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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Which Generation Are You?

Ideological billionaires sway universities’ agendas with big bucks

Two years ago, liberal billionaire George Soros gave $675,000 from his Open Society Foundation to support the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Civic Media.

“The MIT Center for Civic Media works hand in hand with diverse communities to collaboratively create, design, deploy, and assess civic media tools and practices,” the Center’s website explains.

The Center has worked to promote the Black Lives Matter movement through so-called digital activism, did a case study mapping out how the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida became a national news event, and has developed online tools for citizens to hold their elected leaders accountable for promises made on the campaign trail.

It has also developed undergraduate and graduate courses in civic media for MIT students teaching them about social movements and the media, among others and hosts a number of conferences, panels and writes publications espousing digital activism.

Mr. Soros’s foundation gave $26.4 million in grants and projects to U.S. universities in 2013 alone, just one of several ideological billionaires who are using part of their wealth to shape the agenda, research and curricula at the college level where the next generation of American adults are being informed.

Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmental activist, gave $40 million to Stanford University to create the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy in 2009 with the mission of helping educate and train the next generation of leaders in sustainable energy.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a fierce gun control advocate, foundation has given to the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, which resides under the aptly-named John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Mr. Bloomberg has given more than $1 billion to Johns Hopkins’ various departments in his lifetime.

Liberals aren’t the only ones. On the right, the Koch brothers, Charles and David, have given more than $68 million to fund libertarian, free-market university programs from 2005 to 2013, with about half of those donations going to George Mason University.

Monies given to the MIT Center for Civic Media are used to teach, track and monitor how social media can influence the broader media dialog.

“There’s actually a bunch of different ways to make change. One way to make change is to pass laws and get them enforced. Another is to try to change people’s opinions directly, and that’s what I see a lot of people trying to do with digital activism they’re trying to change social norms, they’re trying to say ‘Look, in a country with a black president we believe we are post-racial, but we’re not. We have terrible bias and we have to learn how to see it,’” Ethan Zuckerman, the director of MIT’s Center for Civic Media, said in an August interview with NPR.


Worcester Attorney Bloxom To Retire; County Looks To Fill Post In Near Future

SNOW HILL – After nearly 40 years of practicing law in Worcester County, first in private practice and more recently for Worcester County, Sonny Bloxom will retire at the end of the year.

“There comes a time when it’s time for the younger generation to step up and take over,” Bloxom said.

The Pocomoke lawyer, who has served as the county attorney for the past eight years, plans to move with his wife to Florida after Christmas. His last day as a Worcester County employee will be Dec. 18.

“I’ve just come to the point in my life I want to retire and do some things I want to do,” Bloxom said. “I want to travel while I have my health.”


I Wonder How Many Liberals Will Give Me Crap About This Post?

Feds Tackle Illegal Guns In Baltimore

Baltimore is getting significant help from federal prosecutors in taking illegal guns off city streets.

Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein is vowing to aggressively prosecute some city gun cases to help Baltimore combat its crime surge.

Rosenstein notes federal sentences are often tougher than those imposed in state court with defendants usually having to serve the full federal term without the possibility of probation or parole.


Please pass this on to the appropriate people

Busy Day For First Responders In Ocean City

Busy Day For First Responders In Ocean City A 45-year-old man died around 5 p.m. today on the way to the hospital after...

Posted by The Dispatch on Saturday, August 29, 2015

These are the ‘Racist’ Words That Led to Reporter’s Horrific Murder on Live TV

Earlier this week the nation was left stunned when TV news reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward were murdered on live television by Vester Flanagan, a former reporter who claimed the motivation for his evil deed was to start a race war.

Flanagan claimed Parker said racist things, which is one of the reasons he targeted her specifically.

Well, we now know the list of phrases she used that ultimately sealed her fate, and to call them “racist” is absurd.


Salisbury’s Biggest Discount Shopping Event – One Weekend Only

Coastal Kids Consignment Sale Returns to the WY&CC September 10-12

Salisbury, MD – Coastal Kids Consignment offers area families the opportunity to sell, shop and save on high quality, gently used merchandise for infants to juniors and maternity.  Continuing its tradition, financial and in-kind donations will be distributed to Hope and Life Outreach Ministries (HALO) of Salisbury MD; Life Crisis of Salisbury, MD; Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center of Salisbury, MD and several other Churches and local shelters.
Preparing for the kids to go back to school and the fast approaching holiday gift giving seasons can put a crunch on any family’s budget.  Coastal Kids Consignment event has brought together thousands of ways to get what you need at a fraction of the price.  The one stop opportunity to find fall and winter season items at 60-90% off retail is a not to miss event! 
Shoppers will find numerous bargains on clothing, costumes, shoes, toys, baby gear, strollers, pack and plays, bounce chairs, sports equipment, outdoor play items and much more!  The 3 day consignment sale featured 130 local families and over 18,000 items for sale at the last Salisbury event and continues to grow in popularity. Laid out like a retail store, shopping is easy with items sorted by size and gender as well as similar item groupings that allow shoppers to find what they need quickly with minimal hunting.
What Shoppers need to know:
Thursday September 10th from 4m - 8pm       
Friday September 11th from 10am – 6pm (many items 25% off from 3 – 6pm)
Saturday September 12th from 9am – 2pm (many items 50% off all day)
Wicomico Civic Center, 500 Glen Avenue, Salisbury MD  21804 (Midway Room)

Free admission!  Cash, Visa/MC accepted. Shopping bags available.  Please leave all diaper bags & purses larger than 8 x 11 in your car.

Want to sell your quality merchandise? Log on to
Consignors earn 60 – 70% of their sales, set their own prices, do not have to be present to sell, can choose to discount or donate items and prepare tags with free, easy to use online software.  Receive a check within 7 days of event close.

I Bet You Couldn't Do This!

Here's a video from my day job yesterday at a community event....

Posted by Alan Jones, Realtor at Keller Willams Realty Centre on Sunday, August 23, 2015

We are now averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015

As of August 26th, the US has had 247 mass shootings in the 238 days of 2015.

For those keeping track, that's an average of more than one shooting per day.

These numbers are according to the Mass Shooting Tracker created by the anti-gun subreddit Guns Are Cool.

Wednesday morning's stunning on-air fatal shooting in Roanoke, Virginia of a television reporter and a photographer wasn't even the first shooting of the day. Roughly three hours earlier at 3:15 a.m., four people were shot during a home invasion in Minneapolis.


