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Monday, June 30, 2014

Left 'Comes Out Screaming' Against D'Souza's 'America'

NEW YORK – The political left is coming out “screaming,” with “guns blazing,” in an attempt to dampen the audience for the highly anticipated film “America: Imagine a World Without Her,” its maker told WND just before its Hollywood premiere.

Dinesh D’Souza recalled that the left’s strategy with his first political documentary, “2016: Obama’s America,” was to ignore it.

“You would almost not know ’2016′ existed if you just followed the leftist press and their Internet blogs,” D’Souza told WND in an exclusive phone interview. “It was only when the pied piper Obama came out yelling that everybody else on the left immediately jumped into line.”

Transgender Navy SEAL fights claims she's a Pentagon recruitment tool

A former Navy SEAL who identified herself as transgender after 20 years serving on the elite team is fighting claims that she's became a tool in Pentagon efforts to recruit transgender people.

Kristen Beck was called Chris while she served in the Navy SEAL squad which gained international recognition for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

A recent Washington Times story called her a 'poster girl' for recruiting transgenders, noting that she tweeted 'Transgender service in the armed forces, yes it will happen soon.'


Dana Loesch Puts Her Own Spin on Leftist Chants After Supreme Court’s Contraceptive Ruling

After the Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Affordable Care Act cannot force companies to pay for emergency contraceptives for their employees in violation of their religious beliefs, many on the left reacted with outrage.

“Birth control – not my boss’s business!” was one popular slogan seen throughout social media.

While guest hosting The Glenn Beck Program Monday, Dana Loesch modified some of the more popular slogans, saying hers would be more accurate, though less catchy.


The Word Racist Was Invented By Trotsky

The word “racist” has for a long time been the single most effective fear-word in the leftist and neoconservative arsenal. For decades, they have successfully used it in the political arena to slander traditionalists, shut down debate, and leave opponents running for cover. In the social arena, they have caused even more damage by using it to brainwash impressionable children and young college students, and to teach people to hate their nation, their cultural traditions, and worst of all, themselves.

What surprisingly remains almost totally undiscussed, even on the hard core traditionalist Right, is the word’s origin. Did it come from a liberal sociologist? A 60’s Marxist college professor? Perhaps a politician in the Democratic Party? No. It turns out that the word was invented by none other than one of the principal architects of the 74-year Soviet nightmare, the founder and first leader of the infamous Red Army, Leon Trotsky.

Take a look at this document ( if you would, dear reader.

"Славянофильство, мессианизм отсталости, строило свою философию на том, что русский народ и его церковь насквозь демократичны, а официальная Россия — это немецкая бюрократия, насажденная Петром. Маркс заметил по этому поводу: “Ведь точно так же и тевтонские ослы сваливают деспотизм Фридриха II и т. д. на французов, как будто отсталые рабы не нуждаются всегда в цивилизованных рабах, чтобы пройти нужную выучку”. Это краткое замечание исчерпывает до дна не только старую философию славянофилов, но и новейшие откровения “расистов”."

This is Leon Trotsky’s 1930 work, “The History of the Russian Revolution”, from which shown above is a passage. The last word in that passage is “расистов”, whose Latin transliteration is “racistov”, i.e., “racists”. This work here is the first time in history one will ever find that word.


Ban On Grain Alcohol Goes Into Effect In Md. Tuesday

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- A ban on grain alcohol sales and new laws aimed at helping victims of crime and their family members are taking effect in Maryland.

The new laws go on the books Tuesday.

Maryland is banning the sale of alcohol that is 190-proof and stronger. The law had strong backing from leaders of colleges, who said grain alcohol provides a cheap way for students to get drunk quickly.


EPA Spends $1.6 Million On Hotel For ‘Environmental Justice’ Conference

The Environmental Protection Agency will spend more than $1 million on hotel accommodations for an “Environmental Justice” conference this fall.

The agency posted its intention to contract with the Renaissance Arlington Local Capital View Hotel for its upcoming public meeting, for which it will need to book 195 rooms for 24 days.

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), Office of Enforcement and Compliance, Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ) intends to award a fixed-price Purchase Order … to the Renaissance Arlington Local Capital View Hotel,” the solicitation said. “The purpose of this acquisition is to cover the cost of 195 sleeping room nights from Sept. 9 [to] Oct 2, 2014, at government rate for the 50th public meeting of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC), a federal advisory committee of the EPA.”


