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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Meeting Materials - 3-6-17 - Council Work Session


The F.B.I. chief asked Justice officials to reject President Trump’s claim that Barack Obama tapped his phones. But the agency has not.

The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, asked the Justice Department this weekend to publicly reject President Trump’s assertion that President Barack Obama ordered the tapping of his phones, senior American officials said on Sunday. Mr. Comey has argued that the highly charged claim is false and must be corrected, they said.

The situation underscores the high stakes of what the president and his aides have set out by accusing the former president of a conspiracy to undermine Mr. Trump’s young administration.

James Rosen: Fox News reporter targeted as 'co- conspirator' in spying case

Article from The Guardian on May 21, 2013

Washington Post reports FBI sought phone records and emails of James Rosen as part of spying case against goverment official

Full text of government's application for a search warrant in the James Rosen case

The Obama administration has investigated a reporter with Fox News as a probable "co-conspirator" in a criminal spying case after a report based on a State Department leak.

The Justice Department named Fox News's chief Washington correspondent James Rosen "at the very least, either as an aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator" in a 2010 espionage case against State Department security adviser Stephen Jin-Woo Kim. The accusation appears in a court affidavit first reported by the Washington Post.

Kim is charged with handing over a classified government report in June 2009 that said North Korea would probably test a nuclear weapon in response to a UN resolution condemning previous tests. Rosen reported the analysis on 11 June under the headline 'North Korea Intends to Match UN Resolution With New Nuclear Test'.

The FBI sought and obtained a warrant to seize all of Rosen's correspondencewith Kim, and an additional two days' worth of Rosen's personal email, the Post reported. The bureau also obtained Rosen's phone records and used security badge records to track his movements to and from the State Department.


Editor Note: Check out the criminal affidavit.

Berlin MSP Press Release (Fatal Crash 3-05-2017)

Local Law Enforcement Covering Up Major Crime: How Many Women Will Get RAPED Before They'll Finally Tell You About It

Editors Notes: This is the third message/source I have received on this exact matter, so it's REAL. I have been told there may have been some FIFTEEN rapes so far from Pocomoke to Delmar, yet no one is hearing about them, HAVE YOU?

So here's how I feel about this. I could give a rats a$$ about allegedly impeding on their what, 15th investigation, all of which we have not heard about. Typical of law enforcement on the Eastern Shore, cover it up and in time everyone will forget about it. NOT when it comes to women and their safety! Or shall I say the lack thereof!

What you are about to read is extremely disturbing. Ladies, you need to make damn sure your vehicle doors are LOCKED at all times. In fact, until this group is caught, I'd warn that every women traveling between Pocomoke and Delmar find a male escort to travel with them and SHAME on local Law Enforcement not suggesting the same. 

More to come at the end...

Last Sunday, a woman went to Exxon Punkin Square & was kidnapped by 4 black men around 5:30 p.m. (assumed black as all were totally covered with black including gloves & they talked about "Homeboys.)
They had guns.

As she pulled out of the station at the end of that little street before turning right, 1 man jumped in drivers side & hit her with a gun.

Then a second man got in riders side & hit her twice with a gun then put a bag over her head & tied it around her neck. Two other men got in the back two side doors of her van. They kept hitting her. 

They raped her & left her for dead out on Rt. 50 near Wor-Wic. 

They took her coat & had cut all of her clothes up. She woke up at dawn, was able to untie the knots around her neck. She could see her van sitting on the side of the road WITH ALL 4 DOORS OPEN.

She stumbled to the car... cars went by her & never tried to help her. She found the keys. They broke her glasses in half & broke her cell phone. They left her handbag but took the $150 she had in a bank envelop & her wallet. They left her paycheck in the bank envelop.

She drove home, they took her to the hospital where she stayed overnight. She was so badly beaten both eyes were closed & totally black & blue from head to toe. They hit her so many times on her head that she has blood clots all over it.

Salisbury Police area. YUK!!! However 4 Detectives have been working on this case with her & have been helpful.

They said it was a professional job.

I called the Salisbury Police & asked why it wasn't in the paper. They told me with an ongoing investigation it could hamper progress.

However, they told her she is the 15th VICTIM. Two in Delaware & the others around this area. One woman in DE is still in the hospital.

Why has this not been put in the paper to warn people to lock their car doors?

The detective assured her yesterday (Friday) that he was going to do something about publication.

She met him at Salisbury Police Barracks but the other times at her home.

They really thought she was dead but GOD saved her for her grandson she is raising. His father was killed in car accident in the summer.

Notes: Now look Ladies, only travel in pairs to the store. Obviously this is a very serious matter and as I have stated above, I have multiple sources telling me the same story over and over again. 

