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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Free Photo Booth

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Posted by Matt Martin on Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Children Live in Poverty Today Than in 2008

There are nearly two million more children living in poverty in the U.S. today than during the 2008 recession, shocking new figures reveal.

Nearly a quarter of youngsters (22 per cent, or around 18.7million children) - were classed as living below the poverty line in 2013.

This has risen from 18 per cent in 2008 (16million youngsters), according to the Casey Foundation's 2015 Kids Count Data Book.

The report also highlighted disparities between white children and those from other racial groups.

It found that black, Hispanic and American Indian children are more than twice as likely to live in poverty than white children.


College Newspaper Called ‘National Laughingstock’ Over ‘Silly’ Disclaimer About Gender Identity — but You Have to Read It to Believe It

The Daily Bruin — the student newspaper at the University of California, Los Angeles — ran a blog post Monday by Zoey Freedman titled, “Free tampons would slow flow of gender inequality,” which argues that the federal government should subsidize the cost of tampons and pads.

Whatever your perspective on that issue, it’s safe to say that the editor’s note that sits atop the post — which said, among other things, that “not all individuals who menstruate identify as women” — is attracting decidedly more attention:


Scientists develop bacon-flavored seaweed

Bacon-flavored seaweed is the new kale. Yes, really.

Scientists are currently cultivating a marine plant that's packed with more nutrients than the trendy green superfood kale. And it naturally tastes like bacon.

Bacon-flavored crackers. Bacon-flavored salad dressing. These are just two of the savory treats that have been created so far using the domesticated strain of dulse (Palmaria palmata), a kind of red algae, or seaweed, that typically grows in the waters along northern Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. [Science You Can Eat: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Food]


Martin O'Malley "A stronger middle class is the cause of economic growth."

A stronger middle class is not the consequence of economic growth, a stronger middle class is the cause of economic growth.

Posted by Martin O'Malley on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Barack and Valerie’s Great Communist Party Marriage

Rich new information on Valerie Jarrett’s red diaper loyalties and ties.

In my current book, Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage, I write of the phenomenon of Communist Party marriages. “Theirs was the first ‘party marriage’ that I observed,” wrote Whittaker Chambers in Witness, describing the decidedly non-sacramental marriage of two of his Communist Party comrades, before writing of his own “party marriages.”

From Marx and Engels, to Herbert Marcuse and Wilhelm Reich, to Betty Friedan and Kate Millett, to Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, our comrades on the far left have bequeathed a legacy of noxious ideas on marriage and family. Their political-cultural wreckage is being felt today more than ever. In many ways, it has come to full fruition only now in a culture that gleefully redefines marriage and gives us the likes of Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett in the White House, a damaging political marriage if there ever was one. For seven years now at their home-base at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama and Jarrett have been politically and ideologically inseparable. Their White House wedding has fundamentally transformed the country.

Sure, Barack’s matrimonial vow might be to Michelle, but his ideological soulmate has long been Valerie Jarrett. And both Barack and Valerie hail from a truly remarkable line of mentors and family members with deep fidelity to the American Communist Party.

Those political bloodlines are so stunning, so bizarre, especially when they intersect across the generations, that people often react dismissively when presented with the information. I’ve laid out the linkages probably more than anyone, mainly in a book on Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, who was a hardcore member of Communist Party USA (card no. 47544) and in several major articles on Valerie Jarrett for The American Spectator, the first one running about 5,000 words and appearing in the July/August 2011 print edition.


Look Whats Washing Ashore On Assateague

Assateague Island National Seashore

This intriguing wayward visitor washed up on shore late last week. While it looks like a single organism this Portuguese Man of War is actually a colony of specialized organisms called zooids. Each zooid has a unique function – one provides flotation, another serves as defense (the tentacles, which can extend 165 ft below the ocean surface), another works to digest prey and another is responsible for reproduction.