Fireworks In Worcester County

The following locations will be hosting 4th of July Fireworks celebrations. We have attempted to name the local ones that many of us will be attending. If you know of a location that is not listed, please feel free to post here. The weather is looking sporty for the end of the week. As a reminder, July 4th falls on a Friday this year so traffic concerns will be important to us. Please allow some time to get to your destination and allow some time for leaving these events. Get out and enjoy this celebration!
July 4th
Ocean Pines
_Join the Ocean Pines community for a special fireworks display sponsored by the Ocean Pines Association. The fireworks display will begin shortly after dark. Recommended viewing locations are Showell Elementary School, the Community Church at Ocean Pines, Most Blessed Sacrament School and The Pavillions. Please note that there will be no parking available at St. John Neumann church this year. Rain date – Sunday, July 6. There will be “NO PARKING” on Beauchamp Road.

Ocean City

8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Enjoy a free concert at 8 p.m., followed by fireworks at 9:30 p.m. on the beach at N. Division Street. For more information, call 800-626-2326 or 410-250-0125
8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Enjoy a free concert at 8 p.m., followed by fireworks at 9:30 p.m. at Northside Park on 125th Street. For more information, call 800-626-2326 or 410-250-0125.
Entertainment: United States Army Band Downrange

Saturday July 5, 2014
The Town of Snow Hill continues its Independence Day celebration following the 4th with a full day of activity Beginning at 10:00 am Registration for the Annual Canoe Joust will be in Sturgis Park on River Street. This unique event is sponsored by the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department. Watch this 8th annual battle on the river as teams vie for dominance from their canoes against teams from the surrounding area. 
Food and beverage vendors will be on hand for the actual joust that begins at 11:30am and will continue throughout the afternoon. 
Fireworks will be set off from Byrd Park over the Pocomoke River at dusk. People are asked to bring their lawn chairs, blankets and families to Sturgis Park to see this outstanding display of fireworks. Neon bracelets and glow sticks will be sold by the Purnell Museum. Visitors will have an opportunity to contribute to the cost of the Fireworks through a collection that will be taken up

I Am The American Sailor (with Ernest Borgnine)

Sex Offenses On U.S. College Campuses

This table shows the number of alleged forcible sex offenses on campus reported to security authorities at colleges and universities or to law enforcement, as well as the rate of reporting per thousand students. Schools are required to send the data to the federal government under a law known as the Clery Act. Where possible, statistics for schools with multiple campuses have been combined to show one set of numbers per school. The table includes four-year colleges and universities -- public and private, non-profit -- with at least 1,000 students enrolled in 2012. The source of the data is the U.S. Education Department. Experts caution that a campus with a low reporting rate is not necessarily safer than one with a high rate. Some colleges make more effort than others to ensure victims step forward. Enrollment totals include online students, which for some schools lowers the reporting rate for campus incidents. For example, more than 80 percent of Liberty University students are online.
Analysis by Nick Anderson of The Washington Post. How colleges vary in reports of sex offenses

See the complete list HERE

My Only True Love

I see her almost every day but I’m sure she never notices me. In fact
I am sure she doesn’t know that I even exist, but I love her just the

I fell in love with her when I was very young and when I was yet just
a teenager I swore an oath that there would be no one but her. I even
swore I would die for her! She has many others that love her as much as I do but I can’t be jealous because I know how she can steal one’s heart away.

When I’m out and about driving in my car or walking here or there
I’ll see her at a restaurant, or a government building, or at a car lot.
From time to time she seems to be showing her age, looking a little
worn and threadbare (I have to remember we’re both not as young as
we used to be), but then I’ll see her somewhere else and she’ll look
just as beautiful as the first time I ever saw her.

She is always out day and night, and in all kinds of weather and if
By the time you see this, it will be July, with the 4th of July around the corner this is appropriate and a great tribute… she’d listen to me I’d tell her she needs to be more careful.

The days I’m most worried about her are those extremely hot and
humid days we have in the summer here in Florida. Just so hot you
could fry an egg on the hood of a car, and not a hint of wind to at
least move the muggy air around. It’s at those times she’ll look a
little limp and tired.

But then a little breeze will come up and she’ll stir and start to smile,
and then she’ll start to dance....
....and how she can dance!!!