As for Law Enforcement, SHAME ON YOU! This is about giving the heads up to women being RAPED and assaulted. FIFTEEN, SERIOUSLY? And you wonder WHY so many Americans have become disrespectful towards Police Officers? One, maybe, but FIFTEEN and you're still keeping your mouths shut? Makes me sick to my stomach! 

Your Boy Mayor obviously doesn't want you to know and he is one of the Liberals running around saying SBYNews doesn't get anywhere near the amount of hits I claim we do. Let's see how you feel about my HITS after the public gets their hands on your crime cover ups today.

UPDATE: Another source said: Joe, I have something you need to check out. My wife works with a lady who last weekend was carjacked in Salisbury on route 50 and the road that goes to the Exon and k-mart. 4 men standing at that intersection snatched open her car door jumped in took over the car beat her raped her left her on the side of road and took her car. the public has heard nothing in the news about this no warnings no nothing. I also have been told by another source that there have been 11 such incidents from Delmar to Princess Ann can you check it out. I have been told that it is being kept out of the news for a reason?

UPDATE #2: Salisbury News follows the weekly SPD calls for service regularly. We found it quite interesting this week that the SPD did NOT publish their calls for service, how convenient HERE. We did not pick up on the rape because they didn't publish it.

Go HERE as well.


I am writing this email to share an incident/experience that occurred on 03\01\2017 at PRMC ER in Salisbury,Md.

My (16 yr old) child and myself were at PRMC, my child was a patient waiting to be seen. As we are sitting in a room waiting to be seen an (ADULT MALE) mentally/challenged patient came in our room, assualted my child and I. This adult male patient was allowed to go to the restroom without having proper staff accompanying him. 

The adult male patient was restrained by 2 MSP Troopers, PRMC hospital security and PRMC hospital staff but by this time my child and I had already been assualted. 

We (my child and I) have never seen or spoken to this adult male or the relatives/friends who were with this adult male. Relatives/friends of this adult male patient made comment to my child and I, "why would they let him go bathroom alone when they (staff) knew he was crazy, that's why he was there" (THOSE WERE RELATIVES/FRIENDS WORDS SO PLEASE TAKE NO OFFENSE TO THEIR COMMENT

I want to reach out to other patients who go to PRMC, especially the elderly or anyone who has children to request to have your door shut so that other patients cant freely come in your room. IT'S YOUR RIGHT AS A PATIENT!!!) 

My son and I will always have this incident/experience, this should not have occurred. A patient should feel safe,and protected when going to receive medical services. 


EDITORS NOTES: You need to ask yourself, is your Daughter really as safe as Mayor Day claims she is? This child of a Mayor is living in a Liberal Fantasy World where the rainbow sky and unicorns fill their safe zones and comfort all the snowflakes in Salisbury. 

This Week: Multiple shootings, rapes, home invasions, assaults, (we're not done with the assaults) and cover ups from the Mayor's Office. It's no wonder there are so many for sale signs around Salisbury wanting to get the hell out of there. Just wait till the new Section 8 Affordable Housing units come to Downtown. They'll use dryvitt exteriors because it's easy to repair bullet holes in a jiffy. 

Fake Day, not "fake news".

Wicomico County Needs To Create Their Own Fire District: UPDATE

With Jake Day and Chief Hoppes still threatening a "nuclear option" with Wicomico County, now is the exact time the County Executive needs to stand firm, take all the funds the County is paying the City and create their own independent Fire District.

Here's what you don't know. The City originally stated they wanted to collect $300.00 for every call for a fire truck into the County and $600.00 for every Ambulance call. Well, Hoppes and Day decided that wasn't enough and have asked for a LOT more. 

The County gives the City $155,000.00 each year for fire service. I stand corrected, the County gives almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS each year, (confirmed). Now add each and every call into the County and by the end of the year you are paying them out the tail. 

The County could provide a Chase Vehicle for paid EMS and Volunteers could meet EMS/Ambulance at the location of the call. This allows them to cover a lot more territory for a lot less money/expense.

Remember now, Day and Hoppes refused the $300.00 and $600.00 per call and want much more, so who knows what it will ultimately cost.

Nevertheless, the City has held the County hostage for far too long. Perhaps this is the perfect storm where Executive Culver can break away from the City and taxpayers will agree?

I'll add, maybe Culver should charge the City $300.00 for every ASSIST call from the WCSO to the Salisbury Police and $600.00 for every ARREST in the City? After all, don't they lock their prisoners up in a COUNTY facility!

Mayor Jake Day: Fake News, No, Fake Politician

Without going into a long rant, let me just say a few things about Mayor Jake Day and his most recent attacks against me and SBYNews. 

