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Monday, September 05, 2016

23 Shocking Revelations From The FBI's Clinton Email Report

The FBI’s Hillary Clinton email investigation report contains numerous bombshells that show just how careless the former secretary of state was in maintaining and using a private email system while in office.

Here are 23 of the most surprising findings from the 47-page report, which was released on Friday, at the beginning of Labor Day weekend.

Didn’t know that ‘C’ meant ‘Confidential’

The former secretary of state told the FBI during her July 2 interview that she did not know what a “C” marking in one of her emails signified. The letter indicated that the email contained information classified as confidential, but Clinton said she thought it indicated that the paragraphs were in alphabetical order.



Anonymous said...


lmclain said...

So she never noticed any "B's" or "A's"?
This, from a former Secretary of State?
As if the classification system was all new to her.
Like Kaine saying "there are no sanctuary cities in the U.S.", on national TV, no less, these bribe taking, morally bankrupt, theiving, law-evading, lying criminals will SAY anything, knowing that 40% of the population NEVER watches the news, doesn't know the name of the current Vice-Presient, can't name a single Cabinet official, and thinks that whatever clinton and kaine say MUST be the God's honest truth.
God can't wait to get to them.
They have already went "all in" on the voting machines being able to show 53 milion votes for Crooked hillary, eleven votes for Trump.
Don't you liberal goofs wonder why she won't stand in front of a camera and answer questions (and Podunk Daily Gazette part time "journalists" don't count)?
KAINE has appeared on TV mores times in 2 weeks than hillary has in ONE YEAR. And HE is now in the impossible situation of trying to spin lies, treachery, and deception by his running (cell)mate into the truth. He is, like the FBI director, surrendering any integrity he had by his actions.
BUT, he speaks Spanish, so he's golden, too. Pathetic. And pandering.
Testfying (and lying, too, according to the previously pious and honest FBI director) before camera's in the House doesn't count as an appearance, either).
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's answers to questions after wrongdoing has always been she didn't recall. It's plain and simple she did not want the public ever to see her e-mail messages because they would reveal her misjudgments and incompetency. Only a rigged election will result in her winning. And don't think for a moment the Democrats are already working on it.

Anonymous said...

HilLIARy... I'm old enough to remember when the DemoRATS were touting her as the world's smartest woman!

Bernie Sanders, call your office; use the Red phone!

Anonymous said...