I thought I’d share a picture of her:

Valerie Jarrett Won't Rule Out Run for Office


(DENTON, MD) – A cooperative cross-jurisdictional and multi-state drug investigation has led to at least four arrests with more expected as police dismantle a drug trafficking organization they believe was responsible for the distribution of heroin and a variety of other drugs throughout the Upper Shore region.

The first suspect is identified as Byron S. Drummond, 27, of Denton, Md. He is charged with being a drug kingpin, possession of a large amount of a controlled dangerous substance (heroin), possession with intent to distribute narcotics, and two counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance not marijuana. Following his arrest, Drummond was ordered held without bail in the Queen Anne’s County Detention Center.

The second suspect is identified as Gary T. Kess, Jr., 36, of Windsor Mill, Md. He is charged with possession of a large amount of a controlled dangerous substance (heroin), possession with intent to distribute narcotics, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance not marijuana. Following his arrest, Kess was held without bail in the Anne Arundel County Detention Center.

Monday night $5 Burger Night at The Irish Penny Pub

Holy Crap!

Duck Crossing

Ocean City Police Department

Late last week Officer Zimmerman and Deputy Fire Marshal Christello helped a family of ducks cross Coastal Highway. After they safely made it across, momma duck was reminded to WALK SMART next time she crosses the road with her little ones.

300,000 DUPLICATE COLORADO VOTERS? reported on Wednesday that a multi-state database of voter registration information from Secretaries of State shows that as many as 300,000 Coloradans may also be registered to vote in other states. That comes to just over 1 in 12 registered Colorado voters, and it raises additional questions about the difficulty of ensuring clean voter rolls in the light of recent loosening of the rules, up to and including same-day voter registration without adequate identification.

Known as the Interstate Cross-Check (or simply, the “Crosscheck”), the database is coordinated by the Kansas Secretary of State’s office. Begun in 2005 with just four states, the Cross-check has grown to include 28 states, but it doesn’t even include the most populous states of California, Texas, Florida, and New York. Of the states included, Arizona, Washington, Michigan, and Georgia have the largest number of potential duplicate registrants with Colorado. Arizona alone has nearly 30,000. The Cross-check also found 10 duplicate voter IDs and 729 duplicate voter rows within Colorado.

The Cross-check has in past years yielded cases of double-voting referred for prosecution. Andrew Cole of the Colorado Secretary of State’s office estimated the number to be about a dozen over the last several election cycles.


Poor Little Rich Liberals

No group has been hit harder by the Obama economy than America’s liberals. From Marin County, where bundlers have had to struggle to scrape together a few ten grand bills to attend Obama fundraisers, to Washington D.C., whose bedroom communities now have seven of the ten highest household incomes in the country, poverty is hitting poor rich little liberals hard.

In 2006, Alaska had the highest household income. But voters chose Obama over Palin and these days it’s Maryland because six-figure government consultants on sustainable development and diversity need McMansions to go home to after a long day of team building exercises.

Despite numbers like these, liberals are barely making ends meet. Some like Hillary Clinton are “dead broke”. Forget about a dollar not buying what it used to. Not even a hundred million dollars does. And there’s poor Joe Biden who claimed not to have a savings account or any stocks and bonds. And he doesn’t. He has five savings accounts and eleven investment funds.

But wealth is relative. Despite earning $100 million, Hillary Clinton claims that she isn’t “truly well off”. And if a woman with a colonial mansion for every occasion is, in the words of her adviser, still just “trying to earn a living”, the economy must really be bad.

With income inequality such a hot topic, the Democratic Party’s presidential frontrunners are working hard at pretending to be poor.


50 VA Hospital Workers Claim Retaliation For Blowing Whistle On The Horrors They Saw

When Valerie Riviello, a nurse at a Veterans Affairs facility in New York, saw the clinic restrain a sexual assault survivor to a bed for seven consecutive hours, she released the woman.

The next day, Ms. Riviello said, she was removed from her post as senior nurse manager and given a full-time desk job that prohibited her from contact with patients. She eventually was reprimanded and is facing a 30-day unpaid suspension for releasing the woman.

Now, Ms. Riviello is one of more than 50 whistleblowers who say the Veterans Affairs Department retaliated against them for trying to do their jobs.

The complaints got backing last week from the Justice Department’s office of special counsel, which issued a stern warning for the VA to shape up.


Fortune: More Government Debt Means More Income Inequality

The gap between rich and poor could widen further if the federal government keeps shifting the costs of its current spending to the next generation.