Number one, Jake is running around telling people to view some analytic website I've never heard of to see the real traffic on We blew his BS away by spending the week publishing our real traffic twice a day to prove he and his Liberal friends are full of sh!t. This is something we had never done before.

Yesterday we published a horrific story about a local woman who had been raped a week earlier and NOTHING has been put out by the SPD. The victim stated that the detective on the case told her she was the 15th victim of such a crime. 

Now, you can either believe the Mayor, who has EVERYTHING to lose or you can believe me. But I want you to THINK about this. There has not been ONE THING put out there by the SPD, MSP or WCSO. No carjacking. No assault. NOTHING! For those of you who say Mayor Jake Day, (and others) said what we published is "fake News", did they at least tell you SOMETHING happened, NO! 

Perhaps many of you will recall the article we did years ago when a woman, (prostitute) had been murdered in Salisbury. While I had been immediately tipped off and even sent a photo of the deceased woman, SPD refused to alert the public, even though they had a suspect, a vehicle description and even the fact that there were temporary tags on the vehicle. We published the story, (without the photo) and I was immediately surrounded by the States Attorney, MSP, WCSO and SPD demanding my source, I refused. They threatened to arrest me and I told them, go ahead. 

So don't call me Fake News Mayor Day. I've been through enough of Salisbury's games. You seem to be just as desperate to belittle us as former Mayors Barrie Tilghman and Jim Ireton. Let's see, I'm still doing what I do while they are no longer Mayors. The Police Chief is no longer there as well. 

What does the public expect, (crime wise) when the City of Chicago, (with all the murders and crime) probably has a higher ratio of home ownership vs. rentals then Salisbury's 80% rental units. Open your eyes people! And where will this Mayor be 20 years from now after all the Section 8, (Affordable) Housing is built Downtown. 

Ask yourself this question. Would you or do you feel comfortable/safe as a woman, (or even man) traveling, shopping or visiting Salisbury, Maryland at night? Enough said!

Finally, I have never had a bad conversation with Jake Day. He has never once called me on this matter. 

This Coming From Sheriff Lewis Who LIED About DNA Evidence

"My response to the emailer was the same as Mayor Jake Day: There is absolutely no truth in this garbage. I am very familiar with any and all crimes alleging rape or sexual assault. There is no one stalking or targeting women in our area for rape or sexual assault."

The above statement is from Sheriff Mike Lewis. 

So Sheriff Lewis, are you denying ANYTHING happened? Carjacking, kidnapping, assault, rape??? You seem to only and carefully target the "rape" portion. Because I really think people are going to call you a LIAR.

This coming from a guy who claimed he had the DNA evidence on Thomas Leggs to get the "Death Penalty" and he LIED. They NEVER had the DNA evidence for the death penalty and that's why they made the plea deal once the Judge called them out on it. 

Then there was the sending out THOUSANDS of people to search for Sarah Foxwell on Christmas Day, yet they already knew where her body was and they were sending out thousands of people to search somewhere else so they didn't come close to where they had found her body. NOT that I blame Mike for doing this, it was very smart and strategic, assuring no one contaminated any evidence since so many people were searching farms and properties on their own. Let's not forget that you and Davis spent all that taxpayer money to try a case 2 hours away, (so the press wouldn't be there to hear the lack of evidence they had) when you never had a death penalty case to start with.

So do I or will I believe a damn thing Mike Lewis says, absolutel not. He is a liar and bashes ANYONE who disagrees with him. But do tell everyone how IF you are so knowledgeable about "I am very familiar with any and all crimes alleging rape or sexual assault" how come you didn't know about the RAPE the SPD published today? Never mind, he's not worth it. He's just full of himself and sh!t.

Jake Day said: When I found out it was a lonely guy sitting in his basement in Ocean City typing on his web log, I wasn't surprised.

The top picture is my home in Delmar, 7.5 acres. The bottom picture is my home in Ocean City, just under 2 acres. BOTH of which do not have basements. 
"It's the same thing we've all been subjected to for 9 years. The difference is, most people long ago stopped reading it".

Yeah Jake, no one comes to Salisbury News, HAH! And this is why you and Mike are REACTING because people ARE very alarmed, yet people stopped reading it. Did BOTH of you forget about all the alleged RAPES at a local business a few months ago, or is it you don't count juveniles in your statistics?

"Let your daughter know she's safe when she's in Salisbury."

Yeah Jake, juveniles obviously don't count in the City or County. But they are perfectly safe, not.

"She has a nearly 20% chance of victimization for that type of crime than she does in Ocean City where sexual violence is far more likely." 