Named after it’s resemblance to a Portuguese warship at full sail, this organism can only survive when all members of the crew are present. Having said that, the tentacles are very important as they have stinging cells filled with venom that are used to stun and kill fish; the tentacles provide the entire “they” with food. For humans, stings are especially painful but rarely deadly. Beware though - even a dead Man of War washed up on the beach can still deliver a painful sting! (Photo: Brittany Waldron, Text: Jason Knight)

Richard Douglas considering a run for Senate

WASHINGTON -- Richard J. Douglas, a former Pentagon official who ran unsuccessfully for Senate in 2012, said Monday he is exploring another bid for the job next year -- becoming the second Republican to consider a campaign for the open seat.

Douglas, a 58-year-old College Park resident, served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush and spent five years on Capitol Hill as a senior attorney to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

He lost his race for the GOP Senate nomination to Dan Bongino in 2012 by just under 9,000 votes.

"These times demand a mastery of Senate rules and the subject matter," Douglas, an Iraq veteran and attorney, said in a statement. "They require tenacity to overcome inertia and Senate unwillingness to assert itself in policies defining the nation. If the Senate fails we fail. I aim to prevent that."


O’Malley Pushed For Publicly Funded Hotel That Has Been Hemorrhaging Money

In 2008, construction was completed on the 757-room Baltimore Hilton, a $305 million publicly-funded hotel spearheaded by Baltimore’s mayor at the time, Martin O’Malley. The hotel, in seven years of operation, has never turned a profit. The best year of operation saw a $2.9 million loss.

“It’s the biggest boondoggle ever. It’s hemorrhaging money every year and has less-than-stellar performance,” Democratic Maryland state Sen. James Brochin told The Daily Caller.

Originally intended to draw revenue from a supposed untapped convention market in Baltimore, the Hilton Hotel project slowly began losing money when conventions passed on Baltimore for other locations such as Austin, Texas and nearby Washington, D.C.


Leading Ferguson Activist’s Hate Crime Claim Disputed By Police Report, Detective

Shaun King, the so-called “Facebook pastor” who has become one of the leading activists in the Black Lives Matter movement, has often told the story of a brutal, racially-motivated beating he suffered in 1995 as a sophomore at a rural Kentucky high school. King, 35, has related the story of the hate crime on his blogs and in his recent self-help book, seemingly to bolster his credibility as an activist and as a self-help guru.

But King’s telling of the assault does not match up with a police report from the case. Details provided to The Daily Caller by the detective who investigated the incident, which occurred at Woodford County High School in Versailles on March 1, 1995, cast even more doubt on King’s claims.


Registration Open for Wicomico County’s Adult Coed Fall Soccer League

Salisbury, MD – Registration is now open for Wicomico Recreation's Coed Fall Soccer League. The league is open to men and women ages 16 and up. The season runs from August 26 - November 4 and games are played on Wednesday evenings at the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex. Participants must provide their own equipment including shin guards, cleats, etc. Game balls will be provided by Wicomico County.

The registration fee is $300 per team plus referee fees. Registration is available at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Box Office or online at now through Friday, August 14. For additional information, please contact the Program Director at 410-548-4900 ext. 105 or

How Gut Bacteria Protects Your Liver

The beneficial microbes inhabiting your gut have long been known to support digestive health, but deeper research is showing how intestinal bacteria controls and protects organ health.

The liver, one of the organs reliant on a healthy balance of good bacteria, is our main detoxifying center. When we’re receiving enough probiotics (as well as prebiotics), it works more efficiently at removing toxins from our food and environment. It turns out that many of the liver’s metabolic functions are either enhanced or suppressed by the presence or lack of healthy bacteria in the gut.

The Way Gut Bacteria Protects Your Liver

A recent study from the Imperial College of London looked at the effects of exposing germ-free mice to environmental microbiota. These mice gained weight after five days of exposure, and their livers also showed remarkable changes in metabolism. Changes in glucose, glycogen, and triglyceride metabolism were rapid following exposure to bacteria, suggesting just the simple exposure to one strain could either benefit or inhibit overall liver function. [1] Researchers also found that bacteriastimulated the enzyme responsible for drug-detoxifying pathways, potentially revealing that an influx of good bacteria could support the detoxification from pharmaceuticals or other chemicals.