So says Fortune, in a guest column by Bill White, former Houston mayor and chairman of Lazard Houston. White notes the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates federal interest payments on the debt will soar from $415 billion in 2014 to $1.1 trillion in 2023.

Accordingly, he says, “it is hard to deny that rising debt gives creditors a larger claim on future federal tax revenues. By 2023, debt service will absorb 45 percent of all personal and corporate income tax revenues, leaving less available to pay for anything else.”



ANNAPOLIS, MD -- Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley announced his intention to pursue the establishment of a new public-private regional infrastructure initiative called the Mid-Atlantic Infrastructure Exchange (MAX) to help address critical transportation needs in the National Capital Region and the Mid-Atlantic. The Governor committed to hosting regional meetings laying the groundwork for MAX and building on past collaborations with Mid-Atlantic neighbors. The initiative was created as a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action and was announced during the CGI America annual meeting in Denver, Colorado.

"We're not spending enough on infrastructure, especially since interest rates are lower than inflation, which means infrastructure projects are as close as you can get to a sure thing for a solid rate of return,” said President Clinton. “By making it easier for infrastructure projects to access pension investments and private capital, the Mid-Atlantic Infrastructure Exchange is an innovative way to strengthen critical infrastructure in the region while getting people back to work."

“In Maryland, we’re focused on doing what works: investing in education, innovation, and infrastructure,”Gov. O’Malley said. “We want to create this regional consortium to come up with innovative ways to make more infrastructure investments -- this will put Marylanders to work, and it will make our region an even more attractive place for businesses to invest.”

“Investing in our infrastructure creates jobs, helps build sustainable communities, and spurs economic development," said Lt. Governor Brown. "With our new public-private partnerships law, Maryland is poised to move forward on a number of critical infrastructure projects, such as the Purple Line that will connect Prince George's and Montgomery Counties and help the National Capital Region grow. This regional consortium will help us pursue innovative strategies, share knowledge, and leverage resources so we can continue to invest in our communities.”

The commitment builds on existing efforts to create jobs by investing in infrastructure, education and innovation. Just last year, Governor O’Malley signed the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act into state law. The Act will provide an additional $4.4 billion to support priority transportation efforts and will create or support an estimated 57,000 jobs. Since 2007, the O'Malley-Brown Administration has increased transportation investments by 75 percent, culminating in the largest 6-year transportation budget in Maryland history at $15.65 billion. The State has also increased its funding for wastewater infrastructure by 260 percent since 2007 and created nearly 9,000 jobs.

Marylanders To Pay More At The Pump This Fourth Of July Weekend

Expect to pay more at the pump. Conflicts in Iraq have substantially caused gas to go up.

Marcus Washington reports right now gas prices are at a six year high for early summer.

As a projected 41 million people hit the road during this Fourth of July weekend, experts say get ready to pay more at the pump.

“Both nationally and in Maryland, the average today is $3.68 a gallon. That’s up two cents from a week ago nationally. And here in Maryland, it’s up about three cents,” said Ragina Cooper-Averella, AAA Mid-Atlantic.


Pelosi to Greet New Arrivals at Border

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will travel to the southern border of the U.S. on Saturday to be briefed by Customs and Border Protection on the flood of unaccompanied minors entering the country.

The California Democrat will also meet with a group of children held at the South Texas Detention Facility.

“The humanitarian crisis unfolding across our nation’s southern border demands Congress come together and find thoughtful, compassionate and bipartisan solutions,” Pelosi said. “We must ensure our laws are fully enforced, so that due process is provided to unaccompanied children and the safety and well-being of unaccompanied children is protected. We must also work to address the root causes of the problem.”

More than 50,000 unaccompanied children from central America have crossed the border into the United States since last October, but federal law says the U.S. cannot immediately turn the minors away if they are from non-contiguous countries such as Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Full article here

WCSO Most Wanted 6-30-14

Desmond Dequincy Hollis Brown
• Black Male, 5’10” 140 lbs
• DOB 05/28/1988 26 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Brown’s last known address was Mardela Springs MD
• Brown is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District Court Bench Warrant issued in July 2013 for Violation of Probation on the charges of Burglary 4th and Theft Scheme
• And on a Child Support Body Attachment issued for Failure to Appear for a Contempt Hearing in October 2013
• The preset bond is $20,000
• We will extradite Brown from Delaware or Virginia
• Brown should be APPROACHED WITH CAUTION and has history of DRUG ABUSE