Governor Larry Hogan Announces New Leaders at MDTA and MVA

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced the appointments of new leaders at the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) and the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). The MDTA board this morning voted to appoint Milton Chaffee as the new MDTA executive director. Mr. Chaffee currently serves as administrator at MVA where he has provided leadership for 13 years in top management positions. Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn appointed Christine Nizer, who currently serves as the chief deputy administrator, as the new MVA administrator.
"Milton Chaffee has consistently demonstrated a commitment to highway safety and a readiness to embrace new technology. He has the public- and private-sector business experience, leadership skills, and know-how to take MDTA to the next level," Governor Hogan said. "Christine Nizer will ensure the leadership change at MVA is seamless, through her proven leadership in motor vehicle issues at both the state and national level."
In addition to his role as administrator, Mr. Chaffee has served at MVA in several capacities since 2002, including: the governor’s highway safety representative, chief deputy administrator, deputy administrator of operations, and director of employee and administrative services. In these roles, he has been responsible for all branch operations, the customer call center, vehicle emissions inspections centers, insurance compliance, school bus safety, and driver and vehicle policies, program, and safety. Mr. Chaffee understands the importance of meeting the needs of the business community, having spent more than 25 years in private business. His most recent position in the private sector was senior director of operations for YUM Brands Restaurant Company Mid-Atlantic Region. Mr. Chaffee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in consumer science and home economics from Miami University in Ohio.
Joining the MVA in 2006 as associate administrator for driver and vehicle policies & programs, Ms. Nizer quickly moved up in the department. She was promoted to deputy administrator for central operations and safety programs in 2010 and to chief deputy administrator in March 2014. Just this summer, she was elected to the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Region 1 board. Ms. Nizer also serves as chair of the board of directors for the Driver’s License / Identification Verification Systems. Her other leadership positions include chair of the National Driver Registry Workgroup and chair of AAMVA’s Driver Committee. She is a 2011 graduate of the Leadership Maryland Program and was named the WTS Woman of the Year for 2014. In addition to her nine years at the MVA, Ms. Nizer has held management positions at the Maryland Public Service Commission, the Maryland General Assembly, and the Office of Homeland Security. Ms. Nizer earned a Master of Science degree in public policy from the Eagleton Institute of Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Goucher College.

Today's Wildlife Photo 8-29-15

Three Black Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars feasting on a dill plant.

Historic Eastern Shore plantation, listed for $10.9M, to be auctioned

An 820-acre waterfront estate, built in the 1930s on the Eastern Shore, is going up for auction Oct. 1.

The auction has no minimum bid but the Grasonville property, known as Talisman Plantation, recently listed for $10.9 million, according to Premiere Estates Auction Co., which is handling the sale.

Over the decades, celebrities have vacationed at the plantation, including Hollywood stars, pro athletes, U.S. politicians and actress Grace Kelly, according to the auctioneer firm.


Why Biden Would Be a TERRIBLE President

With Hillary Clinton falling on her face (thank goodness!), Joe Biden has become a real contender for the Democratic party nominee.

Problem is, he’d be a terrible president.

For example, Biden:
Drafted the core of the Patriot Act in 1995
Voted for the war in Iraq
Is one of the key politicians inflaming the Ukraine crisis and provoking Russia … and his son stands to profit handsomely from the chaos
Falsely claimed there was “no doubt” that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons on its own people … when the facts were otherwise
Is the consummate insider, defending Wall Street bailouts and the Trans Pacific Partnership, persecuting whistleblowers, trying to outlaw encryption and privacy, and backing other corrupt policies
Can’t keep his hands off married women … even on national television

Postscript: Biden would also be the oldest  person EVER elected president.


Miniature Golf Team Challenge

Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses

It is undeniable; the final collapse triggers are upon us, triggers alternative economists have been warning about since the initial implosion of 2008. In the years since the derivatives disaster, there has been no end to the absurd and ludicrous propaganda coming out of mainstream financial outlets and as the situation in markets becomes worse, the propaganda will only increase. This might seem counter-intuitive to many. You would think that the more obvious the economic collapse becomes, the more alternative analysts will be vindicated and the more awake and aware the average person will be. Not necessarily…

In fact, the mainstream spin machine is going into high speed the more negative data is exposed and absorbed into the markets. If you know your history, then you know that this is a common tactic by the establishment elite to string the public along with false hopes so that they do not prepare or take alternative measures while the system crumbles around their ears. At the onset of the Great Depression the same strategies were used. Consider if you’ve heard similar quotes to these in the mainstream news over the past couple months:

John Maynard Keynes in 1927: “We will not have any more crashes in our time.”

H.H. Simmons, president of the New York Stock Exchange, Jan. 12, 1928:“I cannot help but raise a dissenting voice to statements that we are living in a fool’s paradise, and that prosperity in this country must necessarily diminish and recede in the near future.”

Irving Fisher, leading U.S. economist, The New York Times, Sept. 5, 1929:“There may be a recession in stock prices, but not anything in the nature of a crash.” And on 17, 1929: “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. I do not feel there will be soon if ever a 50 or 60 point break from present levels, such as (bears) have predicted. I expect to see the stock market a good deal higher within a few months.”


Police/courts 8/28/15

Assaulting a taxi driver

Ocean City police officers arrested Timothy Emmart, 31, of Fort Meade, Md. for refusing to pay his cab fare and assaulting the driver on Aug. 21.

Police reported a taxi driving erratically by observing it make a sudden stop, then entering the sidewalk and eventually striking a fence.

According to the report, the victim stated he picked up Emmart and drove him to his destination before he refused to pay his $14 fare.

The victim allegedly told Emmart if he did not pay they were going to the police station and started heading towards the Public Safety Building on 65th Street.

Police reported Emmart started hitting the driver and he immediately pulled over to defend himself, but forgot to put the vehicle in park.
See More reports 

Ben Carson: 'We Don't Need a Department of Veterans Affairs'

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Wednesday that the Department of Veterans Affairs should be folded into the Defense Department to cut the size of the federal government.

"We don’t need a Department of Veterans Affairs," the retired pediatric neurosurgeon told financial guru Dave Ramsey on his syndicated radio show. "Veterans Affairs should be folded in under the Department of Defense. And it should be a smooth transition."

Carson also called for health savings accounts for veterans, allowing them to seek treatment at any hospital or medical center in the nation. VA centers also should address such specialized medical care as traumatic brain injuries, limb replacements and research.