U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is highlighting clarified guidance for those immigrants wishing to omit portions of the citizenship oath.

USCIS explained Tuesday that while reciting the Oath of Allegiance is part of the naturalization process, immigrant candidates for citizenship may omit portions of the oath if they have certain religious or conscientious objections.


Outspoken Black Confederate Flag Supporter Anthony Hervey Dies in Mississippi Traffic Accident

JACKSON, Miss. — A black Mississippi man who often dressed in Confederate regalia to support the state flag has died in a one-car accident, officials said Monday.

Anthony Hervey, 49, was killed Sunday when the 2005 Ford Explorer he was driving left the roadway and overturned on Mississippi Highway 6 in Lafayette County, the Highway Patrol said.

The vehicle's owner and passenger in the car, Arlene Barnum, told The Associated Press on Monday that Hervey swerved and crashed after another vehicle carrying four or five young black men pulled up alongside them, yelling and looking angry. Barnum, of Stuart, Oklahoma, said Hervey yelled something back at the other vehicle before losing control and crashing.

"It spun like crazy and we flipped, flipped, flipped. It was awful," she said.

She said she gave that account to a Mississippi state trooper when she was taken to a hospital after the accident.


Breaking News: U.S. attorney general announces hate crime charges against Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.

Breaking News: U.S. attorney general announces hate crime charges against Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.

Posted by Fox News on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Calls rise for arming service members, increasing security at military installations

The shootings last week that killed five service members has reinvigorated the debate about whether troops should be able to carry personal firearms for protection on base, with supporters saying arming service members could prevent attacks like the one in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As federal lawmakers debate a policy that makes reserve training centers like the one in Chattanooga gun-free zones, governors are ramping up military protection efforts in their respective states. At least six have signed orders to allow National Guard troops to carry firearms at bases.

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez fired 25 to 30 shots at a military recruiting center Thursday morning in Chattanooga. Authorities chased the Kuwait-born gunman to a Navy support center about seven miles away, where he killed four Marines and mortally injured a sailor before local police killed him.

In the wake of the shootings, some officials, including lawmakers on Capitol Hill, have said arming service members could have prevented these attacks as well as others such as the ones at Fort Hood in 2009 and the Washington Navy Yard in 2014.

“Just because a member of our armed forces is not deployed to an active war zone does not mean they are safe,” said Sen. Jerry Moran, Kansas Republican. “If the members of our armed forces at the Chattanooga military recruitment centers had been allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights, the outcome of the attacks could have been very different.”


Planned Work On Route 90 Last Night Rescheduled For Tonight

Due to inclement weather, work was unable to be completed on the signal at MD 90 and St. Martins Neck Road last night....

Posted by Town of Ocean City on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015 National Night Out In Pocomoke City

GOP Candidates Join Testing Opt-out Movement

Republican presidential hopefuls in the Senate have joined the fast-growing movement encouraging students to opt out of the standardized tests that have become a part of everyday life in American schools.

The emphasis on testing has only been been ratcheted up in the era of Common Core, the education standards backed by Jeb Bush but vilified by most other Republicans. The new national political interest in testing could give even more momentum to the calls from thousands of parents and state lawmakers for students to skip the tests, despite threats from the federal government to cut off federal dollars if too few kids show up on exam day.

In a twist, the issue is putting conservatives on the same side of the issue as teachers unions and parents and even some Democrats, all of whom have called for cutting back on testing and the consequences that can result from the scores.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) concentrated on opt-out issues last week during their chamber’s debate on No Child Left Behind, rejecting the standardized tests mandated by the George W. Bush-era law. Cruz, Paul and others offered amendments designed to ensure the government keeps its hands off of students’ opt-out rights.

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SCAM ALERT: Phone Scammers Posing as Power Company

The Princess Anne Police Department is advising that phone scammer, posing as Delmarva Power and other power companies are calling local businesses threatening to disconnect power for past due bills. The scammers are asking business owners to purchase pre-paid cards to make the payment. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS A SCAM. If you receive a suspicious phone call by someone claiming to be the power company demanding payment; hang up and contact your power company directly.