Sabrina Neal
• Black Female, 5’03” 135
• DOB 04/02/1969 45 years of age
• Neal’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Neal is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in February on the charge of Criminal Child Support
• There is no preset bond, she must be brought before the court
• The state will extradite her from DE and VA 

Matthew Wayne Hodgson
• White Male, 5’08” 155 lbs
• DOB 02/25/1977 37 years of age
• Brown hair, Brown eyes
• Hodgson’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Hodgson is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District Court Bench Warrant issued in March 2014 for Violation of Probation on the charge of Theft less $1000
• The preset bond is $20,000
• Hodgson has a history of DRUG ABUSE

Keshawn Lamar Costen
• Black Male, 5’11” 128 lbs
• DOB 07/07/1991 22 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Costen’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• Costen is wanted by the Sheriff's Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Violation of Probation in December 2013 on the charge of Assault 2nd
• Costen should be APPROACHED WITH CAUTION and has history of DRUG ABUSE
• The state will extradite him from DE and VA 

Arnoldo Rincon
• Hispanic Male, 5’06” 180 lbs
• DOB 03/06/1989 25 years of age
• Black hair, Brown eyes
• Rincon’s last known address was Salisbury MD
• He also uses the name Jose Manuel Hernandez
• Rincon is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District Court Bench Warrant issued in March 2012 for Violation of Probation on the charge of Assault 2nd
• The preset bond is $20,000
• Rincon should be APPROACHED WITH CAUTION and has history of DRUG ABUSE
• The state will extradite him from DE , PA, DC, VA and WV

SFD Calls For Service 6-29-14

  • Sunday June, 29 2014 @ 22:23Nature: Appliance FireAddress: 819 E William St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Sunday June, 29 2014 @ 20:50Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday June, 29 2014 @ 19:40 Nature: Structure FireAddress: 205 Tilghman St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Sunday June, 29 2014 @ 19:32Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday June, 29 2014 @ 13:53Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Sunday June, 29 2014 @ 13:31Nature: Natural CoverAddress: 31089 Olde Fruitland Rd Fruitland, MD 21826

Boat Parade

The Ocean Pines Boat parade is Saturday, July 26th and the theme is "Fantasy". I'd like to have three get togethers to plan and assemble the decorations. Let's work with Thursdays, July 10, July 17 and July 24 at my home at 7 pm. If food is an enticement, I'll have lots of goodies!
Please let me know if you can make it! (PS: bring lots of ideas!!)
Also, does anyone have a dock in Ocean Pines where we can decorate on the last day? Since we dock in Ocean City, that would be truly helpful!
Cell#: 951-551-2722
1 Mist Flower Rd.
Ocean Pines, MD 21811

“We Are Not For Sale!”

by Delegate Mike McDermott

I want to thank you for your support: your prayers, your time, your donations, and the confidence of your vote. Tuesday marked the beginning of a turnaround for District 38 here on the lower shore. Although the turnout for the Primary was low, the final tally has given us all a reason to be very hopeful moving forward.

We were able to surpass our opponent in the vote count by 1200 votes in a district that was carved up, Gerrymandered, and tailor made just for him! These results have gone unreported by the local media.

The bottom line: our citizens are tired of politicians. They want folks who mirror their values and who are not afraid to stand up and speak out in Annapolis.

I have stressed how I view the 2014 election as being critical for Maryland. There is an opportunity for us to see significant change in how our state conducts the business of the people; and, when it comes to the lower shore, we should be encouraged by these results.

I ask you to thoughtfully consider how you can help secure a better future in Maryland for your children’s children. We must take back the districts that we can from these big government politicians whose success can be measured by the 80-plus tax and fee increases over the past 8-years. Those who have grown government by laying the burden on the backs of our grandchildren must be removed from office.

Maryland now has the dubious distinction of being the worst state in our country (#50) when it comes to economic growth. We have heard the O’Malley-Brown administration and Senator Jim Mathias proclaim to us, “jobs, jobs, jobs!” as their top priority. I have heard this from their lips at every forum and meeting we have attended for the past 8 years. Yet, while surrounding states have turned to the private sector and prospered, the O’Malley-Mathias team continue to believe that government holds the answers.

One would think that when this bunch stumbled upon their own breadcrumbs they would admit they did not have a clue how to lead us out of the mess they have created with their policies and legislation. It is clear that they do not know the way home.