More here

Spooktacular Basket Bingo

Biden Weighing His 'Emotional Fuel' for 2016

Vice President Joe Biden has reportedly confided to a group of Democrats that he's trying to figure out if he's got the "emotional fuel" to run for president.

The 72-year-old Biden, whose son Beau died from brain cancer in May, said he would have to commit his "heart" and "soul" to a White House run – but both are "pretty well banged up," CNN reports.

The call was supposed to have been closed to the media, The Hill reports.

"If I were to announce to run I have to be able to commit to all of you that I would be able to give it my whole heart and my whole soul and right now, both are pretty well banged up," Biden told Democratic National Committee members on a conference call Wednesday.

Biden said ultimately, he's got to decide if he has the "emotional fuel" in him, CNN reports.

The vice president also said he's making his decisions based on conversations with his family members.


REMINDER: Pocomoke City Police Back To School Picnic Is Tomorrow!!

Researchers Discover Water Trick for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? Here’s a simple trick that might help: Drink two glasses of water a half hour before every meal.

That’s the upshot of new research by the University of Birmingham that found obese individuals who drink 500 ml (about two cups) of water before eating lose more weight than others engaging in more complicated diet plans.

"The beauty of these findings is in the simplicity. Just drinking a pint of water, three times a day, before your main meals may help reduce your weight," said Helen Parretti, who helped conduct the study.

"When combined with brief instructions on how to increase your amount of physical activity and on a healthy diet, this seems to help people to achieve some extra weight loss — at a moderate and healthy rate. It's something that doesn't take much work to integrate into our busy everyday lives.


Kiss of Death: Disgraced Former Majority Leader Eric Cantor to Head Bush's Campaign in Virginia

Rejected GOP leader Eric Cantor will endorse Jeb Bush and become the co-chair of Bush’s presidential campaign in Virginia, according to Politico.

Cantor was rejected by his Virginia constituents in 2014 for backing a plan developed by Democrats, Republicans, and business leaders that would triple the nation’s huge inflow of migrants.

Bush is promoting a similar migration-boosting policy in his 2016 campaign.

Bush has picked Cantor—who is now working as an investment banker in New York—because of his ability to raise huge funds from business investors, Politico said. Cantor “retains a strong political network in Virginia and has enviable connections among Jewish business leaders who can be key supporters and donors,” says the Politico report.

In turn, Cantor’s support for Bush shows that “he’s making a play for a cabinet position in the next Republican presidential administration,” a source active in the Republican Party of Virginia told Breitbart News.


Gravis Poll: Trump Hits 40 Percent National Support

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has hit a new high in national polling, leading his rivals with 40.1 percent support, according to a Gravis Marketing poll for One America News Network.

"It's surprising to see how fast Donald Trump has moved up in the polls since the debate," Robert Herring, Sr., CEO of One America News Network said. "Claims by media that Trump peaked in July have proven to be false."

The poll has Trump support up 9.3 percent from July 31 when he was at 30.8 percent, just prior to the first GOP debate on Aug. 6.

Here's how the rest of the field fared:

Things Sheeple Do That You Don’t Have To

Do you ever get that feeling like you’re surrounded by automatons, people who merely mimic life, without really living it?

Sheeple, as they may be called, are otherwise ordinary folks who’ve adapted particularly well to the workforce/consumer/obedience training agenda. They’ve been taught to be docile, foolish and easily led. They’re particularly keen at following mainstream narratives and adapting to group-think and group-behaviors. Almost criminally uninformed at times, they are predictable, obedient, gullible, and uninquisitive, always doing their part to sustain the cultural power dynamic by policing and enslaving themselves and staying focused on whatever tasks have been given them. The primary rewards for their acquiesence being comfort and the illusion of security.

Sheeple are everywhere, to be sure, but a tremendous counter movement is rising in opposition to this engineered madness. The amount of people waking up is truly inspiring, and a big part of this transformation is a growing awareness of just how much of what we do and what we think is not actually born of original thought, but rather instructed by cultural programs scripted by industry, government and the psychopathsat the helm of spaceship earth. Waking up from this is a certainty, once awareness of it kicks in.

Here are 3 things that sheeple do that you don’t have to…

1. Self-Sabotage

Like a vampire who must be invited to gain entrance into the home of his victim, much of the matrix is an invitation to indulge in self-destruction. It’s voluntary in many ways. Its traps are devised of appeals to ego, to tastebuds, to pleasure, and to our want of convenience and instant gratification… nothing we can’t live without. It sells things that taste sweet, at first, but ultimately prove impossible to quit and even more impossible to pay for.

Sheeple can’t say no, even when they know they are doing harm to themselves. They will consume whatever is presented to them, whatever is waved in their face the most frequently and the most fervently, consequences be damned. Sabotaging their own physical and mental health for the thrill of convenience and addiction to over-stimulation, sheeple will fall for just about anything. They’ll happily follow their tastebuds all the way to the doctor’s office, and gleefully sign credit card receipts until they’re totally sunken in debt.

But you don’t have to do any of this. You don’t have to work jobs you hate, you don’t have to watch television every night in a drooling daze. You simply don’t have to treat your body and mind with as much contempt as the controllers do. Your life is precious and worth protecting in every way possible.


City sees increase in bottles, broken glass on beach

OCEAN CITY — More visitors means more money, and also more nuisances, especially of a sharp, cutting kind.

City government staff and frequent beachgoers have noticed a gradual uptick this summer in the number of glass bottles, and broken shards thereof, on Ocean City’s beach.

“We don’t know exactly, but it seems that a lot more people are bringing glass onto the beach,” said Tom Dy, maintenance manager for the Department of Public Works. “It’s especially noticeable on weekends. I can’t tell you for a fact that people are drinking more, but we’re seeing a lot more glass bottles, including liquor bottles.”

Consumption of alcohol is officially forbidden on Ocean City’s beach, with a few rare exceptions for hotel bars that were serving on the beach before the city’s establishment of a public right-of-way in the late 1980s.


Pennsylvania Schools Start New Year Broke With "Minus $1 Billion" In Funding

While the markets had a brief, if historic, limit-down hiccup earlier this week, even if Black Monday is now long forgotten and stocks are mostly in the green for the week following another epic round of central bank intervention, yesterday the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials announced something far more troubling: Pennsylvania schools are starting the year "minus $1 billion" in funds.

The reason, as the association announced, yesterday was "the day that schools should receive more than $1 billion in state subsidy payments for Basic Education Funding, transportation payments and employee benefit reimbursements appropriated in the new state budget. However, the state budget impasse has prevented this state funding from flowing, creating financial uncertainty for school districts across the commonwealth."