Menendez Defense Filings Slam Feds' Corruption Case

Sen. Robert Menendez launched a wide-ranging attack on the corruption charges against him Monday, accusing Justice Department prosecutors of misconduct and setting the stage for what is likely to be a confrontational and heated court fight.

The Democrat's attorneys filed a series of motions to dismiss the 22-count indictment against him and the Florida eye doctor who allegedly bought the senator's influence with luxury vacations and campaign donations.

Among other claims, the motions accuse the government of intimidating witnesses and presenting false testimony to a grand jury. They claim prosecutors skirted a federal appeals court ruling and presented evidence to the grand jury that should have been off-limits under laws governing legislators' activities.

Lawyers for Menendez suggest the indictment attempts to criminalize ordinary acts of citizens who endeavor to secure access or influence to a politician.

"Officials frequently sell access by spending time with those who pay to attend fundraising events, and they are quick to answer the phone and lend an ear when major donors call," one of the motions said. "Even presidents have been known to invite major donors to the White House for coffee or dinner, or even to stay the night in the Lincoln bedroom."

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SPD: Shoplifting Suspect Can You ID?



Suspects are reported to have stolen 16 pairs of sunglasses valued at $3000 and then left in a gold Toyota Highlander.

Persons with information are asked to call Deputy Keith Buscemi at the QA Sheriff's Office. Phone number is (410) 758-0770. You can also email or PM this FB page.

Case #15-20910

Sheriff Gary Hofmann

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House Panel Unveils Sweeping Energy Bill

Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee released a long-awaited comprehensive energy bill late Monday that will touch on pipelines, the electric grid and energy efficiency.

The panel's Energy and Power subcommittee on Wednesday will mark up the 95-page bill, which is designed to mirror a similar effort in the Senate.

"This week's subcommittee vote will mark an important milestone as we work to build the Architecture of Abundance. Wednesday's markup is the next step in ensuring we not only get this legislation done, but get it done right," Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., said in a statement.

Republicans and Democrats have aimed to avoid loading the bill with partisan goodies that might derail the legislation. A committee aide expected broad bipartisan support for the bill when the subcommittee votes. Tellingly, it steers clear of calling for an end to a 40-year-old ban on exporting crude oil, language that would have led most Democrats to reject the bill if it were included.

Still, the legislation addresses a number of policy areas that have long been simmering on Capitol Hill.

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Chryslers can be hacked over the Internet

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) —A flaw in several Chrysler models lets hackers remotely control them over the Internet, posing an unprecedented danger for American drivers.

Hackers can cut the brakes, shut down the engine, drive it off the road, or make all the electronics go haywire.

Jeep Cherokees, Chrysler 200s, Dodge Rams, and several other vehicles are vulnerable to such attacks, according to research revealed Tuesday.

The core problem? A flaw in the wireless service Uconnect that connects these cars to the Sprint cellphone network.

The researchers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, first demonstrated the hack to Wired Magazine by remotely hijacking a Jeep Cherokee driven by a news reporter.


'Candidate of Substance': O'Malley Man With Many Plans

Hillary Clinton may be the front-runner. Bernie Sanders may be drawing big crowds. Martin O'Malley wants to be known as the big ideas candidate for the Democratic nomination, meeting one voter at a time and never quitting.

The former Maryland governor lags behind Clinton and Sanders in the RealClearPolitics polling average, at just 1.3 percent nationally. He was booed at a liberal conference.

But since launching his campaign May 30 in Baltimore, where he was once mayor, O'Malley released numerous lengthy policy proposals: a ten-page white paper on economics, a detailed foreign policy speech and a plan for using executive power to protect more illegal immigrants from deportation.


OCPD Arrest VA Man for Possession of a Stolen Handgun

OCEAN CITY, MD – (July 22, 2015): On July 19, 2015 at approximately 12:45 a.m. a boardwalk business owner alerted Ocean City police of a man with a gun on the Boardwalk in the downtown area. The man had not made any threats with the weapon but it was visible to Boardwalk patrons. Using the City Watch camera system, Ocean City Communications staff was able to locate and track the suspect near 7th Street and the Boardwalk and officers quickly responded.