Well now Ladies & Gentlemen, let's talk about rape crimes in Salisbury vs. Ocean City.

2016 Rapes

Ocean City 14
Salisbury    12, not counting juveniles.

Ocean City has more then 8,000,000 people visiting/residing there year round. 

Salisbury has what, 36,000?

Your chances of getting raped in Salisbury are far greater then Ocean City and that's a fact. The numbers don't lie, BUT POLITICIANS DO! 

On a final note. I want everyone to understand that I, along with all of you, know that Thomas Leggs did in fact murder Sarah Foxwell. I just want to make myself perfectly clear that they did NOT have ANY DNA EVIDENCE to PROVE that he murdered her, something the state demands they have in order to get the death penalty. It was a LIE while Mike and Davis were running for re-election. That is a fact! I was there for all of it. 

Neither Mike Lewis nor Jake Day have nicer homes then I do. But I do have to wonder, do THEY have basements?


Burglary/Sexual Assault Arrest On March 2, 2017 at 11:30 p.m., Salisbury Police officers responded to the 500 block of Georgia Avenue in reference to reports of a woman screaming. Officers located an adult female victim who indicated that an intruder had forced entry into her residence and was currently inside the home with her 3 year old grandchild. Officers immediately secured the residence and safely evacuated the child prior to arresting the suspect. 

Additional investigation determined that the suspect was attempting to steal property from the residence when the victims returned home, inadvertently interrupting the burglary. The suspect then sexually assaulted the adult victim and also assaulted the juvenile. The adult victim was able to escape the residence and summons help, at which time SPD was contacted. 

Both victims were treated and released from PRMC for non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect was found in possession of property stolen from the home, as well as over 270 grams of marijuana at the time of his arrest. The suspect later assaulted a Salisbury Police officer while in custody. The officer and suspect were uninjured during that incident. 

While investigating the above incident, detectives became aware of an earlier burglary that appeared related. 

Investigators determined that at 8:20 p.m. on March 3, 2017, the same offender had burglarized a residence in the 100 block of Onley Rd. During that incident, the victims returned home and found the suspect attempting to steal property from the residence. The suspect fled when confronted and no one was injured. Investigation is continuing. Anyone with information on these incidents is requested to contact the Salisbury Police Department at (410)548-3165.

 Arrested Sunday Ebere Aroh 20 years old Salisbury, MD Charges: Attempted Rape – 1 st Degree Attempted Rape – Second Degree Sex Offense – 1 st Degree (4 counts) Assault – 2 nd Degree (4 counts) Burglary – 1 st Degree (2 counts) Attempted Theft – Under $1000 CDS Possess w/ Intent to Distribute False Imprisonment (2 counts) Burglary – 4 th Degree Attempted Theft - $1000-$10000


GO HERE to see a lot more.


1 IN 17

in Salisbury

"Terrifying as the mother of 3 girls. Salisbury RATES a 2 out of 100.00"

Editors Notes: Imagine what the numbers would be if crime was actually recorded in the proper categories. Yeah, but the Mayor says you and your Family are SAFE. It's no wonder Joe Albero and Salisbury News are so hated, because we deliver the TRUTH. How do you like your chances now citizens?

2 Shootings In Salisbury Last Night.

Editors Note: According to SFD there was a second shooting at approximately 1:30am on Emory Court. We have not received a press release on that shooting as of yet.

What's the Deal with the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce?

By Thornton Crowe

Historically, America was founded by small business owners who came together to form communities. Entrepreneurs were the foundation of our early society and, through their growth, they made our country the land of free enterprise, bursting with hope and prosperity.

With all the scuffle lately about the local government's issues, one local agency seems to not weighed in publicly on the problems Salisbury faces is the Chamber of Commerce.

Much of the Eastern Shore is based in agriculture regardless of what the local bourgeois would have you believe. The white collar professions on the shore are relegated mostly to three professions: doctors, lawyers and accountants. However, with so many of them in the Salisbury area, most are not listed with the Chamber.

Furthermore, it seems they don't really promote the small business community as we watch one by one, businesses closing every week. I've known many people who have operated businesses here for years that have never received so much as a phone call from them.

Suspiciously, the Chamber doesn't seem to have any proclivities with downtown turning into a Section 8 slum, driving what few businesses are there, out of the area. They have remained relatively silent about the safety and parking issues brought about by Mayor Jake Day's big plan for the new skid row planned for three parking lots, which would bring more money to the city if they were business-driven rather than low income housing.

Now, we have a President who promotes business, yet our local Chamber has failed to tap into this new enthusiasm towards American Business. In fact, from their actions during the general election, where they promoted the candidate who had no intention of supporting small business and wanted to crush it further with more stifling regulations. Since her loss in November, it seems they've packed up their toys and gone home.