In other words, absent state subsidies, the entire Pennsylvania educational system may collapse.


Christian's Head Allegedly Bashed By Muslim 'Refugees'

Blood-splattered Bible found lying next to victim

A judge on Monday unsealed the court documents of a grisly murder of a Christian man, allegedly at the hands of three Muslim immigrants in Portland, Maine.

In those documents, which had been sealed since the three men were charged Aug. 11, police said they found the brutally beaten body of Freddy Akoa lying on the living-room floor in his apartment. He was the victim of a savage attack that took place over several hours.

According to the autopsy report, he had cuts and bruises all over his body, with the fatal blows coming to his head.

Akoa, who had listed himself as a health-care professional on his LinkedIn page, had 22 rib fractures and a lacerated liver.

Akoa’s blood-splattered Bible was found lying next to his head.

Of the three Muslim assailants, at least two have common Somali names – Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh, 31. The third suspect is Abil Teshome, 23.

Portland has been on the receiving end of a steady infusion of Somali refugees over the past 15 years, and Mohamed and Sheikh appear to have been part of that community, although no mention of their national origin has even been mentioned in the local media.

Apparently it’s a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy with regard to Somali refugees in Maine, said refugee watchdog Ann Corcoran.

More here

Minnesota Taxpayers Lose Big On Somali-run Daycare Fraud

Since the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) fully-staffed their new child care fraud investigative unit in the spring of 2014, they’ve worked with the FBI to shutter daycare centers around the state.

Of the cases that have hit the news since then, all have involved Somali-run businesses.

Khadra Abdisafad Hirsi, 47, was the director and co-owner of Ace Daycare Center in Eden Prairie. In February, Hirsi pleaded guilty to knowingly submitting fraudulent claims to the state of Minnesota’s Child Care Assistance Program. From November of 2011-May of 2013, Hrisi inflated the number of children using her daycare’s services and fraudulently obtained $300,000 in payments from the state of Minnesota and the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services. Earlier this month Hirsi was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison and ordered to pay $300,000 in restitution.

Hirsi, who also goes by the name of Khadra Duale, was employed by the City of Eden Prairie as a part-time community services technician, also known as the immigrant liaison, from October 2003-September 2011, she was also part-time staff at the Eden Prairie community center. Hirsi was paid $284,944 in salary and $35,806 in health and dental benefits by the city during that time. She co-owned the Ace Daycare in Eden Prairie with her husband Mohamed F. Arab, although there were no charges against him. The Eden Prairie news called Hirsi and her husband “leaders in the Somali community” in a 2009 video interview featuring the couple.

They filed for bankruptcy this summer according to public records.

More here

Los Angeles Cops Fatally Shot Mentally Ill Man After He Reversed His Car On Them!

Extra openings of Route 50 bridge during Tuesday drive

The State Highway Administration has confirmed that an Annapolis-based contractor will be performing routine maintenance on the Route 50 bridge between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

The bridge will be opened and closed several times during those hours. No lane closures are expected.

“It’s no more than one or two additional openings during that time period,” David Buck, SHA spokesman said.

The bridge shouldn’t be open any longer than what it would be if a vessel needed to pass under the bridge, Buck said.


Music Rejuvenates Alzheimer's Patients: Researchers

“Where words fail, music speaks.” That famous quote, attributed to Hans Christian Andersen, is being given new meaning by a growing body of research showing music has extraordinary healing powers for dementia sufferers.

A spate of new studies has found music can not only improve the mood of Alzheimer's disease patients, but listening to favorite songs also boosts their memories, thinking, and cognitive skills in ways scientists are just beginning to understand.

This month’s AARP Bulletin spotlights the latest in the emerging field of music therapy for dementia patients. Mental-health specialists say new studies provide compelling evidence that music is making significant gains in the treatment of Alzheimer’s — an incurable with no effective therapy.

“There is relatively strong evidence, with respect with music’s ability to affect behavior, such as reducing anxiety and agitation,” says Sarah Lock, senior vice president of policy, research, and international affairs at AARP.

Lock tells Newsmax Health the most exciting scientific findings show people with dementia who listen to their favorite style of music score better on tests of cognitive skills, including memory and learning.

More here

Boehner Calls Ted Cruz 'Jackass' at Colorado Fundraiser

House Speaker John Boehner fired a stunning blast at Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, reportedly calling him a "jackass" during a Colorado fundraiser.

The Daily Caller, citing two people who attended the Steamboat Springs event for GOP Rep. Scott Tipton, reports Boehner glibly remarked that he liked that Cruz's presidential campaign keeps "that jackass" out of Washington — and from telling the Speaker how to do his job.

"I about fell on the floor," a woman who attended the Wednesday event tells the Daily Caller.

"To build coalitions to work together in Washington, D.C., you don’t start it out by calling your colleague a 'jackass.'"

Another attendee, businessman Ed MacArthur, was fuming.

"I don’t think it’s terribly speaker-like, and I think it kind of goes against everything that [former President Ronald] Reagan ever said about disparaging Republicans," MacArthur, the president of Native Excavating, tells the Daily Caller.

"It’s becoming very disturbing to me that we can’t have good, polite conversation," though he added that he believes the Ohio Republican has "got the right to say it."

According to the Daily Caller, at least 100 people attended the fundraiser.


Seaford Man Charged with Attempted Murder

Bridgeville, DE – State Police Detectives have arrested a Seaford man after a domestic argument leads to him cutting his girlfriend's throat.

The incident occurred around 8:45 p.m. Friday August 28, 2015, after troopers were dispatched to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital for a female with a severe laceration to her neck. Upon their arrival at the emergency room, troopers were initially informed that an unknown suspect had slashed the 20-year-old female's neck with a knife while she was out on the front steps of her residence located in the 12000 block of Nat Turner Street, Bridgeville.

Further investigation revealed the 20-year-old victim and her boyfriend, Darnell A. Aiken, 20 of Seaford, were involved in a verbal altercation inside her home when Aiken went into the kitchen and retrieved a knife. Aiken then returned to the living room and swung the knife at the 20-year-old female causing the large laceration to her neck. Aiken, and another female that was in the house at the time, brought the victim to Nanticoke Hospital in Darnell's vehicle and while on the way there, Aiken threatened harm to them if they said what really occurred.