Ronald Reagan could not have stated it better for Maryland when he proclaimed, "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."

I look forward to your help in the coming months. We have a terrific slate of General Assembly candidates for our District 38 Delegate seats:
Delegate Charles Otto (38-A Somerset & Worcester),
Mayor Carl Anderton (38-B Wicomico) *current mayor of Delmar, and,
Mary Beth Carroza (38-C Wicomico & Worcester) *Eastern shore Rep. in the Ehrlich Administration, faithful public servant, and no stranger to local campaigns.

We are united in our conservative views of government and our strong desire to return common sense to the decision making process in Annapolis. Your help in the coming months will insure that we move forward in victory and carry your message back to Annapolis.

  • Continue to pray;
  • place signs and bumper stickers;
  • talk to your family, friends, and neighbors; and,
  • donate what you can to our campaigns.

The O’Malley-Brown administration, Senate President Mike Miller, and the liberal special interest crowd believe they can buy our Senate seat. Let’s make sure they know that our seat is not for sale!

“Marylanders...Take Back Your State!”

Congressman Harris Praises Supreme Court Decision Upholding Religious Liberty

“Supreme Court once again highlights that the United States is a beacon of freedom for the world”

Washington, D.C. –
Congressman Andy Harris, M.D., released on the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision that upholds the freedom of religion in the United States:

"While in Ukraine during WWII, my mother saw churches burned by government agents because there was no freedom of religion. The Supreme Court's decision today upholds that fundamental freedom. By upholding the freedom of religion of business owners, the Supreme Court once again highlights that the United States is a beacon of freedom for the world."

Congressman Harris is the son of immigrants who came to the United States after WWII. His mother came from Ukraine and his father from Hungary.

Breaking News Bank Robber Caught On 13 Bypass

We have learned that the pictures we published at 12:07pm are of the capture of a bank robber.  A bank in Laurel Delaware was robbed and police spotted the vehicle as it neared the state line and pursued. Police deployed spike strips to stop the vehicle. Inside they found a large amount of cash and the suspects 4 yr old son. The police have not released the name of the women in custody.  Police vehicles were damaged but there are no reported injuries at this time.

City Receives 5th Safe Streets Grant

Mayor James Ireton, Jr. and Chief Barbara Duncan proudly announce that effective July 1, 2014, the Salisbury Safe Streets coalition will receive $260,000 from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention for the period July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. The O'Malley/Brown administrations total commitment to the Salisbury Safe Streets program has been $1,554,636 over the past 4 ½ years.
“We are very pleased to receive another year of Safe Streets funding from Governor O’Malley’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. Through the Safe Streets violent crime reduction model we have created working partnerships through all levels of government, with the private sector, faith based communities and neighborhood associations. These partnerships provide law enforcement with a broad spectrum of resources to fight crime more efficiently while reducing the fear of crime in our neighborhoods. Our economic prosperity here in Salisbury and Wicomico County is inextricably linked to our crime rate. With this round of grant funding from the Governor’s Office, law enforcement remains focused on continued efforts to reduce violent crime while improving the quality of life for the entire Salisbury community”, said Chief Barbara Duncan.
Per GOCCP and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the following is a breakdown of crime statistics for the city since 2009:
Since 2009, a year before Safe Streets was initiated;
Salisbury has seen a significant 52.3% reduction in violent crime. The city also had significant reductions in robberies (-49.0%), aggravated assaults (55.4%), burglaries (-62.3%), larceny/theft (-31.4%), and motor vehicle thefts (-56.2%) over the same period.
*these statistics are for inside city limits, not the Safe Streets designated area
“Salisbury’s Safe Streets program has achieved remarkable success by putting innovative policies into action,” said Tammy Brown, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control & Prevention. “Outstanding cooperation between agencies and expanded community partnerships has resulted in the success we have enjoyed this year. We look forward to another successful year in Salisbury.”
“It is impossible to express the thanks to our officers and our Safe Streets partners for this progress. That GOCCP chose to fund our coalition again is testament to the work of Chief Duncan, Sheriff Lewis, States Attorney Maciarello and all our partners. We continue to work to reduce our Part 1 numbers with a goal of fewer than 2000 for 2014. We celebrate this work, and the huge impact they have on the perception of our city,” said Mayor James Ireton, Jr.
The Mayor and Chief Duncan will hold a press availability and make the announcement on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 2:15pm at the Salisbury Police Department.