One has to wonder why the Chamber doesn't seem to be interested in growing our local economy through encouraging new business creation and growth. While their site boasts of small business loans for women-owned business and other tools, they don't seem to be big on advertising - which is odd considering their membership fees are steep enough to afford more effective marketing strategies.

While they currently scout for a new CEO, it doesn't appear they're thinking outside-the-box by going with candidates that aren't already in their clique. They seem to be looking towards getting a good-ole-boy-network player, who will just carry on the same failed policies that have led to Salisbury having more closures than grand openings.

Additionally, by their silence on local issues like the downtown plan, it would seem the Chamber is complicit with the downward spiral the city has experienced for the last couple of decades. Therefore, are they, like City Hall, another organization bent on destroying any semblance of what used to make Salisbury a palpable place to work and raise a family? 

One would think it would be in the their best interest to boost the local business because it brings more money into Salisbury instead of eliminating it but perhaps I hold a misconception of what exactly the Chamber of Commerce's mission is really all about. For all the inner-clique, it might as well be a downtown annex for the old Green Hill Country Club circuit...

What say you?


While we have been attacked by just about every single angle imaginable, conveniently just before tonight's City Council Meeting Mayor Jake Day and the Salisbury Police Department put together a Press Release countering the article we published on Sunday. You know, on a Website they claim no one goes to any more. 

Nevertheless, we have a few aces up our sleeve we'll be delivering on this matter over the next few days, so I'll ask you to be patient. Right now it's a battle of he said, she said. 

What I will tell you at this time is that I spoke with one of my sources on speaker phone with a witness present and the two of us were absolutely flabbergasted. We received far more details, all of which we will present to my attorney and decide where to take this matter next. 

As to Mayor Day and Chief Duncan, put on your seat belts. Oh, do us a favor, please. Please stop THREATENING people with arrest for speaking to Joe Albero or Salisbury News or you might find yourself on the wrong side of the legal system. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is nowhere near over and please do visit us here tomorrow at 9:30 AM to see just what law enforcement does to WOMEN who state they have been raped. 

Oh, do me another favor as well, please. Just for the moment, before you criticize the individual who experienced this situation, try to actually BELIEVE them. You know, like, innocent before proven guilty. To all you WOMEN going on the attack, I really cannot for the life of me understand how you cannot open your hearts up to someone who has for a FACT been brutally attacked.

Just because the SPD and Mayor CLAIM there's no validity to this matter does NOT mean they are telling the TRUTH. How many times over the years have I proven the same leadership was lying through their teeth. Let's see, 5,000 dead animals at the Zoo, proven fact. Multiple illegal violations and fines at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. A human waste sludge pit with a liner that had been in it for 20 years and had a 30 day guarantee on it. No gangs in Salisbury. Salisbury being the 4th most dangerous city in America per capita. ALL of which we PROVED the mayor and Leaders had LIED, so don't be so quick to judge. 

IF we didn't believe this to be a very serious matter we would not have published it. 

Transgender boy Mack Beggs wins Texas state girls' wrestling title

CYPRESS, Texas -- A 17-year-old transgender boy completed an undefeated season Saturday by winning a controversial Texas state girls' wrestling title in an event clouded by criticism from those who believe the testosterone he's taking as he transitions from female to male created an unfair advantage.

The family of Mack Beggs has said he would rather be wrestling boys, but state policy calls for students to wrestle against the gender listed on their birth certificates. So Beggs, a junior from Euless Trinity, beat Chelsea Sanchez 12-2 in the 110-pound weight class to improve to 56-0 and earn the championship.

Beggs fell to his knees for a moment after the win as a mixture of cheers and boos rained down on him. He then hugged his coach and left the mat.

He had a bit of fun with his fellow wrestlers at the medal ceremony when he counted down from three and all six of the top finishers posed by doing a dab on the medal stand.


Women forced into prostitution sue Salisbury hotel because staff 'should have known they were being trafficked'

Four women who say they were forced into prostitution are suing the owners of a Maryland hotel, arguing that staff knew or should have known that human trafficking was going on there.

The women claim to have been forcibly injected with heroin and made to have sex at a number of hotels in the area, but are suing the primary hotel where the alleged rapes took place - the America's Best Value Inn in Salisbury.

After a 2014 human-trafficking bust there, convicted ringleader Cornelius Briddell was given a 145-year prison sentence.


Salisbury Fire Department Volunteers From Station 1 Met With County Council Today

This afternoon the Volunteers who had put in their two week notice met with the County Council today to deliver just what they can do for the County since they were abruptly removed from the City's Station 1.