Detectives took Darnell Aiken into custody at the hospital with some resistance and transported him back to Troop 5 in Bridgeville. He was later charged with Attempted Murder 1st, Possession of a Deadly Weapon During the Commission of a Felony, Resisting Arrest, Terrorist Threatening, and Criminal Mischief to a police vehicle. He was arraigned at JP3 and is being held without bail at Sussex Correctional Institution.

The victim's current condition and status are unknown.

If you or someone you know is a victim or witness of crime or have lost a loved one to a sudden death and are in need of assistance, the Delaware State Police Victim Services Unit/Delaware Victim Center is available to offer you support and resources 24 hours a day through a toll free hotline 1800 VICTIM-1. (1-800 842-8461). You may also email the unit Director at

Judge: IRS Must Say Whether WH Sought Taxpayers’ Information

A federal judge Friday ordered the IRS to turn over the records of any requests from the White House seeking taxpayers’ private information from the tax agency, delivering a victory to a group that for two years has been trying to pry the data loose.

It’s not clear that there were any such requests — but Judge Amy Berman Jackson said the IRS cannot just refuse to say so by citing taxpayer confidentiality laws, known as section 6103 of the tax code.

“This court questions whether section 6103 should or would shield records that indicate confidential taxpayer information was misused, or that government officials made an improper attempt to access that information,” the judge wrote in denying the IRS’s request to close out the case.

The ruling marks yet another federal judge who has ordered the Obama administration to be more transparent when responding to open-records records. The State Department is facing a barrage of orders from federal judges demanding more cooperation in releasing former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails.

More here

Task Force Arrests Selbyville Man for Possession of Cocaine

Selbyville, DE – Task Force Detectives have arrested a Selbyville man after he was found to be in possession of cocaine.

The incident occurred around 9:05 p.m. Thursday August 27, 2015, as members of the Sussex County Governor's Task Force (GTF) including Probation and Parole Officers and the Sussex County Drug Task Force observed Donte A. Goodman, 26 of Selbyville, exiting the McDonald's located on Lighthouse Road in Selbyville. Goodman was wanted out of two Sussex County courts for active capiases when he was seen by the detectives. As troopers and probation officers approached Goodman, he attempted to flee on foot but was apprehended shortly thereafter and continued to resist until he was place in a police vehicle to be transported back to Troop 4. Upon searching Goodman on scene, detectives located 27.7 grams of cocaine. Detectives then responded to Goodman's residence located in the 37000 block of Appaloosa Drive, and conducted a search of his bedroom where they located drug paraphernalia and three .22 caliber rifles.

Goodman was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Tier 5 Quantity (Cocaine), Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine, three counts of Possession of a Firearm by a Person Prohibited, Resisting Arrest, and two counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was arraigned at JP3 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $28,000.00 cash only bail.

Gen. Paul Vallely: Iran Already Has Nuke, Making Deal 'Moot'

Iran already has a nuclear weapon, making the nuclear deal "a moot point," retired U.S. Army Gen. Paul Vallely told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

Decades of intelligence reports show that Tehran has "gotten the support from Russia, from North Korea and from China," Vallely told "Newsmax Prime" host J.D. Hayworth. "It's a cabal that's been set up to support the Iranian nuclear program.

"They have the launch systems. They have the guidance-control system. They have the detonation system. They have the warhead. And guess what? Russia and North Korea's tested everything for them.

"All they have to do is put it together like a tinker toy — and that's why they have the nuclear capability now," Vallely said. "The only reason Iran wants to do it is to get released some $150 billion in sanctions money they can use to further their programs."

Retired Army Col. Derek Harvey, former adviser to Gen. David Petraeus, agreed.

"It's very credible," he told Hayworth of Vallely. "I was a ballistic missile analyst for North Korea. I also worked on national intelligence estimates dealing with Iran and North Korea and nuclear aspirations.

"You don't need long-range ballistic missiles for conventional warheads. The only reason they have these intercontinental missiles that they're developing is for a nuclear-delivery capability."


Obama EPA rule blocked, criticized as fed power grab over state waters

President Obama’s push to extend the EPA’s regulatory hand to ditches and small streams to enforce clean water rules was blocked Thursday by a federal judge, who said the administration had overstepped its bounds in trying yet another end run around Congress.

Judge Ralph R. Erickson called the Environmental Protection Agency’s attempt “inexplicable, arbitrary and devoid of a reasoned process,” and issued an injunction preventing the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from claiming oversight of millions of acres of land that contain small bodies of water.

The EPA, though, said it will only honor the injunction in the 13 states that had sued, and will move forward with the rules in the rest of the country.

“In all other respects, the rule is effective on August 28,” the agency said in a statement. “The agencies are evaluating these orders and considering next steps in the litigation.”

Known as the Waters of the United States — or what critics call WOTUS for short — the new rules have been controversial from the start.

The Obama administration said it was trying to clear up confusion after an earlier court decision left it unclear how far the federal Clean Water Act stretched. That law gives the EPA power over “navigable” waters and any land where water runs off into those waters. But what that meant has been hotly debated.


HuffPost: Trump Vows Not to Run Third Party

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has promised "several top Republicans" he will not run a third-party campaign, The Huffington Post reports.

The website said it spoke to "several sources," who confirmed the news.

Top Trump aide Michael Cohen, however, would not confirm that his boss has completely ruled out an independent run if he doesn't win the Republican nomination. Cohen did tell HuffPost, though, that Trump never had "any intent" of running under any other banner than the GOP.

"He just wanted to ensure that the establishment would treat him as fair as they would treat any of the other candidates," Cohen told HuffPost. "And I believe right now they are treating him fairly. It is my personal belief that the RNC is treating Mr. Trump the same as the other candidates and he will live up to his agreement not to run as an independent."

Trump himself, even while threatening a third-party run, essentially said the threat was intended to ensure the party would treat him as an equal to the other candidates — something he felt wasn't happening early in his campaign.

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Self-Defense and Police State Home Invasions

It's 3:00 in the morning. Your wife and young children are asleep. You hear a commotion outside, followed by the sound of a window rattling. You get up, grab your 12 gauge and creep down the stairs. You hear window glass breaking. A black-clad man scrambles in, and while he does, you exercise your right to defend your house and shoot. The man dies.

In a free society, this would be an acceptable, indeed, admirable, use of force in defense of your home and family. There's only one catch: the man you shot is a cop. In a free, sane society, the benefit of the doubt would be given to you. You saw a masked thug climbing into a broken window, and for all you knew, intended to kill you and your family. You used justifiable deadly force to repel an attack against your home.