ANNAPOLIS, MD (June 30, 2014) -- Governor Martin O’Malley issued the following statement today in reaction to the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling in Harris v. Quinn:

"We are still reviewing the details of the decision, but we are disappointed with the outcome.

"Maryland has derived enormous benefit from our homecare system, which includes collective bargaining. Our system enables the State to accomplish important goals -- like ensuring an adequate and well-trained homecare workforce -- and exclusive representation and fair-share fees play an important role in a fair and effective collective bargaining system.

"As we continue reviewing the decision, we will consider what, if any, changes will be required for Maryland's system of collective bargaining. Our system has worked well for home health workers, patients, and taxpayers -- so we will try to keep it as much intact as is possible. "

Trucker Pulls Over A Cop For Speeding - Cop Lies His Ass Off"

Rt 13 Bypass Today

This is in between 50 and Snow Hill. Laurel, Delmar, County and State are there. Looks like a high speed pursuit.

UPDATE: This is the suspect from the bank robbery in Laurel, De. The WCSO deployed spike strips to stop the vehicle. Inside they found a large amount of cash and the suspects 4 yr old son.

Circuit Court State Statistics


(Page 24)
Shows that Maryland's Circuit Court hears (over the last 3 years, 2011-2014, for the more than 800,000 cases filed in those years):

24.36% of its cases are civil litigation, averaging over 69,000 cases filed each year.

35.58% of its cases are Family Law cases, averaging over 101,000 cases filed each year.

10.50% of its cases are juvenile cases, averaging almost 30,000 cases each year.

29.56% of its cases are serious criminal cases, averaging more than 84,000 cases filed each year.

Free Soft Drink with Lunch - Today Only!

Free Soft Drink
with lunch
Happy Monday!
Show this email to your server and get a FREE SOFT DRINK with any regular menu lunch purchase!

Valid Monday, June 30, 2014 11am-4pm 
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Pittsville, MD  

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West Ocean City, MD

Call ahead for dine-in or carry-out!

MSP DUI Arrests 6-30-14 (Berlin Barrack)

SPD Press Release 6-30-14

Virginia Schools To Reduce Suspension Days

The Obama administration is urging school systems nationwide to move away from tough discipline that includes lengthy suspensions. At least one school system in our area has ordered changes to soften the way it punishes students.

Fairfax County Public Schools' so-called zero tolerance rules have been criticized as harsh, and The Washington Post has even ascribed the tough measures to at least once case of a student suicide back in 2011.

Now the disciplinary rules are changing. Fairfax Schools are reducing the number of offenses that call for suspension, and reducing the length of some suspensions from ten days to five -- the goal is to keep kids in class by promoting alternative forms of discipline.


An Ounce of Cure Is Worth a Pound of Prevention

For close to 18 years, there has been no warming of the atmosphere. Most of the warming that occurred anyway has occurred in the polar regions during winter seasons rather than in the temperate regions and the tropics. One of the EPA lines of evidence for their endangerment findings – the trapping hot spot theory over the tropics – is visibly false. (As are the other two. One of them actually uses computer models that have busted horribly as “evidence” of warming). I refer the reader to something I wrote about the EPA last year and is now coming into view front and center.

In this piece I systematically dismantled the EPA arguments. They are checkmated because each of their arguments is provably wrong. In fact, I marvel at how they are getting away with their endangerment finding, given what they based it on, and how easily it is shown to be false. That it’s coming to the front now, when the EPA horse is out of the barn and is not going to be reigned back in, is baffling to me. This should have been looked at by Congress a long time ago.


Fraternal Order Of Eagles 4th Of July Party

Guess What Happens Tomorrow?

Yes tomorrow is July 1st. Does anyone remember what will increase?  The picture below will give you a hint.

These 5 Censored Books Tell a History the Establishment Wants Hidden

Obama To Ask Congress For Billions To Deal With Border Crisis

President Obama will this week ask Congress for more than $2 billion to deal with the surge of people — including unaccompanied minors — who are entering the country illegally.

The increase in illegal border crossings has turned into a major political problem for the Obama Administration, and on Monday he will ask for Congress' help. But with relations continually strained between this administration and Republicans on capitol hill — there are no guarantees.