Chief Hoppes and several Paid Firefighters (on the clock) in uniform showed up at today's meeting uninvited and spoke at the end in public comments. Again, "Public Comments". 

It is against the City Charter for Paid Firefighters to attend these meetings in uniform and they need to be reprimanded. Who will ever forget Larry Dodd showing up at a City Council Meeting, (not in uniform) as a City Taxpayer speaking out at a formal meeting and Barrie Tilghman tearing him apart. Ultimately Mr. Dodd was let go by the SFD, hence what we always talk about when it comes to RETALIATION.

Nevertheless, the Volunteers showed the County Council they have FORTY Volunteers already signed up, five more in holding and three applications in hand. Hoppes once again LIED about how they have 60+ Volunteers on their roster and frankly Folks, yes, they may be on their roster but only about 15 are active throughout the entire City. Heck, I think they claim around 90 Volunteers but it's a load of crap. 

While Jake Day and Jim Ireton continue with their "nuclear option" between the City & County, the County would be wise to show their full support for this new Station and all Volunteers. We're talking about 48 FREE Volunteers willing to serve and save the taxpayers millions of dollars. Especially with Mayor Day playing hard ball with the County.

Last Night's Speech

How do you think President Trump did last night?

What's Happening? 2-28-17

Let us know what is happening in the area!  Is your nonprofit group having an event?  Here is the place to let others know about it. Something bothering you?  Get it off your chest.

AWFUL: Top Democrats Refuse To Stand, Clap For Navy SEAL Widow Honored By Trump

On Tuesday evening, President Trump spoke to a joint session of Congress – and gave what was obviously the best speech of his career. The best moment was obvious, too: his tribute to the widow of Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens:

Trump stated:

We are blessed to be joined tonight by Carryn Owens, the widow of a U.S. Navy special operator, Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens. Ryan died as he lived: a warrior, and a hero — battling against terrorism and securing our nation. I just spoke to General [Jim] Mattis, who reconfirmed that, and I quote, “Ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemies.” Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity. For as the Bible teaches us, there is no greater act of love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country and for our freedom — we will never forget him.

As his widow wept and mouthed to heaven, “I love you, baby,” Trump led a round of applause that lasted minutes.


Target Retailer Hits $15 Billion Loss Since Pro-Transgender Announcement

The stock value of transgender-champion Target Corp. crashed by 13.5 percent this week after the company’s sales again fell below investors’ expectations.

Target’s stock value is now down by 30 percent since it sparked a consumer boycott by embracing the transgender political agenda. That 30 percent drop has slashed investors’ wealth by roughly $15 billion.

On Tuesday, the stock fell to $58.78, down from its April 19 high of $83.98. In contrast, WalMart is up 3 percent since April, and Kohl’s is down less than one percent.

Company officials indirectly acknowledged the consumer boycott. “Our fourth-quarter results reflect the impact of rapidly changing consumer behavior, which drove very strong digital growth but unexpected softness in our stores,” Target CEO Brian Cornell said in a company statement. The company also admitted that it would likely continue to experience losses through the year.


Former Democratic presidential hopeful promotes festive Trump boycott

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has a new idea for a protest against President Donald Trump — and it involves shamrocks.

O’Malley, a 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful, urged Irishmen, Irishwomen and his fellow Americans to sign a petition pledging to boycott the St. Patrick’s Day gathering at the White House on March 16.

“Our tradition, the tradition of immigrant Irish people in America, is a very different tradition than what the immigrant-bashing Donald Trump and white supremacists with Irish surnames like Stephen Bannon are offering our country,” O’Malley said in a YouTube video Tuesday.

“The country we carry in our hearts is a more generous and compassionate nation,” he added.


Rep. Cummings says investigating Trump is about ‘saving our democracy’

Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland forcefully and angrily said he had absolutely no confidence in Rep. Chaffetz (R-Utah) to investigate fairly as the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He described the investigation into President Trump’s ties to Russia a matter of “saving our democracy.” He made the comments Thursday on CNN to Wolf Blitzer.

Blitzer asked Cummings in reference to being the ranking Democrat on the oversight committee, “do you have confidence that the chairman will work together with you and pursue the issues that you’re concerned about, we’re talking about Jason Chaffetz?”

“No.” He responded loudly. “No. I do not.”

“Because we were presented with 43 items with regard to what we will be looking at over the next two years,” Cummings responded. “Democrats asked to look at the emoluments clause, and a number of everything, and on a party vote, every single thing we wanted to do, to look at, this situation with President Trump and all the conflicts of interest and other things, they voted down.”