The fault would lie with the team of officers who attempted a highly dangerous operation that got a fellow officer killed, and they would be punished accordingly for acting so stupidly. Amiright? BUT, we don't live in a sane society do we? We live in a 50k SWAT raid-per-year society, a society that worships police and when something like this does happen, the police are given a pass and the man defending his home from an unknown threat is charged with murder.


Habitat Eyes Berlin Mixed-Use Development

BERLIN – A new Habitat for Humanity project in downtown Berlin could provide housing and retail space as well as annual income for the organization.

On Monday, the Berlin Town Council agreed to support plans presented by Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County to pursue financial assistance from the state to develop a Washington Street property. Officials from the nonprofit outlined plans for a 6,000-square-foot mixed use development that would include retail space and apartments.

“The idea is to get into projects like this so we can be sustainable,” said Lauren Bunting, vice president of Habitat for Humanity of Worcester County’s board of directors.

According to Andrea Bowland, the nonprofit’s executive director, the organization is seeking funding from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to purchase a piece of land on Washington Street, demolish the structure that’s currently there and design a mixed-use development. Bowland said her organization had plans for a six-unit development that would consist of retail space at the street level topped by apartments. Bowland said the idea was to sell the apartments to artists who could then rent the retail space below.


Former HP Board Member Backs Fiorina

Tom Perkins was a member of the Hewlett-Packard board that fired CEO Carly Fiorina in 2005, but he now calls that move a "mistake" and defended her actions in a full-page ad in The New York Times on Thursday.

The ad, paid for by CARLY for America, the super PAC supporting Fiorina's presidential candidacy, is addressed as a response to New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin's claim that Fiorina's business record was "not so sterling."

Perkins cites Fiorina's leadership of HP through years that were tough for tech companies, and said her problems with the board were not because of her own incompetence, but because board members were looking out for their own interests and put family and friends in positions of leadership.

"Critics often claim [she] was fired at HP because she was unsuccessful. As a member of the board, I can tell you this is not true," Perkins wrote. "Carly worked with the hand she was dealt as best as one could. … Carly had the strength of character and courage of conviction to stand up to it and ultimately she lost her job because of it."

Fiorina, appearing Thursday on Fox News Channel's "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren," said that Perkins expressed those thoughts to her privately more than five years ago, adding, "I'm very gratified that he is saying it publicly now."

Fiorina said she will run on her track record at Hewlett-Packard "all day long," pointing out she has never hidden the fact that she was fired in a "boardroom brawl."

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Trump's Populist Rise Like Andrew Jackson

By Newt Gingrich and Craig Shirley

Donald Trump is not unique. He is, in fact, part of a clear populist pattern in American history.

The first great populist rebellion was Thomas Jefferson and James Madison against the Federalist elites. By the end of their insurgency, they had invented the Democratic-Republican Party and the Federalist Party disappeared.

This was a bitter struggle in which the Federalists tried to put their opponents in jail through the Alien and Sedition Acts.

The second great insurgency was Andrew Jackson against the eastern establishment. In 1824, Jackson clearly got the most popular votes but the old order ganged up on him.

There were four major candidates in 1824: Andrew Jackson got 99 electoral votes and 153,544 popular votes. John Quincy Adams followed with 84 electors and 108,740 votes. Then William H. Crawford received 41 electors and 40,856 votes, and finally Henry Clay was chosen by 37 electors and 47,531 votes.

Jackson clearly had less than a majority, but a strong plurality of support. When his competitors ganged up on him to give the election to John Quincy Adams (son of a former president and a classic insider), Jackson's followers exploded with anger.

Trump is gaining ground because Americans are deeply unhappy with their current elites.

When Gallup reports that 75 percent of Americans — 3 out of 4 —believe there is "widespread corruption," it is a sign of deep alienation and anger.

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Federal Judge Blocks EPA's Water Rule

A federal judge in North Dakota acted late Thursday to block the Obama administration’s controversial water pollution rule, hours before it was due to take effect.

Judge Ralph Erickson of the District Court for the District of North Dakota found that the 13 states suing to block the rule met the conditions necessary for a preliminary injunction, including that they would likely be harmed if courts didn't act and that they are likely to succeed when their underlying lawsuit against the rule is decided.

The decision is a major roadblock for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers, who were planning Friday to begin enforcing the Waters of the United States rule, expanding federal jurisdiction over small waterways like streams and wetlands.

But the Obama administration says it will largely enforce the regulation as planned, arguing that the Thursday decision only applies to the 13 states that requested the injunction.

“Once the rule takes effect, the states will lose their sovereignty over intrastate waters that will then be subject to the scope of the Clean Water Act,” Erickson wrote in his order.

“While the exact amount of land that would be subject to the increase is hotly disputed, the agencies admit to an increase in control over those traditional state-regulated waters of between 2.84 to 4.65 percent. Immediately upon the rule taking effect, the rule will irreparably diminish the states’ power over their waters,” he continued, calling the Obama administration's interpretation of its jurisdiction "exceptionally expansive."

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Salisbury Tokens

Collecting Salisbury tokens can be an interesting hobby. You have to be prepared to not find a lot of tokens available. Usually, they are issued these days to commemorate an historical event or to commemorate an historical event of the past. There can be of any number of varieties. The best are struck metal, but that doesn’t preclude the inclusion of wooden nickels or plastic discs.

I think the best are the ones issued by businesses either for a redeemable amount or just to advertise the business. I have seen tokens from confectioneries, clothing stores, banks, insurance companies, taxis, the electric company, food distributors, laundries, a car wash, gaming tokens, the local pump company, the zoo and fraternal organizations.

Salisbury had six different bus tokens issued in the 1960’s and 1970’s. There was one that instead of Salisbury, Md. it was struck as Salisbury, Mo. None of them are particularly scarce, but you rarely see them around here.

I also include dog tags issued either by Salisbury or Wicomico County in this category. They make nice mementos of the past, even though they are still issued every year now.

The most interesting one I have is from the Jackson Lumber Company. Actually it is from Riderwood, Alabama. I saw it in an auction from California years ago and researched it. It seems that Riderwood is named for Noah Rider, the brother of Nannie Rider Jackson. She was married to Elihu Jackson, and Noah’s job was to look after his brother-in-law’s lumber interests in Alabama. The town that sprang up around the lumber mill became Riderwood. It was a most unusual auction in that what you bid was what you bid. They didn’t reduce the highest bid to a notch over the second highest bid. I knew the fellow running the auction and phoned him to tell him of my intense interest in the token. He knew by my telling him of the research I had done that I really wanted the token. He said that he didn’t give out any knowledge of bids during the auction but that he would make an exception for me and tell me on the last day how I stood. I agreed. When I called him on the last day, he said he could tell me two things. First, he said I had the highest bid. And second, that I had the highest bid “by a long shot”. I ended up with the token, but I exited that organization because of their bid process. Still and all, I added a nice token.