Upon arrival, officers located the suspect, later identified as Mohammad W. Imani, 20, of Woodbridge, VA, and detained him immediately without incident. Officers located a semi-automatic handgun on Imani’s person that was determined to be stolen from the Spotsylvania County, VA area.

Ocean City police have charged Imani with multiple charges including possession of a stolen handgun. Imani was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and was transferred to the Worcester County Jail on $40,000 bond.

White House Lit Up in Rainbow Colors For Gay Marriage Within Hours, But Took 5 Days to Lower Flag For Dead Marines

Obama finally makes the decision after intense criticism

The Obama administration lit up the White House in rainbow colors within hours of the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, but it took five days for flags to be lowered to half mast in honor of the four murdered Marines in Chattanooga.

In fact, the official White House Twitter account still has the rainbow colored building as its main background image weeks later.

“President Obama has ordered flags at the White House and other public buildings to fly at half-staff after mounting criticism over the delay in honoring five armed forces members killed last week by a gunman,” reports Politico.


Dorchester County Sheriff's Office Press Release 7-22-15

On Thursday, July 16, 2015 a deputy from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office arrested 38 year old Carl Wade Wilson of 200 Goodwill Avenue, Cambridge, Md. He was wanted in connection with an investigation that was conducted by the Cambridge, Police Department in May of 2013 for his possession of Child Pornography. The Cambridge Police presented their case to a Dorchester County Grand Jury called together by State’s Attorney William Jones and the suspect was indicted on 3 counts of Possession of Child Pornography and ordered Held on $75,000.00 Bond.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Press Release 7-22-15

Warrant Service/Assist Other Agency

On 07/18/15, a Deputy from the Worcester County Sheriff's Office was conducting a property check when the Deputy located a 2016 white Chevrolet Tahoe that possibly had been involved in an armed robbery in Ocean City, Maryland earlier that morning. The Deputy was able to detain the individuals in the vehicle and identified the rear seat passenger as Brittani Nicole Pate of Dover, Delaware. A wanted check was conducted on Pate and she was found to be wanted for a Failure to Appear out of the District Court for Wicomico County. Pate was arrested and held on $3,000 bond. The other occupants of the vehicle were arrested by Ocean City Police Department reference charges relating to the armed robbery.

Location of Crime: 12741 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City, Worcester County, Maryland

Suspects: Pate, Brittani Nicole, 21, of Dover, De

Charges: District Court FTA

Obama Tightens Grant Rules For Religious Groups

Religious groups that refuse abortion counseling no longer can get grants to help trafficking victims unless they ensure the counseling is provided by a third party, under new guidelines by the Department of Health and Human Services.

In guidance quietly posted online in June, the agency said groups competing for grants must offer "the full range of legally permissible gynecological and obstetric care," which includes abortion counseling and referrals. If groups don't offer the services, they must propose an alternative approach to remain competitive for a grant.

That has at least one pro-life advocate contending the new policy may violate the federal Weldon Amendment, a law saying federal money can't be awarded if it's being used to discriminate against healthcare entities that won't provide or refer women for abortions.

Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life, which stages a big anti-abortion march in Washington every January, called the policy change legally questionable.

The federal money is provided through the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Refugee Resettlement to charities that help trafficking victims access healthcare services, get mental health counseling and find employment. It can't be used to fund abortions, under the federal Hyde Amendment.

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SPD Press Release 7-22-15 - (Attempt to ID Bicycle Theft Suspects)

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Chattanooga: Heroic Action

The Leftmedia is still searching for a motive in the attack on military personnel here in Chattanooga last week — an Islamist assault we covered in “Obama: Happy Ramadan.”

First clue: Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez murdered four Marines and one Sailor on the last day of Ramadan. Second clue: The assailant blogged and texted about jihad.

Thursday morning’s daily White House email — the day of the attack — was a message honoring Ramadan.

Equally notable, Friday morning’s email made no mention of Thursday’s attack — it was a solicitation for DNC funds.