How Safe is University of Maryland Eastern Shore? Learn About Campus Crime Ratings

Poor On Campus Crime Rating at University of Maryland Eastern Shore Means This School is Worse Than Average

On campus crime statistics reported by University of Maryland Eastern Shore carry the most importance in our overall estimation of campus crime. When all violations are totalled and weighed by both severity and the number of students at the school, University of Maryland Eastern Shore has more than the average reported crime.

Princess Anne Crime Rating is Worse Than Average

University of Maryland Eastern Shore is located in Princess Anne, MD. When compared with other towns and cities nationwide, Princess Anne ranks above average in overall crime, making it potentially unsafe and more likely students at University of Maryland Eastern Shore may fall victim to a crime when venturing off campus.

Regional Crime Rating Near Princess Anne is Worse Than Average

Beyond Princess Anne, other nearby towns and cities include Fruitland, Salisbury, and Pocomoke City. Altogether, these locations have an overall above average amount of crime when compared to other areas nationwide, meaning the area could be somewhat unsafe.

AWFUL: Top Democrats Refuse To Stand, Clap For Navy SEAL Widow Honored By Trump

On Tuesday evening, President Trump spoke to a joint session of Congress – and gave what was obviously the best speech of his career. The best moment was obvious, too: his tribute to the widow of Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens:

We are blessed to be joined tonight by Carryn Owens, the widow of a U.S. Navy special operator, Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens. Ryan died as he lived: a warrior, and a hero — battling against terrorism and securing our nation. I just spoke to General [Jim] Mattis, who reconfirmed that, and I quote, “Ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemies.” Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity. For as the Bible teaches us, there is no greater act of love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country and for our freedom — we will never forget him.

As his widow wept and mouthed to heaven, “I love you, baby,” Trump led a round of applause that lasted minutes.


'Moonlight' wins best picture after 'La La Land' mistakenly announced

"Moonlight" just won best picture at the 2017 Oscars after "La La Land" was mistakenly announced as the winner.

The presenters read "La La Land" right after Emma Stone won best actress for her role in the modern-day musical.

"I wasn't trying to be funny," presenter Warren Beatty later added after the real winner was revealed.

After the cast took the stage, a producer for "La La Land" corrected things and said, "[Actually] 'Moonlight' is the winner ... this is not a joke."


Yes She May: Oprah Hints At Presidential Run

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Oprah says that she never really thought she had the right experience to be President but that Trump's victory has her thinking she just might have a shot at the White House.

"I actually never thought that that was – I never considered the question, even a possibility."

"I thought, 'Oh, gee, I don't have experience. I don't know enough. I don't.'"

"And now I'm thinking, 'Oh! Oh!'"

Yes, because the election of a 1-term Senator from Illinois, whose prior real world "experience" consisted of "community organizing," was not sufficient evidence to convince Oprah that the U.S. Presidency was within her grasp.

But while Oprah's resume pales in comparison to that of a "community organizer", she's quite certain her credentials would match up well against a person who has managed a multi-billion dollar, global real estate portfolio for all of his adult life.

Translation: Oprah's convinced she can maintain the support that Hillary received from women in 2016 and recapture the minority voters in the Midwest that overwhelming showed up to support Obama in 2008 and 2012 but largely abandoned Hillary in 2016.


A Viewer Writes: WMDT Tweets

Joe it's not even 6 am yet and I was just awoken by a Tweet from WMDT Channel 47. WTF! And it was an advertisement at that! At 5:58 am WMDT sent out this Tweet. This should be against the law sending tweets that early. I am going to delete them from my twitter account. 47 ABC‏Verified account @47abc 4m4 minutes ago #GMD We have the perfect place for you to try out for lunch today! Tune in now for this week's edition of Kitchen Insider. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Reply Retweet Like

Rachel Dolezal Is Nearly Homeless, On Food Stamps And Still White

Former NAACP branch president Rachel Dolezal, who lied about being black but still identifies as black, is now jobless, living on food stamps and expects to lose her home next month.

“There’s no protected class for me,” the former NAACP branch president told The Guardian. “I’m this generic, ambiguous scapegoat for white people to call me a race traitor and take out their hostility on. And I’m a target for anger and pain about white people from the black community. It’s like I am the worst of all these worlds.”

Dolezal has applied for over 100 jobs, but has received no offers, even from a supermarket. She has, however, been offered work in porn and reality TV. While a friend helped pay her rent for February, Dolezal expects she’ll lose her home next month.

“I do think a more complex label would be helpful, but we don’t really have that vocabulary,” said the former Africana studies instructor. “I feel like the idea of being trans-black would be much more accurate than ‘I’m white.’ Because you know, I’m not white.”


