil Murphy signed a law that reduced the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines from 15 rounds to 10.Citizens immediately sued the government, citing the unconstitutional nature of the ban, but they failed.

“New Jersey’s law reasonably fits the State’s interest in public safety and does not unconstitutionally burden the Second Amendment’s right to self-defense in the home,” the court wrote in their decision. “The law also does not violate the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause because it does not require gun owners to surrender their magazines but instead allows them to retain modified magazines or register firearms that have magazines that cannot be modified.”

AG Gurbir Grewal applauded the ruling on Twitter stating:

“This just in: for months, individuals have been challenging NJ’s limits on large capacity magazines—a sensible law to address mass shootings. Today, the court of appeals upheld the law. Big win for public safety and law enforcement safety!”

This month, citizens were given a December 11 deadline on their new ban on standard capacity magazines. The law effectively turned one million law abiding gun owners into criminals, literally over night if they failed to turn in the magazines.

Somehow, New Jersey lawmakers thought insane individuals who want to carry out mass shootings would be lining up to turn in their 15 round magazines as anyone caught with one of these banned magazines is now committing a fourth-degree felony. However, even the law abiding citizens are choosing to disobey—and that’s a good thing.


Uh Oh – Food Stamp Money Will Run Out By The End Of January If The Government Shutdown Lasts That Long

If this government shutdown stretches into February there won’t be money for food stamps
According to the Department of Agriculture, if this government shutdown stretches into February there won’t be money for food stamps.

And it certainly looks like this shutdown could last for quite a while, because President Trump is not backing down on his demand for border wall funding, and the Democrats have pledged not to give him a single penny. So a few weeks from now, approximately 38 million people could be suddenly cut off from the food stamp program. If that scenario were to unfold, there is no telling what could happen. After just a few days, government workers are already freaking out about having their paychecks delayed. If people are getting this restless already, what will things look like when tens of millions of Americans are suddenly cut off from their primary source of food money?

Even though the government has been shut down, the Department of Agriculture still has some existing financial resources at their disposal, and they are assuring us that those enrolled in the food stamp program will still receive their benefits “for January”. The following comes fromCNN


So Sears In Salisbury Is Closing, Who Gives A Crap?

I know for me personally, I haven't shopped in a Sears Store in over 20 years. Outside of Craftsman tools, (which they lost that exclusivity years ago) what the hell does Sears have to offer, they're just a store, period.

Sears was one of the many companies that destroyed the local home town hardware stores. We stood there and watched companies like Sears and WalMart slowly kill local businesses and didn't do a thing about it. Instead, more people shopped there because the price was less, how do you like it now?

Amazon is now cornering the market by making sure, (within 10 years) you never visit another mall or store again. So what will you do about it this time? My guess, NOTHING. Idiots like Jake Day will watch the malls disappear, yet put out press releases expressing how commercial property values are on the rise, PLLLLLEASE!

Yeah, kinda like when Palmer Gillis bought the old Feldman's property on the river for $5,000.00. Yes, that's not a typo, I said five thousand dollars. Yet we are supposed to believe commercial properties are on the rise while the City keeps selling off parking lots for pennies on the dollar as well. 

K-Mart and Sears are gone, big deal. Leave it to WBOC to find Idiots out there who will go on camera and talk about how this is such a hardship on our community. 

Sears, you refused to keep up with the times, you failed, goodbye. The ONLY sorrow I will have about Sears closing in Salisbury is for the employees who will be out of so many jobs. Expect Jake Day to put out a press release next week stating how unemployment is at an all time low in Salisbury because so many Idiots will believe it. 

Time to build some more affordable housing in Salisbury. Hey Salisbury, "It's Happening".

More Bullsh!t From Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day

Salisbury Leads Maryland in Commercial Property Value Growth

Salisbury –
Maryland’s State Department of Assessment and Taxation has released the results of their latest assessments of residential and commercial properties, and Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that the Salisbury area leads the state with a 30.9 percent increase in commercial property valuation. Statewide, the average is 12.5 percent.

“I’m not surprised at the results given the tremendous growth we’ve seen over the past few years,” said the Mayor. “The purpose of our constant and tireless efforts to grow the economy in our City is to create value for the families, shop owners and workers of our community. These significant and dramatic increases in value represent concrete evidence that those efforts are working. The vast majority of the properties assessed this year are in our great City and I am delighted to see our hard-working citizens gaining ground faster than anyone else in the state.”

According to SDAT, overall high sales prices and lower vacancies led to the dramatic rise in commercial property values. Total property assessments rose 11% in the portion of Wicomico County that was assessed for January 1, 2019, the fourth highest increase in the State. The increase in Full Cash Value of properties in the Salisbury area rose more this year than any year since the housing bubble burst in 2008.

The latest assessments were reached by evaluating the last 3 years’ sales, and factoring for improvements to the properties being assessed and/or the surrounding properties. Property value increases will be phased in over the next 3 years, while losses in property value will be implemented in the coming tax year.