The only qualification necessary to collect Salisbury tokens is that “Salisbury, Md.” is on the token. “Wicomico” is also acceptable. The Riderwood token is an exception, but the connection is undeniable and makes for a good story.

Another exception I have made is canning house tokens. These are fascinating because of the research involved in identifying them. I have six that can attributed to Salisbury, although only The Pratt Company, which operated in Salisbury from 1942-1945, has “Salisbury, Md.” on it. Canneries were often catalogued by the owner’s name and they were usually only the money behind the operation. Such examples for Salisbury are the William H. Jackson cannery from 1901 and the W. F. Messick cannery. The Messick cannery was located in Allen, but the office was in his ice house in Salisbury. Actually, W. F. Messick’s brother ran the cannery in Allen.The noteworthy firm of John H. Dulany in Fruitland operated a cannery with a man named Hastings in Salisbury from 1919-1926. Insley and Mitchell had a cannery on Truitt Street in Salisbury from 1917-1950. I grew up a half block from this cannery. With the smells generated by the heat of the summer, I was well-grown before I could eat a tomato. W. K. Leatherbury operated a cannery on the river from 1908-1927. He also had an oyster operation in the winter and had tokens for both his cannery in the summer and another for the oysters in the winter. Another oyster shucker operated on S. Division Street. His name was W. D. Turner and the token reveals that his son was in business with him. His tokens were given out for the number of gallons shucked. The Turners are listed in the 1907 Salisbury City Directory.

Smyrna Teen Charged with Impersonating a Police Officer

Smyrna, DE – Troopers have arrested a 17-year-old Smyrna teen after he attempted to pull a female victim over with his car early Monday morning.
The incident occurred around 12:10 a.m. Monday August 24, 2015, as a 24-year-old female victim was traveling northbound on Bayside Drive (SR9) just north of North Little Creek Road when the vehicle she was behind pulled to the right shoulder to allow her to pass.  Once around the vehicle, which later turned out to be a tan Chevrolet Impala, the car pulled back out behind her and activated some strobe lights that were placed in the grill and windshield.  Thinking that the Malibu was a police officer, the female pulled to the shoulder, but the car passed by her.  As the female continued northbound, she observed the car once again on the shoulder with its light out.  When she passed by the Impala, it again pulled out behind her and activated the strobe lights.  This time the female did not pull over and the car pulled alongside of her in a no passing zone for a few seconds before passing her.  The victim was able called 9-1-1 to report the incident and describe the vehicle which was soon pulled over by Smyrna Police Department just east of Big Oak Road on Smyrna-Leipsic Road.
Edward Steele Jr., 17 of Smyrna, was taken into custody without incident and transported back to Troop 9 in Odessa.  He was later charged with Criminal Impersonation of a Police Officer (Felony), Disorderly Conduct, Driving without a Valid License, Driving in a No Passing Zone, and Unauthorized Flashing Lights.  He was arraigned at JP2 and released on $1,325.00 unsecured bond.
If anyone has any has had similar incidents involving the tan Chevrolet Impala they are asked to contact Trooper S. Douglas from Troop 9 at 302-378-5749.  Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Concerns Over Possible Athletic Complex Expansion Aired

SALISBURY – The ball is in Wicomico County’s field, as Salisbury awaits stipulations to be met prior to further consideration of a land donation that would permit the expansion of Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex at Naylor Mill Park.

Last October the Wicomico County Council considered the acceptance of a donation of property from the City of Salisbury, consisting of 34.94 acres located on the north side of Naylor Mill Rd., adjacent to the athletic complex for the purpose of expanding the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex (HPAC).

At that time, former Wicomico Recreation, Parks and Tourism Director Gary Mackes presented Wicomico’s tourism book consisted of 35 amateur sports events that have generated an overall $43.1 million in economic activity. This is composed of 30,000 hotel room nights and close to 200,000 visitors. Compared to the previous year, Wicomico’s tourism initiative had grown by 10 percent.


Baltimore Police Prepare For Freddie Gray Court Dates

Baltimore police are preparing for the Freddie Gray case to begin.

Department spokesman T.J. Smith said since riots erupted following Gray's death in April, the police have received equipment and specialized training to better prepare officers for any future civil unrest.

Riots broke out in Baltimore on April 27, eight days after Gray died of a spinal injury he received while in police custody. Six officers have been criminally charged in connection with his death.



Well what does China think will happen when they print the equivalent to 20 billion dollars and inject it into their economy? We should all know what will happen by looking at what happened here. The economy will look better and their stock market with go up up up. Artificially. And the bubble will get bigger. 

The truth is staring right at everyone. The global economy is everyone's economy. Every nations debt is so high that there is no way to repay it. Debt forgiveness (global bankruptcy) is what is bound to happen. A gigantic global financial restructuring with a new world currency that can't be devalued by any one nation that will negatively affect emerging markets. 

At the head of this restructure will be the IMF. The International Monetary Fund- the world bank. Since the economy is tied together so tightly there is no logical way (they will tell us) that the existing monetary systems of sovereign nations can remain intact if these nations expect to continue trading with other nations around the world. This announcement may be made as early as October. 

When that happens our dollar will lose its status as the worlds reserve currency and trillions of dollars of wealth will leave this country. Talk about redistribution of wealth. Life as we know it will be changed forever. 

A new world order will be thrust upon us and we will not be able to oppose it.

Truth Hurts

How messed up is our "Justice" system?


 (Salisbury, MD) – Governor Larry Hogan today issued a statewide proclamation declaring the week of Sunday, August 30th, to Saturday, September 5th, to be Overdose Awareness Week in Maryland. This week also aligns with the launch of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Recovery Month.

The observances of Overdose Awareness Week and National Recovery Month aim to promote the prevention and overdose deaths and the belief that prevention works, treatment is effective, and people recover from mental and/or substance use disorders.

“I am proud to stand with Governor Larry Hogan to recognize Overdose Awareness Week,” Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver said. “I urge all citizens who are struggling with addictions to seek help, and take advantage of available resources. I encourage them to wear silver between August 30th and September 5th to show their support for Overdose Awareness Week.”