The attacks have generated a lot of national ranting about Muslims, but we caution that we should not marginalize all Muslims as suspect Islamists. That is precisely what Obama and his Leftists did after the recent murders in Charleston — marginalized all white Southerners interested in our heritage as racist and endeavored to remove any vestige of that heritage from public places, including National Military Parks.

The actions of one do not reflect the beliefs of all, but clearly this assault was incited by Islamist hatred — and that should be the target of our outrage.

Additionally, there is little being said about the two reasons the casualty list was not much higher.

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Here's who is bankrolling the top presidential candidates

Bernie Sanders is far behind Hillary Clinton in the polls, but the liberal curmudgeon is tied with Clinton in one interesting contest: the number of Google (GOOGL) employees donating to the campaign. Each candidate has received money from 26 Googlers, according to the latest federal fundraising records.

The 2016 presidential election is still 16 months away, but the fundraising push is in high gear, given that the winner may need $1 billion or more to win the White House. Candidates and groups supporting them are likely to spend the most money ever in a presidential campaign, partly because the Faustian innovation known as super PACs allows rich donors to give unlimited amounts to groups affiliated with candidates they support.

Two super PACs supporting Jeb Bush, the presumed Republican front-runner, have raised a whopping $108 million so far, according to the Bush campaign. They could pull in several multiples of that by Election Day. Super PACs supporting Hillary Clinton, Bush’s Democratic counterpart, have raised just $24 million so far, though Clinton’s campaign proper has outraised Bush's by more than 4 to 1.


Wisconsin Witch Hunt Goes Down in Flames

In Wisconsin, the “John Doe II investigation” undertaken against Governor and now-presidential candidate Scott Walker and his supporters by Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm, a partisan Democrat hack, has been thoroughly repudiated by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“To be clear, this conclusion ends the John Doe investigation because the special prosecutor’s legal theory is unsupported in either reason or law,” the Court stated. “Consequently, the investigation is closed. Consistent with our decision and the order entered by Reserve Judge [Gregory] Peterson, we order that the special prosecutor and the district attorneys involved in this investigation must cease all activities related to the investigation, return all property seized in the investigation from any individual or organization, and permanently destroy all copies of information and other materials obtained through the investigation. All Unnamed Movants are relieved of any duty to cooperate further with the investigation.”

The Court then leveled both barrels at special prosecutor Francis Schmitz, who had targeted Walker and 29 conservative groups, based on the theory that these groups had illegally coordinated their activities during recall campaigns of Walker and other Republican legislators.

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New Poll: Walker Takes Lead in Iowa

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the front-runner in the Hawkeye State, followed by Donald Trump, according to a new Monmouth University poll of likely Iowa Republican caucusgoers.

Walker received the support of 22 percent of those surveyed, followed by Trump at 13 percent, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 8 percent, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tied at 7 percent. Approximately 11 percent of likely caucusgoers said they were undecided.

The poll finds Walker leads all candidates among voters identifying as "very conservative," "somewhat conservative," and "moderate to liberal voters." Evangelicals and voters over age 50 also went for Walker in the poll.

The poll was conducted Thursday through Saturday and did not find that Trump's controversial comments on faith and Sen. John McCain in Ames, Iowa, seemed to have an impact on his support in the state.

Walker's support, meanwhile, jumped from 19 percentage points of those surveyed on Thursday and Friday, to 25 percent of those surveyed on Saturday.

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I-Team: Timeline uncovers details from day of riots

BALTIMORE —The WBAL-TV 11 News I-Team has new details about the chain of events on April 27, the day unrest and riots in Baltimore.

Many questions remain about key decisions that were made, some of which are now coming to light for the first time.

On the morning of April 27, a rumor spread on social media calling for high school students to take part in a purge, spurred by the science fiction movie of the same name that calls for 12 hours of lawlessness.

The target of the rumor was the Mondawmin Mall area in northwest Baltimore. Just down the street that day was Freddie Gray's funeral. His death in police custody had already fueled enough tension to cause scattered violence after demonstrations that weekend. Police commanders that Monday prepared for more trouble.