Half of college students think their loans will be forgiven

Owing to a serious misconception, almost half of college students recently polled believe they won’t be saddled with student loans soon after graduation.

According to a survey of 500 current college students conducted by LendEDU, a private firm that connects students and their families with student loans and loan refinancing, 49.8 percent believe they would be able to receive federal forgiveness on their student loans after graduation.

This belief is hardly justified, given the limited circumstances in which these loans can actually be forgiven.

The US Department of Education says that federal direct student loan borrowers can get off the hook if they enter public service jobs for a specified period of time, agree to teach in an underserved area, die or become permanently disabled, or if the school they attended shuts down while they are enrolled or within 120 days after they leave.

“The biggest exemption is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, and very few students go into public service,“ said Nate Matherson, who co-founded LendEDU in 2014.


BREAKING NEWS The attorney general recused himself from any inquiry on Trump aides' Russian ties after his talks with the ambassador were revealed

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, facing a chorus of criticism over his contacts with the Russian ambassador, recused himself Thursday from an investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. His conversations with the ambassador, Sergey I. Kislyak, came amid suspected Russian hacking directed at Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Hundreds rally against fracking for natural gas in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Hundreds of people have rallied against allowing hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in Maryland.

The rally was held Thursday, as lawmakers on a House committee were scheduled to vote on banning the process known as fracking. The panel ended up delaying a vote until Friday.

Josh Tulkin, director of the Maryland Sierra Club, says regulations can’t make fracking safe, just as filters on cigarettes can’t make smoking safe.


Dad mistakes teen visiting daughter for burglar; kills him

GROVETOWN, Ga. -- Authorities say a man fatally shot a suspected intruder without realizing that his 14-year-old daughter had let the teenager into the home in east Georgia.

Columbia County sheriff’s Maj. Steve Morris tells news outlets that Grovetown homeowner Derrick Fulton killed 17-year-old Jordan Middleton while investigating noises he heard downstairs about 3 a.m. Saturday.

Fulton told investigators that he announced he was armed and told the suspected burglar to identify himself. Upon giving a second warning, Fulton says he entered a guest bedroom. Fulton said Middleton ran out of the closet and he shot him once in the chest.


Controversial former NAACP leader Dolezal near homelessness

The former Spokane, Washington, NAACP leader who resigned in 2015 amid criticism that she was passing herself off as black says she is near homelessness.

Rachel Dolezal tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper that she cannot find a job and the only work she has been offered is in reality TV and porn.

Dolezal has acknowledged that she is "Caucasian biologically," but says she identifies as black.

She explains to The Guardian that she "began to see the world through black eyes" as a teenager after her parents adopted four black children. Dolezal says she decided to be publicly black years later following a divorce.


Insane: Take a look at what liberals want to tax WHITE PEOPLE for…

Without a doubt race relations have kept our nation super divided over the last few years, thanks to the effort of leftists and corrupt progressive media outlets.

One would think the way back to unity would be to stress how the color of a person’s skin is arbitrary, and that we are all human beings who share the same kind of experiences regardless of being black, white, or brown.

Nope. Not according to liberals who seem to think the only way to destroy racism is through more racism.


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She’s Baaaaaack: Hillary Clinton Eyes Starting Own TV Show To Position Herself For Run In 2020

Though she has largely faded from public prominence after her “crushing” defeat last November, Hillary Clinton is determined “not to fade into the background,” according to Clinton insiders. Apparently unable to register the fact that she was arguably the most unpopular and unelectablepresidential candidate of all time, Clinton is already plotting her come-back for a run in the 2020 presidential election. According to Clinton insiders who spoke to best-selling author Ed Klein, Clinton has “been talking very seriously about the idea of having her own television show.”

In discussing what such a show would entail, Clinton has suggested that she would host the program, where she would “discuss the issues of the day from a progressive point of view, have top guests, interview world leaders and progressive thinkers.” Klein’s source further asserted that Clinton is “convinced she’d get fabulous ratings in a political climate where there’s so much anger in Democratic circles over Donald Trump’s election.”


NAACP launches national economic boycott of NC

RALEIGH, N.C. — The national NAACP announced Friday it would levy an economic boycott against North Carolina to protest laws enacted by the state's Republican-controlled General Assembly.

State NAACP President Rev. William Barber and national President Cornell Brooks said at a news conference outside the legislature that the NAACP's national board unanimously approved the boycott, which would include skipping the Tar Heel State in the organization's search for its national convention venue.

The NAACP's 2017 convention will be held in Baltimore.

"They're calling for a boycott that will hurt, a boycott that will be painful, a boycott that will literally bring this state to its knees unless it stands up for civil rights," Brooks said.

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