In 2014, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) reported 1,039 drug- and alcohol-related overdose deaths in the state. “Mental and/or substance use disorders exist throughout the state, including our own community. It’s imperative that individuals in Wicomico County understand how to seek help,” said Lori Brewster, Health Officer for Wicomico County.

During Overdose Awareness Week and throughout the month of September which is also National Recovery Month, Wicomico County will host the following awareness activities:

·         Social Media Campaign: Promoting local addiction and mental health resources via the Wicomico County Health Department and Drug Free Wicomico Facebook and Twitter pages.
·         Naloxone Training:  September 8, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Wicomico County Library.
·         Candlelight Vigil: Date/location TBD (planned for the week of September 14, 2015).
·         211 “Save a Life” Campaign: Emergency contact cards will be distributed to all high school students and posters will be distributed to all Wicomico County middle and high schools.
·         “Don’t Tag Along” Campaign: Continued promotion about preventing opioid misuse and abuse across Wicomico County.

For more information about, Overdose Awareness Week or National Recovery Month activities in Wicomico County, contact Cynthia Shifler at 410-219-7544. For more information on the tools Maryland is using to battle our region’s substance abuse epidemic, visit DHMH’s website at

It's Amazing What Pops Up On The Internet

Talbot firefighters to get end-of-year stipend

EASTON — Current Talbot County volunteer firefighters who served in 2014 and meet service qualifications are set to get a bonus stipend near the end of this year.

Talbot County, like other counties on the Eastern Shore, relies completely on volunteer firefighters, many of whom work other jobs to make a living.

The stipend is an effort started by the Talbot County Council. Council President Corey Pack said the council found $56,000 in extra funding in its fiscal year 2014 budget for the bonuses.

The funds will be distributed among fire departments in the county, and evenly to all volunteer firefighters who qualify. Stipends will go out based on the state’s point system, which is based on factors like volunteer time, the number of meetings attended and the number of calls firefighters responded to in 2014.

According to the Talbot County manager’s office, there are 305 firefighters eligible for the bonus, which works out to a little less than $185 per person.
“We’re excited about it. We’re happy we could do it, and it is just a small way that the county council wanted to say thank you to our volunteer firemen,” Pack said.



My Neighbor the Murderer

This past Wednesday, a racist drove down I-66, a mile from our house, fleeing from the town where he had murdered two of his former colleagues in the broadcast business.

The killer’s name was Vester Flanagan. We now know that he was motivated by racial hatred and spite at having lost his job.

In 2012, he supported Obama’s reelection, even wearing an Obama pin while reporting on election day.

When he heard of the double murder, Obama blamed it on guns. He did not say that “Vester Flanagan could have been my son.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Breitbart carried a news story featuring Flanagan’s racist rants, under the headline, “RACE MURDER IN VIRGINIA: BLACK REPORTER SUSPECTED OF EXECUTING WHITE COLLEAGUES – ON LIVE TELEVISION!”

The story recounted the racist taunts and epithets contained what Flanagan called his “suicide note”: You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!”

On Wednesday evening, ABC’s evening news reported Flanagan’s desire for a race war, without recriminations. But in Breitbart’s report, the Leftwent bananas.

I find this reactionary response curious, and worthy of analysis.


Not A Bad Idea

Shock Video: Black Couple Beat White Woman: “Wrong Hood, Bitch”

Another racist attack caught on camera

Another shocking video which depicts a vicious racial attack has emerged showing a black couple beating a white woman while the man yells, “Wrong hood, bitch!”

The footage shows a man brutally punch the woman, causing her to fall to the ground. The incident occurred in Milwaukee’s north side.

A black woman then joins in the attack, as the couple are seen repeatedly stomping on the woman’s head, with the man shouting “Wrong hood, bitch!” over and over.

The attack was halted when an onlooker, also black, put himself in between the attackers and the victim.


I Told You A Little Pot Doesn't Hurt Anybody

United Nations: Dutch Christmas is Racist

The United Nations claims the Netherlands has breached the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination with its traditional Christmas celebration.

On Friday a report produced by the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said the government must “actively promote the elimination” of the Black Pete figure, the African companion of Saint Nicholas, who is known as Sinterklaas in Holland.

Black Pete, or Zwarte Piet, is said to be a black Moor from Spain. He is part of the annual feast of St. Nicholas on Sinterklaasavond, or Nicholas’ Eve, celebrated on December 5. The character distributes sinterklaas candies to children during the festival.

“While the Committee understands that the tradition of Sinterklaas and Black Pete is enjoyed by many persons in Dutch society, the Committee notes with concern that the character of Black Pete is sometimes portrayed in a manner that reflects negative stereotypes of people of African descent and is experienced by many people of African descent as a vestige of slavery, which is injurious to the dignity and self-esteem of children and adults of African descent. The Committee is concerned about the discriminatory effect of such portrayals, which may convey a conception at odds with the Convention,” the United Nations report states.




"Number of schools participating in the breakfast program has steadily grown..."

Federal officials are patting themselves on the back for increasing dependence on the national school breakfast program, citing explosive growth with free meals in particular.

Data released by the Economic Research Service shows the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s School Breakfast Program currently serves about 13.5 million students in about 90,000 schools nationwide, statistics that have more than doubled since 1996.

“Throughout the history of the School Breakfast Program, the number of participating children was considerably smaller than in the National School Lunch Program and is still less than half. Nevertheless, as the breakfast program finding increased – and grants to schools to help start up the program became more available – the number of schools participating in the breakfast program has steadily grown, making it available to more students,” according to a USDA blog.

The ERS data is displayed in a “Charts of Note” series that highlights research on food assistance and other topics, and was undoubtedly chosen because of the striking exponential rise in free and total lunches served to students since the program was founded in 1975.

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Very True


The federal government currently grants automatic citizenship to all U.S.-born children of illegal migrants

One out of about every twelve newborns in the United States is an anchor baby, or the U.S.-born child of illegal migrants, according to a Pew Research Center study.

This means that one anchor baby is delivered every 93 seconds, based on the 2008 census dataanalyzed by the Pew.

The huge number of foreign children born on U.S. soil– roughly 340,000 per year— is also an economic imposition on Americans, who pay taxes to help raise, feed, and educate those children of illegal migrants.

Eventually, those 340,000 U.S.-born foreign children can join the U.S. workforce and compete for wages against the roughly four million children of U.S. parents that enter the slow-growing U.S. economy each year.

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