According to a timeline obtained from the Maryland Transit Administration, at 9 a.m. on April 27, there was a roll call briefing on possible unrest for all MTA police officers. It was one of several agencies involved that day.


3 Million More Children In Poverty Under Obama, 39% of Black Kids

Ever since President Obama took office, the poverty rate among children has soared to 22 percent, with three million more children living in poor conditions, according to an authoritative new report released Tuesday.

The 2015 "KIDS COUNT" report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation said that the percentage of children living in poverty jumped from 18 percent in 2008, the year Obama was elected, to 22 percent in 2013. It added that the rate dropped from 2012 to 2013, in line with the improving economy.

Among minority children and in some states, especially the South, however, the situation is dire.

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Hillary Clinton tries to go home again

Hillary Clinton returned to the scene of the original crime Saturday night, telling the surviving Democrats in Arkansas why they should love her like she and Bill love themselves.

Bubba returns to the old home place occasionally, even if Arkansas is not really home, and Hillary’s visits are rare. Old times there are not exactly forgotten, but seeing old friends is difficult because many old friends are gone with the wind.

The last time she was in Arkansas as a presidential candidate the Democrats owned everything. They held every statewide elected office and the Republicans didn’t bother to put up candidates in three of the four congressional districts. Both U.S. senators were Democrats. In the state House of Representatives, Democrats held 72 of the 100 seats, and 27 of the 35 state senators were Democrats. Now everything — everything — is reversed.


Tomi's Red, White, Blue & Unfiltered Final Thoughts the Slaughter of 4 Marines by Another "Mohammad"

Judge Lashes Out at State Department Over Years-Old Hillary-Related Records Request

Years of delays and excuses from the State Department in releasing Hillary Clinton-related Freedom of Information Act request sent one federal judge over the edge.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon lashed out at lawyers from the State Department as they attempted to answer why they have not released records requested by the Associated Press four years ago. The AP’s request sought to obtain information on Huma Abedin’s employment at the State Department. Abedin is currently vice chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

According to Politico, Leon was determined to find out “what has been going on in the State Department for four years dragging their feet, not addressing these issues for four years.”

“I want to find out what’s been going on over there. I should say, what’s not been going on over there. The State Department, for reasons known only to itself … has been, to say the least, recalcitrant in responding,” the judge said during the hearing.

Leon, after a few exchanges with the lawyers, accused the State Department representatives of dishing out “convoluted gobbledygook.”

“Have it by next week. Have it by next week when we have our hearing. Do you hear me?” Leon said. He also ordered the official responsible for FOIA requests at the State Department to appear at the next hearing.



Breitbart Texas has learned that 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is heading to the Texas-Mexico border to get a firsthand look at the current border security situation. Trump is expected to meet with Border Patrol agents of the Laredo Sector.

“We look forward to giving Mr. Trump a boots on the ground perspective on the Laredo Sector of the Texas-Mexico Border,” said National Border Patrol Council, Local 2455 President Hector Garza. “Mr. Trump is expected to be in Laredo later in the week.”

Garza told Breitbart Texas that following the border tour, Trump will have a town hall style meeting where law enforcement officers will be invited to provide feedback on their perspective of the border situation.


Press Releases From Maryland State Police

 All these press releases were sent to us at once.  Instead of posting each of them individually we chose to post the links so that you may click on the ones that are of interest to you.

Maryland State Police in Queen Anne’s County

Maryland State Police in Talbot County

Maryland State Police in Cecil County

Maryland State Police in Montgomery County

Maryland State Police in Harford County

Maryland State Police in Howard County

AFSCME endorsed candidate Sheila Hill wins trustee election

Long-time Trustee elected to retiree seat on Maryland State Pension and Retirement System Board
Baltimore – The Maryland State Retirement Agency Board of Trustees today announced Sheila I. Hill has won
election as Trustee to represent active and retired employees participating in the state’s retirement system.

Sheila Hill received 6,702 votes (75.2%). Her opponent Linda Day received 2,209 votes (24.8%).