If Federal Workers Are Suffering This Much Already, How Bad Will It Be When The Government Is Still Closed In February?

After just 4 days, federal workers are flocking to social media to share heart-wrenching stories of the misery and pain that they are suffering through because of the current government shutdown.

As you will see below, it is being claimed that some federal workers were actually forced to return Christmas presents just so that they could afford to pay their mortgages, others are claiming that President Trump “destroyed Christmas”, and the wife of one federal worker says that she is going to have to kill her cat if this shutdown goes much longer.

You couldn’t make this stuff up even if you tried, and it makes one wonder how these people would survive if a real national crisis actually erupted.

The truth is that thousands of federal workers are currently experiencing a paid vacation over the holidays, and ultimately their annual pay won’t be a penny lower than it otherwise would have been.

Other federal workers are currently working without pay, but they will get paid later. Like the above group, their annual pay will be just the same as if the government never experienced a shutdown at all.

But if you go to social media, you would be tempted to believe that America had just entered the apocalypse. Here is a sampling of some of the comments under the #ShutdownStories hashtag on Twitter…

On the first day of the shutdown, one federal worker was “obsessively” checking his bank accounts

Day 1 of the #Shutdown: Got my furlough papers. Had brunch with fellow feds. Obsessively checked news and bank accounts. Contemplated a “#shutdownbeard Drank @Jameson_US with @bstiteler, ate mom’s Christmas cookies. Fell asleep to @BritishBakeOff. #shutdownstories

Oh the humanity!

Instead of working, he was forced to have brunch with friends, eat his mother’s cookies and fall asleep watching television.

How much suffering can one person take?

And if he has multiple “bank accounts”, he must not be hurting too much.

Another deeply troubled federal worker was wondering how she would possibly pay for Christmas if paychecks were delayed for a few weeks

@TeaPainUSA whenever I talk about my air traffic control husband working without pay on Twitter, all I get is hateful remarks about how he WILL & won’t lose a dime. Um YEAH I KNOW that, but what are we supposed to do about Christmas & bills in the meantime? #ShutdownStories

Seriously, has this person ever heard of a “credit card”?


Ramadan Held On $2.5M Bond After Initial Court Appearance

WEST OCEAN CITY — One of two local brothers indicted again in October for his role in a vast cigarette trafficking and tax fraud scheme appeared in a New York court on Wednesday and remains held on a $2.5 million bond.

Basel Ramadan, 47, of West Ocean City, appeared in Kings County, N.Y. Supreme Court on Wednesday for a preliminary hearing. Ramadan’s West Ocean City home was raided for the second time in five years in October by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Homeland Security (HSI) officials with support from local law enforcement agencies as part of Operation Sidestep, a months-long investigation into criminal cigarette smuggling and various money-laundering and tax-related crimes.

Basel Ramadan, who was taken into custody along with his brother Samir Ramadan, was indicted in New York as a result of the investigation. The local brothers had been arrested and ultimately convicted of the same crimes in 2013. Basel Ramadan had an initial appearance in Kings County Supreme Court on Wednesday was ordered to be held on a $2.5 million bond, or a $1 million cash bond, neither of which had been posted as of late Thursday. Basel Ramadan’s trial has now been tentatively set in for Feb. 13. The disposition of Samir Ramadan’s case is not known as of Friday.


Female Tourist Who Complained About Islamophobia Raped & Murdered by Islamists in Morocco

Urged in Facebook post: “Never judge people by their appearance”

One of the female Scandanavian hiker victims who was raped and murdered by Islamic State supporters in Morocco previously posted a video on her Facebook page showing a bearded Muslim man urging people to “never judge people by their appearance.”

BREAKING NEWS; Police Action On Mt. Hermon Road

Five police cars at Mount Hermon Discount Pharmacy on Mount Herman Road in Salisbury. Couple of them have long guns out.

Newly elected Democrat ends Maryland county's jail immigration-screening arrangement

A Maryland county is ending its contract with the federal government to screen detainees for immigration status, county officials announced Thursday.

Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman, a Democrat, campaigned against the program, which went into effect last December under Pittman’s Republican predecessor. Pittman, who was joined at a news conference by county police Chief Timothy Altomare and Terry Kokolis, the superintendent of the county’s detention facilities, said public safety officials determined the program doesn’t have a meaningful effect on keeping people safe.

“Our county detention staff should be focusing on local law enforcement responsibilities rather than furthering controversial federal immigration policy,” Pittman said.

Under the 287(g) program, county detention staff screen people taken into custody for allegedly committing crimes to determine their immigration status.


Gallup: Michelle Obama Beats Hillary Clinton as 'Most Admired' Woman

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has beaten failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s 17-year reign as the “most admired” woman in Gallup’s annual poll.

Previously, Mrs. Obama finished second to Clinton three times in the poll.

Americans’ admiration for Clinton crashed so hard this year that she did not even finish second place after Mrs. Obama, instead tying with First Lady Melania Trump, whom the establishment media has relentlessly attacked.

“The year 2018 brought about a change at the top of Gallup’s Most Admired Woman list for the first time in 17 years, with Hillary Clinton falling back now that she has more fully retreated to private life after a long career as first lady, U.S. senator, secretary of state and two-time presidential candidate,” Gallup pollsters note. “Michelle Obama stepped into that void as she has authored a best-selling autobiography and is promoting it with a major tour of large U.S. arenas.”


With All Due Respect, It's Time The City of Salisbury Remove This Image From Their Home Page

When you go to the city of Salisbury's Facebook page, this is the image that pops up. While we ALL loved Bull, he did in fact take his own life and now Mayor Jake Day is plastering Bull everywhere you turn, on line or in person. Now Jake may want HIS children growing up thinking it's OK for a hero cop to take his own life, I firmly disagree.

Bull took the cowards way out of life and is certainly no hero. Especially if you actually knew HOW Bull took his own life and Jake Day wouldn't DARE tell the public what he did. Instead, just like a typical Liberal, cover the truth up and memorialize what that Liberal wants you to think and believe.

Mark Meadows Says Trump Will Not Budge On Requested Amount For Wall Funding

Republican North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said President Donald Trump will not budge on the $5 billion requested for a border wall Wednesday, as the government enters its sixth day of a partial shutdown.

Meadows, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, said he does not believe Trump will agree to the Democrats’ counteroffer of $1.3 billion that could be used for the border wall, saying he does not think the amount is “reasonable.” The government will remain shut down until a compromise can be worked out among the two parties.

“I can tell you, if they believe this President is going to yield on this particular issue, they’re misreading him, misreading the American people,” Meadows told CNN on “Inside Politics.” “I see no evidence that would suggest he would come even close to 1.3” billion dollars in border wall funding.

This comes as Meadows pushed strongly against a short-term funding bill that would have funded the government until Feb. 8, saying the wall is necessary and that “the time to act is now.”


The Creator Of Kwanzaa Is A Criminal Loon Who Allegedly Tortured Naked Women With A Karate Baton And A Toaster

It’s Christmastime, America, and you know what that means: It’s almost Kwanzaa! It’s also the season when public school classrooms across the fruited plain have pointedly avoided Christmas, but have teemed with lessons about Kwanzaa and a handful of other holidays which aren’t Christmas.

As a public service, then, The Daily Caller is once again here to tell you the true – and truly bizarre – history of the violent, deranged and radical black nationalist who concocted the completely artificial holiday of Kwanzaa in 1966.

The creator of Kwanzaa is Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga, a 77-year-old professor of Africana studies at California State University, Long Beach. His real name is Ronald Everett. He was born in rural Maryland, the fourteenth child of a sharecropping Baptist minister.

Karenga was convicted in 1971 for brutally torturing two naked women. The weapons of torture included a soldering iron, a vise and, of course, a toaster.


TRIPLETS all become autistic within hours of vaccination…

The vaccine industry is a criminal operation

A VAXXED video that has been banned almost everywhere is going viral on, the Youtube alternative video community for free speech on vaccines, GMOs, natural medicine and more.

As the video shows below, healthy triplets all became autistic within hours of vaccination, once again demonstrating that vaccines cause autism. The parents, the McDowell family in Detroit, Michigan, have spoken out publicly against the horrific medical violence being committed against children every day across America through toxic vaccines. (See AutismTruthNews.comfor more reporting on vaccines and autism.)

The names of their three children, pictured above, are Richie, Robbie and Claire. All three children were vaccinated on the same day, and within hours, they all become severely autistic.


Wicomico Recreation’s Indoor Community Yard Sale is Saturday, Jan. 5

SALISBURY, Md. – Find unique items at Wicomico Recreation’s Indoor Community Yard Sale, coming up at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center on Saturday, Jan. 5.

The yard sale will run from 7 a.m.-noon, and admission for members of the public who want to shop is $3 per person. Children younger than 12 are admitted free when accompanied by an adult.

“There will be hundreds of tables for shoppers to browse at the event,” said Vanessa Junkin, assistant director of marketing and public relations for Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism. “Head over early and see what you can find.”

Sellers can make reservations for table and booth rentals at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center box office (500 Glen Ave., Salisbury, MD, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; closed New Year’s Day), online at (an online fee may apply) or by phone at 410-548-4911. Reserve a space by Jan. 4 at noon, while tables and booths last.

Table rentals are $15 and booths are $40 for a 10-foot space including three tables. Regular setup for sellers will begin at 4 a.m. the morning of the sale. Early setup for sellers is available on Friday, Jan. 4, from 5-8 p.m. for an additional $5.

For more information, contact Allen Swiger at 410-548-4900 x108 or