"We will be requesting additional resources and added flexibility to deal with the significant rise in apprehensions of children and individuals from Central America who are crossing into the United States in the Rio Grande Valley areas of the Southwest border," a White House official said of a letter Obama will send to congress on Monday. "The letter will make clear our intention to work with Congress on additional legislative authority and send up an emergency supplemental request when the Congress returns from recess to implement a unified, comprehensive Federal Government response."


IDF Targets Gaza Terror Sites in Response to Ongoing Rocket Attacks

Caption This Photo 6-30-14

Epic: Homeless Man Gains Super Strength from This Cop’s Taser

Obama picks former Proctor and Gamble exec to lead VA

President Obama plans to nominate former Procter and Gamble executive Robert McDonald to lead the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs, sources confirm to Fox News.

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

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SEIU Member Freaks Union Out with Transparency Lawsuit

One courageous member of the powerful state-employee union, SEIU Local 1000, is challenging the way they do business, trying to make public the union’s financial records.

Miriam Noujaim, who works for the DMV, is fighting the state’s largest union with a petition filed with the state to get permission to review and copy the last two years of the union’s travel and expense records. Her request is primarily designed for her to peruse expense account statements and reimbursement requests for President Yvonne Walker and three underlings. If she gets her way, Noujaim will have her attorney, Mark Goudy, in the room while she studies the documents.

The lawsuit filed by Noujaim cites public records revealing that Local 1000 gathered $58 million in revenue in 2011 but used $3.25 million of the total for travel. The records show that in 2012, the union accrued $62 million in revenue and spent $5.21 million on travel. The lawsuit alleges, “Some of the travel expenditures have been to send (union) board members to China” as well as other trips not connected to work.


Remember Mississippi!

The maneuverings to keep Thad Cochran in the Senate will not soon be forgotten.

How far did the establishment GOP forces backing Senator Thad Cochran go in Mississippi this week? Too far, and their tactics are likely to leave permanent scars in a civil war with Tea Party forces that are out of all proportion to the importance the establishment placed on saving one 76-year-old senator’s ability to please Washington’s K Street lobbying interests.

“This is a win for the establishment, but it’s a win with an asterisk, because it’s so tainted that it might be one of those things where they’re going to be sorry they ever won the runoff in Mississippi,” Craig Shirley, a political consultant and the author of two respected biographies of Ronald Reagan, told Yahoo News this week.

The key to Cochran’s surprising victory was a disproportionately high turnout in precincts with high Democratic registration. Mississippi law permits voters to cross party lines in primaries, but it prohibits members of one party who voted in their party’s primary to participate in a runoff of the other party. It also bars them from voting in the runoff unless they intend to support the resulting nominee in the November election — an unenforceable requirement, but one that showed that the intent of the election law was, in this case, to let Republicans determine their own nominee.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Motorcyclist Succumbs to Injuries in Delmar Crash

Delmar - John H. English-60 of Delmar, DE, has died from injuries sustained in the crash that occurred last Thursday evening in Delmar. English, who had been admitted to the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, MD was pronounced dead this morning.

The crash remains under investigation.

MSP Berlin Barrack DUI-Collision 6/29/14

9758 Ocean Gateway Berlin, Maryland 21811
(410) 641-3101 Fax (410) 641-3259
Case #:      14-MSP-019840 

Date:         6/29/2014

Time:         0247 hrs
Location:   3323 Snow Hill Road, Girdletree, Worcester County Maryland     

Incident:     Motor Vehicle Collision; DUI   
Narrative:   Michael Anthony Cieslak (W/M, 27 yrs of age of Washington DC) was traveling on Snow Hill Road near C Road operating a 2006 Mercedes Passenger Car. Cieslak failed to maintain control of the vehicle and caused it to travel off-road, struck and took down a utility pole and destroyed the Mercedes. Cieslak was treated at the scene for minor injuries by EMS and released at the scene. During the investigation, the trooper believed the driver to be impaired. Cieslak performed standardized field sobriety testing unsatisfactorily and was subsequently arrested for Driving Under the Influence and was transported to the MSP Berlin Barrack. He submitted to a breath test resulting in a .17 BrAC.
 He was subsequently charged with the collision event and the DUI.  

Investigating Trooper(s): TFC Miller  
Duty Officer:  Cpl. Lenz
Barrack Commander: Lt. E.W. Starner
Assistant Commander:  F/Sgt. Davala
Criminal Investigation Commander:  D/Sgt. Sharp