“I am humbled by and grateful for the support of state employees and retirees. I look forward to working
with my fellow Trustees to give workers a voice as we help manage our multi-billion dollar investments
and adopt actuarial assumptions to protect our pension fund”, said Hill.
Hill was endorsed by the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (Council 3,
Council 67, Local 2250 and Retiree Chapter 1) and the State Law Enforcement Officers Labor Alliance. 

Hill served as a correctional officer at Patuxent Institution for twenty five years and was elected
to three terms as Trustee as an active employee before retiring from the State of Maryland in 2012.

Believe It or Not

My grandfather   probably hadfriends who died in WW I... 
My father and I watched as ourfriends and relatives died in WW II and Korea....    
I watched and waited as myrelatives  and friends fought and died in Vietnam....
I watched as my friends andrelatives fought and died in Desert Storm...
I watched and waited while my relatives and friends fought in Iraq...
None of them fought for or died for the Mexican Flag...
Everyone fought for and died for the U.S.   Flag!
  In Texas, a student raised aMexican flag on a school flagpole;another student took it down.
Guess who was expelled... The kid who took it down.
Kids in high school in Californiawere sent home last year on Cinco de Mayo because they wore T-shirts with the American flag printed on them.
Enough is   ENOUGH.
The below e-mail message needs to be viewed by every American; and every American needs to stand up for America.
We have bent over to appease theAmerica-haters long enough...
I'm taking a stand... 
I'm standing up because the hundreds of thousands who died fighting in wars for this country, and for the U.S. flag can't stand up...
 And shame   on anyone who tries tomake this a racist message...
Let me make this perfectly clear!
And, making THIS statement DOES NOT mean I 'm against immigration!!!
YOU ARE WELCOMEHERE, IN OUR COUNTRY!Welcome!                                      
To come through legally and:    
1. Get a sponsor!                                                

2. Get a place to lay your head!                          
3. Get a job!                                                         
4. Live by OURrules!                                           
5. Pay YOURtaxes!                                             
6. Learn the LANGUAGE like    immigrants have in the past!!                       
7.Please don't demand that we                           
hand over our lifetime savings                     
of   Social Security Funds to  you.                   
       If you don't want to forward this                    
for fear of offending someone,              
then YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!                   
A M E R I C A N H A V E   R I G H T T OO !!!         
When will AMERICANS STOP               
giving away THEIR
We've gone so far the other way...                Bent over backwards not to offend anyone...            
But it seems               
no one cares about the         
AMERICAN   CITIZEN                       
being offended!              

Royal Farms On Beaglin Park In Salisbury Robbed

The Royal Farms on Beaglin Park has been robbed. The suspects got away on foot.

9/11 Teardrop Memorial

The 9/11 Teardrop Memorial - It was a gift to America from the country of Russia and is dedicated "To the Struggle ... Against World Terrorism.". Around the base of The Teardrop are the names of all those who died on 9/11 – including 26 Russians. Vladimir Putin was there when construction began. Since then, it has been largely forgotten. The monument displayed in this photograph, officially entitled "To the Struggle Against World Terrorism" (but also known as "The Memorial at Harbor View Park" or the "Tear Drop Memorial"), was dedicated at the northeast corner of Bayonne Peninsula in New Jersey on 11 September 2006, the fifth anniversary of the 9/11...The monument is the work of Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli

OPM to agencies: Pay for data breach protection services

Acting OPM Director Beth Cobert sent an email to agencies telling them about OPM’s plans to raise its fees for security clearance services it provides in order to recoup the costs of the identity protection services it must purchase for the victims of the attack.


Caption This Photo 7-22-15


No Guns: Now Obama’s Pentagon Says Military Recruiters Should ‘Close the Blinds’ to Avoid Terror Attack

We reported earlier that Obama’s administration is still saying that our military recruiters will not be allowed to be armed to prevent terror attacks on their recruitment offices and even demanded that recruiters take off their uniforms and hide. Now the Obama administration has released another helpful hint for our recruiters: close the window blinds to prevent terror attacks.

No seriously. The Obama administration is now saying that shutting the blinds will prevent terrorism.

Gretchen Carlson reported: